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Where is Kenai Fjords National Park?

REVIEWS OF Kenai Fjords National Park IN Alaska

Cindy Haurez

It was a wonderful tour. Captain Sherry and crew were awesome. Sherry was very informative and made sure to stop and show us the wildlife. The crew was very friendly along with the Captain. The meals that we were served were very delicious especially the one on Fox Island. I would highly recommend the tour.

Samiksha Kulkarni

Very nice. Was there in August. Bit chilly but once in a lifetime experience. Nice experience in cruising in gulf of Alaska. Bit expensive to live in seward but too good. National park can be seen via cruise. Sailing is fun. Lot of wildlife can be seen on cruise.

Mike Swinson

This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in the world. There are so many beautiful things surrounding you. Mountains, glaciers, beautiful water, whales and LOTS of other wildlife.

Charles Campbell

Absolutely stunning place to visit. We were there in mid-September, so the visitor center was closed, but most of the hiking trails were available. There was one small section closed off because a mama bear and her cub were in the area. Hiking up to the viewing area of Exit Glacier was great, just be aware there it is on the higher end of a moderate hike. The black sand of the outwash area was really neat. Lovely place and we highly recommend it.

Debra Pederson

Excellent tour! We saw the glacier valve into the ocean, sea otters, killer whales, humpback whales, porpoises, and many birds and glaciers. A great crew on our ship!


Amazing views. Just amazing.

marlin seevers

Natural beauty of creation. Accessing it is the challenge. Major Marine does a good job finding Wildlife to enjoy.

Kerri Lathrop

Such an amazing place. Get out on a tour boat and see the glaciers and wildlife. We saw orcas, humpback whales, seals, otters and even a black bear! The kayaking can't be beat and there are many great places to camp.

Abhijit Naik

Beautiful park..lots of wild life and amazing views.

Rye Adrianos

Absolutely breathtaking! We took a boat tour and saw sea lions, seals, orcas, gray whales, Fin whales, tufted and horned puffins, porpoises, and even a bald eagle and a black bear with two cubs!

Enoch Leisure

Beautiful and there are 4 levels of hikes depending on your skill.

Ravneet Kaur

This is a beautiful park. Lot to experience here. Glaciers and wildlife were the best part. Views are amazing anywhere you go. We went to the wildlife 6 hour cruise with Kenai Fjords tour and saw lot of fjords, whales,otter, sea lions, puffins, and birds(Don’t know their names. There are around 191 species of birds in the park). Nature at its best.

Sheri Schoenberg

My third trip and just as excited to be there. Alaska never disappoints. We took the Alaska Railroad into Seward this time.

Bruce Provencher

A beautiful national park. What's not to love? Glaciers, wildlife, great views.

Alan Nelson

Nice hike, lots of beautiful scenery.

C Ray

Beautiful hike up to the top. Don't miss it.

ida sigillo

Great cruise with Major Marine tour. Saw orcas, humpbacks, two types of seals and a lot of bird life. The crew was awesome. Would highly recommend

Vinay Radhakrishnan

One of the best national parks. The fjords, the people, and the environment all make it an experience of a lifetime!

Sarah Dzielski

Amazing wildlife and views, great showing of alcids and whales!

vignan sagar

The park is simply amazing, you have to take the the curse tours to explore the park, the glaciers are simply amazing. You can find whales, otters, sea lions, puffins and other animals. A great place almost everyone. Whale watching is one of the best part of this tour, though seeing the whales is not guaranteed always but if the conditions are good then there is a high possibility of watching them.

Scott Griffith

Nice educational displays at the park.

Timmy Luo

I just visited the Exit Glacier! But already amazed by its gorgeous. Also, the park is free of chargeto the public!

Maarten Hofman

Although the forest fires caused a lot of smoke that made visibility limited, we enjoyed our time at the Exit Glacier of the park, where we saw the glacier retreating. Initially we didn't know what the numbers were that were posted, later we discovered these were the years at which the glacier was there. The idea of walking over the plains in front of the glacier was nice too. We didn't do the 8.2 mile hike to the top, and some of the trails were closed due to bear activity, but there are still plenty of walking options.

Gary Steele

Never get tired of being in this majestic place. All the forces of nature at their grandest!

Gary Baker

Most beautiful place on earth

Ryleigh Slone

So much fun. We had the best crew ever. Super friendly and funny. I really liked Cody he was super nice and helped me a lot with my motion sickness.

Richard Prittie

Ranger led hike to the face of Exit Glacier was definitely worth the price - free!

Tanya Collier

Love always. Beautiful. May see whales and otters. Amazing glacier tours by boat with all you can eat lunch!

Sibnath Mazumdar

Never seen so many Orka whales together in one place. Glaciers too awesome.

Aditi Partani

Wonderful time we had exploring the nature . You can enjoy the Marine life while taking the cruise through the fjords. This place is just magic .. you get to see whales, sea lions, sea otters, puffins, porpoises , glaciers , mountains ,.. ahhhh the list goes on. Must visit if you are in Seward.

Travis Atkinson

Amazing. The hike to the end is extreme!

Pete Y

Beautiful park on the Kenai Peninsula. The visitor center in Seward Alaska was very helpful and answered any questions that we had.

continueDon Simcock

National Park can't go wrong..

William Boland

Great trails, stunning scenery and if you're doing the exit glacier trail you get a great workout while seeing amazing views. But if you're gaining elevation come prepared. Saw a few people on the way down who were about 10% done with the ascent and were already considering turning back. Don't just come to some of these trails having not worked out in months and think you're going to just get the best views without strenuous effort.

Helen Gonzales

Loved Kenai Fjords. Boat ride was great saw lots of wild life. Crew was fantastic.

Robin Lozano-Adams

Best trip we've taken. Captain Chad and the crew were wonderful and the Captain was very knowledgeable and detailed in giving us a great narrative of the wildlife and where to find them. Only down fall was the dinner at Fox Island, although it was a great spread it was served very cold.

Luis Tetatzin

Beautiful place and the visitor's center is very educational. Really recommend packing a lunch and plenty of water to spend the day exploring the park. Trails are well maintained and you can get up close to 5he glacier. Amazing experience!

Kylie Rezendes

Stunning scenery and peace and quiet for photographs or a quick walk.

Yuva Natya

Truly beautiful ! Exit glacier hike is definitely worth it.. No matter what people say, just go ahead do it! Gorgeous views!

Miranda Olsen

Some of the best views of any National park I've been too!!! I highly recommend hiking the Harding icefield trail; it's strenuous but well worth it!! Also, take one of the cruises around the bay - amazing views and a lot of wild life!

Andrew Eliquen

One of the very few national parks that doesn't require an entrance fee. A lot of good trails - make sure to do the Harding Icefield trail, probably one of the best trails in the area with rewarding views just halfway through. Exit glacier is an easy hike - I did this hike with my parents who were 65 at the time.

Nate Smith

Beautiful, simply beautiful, this part of God's creation.

Jay Black

Took the 8 hour KFT cruise, had a great cruise with whale watching, sea lions and fairly up close with a glacier. Finished the day with a prime rib and ki g crab dinner at fox island.


Omgosh...if you go to Alaska, make this trip to Seward and tour the Kenai Fjords! So much wildlife and incredibly beautiful. Don't miss this.

Corey Gardner

This place is really special. Never been anywhere like it and I'm already dying to go back

Patrick Elizabeth Crawford

My wife and I went on the 6 hour tour and had a great time with great food. Staff super friendly.

James Ray

Very cool park from boat

ChengYang Chen

Exit Glacier is one of the most accessible trail to see the unique glacier view.

Debbie Reiter

Absolutely beautiful! Loved the wildlife tour with Captain Tim.

Elizabeth Garcia

Awesome views of the glacier and surroundings. Lots of sea lions , birds etc . Staff was great and attentive. Very professional . Food was great. We did the dinner cruise.

Jesse demott

Beautiful place never gets old seeing it... Everyday is a different day... A must visit to be put on anyones bucket list.

Diane Lind

I'd give more stars if I could! Great hike to Exit Glacier. The Park staff is knowledgeable and friendly. We have had awesome weather (thanks to the staff?)

marilyn castillo

What can I say...... it's Alaska which is amazingly beautiful.

Nathan W

Awe inspiring park with lots of animal sightseeing and unique vistas. Seeing the amount of recession on the glaciers was eye opening

Tom Stolze

Amazing views of Glaciers and Wildlife!

Carl Holzhauer

Highly recommended, go walk on a glacier

Taylor O

Clean trails, modern facility!

Myra Powers

Wonderful hikes of different lengths, you can see the glacier well. Can take a jogging stroller on some paved or gravel trails (but not to the glacier where the stroller will get mired in the soft, silty ground.).

Jesse Gill

All the staff was very courteous and helpful. Check-in was easy and provided shuttle services between the dock and the parking lot. The boat ride was amazingly beautiful and the pilot provided funny and informative commentary about marine life. The crew provided help to anyone feeling sea sick, including my wife. We stopped and had dinner on Fox Island. Service was great and the food was amazing! It was a beautiful day-trip and would definitely recommend.

Dan G

Beautiful. Love the Alaska coast.

Akanksha Bansal

This is a huge national park. The view of the glacier if amazing. Their is a hike very near the front view which makes this a go to place

Father Loves

Wow, what a beautiful place! You have to enjoy the beauty and majesty of the national park on a cruise. We thoroughly enjoyed viewing the majestix mountains rising from the sea, glaciers, whales, sea lions, otters, seals. Great place!!

David Sicktich

Very clean, easy trails, beautiful views. Been there 4 times in my life and it has never dissapointed.

Jenna Lee

Gorgeous national park. I really enjoyed the boat cruise and glaciers!!

leslie veenstra

Saw so much wildlife on the boat tour. Incredible glaciers and landscapes.

Michelle Shirley

While in Seward AK we went up to Exit Glacier. This was a great little hike and all of really enjoyed it. There are Rangers throughout the hike that you can ask questions they all seem very friendly and knowledgeable.

Himalay Joriwal

Steep hike. But beautiful.

Terry Leister

Loved it. We had a great day with good weather. The glacier cooperated by doing some nice calving for us. The whales turned up and the puffins were everywhere.

Michael Padgett

Exit glacier was well worth walking to the overlook.

Mary Ellen Tucker

Splendid cruise on the Kenai Star. Five hour tour, salmon buffet lunch, Forest Ranger on board. Saw orcas, seals, puffins, glaciers, more. Great staff. Great value.

Jason Scroggins

Boat tour of the Kenai Fjords National Park was amazing! Even though it was cold a d rained most of the time we still had a blast. We saw whales, otters, seals, sea lions, bald eagles, glaciers and more beautiful scenery than anywhere else I've been. Highly recommend going if you have a full day to explore.

Theodore Combos

Not a National Park that Alaska is known for, but one you definitely should know. Take a boat tour to see the greatest diversity of marine wildlife that you could see just about anywhere on earth. If you’re lucky you can see a calving tidewater glacier while they’re still around!

Gia Celeste

Friendly staff and great sight seeing!

Scott Whitney

Good moderate hikes. But you can't get close to the glacier unless you do the strenuous hikes.

LM Cox

AMAZING HIKE, AMAZING VIEW. Well worth it. Support our National Parks.

Dan C

Really amazing trip, worth the money to go out on the boat tours

Eeraj Qaisar

Breathtaking, out of this world! Took a 6 hour boat tour and it was more than worth it. Seals. Otters. Puffins. Sea gull colonies. Jelly fish. Glacier. Endless vistas of snow capped mountains. Amazing. Mesmerizing. This is Alaska.

Yao Ma

Great experience to explore the Kenai Fjords National Park via Cruise.

Annie Blue

Took the Exit glacier hike. We took it with a ranger for free. Very informative, though a bit slow.

Tanmay Ghosh

Great place. Serene and beautiful. Must see exit glacier.

Craig & Cindy Bennett

The 7 hour cruise was fantastic. Lots of animals, beautiful scenery , great staff , and prime rib for lunch. What more can you ask for!

Mareth Griffith

Great to visit - via kayak or boat tour. In the summer, good chances of seeing humpback whales, sea lions, puffins and more! Also tidewater glaciers if you go out on one of the longer tours.

Julie Carr

Fantastic whale watching and glacier trip. Saw loads of wildlife and birds. Chilly and windy on deck and a little rough.

Ryan Boogaard

The wildlife save landscapes were incredible. Far exceeded my expectations.

Charlie Covey

The views are amazing but the hike is even better for extreme reasons.

Lael Gobble

Great place to visit. It's the land of the midnight sun so go early (3am) and you'll have the place to yourself. Exit Glacier is worth the hike.

Jonathan Murdoch-Kitt

Great place. Not to be missed. The most watery of National Parks.

Jack Long

Well maintained trail and a great view of the Exit Glacier.

Carol Bennett

Amazing scenery. Feel privileged to have been there.

Katherine Lewis

One of the most gorgeous places on Earth. The boat tour had a National Park Service ranger on board to give useful information about locations and wildlife we saw along the way. Great and interesting visitor center in Seward. Walking and hiking trails were well marked and well maintained. We had a very enjoyable stay

Kip Nissen

Do not miss out ohn the walk up to the glacier. It was wonderful.

Cheryl Wirkus

Beautiful glacier with vivid colors. A must see!

Valerie Nelson

Amazing trip, whales, glaciers, seals and beauty all around. Loved it all.

Erica Nicole

If you love being one with nature. This is an amazing plave to,visit and relax


Beautiful tour with kind good hearted folks

Cheryl Kaufman

Awesome park with great trails and even a free art class to learn how to paint the glacier once a week in the summer! Most awesome hike is to Top of the Cliffs on the Harding Ice Field Trail. Strenuous 2.9 miles up and 2000 ft, but the views of the glacier flowing out of the icefield is worth it.

Mike Springer

It’s impossible to describe just how stunning this place is. Glaciers, whales, mountains... all pristine, all hauntingly beautiful. Can’t wait to go back!

Bruce Jiang

it is must-see in Seward. The glaciers are breathtaking

Paul Marshalek

Unbelievable National Park where the wildlife and glaciers are the reason we need to protect what has been given to us.

Mehul Rajput

Awesome park with so many glaciers to view. Some by him and some by boat. You can also hike to the top to Harding where all snow lands before flowing down through various glaciers.

Yash Srivastava

Amazing place. Especially the exit glacier hike. I will recommend doing the complete Harding trail as it takes to you to the top of the ice field which feeds almost 60% of all the glaciers in the park. An amazing place.

Andrew Lek

A very nice National Park to visit of you are in Alaska. Hiking trail was great and it will take you upfront and close the the glacier.

Ronald Schnaar

Unique scenery and wildlife.

Arzeena Hashmi

Beautiful Glacier views , whale watching... majestic

Aaron Miller

The views of the glacier are amazing. The hike to the Harding Ice Field overlook was strenuous, but was worth the effort.

Ryan Heney

Beautiful landscape seen from our boat tour. We saw a lot of glaciers, puffins, seals, otters, whales, and bald eagles. Highly suggest taking a boat tour. Ours was out of Seward, Alaska. Make sure to dress warm even in the summer though as the breeze from the ocean is quite chilly.

Jamar Williams

Excellent all day boat trip to see whales and sea life and glaciers.

Suman Pandey

Take a relaxing day cruise of Kenai Fjords to enjoy nature and possibly see wildlife. We took a day cruise of 6 hours and got to see orcas, humpback, sea lions and puffins. Scenery is beautiful and haunting at times. We for some great pictures during this cruise.

Maureen MacDonald

Absolutely amazing! We saw wildlife and glaciers and it was wonderful!

Malinda Patterson

We hiked up to see the Exit Glacier and it was incredible. We hiked the Harding Icefield Trail, and even though we couldn’t make it all the way up due to snow, it was still one of the coolest hikes we did in Alaska. The park’s also free, which is a plus, and the rangers were very helpful.

Tim Howes

The weather was rainy but it was still an amazing tour w the glacier

Russell Durkee

Go there. Catch fish. Hike around. Neat shops. Plan on roughing it

Flemming Elleboe

If you are lucky you can be rewarded with crazy beautiful views and animal encounters. Do yourself a favor and get outside the boat cabin and take in the environment, and you may be rewarded with breaching humpback whales and killer whales. The captain was very good at explaining what you were looking at and to stop the boat so you had time to see whatever it may be he wanted you to see

Jeff Gottdownunder

If you take a boat tour, make sure the cruise will visit a tide water glacier like aialak. It will make your day.

bhavna khubchandani

A must visit if u're visiting seward! Awesome experience of the wildlife. We got to see the whales, seals, otters etc almost everything :) it's beautiful, super scenic. We took a 4 hour cruise which was good enough to go around :)

Judy B

Amazing,and great weather

Jerry Robinson

Very cool. Alaska is awesome !!

Tanya Elizabeth

Beautiful Day out & the scenery was phenomenal

Fredrick Jose antony cruz

It a great place to see glaciers... and to see wildlife like whales, sea otter, sea lions, seals, puffins.. and more.... the time I went the sea was little rough... better not to have heavy breakfast before you start... went on aug 1st week.. weather was great... saw a lot wildlife... a must to see in Alaska

Shuai Jiang

Beautiful glaciers and fjords. We went to exit glacier and took a cruise with major marine. Both were refreshing and contains breathtaking views.

Pamela Tapert

Wonderful, beautiful, Glaciers are amazing

lewis kelley

Amazing hike up to see an expansive icefield. Beware the hike is pretty steep.

Randy Clark

We took Talon Air out of Soldotna. Alaska. Flew over Glaciers and a Volcano. Went salmon fishing and Bear watching by boat. Great Trip.

Angela Greene

Go where Alaskans go to play. Truly one of the most unique and stunning places on Earth. You can paddle with icebergs, hike to your heart's content, take a boat ride in Resurrection Bay, fish for trout, halibut or one of 5 species of salmon and camp. Great for people of all ages and physical abilities- something to do for everyone. If you choose to go off road, make sure to know your abilities, carry bear spray at a minimum- I carry a 357 in a holster called a Kenai holster that is easy to wear and access when backpacking or fishing. Bring more food and water then you think you will need and at least a VHF radio that you can likely hail for help on Channel 16 or a satellite phone. I also carry helicopter emergency insurance in case of a life flight out to Anchorage for all members of my family.

Leslie Kaplan

Wow. Amazing park. So glad this is protected and explained and made accessible to visitors.

Eric Schrag

Aggressively beautiful. You really should go and hike and see scenery.

Bonnieli Collins

Beautiful! I've explored the park and taken a cruise. Both were incredible experiences. Ok definitely be back soon! This might be my favorite place in Alaska

Tim Nelson

Must come again. Absolutely awesome

Ro and Reese D

Wonderful place to visit for whole family and explore . Great hiking and panoramic views

Thomas Cunningham

Take the 6 hour tour! Beautiful!

Aaron's Adventures

One of the most beautiful places on Earth I have visited!

Rebecca Rodriguez

Alaska holds amazing treasures, daring adventures. Seward is a must see to appreciate all the wildlife.


Beautiful national park with a lot of glaciers! Good for cruises and sea plane tours.

Bloodtech Transfusion

Loved it, the boat tour was the best

Priyanka Bhattacharya

This park is so unique with its variety of wildlife and natural wonders! The Northwestern glacier should not be missed. Highly recommend the tour from Kenai Fjords tours company, the only one that goes up there, along with their knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Mike Wigington

The tour is great the staff are wonderful, the scenery is awesome.

Tyrone Callaway

Just amazing, every turn there is another post card view.

Rodney Piere

Just enjoyed the beauty and scenery!!!


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