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Where is Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum?

REVIEWS OF Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum IN Arizona

William Freker

This place is in the middle of the desert and has great displays throughout. The plants and animals are all native to the Sonoran Desert magnificent Saguaro Cactus. There's cool water to drink throughout the park area as the trail meander through the park leading to different displays of Mountain Lions Fish, birds, bees, Hummingbirds. There's so much to see and do take time to see the whole park dress in cool clothes and brimmed hats to reduce overheating

Sammy Horn

Absolutely stunning, honestly I would’ve paid twice as much for the experience. It was gorgeous and the staff were so friendly and helpful, I definitely recommend. We got there at about 1:30pm and I didn’t realize how fast time passed and we were walking on the dirt paths and a staff member came and said they were closing up shop soon and I looked down at my watch and it was 5pm. I could’ve stayed all day and all night, Beautiful place!


Beautiful, fascinating and so well organized. We even saw a wild ring tail cat wandering around. A not to miss place if you're in AZ.

Sage Helmke

One of my favorite museums! Most (if not all) of the staff are volunteers doing what they love and are all extremely friendly. The exhibits are lovely, several indoor places to keep you cool in the Arizona heat. They have a restaurant and a coffee bar (which serves ice cream) in the park which makes it easy to stay longer and take your time enjoying the park without having to worry about food. If I could visit more than once a year on my trips to Arizona I would!!

Yasmin Alvarez

Our family enjoyed visiting the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. So many beautiful animals to see and desert plants. The kids had fun finding fossils!

Lindsey Kowalski

The best zoo in Tucson! It is such a special place - a beautiful representation of native Sonoran Desert species. They are dilated in very natural looking exhibits and surroundings. There are often docents throughout the park with samples to touch and feel. It is truly a unique and lovely place!

laura cantu

TIP: if your a Pima library cardholder free CULTURE passes for two admissions are great. Kid friendly -- see the PACKRAT play area

B.Louie Y.

I love going here. It was a hot day today but it was quiet. I enjoyed a coffee and bear claw on their patio. It was wonderful!!

Megan Hymers

A great place to learn about desert plants and animals. There are docents that are trained by the Museum to talk about the plants and animals and show you things about the desert. There are plenty of places to get a drink from a drinking fountain or refill your water bottle. Also, there are restrooms throughout the Museum that have sunscreen dispensers. Even though we live here we enjoy going to the Museum frequently.

Kevin Perko

Such an amazing place to visit, pet the stingrays, see and learn about the local desert flora and fauna, hike the trails, also a great place to bring kids. They have a great gift shop and snack bar, the people who work here are helpful and knowledgeable.

Michael Walling

This is an outdoor ,mostly, museum. Pick your weather. There are plenty of shady spots though. I would guess that this is the optimum place to view and identify healthy Desert specimens. The birds look content in the aviary. Not so much the Big Horn sheep and beaver. The gift shop is one of the most interesting shops I have ever seen.

Jeff Dugal

Had a great visit. It was fun seeing lots of happy animals and great landscaping. Spent some time with some very knowledgeable docents and friendly humming birds too.

Rebecca Trapp

As always amazing. Liked new (2016) stingrays exhibit. Come pet them. They play with you!

Ryan Korecki

Best thing to do in Tuscan area! Was surprised by how big this place actually is. It's mostly outdoors so bring water to stay hydrated. Great zoo exhibits and desert walking trail to look at the local plant life. Gift shop was enormous and has ice cream, sodas, and traditional snack foods to much on. Not to mention mainstream and local craft beers to enjoy while you walk around!

Paul Brown

Very impressive zoo/museum. Went with my wife and my parents who were visiting from out of town during one of the Saturday evening "stay open late" events. Beautiful grounds, a wide variety of exhibits and animal life. Highly recommend going if you're visiting the area.

Katherine Cook

The grounds are beautiful. There is so much to see. I love the hummingbird aviary. My little one really enjoyed the pack rat playhouse. The animals were so fun to watch. This is truly a unique place. We will go back.

Damon Starnes

Best zoo in AZ. I love this place .. Get easy hike plus something for everyone. I have been multiple times and always want to go back. So much to see and learn.

Stephanie Wilbur

Awesome lace. We RTH every penny. A little bit of everything.

Travis Waalkens

It's like a mix between the botanical garden and a zoo. The trails were nice and easy to follow. We said the rattlesnake and Gila monster demonstration and were pleased by the experience. Highly recommend a trip. Bring water bottles.

Michael Owens

Amazing experience. Great exhibits, lots of space for family and office events and a good time for all ages.

Phil Marsh

A very nice visit Petting and feeding the stingrays was very cool We made the mistake of going when it was too hot But loved the vist

Jeremy Bonikowske

Didn't see a lot of animals, but it was an awesome walking tour! A lot of time was out into making the museum into something amazing! Easy walking terrain. A great stop for a couple hours! Beautiful spot with great views! Stop in and check it out if you are in the area!

Cirilo Foot

The "museum" is actually a lot more complex. It contains a zoo, an aquarium. A couple of aviaries one specifically for humming birds ( my favorite) a botanical garden and more. The entire facility is magnificent professionally runs with volunteers who know their subjects well. The STARS THE STARS what a display mother nature put on last night. Even a few shooting stars for fun. GREAT PLACE FOR ALL

Tai Lucas

A beautiful variety of educational exhibits that tastefully integrate with the desert it inhabits. Staff are stationed around the museum to provide interesting facts. Everything is well catered to visiting families.

Chunlan Gong

This place was far beyond my expectations. The animal habitat, plant, and museum design was very well done. We saw a presentation about animals at the theater and the speaker did an awesome job. The food at the grill was amazing and all the staff is very friendly. For the price, this place is definitely worth it. I want to come again with the whole family soon!

Jill Nelson

Thoroughly enjoyed our visit. It has been years and so much has been improved and upgraded. Looking forward to returning.

Adam Bliven

Great for kids, teens, and adults. We made the mistake of only allowing 4 hours for the museum. You could easily enjoy it all day. The museum has a nice mix of indoor and outdoor exhibits so even on a hot day there are plenty of chances to cool off.

Brian Hill-Kipling

Pack Rat area is great for older kids, not so much for toddlers. There is a small area by the wall that's suitable. Food is always good. Exhibits are really fun. Always a good time.

Phil Staley

Superb museum/zoo dedicated to desert animals and plants. We will definitely be back

Dustin Smith

I grew up in Tucson and just took my two year old son for the first time. We all had so much fun and found this place to be absolutely amazing. There was so much to see and do. There were plenty of places to escape the scorching heat including a cave. I highly recommend to both families and visitors.

Carola Bartz

My favorite place since I came here for the first time in 2002. If you want to learn about the desert in a fun and interesting way that even kids enjoy this is the place to go. Many animals, some surprising to find in the desert, and there is even a beautiful blooming desert garden (go in early spring). Everywhere we heard bird sounds. Many activities for the kids, places to sit, water stations throughout and an excellent gift shop.

wendy lewelling

We had a great time exploring the desert. It was worth every penny. We will do this again. There is so much to see and explore.

Marlo Pettis

It was hot, so go early during the hot part of the year, but it was a great day. It is part museum, zoo, natural habitat and some hands on exhibits. The staff was very knowledgeable and pleasant. If we come back to this area, We'll be back.

Margaret Kreder

Really awesome indoor/outdoor museum with lots of neat exhibits including multiple about the wildlife of the region, but also information on native peoples, geology, and plants. My favorite parts were the hummingbird aviary and the stingray touch tank. Loved the visit. Would recommend going earlier in the morning or later at night to keep out of the heat. They have frequent evening programs, which is when a lot of the wildlife is naturally active, so it would be great to see then.

Jacquelynn Buck

This is one of my favorite places to take visitors but also just to go by myself. It’s serene and beautiful and highlights all the best parts of the Sonoran desert. Their summer night program is one of the best things Tucson has on tap in the summer - really well done evening programming that I look forward to every year. I’ve also taken one of their behind the scenes tours and really enjoyed that as well. Hands down at the top of my top five things to do in Tucson.

Katrina Ellsworth

I loved how the exhibits were not too long, not too short. There was at least one REALLY awesome thing at each place. I was also happy to find that there were some air conditioned/cool places near the front and most of the other walks had plenty of shade. I visited on a 90* day, and spent the hottest part inside and in the cave, and the rest (4pm and later) on the shaded walks. It was very pleasant for someone used to this climate. :)

Sharon Lutkin

These oil paintings are beautiful. Do not know how artist does it but an awesome 3D affect in all paintings.

Martha Sanchez

Beautiful park and even more beautiful plants. I love this place.

Gabrielle Voris

Great attraction for AZ visitors!! I love the museum! Wonderful representation of wildlife, trees, flowers and some AZ history all in one place!! I have visited quite a few times and love to bring family members. Thank you to the staff , volunteers and everyone else that makes the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum possible!!

Stephen Gouthro

One of the best! Loved that most of the exhibits are outdoors. We saw the raptor show and the 'curator favourites' lecture. Both were excellent. We were fortunate to have been there when many succulents were in bloom. What a show! Highly recommended.

J Blair

Absolutely beautiful desert scenery and animals. They only have desert animals and let them have plenty of room to roam and really seem to treat them well. Unlike many zoos. And very educational and peaceful. Great place to take your time and truly enjoy nature. There's also a nice cafe if you want to go to lunch. Plenty of free parking.

susan koukas

Little pricey for what there is to see... The weather?? HOT, HOT, HOT, HOTTER AND HOTTEST AND UNBEARABLY HOT IN THE SUMMER AT LEAST.. The area that it is located in is sure worth a drive-through. Its located in a beautiful beautiful place: the Saguaro National Park..GORGEOUS! there are also a few other things to see out there that are worth the drive.


The staff here are amazing, and the grounds are exceptionally well maintained. They offer programs and events for kids that are very hands on. My child's favorite is visiting the stingray exhibit. It's a drive for most visitors, but well worth spending the day.


First went here as a wee lad (circa 1956) and I'm currently a member. It's the only place in AZ where you can see all of the flora and fauna of the Sonoran Desert. During the warmer months you need to be there when the place opens because it's when the animals come out. Plan on walking a lot and spending several hours... There's a lot to see.

Mylana Skinner

What can I say that hasn't already been said? This place is incredible. It caters to all ages. There is so much to see and do. They even offer sunscreen in the bathrooms (what a thoughtful addition). We loved it so much that we got the annual pass.

Yaneth Lopez

Amazing. We got there around 7, so we werent able to see some stuff because of the darkness, it was fresh but i think it would be better getting there around 430 or 5. Take the heat for a little bit and then enjoy the cooler weather. Its is a big place to explore and its worth seeing all of it.

Brett Castellanos

I really enjoyed the museum. The staff were all very friendly, and I saw some really interesting wildlife.

Dianna Williams

This is one of the best attractions in Arizona & Tucson. Whenever I have guests from our of town visit, we go here. As a member itis nice to go here and hike around the Desert Loop or relax in the Hummingbird Aviary. The special events are very interesting and informative. Don't miss the Raptors in Flight or the Summer Nights tons of fun.

Christine Sawyer

It was AMAZING. We thoroughly enjoyed it, it was well worth the time and reasonable fee to enter. We took a guided tour with Kathy and she did a phenomenal job showing us around. I would ask for slightly better maps and directional signage. Fantastic!

Garan Geror

Great place to stop in and visit. They have many exhibits of plants,fish,birds,reptiles,cacti and animals to see with all the information displayed about them. There is gift shops and the facility has wheelchair accessibility through the sidewalks. Lots of stunning scenery of flowers,trees and very old cacti. Would definitely return back for future visits.

Catherine Pittman

Bring water and be prepared for a hike! The museum is beautiful and there is so much to do and learn there. Love the lizards right by the gate. Just amazing!

Jean Welch

Great experience at this zoo/museum. There was even sun screen lotion available in the restrooms! The raptor flight was unique. Great viewing area where everyone could see. We saw our very 1st Joshua tree: it was a very awesome tree! We would recommend - although it was a bit pricey even with our senior discount, being able to stay most of the day made it worth it. Thanks for a wonderful visit

Allen Morrison

Spectacular museum of massive proportions! Worth the trip out of Tucson to learn about the highly varied ecosystems in the Sonoran Desert. Very interactive for kids.

Jamie Torgersen

Go early to avoid the heat! They have interesting docents that educate the public about the animals. Going early is also good because that's when the animals come out to eat and play.

Josh Peterson

Wonderful Sonoran experience for those that haven't gotten the chance to visit yet. Otherwise, you're probably already a regular. More recent changes to the establishment have been a hard push in favor of regulating funding and cutting some of the more favored benefits, but at least understandable that they want to grow and keep the place open. Might be better to be more informative and transparent about things like that with visitors, but other than that excited to see what is implemented in place.

Nicole MacKinlay

Enjoy coming out here. Saturday summer nights is a great time to go. Get out there early to be able to see the exhibits that close up near dark. The membership makes it worth the cost after just a couple visits.

George Swietlicki

This mostly outdoors place is very well laid out with lots of informative signage to help you learn about native plants and animals. I very much enjoyed my time wandering around the miles of paths. The staff I did speak to were very friendly and the exhibits were interesting and fun. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

Mark Huett

This museum is a jewel in the middle of the desert. There is so much to see and do that it can easily take all day to experience everything depending on whether you go slow and savor every exhibit or if you'd rather move at a faster pace. They have live animals to see including javalinas and deer. Most of the animals were in their den since it was so hot. They even have stingrays to touch and feed. The surrounding view was just as spectacular as the museum.

Leslie McCarthy

So much to see and do!! And the kids loved it too. We will definitely be back. ♡

Penny Scherzer

Even though we visited in the heat of the day there are plenty of cooled areas to keep you going. The volunteer staff are amazing and very knowledgeable. The park is well mapped out and marked. Would love to visit in early spring.


Get up close to the animals, plants, and enjoy a super friendly staff. We have been twice and both times have been amazing. The Saturday night events are amazing. Take a black light or buy one and don't sit on the walls, there be glowing scorpions!

Kristina Montes

It’s absolutely worth the trip to come here. They have so much to teach you and for you to learn about the desert animals of Arizona. I would make sure you have enough water and sunscreen coming here if you come during the summer they have some of the displays inside but it’s really hot and for a portion you are outside a lot. They have a really amazing gift shop and tea /cafe to try out.

Jake Mantell

Had a great day with my son who is 2.5 years old. There's a lot to see so definitely go early in the day. My son loves all animals so we spent a lot of time in each exhibit. We were there all day long. It's very educational for all ages. I would definitely recommend this to anyone of any age. Make sure to bring reusable water bottles and if you have small kids bring strollers. You will be doing lots of walking.

Jaime Goodman

This is a great place for people of all ages. Picture zoo meets botanic garden. The Raptor Free Flight show (only in the winter) is worth the push and shove. Line up a half hour before show time and expect a crowd. People are often rude but …

Miguel Amarillas

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum was an awesome experience. Located in the middle of the Saguaro National Park, it was a nice cherry on the top of an early morning sunrise hike. We got there right before they opened at 7:30 to take advantage of the cooler morning. By the time we left at 9:30 it was already pushing 90°. I would describe this place as a living natural history museum. Mostly outdoors, you walk from exhibit to exhibit. My wife and I particularly enjoyed the aviary, the hummingbirds and the cave exhibit.

Maye Copper

Beautiful display of the desert in all its glory. Bring good shoes and water if you aren't used to gentle walking on paved trails... lots of visitors seemed a little tired. There is a great network of trails moving from high desert fish ecosystems to Bobcats to river otters to dry desert cactus gardens. There's a cave exhibit with crystals and more than the eye can see. Kids and adults will be happy for the price paid. Great gift shops and little cafes to help along the way.

Alicia Caldwell

This place is awesome. I'm considering getting a pass because there is so much to see and there is something for every age. My kids love every visit and I feel like I learn something every time I go. It's still pleasant even during high traffic times.

Antonio Barata

Somewhere between park, botanical garden, and zoo. Very pleasant to walk around. Informstive, helpful staff scattered here and there throughout with interesting displays, or info, or specimens. Recommended

Angela Anger

I have had a membership to the museum since I moved to Tucson three years ago. My favorite part is is the hummingbird aviary. I also enjoy the cacti garden when they are in bloom. Saturday evenings in the summer they are open and it’s a nice place to walk around and have a beer.

Torrin Dufforsmith

Interesting and eclectic with a variety of exhibits, some of them rather odd (stingrays???); well worth a visit. If you go in the summer, be sure to get there as early as possible, as it gets hot very quickly. You can't buy water bottles there, but are welcome to bring your own, and there are drinking fountains, even on the desert trail. There are sunscreen dispensers in every restroom. Don't take either of those things for granted--you need LOTS of water and LOTS of sunscreen while you are on the trail. I was advised to do the desert trail first while the sun was still low in the sky and do all the indoor exhibits later in the day. This was excellent advice and I highly recommend everyone else do the same.

Ursache Adina

You get to see a lot of plants, a lot of animals, and learn about rocks and minerals! It's an open air museum, so make you you re wearing a hat and bring water with you. Also, if you re having a full day trip in the area, you can connect this museum with the Saguaro National Park and Old Tucson Studios!

Robert Kern

Lots to see of various plants and wildlife of the desert in this region all grouped in one place to view. The walking path are very easy to follow and well kept. The entrance fee is well worth it but get there in the morning before ten so you can see the Hawks of this area fly and feed on what the park keepers give them.


Amazing park, incredible settings, so well kept and everyone is very kind and eager to share information about the park and its numerous little inhabitants

Anthony Rose

Great zoo/museum. Best to visit earlier in the day, especially in summer if you want to see a lot of activity from the animals. Bring water and sunscreen and comfortable shoes. Excellent way to spend the day for the whole family.

Mireilys Ramirez

I love going to museums, but for some reason I really didn’t expect much from this one. The experience was just beyond great. It is a big area, but you decide whether you want to explore the really long trails (meaning you would be more time walking and enjoying the desert) or skip that part and get to the rest of the museum. It’s an outdoor kind of museum, which [for me] made it even better since you can also get to the see the animals and plants. The whole place was neat and nice; the experience was great. Important info: 1.) Take a bottle of water with you.

Stephanie Lovett

I loved our visit to the Sonora desert museum! They have such an interesting set up. They've gathered all of the plant life and animals found throughout the Sonora desert into one place to see and learn about. Also the volunteers at the park are Incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. This is a great place for families to visit as they've got tons of stuff for kids to do at each stop on the trail. Also great for adults. I loved my visit and if I'm back in the area I'm definitely going to visit again

Donna Darnell

I went with my 9 & 6 year old great nephews. The ottar was their favorite. The newer Packrat Playground was indoors climbing and slides. They enjoyed looking for the 2 rocks they got to took home and cave area. There were lots of indoor things to do. It was over 100 degrees and we were able to have a great day. There were a lot of water fountains / drinking fountains. We didn't hike the lower trail. But have in the past and would recommend early morning or cooler season to do that.

Azdimondkat Azdiamondkat

It's a place we can never get tired of we love everything about it. I love the night walks and discoveries the certainly have expanded a lot since we first went here. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable everyone always enjoys themselves here

Dainon Wray

There was so much nature in the museum. It was incredible to see the beauty and diversity of such a dry area. It's much different than the Midwest.

Gary Koustik

Lots of interesting plant specimens. Long lines. Volunteers were very informative and plants were marked well with what types of animals are attracted to them and what type of conditions they thrive in.


Fun and educational family friendly museum. Plan at least half a day to visit. It's like a zoo length visit event.

Joshua H

Awesome way to familiarize yourself or others with the Southwest desert landscape and wildlife. We particularly appreciate the play area for kids!

Dena Klett

While i love going there and taking out of town guests there, i was highly dissapointed sayurday night. My husband went there around 8:30pm, there was no parking and the parking lot was extremely dark. It was very nerve racking trying to …

Julie Huff

Great place to visit. This is a well well cared for place with gives many opportunities to learn and enjoy nature. Water and food are available onsite as well as a gift shop. Be prepared for the weather as this is an outside museum.

Spacey KAT

HAD A GREAT TIME! ive never been before but this last harry otter even they had was so much fun! So lets start off with the fact how friendly the employees are. they answered a lot of questions and were generally wanting to help, the place seemed very well kept and its just fun to walk around, i high recommend this place to anyone looking for something to do

Bozena Popovic

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is such an amazing place... You can spend hours. Every time see it as a different unique magical place and all in one area - a large park. Nooks and crannies to enjoy...a true wonderland.

Ashley Antill

The walk around the park is fairly simple and with lots of great options to engage with the exhibits or just step out of the sun for a bit. We loved getting up close and personal with a couple of the animals and even managed to pet a few sting Ray's. We could have spent the entire day here it ran out of time and didn't get to see everything. We will definitely be going back! Pricing was not terrible either like some other zoos we've been to.

Dana Finn

Been here many times while visiting Tucson! Fun place that's full of surprises. Best place to view AND interact with desert life. Just went to the gift shop this visit to see and buy some beautiful southwest art, jewelry and pottery. Lots of inventory! A "must stop" anytime in Tuscon!!

Anne Martinez

You cannot beat this museum for learning about the Sonoran desert and all of the plants and animals that live there. Dedicated, knowledgeable docents can give you the details on everything from Gila monsters to rattlesnakes to hummingbirds. There's also an aquarium and hummingbird aviary. For $3 extra you can pet rays as they swim up to you in a petting pool. Child friendly. Cafeteria on site.

Jackson Nickerson

Truly a one-of-a-kind museum and a must-see if you're visiting the area. I grew up in Tucson, and always enjoyed visiting the Desert Museum, but I didn't appreciate its uniqueness until I visited 60 other countries and realized there was nothing else like it in the world. The Sonora desert is a unique location, and the museum brings it to visitors in a natural and organic way. You can get up close to amazing plants and animals, as well as enjoy great views of the valley (you can even see Mexico). There are usually docents scattered about with mobile exhibits and live animals. Most of the museum is outside, so wear sun protection and bring water. The path isn't overly long or steep, but there are some ups and downs and not all of it is paved, so I would recommend closed-toed shoes.

Lara J

Fantastic museum / zoo / aquarium. The whole family really enjoyed it. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to explore the whole place, I would recommend 2 hours.

Ronald Albury

A great way to spend a day. Excellent for children of all ages, including me and I'm 66

Vera Gonzales

Great museum for young and old, there's a lot of things to see and the walkways blend into the landscape incredibly well. Taking a star away because in the bird aviary we didn't see many birds at all. The indoor play area for the little ones was pretty cool and would allow for a much needed break from the sun.

yesca sanchez

Wow amazing experience. Better than Phoenix and Tucson zoo. Great view on the drive up. Almost all animals were out and about. Abundant spread out bathrooms and water fountains. Nice approachable staff and volunteers. Pack rat play house …

Leticia Iversen

So much fun! I do recommend going early when its cooler out as there is a lot to see outside. Saw lots of families with kids. And lots of people like myself and my mother. Really nice clean facilities. Y'all, they have sunscreen in the bathrooms!! All of the exhibits were beautiful and the animals were incredible! A Tucson must see.

Robert Richards

Interesting walk. If you are an outdoors person ,definitely a good visit. I recommend going early in the mornings of late evenings so you can see more creatures.


Nice park with great views. Weekends can be really busy, but not disturbing in the park itself. Good atmosphere and great volunteers who are helping you when you want to. Great for half a day.

Honee Bee

Always a fantastic experience. Best at the early am. Not too hot yet. Raptor Flight was amazing!!!! I can't describe the exhilarating experience to have these beautiful birds of prey fly just inches above our heads. If you love God's creatures, it'll bring you to tears, because of the sheer beauty and amazing care these animals have. Thanks for making our daughter's 11th birthday special. The restaurant is 5 stars

Tara Asadorian

Gorgeous gorgeous surroundings. Have been before but didn't stay too long this time as it was 105 outside. Too hot!

Kristina Lee

Absolutely an amazing place. I would highly recommend everyone go. The staff/volunteers are the most helpful and polite people!

Jen Par

If you are looking for a good day out and an opportunity to see native wildlife, this is the place to go. The staff are really friendly and informative. The shop is an excellent place to buy locally made craft, gifts, books and mineral stones. Definitely worth a visit if you are in or near Tucson.

Laura Mae

Would highly recommend this stop...its much more than a museum. Its a cultural informational center encompassing all aspects of the area..from the plants on miles of well maintained walking trails of cactus..birds .. animals and rocks and minerals and caves...and they honor the military..currant and former with a discount.

steve pol

Loved it. About 4 hours of adventure. Was there off season so there was no crowds. It was in April and the temperature was in high 70's with some wind;; just right for longer walks. Took tons of pictures. No 1 tourist attraction in Tucson.

Samuel Moore

Good place for kids with indoor playground as well to cool off in. Water bottle filling stations are conveniently located around the museum and the staff is very friendly.

sallyann grieshaber

Super exhibit! A treasure in the Sugaro National Forest. Beautiful balance of animal exhibits and the natural landscape. Guy Coheleach wildlife art exhibit is stunning! Plenty of fun for all ages....plenty of refreshment areas and strategically placed clean bathrooms! Super helpful staff and very knowledgeable, worth their weight in gold volunteers! I could go on forever, go see for yourself and enjoy! Wear comfy shoes!!!

Jill McCurdy

Very well planned facility. Animal viewing, plants, shade, rest areas, restaurants, paved walking paths, rest rooms w sunscreen available. You can take your own water bottles. Great for children and adults!

kristina butler

This place was great! I'm not a big fan of zoos in general but there was so much more to see that I really enjoyed it. Seeing all the cactus and other native plants and trees was great. There were lots of shady areas which helped balance being outdoors in a warm climate.

Marissa DeLong

Volunteers and employees are super nice. It's a very interactive museum. I recommend getting there early because you can easily spend all day there.

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