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REVIEWS OF U.S. Space & Rocket Center IN Alabama

Marvin D

Great time. Museum is clean, staff is friendly, and lots of amazing things to see. This was my second time visiting the museum. While some really cool things were no longer on display or operational, I was impressed by the many new additions to the museum. Definitely worth the drive and price of admissions.

Keith Jackson

This complex is huge, and includes Space Camp, the planetarium, as well as the indoor and outdoor exhibits. Everything is clean, well maintained, and there's always knowledgeable staff around to tell fun stories or explain things. This place is awesome. Stop by and check it out. Will certainly go again.

Brandon Westbrook

We took the "outta this world tour" and this includes a tour thru everything that they offer from the spaceship simulators to the lunchroom where you are allowed to eat lunch and get to try astronaut food like freeze dried ice cream. We enjoyed ourselves very much and would consider going back if we were to hear of some additions to the tour. The tour we took was on par with a them park ticket and offered quite a bit more than Six flags or Whitewater offer taking into account the interaction and lunch that was provided. A good day of family fun I'd say.

Eric Oneal

Great slice of space exploration history! Great place to spend a day seeing cool stuff and learn about the space race and the roll Huntsville, Alabama played in it. The restored Saturn V rocket is impressive up close and definitely need to have a conversation with one of the many engineers that worked on the rockets! Astronauts visit as well!

Steven Jackson

U.S. Space and Rocket Center will give you a personal feeling to space adventure. Their many tour guides at this place are very knowledgeable of historical space events. Anyone who visits this Space and Rocket Center will have a blast. Enjoy the food and rides for the kids. A great experience for the whole family. You just might meet a space engineer or an Astronaut. I did.

Terry Tyner

Place is amazing and in my opinion a bargain at $25 for basic admission. Of course they get you on the price of the food, drinks , and souvenirs. For whatever reason the day I went they were not showing any of the movies or planetarium events, which do cost extra. So if you are interested in any of those, you might call ahead and make sure they are available that day. I lot of the experience takes place outside, so you want to be sure you go on a nice day or be sure to take an umbrella. Great place for a family visit if you have any interest at all in the subject matter.

Amy Kammerman

We are always so thrilled and pleasantly surprised by how awesome this place is. It is full of history, great exhibits and knowledgeable staff. It is educational for all ages and we have never been disappointed with the place. Highly recommend for everyone.

Michelle Grate

We had a blast (no pun intended), at the Space and Rocket Center and can't wait to go back! The exhibits are awesome and we had a class about the International Space Station and learned so much from the speaker! They also give you a list of websites for your classroom or individual learning and that has been very helpful!!! It's a fun filled day for the entire family and don't forget to do the Virtual exhibit, you will never forget that!!!


I LOVE this place! I was in the very first Space Camp, and it is wonderful to be able to see how much this place has grown! It took me two days to see everything, and I bought a year membership so I can go back and see more! Very affordable, too.

Marc Magana

Fantastic exhibits of how we got to the moon and where we are going in space exploration. We are looking forward to a return trip, we were only able to scratch the surface of all there is to see and do. Well worth the visit!

Joe McIntosh

So cool to see all the rockets and space stuff. Keep an eye out for exhibits (the Star Wars one from a while back was awesome). Also it's a great venue for events.

Shane Bernskoetter

Fantastic place to bring the family! Multiple full-size Saturn v rockets one of them is inside and broken into its components. Suspended overhead gives you a incredible sense of appreciation for the US space program size and grandeur. Outside is a plethora of other surface-to-air weapons, air to ground weapons, rockets and the awesome SR-71 Blackbird! Top it off with a Space Shuttle and you have a terrific display of technology!

Ashley Weems

Awesome family friendly fun place to go!!! Be prepared to spend half of the day. Tom 3 1/2 hours to walk the museum. But it was well worth it.

Tara Mullenax

The U.S. Space and Rocket Center is amazing! Plan to stay all day to experience everything there is to see and do here. There are rides as well. One simulates a rocket ride to space and another the g forces experience. So many historical exhibits. Fun for kids and adults of all ages.

Ads Crane

This was my first visit. EXCELLENT! If you are interested in space travel and it's history,you will love this place. Spoke with 2 scientists who worked there. They were nice and very willing to answer questions. We really enjoyed our visit to the Huntsville Space & Rocket Center. Very informative, and the real and test rockets, engines, and moon landing vehicles were awesome! Be prepared to do a lot of walking when you go!


(Paragraphed it for easier reading) INFO: Fantastic piece of memorabilia and history, plenty of activities for children(rides and video games) but still captures how it feels to be a part of and see how people reacted to and worked for NASA, Apollo 11 was the main focus, but gives you little bits of information on other Apollo missions. It also gives you a little history of some missiles used in war (remember NASA is a government association) that’s about as much detail I’m gonna give you, I don’t wanna give away too much ;) SPENDING: Pricing is very good for what you get, and gifts aren’t too expensive and have no sales tax. A man asks you to take photos the minute you walk in but it’s optional. CONCLUSION: NASA has made a fantastic museum and I hope to see more like it, let’s hope that there is as much attention and care next time we make another game changing landing!

Tiffani Doyle

Such a fun family day at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center! There was something for everyone to enjoy...exhibits, movies, simulators, rides, and even food! The kids are already asking when we will go back.

Darryl Gutierrez

Fascinating. People come from all over the world to see this place, and it's worth it. Also, they run a Space Camp program in the summer. My cousin, who lives near Huntsville, said that when Tom Hanks sent his kids, no one was watching their own kids graduation but everyone was craning their necks to see Hanks and his wife. I highly recommend the camp. There's a pure Space Camp program, and Aviation Challenge that uses simulators to hold a Top Gun tournament at the end, and a robotics Space Camp for those who are inclined to engineering.

Miss Christy

This review is for the Fourth of July fireworks display that’s held at the US Space and Rocket Center. The US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville Alabama holds a free annual fireworks display that the public is welcome to attend. I’ll make a list of the pros and the cons below of attending the fireworks display. Pros -easy access from I565 -big parking lot -watch fireworks from your car -not crowded -fireworks launch over Saturn V rocket! Cons -no food vendors -restrooms are not easily accessible -traffic congestion when it’s time to leave My husband, son and I have attended the fireworks display at US Space and Rocket Center. We showed up about 45 minutes before dark and found parking very easily. We brought a cooler with water and sodas and some snacks to eat while we waited for the fireworks to begin. Other people who showed up early brought frisbees and footballs to throw. We sat on the back of the tailgate of our truck to watch the fireworks. I give the US Space and Rocket Center Fourth of July fireworks display a five star and recommend it especially for those who prefer to “stay with your vehicle” or sit on the tailgate (if you drive a truck).

Kim Cooper

Its very educational and a great museum to show how technology has changed over time. When we went they had a conference so everything was pushed to the side and some of the things were blocked. We had no warning and paid full price for the ticket but overall it was great.

Scott Dossett

Just fantastic! The historic side of the museum holds the restored Saturn V rocket and tons of other items. It was awe-inspiring. The interactive side of the museum is more targeted to children with interactives and planetarium, etc. It is a world-class experience!

Mandy Nogradi

My family loves this place. We really enjoyed learning about the space program. We will go back. We did not see everything in one day.

Lyndon Wilson

Get out and support places like this for future generations to learn the history of space exploration. Did you know the Eagle lander had just a few seconds of fuel left before Neil Armstrong was to abort the moon landing? Did you know the Saturn V rocket produced over 5 million lbs of thrust during takeoff? Come see the grave of the first mammal in space lying here at the Huntsville Space and Rocket Center. Great place to spend a day!

Brooke Howe

They've done a terrific job of making this a fun and beautiful museum. It's also a great place to attend events and you really can't beat the ambiance under the Saturn V rocket in the Davidson Center. Their Biergarten on Thursday nights is also really cool. Decent beer selection and good German food available.

Sarah Neikam

Great experience! Some exhibits were down but there's still plenty to see. Planetarium was awesome. We even got to have lunch with a real NASA rocket scientist (thanks Jay Foster!) who had some amazing first-hand history to tell. Everyone should visit here. Very inspiring.

Shannon Godfrey

Some incredible exhibits. Lots of information for young and old and good activities for the kids. A couple of hours would be enough for a very speedy look around but you would do better with a full day. You can also use your ticket the following day which is great for super space enthusiasts.

Eric Rivera

This place needs more funding. It's such a crucial part of history for Huntsville, and NASA as a whole. It's often overlooked by those outside of this area, and that should change. This place should be the main draw for bringing people here, and I feel as though we don't pour enough resources into it. Still, it's a great place to visit, the exhibits are awesome, the history contained inside the walls is vast and interesting. Overall, it's a great way to spend the day!

Misti Bressette

We had a great time there at the free day through the Smithsonian Institute. Everyone we encountered who worked there was extremely friendly and helpful. Thank you!

Tony Camera

Very cool museum. Stuff for the entire family. You can spend all day exploring different exhibits.

Lisa Bailey

We just dropped out daughter of at her first Space Camp. The staff and fellow campers were kind and helpful. They reassured a girl who was a little nervous, even though she said she wasn't. Everyone gave her wonderful words of encouragement. I look forward to hearing about her memories, but want to say great job to a very welcoming and committed staff at the US space and rocket center.

Rachael Gildea

I was not excited when I heard we were going here. Space is not my jam. But I posted 5 stars, why? I This place blew my mind between the simulators, rides, rock wall, theater, planetarium, space camp, and astronomical amount of everything related to space and then all of the people who are everywhere ready to answer questions and teach you new things. The cafeteria food was quite yummy. It was great for all ages. I can't wait to visit again.

John McCaa

I absolutely love space. If you are interested in space this is a must go. Really gives great history and reminds us of what we have and can achieve. The people there are amazing and love what they do and have a passion for it. Ask any employee and they will explain something to you.

Laurie Folger

My husband and I visited and stayed for 4 hours and still didn't see all of it. I didn't realize that it also had a lot of things for kids and would make a fun trip for our grandkids too. The highlight was getting to talk to Jay Foster, one of the roving docents. He approached us while we were eating lunch and asked if we had any questions. He had so much great information and stories! If we hadn't had tickets to the planetarium, we could have sat and talked with him all afternoon. Thanks Jay!!

Georgia Lee

We're were visiting my daughter and family in Huntsville on vacation and decided to go here. We thoroughly enjoyed our day there and were surprised how much they really have to offer there. It was great to experience the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. Highly recommend for everyone. Great for kids too.

Teddie McCoy

Worth every penny! I'm a huge space nut and I loved it. My husband didn't mind the military memorabilia either. If you have kids they have a space camp and a couple of rides. Lots to do for all ages.

Scott Rickert

This is always a great place to take your family and learn about the history of America's Space program. Unlike the movies they are proud of American achievements in space exploration. There are all kinds of interactive exhibits and a few rides. It is also the home of Space Camp and Aviation Challenge.

Kari Reed

The Davidson Center presents a serious look at rocket development. Save plenty of time to go through. Everything in here is worth reading. Not to mention the artifacts and photos. Von Braun’s office is even here. And a moon rock and Saturn V in all its stages displayed overhead.

edward dellinger

The family loved this. We could have spent two days here. We only had 4hrs after a swim meet and it wasn't enough. We will return next year. The retired employees we great I could have talked to them for hours.

Merrill Tode

This is a great place to bring kids, along with informational exhibits there are also lots of interactive things to do here. When you are there you could also see some of the space camp trainees do activities such as missions or just walking around the museum. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who is interested in space and wants to have a fun time

Ethan Harlacher

Great place to visit if you are interested in astronomy and the history of space aviation within the United States. Lots of great exhibits and cool souvenirs. Happened to pick up a space pen while I was there and for a fair price too. Still use it to this day.

Pat Sallin

We only visited the store today but they had a good inventory of tee shirts, caps, coffee cups and other items with NASA, US Space & Rocket Center, or Space Camp on them. It's hard to decide what to buy. Fun to browse.

clarissa harris

This place was awesome!!! If you like presidential history you will enjoy it and tons of space memorabilia. We took our 7 and 5 year old they had so much fun! There were two really fun roller coaster type things. Such a fun weekend adventure!

Julia Miller

Very interactive and lots to do and see. Our 10 year old loved it. Also it wasn't as crowded as Johnson space center

Shadow Scriber

This is a very neat and interesting place. Had real nice attractions and lots and lots of reading. Unfortunately I don't like to read a whole lot, but there is a lot of cool things to learn here. And rides and stuff as well.

Mark Tenney

Have been here multiple times and have always had a great visit. Plenty of things to keep the whole family busy. Lots of interactive and arcade style simulators, rock climbing wall, planetarium and space history. Kids area outside is clean and staff is friendly and helpful. Plenty of places on site to eat pretty much anything you want.

Debbie W

Great experience, fee is a little steep only because because they charge extra for movies. The planetarium movie was first rate. A must do! Tons of interactive displays as well as docents & many employees. We ate lunch at the Mars Grill. Not great but eatable. Great for kids also. Highly recommend this activity. Loved the rides (including a climbing wall) as they related to space travel!

Tammy Coffman

I recommend this activity. The planetarium is the best I've ever seen! Alot to see here. Make sure you arrive before 12 so you can see everything in one day. Go to the cafe and get a $4.00 refillable souvenir cup that you can refill all day for free!

Joseph T. Page II

This place is a tourist's dream. Lots of STEM related stuff in the gift shop; plenty of space-related artifacts throughout the location. Worth a stop if you're passing through. And for those space geeks: TWO Saturn rockets upright, and one Saturn V on its side indoors. You will find that combination nowhere on the planet.

Kerry Fox

They're long, hard, and full of technology! Fantastic piece of memorabilia and history. Place is amazing and in my opinion a bargain at $25 for basic admission. The people there are amazing and love what they do and have a passion for it. Ask any employee and they will explain something to you.

Carol Rush

The docent at the aircraft outside was superb. The planetarium show was great. The displays throughout were very educational. The one negative is that concessions were very overpriced. We left for lunch and came back for our movie at the planetarium.

Rebecca Baisden

Excellent experience! We love coming here to see new exhibits. The staff is wonderful, knowledgeable and so easy to talk to. I love the way they take time to answer any questions.

Craig Hotovy

My family and I had a great time here. Apollo engineers answering questions and discussing the challenges faced. The amount of items for adults and children is really impressive. Can’t recommend enough.

Wendy Long-hennefer

Very interesting. Many actual artifacts and video from the first moon landing and continued updates of experiments etc. Very fun for kids. The gift shop has anything any age could want. Reasonable priced. There is a separate space camp for kids. Rides and many actual space shuttles and army equipment. The movie in the geographic theater was really enjoyable. Staff very helpful and knowledgeable on everything. Good for all ages. Many interactive attractions for children. You can bring your own lunch or buy in cafeteria. I would go again. Also while i was there a tornado warning came in and they took everyone to the safety inside room just as we were entering and no one had to pay for the fee to get in. Probably the best place to be protected from harm. Wear comfortable shoes lots to see outside also.

Donald Fertenbaugh Jr

Attended the adult Space Camp weekend for the second time. It's been 15+ years since the last time I was there. Had a lot of fun and made a number of new friends again this time around. Many things have changed since the last time I was there but one thing that didn't change was having a good time, learning a lot, and making new friends.

Anju Cherian-Wilson

Great fun for the family. The rocket ride was fun, we did it 3 times. Told Gabriel and he made sure we watched a different movie each time.

Bill Castle

I'm a space geek, but I didn't realize how important Huntville is in space history. The bus tour is well worth it, but you probably need to order ahead. We were there when the doors opened, and still just got the last two tickets to ride. Really cool to see different things than they have in Florida.

Chad Holland

Always a blast at the Space and Rocket Center! The staff is so kind and welcoming! The facility is clean! Definitely a great place to take kids of all ages with so much to do and learn!

Julie Sinko

This is a must see for all. The Saturn V building is amazing. So much history. It's pretty mind-blowing looking at the size of the Rockets and realizing the technology it took to accomplish what our NASA space team has.

Roman Schulz

Awesome thing to do when you stay in Huntsville or Madison. Definitively worth the 25 bucks for the entry. Recommended to everyone who is interested in space travel and all the history beyond the different space programs of the USA.

Dillon Angle

This is an incredible experience for space enthusiasts of any age! There are exhibits for young children to interact with and more detailed and informative exhibits for those interested in the history of space travel. You absolutely have to see the Saturn V in person!

Patrick Layton

Fun place for all ages. Military goes in for free. They have a lot to do besides just looking at non-moving objects. Great place to visit.

Jim Atkins

I actually arrived too late for a tour, but if the inside is even a fraction as impressive as the static displays OUTSIDE then that would be amazing! I have always wanted to see a rocket launch in Florida or California, but seeing a full fledged Saturn V Rocket along with a real Space Shuttle attached to the launcher was AMAZING! This a place that I truly want to explore further on another day!!!0

Jesse Banksmilam

I had way more fun here than I thought I would. There is so many real artifacts and up close experiences than I thought there would be. You can easily spend an entire day here and that wouldn't be enough time.

Kyle Miller

I can't wait to bring my children back when they are older! Everything was excellent, I just wish they were a bit older and I had more time to really go through everything.

Matt Jones

One of the best museums I have ever been to in the Southeast for sure. The Saturn exhibit is worth the trip alone if you've never been. Just fantastic.

charles kemper

A very interesting place to visit. You will walk alot, children have things to do. Definitely family friendly, Food available and it has handicap access.Free parking.


Took two friends who have never been, and hopefully changed their lives for the better. If you're interested in spaceflight & the story behind our journey to the stars this is the place to see. Seeing all the artifacts & learning about our mission to touch the stars is an experience unlike any other. Truly a marvel to behold. And I recommend if you enjoy this place, see the Houston Space & Rocket Center for an even bigger experience!

Brandy Wilkerson

Had not been to the Space Center since I was a kid. But it was still just as AWESOME as I remembered! The rockets are amazing. I loved the interactive areas and the rides. The planetarium movie was really good. We watched the one called Destination: solar system. Good food at the grill. Very nice employees! EVERYONE was super helpful and friendly. Great day!

Ev Vassar

What a great way to spend a day. So much to see and do. We were able to meet some of the people that worked for NASA in so many different capacities. Put a real personal touch on our visit.

Robert Bois

I marvel at this place each time I come here. I'm always learning something new. Very well maintained (at least on the inside) and probably the most helpful and friendliest staff of any museum I've attended. Well done!

Aral L

This is a great place for kids and adults to see this history of our space program. I really want to do adult space camp!! Great static displays of old space craft good interactive displays as well. Loved it!


This was one of those places we've always wanted to see but just never took the time Our grandson loves spacecraft and loved this place. The prices were reasonable. The displays were actual full sized rockets used in the United States space program. If you have any questions there is always a knowledgeable person to ask. Alot of it is hands on. There is a cafeteria. There are programs for schools and there is space camp. The displays will make your eyes bug-out. Go see it!!!

Rebekah Baal

My family and I visited while we were on vacation. We were members with the ASTC Passport Program through a museum in FL, so our admission was free. We spent about five hours there and could have stayed longer because there was so much to see. With four kids all under age 10, it was challenging to take in and read all of the information presented with each exhibit due to their excitement and urgency to see everything as fast as they could so we will have to come back again when they are more attentive. Be prepared for lots of walking indoors and outside. I encourage you to check out one of the science shows. Our kids loved that they were able to be picked as volunteers during the show. We were pleased with the amount of choices they had for lunch and thought the prices were reasonable. My kids favorite part was the simulator ride and rode it twice. According to them, it’s worth the wait in line because it was different each time. They change the video simulation every hour, I believe. Overall, I think that people of all ages will be impressed by this place due to their multiple rockets, planes and pieces of history on display, exhibits about the current technology we are using, and being able to learn more about future endeavors into space. Even if you don’t consider yourself well versed in space history, I believe you will walk away amazed and grateful you took the time (and money) to visit.


Absolutely terrific! Lots of interactive places for kids, very informative and interesting for adults. The Saturn V building is amazing as are all the outdoor displays. They even have a Blackbird spy plane and Patriot missile launcher. The docents are very knowledgeable and great to listen to. Highly recommend a visit if you are in the area.

Md C

This place is very interesting. Seeing the Saturn V up close is a humbling experience. It's a great place for the whole family. There is a play area for the kids, a rock wall to climb, and so much more. It's absolutely worth taking 2 - 4 hours to check out.

Rebecca Weber

Definitely take a visit. If you are CRAZY about space, math, engineering etc note this: there are older gentleman in white lab coats in the second building with the Saturn missile on its side. These men were/are apart of NASA and may have helped build the rockets. Wealth of knowledge and a piece of history if you take the time to talk with them. A friend of ours LOVED talking to them. The museum is excellent and offers something for everyone. Super family friendly for kids of all ages. It is a vast campus with lots to see and do. The exhibits are top notch.

Jennifer Thomas

So much fun! Self guided tour so you can take your time and make a day of it especially with the Mars grill. I had the most delicious veggie soup! Hubby had a burrito he really liked. This museum really ignited the desire to learn more about space. We will be back!

Fishlife Productions Co.

Love this place! My 7 year old has so much fun and learns so much when we go. He cant wait till he can go to Space Camp. He says he will be the youngest person to walk on the moon and said they better have the base ready when he gets out of school!

Doron Ben-David

Was really disappointed to see mostly models, and almost no authentic pieces. They also removed some of the launchers due to maintenance. Overall, it is always fun to see space equipment, and the original Apollo 16 capsule was neat. As well as the Saturn 5 exhibition which is super impressive (and obviously there is no way to put an original one).

Tori KLB

So much information and history, everything is interesting and the Davidson Center is a great addition where most of the artifacts and permanent exhibits are. The main building is where the new planetarium (which is the refurbished IMAX theater) and temporary/traveling exhibits are. I did just read they do not plan to show full length movies in the domed theatre, anymore, though after seeing the planetarium show I was hoping they would because the screen and protection was amazing.

Beth Bondar

One of our favorite places here in Huntsville. We visit about once a month for a walkthrough. They don't charge the exhibits that frequently but we still haven't read through everything. To see the Saturn V rocket up close is so cool!

Aparna Bhavsar

Amazing place. Learnt a lot in a week. Once in a lifetime visit is a must!! Exponentially increased my towards Astronomy and Aerospace

Tracy Winkler

If I could have rated it with no stars I would have. We were seated almost as soon as we left our name. However, that is were the service ended. We waited for over 20 minutes and no waitress came to our table. With more than 3/4 of the table seated we could only count 3 servers in the room. Eventually, giving up hope of even getting a glass of water from the waitress that took the order from the booth beside us we left.

Gowri Nataraj

We spent the whole day there as there was so much to see. It was so cool to see all the rockets and fascinating history. Kids have lots of hands on activities to do. To see for real the rockets and space modules was mind blowing.

Julie Pitts

We went to the Planetarium for my birthday. This is an amazing gift to our community. 8 love the night skies and miss the clarity from my childhood days. My husband and I enjoyed this trip and plan to visit more of the Space and. Rocket Center. It is not only beautiful but also educational. The guide to the stars did a very good job and was very personable. One thing is he should slow down while speaking.

Paul Loranca

Very cool place

Bait Jobs

Absolutely the best camp for kids. Highly recommend it to anyone. You send a kid but pick up confident person. This camp is worth every penny for the development of your child.

Ramamoorthy Renganathan

Easily noticeable from road in normal traffic. A huge exhibition centre covering entire history of flight and space. Highly informative and educative. Many interactive exhibits. Requires more than one day to really imbibe all the information. Has movies, simulators, etc related to space and rocketry. Has a full size space shuttle. Accepts debit and credit cards. Excellent for children. Has free parking lot. It is a very enjoyable experience for the whole family. Has an excellent cafeteria.


Absolutely terrific! Lots of interactive places for kids, very informative and interesting for adults. The Saturn V building is amazing as are all the outdoor displays. They even have a Blackbird spy plane and Patriot missile launcher. The docents are very knowledgeable and great to listen to. Highly recommend a visit if you are in the area.

Christy Young

We enjoyed the visit. The planetarium can make you a bit motion sick though. We were there over half a day. Lots to see and learn.

Samantha Davis

We took a girl scout troop here for our end of the season trip and they loved it. We learned so much while having a blast. The parents got to do a lot as well. The 3d simulation was the best I've ever experienced.

Dave Sunderland

This is simply a must see museum/learning complex. They have a very robust history of rockets as you would expect plus many interactive exhibits. My family spent 4 hours here. We ate at the cafeteria which has decent food. Probably the most impressive are the they Saturn V rockets one of which is most prominent and visible from the freeway. It was repainted in the last few weeks and is stunning.

Sakshi Bhavsar

Such an amazing experience ❤️.... Truly lovely and exciting. Learnt a lot in a week. Special thanks to the Honeywell team. My interest and love towards Astronomy and Aerospace engineering was truly encouraged....Dream come true!!!!

Brian Washington

The Rocket Center knows what they are doing with regard to Education and Entertainment both. Everything about the place is engaging and fun for the whole family and all ages. It may seem a bit pricey to some, but I don't know anyone who has ever regretted spending the money. It's worth it.

Jacob Hamilton

The Space & Rocket Center is incredible! From the first satellite to the first man on the moon there is so much history. Looking at all the different models of rockets that Russia and the United States used during that time is fascinating. Russia put the first satellite into orbit using a rocket that dwarfed what the U.S. had. It didn't take the U.S. long to perfect the Saturn-V after that. Then it was used to take us to the moon.

William Robbins

I always enjoy visiting here. It is a very nice place to learn about the history of NASA and space exploration. The planetarium is a treat and the variety of shows is updated regularly. Space Camp is a great opportunity for young explorers.

Morgan Davis

Smashed penny location! Did not go into the museum, just in the gift shop for smashed pennies. The scale model of the solar system was intriguing and definitely helped with some perspective. I definitely want to come back and tour the museum.

Ellen Helton

Really enjoyed pur experience at the Space and Rocket center. We went on Museum day so we were afraid it would be very crowded but were pleasantly surprised by the way the crowds were handled. The staff was adequate and prepared and they seemed genuinely excited to be there. Plenty to engage kids of all ages and adults! Really love the Davidson Center.

K Matheson

One of the few places where you really feel the entry fee is worth it. A bit overwhelming to start with (it was the end of Space Camp and very busy) but what a fascinating and incredible place. All the staff at the exhibits are knowledgeable and welcoming and very keen to impart information. I had no idea what was on offer there and came away very impressed.

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