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277 S Finley St, Athens, GA 30605, United States

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REVIEWS OF Tree That Owns Itself IN Alabama

James Werness

Wow, what a tree. 10/10 wood recommend visiting. If you're in the area, you gotta branch out and stop by fir a little while before you leaf. Some might say there's not mulch to see here, but honestly I'm stumped when I hear that. Maybe they're just being sticks in the mud or throwing shade for no reason, but to anyone who's not a total sap, this tree is more than just oak-ay. It's well grounded and super down to earth, it's everything you want to seed in a tree. Honestly, I'm nuts about it. Keep on keeping on, tree, we're all rooting for you.

Anna Negron

It was a fun stop hard to find love it

Kris Kili Williams

Really neat landmark.

Mairéad Mulcahy

I enjoyed it if I'm honest. My expectations were met in that is a tree; it doesn't talk, it doesn't interact with you. It just stands there being all leafy and whatever. So no issues and very pleasant.

Jacky Stylesss

Honestly, it's so nice there.

noa biskovitch

Never been there but sounds awesome

Rooster Poll

The tree owns me now. pls help

Brian Ponce

Much wow. Very amazing. Great to see a strong and independent tree that don’t need no human. 13/10 would visit.

Gita R

Really fun story and worth a visit if you are in the area. Stately pine. Located in a lovely neighborhood, the tree itself only takes a few minutes to see. But its surrounded lovely houses that are more to see via a stroll or slow drive. Not sure I would go out of my way to see it though.

Darlene Gable

It's beautiful

Ben K

Such a lucky tree

Sharell Loomis


Alan C

It does an excellent job of being a tree and owning itself. Street narrows from two to one lane, drive carefully.

Mike Grill

The best tree in town! Please protect this tree and it's offspring and it's ability to own itself. Legally this tree owns itself and will continue to do so. Heck yeah it better keep those rights otherwise I'll be pretty dang mad


this is the greatest tree tbh. i had an amazing talk with him last night. would and will marry

Hamada Alghulbi

Hope to visit this tree one day. He’s a very nice tree. The greatest tree there ever will be. Long live the tree!

Chris Kistler

This really just caughf my interest. Its something thats cool to say you've seen. Cool to hang out with another land owner.


I used to chill out with this tree, but I left him because it was all too mulch. This damn tree never sticks to its root-tine, and is always throwing shade. But even though the tree has his ups and downs, you have to admit he is a real pa-tree-ot. 3/5

Jeff Peters

The tree is beautiful the Cobblestone Road around the tree is another part of History just beautiful

Myrill Sana

Owner was unresponsive but rated 5 stars for the view.

Kristin Fitzpatrick

It's just a tree with a plaque that tells its history. It is in a college neighborhood

Nevernauts Music

This is truly a gorgeous piece of history. We paid our respects to the tree late in the evening. It was a quiet part of town, right off of the downtown area. Easy to get to, easy to see, the tree is very nearly in the middle of the street, hard to miss. I liked the fact that I didn't feel like I was trespassing or bothering anyone during our visit. Beautiful area, beautiful tree, and it's very well-kept. Thank you for letting this tree stand. The story is wonderful.

Jillian Smith

Before visiting this beautiful place, I had never found happiness. After my gold fish died, I was depressed. But after visiting the tree that owns itself, I no longer have depression. Thank you, tree that owns itself.

Logan Smith

I've visited the tree every year for four years now. I love it and the story behind it is amazing.

Sammylad2000 & Oli Rig

This tree is impeccable and I loved my stay up in the secret treehouse. Absolutely amazing!!!!

Joshua Mueller

Tree that owns itself is probably the best place to visit if you go to Georgia. Not any of that other stuff, just this tree. I would like to see a future where Tree that owns itself is treated with as much respect and wantingness to visit as other landmarks, preferably even more.

Andrea Williams

An Athens landmark. Get out and hug the tree! Enjoy what makes Athens ATHENS! Quirky weird authentic ...

Clif Kersey

This tree is amazing. It really owns it.

Cindy Cox

The Tree that Owns Itself is an Athens landmark. Legend has it that in the early 1800s out of love for the great oak, it's owner, Professor Jackson, deeded to the tree ownership of itself and the land within eight feet of it on all sides. The marker at the foot of the tree reads as follows: "For and in consideration of the great love I bear this tree and the great desire I have for its protection, for all time, I convey entire possession of itself and all land within eight feet of the tree on all sides." Once you know the story, you can amaze your friends with this tidbit of trivia!

Karen Wibell

Quirky and unusual bit of history as this tree and eight surrounding feet of ground was deeded to own itself. Off the beaten track in an area of mixed styles of historical and architectural interesting homes and off a cobblestone street in Athens Georgia . When the original tree died, an acorn from it was planted and this is its offspring.

Shimrit Direnfeld-O'brien

Greatest place ever

James Neuhaus, jr

ITS A TREE! Weird how it's in the middle of the road and the power lines go right through it. Love that the group of kids I was with had to trek up the hill to see it, then turn right around back down the hill. 11/10, would do again.

Aaron Gregory

It's quaint and has a great story. In a neighborhood with gorgeous houses. Perfect place for a walk : )


The Tree speaks for itself! Not verbally mind you ;-)

Moonluv13 Forest Fae

A nice little spot in a quaint neighborhood in Augusta. This was a really fun, historical site created from love and happiness which made it even more enjoyable. It's just a short side trip off the beaten path and worth the time.

John Eyler

Hilarious, yet historical. Someone told me it's actually "Son of the Tree that Owns Itself" because this one grew out of an acorn from the first when the first died. Go during the day and be quiet (it's a residential area), and don't climb the tree...too noticeably...;)...but seriously, I'd recommend not climbing the tree.

Steve C

This tree is a very nice specimen. It is a good size to hug right now. Very friendly tree. Recommend! This tree is the offspring of the original tree and as such is an heir to the property rights.

Parker Hardister

Truly American Tree. A real Pa-tree-ot. Lets Go Tree Man. Sorry for the bad pun lol.

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