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Where is Civil Rights Memorial?

REVIEWS OF Civil Rights Memorial IN Alabama

Karen E

I enjoyed every minute spent here. This was a very emotional and eye opening experience. I loved being able to add my name to the wall. If you are in town definitely visit.

Ericka Henry

Museum was nice and informative. Civil rights will always be a neverending battle.

Jenna McKnight

Such a well done memorial of our nation's history and civil rights journey. We enjoyed walking through and talking through the exhibits with our children. Inexpensive, and worth the time to visit.

Karen Peterson

Lovely plays good locations great information I just wish that they had more in the museum as a whole you can get through the museum in about an hour I just wish it was a little longer with more facts but all in all it was a good experience

Landon Gearhart

My family and I stopped here while visiting Montgomery. The museum justly memorializes more than 40 citizens who died during the civil rights area. The outdoor memorial was under construction during our visit so we didn't see it but all in all I reccomend visiting.

yolonda Sedgwick

Very informative. There was a lot of people that I have never heard of.

Scott Morris

The Maya Lin-designed memorial is beautiful. A must-see in Montgomery

William Dowell

Great place to go to learn about black history

Birgit Pauli-Haack

Very touching fountain in front of the center. Visit it before you go into the center. It makes so much more sense when you experienced it first, before you learn more background information. It's also very moving to listen to the narration next to each piece of the puzzle.


Everyone that stops in this town should go visit this musuem. It's educational and really touched your soul ( no matter what race or religion). They have a small gift shop and you will find something you like as a reminder. Very nice people.

Joan Johnson

A great museum. Full of history and at a very reasonable price.

Jennifer Cochran

It was definitely a good exhibit to go too

Tracey Forman

It was very interesting

T Driscoll

Martin Luther King memory blacks it made me cry a little bit but I have to remember I ain't sisters took a lot to get me where I am today great place to visit lot of knowledge Alabama

Lessie Rodriguez

Great experience, good price . Very informative

Shamusi Balogun

PHENOMENAL museum! Phenomenal! I learned so much about Dr. King and the Civil Rights movement.

Bridget Jones

Incredibly moving

Carina Mondragon

Going back to the time and being able to know about all they had to endure is truly heartbreaking

J Wash

Very touching

Devona Barton

I was excited to finally visit this place and it did not disappoint. This museum has so much history as well as the town.

Laura Archibald

This place was wonderful. The history of our country is so diverse. It's amazing to see how far we have come and what our ancestors indured.

Tamera Hill

Really enjoyed this place. It was a very moving experience

Michael Barr

Such a beautiful monument and organization. The display of the history of the Civil Rights movement is breathtaking in it's simplicity and how moving it is. If you're doing the Civil Rights tour of Montgomery, then this is a must-see. After a day at the Rosa Parks museum and the EJI Legacy museum, head over to the SPLC building and reflect whilst sitting by this wonderful monument.


Be aware the memorial is actually outside. We had gone inside without even noticing it. Well worth the visit and move/wall is sobering. Sad time in history.

Joel Behnke

Great historically significant place.

Constance Manigo Daise

I must continue to heed the call given to me by God so that I will honor the ancestors.

John Copeland

On our way back to Indiana we stopped at the Civil Rights Memorial, we did not have much time to visit more, but this site fit into our time schedule and I am so glad we stopped. The memorial out front was moving in itself but once inside, the memorial came to life. The 15 minute movie did a great job putting the names to faces and their story.

Notalsia Whiting

Children 17 and under are free and adults are only $2! It only takes about 45 minutes to see everything and it's well worth the visit. Very informative!

Jessica Locs

I loved it! The guide was so knowledgeable. It added a great deal to the experience.

Marco Pérez

Wow! An amazing memorial to remember the evil of lynching we committed and defended as a nation.

Joyce Gardner

Excellent sad grief some hostile moment bought a. Thermos bottle excellent hot or cold words of wisdom on bottle not offensive love it trying not to miiiplace it.

Thletha Yates

The memorial is well organized and more than informative. It is an encapsulated experience from the past to the present of the documented injustices around the world. It is a vivid reminder that the FIGHT against injustice is the responsibility of all.

Peter Nicholson

Very Moving and worth a visit.

Frederick Graham

I work part time their all should come visit and see you would be amazed what you can learn and see..

Elna Hess

Educational and an excellent tour leader.

Carla McNeal

My advice is that you double-check to ensure that the facility is open before you try and go regardless of what the website says. My mother has been wanting to go to this museum for a few years now. My husband and I drove all the way from Maryland for a family gathering to make sure she could go. We confirmed via the website that the museum would be open. We get there only to learn that it is closed; was never really told why. Seems like a public relations/marketing gaffe that really could have been avoided by simply noting on the website that the museum would be closed today. Extremely disappointed.

Marcellin Kopandru

Somber, but relevant, inspiring, and current. Well done!

Ronald Hinkley

It is a humbling experience to walk through our nation's history. The place is very clean and well maintained.

Cherese Johnson

I loved this place. They have so much to offer sadly the water memorial is under construction. But it was breath taking.. they also have a wall where you can pledge and see your name on a wall.

Jose Morealaz

Absolutely great place I'm all about equality and justice, it's amazing learning how people faught for these ways

Marvin Chaffin

Touching memorial.

lola batista

Was in Montgomery this past weekend visiting the Memorial For Peace And Justice and was very disappointed that there was absolutely nothing to do after 3pm. Montgomery was a ghost town. There were so many tourists with no where to go and nothing to see. You'd think these civil rights museums would stay open later with the influx of tourists the Memorial is bringing in!

Sandra Wallace

Very informative

MEg Sarazine

Emotional. Beautifully done.

Robert Fraser

Powerful! An important place for ALL Americans to visit!

Niqua H

Great memorial, awesome interaction.

Brazzlie Jones

Enjoyed the visit first time been there.

Debra Winfrey

No sense in missing this small museum if you're already in Montgomery..just know that the sculpture isn't there right now - they let you know that a part of the memorial isn't available, but it wasn't really clear until we got there AND asked repeated questions that the highly-praised feature is being stored offsite while repairs are being done to the area it was stored in. This is a mistake - the sculpture should be stored somewhere where it could at least be seen. The museum itself has some good features, but frankly, their website is better. The addition of your name to the display is great for kids. The staff are great, and the facility itself is small, but very well appointed. No wasted space, for sure. If the history of the CRM is new to you, then this is an informative little stop; particularly as it ties the condition of poverty to the struggle for rights for all.


Very moving and touching place. Take the time to read everything.

Joe McDermottroe

Very interesting museum

Teresa Frankhauser

I loved it! The design is very impactful and you get and idea of how the states have responded to the memorial and it is connected to the museum.

G. Crawford

I enjoyed my visit at The Civil Rights Memorial Center. So much to see... I was in awe of all the displayed history. Only $2.00 for admission. Tour isn't as long as some of the other museum's. It is a treasure find especially for children who wear out easy. What a learning experience for all generations!! Friendly staff of people.

Ineal Knowlton

Civil rights trip was awesome.

Anthony Muljadi

Interesting museum and free for SPLC members.

Anita Parker

Interesting place to see, would recommend to anyone to see this place.

Teresa Allums

Very very informative. Guide was very knowledgeable. Will go again

John Foster

What an awesome rememberence!!

Nicole Ross

Absolutely overwhelming. Beautiful structure and land scaping. Staff was amazing.

Matt Cobb

This memorial is very moving. It has a video presentation and plaques with information about people martyred during the Civil Rights Era. Specifically between Brown v Board of Education and the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. The staff is very knowledgeable and eager to teach. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone exploring this dark period of American history.

Douglas Few

Azmazing tragic memorial of the civil Rights struggle. Such a wonderful tribute to those who fought and perished in pursuit of equality.

gamingwithMal Mal

It is worth every second. It is must go. You will not be disappointed!

Brittany Harrington

I went here and then to the Legacy museum. Highly recommend going to both.

Mookie Jones

Field trip with my son and his fourth grade classmate, we were given allot of great insight and our tourist was great

Ryan Blodgett

We'll put together small museum. Fair entry price. Cool interactive exhibits. Small gift shop at the end.

Mary Haines

This was an amazing experience that should be visited. Its moving, emotional, and humbling. We went as a part of a feild trip and I am glad I got to enjoy learning about history and some amazing people that risked everything. We will go back.

Katt Martin

Beautiful place and very moving to see the names carved into the stones in the front of the building.

Chad Tew

The Southern Poverty Law Center has been protecting our society from hate for decades. Their movie and exhibit highlights 40 people who exemplify the Civil Rights cause against hate. Step up, take their pledge and be a vessel for tolerance!

K Preyer

Absolutely the best place I have visit thus far. Admission is $2.00 and they show an 18 minute documentary.

Ken Steinhoff

I loved the moving water.

GKidz TV

More people NEED to see this place!! Absolutely will take the hate from anyone's heart!! Very well done and great place for getting informed on the injustice caused during the civil rights movement. A MUST SEE PLACE!

Charles Stone

A must see if you are in the area.



pamela knight


Pam Amundsen

Small but mighty. Take you time here. It’s a work of art and incredibly powerful storytelling exhibit.

Marquita Miller

Great experience


Small but very powerful place. You find Stories you've never heard before.

Angie Benefield

Outstanding! A must see when you go to Montgomery.

Marcia Harper

It was quite moving seeing our past through all eyes...where it began, continued and is still continuing. Being able to share in one another's presence, and share in the motivation for love and joint efforts was merely astounding. This is a MUST SEE when taking trips. Staff was pleasant, and able to answer questions about history. Being able to sign an agreement with them, and see yourself as a helper in their efforts, brought me so much joy. Thank you for opening my eyes.

willie hixon

Enjoy the museum the young man who was our guide was great he knew the information on all the people.

intellismart 28

It was great and informative. It was a nice memorial.

a *diver* NOT a swimmer

This museum, as a person of the lgbt community, moved me in such a way that I could have never imagined. When I walked through the hallway into the equal rights screen area, I nearly cried because of the great representation that we have in the southern state of Alabama. Thank-you for letting the Faith Middle School NJHS programme come and experience this museum.

Robert Nash

This is a very emotional and moving memorial to the victims of racial violence in America. It is a must see when visiting Montgomery, a birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement.

Marsha Taylor

Small museum honoring civil rights pioneer.

Claudia Olojo

Very nice memorial

Bryn Loving-Kotter

Beautiful place to learn black history.

Smittys Mid West Boxing Gym

Awesome video, awesome staff, beautiful building with a very educated staff to enlighten you on the true meaning of the Civil Rights Movement and what it was really about.

Angela Bridges

We stopped here on a trip on our way to Florida it was my best friend and my daughters. Beautiful time of reflection. A quite time to honor those who lost their life to make ours better. It did remind me of the memorial that was in Washington DC for the Vietnam vets. I was surprised to see the water coming down the wall as well as the granite fountain with the names on it.

Edwin Wilcher

The Civil Rights Memorial was educational. I learned things about the segregated south that I did not know happened. It makes you think about what people endured and what they eventually overcame just to be equal.

Dan Gunter

Run by the SPLC. There is a wonderful monument outside designed by the same woman who did the Vietnam Wall. A water feature with names and key events from the civil rights struggles carved into it. Inside there is a substantial display with photos and brief summaries of the 40 people murdered during the early movement along with other quite helpful educational materials about the times. There is also a nice short film in a modest sized theater. A mandatory stop for anyone wanting to learn all they can about the Movement.

randy st fleur

Great place to go and learn of the many untold stories of civil Rights movement. A must if you're visiting the city.

Anne Wagner

Outstanding visit. I particularly liked that they didn't spend a lot of their time on White people! They focused on what the Black individuals had experienced and had done to correct the inequities

Teri Hanson

It was a disappointing display of victimization in the form of pictures and art. There was not one thing uplifting or feelings of a hopeful future. MLK Jr would not find this display of hopelessness meaningful in the quest for equality and to build a society based upon content of each person's character It was however in one of the few clean places in Montgomery which in general seems to be a filthy and poverty stricken city. The pride in the Capitol and government area is not reflected outside that venue which is a shame for this once great and historic city.

Tabitha Thomas

More than we expected for $2 for each adult over 18 years of age! Children under the age of $17 was free! I feel blessed!

Yamel Patterson-Muñoz

It is an emotionally outstanding place. Tears were brought to my eyes with each piece of information. The museum is not very big, but it is full of enriched information. It has a digital wall for people to add their names to the cause. Strict security when going in and it is very well taken care off. The March Continues...

Melissa Esmie

Black history. My history. Very much educational.

Juan Garcia

Must visit if you have time. Nothing big but very rich in telling the story of civil rights museum

steven gametv12

It was so coolest place

Shabrekia Rockwell

Powerful place to be. Loved the atmosphere here. Will come again.

Janet P

This is a must see for every American!!!

Jody Messer

A tribute to martyrs of the cause of civil rights. Worth a look and only $2!

Krystal Gragg

I am beyond grateful for this place. Inexpensive, memorable, soul changing, and beautiful.

D Southall

All of the exhibits were not available, but our family of six thoroughly enjoyed what we saw.

Ryan Marx

It's a somber and chilling experience, but enriching and worthwhile.

Larry Keele

a poignant visit to remember hisirt

Spencer Nord

It was a very powerful museum that taught me much more about the Civil Rights Movement. It was really well organized and the information provided was fascinating. The exhibit gave the stories of 40 individuals who are remembered for their contribution to the Movement and their martyrdom. I would highly recommend this. The end of the exhibit was also great as it reminds people that the fight for civil rights is still going on and is not limited to any one group or area of the world.

Marilyn Green

This place is unbelievable I learn so much during my visit there. You must go.

Charles Smith

a good place to learn America's history

Tracy Felton

What an experience!!! A must see if you're interested in the Civil Rights Movement.

Craig Birdsong

Every American should visit museum!

Predrag Cvitanović

Our bus driver led us to his grandfather's brother's name. Hard not to year up. A must see for all of us.

Tankina Thomas

This has been one of the greatest experiences I have had.To learn how others before us fought for freedoms. To be treated equal as one not three fifths of a person. To stand united for a cause of equality and righteousness. I am encouraged to continue on with the fight for equality for all!

T Bre_123

Got to see more history about what African Americans had to go through

Ronald Headen

Very informative and enrichment

Mya Minor

Awesome tour guide

Natalie Almand

If I was into history. Would be better.

Bernard Jackson III

Captivating and riveting experience. Beautiful place to visit and learn history. Perfect day trip.

Armetta Murdic

Everyone should experience this Civil Rights Center. Valuable history and more!

Jeannette Williams

It was OK I wish it was bigger and the monument outside needs to be updated I could barely read the names

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