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Where is Tongass National Forest?

REVIEWS OF Tongass National Forest IN Alaska

Heather Yates

This was a beautiful walk through the forest with several totem poles along the way. One of the best things about this was that it was free. It definitely wasn't too crowded when we were there and we will able to stroll along and take pictures at our leisure.I wouldn't recommend if it's raining, but we had beautiful weather and really enjoyed ourselves. It is not an arduous walk at all. Very relaxing, not hilly. We also watched the movie there.

Craig Shour

I really don't know how I would describe it. Breathtaking doesn't do it justice. Hubbard Glacier was spectacular also! Alaska is just majestic!

Laura Roberts

I cannot express how stunning this natural beauty is. The air is crisp, the water is colorful, only the sounds of nature are around. In the summer you can see bears on the mud flats, mountain goats on the cliffs, and seals riding on the ice. The glacier is magnificent and crystal blue! It will take your breath away.

Terry Watkins

Mom has wanted to go with the family for years. Went in the summer around July on a cruise out of Seattle. One tip I have is get the room with a balcony you can see alot of scenery from your room. Other wise you have to go out on deck and freeze. Also find one of these small roll up coats. My friend had one of these those roll up into a small package. Looks like a thin down coat but I think something different inside. Bring some caps for your head. If your freezing your not going to enjoy these places much. Scenery is beautiful. What's really cool is the sounds the glacier makes. Yes they are incredibly loud. Sounds like shot guns and thunder. Also might want to see how much the ship internet is, most of the time you are away from cell signal. Great trip over all.

Compact Bubble3

Amazing viewing not very many people once you get passed Roberts cross, trials get steep in some places and overgrowth is happening to some of the path cause not many people use the trail after the cross, but good place to get pictures of the view

Baron Saturday

I love Alaska! What an amazing park.... complete with bears.

Dane Whitehead

Amazing views. The weather was perfect. Spectacular place to visit

David LaFerney

I was only there on a cruise, but it's very beautiful. Everyone should go.


Love it in Ketchikan.... can't wait to return

Michael Corbett

Incredible. Must see on any Alaska cruise!

Clark Hall

We had an awesome time fishing at Alaskan Bear Lodge

The Jade Rat

So serene and relaxing! The national park is full of picturesque ice capped mountains and turquoise water, accented by enormous glaciers. I would recommend anyone to visit this place, especially in the Summer. The park is pristine due to its strict environmental policies and is a real treat.

Chris Helmkamp

Stunning a beautiful are poor words when trying to describe this enchanted place. There is a pristine and untouched quality to this place that I have rarely encountered.

Jason Murray

Tongass National Park has many magical qualities! Crab fishing, bald eagles everywhere, reindeer, bears, and more. My family made memories we will have forever.

GingerandHerb Conly

Love it. Went twice while in Sitka. Lots of items to chose from

Juan Sandoval

Amazing... fall colors are in full bloom in October, glaciers are a must see

Sukriti Shukla

It's a beautiful location. The natural environment is breath taking. Gives a very relaxing feel.

Lesley Morris

Wonderful out-of-this-world experience must go on your bucket list

Amy Riley

Beautiful! Ranger Hugh was full of great information about the glacier.


America awaits Alaskans' call to defend the Tongass and we will come. It's time we finally say "NO" and mean it. Defense of one's home is NOT insurrection and to even suggest so is to repudiate the very basis of American idealism. This time it won't be on open ground nor will the opposition be trump locals because, whatever their political affliction, they and the rest of us will be defending Alaska and, in truth, the entire United States from the ravenous and conscienceless vultures of Greed. Call. Save the Tongass.

Denise J. Stump

Beautiful forest. Very peaceful. Many trails to walk.

robert ascoli

Extremely large national Icy Strait/Hoonah, AK we went on a bear watching nature walk...very cool...and we did see a young bear running in a swallow stream catching chum salmon...absolutely fantastic...also bald eagles in the same stream catching salmon too

Brandon Walrath

When are most beautiful places I've ever been in the most peaceful a must do in Juneau Alaska

M Thompson

This Cruise went up Tracy's arm to the glacier. Very impressive sights. The. glacier , all the icebergs. Some were about the size of a small boat. Mountains were pretty high and extremely close. Some of the little iceberg were made out of ice was it was so blue it almost didn't look real.

Misty I

Rainforest stop on our cruise was beautiful and worth the time to see this well cared for, piece of the Tongass National Forest. The curators were exceptionally knowledgeable and welcoming, and encouraged some good old fashioned soul cleansing along the way. Very nice place.

John Whitlow

Beautiful place,l can see why we'd clear cut it ,not!

Nomadic Bee

So ruggedly beautiful. I could have stayed all day.

David W. Morgan

Amazing, good view of the glacier and ice burgs floating by.

Victor Dickenson

Great place to visit. Informative with nice locally produced films.

Debbie Pauli

The most pristine first I've ever seen!. So tranquil and beautiful.

Brad DiCarlo

Great national forest, very beautiful. Unfortunately, no McDonald's.

Susan Fisher

Being here, seeing the dense woods, the glacier, feeling a vibe of this undisturbed (well not really, I know) part of our planet, was moving. It's true too, the experience makes me want to see more but also protect the planets beauty.

Mike Theodore

Highliner Lodge at Pelican Bay was the BEST fishing trip I have ever been on. First class all the way.

Tony Jones

Its a wonderful, natural place with history, but limited wildlife. Great bio-density, but little bio-diversity. Oh, and it has 12 feet od rain a year so go and be prepared.

Amy Bodoh

It was amazingly beautiful. Very lush and scenic

Scott McIntosh

Come here for beautiful views and nice hikes. Don't come here via public transportation. We took the bus and the closest stop was 1.5ish miles away. We had to hike to then go hike. Haha

Kelli Cole

We chose the Wilderness Hike and it was moderate fitness with a lenthy view at the top. The entire hike was 2.5 hours but no bear sightings. I needed a beer at the bottom and the restaurant is very good service with beer on tap. Lovely.

Jake Stepp

Pretty easy walk and great views. Didn’t see any wildlife but the alpine vegetation was unique. Saw some old guys hang gliding which was BA.

JoAnn Banks

Beautiful! Lots to see-birds, otters, whales! Very active bay. Colors of Glacier were amazing!

Craig Bechtolt

The Tongass forest and Mendenhall glacier were awesome The raw natural beauty of the land was fantastic

Arlana Lewis

Breathtaking scenery. Everyone has to see this area before you can't travel anymore. Don't put it off...

Nathan Green

Unbelievable Sawyer Glacier and beautiful canyon with amazing water colors. Waterfalls, icebergs and cooler temperatures!l

Bridget Coolick

Such a beautiful place - a must visit when in Juneau.

Larry Tate

Love my visits here every year must see location

Bill Rizzo

A great place for easy hiking. Can be muddy at times. And the distance you are allowed to get to the glacier changes based on trail conditions. Be prepared to walk uphill to the visitor center.

The Jordans

Amazing and beautiful. Pristine and untouched by civilization.


7 day cruise southbound from Seward, AK. A great portion of the cruise paralleling the Tongass National Forest. I reccomend a balcony cabin to view this from the cruise ship. Plenty of sea life and wildlife to view. Very kool!

Tessie Gustin

Walked the trail at mosquito cove with 8 kids 3yrs to 8yrs. Beautiful little cove and kids enjoyed throwing rock in. Trail was nicely kept and easy enough for most abilities. Beautiful mossy trees and tons of blueberries and red huckleberries.

Brian Runkle

The mountains, ice and sea creatures were just beautiful. I would return, but It does need more roads so others can enjoy it. I took a boat.

Lynn Simmons

The forest is absolutely beautiful. We hiked in two different locations during our trip and had a great time. I hope to one day come back to Alaska and hike more trails.

Ryan Kessler

Very peaceful and relaxing, breath taking views and scenic. Would have liked to stay a little longer.


Such pretty views. Great photos

Aaron Phillips

Stunningly beautiful temperate rainforest. Spend as much time there as you can if you are a nature/plant lover.

Nate Smith

Beautiful, simply beautiful, this piece of God's creation. Amazing to be here.

coachlunk Rubio

What a great place to visit and hike. Look out for bears. Good spots to stop and eat carry water and plan to hike your trash out. Beautiful boat ride to the dock.

Lillian Otero

Amazing! We are so blessed to have these natural wonders. Highly recommend the experience!

Eric Lunnin

Gorgeous. We could've spent days here.

Jessica Larkin

It was a nice offshore adventure from being on a cruise, we had very nice weather and enjoyed the wildlife.

John Toomasian

Great hike on top of a gondola ride. Great view and great stories of the native area

Josho Kamoo

Beautiful place to visit.we visited on the Holland America Westerdam and would do again as it sails right up to the Glacier.

Clifford Grimm

No pictures or videos could possibly show the extensive natural beauty and wonder if this place.

D Pickard

Beautiful and wild. Great place to kayak. Saw eagles and mink.

Barry Deemer

We were treated to a beautiful day where we saw so much more than expected.

Ayon W

Sad to see the active glacier. It's a beautiful fjord to cruise and a breathtaking view of the glacier.

Louise Rigtrup

Excellent roads and trails. Spectacular viewpoints and informative posted stations. Very close to nearby hotels making it accessible.. lots of wildlife.

Russell Avocato

2nd half of a trip with whale watching. Nice easy trail, sights of glacier. Beautiful sights


Breathtaking. We saw the glacier while on our cruise ship. It is simply amazing. Started out as pieces of ice as we got closer they became bigger. Hard to believe.

Dan Wilding

We've been to Skagway before and we've done White Pass, and we wanted a different experience, so we opted for the Douglas Glacier paddle adventure.... WOW.... What a great day. You start with a 40 minute boat ride. We saw seal, see lions, eagles, a whale and several other interesting things. They stopped at a beautiful waterfall for us to photograph. Upon arrival near the Glacier, we walked for less than 10 minutes where we boarded the canoes. The paddle up River took about 10 minutes then we walked the river Delta for about 10 minutes to the nearest point to the Glacier. The views were amazing.... But the best part of the trip was the staff. They were simply the best I've ever experienced, they are fun and intelligent. You could tell that they loved their job and knew what they were doing.....I highly recommend this excursion.

Jan Orwell

If you love outdoor activities, this is for have to be fit though. Very beautiful and lush. Porcupines and mountain goats and

Stuffy Smith

Beautiful view. Lovely scenery. I didn't care it rained while walking the pier. I walked in it. And, we saw whales.

Brett Basler

Beautiful temperate rain forest. We had a great time here.

Joe Dougherty

This was a visit to the Hubbard Glacier during an Alaskan cruise. Magnificent place, just incredible to view, even from the ship a short distance away. There are likely not a lot of easy ways to get here, so plan on seeing it on a cruise.

Debbie Graham

Beautiful place to visit. I definitely would like to come back soon.

John Bobincheck

Totally awesome views while cruising Endicott arm fjord on the way to the Glacier

Erin R.

Such a magical place. The ability to be able to see wildlife in their native habitat, is so amazing. You can look at a picture or watch the movie about these animals and this wilderness.. but seeing it first hand is absolutely incredible.

Gdaddygeorge hardwood floor

Whale watching in Alaska it was a great day so lots of whales. Lots of other people watching lots of the same whales

Aaron Pressel

So beautiful. The largest temperate rain forest in North America apparently, and just an amazing place. Can't imagine there are a lot of rain forests surrounded by mountains and bays and coves. And the weather was so nice.

Terran's Domain

Easily the most beautiful place I have ever been.

Joel Shoemaker

Unbelievably beautiful. Our Norwegian Jewel Captain and crew gave us outstanding views of Hubbard and other glaciers. Loved it.

Dr. Mateo Lotz

Incredibly beautiful everybody must see once in their life at least see the beauty of Alaska

John Tieben

I'm not sure I would stop here again. The performers were very talented but the presentation was awkward. The mean and panning for gold eye okay.

Janie Zajicek

It's all beautiful and weather has held out for us.

Ammon Hasson

Words cannot describe the sheer beauty and peace that you experience here. If you are looking for an amazing experience in nature, this is the place to go. Just make sure you have bear spray.

Connie Zieman

Had a nice quiet walk around the trail. The totems are beautiful, as is the forest. Observed 2 eagles at close range for several minutes before they flew away. A well maintained park.(In late May)

Jennifer Ruzycki

Absolutely beautiful! Loved all the different types of of vegitation indigenous to the area

Victor Rodriguez

Cool place to hang out while on vacation. Really enjoyed visiting with my family.

Sebastian Mueller

Awesome National Forest. Would recommend for any visitor to the Alaska area - particularly when in the area. It is a definite highlight of the Alaskan wilderness. Must visit!

Roger Brown

Most of this area is untouched natural beauty. Thick evergreen forest. Mountainous islands. It's a coastal area, too, so there are many things to do on the ocean. One of the last true areas of paradise left.

Donald Schultz

Took the nature/wildlife excursion on princess cruise line, 45 minute boat ride to Haines Alaska, van tour to Tongass. Very experienced, knowledgeable tour guide born and raised in Haines. Very proud Native area. Once in a lifetime experience.

Donna L Rutledge

It is beautiful and we'll cared for which also means clean. I loved being there.

Chris Galjour

Amazing beautiful views and sights when driving out to the Colonel lake area. It's worth the drive to stop off at the lake chill out and maybe skip some rocks. Hike down to the creek and enjoy the serene beauty as well.

markuittea baker

So calm and peaceful. Beautiful

Michele Van Hove

Beautiful! Visited Mendenhall glacier ... absolutely breathtaking.

Balakrishnan S

Outstanding experience on the Mendenhall Glacier. A helicopter ride to the glacier and a guided walk. The push-up to drink water off the glacier was something. The taste of the water was awesome!! Must do trip in Juneau.

Robb Ball

17,000 Acres of Tongas National Forest Temprid rain forest climate, Ketchikan gets 13 feet of rain every year, liquid sunshine. It spans entire alaskan coastline. CANOES, are made from YELLOW Ceder. However the Yellow Cedar roots are freezing and not growing, they need a layer of snow before freezing temps.The trees are dieing and stay there for hundreds of years, dead. The National Park here is looking for an effective way of removing old dead growth, they are connected by root, like aspens. Hubbard Glacier in the back ground. Hubbard Glacier 76 miles long, 7 miles wide. This glacier has been advancing for 400 years. 80 feet a day it surges, galloping along. 450 year's old.

Emily Clarrey

I cannot say enough about the Tongass National Forest! There is so much to explorer and it was just breathtaking!

Scott Sampson

Amazing. It's a shame what we are doing to this planet. Go and see this before it is gone. Awe inspiring.

Ty Davis

You will definitely find your Serenity.

Clay Smith

Perfect combination of Alaskan beauty. 100% worth the adventure. If you are bold Luke my wife and and I take city bus, and save a ton on excursions fees.

Felix Mateu

SE Alaska is the best.. I was fortunate enough to live there for 12 years. I just recently moved back in 2018 and I am missing every day.

Attila Benoit

If you love nature this is the place to be. Fantastic trails to hike on and you get everything you ever wanted. Trees creeks rivers lakes mountains waterfalls glaciers wild animals etc. Just love it

Sylvia Wall

We were at the top of Whistler mountain when this was taken. The whole experience in the Rocky Mountains was fantastic wonderful scenery with snow topped mountains, vast areas of forests not too busy either in mid May which is a good time to visit, fewer crowds for the special attractions. The lakes and rivers in this area were bluey green as filled with water from glaciers.

Rachel B

Gorgeous natural area with some great hiking trails. Our second time visiting, when we go to Alaska we make it a point to stop by.

Joe Lipson

Visited on Norwegian cruise. Very beautiful place. Highly recommend.

Brian Burrows

It's just beautiful to so much untouched nature.

Mike Barlow

Very beautiful, once in a lifetime trip. Loved it

Arthur Lee

Great open space, beautiful scenery and comfortable Alaskan ferry.

Sharon Petten

A tour worth taking. Learned a lot about the culture of the people here.

Erica Nicole

This national park is a relaxing area to visit while you're in Alaska. Make sure you take time to stop by

Maha reviewer

beautifull place glacier before is quiet big now reduce

Ken Carlson

Absolutely Beautiful. We often take the inside passage cruise through Tongass National Forest via Princess Cruise Line and my wife and I highly recommend visiting this beautiful country.

james kuriakose

Happy that I could see it before it melts...

Anita Fantozzi

This glacier is amazing because you can get up close. Breathtaking views!

Rajesh Srinivasan

Wish to be preserved as same as it is ever. Lovely place to be.

Kristopher Kolonko

Amazing place to visit. I hope to return. The helicopter tour by Temsco was breathtaking. If you visit Juneau it is a must see.

Colin D

Nice forest hike with tons of different plants, trees and berries. Walked to the tram at the top and had a good local beer while looking at the cruise ships from far above! Very pretty!

Brian Jensen

This isn't a national park so don't expect the same kind of services. That said, there are visitor areas, helpful rangers, and long hiking trails. It's the largest national forest in the country and it encompasses many features that would make government land on the east coast a shoe in for NP status. It's perfect for biking and hiking in the summer and has plenty of cozy cabins for the winter. Some of the more accessible camp grounds around Juneau have long term residents due to high cost of living and high demand for seasonal workers, so choose one farther from the city if you want a quiet vacation.

Anna Sherman

Silvis Lake trail....a short 2 mile hike to lower Silvis is worth it. It is a dam but dont let that fool you surrounded with beauty. I only had a short time so will hike up to the upper lake another day

Luis Soto

Experience the Glaciers, taking in this natural wonder and see its wild life.

Lily Van Sickle

Very beautiful tourist destination where you can see different wildlife and magnificent scenery. There are trails to walk around some are only 10 minutes while others can last 3 hours

Keith Carter

Fantastically maintained National Park. One of the largest in the world at 13 million acres The part that we went to had a beautiful waterfall and a glacier! It was also the closest we've ever stood to an iceberg! Nice cooling walk because the glacier sends 10degree cooler air into the valley. They call it a natural air conditioner! Neat place!

Susanne Shacklett

Absolutely love this place! Can't wait to come back

Nancy Bodiford

Calm, peaceful, quiet beauty. Once in a lifetime

David Reeves

Beautiful view and great place to visit anytime you want to see a scenic view

Tommy Sorrells

Unmatched beauty abounds. This place is amazing! Put it on your bucket list.

David Marsh

The glacier view was awesome as well as the surrounding mountains. Majestic.

Jason U.

Beautiful place. I really enjoyed exploring this place and taking in the sites. I highly recommend visiting if your in the areas and feel like you want some nature in your life.

John Zeman

Beautiful nature scenes. Great people. Lots of history. Plenty of things to do. Totem pole parks. Whale watching. Zip lines. Watch bears and eagles fishing the creeks for salmon . Charter boats, float planes and helicopter tours.

Cheryl Nault

Really cool to see. The nugget falls trail was really easy walking

KSStorm Info

Hubbard Glacier was pretty! Cloudy day, which makes for a different experience than on a sunny afternoon, but still work the time and extra effort it took the ship to get close in so we could see through the fog and mist.

Katelyn Manning

Such a beautiful experience. The greenery is just breathtaking! Giant trees and Boston ferns everywhere. And giant lettuce looking plants as tall as the kids. I highly recommend seeing the temperate rainforest!!!

louis acquarulo

Breathless you gotta go try to be on the celebrity cruise line great food great service

Lynn H

Beautiful but sad to see it going away...

Lindsay Smith

Stumbled on the Mosquito Cove hike in Sitka while on layover for the ferry. Gorgeous!

Clark Greenaway

Unspoiled beauty, quiet and wild. During June it is so green but during winter it must be very white. Still beautiful but different.

Jonathon Frantz

Gorgeous lake with an awesome trail looping the lake. There are 3 solid pavilions/shelters for picnics or what have you. There's also camping spots at one end of the lake. The lake is cold, but fun to splash around in. And I was told by the forest service that the lake is frequented by a seal (as it has a river that drains into the ocean). Everything looked well maintained (though the outhouses we're standard nasty... But aren't they all?). Super great place! An easy bike ride from Ketchikan.

Mark Burkholz

Visited Lower Dewey Lake in Skagway. Perfect way to spend a day of the ship.

Gary Parr

Awesome place to see. You shouldn't miss it.

Jeanne Alm

Tongass National Forest is a rain forest filled with various evergreen species and lush undergrowth.

John D Baker

Amazingly beautiful scenery, wildlife, and some of the friendliest people we've ever met.

Allen Wicks

Tour guide was very knowledgeable, helpful & polite. He took time to explain what we were seeing.

John Johns

Beautiful Forest and great trails. Would have preferred more dirt trails instead of the wooden walkways, they are very slick when wet.

Susan Noyes

The glaciers are the biggest reason we go to Alaska. Seeing them is a spiritual experience.

Mike Grosshans

Wow. Beautiful. Check it out before all the glaciers melt!

Diane Malyon

Wild and protected so that it can stay that way.

Steve Harris

Once in a lifetime visit to the glaciers. Amazing

Maggy Smith

This national forest stop was a beautiful first stop for our one day in Juneau. We were hoping to see some whales, as friends have said they are often visible here... but no luck for us. It was still a great stop. Beautiful walk out to Point Louisa, walking out to the point you walk through some awesome Alaska forest. A great spot to bring a picnic. Great spot for kids. Some good climbing trees there too! Dogs are allowed here as well.

Bill S

The National Forest is always a great place to visit for a weekend, a week or longer. Typically quiet and peaceful with too much scenery to mention individually. Great variety of trees, rocks, cliffs, mountains, and views. Not to mention wildlife; mammals, reptiles , insects and birds.

Sandra Sheppard

Awesome, did the wilderness tour and. Crab feast. Highly recommend. Excellent

rajesh kumar nayak

Gods Create amazing, World's finest Rudrakshya Available here.

Bill Daley

After 3 other trips to Alaska , I finally got into the deep woods. Beautiful rain forest IT has a feel similar to the California Redwoods. The trees block most of the light from reaching the forest floor. It feels like the forest primeval.

Liam Duyvelaar

Beautiful went with a group from my cruise ship on a canoe. Not only did we enjoy the view but we made friends with our group and our tour guide Grant was also fantastic

Nate Ler

An amazing place to visit. You would not regret spending time here at some point your life well worth it!

Emmette Bird

Amazing experience. It is truly a trip of a lifetime!

Brandon States

What in Glacial Relations??? A gorgeous place, notably would be hated by Meryl Streep in the Devil Wears Prada. But we love her anyway

Beverly Swaile

Go! If you do anything and Alaska, this it must be on the top of your list. The scenery is simply other worldly. We went on our cruise ship, however you can charter small boats if you need to. We saw mountain goats, bears, Harbor seals, otters, puffins, glaciers. Just amazing all the way around.

Dennis McMillan

It's really cool to be in, even if only a very small part, of "one of the last remaining intact temperate rainforests in the world".

Alicia TigerGal

We were in Skagway on a cruise stop. We elected to go zip lining and were treated to amazing views of this beautiful forest. It was truly like nothing I'd seen before! Simply stunning, well done mother nature!!


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