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450 Auburn Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30312, United States

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Where is Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park?

REVIEWS OF Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park IN Alabama

Leonora Johnson

Wonderful, wonderful, and wonderful. I could feel l the present of the past. Very powerful. Young people, especially young men, need to study their history so that they can gain a sense of pride. Simply wonderful. Thank you King family for your sacrifice.


Amazing. Make sure that you go to the Visitor Center to get tickets to the home. Great tour. Lots to see at the center, the church is interesting and King Center for non violence is inspiring.

Kendall Payne

Excellent memorial to the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. You can tour the house he grew up in. I recommend booking tickets online ahead of time to plan your trip better. Admission is free for everything ! You can also tour Ebenezer Baptist Church! If your in Atlanta make sure you visit!

Cia & Paige Harris

Such an amazing and chilling experience Paige and I had. We stood in line for about 15 mins to take a tour of the house. Free admission & no pictures while doing tour of house. Once your out of the house you can take pictures and parking was free.

Renee Thomas

This park gave me chills i learned so much more than i was ever told about mlk! It was amazing i loved every part of it everyone should go there and learn some great history

Benjamin Kelly

A very good national park. It was smaller than expected, but impactful. Love this Memorial. Such a wonderful tribute to 2 Great individuals on our History.This place is amazing.

Marina Jensen

It's great that this historical place is free to visit and park. Everyone should come here at least once. Information about Dr King's life and work is displayed in a respectful manner and rangers are always available to answer questions

Alexis Hollingsworth

Fantastic exhibit detailing the life and work of Dr. King. Accessible from downtown by streetcar, bus, or my favorite: Jump bicycle (these are electric boost bikes accessible through an app. You still have to pedal the bike, but it conquers downtown's hill's with minimal effort) All of the exhibits in the central park are free. Dr. King's home is located a bit farther down the street to the East. My group and I did not realize this and did not plan enough time to see it. You also need a ticket to see it. Make sure you plan enough time because there are a lot of exhibits to see here.

Blaise Ndukwe

An amazing experience. My girlfriend and I were lucky to get a chance to be in the last tour group of the day. It was so humbling to see Martin Luther King's childhood home and hear the story of how he grew up and all that he did. I enjoyed my experience here.

Tanganeki Manning

Love that everything is real and that you can still hear his voice her voice. Everything is so detailed. And that its open to the public. Thank you ❤

German A Aristizabal

If you like history, this is the place to be. Large area that includes among others the church, Dr King's family house the museum. Etc Tour guide to the bouse was very helpful for me to understand and enjoy this visit. You don't have to pay for anything.

Peter Brinkhoff

Interesting and well maintained site with amazing stuff to share insights an their knowledge. Highly recommended for your Atlanta visits.

Gail Bryant

Tracing appreciated my ancestors journey. I'm humbled by their efforts.


It a whole area dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King. You have to go and experience the feel you have when you go to some of the same places he has been went stood and preached.

Edna Robinson

This was a great living experience going down Memory lane and I met the cutest Zeta from Liberia.

Ziyi Zhao

A nice place to know deeper into Dr. Kings’ life. It makes me feel like a real person is standing in front of me. But if interested in more comprehensive about the civil rights movement for the Africa Americans, Center for Civil and Human Right is definitely the place you don’t wanna miss.

Chris Collins

Unbelievable to be in Ebeneezer Baptist Church. Having been a life-long admirer of Dr. King, it was definitely the experience of a lifetime. My only "wish" would be for a safer feeling walk from the MARTA train station to the Historic Site. My son and me were stopped numerous times by homeless panhandlers, some even handing out pamphlets and claiming to represent the Historic Site, and asked for money. The walk from the train station to the historic sites certainly wouldn't be something that I would want to do after dark, especially if I were unfamiliar with the area. I think the entire experience would be much better with some form of transportation from the train station to Auburn Avenue.

Igor Bandalo

Good is that you can easily get there by the street car/tram. Attention: it is not included in the breeze ticket. Now: Is it politically incorrect to give not 5 stars to this monument of American history? But the presentation is a little outdated. Even it has never before been more actual and necessary to heal the wounded soul of this great nation. But it seems the words of Dr. Martin Luther King seem to be unheard and the setting will not attire more or younger visitors. For me: A wonderful from the roses to the wall. I wish I had had more time.

Shykeria Lifleur

Breathe Taking Experience! From the Civil Rights Documentary in the Theater Room to the Mannequins walking towards Freedom...This Museum exceeded my expectations! I believe every person of all ages should visit. The visuals are amazing, the Staff Rangers were friendly and informative. The entire street the Museum is located on, is just full of Great History and it's all FREE which is awesome. (Tour MLK Jr's Church called Ebenezer, Visit his Home on the same street in walking distance, Visit the 'New' Ebenezer Church across from the old one, Visit MLK Jr's Tomb outdoors all for free) It truly reminds you to continue to Spread Love and Peace!

Veronica A-W

Great place to visit if in Atlanta. The volunteers are very knowledgable and I like how all the buildings are connected.

Mandy Makhumalo

Loved every minute of being there. Learnt a whole lot. The receptionist was so nice.

Zaiah Calvin

This was a great experience and the speeches were profound! It makes me as an African American woman proud and appreciate we have such a center to commemorate the sacrifices that was made.

Carlton Hurt

A good place to visit for your own personal gratification. Just to know that you visited the home memorial of Dr Martin Luther king Jr.

Gloria Moulden

Awesome place to visit. This is ourAfrican American History! Take the children.

A Ramos

This is a MUST SEE destination in Atlanta that seems to miss all of the major lists. I visited this national park over the course of two hours and learned so much about the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and others who had major roles in civil rights and beyond. The museum was sad, horrifying, and uplifting all at once. It is definitely child appropriate (there were several groups of children when I went). You can take a free tour of ML King's birth home, his church, and there are several gift shops throughout the block. The stunning memorial has a water feature reminiscent of the national mall and the tombs of Dr King and Coretta Scott King are situated directly across from an eternal flame. The entire visit was moving. There is ample free parking and a visitor's guide makes navigating the park simple. The only issue I had was with the number of panhandlers in the park and out on the street. I didn't always feel safe to walk around by myself. That being said, this is a national treasure. MUCH nicer than the one in DC under the Lincoln memorial.

Mookie Real

It's a great experience to see and read all.the information about MLK jr.

Shonda W

Love this Memorial. Such a wonderful tribute to 2 Great individuals on our History

Earl Fowler

Super informative well put together layout and dedication to Dr Martin Luther King Jr's life. A must see national park attraction in Atlanta!


It was beautiful and sad at the same time. So happy I had the opportunity to see it

Patrick Moreland

I enjoyed the area and history behind it. Just be forewarned however there are loads of panhandlers who want you to give them money. Normally I just ignore them and move forward but these ones will follow you. I complained to the park rangers who are well aware of the issue they say it’s their number one complaint but unfortunately can’t do so much about it as long as it’s not actually on park grounds and of course local police won’t run to it if it’s not life or death. Other than all that just enjoy the peacefulness and messages you will see at the site.

Mike Smith

It's always great to see black history and about the brothers and sisters that lose there lives so myself and my family can live better. Much much Love and respect always

Glo P

It was a awesome place be to see, listen and read a lot historical facts. Being able to see multiple original things that belonged to Martin Luther king jr.. They even have a free tour guide at different times of the day.

Lauren Elise

Excellent and a must see. Be sure to do the birth home tour. Everything is free including parking and well laid out.We went in summer and the roses were in full bloom. The church, visitors center and birth tour are doable in a few hours. Great places to eat nearby if your not afraid of a few rough looking streets. People are friendly. But you will be asked for spare change by some needy people.

Sam Sherrill

Free parking, free entrance to both the museum & the church he preached in. There are a few short video & audio presentations throughout both. Overall you can easily spend 2+ hours reading, watching, and listening to all of the information they have here. I've been here several times over the years, and it's still enjoyable & interesting to take family & friends here when they come to Atlanta. There's also an awesome park outside, if your kids need to run around like mine did. It's a short walk to his home, though, just a heads up: you have to pay to tour inside his home.

Sweetwyne Barrow

I really enjoyed my trip Martin Luther King's! The best part was! When I went into the church! I felt spiritual energy! That was the best out of all of it. Thank u Georgia for showing me!

Benito Duke

To visit this museum is very emotional to realize that this was not that long ago. I wonder why we take things for granted and treat people like you want to be treated. It’s not the color of our skin it’s the color of our hearts. I never realized the tragedy that struck this family but they persevered through it all. Violence is never the answer because so many other people suffer behind one person actions. As a African American this humble me because I understand that not only did Jesus die for me. Martin Luther King also dies so that I can have a relationship with all race of people. The time now is violence is running rapid in our country but dreams still come true. Even though we are still not there it gives you a feeling of pride to know that a man with a vision laid down his life so I could live. So if you are ever in Atlanta it’s a must see.


The family and I had a really great time touring the historic site of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We learned a lot of valuable history. We will definitely visit again.

D.A. Myrie

Going to this museum really caused me to think about some of the fundamental core beliefs and truths Dr Martin Luther King Jr fought so hard and died for; yet, today we seemed to have forgotten or worse have become indifferent to basic acts of humanity it saddens me. It was very sobering to walk through museum and read the thoughts and achievements of a life cut short too soon by the very ugly evil and hate we encounter today. Excellent place to visit, I felt like a kid on a field trip all over again!

Darlene Shields

This was a great experience and the speeches were profound! It makes me as an African American woman proud and appreciate we have such a center to commemorate the sacrifices that was made.

bob chadwick

Well worth a visit. It marks and explains significant issues in the history of the US. Well laid out exhibition space with lots of audio and video.

Priceless Brice

2 park rangers provided amazing history lesson in the old church. Did you know eye openers... history teaching history ...had to visit twice. A must see and hear event.

Butch Stewart

Very busy area, easy area to access, security guard wanted to show his authority. Considering Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was a cultural icon I expected more, but it was a large 2 foot deep pool with his crypt centered above the water line. It was not what I expected. But I do believe he was a God fearing Christian man that should be respected for his faith and his desire to change our country for the betterment of race relations. His "I have a dream speech" is one of the most powerful speeches I've heard. It inspired me to visit his grave, I thank God for people like him. Willing to die for a cause is what separates hero's from the rest of humanity. He is a hero to his race and a Godly example to all man kind.

Sidnee Freeman

Very inspiring experience. Overwhelming in some parts as well. It was nice to see and hear artifacts from that time and to think we were exactly where the King family resided and reigned over Ebenezer. Beautiful experience. Must see in Atlanta.

R Tatum

I visted this walking tour during the 1st wek of Aug. in Atlanta. It is a 2 1/2 hour tour and well worth it!! Make sure you wear a cap, comfortable tennis shoes, a bottle of water, and a small towel to wipe your perspiration. Joy, our tour guide is Awesome!! She is very friendly and knows her history regarding Martin Luther King, Jr. and the historic Old 4th Ward. I took sooo many pictures, and learned sooo much!! Some of my pics: The World Peace Garden designed by his Beautiful wife Coretta. Ebenezer Baptist Church were he co-pastored with his father. The clock that stayed on 10:30, the beginning of his funeral His birthhome. The carriage that carried his casket during the procession. Madame C.J. Walker's Beauty Salon. Oh wow!!! Just an AWESOME tour!!

redbear redbear

It's wonderful that the government has turned the home and neighborhood of Martin Luther King Jr. into a National Historic Park. The highlight of the park was visiting MLK's childhood home and the original Ebenezer Baptist Church.

Kendra Shelton

The Rangers are all really amazing at helping bring history alive. Thank you!

Mauricio Trejo

Peaceful place with helpful staff. Very inspirational.

Blue Jeans

Great experience. Loads of things to see as history goes. I love the famous walk of fame with people who made a difference by them leaving a shoe print, and near by has great places to eat.

Rose Meriwether

Beautiful and well planned space. You learn a lot and get a good feel for the history here.

Stevie B

I'm 50 years old and grew up maybe 50 miles south of Atlanta. This was my first time visiting MLK center. I had chills the whole time I was there. Definitely going back soon!

Maureen Muller

Informally an awesome place to visit. So much to see and hear. Highly recommend you see museum and old church!

Paul Boucher

We arrived after the museum had closed for the day. Still was able to walk about the outside area and take in the very moving reflecting pool. We also crossed over the the outside area of the museum and read each one of the plaques around the rose garden. Quite beautiful. There was a well dressed man offering pamphlets and then asking for "donations".

Karen Beach

What he taught us should be implemented now. Conquer hatred with love. Fight prejudice with truth. I thought I knew so much about him and learned so much more.

Demetria Freeman

Loved the feeling of unity while visiting. So much love between people.

Sega Carter

Love it. I enjoy every visit and learn something new or different with each visit.

Carol Bassett

Very informative & interesting.. Learned a lot more about an incredible man who changed the world.m

Marcelle Rouchon

It was absolutely amazing. What a wonderful experience. Perfect Birthday gift to our Son. We enjoyed our stay in Atlanta and Savannah.

Shaniqwa Hayes

So much history to add to my memory bank. Sitting in the church was an experience that everyone should get. So soothing and calming to my soul. So thankful for Dr. King and everyone that has contributed to my future

Tiffany Mason

Very nice museum, eye opening and I recommend this as a stop for anyone visiting. Great history lesson.

Vera Kyle

Beautiful. Was here a number of years ago and it has been developed since then. Stop by to see and enjoy, the park is clean and his inviting.

Elon Nichols

I really liked the King Center! I loved the exhibits. We came here for a family reunion on July 19th,2019. I absolutely loved all the history.

M Bee Grant

MLK Historical park. Beautiful memorial to an icon . “ I have a dream “ a must see

Ed Dawg

Loved this place definitely a must see. Good to see this great man's work immortalized and a reminder to keep it going.

David MacGranaham

Inspiring and Thought Provoking as you read the Words of Dr.King enscribed on the monuments and all over the Land Mark


The feeling is very spiritual, to see and experience history as important as this is very humbling. God Bless Mrs Coretta King for such foresight and vision for generations to come. This should be an educational trip for many schools.

James DeBouse

The continuing improvements by the park service are outstanding. The area is clean and it has it distractions but the park service is friendly and helpful and the experience was positive. Being in the sanctuary was a truly unique experience in the old church.

Boyce Basimanebotlhe

Difficult to rate historical place. But it's a place that you have to visit at least once and see how the great benefits and bounties we have today were fought and struggled for.

Joey Gibson

One of the best stops I've ever made in Atlanta. The feeling you get when you walk into Ebenezer is something I've never felt before. To hear Dr Martin Luther King preaching over the speaks was so moving. The grounds around the church were beautiful. His burial site will leave you speechless. For a moment the world is at peace and everything is ok.

Leanne M

Great museum that demonstrates history so well. They have free movies showing and a large exhibition that I feel everyone would benefit to see and understand. The way that this museum displays and explains history and true life examples is powerful and impactful.

Franklin Bryan

Good. Free entry. Plenty of free parking. Needs some interactivity though, some imagination, some guides, some touchscreens, some flow? some expanding to educate the youth and elders about more than just Dr. King. He wouldn't have wanted it to be just about him. Glass in front of everything makes sharing pictures impossible. Kind of disjointed. fyi lots of well-dressed panhandlers target this area claiming to be "pastors"

Shannon M

Really well done monument be with excellent displays and information. I honestly feel this is much better than the Washington DC monument.

Carl Burke

It was very enlightening and educational. The memorials they erected for Martin Luther King were simply beautiful. My family and I had a blast.

Roxanne Sutton

This is a nice tribute to Dr. King. All the historical sites are within walking distance of each other. Overall it's very moving and informative.

Dorothy Wilson


Delroy garrick

Historic! Very impressed with the impersonation of MLK speech on the mall. Well done!. He left too soon!

Antonia Morales

This museum brought back a lot of my childhood memories. It reminded me of the struggles of the. Freedom Riders and how social change can work for the good of people. Great videos and film clips. Relive the experiences of the Civil Rights leaders. Learn about politicians who were leaders and those that obstructed social justice. Learn what hatred and bigotry are and how they hurt us as a people. Great place.


I was honored to be here. The presence in the area was amazing and just knowing I was in the same place, on the same ground as these activists made me so emotional. I was just visiting, and I knew I couldn't leave without visiting. The memorial is so beautiful, it's an experience I'm grateful for and won't ever forget

Liza Jurey

This place is amazing. To be able to follow Dr. King's life not only as a father but as an activist for civil rights is amazing. To see where he was born, raised and the church he attended and became a part of is incredible. The moment you walk in, the emotions overwhelm you as you walk in his shoes and those who walked and or marched beside him.

Karen Prater

I had a great time at the. Martin Luther King Museum the ranger were very informative and the history where Martin Luther king Home where he were raised and the church the church grave site were amazing looking forward too coming back love the history of Martin Luther King and Corretta Kings and family life it was life changing for me thank you!!.

Karthik Ganesh

Very busy area easy area to access security guards wanted to show his authority. Considering reverend dr.martinluther king jr was a cultural icon I expected more

Victor Anaya

The National Historic Site was so well designed, informative and moving. I highly recommend a visit. The museum exhibits were great. If you want a house tour, reserve early so you can get a spot. The grounds are beautiful. The included memorabilia and video/audio presentations are tremendous. Listening to the audio of his last sermon which his wife had played at his funeral gave me goose bumps.

David Jones

So much to see and do, I can't describe it all! I felt as though I walked through and touched a huge part of history. Take the time to go to Atlanta, GA and visit this awe-inspiring place! I know that you will find it is a part of our history that is truly indelible.

Eltoreon Hawkins

I only went into one museum because I came at 4:30 and everything closes at 5 but most of the sites at still a site to see such as his birth home matter what time of the day it is.I will definitely make it a goal to go take the tour and learn more bout the great Dr. MLK.


It was great being able to see the circumstances and understand how black people were living.

Merekat Grounds

It's mlk historical site so I love it period. You can walk the street and obtain knowledge.

Fannie King

This museum brought back a lot of my childhood memories. It reminded me of the struggles of the. Freedom Riders and how social change can work for the good of people. Great videos and film clips. Relive the experiences of the Civil Rights leaders. Learn about politicians who were leaders and those that obstructed social justice. Learn what hatred and bigotry are and how they hurt us as a people. Great place.

Oski Noski

The History and feel is so alive. Makes you appreciate where we came from as a Nation. Unity, Equality, Love, Peace, and Righteousness. We should all stive to be as great as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr..

Charlene Hilliard

I had time before my flight left and my niece drove me around The Martin Luther King sites. Talk about empowering even at night! This just bits of things I saw!

Robert Reid

I never really realized the impact that he had during this time period. It was shameful the way African-Americans were treated. It really opened my eyes. The grounds and water feature is beautiful.

mark glover

Very educational. Good for family and school set if, you want to learn history.

Blanche Henderson

Visited as part of our tour itinerary. starting with the old church where Dr King's father and grand father were pastors and he himself preached. Listened to part of sermon on tape and had a short talk from guide who pointed out the stained glass windows with portraits on his two forebears.Then to rose garden and museum across road. The museum had lots of photographs and descriptions and a number of video commentaries all going at the same time.I admit I had not realised or had forgotten of Jimmy Carter's involvement. I could easily have spent 2/3 hours here but had very limited time. Finally back across the road and to the site of Dr King's tomb and the eternal flame. Definitely a must in Atalanta. Very sad and moving experience and I have doubts in my mind that America has truly moved on much since those horrendous days, though I hope I am wrong.

F. DeKarlos Blackmon

The staff was incredibly helpful. I accompanied a number of Catholic prelates to the King Center and it was a visit you remember!

Ontay Johnson

I ALWAYS love visiting the King center. I especially love it when I bring students to experience this historic site for the first time

pat wynn-mason

Everything was perfect; however, bathrooms need tending to... some stalls had broken doors and some had no toilet tissue... nonetheless I'm giving a five star because the main thing was the overall attraction of ebenezer church, MLK and the other emotionally touching nostalgia which were presented wonderfully

Brandy Hicks

The history was amazing. You could almost feel his presence in the church!

Dara Gardner

Love all the MLK historic district! Especially the serene memorial with the tombs of Martin and Coretta in the pool, with water cascading over his beloved quote "We will not be satisfied until Justice rolls down like water and Righteousness like a mighty steam." Take the time to revisit the principals of nonviolence etched into the walls and the eternal flame. Also sit in the old Ebenezer Baptist Church and absorb MLK's words as they are piped in. Powerful stuff!

Renee Jakes

Phenomenal! The history, the reverence, it was awe inspiring and humbling. The struggle and perseverance were and still are real. It's a national park with 4 stamp opportunities. His birth/childhood home. Firestation #6 where Martin played as a child, the King Center itself and Ebenezer Baptist church. I'll need to return to take it all in.

Tonya Luckadoo

A must visit when in Atlanta! It is free, historically significant, and far less crowded than many of the the other more popular tourist destinations. The staff were friendly and helpful, and the park was amazing. It has undergone additional updates following it's recent designation as a national historical park and looks outstanding. Great job guys! Put this on your agenda and skip the lines at the Aquarium and at Cocoa Cola.

Racquel Alston

This is a piece of history everyone must see! A wonderful tribute to the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King & Mrs. Coretta Scott King!

Chazmen Geames

Learning about history and walking the same streets that the Great MLK Jr did is a life changing experience. Would encourage everyone to stop and visit the area. If you haven't been in a while stop and get a refresher.

J Travis

Such an honor to visit here. I prayed for our country to find peace and that Dr King’s dream would come true. Get a map and be sure to see everything.

Gloria Powell-Wells

Wow! The history of Martin Luther King is astounding. The lengths that he went and the sacrifices were for not just Black America but for all people. This visit gave me a reason to reflect on what I can contribute to change even now. Now I will go to see the Washington DC Memorial.

Jindi Farmer

The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park consists of several buildings in Atlanta, Georgia, including Martin Luther King Jr.'s boyhood home and the original Ebenezer Baptist Church, the church where King was baptized and both his father Martin Luther King Sr. and he were pastors. These places, critical to the interpretation of the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy as a leader of the American Civil Rights Movement, were included in the park when it was established on October 10, 1980. Formerly a National Historic Site, the unit was redesignated as a National Historical Park on January 8, 2018 by U.S. President Donald Trump. In total, the buildings included in the site make up 35 acres (0.14 km²). The visitor center contains a museum that chronicles the American Civil Rights Movement and the path of Martin Luther King Jr. An 1894 firehouse (Fire Station No. 6) served the Sweet Auburn community until 1991, and now contains a gift shop and an exhibit on desegregation in the Atlanta Fire Department. The "I Have a Dream" International World Peace Rose Garden, and a memorial tribute to Mohandas K. Gandhi are part of the site, as is the "International Civil Rights Walk of Fame" which commemorates some of the courageous pioneers who worked for social justice.

Marilynn Jones

The tour was over when we (friend visiting from Wichita,KS) arrived at the birth home. However,within a few minutes, a tour guide with about 30 students arrived and she began to explain the history in Deutsch. That was very special because we could understand some of the words having lived in Germany as a US Army Soldier and my friend as a child of a Airman. US Air Force--we had a hearty conversation about our experiences in Germany for sure. The guide also shared that the next stop would be in DC at the African American museum and how special the students were to lbe selected to visit and learn American history. All in all, we enjoyed the visit to the site, the store and the beautiful reflection pool. I am proud to know that the next generation of Global Citizens value and respect the sacrifices that African Americans have given the world!


I highly, highly recommend going here with a family and kids, or even friends. I went alone and there is so much to learn and appreciate here. I love learning about civil rights history and there’s lots of pictures and artifacts if younger kids don’t want to read. They offer guided tours (15 people per tour) of Dr. Kings house every day, which starts at 9 or 10am and it’s first come first serve so I recommend coming as early as possible. I came at 3 pm and all the tours were already booked up for the day. The tours are free but there’s a souvenir shop in the house next to Dr. King’s which you can buy many civil rights books, even cook books, water bottles, post cards, etc at. Such an amazing experience for tourists and Atlanta natives. I encourage everyone to go at least once!

Macie Myers

This will make you appreciate all of our history and heritage. We have so much to be thankful for. Everyone love one another....

Valerie Williams

Excellent knowledge. Loved it tremendously.

Todd Nolan

Have visited here three times and each time learn something new. The tours of MLKs house are free. I’ve had great tour guides and some that try to hard to make it entertaining. Most are here for the history, we don’t need entertainment. You must go to the visitors center to sign up for the tours. While you wait for your assigned tour time, the visitors center is full of things to see and read. A definite must visit.

M Sagi

I loved all of the historical education available here. Very clean and staff were very helpful. A must see if you are visiting Atlanta!

Erroka Johnson

Very moving & inspiring. Such rich history to behold! The memory will be forever etched on my heart.

Zach Sneed

A very good national park. It was smaller than expected, but impactful. It's located near many other important and interesting sights. A must see.

Sonja Fugett

Just seeing how the state really recognized what he & and his stood for and the education you got.

Arlene Chambers

This place has certainly expanded since I last visited almost 30 years ago. Loved the chronological layout of the display of MLK Jr, his wife Coretta and also that of Rosa Parks. I learned most about Ms Parks here.

Jason Blacklock

I have lived in Atlanta for so long and I just visit this historic park. Very emotional and educational.

Sandra DalPian

It was very pretty and very humbling. The fountain was inspiring with the quotes. I learned a lot about the power of peaceful protest. Inspires us to go out and do something good.

Qing Watson

Very educational and I recommend everyone to go. What a very surreal experience.

Ethel Burns

This museum brought back a lot of my childhood memories. It reminded me of the struggles of the. Freedom Riders and how social change can work for the good of people. Great videos and film clips. Relive the experiences of the Civil Rights leaders. Learn about politicians who were leaders and those that obstructed social justice. Learn what hatred and bigotry are and how they hurt us as a people. Great place.

Ajit Thakkar

Probably the spot you ought to put at the top of your Atlanta sightseeing list. The main point is to relive or learn about that turbulent period of 20th century American history. How far King succeeded can be judged from what the exhibits and films depict but also by observing the other visitors.

Jessie Mae

This is the best thing yet to happen to Atlanta. Authentic history of the Civil Right Movement, extremely educational, extremely heartbreaking consider the greatest source of History depiction the African American experiences in Georgia. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And Coretta Scott King are both buried on site, inside the reflecting pool. The Auburn Avenue, Dr. King birth house, this is the area where blacks live and thrive. Auburn Avenue doing it Heyday was considered the richest black street in the world. Here you have wheat Street Baptist Church and Atlanta Life Insurance Company was founded on this street, madam CJ Walker sales representative had an office/hair salon on this street, even a Bottling Company was on this street black owned and operated, Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site area is where Martin Luther King Jr lived until he was 12 years old and this community has been restored back to his first twelve years of life.

Tanya MACK

It was a beautiful experience. But a tour guide would of been better. Staff there were very Accommodating for my first visit. Alot things was shut down like the movie theater. Hopefully, the budget gets back in order because MLK is legendary experience. They put a picture of Trump which should be removed he doesn't belong in the same exhibit as Dr. King .He doesn't believe in the Same dream. Over all worth going.


The history here is rises from the ground up and permeates the very air you breathe while you are there. From the Ebenezer Baptist church to the eternal flame at tomb of Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife Coretta Scott King. It has to be seen by all to know how much America struggled to have a united soul, moreover the work that still needs to be done. **Just be mindful, there are people pretending to work for the historic site, the have knowledge of the site down pat. However, when they're done with their schtick then they ask for money, they will get bitter when you don't give them money. Those who work there have national park uniforms**

Kesha Demonbreun

It is a beautiful place to visit.It was my first time and i loved it.Already planning to come back next year and bring my family.

Cheondra Thompson

The energy is amazing. The kids enjoyed all the movies, artifacts, posters, pictures and memorabilia there was to see. Great environment, free parking and very educational.

Ricardo Herrera Maso

Dr. King's life and influence have strongly shaped our country. Also it was nice walking out and seeing black children and white children playing side by side at the playground, just like Dr. King dreamed of!

Samantha Jones

Great memorial. Lots to see and learn. They give tours of Dr. King's birth home. A lot of walking but overall a great experience. Plus it's free.

Daphne Hughes

Very educational, and organized on behalf of the Visitors Center. Didn't have to do a lot of thinking or planning as far as what direction to go first because they have times for guided tours. Lots of Security guards, gift shops and places to eat.

Ivy Scarborough

Absolutely amazing. Well worth a visit so much to discover about this great man

Sandra Vicenty

I loved this cemetery. The trees, flowers, graves are all spectacular. Must see.

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