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REVIEWS OF Alaska SeaLife Center IN Alaska

Amber Ausdahl

Amazing! Such a fun, educational place for adults and kids alike! Wonderful exhibits, close up viewing areas, hands on area, educational games, beautiful surroundings, and a great gift shop! Admission prices are a bit high, but their good use of such funds shows in the quality of the center. This was one of our favorite places to visit and we can't wait to go again someday!

Michael Buck

The Alaska SeaLife Center is a pretty awesome place to visit. They have a bunch of exhibits that is set up more of an educational place rather than a zoo or park. The facility seemed to be very well taken care of and the animal habitats were all pretty clean. It's enjoyable for all ages. A must-stop when visiting Seward.

Maarten Hofman

This place is rather expensive, but good to see puffins and other birds, as well as the many wonderful fish that are swimming in Alaska. Here you can see the fish you are likely to go and eat: the halibut and the salmon, but also other creatures hanging out on the ocean floor. There is a distinct narrative on how to protect the planet.

Jessica Ann Kong

The Sea Life Center was a unique experience. There were many staff with great knowledge and the added bonus of staying overnight is something my son will never forget. He was able to complete 2 clay animals; one a Seal and the other a Puffin. We learned and experienced so much in our time there. I plan on returning with the rest of my family again.

Pablo Rodriguez

Very informative place, the staff was very professional in their field of study.

shaggy 505

Lots to see in a relatively small space! Entrance price was reasonable, they offer many additional experiences at a additional price which could add up quickly. Great for children and adults as you get to see seals and seal lions up close as well as many different species of fish. Great gift job, clean restrooms and overlooks the bay.

jeremy Wright

Well worth the price of admission. Lots to see and do. Many interactive stations for adults and kids. Highly recommended!!

Chris Dowdy

Awesome trip to the sea life center! Had a blast and learned a lot about Alaska's marine life! Would highly recommend going to visit the Sea Life Center!

Greg Miller

It's a great educational exhibit of local sealife and the environment. There are several hands on exhibits and a lot of friendly staff who are willing to answer your questions. We really appreciated that you could experience both what's happening above, and below, the surface. Not to mention that your admission fee goes directly towards helping the center's mission. I certainly recommend the stop as you pass through Seward.

Mike Welch

The Sea Life Center in Seward ranks as one of the top two Aquariums I have been to. The mammal, bird and fish experiences are well worth the cost. I would highly recommend a visit to this center to anyone.

Shauna Bailey

Wonderful place! So much to see and learn about the various animals in their care. It's a little expensive but 100% worth it to help them care of these animals day after day. Go if you haven't. Seward's little town area is full of things to do to make a day.

Daniel Harris

A really interesting facility...good descriptions of local sea life - bird displays especially good. Enjoyed seeing up close a Stellar Sea Lion. Loses a star for being one of the most expensive museums we have visited recently ($39)

Barbara Morrison

The Alaska SeaLife Center is one of the best aquariums I have ever visited. Very interactive as well can see research areas & tanks where injured animals recover. Ticket price seemed high but some of the cost funds research being done.

Jody Bauer

This place reminds me of why I enjoy living in Alaska! Visitors to the area get an opportunity to experience a wonderfully summarized version of what keeps us immersed in our surroundings year round. We've been bringing our kids here several times a year since they were babies, as teenagers they still enjoy every single visit!

Paul Steele

Great Aquarium and Sea life education centre. Lots to see and do (much more than you realise). This is a great place with kids, but the big kids will also get something from spending some time here. Lots of great sea life on display and lots of information presented in very engaging ways.

John Herman

Unusual animals great information very friendly

Grayson McGuire-Anderson

A lovely experience, as always! Great place for family’s and couples, and coming alone is just as fun. Staff are friendly and helpful, the building itself is clean and organized. Parking and camp grounds are nearby for RVs, which comes in handy when needed. Many exhibits are interactive which is great for children, and adults :) Over an amazing destination for anyone visiting Seward!

Brandon D'Alimonte

Just like I wrote about the Alaska Wildlife Conservation, its pricey but its all for a good cause right? Anyway this place is small but in my opinion the bird habitat is worth the price of admission. I'd never seen a puffin before and we actually got to watch them dive down under the water and chase some of the fish around. Really cool experience!

Roman Gischig

nice exhibits, well maintained. a bit pricey...

Kizzy Brown

Always enjoyable. Great fun for all ages. Plus money goes to help with all their programes; rescues, rehab, releases. Something new to see at least yearly (if not sooner)

Diamond Fernandez

Very fascinating place! Fun for kids and adults. You learn alot about all kinds of creatures in the deep sea. Loved visiting.

Canton Gardenhire

The touch tank is cool. Saw a sea lion and touch a sea cucumber. Worth it.

Barbara Frey

I loved this little aquarium. For it's size they have nice habits for the animals. I loved the aviary the birds were free to fly around and you were in with them. Saw a rescued baby walrus they were trying to teach how to get in and out of the water. Cutest baby ever.

Sara Silberstang

Such a great place to learn about the sealife in Alaska! If your lucky enough to watch the birds and seals have lunch, you're in for a treat! See if you can find a staff member to give you more information on the fish - they are happy to help and made the experience more interesting when we were able to ask some questions! Don't miss the octopus or the wolf eel!!! So cool! Great views of the mountains of Alaska and a well put together center. It seems the fish could have some more space given Alaska isn't lacking any, but other than that, nice educational experience.


My kids love to visit aquariums and my wife and I like to take them every year. However, we stopped taking them recently because a. They never change anything to make it different — same fish every year. And b. They’re too pricey and not worth the money to visit.

Erik N

This place is better than SeaWorld!

Keri Hutchins

Had a great time here with my husband! Lots of exhibits and up close viewing areas of sea life.

Hildy Reiser

This facility is a mixed bag. My husband & I visited on Thu 8/8. We applaud the mission of the center, but were a little put off by the massive commercial fisheries advertisement when you first enter. I think between sports fishery, commercial fisheries & individual AK resident fishing pressures, I wonder how truly sustainable Alaskan fisheries is & for how much longer? Many species of rockfish can live over 100 years & even up to 200 years old. Should anyone even be harvesting these species? Halibut can live up to 50 yrs & sometimes older. Yet sport fisheries guides still go after the large females, the breeding stock. The herring runs offshore from Homer were destroyed by the late 1960's-early 1970's. The salmon fisheries of Bristol Bay may soon be completely destroyed by the Trump Administration's & the Gov of AK giving the green light for the huge, destructive Pebble Mine which is being pushed by a 100% owned Canadian mining company. Also, the seals all exhibit classic signs of zoochosis (pacing, swaying, etc). Their enclosures are way to small; they should be 5 - 10x as large as what they currently have. The indoor aviary is very interesting, but this feature should really be 3-5x larger as well. Plus it was disturbing to find out that at least the puffins, & maybe other species come from breeders. I thought this place was only exhibiting individuals that can not be released back to the wild. Look forward to any reply from senior animal care staff. Sincerely, Dr. H. Reiser, Loveland, CO

Chuck Jordan

Nice little aquarium and I love that the the sales of tickets helps fund the sealife conservation

Andrew Hutchison

The Alaska Sea Life Center was a wonderful experience and recommended for any who visit Seward! Many interesting and informative exhibits as well as knowledgeable staff. Many interactive events throughout the day suck as talking with the vet techs and displays of fur and bones keeps things interesting. Couldn't ask for a better afternoon!

Norman Sturm

Interesting exhibits. If you're in Seward for a couple of's worth a visit. $30 entry fee for non-residents.

Steve Hill

Great center very informative. Freindly staff. Lived it.

Ashley Syme

Fun and educational experience! Go early to avoid crowds. Admission is pricey but it's good for all day, so you can leave and come back.

Charles Campbell

Neat education center. Great for kids and adults. Excellent rainy day activity.

Martin Jetté

Really awesome species on display. Learned a lot about the ocean !

Bryan Wentz

Friendly staff, affordability priced for an Alaskan aquarium. Wide variety of Alaskan sealife. Property is well maintained and an excellent view of resurrection bay right outside. If you are in Seward this is a must-see. Can get a bit crowded as it is a tourist spot, so if you can go during nonpeak hours, Try too.

Aditi Partani

It’s a good place to go and explore the arctic sea life. They explain how they take care of the rescued animals from the wild and they do research abt these animals. And if they are ready to go in the wild again they send them back in the wild. It was a good learning for my kids , they had fun.

Trenton Babcock

A great place to bring the kids for learning about the oceans and sea life

Johnny DeCristo

Holy cow they have a 900 lb. Addorable Sea Lion

Ashley DeHart

I'm an Alaskan resident band this is always my go-to destination while visiting Seward. The view outside the facility is amazing. The employees are very helpful and friendly. I enjoy that they offer close up tours of feeding of animals and getting close to some animals for an additional fee. I really love the fact that a huge amount of the money you spend during your visit actually goes towards saving and rescuing animals for rehabilitation. The indoor facility is beautiful and well put. As a Alaska Native resident in Alaska, they are very accurate on the information they provide and share with visitors, they represent our people and animals appropriately. You will not regret visiting this place or regret the money you spend here. It is always clean here too!

Alexander Coker

Very pricey for whats going on. Understand its for research. Very educational.


I think for an education and rehabilitation center it's pretty nice. The entrance fee is a little pricey but worth it to save the Marine wildlife. If you are in Seward go visit. It's worth the trip.

Deanna Schneider

The aquarium has a great mission. We saw some decent exhibits, but I left feeling it wasn’t worth $30+ per person... maybe $15. I’m comforted by the fact that they are really trying to rehabilitate injured animals and reintegrate declining populations into the wild. The aquarium was small, with not many exhibits. The one exhibit that did stand out however, the sea birds exhibit. This is probably a decent size aquarium to take your kids. But considering this is a world class research facility, I would have liked to learn more, even if the animal portion of the exhibit stayed the same. For example, why was there so little information next to each fish tank?! I want to learn more about each animal other than it’s name!

MT Kessel

Small but doing some fine work in sealife rescue. Wish I had the opportunity to see behind the scenes more.

brob 3030

This was a very interesting place that allowed you to see up close the wildlife swimming in Alaska's marine environments. Especially nice was the Aviary that allowed you to get up close with many different types of native birds. There appeared to be many interactive programs and displays built around getting children interested in marine wildlife. It was a great way to spend the afternoon.

Richard Heideman

Nice place to learn about see life, and they're doing nice work.

Kris K

Definitely worth a visit. This place is set up very well and docents do a great job explaining anything you need to know about the animals.

Thomas Lucey

Great place to visit even if you don't have kids. A wide variety of sea life to see, and well worth your time.

Steve Wright

Great experience. Wonderful way to educate people.

Elisa Roxas

Great place! Educational and informative.

Tom Stolze

Family friendly, great education about the local wildlife.

Ron Baioni

Solid aquarium with the local sea life. You can see all the animals clearly. Nice viewing deck for the bay in the back.

Beth barron

Great place. Good prices. Plenty to see, touch, learn and do. Wanted a bigger otter exhibit but overall a beautiful place to visit.

Trisha Butkowski

Fun little aquarium. I love that you can see the animals they are rehabilitating


First time visiting and can't wait to go back again!

Judy McCrary

Enjoying every second we were there

Loekito Soephomo

We learned a lot from this facility. My sons loved it. All the staffs are very helpful.

Robin Hawkins

Very interesting and educational place. I would love to go again. It is Seward, Alaska. Seward has many unique shops and restaurants. A go to when visiting that part of Alaska.

Alexis Stormer

Such an amazing place to explore Alaska's oceans and learn about wildlife. This is a staple of places to visit when I'm in Seward. I could spend hours here.


Awesome place to take the kids and learn about ocean life!!

Bentre Stahoes

Was a delightful place. I have no reason I can really fathom to give a place where you can observe and learn about sea life like this anything less than five stars. A little chilly inside, but otherwise a great place to visit if you are traveling through.

Jason Spink

While the purpose of this place is a great one, was a little disappointed in the amount of things to do for the cost of the visit. Seems pretty excessive for the size of the facility. Still enjoyed our time though and will likely return at some point in the future

Grandma Stew

Was best aquarium I've ever been to and ive

Colin Martin

Customer Service is good. Just for the price point wish that there were more exhibits or more elaborate exhibits. If it's a clear day they have one of the best views of resseruction bay.

Scott Whitney

A pleasant aquarium that is enjoyable but overpriced for its size.

Sean Ewart

Really great small museum with a number of different habitats to see. The bird habitat is especially noteworthy and well done. I really appreciate how their conservation efforts are front and center. Of note: this center was funded with settlement money from the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Lise Graham

Very educational. We learned a lot and enjoyed it greatly.

Shane Mecham

This is a great place to visit any time. The interactive elements are pretty cool. The observation areas are really great. There is some good info on Alaska marine life. The hatchery exhibits are cool and the rookery is pretty interesting. Get to see some birds that are hard to see up close otherwise.

LM Cox

Amazing facility! Amazing conservation and rescue work!

Ethel Reed

It's a wonderful place to take Children, Young tweens, tourists,even locals at times would enjoy the sea life information. The various kinds of to do, touch, to see, interact with, indoor as well as outdoor activities is extremely well created and thought out, price wise is a bit steep, should be brought down, if you want to bring more people to the center.

Pavani Mehta

Incredible place. Unique experience interacting with sea birds and sea lions. Resurrection bay overlook is a place right out of a dream. They’re doing such wonderful work with rescue and rehab for marine animals.

Brandy Kehrer

Very small but cute aquarium. The kids liked the touch pools. We got in free so it was worth it for us. Unsure if I would want to pay full price to go though.

Justin Palmer

Unique and great experience. I recommend visiting the sealive center before going on a sea boat tour, to educate yourself on the wildlife before hand.

Umakant Bhope

Thrilling experience to watch the sealife ,the creatures,in artificially designed natural aquariums.Very nice.

Salina Brightbill

I really like bringing my family here. It may be small but the fact that it's about Alaska makes it so worth while for me. Loving learning about the world around me.

Michelle Proffitt

Educational, not sure worth the price for 9 of us but enjoyed watching the otters and seals/see lions play.

Sharill Roberson

What a great seaifel center. We had so much fun. Staff answered our questions and we saw some cool animals.

Udo Rodemann

Friendly staff, expensive pricing, started purpose goes beyond a place to see wildlife

Autumn Morrissey

Fun way to kill some time since our whale watching tour was smoked out. It was informative and interesting.

Kevin Cannon

Great place to bring kids. Plan on one to two hours. It's the only place I know of that you get up close to a Puffin.

Pierre Lariviere

This was a great visit for us. We saw animals up close rather than from a boat. The staff was knowledge and friendly. They provide wheelchairs free of charge for those of us with mobility issues.


We enjoyed the puffins and the knowledgeable specialist that answered our questions abou the puffin and its habitat. Great place to visist as it is very educational and involves attendees in the conversation about caring for our sealife.

Samantha Guthrie

Always an enjoyable experience no matter how many times we go

Jordan Bartholme

Great aquarium, especially for kids! There's a sweet above water/below water tank for view sea birds, a "touch tank" with starfish & sea cucumbers (& more), and interactive exhibits.

Rahn Thomas

The best people doing an amazing job for the animals of the sea. Alaska's only marine animal rescue center.

Deanna Thomas

This place is educational and wants you to care about the environment as well as wildlife. They gave a touching pool with various starfish. I especially enjoyed the areas with sea lions, seals, and puffins and ducks.

Larry Graham

Very educational. Not as much live sealife as expected

Lizzy Bee's Tax & Accounting

Lots of fun for little kids and older ones. Lots to see and do and plenty of activities throughout the day. Also local eateries within walking distance and other activities to spend the day in Seward. I didn't give it 5 stars because there wasn't much of a variety compared to other marine centers.


Great place to see and camp all most in town

Tricia Brady

Interesting exhibits. Lovely to watch the different sea creatures.

Bridger Lewis

Amazing building, beautiful tanks, and informative guides. Had a great visit!

U.B. Fury

Wonderful and informative staff. I highly recommend doing to back stage tours.

Bruce Jiang

It is a must-see place. Children love it so much.

breck Rumley

Great destination for sealife fun. Definitely the most interesting place in town.

Paul Marshalek

The Sea Life Center was a great afternoon visit. For such a small town of Seward, the Center has exceptional access to sea life due to it's proximity of some of the most active sea life on this planet. The staff was very helpful.

Susan Arnett

A wonderful place. Enough different exhibits to stay interesting. Small enough to spend time at each one of them. Truly loved meeting the octopuses (octopi?) Loved seeing some of the species that make Alaska unique. Staff were amazing.

Charles Usher

I really like to rate this, we drove for 2 hours, we even went through a forest wild fire. We made it there around 4pm, "plenty of time" we thought, the website says they close at 9pm. We even grabbed a cup of coffee from near by Sea Bean. But when we got to the counter to pay the $30 per person admission, they warned us the place was closing in 30 minutes!! Nice of them to do so, but not nice enough to have the correct time on their website. Luckily for us, the girl there smiled at us so it's all good.

Dale Stoltzfus

Great place! Friendly competent, helpful staff! Super displays and great views of actual sea lions, seals and sea birds. Worth your while. Worth every penny.

Justin Wong

Very fun place to check out. Small but full of great animals. And a great cause to support.

Bjorn Mathisen

A little small when compared to places like Chicagos Shed Aquarium. But it had good Alaskan sea life and good live animal exhibits.

doug richards

Very informative you are able to view many aquatic birds and animals you don't normally get close to.

Sergei Serdyuk

A great place, the best stop in town. The "meet and touch" was a blast; and the underwater views were captivating. Cafe food was limited but available. Plan at least 2 hours.

Aaron Miller

Not a huge place, but can definitely spend some time here looking at all the critters.

Shannon Buterin

It had just enough animals/exhibits. But the elevator was out of commission.

Maureen MacDonald

Amazing aquarium! Enjoyed a lot of the displays, the fish were very cool.

Malinda Patterson

Really nice little aquarium. Lots of local sea life, and the exhibits were very well put together and informative. The only downside is that it’s really pricey, especially if you’re from out of state.

Ryan Jones

Was nice to see local animals.

Michael Babbitt

Small informative good flowy layout. Didn't blow me away. Though.

Bailey Kirkland

I absolutely love this place. Great memories from high school trips when we visited for the Tsunami Bowl days, was glad to show my husband this wonderful center.

Cynthia Olsen

This is a WONDERFUL place to visit. One can spend hours in side their. So much to see and do!

Hannah Keith

This place is awesome. For a smaller aquarium in an out of the way destination, I was impressed by the layout and exhibits at the museum. Touched some sea anemones and saw otters and sea lions 10/10

Paul Sokolowski

Awesome glad we visited it in off season not during the tour boat Invasion.

Layne Edelman

Loved that the staff took the time to explain the history and care of each animal in the center. Truly shows the level of concern they have for sea life living there. Sea lions were a huge hit for the kids!

Lacy Ellis

Great work is being done here. Thank you ASLC for all that you do!!

Debi Milham

We really enjoyed it. Loved seeing the animals!

Nycca G

Love seeing the aquatic world they have on display there

Ken Updegrave

Wonderful exhibits of Alaskan sea life from jellyfish to sea lions and everything in between (including puffins 5 feet away from you). Easily allow 3 hours to see wildlife, view movies, etc..

steve vrabel

For an educational stop on your tour of Alaska you can't beat this place. Helpful staff. Clean and informative displays and live sea creatures. Great way to spend a day in Seward

Judy Huff

They teach about all the plastics in the ocean, yet have absolutely NO PLACE TO RECYCLE PLASTICS IN ANY CAMPGROUND.. Please recycle respon responsiblely...

Mark Jensen

It's the Sealife Center full of beautiful creatures. How can one not give 5 stars

Bill Jones

A wonderful place to visit. Very well done and staffed. Learned a lot about the local sea life and enjoyed the exhibits

Dawn Brown

We really enjoyed it. The only downside was that a few exhibits were out of order.

Danielle Davidson

Nice. Glad to see the work they are doing

Kevin L Johnson Sr

Had a ball. Lots to see and learn.

Maggy Smith

We really enjoyed this museum stop, but we felt like it was really expensive. Our family of three was $75. It was fun to visit, and lots of helpful workers who were happy to explain exhibits and answer questions. Many many touch pools with all sorts of cold water species we hadn’t seen before. The sea lion and seal exhibits were great. You could see them up on land, or go below to watch them swim! It is worth a visit, but definitely look into the family membership. It may include admission into other US aquariums, which would make the ticket price more stomachable.

Amy Usher

Just drive an hour and a half to visit... Google hours say "closes 9pm". Walked in the door at 4:30 to be informed that they close in thirty minutes. ANNOYING. This is Alaska. Long distances ... Get your hours correct for the public so that people don't waste their time.

J. Tomás Arenas

Really interesting and well designed for kids and adults to explore and learn.

Rowan Kyle

A number of very good exhibits and information.

Linda Rusche

Highly suggest stopping at this Sea Life center! The exhibits are educational while, the sea life is amazing!

Miranda Sophia

I love the sealife center! They are doing alot of great work here. Keep in mind, alaskan residents do get a discount with proof if I.D.

Nicole Fuster

This place was so amazing when I seen it from the outside I was hesitant I was like this place isn't that big and I don't see why they are making a big deal well when I went inside I understood it was beautiful and just an absolute amazing experience to see all the sea critters and so much information I posted so many pictures already and the gift shop is pricey but it's Alaska everything is pricey

Tammy Neff

It's been over a decade since we've was good to visit again!

Tammy Kosusnik

Was not impressed with Sealife center today , not one bit!!!! Went there to do bird encounter, got to front counter, where admissions is the lady says they are sold out for both sessions, no signage nothing letting you know this before you get in line, period. Suggestion, put up sign letting paying customers know when the encounters are full. Second the lady at admissions counter says oh you can should pay for tickets for encounters online it reserves spots, again no signage letting you know this, how is one suppose to know this, unless you have been to their website. Then what really had me upset was, I purposely came down to see the sea lion feeding, there is to be 2 feeding of sea lions a day or a combination of either they are fed or harbor seals. Ok this morning, they feed seals, I come back at 1:00 P.M. to see the 2:30P.M. showing of the sea lion feeding, I'm standing outside on observation deck, a good hour before time to feed them, there are 2 scuba divers and a women. The scuba divers get into tank, I think ok cleaning tank no problem be done before feeding. Lady above nothing , nothing said from her, I am still standing there, divers come up, not out of water, lady still top side nothing, divers go back down nothing said. I'm still standing there, then the lady top side in the sea lion exhibit. Finally says the are doing a diving pre certification test on somebody that the tank is closed, that they won't be feeding the seals today, but will be harbor seals!!!! What ever happened to letting people know, the feedings and exibits were closed for however long, at least but a sign up or do a announcement or put a person there to let people know!!!! There was my worst experience with sea life center and that is putting it mildly, I have half a mind to not visit again!!!!!!

Elizabeth Angasan

Great place to bring kids!! Our toddlers, kindergartener and teen all enjoyed themselves! Granted, this place isn't as grandiose as other aquariums out of state, however, it's worth adding to your Seward bucket list! They also have a nice gift shop.

Overlording Buck

The Alaksa Sealife Center is different than other aquariums. Its half aquarium and half refuge I guess. They'll take injured animals and nurse them back to good health. The fish, crustacean, and other creatures tanks are look relatively clean and the creatures are well kept. The tanks are also made pretty natural. The staff a very friendly too. The area looks like they clean regularly even with hundreds of people going through. Although the price is kinda high although I'm just a kid so I don't know. But I my family and I love going there every time we're in Seward. Would highly recommend going here if you're in Seward.

Bloodtech Transfusion

Great to see sea life. Price-y if you want to have a personal experience.

Mary Cornell

Great place to visit especially if you have kids.


It was ok. Looked kinda rundown with water stains on the carpets lots of places. Very expensive. Other locations like Denver and long beach CA were better

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