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REVIEWS OF Anchorage Museum IN Alaska

Alex Morford

Great museum to learn about native culture and the Alaskan gold rush. We spent about 2 hours here which was a good amount of time to see most of the exhibits without going too in depth.

Hapa Kama‘aina

Went there for First Friday = admission is free from 6pm-9pm vs. paying almost $20 for the entrance fee, but I wouldn't mind paying $20 to go because it's THAT good. Spent almost 3 hours there and I whizzed through a couple of the exhibits, it's THAT expansive and thorough. I highly, highly recommend going, whether you're a tourist or a local.

Conor O'Dowd

Great museum, somewhat daunting in size. Highlight is the current temporary exhibition Death in the Ice about the Franklin expedition of 1845. Excellent First Tribes exhibition though we preferred the smaller Juneau museum as it was easier to take in. Relatively expensive at $18 plus $5 for Death in the Ice. This includes a barely-disguised “tourist tax” as Alaskans get in cheaper. Juneau was $6.

Keri Hutchins

A really awesome museum! Totally worth the entrance fee. Wonderful exhibits and everything was well done.

Jannik Kappel

Great museum. All you want to know about Alaska, the inuit culture and the historical ties to Russia. Also a great science museum for kids and adults in the ground floor.

Marbles Hinders

Impressive museum that exceeded expectations of what you'd find in Anchorage. Smithsonian-run with friendly staff and topical displays. I enjoyed learning about Alaska's historical connections to Russia.


A+. This museum is a must do in Anchorage. I was beyond impressed by the well crafted, beautifully designed, expansive space they have here. Truly a joy to walk through and experience during my time in Alaska. Will be back for sure!

Christopher .Jordan

Came here for FREE with my kids after the earthquake. Had an amazing experience with them. Thank you for that. They had a blast looking at everything and the imaginarium section too.

Kristiane Naegler

Wonderful and Educational! Don't miss this. Has activities for children.

Elisa Ferrante

Absolutely loved my time at this museum. It is well organized and has an incredible amount of artifacts telling some great stories and teaching a lot of history.

Ramon Gonzalez

Went in on a Sunday because it was snowing and couldn't do much around town. Back in Chicago we have world class museums and I was impressed by this museum! Honestly, I thought the museum would be very dry but I was surprised by the exhibits. Lots of great local history and even some great temporary exhibitions when I went. I walked out feeling expired. I'd recommend it to visitors. My only regret is not going on a Saturday when it's free for members of my bank, lol.

Lisa E

What an amazing museum. A very thorough exhibits on the local native, with so many artifacts, videos and story telling. It blew me away the attention to detail and the depth of history. I also really enjoyed the artwork on the first floor, so many pieces to look at, modern and historic artists, amazing. I planned a couple of hours, but stayed for close to 4.

Bethany Marcum

It's very well done but several of the interactive/hands on exhibits were broken the day we visited. Wide range of displays for all ages and interests.

Kevin M

Super museum depicting Alaskan & native heritage! Lots of great exhibits and interesting art work.

Max Weaver

Way cool exibits. Death in ice was really cool and i recomend you check it out before its gone

Jane Lee

It’s easy to spend some time here, there is a wide variety things you can do.

Mike Moss

Wow! Put this on your list if you're in Anchorage for more than half a day. Exceeded expectations by a mile. Large museum with a great mix of art, culture, science, geology, history, and kids stuff. Well worth a visit.

CorreyHope Kustin

As a travel agent: You are always told "Do not touch it" IF you break it -you pay for it. Well at this Center you are encouraged to Touch it. That's right...a museum that allows you to play! Make a giant bubble or feel a tornado.Of course I was in the bubble! The children of Anchorage hang art throughout the walls of this giant museum. I was fascinated and couldn't believe that children under 12 years old could be so talented. They drew art representing their heritage of Native Americans and it was displayed with pride. The museum holds boasting rights for their displays in the huge glass walls, which contain the periods of history for the Eskimos and expansion of Russian invasion. I was in awe how modern everything is and all the encouragement to touch and play to learn set up. Come learn about whaling, the gold rush, and how AK became a state. There are classes, summer camps and group activities for all ages. If you visit ANC, I highly recommend a visit here.

Christine A Eagleson

Really love the newest expansion and direction the museum is going, taking on a more modern and diverse artistic approach. Easy to spend more time on site, enjoying coffee in the atrium in between viewing all the great new installations. Best new central creative social hub.

Jeff Hamilton

I visited the museum several years ago and thought it was fantastic. I brought a friend there last month and was kind of disappointed. Lots and lots of artwork on display; we both thought it was too much. I was hoping for more displays pertaining to the early settlement of Anchorage, or Alaska becoming a state - these displays were there several years ago; they must have been taken away.

Marcus Conway

Fantastic exhibition. Great for kids. Also great coffee

Micael Magalhaes

Wonderful museum; delightful kids and interactive section. Must see when in Anchorage.

Ashley Lofstrom

Fun place for the kids, we parents enjoyed our visit also. The Planetarium has a wide variety of shows that change from week to week. The Spark lab has tons if hands on experiments and projects for the kids and the Discovery center has a volcano simulator and pressure cannon, among other things, there's a bubble lab, and they always have different labs with things from live baby turtles the kids can touch to teamwork building exercises. Eclectic to spend around 2-3 hours here, unless you visit the Planetarium, and around 45 mins. They also have free days several times throughout the year.

Chelsey M.

Love this museum. Great for kids too


Great museum. Could spend hours there. Have a great kids play area and a cafe for food.

TheDog Gamez

Great place to visit even if you did not think there even was a museum in Alaska. I went to the Lego event in May 2014. I enjoyed it quite frankly. However i expected more in that

Dan Betz

This museum had a little bit of everything and it looks to be getting a major expansion. The upper floors had beautiful collections of native art, and artifacts, and an interesting display on life in the more remote parts of the state. Being an overgrown child my favorite part was the ground floor where they had the more hands on teaching kids science displays.

Bonnie Glaze

A great start to our trip. We learned a lot about the Inuit from the art and displays and they had a great 'science' area. We loved the historical exhibits as well. Its a part of Alaska that you don't get to hear about living on mainland America. But when they say the close at 6pm then they really mean it. We were in the gift shop and suddenly all the lights were being turned out because 'they were closing'. I'm glad we weren't out in the main museum at that time!


The new remodelisation of the museum is AMAZING!! Well done. The exhibits are even better.

Deborah Kocsis

A good way to start a visit to Alaska. Sets the context for culture and history. Be sure to find all the galleries--some are out of the way

Enrico Gasparini

Very interesting museum. Showing the true life of natives of Alaska. Good the iterative means for this purpose. Recommended!

David Riley

Very good range of exhibits covering art, culture and geography. There are a lot of hands on exhibits too so you can easily pass a few hours in here

Simon Carpenter

I really enjoyed this museum. I found the exhibits very balanced in terms of presentation. There is a beautiful gallery up top showcasing young indigenous artists, there is an extensive gallery about the history of Alaska, and the art collection is extensive. A beautiful building and wonderful exhibits.

Ryan Smith

Very very sad. It was very disappointing, it used to be a place of wonder and enjoyment, now it has wrong history facts and is very ''goth'' lots of black walls and very dim lighting. I suggest they remodel it again so we can actually go there and enjoy it.

N. D. Rolet

Wow really nice museum.

Erica Cousins

Enjoyable. Too much to go through in a day. I'd recommend the Native Heritage Museum over the exhibit on native culture here. Lots of artwork. I did enjoy the I am Inuit exhibit.

William Favorite

Provided meaningful insight about Alaska.

John Thain

This museum is worth visiting whether you are from out of town or have lived in Alaska your whole life. Both parties will find stuff to appreciate here. All ages will love it. There is a robust kids activity center. My three year old daughter got to touch a lizard. I got to see some great art and learned more about the state I live in.

Donald Clark

A world class museum. Really. We went with the kids and they loved all the hands on stuff - not just for little ones but up to high teens. The story of Alaska was also very well done and the native peoples exhibit was stunning. Modern and beautiful building with a calm atmosphere Returnable 25c lockers for the win.

Sarah Diment

Excellent overall. Worth a visit but plan on at least 2-4hrs. Great rainy day activity.

Ather Syed

If you are not into museums skip it. You will save money

John Garner

Just went through the Anchorage Museum and what a disappointment. This place is terrible. Worst museum I have ever been in. I have more items in my house than they have in this entire museum ! Terrible. Just terrible.

Martin Moody

I was very impressed with the museum. It displayed the history of the the State of Alaska and Anchorage in educational and colorful ways. Loved the 3 hours I spent there.

Jeff Rudolph

Excellent for all ages, it’s a mix of children’s museums, science museums, and art museums. Had a great time with the kids for many hours!


There is a lot of artwork but I was more interested in history. I wanted to see more on earthquake, gold rush and ice age discoveries. Kid space was very nice. Cafe prices were fair. Metered 2-hr limit parking in the area was a bummer.

April Lauren

Great museum! modern, informative and interactive for children and adults!

Joy Beacham

We asked was there anything about the big 64 earthquake and was told no by the cashier. We then asked was there anywhere else around the town that has information and was told no. When looking in the gift shop I asked the girl in there the same questions. She told me they only have a small display but to go to the public lands info center. She was most helpful even looked up the address for us. Maybe she should be in customer service not the other girl.


Fun exhibits for everyone. Parking is across the street, fairly close! There is a cafe in the museum. Plenty for the kids to enjoy.

joseph lacny

Very nice enjoyable

Lola Masala

It's a quick visit, great way to understand Alaska culture.

Richard Bradley

Excellent place. Just ducked in to get out of the rain stayed five hours.

Amy B

We had an excellent time at this museum. I learned a lot about how Alaska became a U.S. state, and it was well presented. Many museums jam-pack you in, but this museum was airy and not claustrophobic. Large elevators that opened their doors quickly. I twisted my knee and it was easy to get a wheel-chair (my first time ever in a wheel-chair) (my knee is better now, thank you very much!). Anyway, the only reason I gave this a 4-star rating instead of a 5-star rating was that their planetarium showing on the Northern Lights was rather lame. It just had a brief 4-minute scientific explanation, which they went over way too quickly, then 40 minutes of still photos to classical music.

Terry Petersen

Exceptional area for kids. Well worth the visit for family

Svilen Rusanov

Amazing place!! You can spend 2-5 h easily... Modernized and audio-visual a lots of Screens,movies and pics as well as interactive place ,not just a boring museum :) Was a pleasure to explore it :)

Austin Tiffany

Exhibit on Russia and Alaska was phenomenal - I hope it becomes permanent! Really well curated and laid out museum. Perfect way to spend a few hours.

Philippe Jeanty

We had only 1 hour so hard to judge the whole museum. We concentrated on the 2nd floor after a brief visit to the 3rd mostly art but not my favorite! The service floor had many TV with self running shows that are ok, not sure if they are different or repeat. A few interactive screens too but not all working. The display cases have good artifacts but are so poorly illuminated that some of the info panels are barely readable. Why?

Landis Loftin

Super smaller museum with a surprisingly impressive Arctic section and tons of exciting displays

Justin Smith

Best thing I saw downtown. Loved the russia exhibit. A lot of the space was closed for renovations summer 2017. I wish the ticket had been discounted. Don't get tricked paying for their parking. Cheaper is only 2 blocks away

Benjamin Phelps

One stop place for complete Alaska history

diane diangelio

very impressive. definitely suggest visiting if oyure in anchorage

SD Turner

The lights on the 2nd floor were so dim, it was hard to see and read the displays. It was very cool seeing all the artifacts. The layout wasn't wasn't very intuitive, though. Didn't see all the different tribes until we looked through all of the stuff. Didn't care much for the other floors, but the 3rd floor had some neat artwork. Really do appreciate all that the Anchorage museum does, though. Lots of work was put into this building and it shows!

Jeff Heaton

The museum itself was great. Very good value and had exhibits that focused mainly early state history, Russia, and the Native Americans that live here. The cafe left to be desired, I tried to eat there, but after waiting 10 minutes for a someone just to arrive and give me the menu/water he never stopped by, I left. There was only two other groups in the cafe.

David Maddison

What an amazing museum with a fantastic blend of contemporary and classic masterpieces! A little concerned that ConocoPhilips sponsors a lot of the collection and tries to convince you that fossil fuels are good but hey - whatever - they sponsored amazing exhibitions here! Super friendly staff and and bag lockers available downstairs also.

Heren Huang

Amazing museum! We spent 3-4 hours there and I felt I could have spent more. Very aesthetically pleasing architecture as well.

Krissy Key

Fascinating! There were many sections to walk around. However, the people at the front desk will tell you to start at the top and work your way downstairs, but if you’re NOT from Alaska, I would do the opposite. While I was there the top floors were changing exibits and weren’t particularly unique to Alaska. Visiting from the lower 48, naturally I was much more interested in Alaskan culture and art than the displays they had brought in from western USA states. The lower floors were much more interesting, having rooms filled with paintings of Alaska, photography of modern life in Alaska and of course the history and culture. My favorite was the second floor where they had displays on the different Native Alaskan groups and also the next room that gave the history of recent Alaska, focused from about the 1970s onward, about the pipeline, recent economy, and how fast Alaska has changed.

Ryan Olthof

Waste of $15. 3rd floor had a few interesting items. Many photos and some Indian clothing. Undergoing renovations in summer of 2017 so some areas are closed.

Mike McCully

F#@$ing closed on Mondays. I suppose i should have checked that out rather than spend $12 on parking across the road. There's a lot of vagrants out front. Don't let them deter you. Even if it is freaking Monday. Stupid Monday

José Miguel Santos

Great museum

Jason Chudy

Nice variety of art. Less history than expected but a pleasant visit.

abby francisco

Its a pretty good museum. I really like their exhibits on the history of Alaska and Natives. It's pretty interesting. The couple times I've visited they always had something different than the last. It still is pretty exciting to visit every time!

Helen Walicka

Downtown Anchorage worth a trip to get the feel of the culture of the Native people. Includes many artefacts, paintings and exhibitions. Gives you an insight into all off Alaska.

Athina Tennant

We come here regularly with our children as a homeschool family. They change out stations regularly and have fun and activities for all ages. Our kids are currently loving the Spark Lab where they get to try different experiments and test themselves. I highly recommend if you come in often, to sign kids up for the museums Science Passports, so they can gain stamps for different stations throughout the museum and once they have 3 stamps per station they can earn a Planetarium ticket.

Christopher Wood

This was an excellent location to view art and culture. I was especially impressed by the Native Alaskan cultural displays. The displays had excellent and detailed information available to tell you what you were viewing.

Doris Williams

Great place to discover Alaska

Robert Garland

Anchorage museum was a great experience we really had a great time viewing the history of the Alaskan people and how it has evolved into today’s world.

Randee Edmundson

I like listening to stories. Looking at art and displays. Slow time/ real time was perfect start place.

David Atamantyk

Good for a half hour at best. One floor of artifacts which were pretty good but the rest was a few stale pictures and films. You can find as much online in about 15minutes.

Shi Hu

Very interesting! Visited it in April 2016 and still have great memories! Highly recommended

Anne Komac

I generally don't care for museums, but this was really something special and well worth a visit. There's local history, there's amazing classical & modern art, there's a discovery area for kids (that's just as fun for adults). This museum was such a pleasant surprise - we spent hours there.

J Pale

Although we primarily visit the imaginarium, their other exhibits never disappoint. In the past the human body exhibits, the Lego exhibits, and the Alaskana displays are top notch.

Jesus Suarez

Nice restaurant inside with good menu choices.

Logan T .PhD

I always love the tastefully constructed Anchorage Museum. The displays stoke a passion inside of me for Alaskan history and Art. Currently they have beanbag chairs in the sun room that provides for relaxation and reflection. Great spot to take a lunch break!

Ryan Grzes

A lot of wonderful exhibits! Just popped in during a stroll through Anchorage on a whim and it did not disappoint! A ton of educational artifacts and I enjoyed that they had a large focus on Indigenous Culture. I was also surprised and glad that they did not seem to shy away from displaying pieces that highlighted some of the negative aspects of the impact European settlement has had on it. I think it is always important to learn as much as we can about events - both positive and negative.

James Davis

My wife and I were blown away by how phenomenal this museum is. Coming from Chicago, we have pretty high standards for what a good museum is and the Anchorage Museum met and exceeded our expectations! The exhibits are great and thorough, the staff were friendly, and every resource was obviously heavily researched and presented brilliantly. This is a fantastic way to start your trip in Alaska - it will give you a great window into the background of this amazing state!

Franny Yeates

I’ve gone to readings there and even read some of my own work at one of the events at the museum. The place has really upgraded itself considerably. My daughter went with her boyfriend recently and really enjoyed it as well. If you can catch the days when it’s lower price that’s when everybody I know goes. The website’s good for that info! Best museum in Alaska, kids event and updated exhibits year round, and always actively seeking acitivieties.

Randy Jackson

First fridays at the museum are the best

Ryan Stafford

A new look and many new exhibits! The Anchorage Museum is a great place to spend the afternoon. Parking is either street or a distant parking garage. There is a large outdoor area with grass, trees, and benches. A bus stop is also right next to the outdoor area. Inside the Anchorage Museum is a gift shop and a restaurant for small plates and drinks. Each level has something interesting, but remember there are no drinks allowed in much of the museum. There are two elevators, but the largest of them will access all floors. The largest elevator is also the slowest, so have a seat while you wait. The Anchorage Museum also has music events throughout the year.

Malinda Patterson

I loved this museum. I felt like the quality of the exhibits was really high; everything in the museum was really well put together. I learned a lot about Alaska and Alaskan history that I hadn’t know previous. This was a great way for my husband and I to begin our trip to Alaska.

Ben Frost

A++, 10/10 wood visit again. "Pop Culture" exhibit is fantastic.

Clarissa Smith

I visited the museum as an educator last week, and was sadly disappointed in the change. In the past I have been delighted with the offerings for children, the varied and interesting exhibits and activities. Now it is bare, dark and so lacking.

Lewis Wasserman

This is a mid-size museum offering a look at traditional native Alaskan culture, and focusing on how that culture is blending with modern western culture. The museum recently was damaged by an earthquake, but most of it is open except the Smithsonian exhibit. It would be easy to spend a whole day here, though you can get a pretty good look in 2-3 hours. Also, be sure to check out the Planetarium show on the Aurora Borealis. Don’t bother with Muse (the restaurant) — take a walk to a local restaurant for lunch.

Bryan Bell

Good exhibits, kids area needs an overhaul

Nicole Deren

Absolutely love the new wing. It is a beautiful museum and they always have interesting changing exhibits. The Imaginarium is wonderful for kids. Exhibit openings and dinner downtown make for a fantastic evening out.

vishu shrivastava

I normally don’t visit the museums but this one was worth the visit. We visited this museum after visiting Denali and felt that we should have visited the museum first. We learned a lot about Alaskan history and Athabaskan’s ways and artifacts.

Matt S.

In July 2015, I was scolded like a small child for leaning up against a display table for the Captain Cook exhibit. It was already behind substantial glass and by no way gently leaning against it (to get a better view) was going to compromise it. Why design something so supposedly fragile and vulnerable in the first place that requires an extra security guard the museum has to pay???

Rebekah Son

We just came to the Museum and took one picture in front of one of the displays. The staff came to us and said his boss told him to tell my kids and myself that my kids were touching everything and they should not. I was there the whole time with them, and after the one picture we were looking at something else. My kids were not touching them. We are here all the time so we know the policy. If they would wanted to tell us the policy of no touching and if we were close to display, they could have said -making sure kids are not touching or gentle reminder of the policy. YOU CANNOT SAY MY KIDS WERE TOUCHING EVERYTHING WHEN THEY WERE NOT. I wanted to talk to the boss to clarify this, but he never showed up. This made my experience at Anchorage Museum so unsatisfied and discriminated the way they treated us today. Most of staff are super friendly, but I guess the boss is NOT.

James Taysom

This was a great place to come learn about some of Alaska's history. There was a great section for kids too. My inner child couldn't be restrained and had fun with some of the activities. I would definitely want to bring my kids back here given the chance.


Super interesting; great paintings and historical artifacts; designed really well

Nim Mat

I actually liked it more than I had expected. Reached here around closing time but that hour spent was well worth it.

Natalie Millar

Great for kids in a variety of ages.

Kris McIntyre

The Smithsonian floor was great, and I could happily spend days there. Personally I would skip the upper floors because the "art" is of the"I hope they didn't waste a lot of money on that" persuasion. Actually, there is a lovely view of the mountains from the 4th floor, so you might go up for that.

ema bekic

Excellent Museum! I went here, and learned so much. Their Discovery Center is extremely fun, and educational. The artwork in the West Wing is Stunning! Only thing...The General Admission should probably include the Planetarium. I am a type of person that LOVES space, planets, etc. When you pay for the Planetarium, I didn’t see anything written about the Current Shows. It tells you the name of the show, but nothing else. Overall Great expierience and a great stop in Anchorage

Hollie Walker

I would have put a zero if I could. I'm not sure if we came when everything was closed or everything was just not finished. I was not impressed. Most things would be for kids if anything and most of the plaques were hard to read because it was so dark. There was no real flow to the museum. The spot where it says, "cold Alaska" was nothing to do with how cold Alaska is or anything at all about cold. Nothing about history of earthquakes. Nothing about what you'd expect to find at a museum in Alaska. This was a disappointing $18 dollars a person.

Lorrena Terry

Loved the Lunch on the lawn concert. Good times

Ann Randolph

Last Day in Alaska This is really an art museum with history and culture emphasis. Looks like it any historical displays were given a fresh look. Wide variety of art and artists with ties to Alaska. Enjoyable way to end our first trip to Alaska.

Jake Tyner

Fantastic museum, world class!

Alice Huang

Great museum! Plan at least four hours in this museum. The first floor was very fun for my 13 year girl.

Jacob Singleton

If you only have one day in Anchorage, make sure you put this on your list! The museum is state of the art, and there are plenty of interactive exhibits for children (and adults, too).

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