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Where is Chugach State Park?

REVIEWS OF Chugach State Park IN Alaska

Garrett Carpenter

Incredible views here. As with anywhere in Alaska. The hike to the ridge here is intense. Be prepared and wear good shoes. Parking is a few dollars and enforced by local rangers.

Edward McClung

This park is massive which you knew if you looked at a map of AK especially near South and South East of Anchorage. Incredible ridge pass hikes in this park. If you have a ride to drop you off and pick you up you can do spectacular one way passes. Not sure if this park is technically open in the winter season.

Richard Moffitt

It's a very breath taking place. From wildlife viewing to hiking or mountain climbing. The state park is a world class experience.

Michelle Webber

beautiful park, well maintained trails and roads. the flattop trail was absolutely exquisite from the top, though the way up was a bit touch and go due to traffic-related erosion, making it rather slippery in places, especially going down.

Fronty Parker

This park is big, many options for outdoor activities, I took a kayak trip with family down a portion of Eagle River. It was a great 10 mile, 4 hour float through a very scenic area.

Steve Esser

The Mendenhall Glacier is quite majestic as well as the visit center and nearby waterfall.


Resurrection pass is beautiful. 39 miles 3 night 4 days. The cabins looked great.

Ed Rock

It's Alaska. What else do I need to say. We take the beauty for granted. But not the hunting and fishing

Sky Money

chugiak state park is so big there's so many things to do there you can walk or ride a bike and just sit there and look around or maybe bring a book and sit on the bench and read it's nice and quiet.even in the rain it's kind of a fun place to go take a walk I like it at least a lot of people don't enjoy the rain but I do at this place rain snow or shine I spend a lot of time here its really beautiful year round. Fun for all ages to safe and everybody knows where it is because it's just very known up here.

Minji Kwon

Beautiful view. Wonderful place to hike on multiple trails and on flattop!

Jenelle Hamlett

Fun outing with the family. Found a sparkly rock!

Mallika Rao

Mesmerizing place. Nature is so loud here. Many trails off Seward highway. Beautiful.

Angela Grisham

Lots of wildlife, take precautions. The park is gorgeous, the trails are great for all levels

Patricia Raley

Bore tide creates a wave that is about 3 ft tall. Twice daily this happens. The locals know the timing. 30 feet of tidal change and this phenomenon happens. The outbound tide meets the inbound tide. You may be lucky enough to see it. Dangerous to attempt to join in because of silt deposit dangers. Amazing to see and hear.

rudd plate

Some favorite hikes and spots in the world

Ru Tec

One of the many great Alaskan parks, lots to do and explore. Get out there an enjoy it just make sure you do your research both the terrain, weather reports and regulations in those areas. Please, please, please be a responsible house guest and take care the land like pack out what you pack in.

Claus Hybertz Pedersen

Just so beautifull, like it has been carved by a master.

Island Girl

great views of Chugach Mountain Ranges.. short drive from Anchorage and you wil be surprised with the awesome views no other

Fabio Jara

Trails are clean and very well maintained. We got to see a moose from 20 feet away. Really nice experience.

Ike Waits

A jewell for outdoor enjoyment so near Anchorage.

Diamond Fernandez

This is such a beautiful National park! Views of mountians and streams with snow on top and green plants and flowers on bottom.

Z. S. N.

The most beautiful and peacefull place i know of

Brandon Musgrove

Very beautiful part of Alaska right outside of Anchorage. We hiked flattop ridge up to the flagpole while we were there.

Kristin Westbay

A great hike! Not necessarily for beginners or children.

Lloyd Chard

Nice spot just 20 miles from Anchorage

Tanya Collier

Beautiful views. Wildlife. Pure Alaska!

jon howell

Alaska. Usually very scenic, but there was a strong wild fire and lots of smoke limiting visibility

Travis Keene

Very good place for nature photos and sight seeing.

Michelle Mitton

One of the most beautiful places to visit in southcentral Alaska

Moli Baker

Beautiful hike near end of Hiland Rd in Eagle River by North Fork trailhead. Moderate hike out to Symphony and Eagle Lakes. Bring container for blueberries!

Klaus Bellinghausen

Luckily on our way in we saw hundreds of Beluga whales in the bay. What n a outstanding show. Beautiful and rare. We were driving this road up and down for few days and could not repeat the experience.

Fabiana Kirtley

Has a trail for every hiking level! Waterfalls, valleys, Glaciers, peaks of different height, Lakes, you name it!

Pradeep Gali

Drive is pretty good. This place has a land accessible glacier with a little hike.

Delila Reyes

The View here in Alaska is absolutely beautiful peaceful and a place I would love to come back to and stay a little longer only during the summer time though have not experienced the winter yet LOL

Becky Noyes

They're aren't to many places in the world where you can driving down the road and pull off one of the multiple scenic turn offs to see Beluga whales right from your vehicle! I definitely wasn't expecting to have such an opportunity! Outside of seeing Belugas, I hear this is also a very common spot to see Mountain Goats and Dall Sheep, although we weren't lucky enough to see then as well. The landscape is also very beautiful with mountains all around and coming right up to the road. The only thing I warn is that it is a very well-traveled road and people can sometimes pull off or back onto the road, so just be sure to travel with caution, maybe with a buddy or two so they can tell you when they see something cool and where the safe places to check them out are. I hope we get to go back someday!

Laura Nobles

First time visitor. Breath taking beautiful. We had 5 ft of snow while there, thought it may cause travel difficulties but it was easy to get around. They are well prepared. Will visit again.

Mizz Bridgett Creech

Amazing place to take in the entire city! On a clear day you can see all the way across the inlet to Sleeping lady. You can park and take a short walk to the lookout point. Or if u prefer hit the trail all the way up to the summit of Flatop. Plus many more trail to venture off. Great place to pick berries in the fall

Jamie Rice

Beautiful and accessible experience. Spend the whole day there!

Jonathan Zack

Good hikes lits if free activities check it out in late aug early oct for beluga whale watching

James McCaughan

Awesome stroll through the woods. 10/10 would recommend.

Jesse Nakada

Remember, where ever you go. There you are!

Craig Dollerhide

Pretty cool park. Liked the park. Lots of room...

John Toomasian

Tranquil and off the beaten path with very easy access

Travis Lane

Awesome views. Bring bear spray or a .45 due to the bear traffic but definitely worth the hike and camp. It was a little cold at night (Sept 2018) but overall would recommend. Also a fantastic trail run starting late spring.

paul martin puguon

If you only plan on doing the loop and not actually hike then don't get your expectations too high . The spots you'll end up to are basically river banks. Altho it's still cool.

Rusty Jones

People along the way are very friendly and helpful. Unfortunately there was fires and smoke, and some minor cunstruction stops, but overall we loved it

Scott Green

Wonderful place for a leisurely hike. The scenery is amazing!

Jeanne L.

Who doesn't love going to state parks and getting back to nature. Be aware the bears are out and carry bear spray in the summer.

Thomas Myers

It's awesome, it's a state park.

Erin Price

Gorgeous views! Great chance to see amazing wildlife. I highly recommend both tourists and locals to make a visit.


Lots of bears out, so I’m told, so people were packing but I didn’t have any trouble at all. It’s a gorgeous ride/trail!


Beautiful views and lots of wildlife. Heavy bear traffic so travel with bear spray and a weapon. Chilly at night because you’re up in the Mountains. Definitely wear layers. We went in September and it was beautiful.

Randy Melcombe

Amazing place to get away for a few hours on a hike!

Hubert Newman

Really enjoyed the park. Only went to see the glacier on the boat. Really liked it.

Dan G

Beautiful. Love all of Alaska's natural sites.

lilbear Kinney

Better reserve a spot or not going to camp there

Justin Savage

A quick drive to upper hillside gets you to the beautiful chugach mountain range

Kaylin Moffitt

Lovly quite trails . Seen some sweet development steppers construction is doing putting in a bridge over penguin Creek

Bruce Marshall

The scenery is beautiful, make sure you visit when in Anchorage.

Rod P

Beautiful nature scenery along with past buildings that complements to the past.

Radu Croitoru

Very lovely outdoor settings, and very nice host

Natalie Knight

Have loved the Seward Highway for many, many years...take the drive and drive all over...if you are under the speed limit, be polite and pull over...I always let others pass me, with a pull over. <3

Matthew Millsaps

Lots of trail options of various difficulties. Excellent and diverse scenery. Me and my family had an amazing time

Chuks C-M.

Came here during my visit in Alaska and it was a beautiful piece of nature. I highly recommend going to several places of this place to tour. Too many to count but it will not disappoint! I hear the summer months are the best times to visit.

Heather Schlafer

Great place to walk summer and fall for me! There are multiple trails to choose from with each having their own feel to it.

Carol Shapiro

Amazing easy hike! So pretty, breathtaking views

WA Born AK Spirit

Great place to visit on a vacation. A lot of trails & wildlife to view. Being your camera

Eric Stoltz

Chewwww-gatch! That's how to say it

patricia wells

I did it, climbed to 6he very tip top of Mtn Baldy. 76 yrs and i lpved the hike

Smuc Ryan

First time visitor. Breath taking beautiful. We had 5 ft of snow while there, thought it may cause travel difficulties but it was easy to get around. They are well prepared. Will visit again.

Talah Passi

Love to go there to get a fresh air.

Theodore Combos

Something for everyone near the greatest metropolitan area of Alaska. Easy, beautiful day hikes or epic, week long adventures await you!

m c

Amazing views and nice trails!

Emily Clarrey

Stunning! This is a must visit when in Alaska! So much to see and do here you could spend weeks exploring this state park!

Jerod Beeson

Beautiful setting and so accessible from Anchorage. The first place to get outside of Anchorage!

Les Franks

Eklutna lake is a beautiful little spot

nic Talerico

Great trail boarding if u can make it all the way up and back. U can pretty much board all the way back. Lots of fun great views.

Adam Tresley

So many places to pull over and just marvel at the wondrous mountainous vistas that only exist in Alaska!!

Andy InAk

There is a fire that we drove through. It was awesome and kind of nerve racking.

Katherine Lewis

Love this state park! Great, easy to get to from Anchorage, location.

Mark Steinhauer

Some great trails and views just on the edge of town

Brent Black

The views were amazing.

Marvin Lake

Lots of fun, saw the glaciers, too many to name, Portage was the biggest one. The salmon are running and we saw red, silver, and dog salmon. Lots of wild life...

Jason Smith

Awesome place. The wife and I went for a couple day vacation and did some great hikes. What an unbelievable area.

Julie Croteau

Awesome outdoor destination very senic

Wes Erikson

Beautiful, took a float plane great experience

Lars Danner

Awesome park. The biggest park in a city on there planet. Over 400,000 acres.

Sivaguru Kumaresan

Great desserts... Must try once!

Spencer Robinson

No shortage of hikes here. Take bear spray and a camera.

Katrina Bishop

Beautiful place to visit...A must see if you ever visit Alaska.

McKay Sleight

Beautiful area. Trail to the top needs work

Sequoia Lecornu

Lots of fun went for the hand tram but it was closed maybe for good reason two people fell so far. 2019

Leanne Swager

Beautiful isn't sufficient to describe this place!

Chris Curtis

Views are incredible. Wish I could go all the time.

Crystal Klein

Great hiking, even for us not-so-in-shape people!

Dorothy A Rasmussen

Just drove thru Turnigan arm beautiful views.

Cheryl Kaufman

Just drove through, but it is amazing

Kaaren Jones

Unspeakably beautiful. Please prevent the opening of further hunting & fishing on the already- depleted wildlife resources we experienced during our 3 month trek over eastern, central & Kenai regions of Alaska. The lower "48" must become active in preserving the thing that they no longer have: untouched expanse where wildlife roams free of human intervention.

Lori Kroening

Camping in the park is very relaxing, especially at night while falling asleep herring the river running.

Dorn Van Dommelen

It's a big place. Try to keep invasive plants out of the heart of the park by only hiking along the edges, on the tourist trails. Avoid the spooky mountains and glaciers. Do you really need to go anywhere other than Flattop?

Jennifer Carpenter

Beautiful local trail to hike! Highly Recommend!

noah george

Stop for a smoke brake nice place


Hiked a mini mountain here. No wind and had a very nice warm picnic

Susan Arnett

Oh my goodness! We actually got to see a ton of beluga whales on a self-guided experience. Also got to see a couple of mountain sheep and goats. Didn't see any actual Big Horns so we couldn't tell if they were female or young males. We have also been able to see the note tide a couple of times. Today is our first day here that the smoke hasn't been so bad.

C.G. Rankin

CHUGACH IS AMAZING and bit's almost indescribable. It gives you an incredible respect for Mother Nature. The glaciers are melting at very rapid pace and sadly will be gone for future generations. Was blessed enough to get to see them up close on a guided ferry that takes you right up to the glacier. It's amazing and does you realize humans are mother natures worst enemies.

Anand Vivek Khanduri

Very scenic park with tall trees. If you have kids above 4-5 yrs a MUST GO hike to thunderbird falls. Don’t miss it. Hike level low- moderate. Nice wooden deck to give falls view. If that’s not enough then go further down to have direct uninterrupted view of fall. Kids will love it. Carry thin warm jacket and water. Check photos and videos I posted of the fall

Franny Yeates

The Chugach State Park is located in the Chugach National forest and is located off the Seward Highway. The park provides the opportunity to hike and view wildlife in the lush sub polar temperature rain forest. We passed through its southern border on our way to Seward. Beautiful stands of sitka spruce and hemlock with mountains beyond.

Dawn Dahl

Great and beautiful drive to Homer. Lovely scenery.

Bjorn Mathisen

Fantastic views! Great places filled with long hikes.

William Day

By and far the most accessible park in Alaska. Many trailheads within a short drive Anchorage. A perfect destination for a day trip into the backcountry.

Gordon Dimmick

A good place to get out and enjoy the views of turnagain arm..the mountains are beautiful on a clear day :)

michelle thompson

Crow creek mining was a blast! BEAUTIFUL location friendly people. Mosquitos were the only problem we had. Definitely a must do when in Alaska

Neil Arthur

Got to see lots of porpoises and dall sheep !! Very beautiful scenery here !!

Jessica Grgurich

I've never found a place in this park that I haven't loved loved loved. Just watch out for bears

Ryan Stafford

If you're in the woods then you might be in the Chugach State Park. The Chugach State Park is home to many trails, fishing, camping, and sightseeing; however the Chugach State Park doesn't include free parking. Make sure you have a parking decal or you'll need to bring cash for the parking fee. You can buy the Chugach State Park parking decal at REI in Anchorage. Flying drones is prohibited in the Chugach State Park. Read "AAC 20.020 Aircraft" for more information. If this review was helpful please click the Like button.

Collin Wright

This place only deserves a five star the chugach park taught me how to be a man

Rose Leven

Beautiful view. Loved it a lot.

Justin Johnson

Twin peaks view was amazing. Very beautiful climb.

Cherish Jordan

From the Glen Alps parking area to Power Line trail. This is such an amazing place to explore. We saw a bull moose off in the distance. It was pet friendly, we brought our dog and saw many others with theirs. There are several trails I'd still like to explore here (Middle Fork, Flattop).

Russell Durkee

Moderate climb. I would go up on the hard Trail and down on the EZ Trail. Or use Easy for both. Easy was not bad.

Pinata Pinata

A beautiful area, I come here to get inspirations for my painting and art. Love this place.

Charles Crim

God's country. Beautiful. There's no place like it.

Flemming Elleboe

Nice area with easy access trails and beautiful views. Do yourself a favor and walk slowly through the trails and your will be rewarded with a lot of interesting things to see.

Tad Tjomsland

Pretty view over the inlet and lots of things to do.

shannon higgins

This would be a national park in any other state.

Boris Babaev

Really spectacular ski tour at the spring time. Amazing views

Frank Lawson

Great scenery. Relaxing.

Melissa Levy

Great, well kept trails of all ability types and distances!

Mark Jensen

See, smell, listen, touch and taste (if you know what you're putting in your mouth


Always take out of state family to this beautiful location.

lewis kelley

So much amazing nature to soak up, see the glaciers before Trump melts them for his cocktail parties at Marlago

Alan Reade

Beautiful park. Well maintained and easy access to the water for kayaking.

Douglas Markussen

I grew up in Anchorage and spent a lot of my free time all throughout the park. I technical rock climbed, mountain climbing (summer and winter), and hiked off many beaten paths. It was a zen experience sitting alone atop a peak, watching the tide go in and out with nothing but the wind and birds to hear.

Ruth Burd

Scenery scenery scenery! Too beautiful for words. Lots of great trails.

James Davis

Absolutely beautiful. Short drive from Anchorage. The views are breathtaking. I'd recommend the flattops mountain trail! It's a big tough but getting on top of that mountain will change your life. Also, bring bear spray :)

Heather Brown

We are very outdoorsy types of people and enjoy being able to have beautiful parks and trails in our backyards to go walk or enjoy at the drop of a hat. Our dogs enjoy it as much or more then we do too! And it's not just one type of scenery, you get a buffet of things to enjoy depending on what you are into that day, or the weather or your timeframe... Love it

Paul Robarge

You will never get enough time in this park. It is a little piece of heaven

mark bebernes

Climbing pioneer peak today was an incredible experience!

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