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Where is Peachoid?

REVIEWS OF Peachoid IN Alabama

H. T. Scaccetti

A water tower disguised as a perfect peach complete with leaf and stem. Can't miss it traveling south on Interstate 85. Worth a stop to get a great photo op. Will definitely make you smile.

E Bryan Crenshaw III

What great way to dress up an ordinarily prosaic bit of infrastructure! It makes me smile whenever I pass it on I-85. It's a short detour off the interstate, and the bonus is the opportunity to stop by Abbott's Farm store, where you can purchase everything peach and more. Try the peach and muscadine ciders.

Brian Leech

It's a giant peach water tower - classic road trip stop "because it's there"

Billy Joe Mullis

Beautiful water tower!

YourLocalNeighborhood WalnutSalesman

Saw it in House of Cards. Can't believe it's actually real

John Wall

Just drove by this on I-85. It was a life changing experience. After the numerous adult stores and strip clubs you have to pass by to get to it, it's refreshing to see such a family friendly and welcoming attraction. Also it looks like a big butt.


It's a giant water tower, painted like a peach. best seen from the highway.


The Peachoid is so stupid and awesome all at the same time. It's definitely worth the 2 minute drive off of the freeway to take in its glory. Huge parking area behind Fatz Cafe, and plenty of spots to take silly pictures with what appears to be a giant orange butt. The Peachoid was featured in season 1 House of Cards as a major plot line, so this is a must-see for any HoC mega-fans.

Sam Guerrier

I would've never known about this without House of Cards...


Peachoid blessed by Jeb Bush. What could be better? I’ll miss you!

Jay West

Visited for the Great Eclipse of 2017. The 'oid was fun when traffic prevented arriving in Greenville in time. A few concrete picnic tables and a paved path around the tower - that's it. Watch out for the fire ants!

Lindsey Lustig

The Peachoid is a local gem. Made famous by House of Cards Frank U. hometown in Gaffney, the Peachoid, continues to bring joy to all that pass it. The Peachoid was painted once a couple years ago and then repainted to reflect more of a peach appearance in 2017. It looked pretty good to me with both paint jobs.

sean delgado

I'm mad because this tower almost costed Frank Underwoods term lol and killed that poor girl

Kristi Hoffmaster

True South Carolinians will know what this is! Don't trust someone from SC otherwise ;)

Benjamin Bell

Not sure why it's called the peachoid when it is really a giant butt. It is nicely illuminated at night. Go giant peach butt.

Marie Jackson

Best butt ever

Christopher Vest

That's the Kool water tower great pictures

Michael Forbes

Nothing too special. Stopped to eat at Fatz & took a pic because we thought it looked like a big butt-crack.

Michael Wilson

Amazing work of "steel and iron art" and very impressive with the Peachoid's huge size and attention to the color detail!

Joel R.

It's a big freekin peach. What did you expect.

Michael Beckler

A neat little attraction with a tiny park! Not much to do, but at least it's accessable.

Aaron S

WARNING: the ants in the grass will give a painful bite! Beware! As for the tower Photos cannot do it justice. Must see. #underwood2020

Alan O. Rivera

I've seen this so much

Jason Wilson

Nice peach

Angela Hills

Had a ball at the outlet got my kids what they needed

Michael Barber

What an iconic stop when you cross into GA. You cant miss it!

Lewis Jeter Jr

Great pkace.

Taylor Cole Miller

As seen in Season 1, episode 3 of Netflix's HOUSE OF CARDS. Visit Frank Underwood's final resting place in nearby Oakland Cemetery while in Gaffney.

Andrew Pencek

It is a giant peach watertower. As advertised.


Everything you could hope for in a Peachoid, and more. The more being the Fatz next door. All you can eat ribs are awesome.

Joel Rollins

You've driven by it. That's it.

Adam Bucherati

Kids thought it was the coolest thing ever


Passing through from Charlotte to Kansas City the Giant Peach caught my eye, beautifully interesting

Alexander Roebers

Great water tower. Lots of water, very impressive!!!

robert stroud jr.

A local favorite in Gaffney. I love to see that peach.

Raymond Ramirez

Eat the booty like groceries.

Brandi Easler

Needs better parking. A lunch area wound be nice too

Lawn Mower & Chainsaw Lady

This is in the backyard if the Fatzs Restaurant. Peachoid is a land mark in Gaffney. It is a gigantic peach. It can be easily seen from interstate 85. It can also be seen from Highway 11 as well as other roads in Gaffney.

Wesley Dorsey

30 years ago when we drove by it as kids we always called it the giant butt. Now, thanks to House of Cards it's world famous.

shyam prasad

Oh, i just came through this in HOUSE OF CARDS. Looks ugly, but who cares .. :)

Puneet Verma

Ahh... All the way from House of Cards....

Shawn Carrico

Like seeing tje big peach

Pastor Michael Sullivan

A great oddity!

Mike hicks


Sven K.

Well, it's a peach ;)

Hilary Truman

It was a super neat place to stop and take a photo. I didn't know there was a restaurant at the base of the water tower, so maybe next time we are in town we will try Fatz at the Peachoid. The Peachoid itself is a memorial to Jack E. Millwood, which made stopping at a giant peach water tower even better. My only suggestion would be to bring bug spray and wear tennis shoes.

Brenda Hill

Love the staff here.

Rita Wilkins


Drew Nelson

A giant peach as seen in House of Cards. Great photo OP.

Tar Heel Camper

I'm not much for reviewing water towers unless there is something interesting about them, and this is the most interesting water tower I have ever seen. It is shaped and painted to resemble a giant peach, giving a call out to peaches that are commonly grown in South Carolina although Georgia claims the title of peach harvesting. It has been recently given a fresh coat of paint and is easily seen from the interstate.

Cavonna Holcomb

The big Peach is easily seen from I-85. It's how we know we are halfway to our vacation distanation! We did not know that there were picnic and grills under it. A quite well maintained little park to stretch your legs and let the kids run around. The only bad thing was that the gate to the park was locked the day we went by but the park is easily accessible from the Fatz parking lot.

Kimberly Young

Nice little walking track around this beautiful water tower.

Miguel Lopez Rivera

This was my favorite attraction on my road trip.

Sabrina Fort

I MYSELF grew up in this town.... Well let me be honest, I grew up in Blacksburg. But everyone knows if you need anything, anything at all..... You have to either go across Broad River Bridge or Hit 85 to Gaffney. Or we of Blacksburg can …

Milana M

Super cool

Andrew Vickers

Bizarre structure - made famous by House of Cards (US) when President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) returns to Gaffney - his home town - the Peachoid features! Despite the high profile in the series, Gaffney folk don't seem to want to make the link! Worth a look at as it's so weird.

Emily Bever

A welcome site on all our treks South

J Allen

Gaffney South Carolina landmark. Thousands and thousands of people have seen this Landmark along the interstate for years and years.

Greg DeCicco

North bound is the better side.

Ed Komasara

One nation Underwood.

Jim Bott

Great place to visit.

Joe Minuti

A huge huge peach. Just really cool.

Trisha C Crain

We moved to Gaffney 2 months ago and just love this quaint little town. Proud of becoming a "Gaffnian" and am impressed with the Peachoid ...(also, Fats is right next door)...lots to do around here!

Steve Wasser

Very easy to see from the interstate.

Alexander Washofsky

A necessary stop for any HoC fan

Roger Craton

Next to the Yellow Mall

Corey Schmidt

You don't see that everyday.

Charles Kibby

One of the wildest water towers ever. Have to see in person to properly understand why

pamela knight

Worth stopping for a photo, but that is it. This is not a venue or a welcome center. The huge peach is a landmark only.

Mitchell Gunnells

Where I live.

Rodney White

It is a water tower made to look like a peach. Looks nice

Nkenna Aneke

Wow, its real! House cards wasn't kidding

Jon Hall

I've never seen this in person, but if you type in "Frank Underwood" -character from House of Cards, Google takes you here. 5 stars for that easter egg.

WB4YZ Robert Upchurch


Patrick Steward


Sandika Peiris

Nice Landmark !

vishesh dosaj

I visited this place because of the TV show called House of the cards , the

William Vance

It was just peachy driving by the giant peach!

Jason Woody

You know in the dark it kind of looks like a....

MI Est

If you're a House of Cards fan this is a must see if you're in the area!

terry moseley

Awesome water tower!

Rhonda Waterhouse

What could be better than a water tower shaped like a giant butt?!

Joe Todd

C'mon - it's a water tower that looks like a giant peach. Or, from the right angle, a giant butt. Seriously, isn't this something you must stop for? To be honest I don't recommend that anyone travel 50 miles out of their way to see it. But if your on the road and passing by it's worth a stop to stretch your legs and take a selfie. Then go down the road and buy some fresh peaches, you'll want them after seeing the Peachoid.

Tom Litteral

Good picture

Kadan Mcsweeney



That's a big peach! I like it

Carly M

I came for House of Cards. I stayed for the #Peachoid.


Fun stop, especially after a long day of driving. There is a small parking area and huge fenced in grassy area around the peach which was great for our dogs to run around in! Right off the highway and easy to get to.

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