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6000 Glacier Spur Rd, Juneau, AK 99801, United States

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Where is Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center?

REVIEWS OF Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center IN Alaska

Courtney Cowley

I visited while in Juneau on a cruise. I highly recommend visiting the Mendenhall Glacier and Visitors center! The views are spectacular. The information about the glacier as well as nearby plants, wildlife, and geography is well presented and engaging. There are a few easy trials around to walk on. I walked the mile or so out to the waterfall closer to the glacier and it was well worth my time. The walk was fairly easy with very mild up and downhill areas.

Shondra J

Beautiful place to visit! Allow yourself AT LEAST 3 hours to enjoy the trails and visitor center. We didn't allot enough time and everyone in our group was very disappointed. Even with the low cloud cover it was still so beautiful.

Carrie Vang

It was beautiful here!!! We walked to Nuggets Fall and that was also beautiful! It was just amazing to see this natural glacier that melts into this huge waterfall. It was an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend it! A must do! The hike to the waterfall was amazing too. You really get a nice feel for nature being out there!

Lauren Mallon

Beautiful here! Take the full walk to nugget falls. It's really quite the sight.

Anthony DeSimone

Loved visiting. Took a hike in the woods around the visitors center and had nice views of the lake and retreating glacier. The waterfall into the lake is amazing. Best time. Bring bug spray for mosquitos.

Michael Marron

Awesome views. Nice trail system to walk around the park. Recommend taking a few hours to walk to the falls and the trail of time.

Krista Moyer

Mendenhall Glacier is absolutely breathtaking! I highly recommend walking the trail to Nugget Falls. You get a better view of the Glacier, and can walk right up to the bottom of the falls.

Lee Mertens

Beautiful scenery/ get up close to a real glacier / great day to see wild life / a great state park

Victor Sullivan

We happened to be visiting when it was 15 degrees hotter in Juneau that it was in Seattle. The gift shop is typical of a National Forrest but there is some information worth having in the exhibit. We walked down to the waterfalls and the air was amazing. It felt like standing in the breeze of a well maintained A/C. The view of the glacier was stunning, but did I mention it was cold air blowing off the waterfall. Like really cold air. It was amazing. It is a must if you are in the area. Especially if you are hot.

Al Mosher

It was nice being able to get much closer to an actual glacier . It's a fast 20 minute hike, one way, to get to the waterfall near the glacier , our bus driver only gave us 45 minutes total. which was not enough to explore the area. They should allow at least an hour to an hour and a half

Timothy Beck

Although a day pass is required to access the best photo locations, the visitor center has great views of the glacier, as well as a gift shop, naturalist, theater, and exhibits for all ages. The visitor center could be improved by having a coffee stand or mini cafe to supply warm drinks to visitors of this excellent location.

Robert Bryan

Worth seeing, however you will not get anywhere near the ice. It's a long way away and a Zoom lens is recommended. Visitor center is too small to handle the crowds that July tourist season, including me, can handle.

Oscar Penate

Awesome place to visit and just a 15-minute bus ride from the center of Juneau. Definitely worth visiting due to the majestic views of the mountains and glacier.

Kevin Vakalis

This really is a must go to place when visiting Juneau. Walking out to the waterfalls next to the glacier is amazing. Getting over to the ice caves and.a.climbing excursion are.well worth it. There is much to see and do. It you are a photographer then there are plenty of opportunities here...

Sukriti Shukla

It's an amazing sight to behold. Pristine and breath taking. While you are there do not miss the documentary they show at the research centre. It gives amazing information about the history of the fast depleting glacier and it's causes. It really inspires us to be more responsible towards mother nature.

John William Wade

Alaska is a beautiful place to journey to. It is still so rugged and pure. The nature seems so untouched in general. Mendenhall glacier is a perfect example of the still raw beauty that exists. The glacier is easy to get to by bus and then walking around is easy for all ages and abilities. The interprative centre is helpful as well. The waterfalls are gorgeous and accessible to go right up to if you choose. Kids enjoy making monuments with the rocks that are there. Be sure to give yourself time to enjoy the beauty.

Laura Leyden

Awesome, educational, sad people dont get that our glaciers, not just here are disappearing. And you think there is no global warming. I get cyclical changes but progress has escalated the demise of our environment, which ultimately affects wildlife and human kind as well. Shame on us and to the governments who turn the other cheek. Go while you can still see the majestic ancient formations.

Russ Roush

Lackluster compared to the glaciers I've visited in Washington State. Seems that they are more interested in pushing the "global warming" agenda than anything else. Not the park's fault, I showed up about a week too late for the salmon run, only seeing a total of 3 salmon. Gorgeous views, including the lake and waterfall.


Nice Visitors Center made years ago for the Glacier Observers and tourists which now the glacier is melting will have to relocated, re-adjust their themes or close. To be continued...

Pamela Weir

2nd time visited , last time was in June so interesting to see the changes. Great trip!

Mark Stephenson

Amazing views of natural beauty. Well worth the visit must do the waterfall hike. This hike is an easy stroll on a hard packed gravel path but you need to go to appreciate the amount of water and noise in this falls.

Denise J. Stump

Very crowded. Offered good views of the glacier. There is an opportunity to hike closer to the glacier. Small museum and gift shop. Staff informative and friendly.

Brandon Walrath

Never have I experienced something so extraordinary as the meningeal glacier it's one of the greatest wonders of the world to me got to see this to one of a kind experience

John Macaulay

Great place to visit. Two mile round trip hike to get best view of glacier and waterfall. Shorter walks to get a view. Good Visitor Center with elevator if don't want steps or gradual path.

Paul Willett

Got lucky with clear blue skies. Arrived before mid afternoon crowds. No pre booked excursion necessary. Got on blue shuttle bus. Wonderful afternoon. Easy hike to nugget falls. Stayed at park a couple of hours.

Debbie Pauli

Best experience I've ever had. This glacier was so beautiful!

Eli Ben-Shoshan

This place is amazing. For as small as it is there are lots of really well done exhibits. The park ranger presenting there are fantastic and really know their stuff. They also had high power telescopes that you can use to look at the waterfall, glacier, and the surrounding areas.

JT Zemp

So fascinating! Exhibits were cool. Well done. Crazy how fast the glacier is receding.

Robert Glaser

such a great experience. they say it will recede beyond sight within 20 years. It is amazing to be able to see it. I hope my kids will bring their family up here to see what is left.

R J Duran

Absolutely stunning. Great walk to the waterfall. Highly recommend!

Shelly Morehead

This is such a beautiful place. The glacier is beautiful and the entire park is amazing. Make sure you do the walk to the waterfall. I promise it's worth it!

Suzi Bustamante

So beautiful!! Definitely a MUST see. ♥️

Aaron Schuster

Worth the time to visit for sure. Make sure to hike the Nugget Falls Trail.


Beautiful. Take a bus or shuttle from the Cruise terminal. There is a mile walk to the glacier and waterfall. Nice views along the walkway. Welcome center is at the entrance if in need of restroom.

Wendell Nealon

The area was well maintained and provided many spectacular vistas of the famous glacier. Walking trails are abundant but the glacier visitors center is great with many low cost souvenirs.

Eric Gorman

Amazing views from this visitors center and lots of education about the Mendenhall Glacier inside. You can stand out on the overlook deck and see the light and darker green tree lines. The darker green tree line representing the extent to which the glacier had most recently advanced. At that time, the visitors center would have been between 200-300-ft beneath the ice on the top of the glacier. Also some great hiking trails from the visitors center - highly recommend the short hike to Nugget Falls!


Cool spot to see the Glacier. Ask them to tell you the story of Romeo. Very neat story I wouldn't have known about without a knowledgeable bus driver.

Evan Gnihslew

Went during the flood season and avoided most of the crowds. The glacier was great, and we took a great family photo.

cindi barr

Breathtaking view of the glacier. Lots of trails to wander thru. The salmon were running so we were able to see lots of them in the river. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate with us and it was storming so we didn't get to see as much as we would have liked.

Robert Rey Yang

Mendenhall Glacier and Nugget Falls is a God's gift nature that needed to be protected. The Mendenhall Glacier is one of the easiest to find in Alaska particularly in Juneau, AK. From downtown to the Mendenhall Glacier is about 20minutes ride by cab or van. The beauty of nature is one of the bucket list visiting Alaska. A truly magnificent view where you can enjoy day tripping and have a personal connection with nature.

Carrie Kennedy

This place is amazing! The waterfall is so beautiful and you can get right next to it for a great photo opportunity. I would recommend visiting this glacier.

Karen Bernhardy

So interesting! Learning about glaciers was really great. I thought I already knew about them! One really amazing thing is that you can look out the window right at the glacier and see how much has been lost over the years. They have pictures showing the glacier over the years and you are looking at the same real one but much smaller. Really puts it in perspective.

Tina C.

Would recommend hiking to nugget falls. The view of the waterfalls and open space is beautiful.

Joe Zhang

Expect about 45 min to 1hr for the noodle trail. Worth your time! The photo trail is good too. Stroller is able to get through both trails. Bit rough at he end but doable.

Christina Thai

I wish I had more time on my tour here! Great Junior ranger program inside as well. Beautiful views. Wish I had done the hike to the waterfall and wish I had time for the movie presentation.

Ray J. Barry

Great experience! I learned quite a bit about the life cycle of a glacier.

GJacob River

This is a must if you are visiting Juneau. Beautiful view...and amazing experience. The nugget falls are the main show in this place.

Miranda Olsen

Easy hike to the glacier and nugget falls. Beautiful sight to see! Go earlier in the day to avoid crowds.

John James

Glacier, waterfall, trails and a great visitor centre staffed by keen, enthusiastic and knowledgeable rangers. Great place!

Dean Barker

Amazing piece of Nature. Cute Nature center. Did the short hike to the nuggets falls it was easy walk and fantastic photo opportunities

Cheryl Johnson

Love love love Alaska. The weather is great this time of year with perfect views of the glaciers.

Barb Golliet

The mendenhall glacier is close to Juneau. They have a nice observation area in the visitor center. Some walking paths are accessible for wheelchairs.

Ayon W

Beautiful glacier and I enjoyed nature. There are multiple trails and if you are going there keep a good day to explore around. The suggestion is to take a taxi or use the shuttle bus service. If you want to use the public bus it cost $2 but take an hour to get there and need to walk another mile. Worth the walk.

Peter Meyers

Nice view of the glacier and some good information. The view in the shelter off to the side is really good and a quick hike down the trail leads to a waterfall that is probably cooler than the glacier.

Louise Rigtrup

Gorgeous bald eagles, large porcupine on trail, mother Bear feeding her Cubs from salmon going upstream. Safe trails. Excellent visitor Center..

Gail Hyde

It was amazing to see a glacier up close! The Mendenhall Glacier is worth seeing!

Andrea Alfieri

Beautiful natural wonder. But sad to see how much it's has receded. They say it will be gone by 2040.

Valerie Gerry

Beautiful scenery and impressive glacier and waterfall. Well worth the trip!

Stuffy Smith

I loved coming here. Very informative and beautiful. We also enjoyed catching a few pics of the mama bear and cubs

Tammy Helf

We love visiting Mendenhall Glacier Park. Beautiful. A nice trek to the waterfall and glacier, takes you through spruce pines, moss campion and other foliage. We spent about 2 hours exploring the lake, beach and trails, looking for unusual rocks and maybe some gem stones

Chris Good

Amazing must see place to visit. It was around a 20 minute walk from the visitor center. We took a bus from the dock into the park via a 20 minute bus ride. Once there it was a very easy flat almost 100% light gravel path to the falls from the center. The trail is very kid friendly and stroller friendly also which I wish I knew before taking my four year old.

J Carter

Great visit. Give yourself several hours if you want to walk up to the glacier. The waterfall is about an hour from the visitor center. Watch out for taxi games that charge you extra there is no entrance fee or toll road.

Cameron Thorne

Absolutely beautiful area with numerous trails and vistas. We love visiting here.

Dana Phipps

Awesome visitor center. Great hands in experiences for kids including a game. The rangers were all very knowledgeable and the information well displayed and easy to understand. Even the gift shop was a great experience with art and items from local Alaskan artists, authors and craftsmen. Worth the visit for sure and great way to expense some of Alaska's natural beauty in a short time and with little kids or less mobile family members.

Allen Helton

Beautiful views here at the visitor center! I would also recommend taking a stroll down the packed gravel trail to nugget falls - the view is incredible! Reasonably priced visitor fees at $5 a person, plus you get access to the exclusive photo point trail. Lots of pretty flowers and plants around here too.

Aaron Pressel

I really enjoyed Mendenhall glacier and Nugget Falls. Really beautiful. The staff was very friendly and helpful and the facility is very nice. I would have really liked to see the glacier when it was larger. As they say with glaciers -- Medenhall glacier used to be bigger.

Becky Forgays

Beautiful, amazing, educational & simply awesome! And to top it off, we saw a black bear moseying around to our delight!

Cliff Barteaux

One of the most unique natural wonders in the U.S. It is a large park with walking paths even for the handicapped. A beautiful glacier and lake with plenty to see and experience for the whole family. You can even hold a piece of the glacier that has broken off in your hand.

Jeff Northup

An amazing place to see in Juneau. The glacier, the falls and the mile walk there were beautiful. Take your time enjoying the hike. So much to take in.

William Scull

What a wonderful time. Beautiful sunny day, not too crowded. The glacier, the water, the waterfall were spectacular. The staff were extremely friendly and well educated, kept us well informed. Saw bears. Trails, viewing areas were clean and well maintained. Thank you.

Avital Elizabeth

The glacier is fantastic! If you can make the short hike out to Gold Nugget Falls, I absolutely recommend it. You get right up next to the falls and much closer to Mendenhall Glacier. The walk up to the visitor center is windy but not bad, but they also have elevators if you need them.

Frank Klink

Mendenhall Glacier is worth seeing. However, the visitor center and trail to waterfall and glacier viewing areas were woefully inadequate when we were there for all the cruise ship traffic. For example, had to bring in portable toilets to augment their facilities, and still dont have enough of them.

Paul Ainsworth

Easy to get to, nice visitor center and seeing how far the glacier has retreated is powerful.

Brian Thornton

A great experience. The visitor centre is worth a look. It has elevator access. Take a walk to the waterfall. Takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Some nice lookout to take some photos. Hey ditch the camera and just drink in the awe of the glacier and nature's power.

Chris McKinney

Stunning! We visited while on a cruise. However, not as a part of a large shore excursion. This worked out very well as we were able to stay later than the large crowds. We had the place to ourselves for about 90 minutes. So we took one of the many trails into the forest and had a great time. This is absolutely gorgeous landscape, and the forest hiking trails are otherworldly. This is most definitely worth a day visit when in the area.

Dr. Robert Jarrett D.C.

Very helpful park rangers helped us find wild goats on the mountain sides. Lots of information and some gifts available in the station.

michelle spencer

Wish I would have been closer, but beautiful views of the glacier.

Arne Dejong

Good place to go. Take the hike to the falls amazing

Terri Fox

Amazing scenery. The falls are spectacular and the crystal green glacier water us unlike any other place on earth. Would love to come back and spend more time.

Tom Twitchel

Spectacular!! Incredible tour with hikes of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty. Amazing view of the glacier, the bay and falls. The guide we were lucky enough to have driving our bus was great. Terrific narration on the drive, handed out a homemade photo album with local points of interest, engaging and just humorous enough to hold everyone's attention. Really a first rate low impact adventure.

Dell Brown

This visitor's center offers million dollar views of the Mendenhall Glacier. The informational film was great and the displays were very helpful in understanding how glaciers are formed and details about this particular glacier. If you are in Juneau, you will not regret making this one of your places to visit. Be sure and hike up to the base of the waterfalls. It is flat terrain and easy for the whole family.

Tom O

The visitor center is pretty cool. Good information and great views. One of the best places to get an up close view of a glacier ... any glacier! For an even more up close view of the glacier I would recommend a kayaking tour where you can paddle al.pst up to the base.

Cat Dizon

Beautiful and scenic. I was hoping to see a bear while walking through the bear trails, but I had missed it by 30 minutes. The hike to Nugget falls is fairly easy and definitely worth the trek.

Brady Wilson

Simply amazing. Hiking paths are well maintained. It's all a very worthwhile visit.

Joe Birchette

Pretty fascinating place, Visit this place before disappears. If you go there definitely take the trail to the falls gorgeous.

ben snowden

Excellent visitor center. High quality video and theater and you can touch glacial ice! A few nice short trails nearby where you can see salmon and plenty of birds.

ray nardoni

Beautiful surroundings. Seeing the glacier brings home the effects of climate change. How the glacier has retreated is a stark example. Beautiful walk to the waterfall. Very crowded.

Arline Henderson

Took the public bus to its last stop and walked the last 1.5 miles to the glacier. Nice, beautiful walk on the paved walking path. The Mendenhall Glacier was gorgeous. Very friendly people.

Brian Yoksh

Take one of several hikes. We took both the picture point and a hike to the waterfall. The visitors center has some movies and educational sessions. I saw a park ranger swearing in a junior ranger which was a nice touch. There's a stamping station for visiting the Tongrass National Park. Great picture opportunities!

Richard Foisner

Well worth the time to visit! Center has very good film and other nice exhibits dealing with the glacier. If you go and are able, take the Nugget Fall hike and get up close to the falls and glacier. It is a two mile walk (round trip) but wow, very impressive!

Jordan Willis

Beautiful. A very short walk gets you to a wonderful spot to see the glacier and take photos. Also an area right beside the parking lot to see a salmon run creek bed where bears frequent.

James Lewis

Love the views and the walk down to the waterfall. Probably won't see the glacier in the next 10 years, (just guessing) but it is melting pretty fast. It's a must do if you are visiting Alaska

Tim Ross

This is a very beautiful park. There's a mile long hike that takes you right down to the waterfall and is exquisite!

Rene Amio

When we visited this place more than 15 years ago the glacier covered the whole hill and it was all white. Back then you can not see any brown spot. Now because of global warming the glacier is getting smaller. In another 10 years it probably be smaller than the surroundings.

Mitzi Watkins

Did a fast walk to the Nugget Falls - 2 mile round trip with a time constraint due to bus tour - but worth it. Get a great view of the falls & the glacier. Recommend if you're used to the smaller waterfalls of UK. Awe inspiring.

Debbie Van

Pictures just do not do any justice to the Views at Mendenhall. Go early because it gets crowded. Prepare to do a lot of walking. A must do in Juneau.

Arthur Lee

Easy access to glacial tongue. Good example of retreating ice. 5 dollar fee to access trails to water fall or better photo sites. Nice bisitor center. Wheel chair access.

Chris McKay

Great place to visit with seversl walking trails and informative welcome center plus you can't beat the views.

Meg Lindsay

Donation only. Well laid out. Beautiful location with glacier and water falls. Lots of trails and opportunities to see fish, otters and bears.

John Noland

The visitor center has several well thought-out, interesting and informative dioramas explaining various aspects of the Glacier and surrounding forest life. There are also rangers that give talks. Not as spectacular as the Hubbard Glacier or the Kenai Fjords glaciers but Mendenhall Glacier is definitely worth a look see. This glacier is receding whereas the others are advancing. It has created a huge lake that lays in front of the Glacier. Additionally, there is a spectacular water fall only an easy mile hike away that is definitely worth the visit.

Cheryl Kaufman

Didn't go to Visitor Center since it costs $5.00 per person, so we just went down the Nugget falls trail, which was great, to see the glacier for free. Very crowded, easy trail.

Stephanie Whitehead

Many spots for pictures and complimentary binoculars for viewing. Visitors Center is pretty great too The walking paths are gorgeous. The glacier and falls are breathtaking!!

Bernard Wright

A professionally-designed, modern Visitor Centre is a treat to spend time in. The glacier and nearby waterfall provide a chance to produce high quality images. The films and explanations explain the rapidly decling size and front of the glacier. I spoke to many visitors and all were favourably impressed with all the displays. I was sorry that the amount of time to visit was not longer.

Jeremy L

Really a great place to visit when in Juneau! This is also one of the stops for alot of cruise shore excursions. The glacier is not as grand as the ones you'll see in glacier Bay, but it's still magnificent and the scenery with the lake is so tranquil and mesmerizing. If you enjoy kayak, you can also kayak next to the glacier. The visitor center doesn't have much inside besides a small little gift shop and a few display that talks about the glacier. There is a short film presentation that goes on through the day during opening hours but you aren't missing out if you don't see it.

Robbyn Tucker

Cold day at the Glacier, it was so beautiful and I loved the information center. I got great pictures, met really nice people and bought a gift from the gift store. It was a great time.

Rina Hendrawan

Need mor than 1.5 hours to spend here. To much to explore. The view it's amazing.

Kevin Wilson

Visiting the Mendenhall glacier is a must when visiting Juneau. The visitor center is very informative and the staff is very friendly and helpful. The trails around the center are well marked and make for some nice hikes. When the salmon are running the observation platforms make for some great wildlife viewing. Occasionally you might even see a black bear or two.

Nate Ler

An absolutely amazing place to visit. It's sad to see how the glacier has shrunk in size over the last many many years. Wildlife activity is still high in the area and you're likely to see bear in the area if salmon have spawn. Again this is a beautiful place and well worth a visit. Just be respectful and don't leave trash, don't be rambunctious or loud, and treat it like it was your own park.

Erika Kao

They do SUCH a good job of educating the public about this wonderful resource, as well as what we need to do to protect it moving forward.

Shawn Stevens

Beautiful! You must come see this if you are in the area. There are great trails to walk down where you can see other sights as well.

Judy Gley

This place is in Juneau, AK and is just beautiful! There is a nice visitor center to walk through, but the best part is the hiking trails; there are 3 or them. One of them takes you right up to the Glacier. Don't miss this place when you visit Juneau!

Susanne Shacklett

Wish I've had more time in the area. Definitely coming back soon

Mary Thomas

Interesting displays. Elevator to main floor. Clean well maintained hiking trails and fantastic views!

Patty Spradling

Words can't describe how AMAZING this place is to see in person. It is literally breath taking! This is a MUST do if you can! Several trails to walk with estimate time to achieve so you won't miss your bus

Philip Recchia

Amazing views! This is a place you will remember for the rest of your life. The air is crisp and clean, and the views are perfect. You could try the helicopter tour but it is amazing without it and you'll save a lot of money. We saw a bunch of bald eagles too!

Katelyn Manning

The glacier was crowded when we were there but the views were great and there were a bunch of little trails that lead to different viewing points of the glacier and the forest surrounding it. Would return. The visitor center had tons of information about the glacier and picture of it then vs. now. Was interesting to learn about it as well as see the sights. Would recommend.

Hila Stern

What a beautiful, gorgeous place. We did this through our cruise but I am sure one can come off the boat and take a ride to the national park. We also did thebhike to the Falls which is maybe 3 miles away. It was worth it!!

Margaret Gurinskas

Awesome Glacier spilling into a lake. Lovely maintened walking paths to lookout and waterfall. Great for the whole family. Stroller/walker friendly.

Oriel Wiggins

Beautiful and super easy to walk thru and enjoy the wildlife, and the glacier. Had friends who ended up with a better advice to walk all the way to the waterfall which we were told would take too long, but wouldn't have. But the place is great giving many options to see plenty and take it easy or hike a bit faster for a longer bit way closer and more exciting view abs a bit of spray from the super powerful waterfall. Nature is astounding isn't She?

Shawn Poulen

Blue ice is amazing! Breathtaking to see. Wish our tour had more time so I could have seen the visitor center and gone on a hike.

Bonnie Wesselhoff

We were only able to see the outside areas as the center was closed for the season on our visit.

Kelly O'Sullivan

Awesome Visitor Center with super helpful staff. You can see the glacier right as you get to the Visitor Center, which is pretty amazing. The park rangers know a lot about the area and can offer useful suggestions. I'd suggest hiking the East Glacier trail for anyone with a little bit of experience. Far less crowded than some of the other trails, and there are some spectacular views near the top.

Gary Parr

Another amazing place to go. Make sure you hike to at least the waterfall.

Virginia Gray

If you are coming from he crucia, schedule a cab to take you up to the glacier. It's not a long trip and you don't need to be in a group that is guided. There is only one real path and it goes straight to the glacier and a lovely waterfall.

Tom Simpson

Fantastic views of Mendenhall Glacier! Neat gift shop with a good supply of Mendenhall souvenirs. Great trails.

Chad Lutsey

Staff and Rangers do an excellent job. Especially with the number of people that move through the facility. Informative interactions for all ages. Well worth the time!

Nick McGuire

One of my favorite stops of my recent cruise. Great spots for pictures and amazing views. There is some fun hiking trails as well

Mitchell Golemic

A must see when in Juneau. We have been coming here every 2 years for the past 10 and have a timeline of the glacier receding. Very educational visitor center.

Catherine Lewis-Tubre

Cant believe how much smaller this glacier is compared to when I visited 25 years earlier. Get here to see it before it completely melts!! Lovely place and the walk to the waterfall was completely worth it. Wear your walking shoes and be prepared to be amazed. The visitors center is good too. Take the elevator if you already walked to the waterfall! Enjoy!!!

James Wheeler

Very excellent attraction, if you have children (or not) be sure you do the Jr. Ranger Badges and also get the Agents of Discovery App for your phone! The kids will have a great time learning about the Forest, the Park and the Glacier.

Andrew Tom

Very scenic, and a lot to see here. Could easily spend 3 or 4 hours if I had the time.

Bruce Parsons

Beautiful views. The hikes are very easy and the view around the glacier is great. We saw salmon and a porcupine. Somebody else on our trio just before our visit saw a bear too. The falls are amazing.

Cheyenne Girmscheid

The visitor center has great views of the Mendenhall Glacier as well as plenty of information on the surrounding area and fauna.

Katie Hart

Well worth a visit to the visitors center when you go to Mandenhall Glacier. Some really interesting exhibits and a cool free 15 min movie about the glacier.

Matt Alfieri

Absolutely gorgeous facility in beautiful condition. I had a really great time. Consider this to be one of the top three visits of my 7 day cruise trip.

Dennis McMillan

This is one of my favourite places that I have visited in all my travels. The flora and fauna is so very different from what I'm accustomed to seeing. Fell in love with the area, hope to get a chance to return one day.

Jim Ketcham

Excellent interpretive center with displays, movie and views. Ranger presentations were great as well. It was a little disappointing how far away the glacier actually was, but you can hike closer. We combined this visit with a whale watching tour (also great!) The enthusiasm of the bus drivers, guides and rangers to share their stories, experiences and love of this place was infectious!

Greg Hedrick

Great glacier and local waterfall. Very, easy walk. Rangers very easy to talk with and obtain information. Lots to see and enjoy.

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