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Dirt road near, Cypress Ln, Millbrook, AL 36054, United States

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Where is Town of Spectre?

REVIEWS OF Town of Spectre IN Alabama

Marissa Oldiges Borrego

As a Big Fish/Tim Burton fan, it was pretty neat seeing the set. It’s gotten run down though and it’s not very isolated as I saw some reviews say. There were about 6 RVs to the left of the “town”. They need to rebuild it so people can stay in the taverns and make it a little wedding center. The island is very pretty to drive around. We probably took about an hour to visit it, but you could spend more time here by fishing, picnicking, etc. it was about $5 per person to get in if I remember.

Randy C

A great place to spend an afternoon exploring the town. My grandchildren love this place. I think the friendly goats have a lot to do with it. LOL

Suzanne Strength

Possibly one of the most beautiful parks in this area. First, you drive in to get to the film set which is the City of Spectre from Big Fish. You can walk around freely and there are goats that are like pets that will come up to you! The kids loved them. Next, drive around the lake and look at the beautiful park. Fishing, tent camping, swimming, picnicing, walking along the path...Such a beautiful natural area. I can't wait to go back. Very inexpensive to visit, and so worth it.

Guinavere Myers


Keith Warren

Loved it, will be going back soon

Whitney Boutwell

Needs some work...but great older place for pictures....people are amazing because it is a movie set from Big Fish.

Jerry Smitherman

Great place to visit.

Landon Gearhart

This was a great stop on our road trip. The trip onto the island wasn't long. It didn't long to walk around the town ad then drive to the location of Jenny's house. However, since my husband and i love the movie Big Fish it was worth the stop. Entry to the island is 3$ per person

Christopher Stitcher

This is the place the movie Big Fish was filmed. This is a beautiful place for prom, wedding, engagement, family or any kind of pictures. 3$ fee per person bit you can spend all day at this place. They also have campsites by the pond.

Ann Wooten

This is a beautiful place, the film set is amazing just wish they would preserve it. Time and weather has done its damage since Big Fish was filmed. Love all the goats running around

Kate Schwab

If you love the movie Big Fish, you have to go. Plus-there are goats everywhere! Bring some baby carrots and a camera!

Teddie Gray

Must watch the movie Big Fish to understand Spectre

Sam R

never seen Big Fish, but seeing an old movie set was pretty cool! the rest of the island is beautiful, and the goats are very very friendly!

Allison Bugarin

Such a neat place

Scott Whitehead

We was there for senior pictures, great back drops for that.

jeanette j brooks

Unkown treasure...bri ng a picnic lunch..

Jose Vasquez

Nostalgic. Everyone should come visit.

Daniel Garner

Love it at Jackson Island Lake. Best place to take your family! By far.

janice manley

It was quite charming. I had packed a picnic lunch and turned out to be a good idea. There were tables and the views were nice. The only problem were the goats that inhabit the island. We had to make sure they were on the other side of the island so we could eat in peace.

Jeffery Winborne

We visited the movie set and camped on the island. Was peaceful, quiet and everything we'd hoped it would be. Will definitely be back

George Newby

This is a nice getaway

David Ballard

What a fun place. There are lots of goats that just want plenty of attention. You can fish along this Lil town also. So quiet and just a neat Lil town

Christine Watts

Nice place. The goats wandering around were cute, but the buildings are detereorating rapidly and are not safe to enter. There is some camping and the place is situated on a tiny island in the middle of Jackson Lake connected by a bridge. Very picturesque.

Lucas Brinker

Quiet & nice Island

Tracy Duncan

If you are are a fan of Tim Burtons "Big Fish" You MUST visit The Town of Spectre!!

Erin Mahaffey

My handsome man proposed to me here and it was the perfect place!!! It is run down but the movie was shot a long time ago! It feels so alive even if there is no one there. This is a breathtaking place to experience!

Pam Jespersen

Great! We had the best day!

Laurel Faircloth

It's been years since I've been out there and WOW, they've really cleaned it up... great place to take the littles fishing or picnicing!

Jeremy Lynch

Thanks Bobby Bright for granting our family access to this Historic island! It was a fun day of Kayaking! Great kayaking boat launch ramp! It was especially helpful for our novice crew of kayakers (our preschool age sons). Our 2 and 3 year old sons didn't enjoy sharing their picnic lunch with the herd of goats! But our older sons enjoyed meeting and petting the goats!

Gooboo Homan

What a great day trip for me & my Mother. It was so much fun and what a memory we made. Enjoyed the clean laidback atmosphere. And just enjoyed spending time with each other in Spectre. Yes, we threw our shoes on the line as we entered the town, which was fun, but decided it was just a great place to visit and came back to Jasper.

Jovonna Hardy

Great scenery. Beautiful lake. Very peaceful location. Clean restrooms. Plenty places to have a picnic or just lay and relax. The water is warm but wouldn't recommend swimming. Seen more than 30 goats. I am looking to going back to visit. Cost is $3pp.

Danielle Lussier

It was pretty cool to go to an actual movie set. I would not recommend anyone go into these buildings. The elements have done a number on them.Also the place is covered with goat poop. It is now considered 'Goat Island' and a herd of goats have the run of it. Which is fine, the goats were adorable.

Charles Fordham

Big Fish is a beautiful movie, and one of Tim Burton's greatest films. It will give you goose bumps walking through the remnants of this forgotten(fictional)town

ashleigh helms

Awesome to be on part of an old movie set. Goats were adorable.

Shannon Dean

It is so nice and clean. It's an excellent area for kayaking, fishing, swimming and picnics. They have a boat ramp and easy access to the river.

Melanie Brazier

Beautiful ghost town to visit! Sadly the weather wear and tear is getting to it, so go visit asap. It is now 16 years old. Worth the visit! I will visit again.

Connie Duncan Norrell

A great way to spend a lovely afternoon! Most of the goats are very friendly, but there are a couple of Billy, bully goats, lol!

Linda Shipman

Beautiful location and friendly host.

Savannah P.

My favorite place to go. So much to do for a great price. Everyone is super friendly!

Devan S

Awesome to see the movie set still standing, plus an overall beautiful island. Great opportunities for photographers and you can even camp there! Will definitely be back!

April Damato

We brought the kids for their first camping experience. It was perfect for our family weekend away. So peaceful and seeing the town from the movie "Big Fish" was a huge bonus and fun! We loved the goats too!!

Justin Gonzales

Such a beautiful drive in a hidden gem in Millbrook. I was surprised to find such tranquility and happy campers all on the property. Even all the goats were soo friendly and adorable as they could be. It was wonderful to visit. Even thinking of just going back to take a peaceful stroll reflect and thank God for all the beauty that is in His world. The facades were a bit rickety but to get that feel of being on a real Hollywood set was amazing. Even some cool shoes too!! Thanks for having such a place like this and inviting the public to mask in this glory...A+

Kim Hilleary

The set of Big Fish is here, you can see the town. Shoes are still hanging. It's $3 a person to have a great afternoon.

Angel Fagan

The place is absolutely beautiful but, because of the breed of my dogs we were discriminated against. Even though my pit bulls are puppies raised as therapy dogs, we were told not to comeback

Sonya Moon

I enjoy scenic places.

Jeff Warner

Great place to take unique pictures, fun park

Jacki Todd

We loved this place.. and the goats.. great for families and anyone..

Taylor Neal

I visited here for a friends wedding. It is such a super cool location! Give it a visit, spend the day there, and sit back and relax.

Nosferatu Saturn

So much fun! Great place to spend a day or just a couple of hours! Amazing place for pictures!

Shiny Orange

Such an awesome place for the family to hang out at and is great for fishing and there is lots of goats!!

Kevin Marion

Kind of run down but still a neat place to visit

Darrin Swan

Pretty cool place. Not well maintained, but worth the visit.

Nathaniel Berry

Love this place, lot of fun if you are a movie buff

Aimee Lanford

A great place to walk and getaway. The set is aging, but still recognizable. The goats roam freely and are typically friendly. The grounds are well-kept and the staff are very friendly.

Roarie Yum

Peaceful camping area. The bathrooms were clean and the set was something to see.

Christy Holden

Such a cool place to visit whether you’ve seen the movie Big Fish or not. Lovely well maintained area with plenty of open space and tables for a nice picnic. The goats are very friendly!

George Rall

Fun peaceful place to visit

Happy Trails

This was a fun exploration! I was excited to see it and it made me want to watch the movie again. However, I wore open toed shoes and some goat poop got in my sandal. The goats were cute but lord there was poop everywhere. You can’t dodge it! They were sweet goats and the kids were petting them and picking up the babies. Great camping area and very peaceful place. I’d like to come in the winter during the week when there are less people. They do have picnic tables so pack a lunch and take a break from it all in Specter but wear closed toed shoes!!

Theodore Nygren

Goats! Just goats everywhere. Most were friendly except the bearded ones that refused to let my wife have her picture taken with them. Well worth 3 dollars a head.

Chris Jeter

This place is super cool! If you are even a bit of a fan of the movie Big Fish, go check it out! Or even if you just like behind the scenes type things, it's neat to see the way this movie set is built. Not to mention, the island it's on is very serene and pretty.


Clean. I hope people respect that with a pack it in, pack it out visiting philosophy.

Scheryl B

Nice place to walk around and pet the goats. Camping and fishing are welcomed. $3.00 per person to enter the gate but it was worth the experience to see a movie set and pet the goats.

Sara Neave

Always fun to explore. The structures are becoming quite worn down, as one would expect with such an old movie set (that was only built to last a few months). Glad it has been saved to some extent, and even happier that the public is allowed onto the island to enjoy it!

Jennifer Newkirk

Awesome little attraction. The goats were fun. If you're in the area, go see it but don't make a special trip for this. Very nostalgic.

John Parris

Awesome place peaceful quiet and beautiful

Brooke Stidham

Just beautiful!

Sarah Curbow

It's a fun stop all the buildings of pretty wore out so he can't get in I'm not safely and it's not so much the town of Spectre that is amazing but where it's located it is beautiful area and I must stop

Tim Lennox

Site where the movie "Big Fish" was filmed.

Randy Wolf

Magical for fans of the movie big fish. Also so many goats.

Melissa F

Huge fan of Big Fish. Made me sad nothing was ever done with the props. Goats run the town now

Jimmy Haynes

Me and my wife went and really enjoyed our self's

Mandy Young

I love this place , especially to take pictures!!

Mary Tompkins

Loved it. Very clean ands nice

Martin Jennings

Must see hidden gem! Had a great time exploring.

Glenn Fischer

Awesome run down but it is the movie set from the movie The Big Fish. Worth the trip and plan on spending the whole day having a picnic and fishing.

artis thompson

cool place of u like goats

Abigail White

Only a few dollars per person, you pay at the gate using the honor system. Drive 14mph on up to Spectre, Home of the Big Fish. A spacious area full of old trees covered with Spanish moss, a small neighbirhood of run down houses (including the old church) and the lake surrounding the area all make for a beautiful, haunting and memorable experience. A herd of friendly goats wander free, eating the grass. Oh, the houses and the church? There's nothing inside except plywood and sawdust. This was the set for the movie Big Fish. A very photogenic place!

Michael S.

I've seen some who have complained about the land owners asking for a donation to visit. It's a small price to see a really awesome movie set. Big Fish is a family favorite for us and the location made for some really great photos. Camping slots are available and there are bathroom facilities also available. We plan on visiting again!

Ryan Beverly

Love love love this place. Glad we stumbled upon it. It's so great to get to tour a film set. Being a major Tim Burton fan the place is immaculate. Really takes you back in time. It's awesome you get to tour it. Would definitely be back.

Cody Oates

Love the movie Big Fish and had to visit

Christopher Watts

This is a cool place to visit. It is fun to visit the movie set. Great place to take photos. But beware the buildings are getting old and run down. They were not built to last since they were just props for a movie. Go see it before it disappears.

Ishan Anjikar

A good place to hang out and also to take good photos!! You can spend 4-5 hours there!! Also it is really nice spot to have picnic...

William Hinkle

A really great spot for quick camping. Facilities are available to accommodate longer stays, like a pavilion with electrical hookups and full restrooms. The island is scenic and you'll love it more if you've seen the movie. The primitive campsites are accommodating and have fire pits and tables. Everything is fairly trimmed and pristine, so you aren't exactly roughing it, but the area is still beautiful and worth your time. Paying was easy and no one bothered us once we were on the island.

Connie Duncan-Norrell

A really cool place to spend an afternoon!

Franklin Jones

Really neat place to walk around

Les Taylor

Great way to spend a lazy summer afternoon. Friendly and inexpensive.

Lisa S. Holley

I love to photograph the old movie set and the beauty of the island. Excellent spot for a family outing/ get together/camping trip.

John Manning

Take a moment to enjoy the town of Spectre from the movie Big Fish. The town was built for a movie nearly 20 years ago and looks it as well. The goats are friendly and there are porch swings set up at different places overlooking Jackson island lake. Bring a picnic lunch because there's no food on the island, or bring some fishing poles and catch your own. A great walk, a nice leftover town from a movie, and some beautiful views. There is a cost to visit, and a recommend calling ahead to be sure it's open because the road to the island can be closed due to weather.

Rhonda H

It's my favorite camping and fishing spot! So beautiful!

curly frye

Great way to spend 3 bucks (per person). Good day trip from Birmingham. They offer camping as well $10 per person.

Torie Taylor

Very nice. It was cool to see the set of the movie. The grounds were very clean and well kept as well as the bathrooms. Will be visiting again. Thank you!

Breanna Carroway

Such a cool place to visit! Love the views and all the goats!

Candace Cornelson

This is a wonderful place for a family outing. There's plenty of places around the island for having a picnic and a public restroom is available. An added bonus is the friendly goats (not ghosts) that inhabit the town.

Jason John

A really cool park. It was super fun to see the movie set. There we're around 30 goats hanging out a few yards away. Their poop is all over, but still worth the visit.

Lyn Adams

Unique place to visit. Need something to do for the weekend it's $3.00 a person to get in the gate. You can watch the goats roaming around the property. You can have a picnic, or just go fishing.

Steven E

Great stop while on a 19 day road trip. The buildings are all there. All have a high level of disrepair but then again this town was built as facades only for the movie Big Fish. Very cool that they kept the town long after the crews left.

Keith Oates

No other place better to relax

Joann Taylor

The baby goats and mama ones are friendly where small children can pet them

Whorology P.H.D.

Awesome place to camp and bring kids. The goats are adorable and fun to watch.


Cost 3.00$ per person to get in kids 2/under are free. Deposit money at the gate and call the phone number to get in the gate. Once inside its a short drive and there are restrooms there. Goats run freely on the island and the grounds look well kept. Not allowed inside buildings.

Florida Prepper

Came here for a gathering of my favorite apocalyptic authors. Ron Foster hosted the event and picked a perfect relaxing spot. Arrived Friday morning at 7am and left Sunday at 5. Fished all 3 days and not.even a single bite. The only person I saw catch anything was a guy who had like 30 floating hooks. He caught one fish in 2 days. I saw plenty of them hitting the water surface, just not a good weekend of fishing. I would love to see the owner fix up the old building and make them into rough cabins to stay in. The goats were hilarious but people kept sropping by our campsite to feed them which caused them to be a nuisance. I will recommend the island for a little camping fun, but cant in my good nature say it's great for fishing.

Melissa Bates

Great place to explore!

Grant Breeze

Super cool. Just like the movie. A good cheap road trip stop!

Jean-Mathieu Saponaro

Beautiful! Magic. Go there early in the morning to avoid crowds.

Denise Bedolla

It was a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.


We camped here in our van and is quite possibly our favorite place that we have ever camped. Not only do you have the set of ‘Big Fish’ on the island there with you but also a herd of free-roaming goats! The movie sets are so neat to see, especially if you are a fan of the movie. The goats are all very friendly and cute. The camping spot are all right on the lake and very spread out, so you really have a sense of privacy. There are bathrooms not far from the camping areas, as well as a shower. It looked like at least one spot had electric hookups too! This is truly a magical place!

JJ Scrushy

Awesome place!!!! You get to see the town of Spectre from the movie Big Fish. They have camping and fishing as well.

Michael Scott

If you enjoyed the movie Big Fish, then you are going to love Spectre. The old buildings line the one street in town, and there is a line overhead filled with pairs of shoes that are tied together, just like the movie. The small movie set sits on an island, and there will be goats and chicken that greet you as you stroll through the town. Not a fan of the movie? It could also make as a great location for photos!


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