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REVIEWS OF Gateway Tire & Auto IN Minnesota

mnsnowboy .

Victoria Ashbrook

We're long term loyal customers. We always get great service, kind attention, and fast service. Trustworthy and no high pressure repair bills.

Pam Rosha

Got in fast, service was quick and professional and price was right.

Jon Osendorf

Highly recommend this place. Great workers and great service

andrew duke

No frills mom n pop sort of shop. They've always gotten the job done in a timely manner and no BS

David Devaney, Jr.

Amazing service. Told me putting on 4 tires would be an hour...done in less than 30 minutes. Best prices in town too. Thanks!

Adam Scepaniak

I got 4 new tires put on my lil' Chevy Cruze because I drive a ton for work. They got me an early appointment like I requested, were able to get me a loaner car so I could get some errands done while they worked, and they re-tightened the lug nuts a couple days later for my own peace of mind after driving it. They did outstanding job, and Jim was great to work with throughout the entire process. Definitely worth checking them out!

keturah besser

Wonderful owner, wonderful workers. Always worked with me and treated me with respect. Did the best without trying to get more out of me for profit. Oil changes are fastest around with no appointment!!!!! Wonderful people would never recommend anyone else after bei ng to a variety of places. To the guy who "couldnt drive your vehicle into the garage"...get real....thats weird and unnecessary.

Dale Beutel

Dear Area Customers; I love to read reviews before determining where I spend my hard-earned dollars just like everyone else, especially at car fix-it shops. They have had bad raps for years. Well this is not the reason I am writing this review. I am writing this review to say nothing but thank you so much for the honest, thorough and high level of integrity and fairness by which the Gateway crew and ownership have done business with me and my family at Gateway Tire and Auto in Waite Park, MN. Kevin, Gary, Jason, James and the crew. They have done nothing but quality work on my vehicles and not only that they are some of the most friendly and honest mechanics and car professionals I have ever worked with. I have taken my vehicles to Kevin's shop for the last 12 years and will not go anywhere else because I trust him and his staff to give me an honest evaluation, estimate and then complete the necessary work in a timely and confident manner. Not only that they go out of their way to help you out. WE, and my family of drivers are thankful, grateful and humbled by the service and work and how Kevin and Gary have worked to help us out when faced with small and large vehicle repairs. We love these guys and we love their work and we are their customers for LIFE> Have a great day, Dale and Family.


Tim Schaeppi

Had a tire leaking air pressure, they had me in and out in in less than 15 minutes and charged the fairest price I'd ever seen from an auto repair shop. These guys have my business for as long as I live around here!

Leah Taflinger

Best service and great staff

Rising Path

Jim s

Awesome service. I have had my vehicles serviced at Gateway Tire and Auto for several years. Kevin and the gang do a superior job of maintaining and repairing all of my cars, properly diagnosing issues that require attention and giving me a fair assessment of the repair and costs of the issue. The prices are fair and the service is great. They guys in the shop are knowledgeable, competent, and have great attitudes. They treat each vehicle as their own. I had an issue with some tires that wore out too soon. They took care of it. No problem. I do recommend to people to have their vehicles serviced at Gateway Tire and Auto.

Jen Stawarski

These guys are ALWAYS super fast and friendly! I'm always surprised by how quickly they have my oil change done! Plus, free popcorn :-)

Bryan Braun

Tim Stein

I went there on Saturday at 1245 and they close at 1. I get that there's only 15 minutes before rte hey close but all I needed was 1 tire balanced.. would have taken 5 minutes. Was told we don't have time and I said it wont take long. He then proceeded to explain why he couldn't because if he broke a lug it would sit until Monday. The tire was just off 2 days before to do brakes it wouldn't have snapped. He didnt care at all. I asked for his manager and he is the manager his name is Gary.Prolly the owner. And yes I was upset at this point. I needed to go to the cities and a wheel weight fell off so it was shaking a bit and wasnt before weight fell off. Prolly the owner too. I get the feeling all these bad reviews about them talking down to people. I could see 2nd get generation family's being treated differently. They want their money but not mine apparently lol. If it was a true mom and pop kinda place they would have done the tire quick. Every bad review I've noticed the "Owner gives excuses why it's the customers fault. Like they are there so its probably Gary. If you mess up it's ok dude we are all human just own it.

Scott Wellen

Robb Berscheid


Abdull Gure

Quantity doesn't mean quality. this guys can do 100 car oil change in less than 10 minute but lack the quality. i took my car on Jan 16 for simple oil change which they did but forgot to close the cab on. i drove the car to MPLS thinking my oil change has professionally been done. All of a sudden, i noticed smoke coming on the engine and my exhaust. i pulled over and opened the hood and oil everywhere in my engine. got the check engine light on. i called them right away and they told me to bring the car back but told them i was in MPLS and will bring it tomorrow. anyway i took to another mechanic in MPLS who helped to put new oil since they whole oil spilled over. he told me he will be unable to clean it and recommended i take it back to Getway. This morning (01/17), i took the car back to Getway and said, they will clean it but they used a rug to wipe it off. when i told them the oil was deep into the engine and showed them, one of the Mechanic (GARY) looked me in the eye and said, this is all they will do and just to go ahead and drive the car. i told him there could be some mechanical problem if it does not get cleaned/washed properly. he told me he was done arguing even though i have spoken with him politely. he then said, just to trust him and to go a head and drive the car. i told him if he will not clean, to at least give me a written promise for 1week to come back if there was mechanical issue with my car in the engine. he just walked away from me and that was it. i don't really do any reviews but that Gary guy was really very rude. i will not recommend to anyone tbh.

Jake Stanchfield

Fixed my tires before I could finish their complimentary coffee.

Emily Gruenke

We will never be back here again. My husband has been here many times for an oil change. He likes it because they are quick and seem to do a good job without needing an appointment. He brought our car in yesterday and also had them fix the front passenger side blinker. This morning, he was leaving for work (while it was still dark) and noticed that the headlight he fixed only a couple months ago wasn't working anymore. He looked at it closer and saw that the bulb wasn't just burnt out, it was completely broken. He brought it back in to Gateway Tire and Auto this afternoon after calling and telling them the situation. A mechanic called him back into the garage and accused my husband of breaking it himself (why would be break a bulb on his own car???) and then admitted he MIGHT have bumped a wire or something when he was fixing the blinker and that might have broken it. After finally agreeing to fix it, he started throwing things around the garage and acting like a child. My husband was appalled. He went back to the reception area to wait for it be done. When it was time to check out, my husband was going to express his concerns about the mechanic to the manager, but the manager treated him just as poorly as the mechanic had. They have lost our business for life. Now, we are just hoping that mechanic didn't break anything else in our car.

Gail Ziemer

Wish you were open on Sarurday!

Flynn Steu

I was treated very poorly by Gary. I've been a long time customer , never going back

Jake Oberly

This is the absolute best place in the St. Cloud area to get your car fixed. They are completely honest and forthcoming about repairs and price. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Dale Reek

They are the only place that touches my cars 20 years running need I say more

Joshua Jacques

Great service, quick, and honest!

Terry Medler

tom Z

I was very impressed with the service at Gateway Tire recently. I went in to get 4 new tires and an oil change and was ready to go and driving away in 20 to 25 minutes. The staff was very professional and courteous. I will definitely go back in the future

Ali A

Chris Anderson

Great service and very friendly staff . Bought 4 new tires at very reasonable price also thought something was wrong with my brakes. They looked at them and couldn't find anything wrong and told me the brakes looked good with plenty of pad plus most importantly NOTHING NEEDS TO BE DONE, And no charge for it. The first time I have ever heard that from a car repair place.

Darla Schmidt

I brought my car to Gateway because of a front end vibration. I told them that I had brought it to my dealer twice less than 2000 miles ago while it was still under warranty and was told at that time it needed an alignment. That really did not seem to help the problem. So I decided Gateway has always been helpful and honest to me so I would have the guys here look at it. The did and they told me it was either my axial or could be something with the transmission. I was told to go back to the dealer with their finding so that they could fix what they missed being it could be an expensive fix. I did go back to the dealer and there was something wrong with something in the axial. It then was fixed for free at the dealership. Thank you Gateway for your great techs that finally found that problem! Plus you could of fixed it and made the money but you were looking out for your customers.

Jefferson Shlosser

Careful of fluff reviews on this business, satisfied customers rarely review anonymously. Went in to get a bunch of work done, and apparently if you dont look like you know about mechanics they are super rude. Gary at the front desk talked to me like i was a child, even though all i did was politely ask if they would use the tie rod i had purchased before i had relised I didnt have the tools to disconnect the tie rod. I understand if you cant but that is no reason to be rude to a customer.

Jackie Beltz

I have brought my vehicles here for years, sometimes they are really awesome others not so much. This last time was the final straw, I brought my car in that was having some issues, possible fuel injector, or hose problem. They run diagnostics nothing shows up they say they ran it for awhile and it didn't sputter or anything. This is on a Tuesday, Saturday my engine blew. I talked to them about it and all they have to say is "well if it doesn't show us a problem then its not our problem." Also during this discussion (and yes I was upset but not raising my voice just tone) the guy I was talking to was rude and condescending and said as I was walking out "and now she is all upset." He said this to another customer in the waiting room. Also I was upset if they did there job my engine would not have blown and the $$$ wouldn't have been as much. It wasn't Gary who I was talking to either, Gary has always been nice but the job completion has always been hit or miss. There are plenty of other places to go that will do better work and have nicer employees

Karen Rosenberger

Like the counter guy..always friendly

Marcus Bowden

James Alberts II

Fast friendly service, at good prices. These guys know their stuff.

Art Taylor

Great service.

Tim Reynolds

Dan Kramer

Isaac Anderson

Efficient and thorough crew that are also good at customer service, hours kinda suck for me personally but i know they are good for most others (those who work non bank hours) and the employees. I got new tires here and while not the cheapest out there, they do free tire rotations when you buy a set of 4. They are also right next to my gym so they are the best fit for me.

Casey Mueller

Others are right when speaking about the worker at the counter putting customers down. Everytime I have gone in and explained a problem I have felt being treated like an idiot and that I know nothing about cars. This is why I refuse to take my car to this shop. I recommend quality care which is just down the road from them. The last time I was in I had a brake cleaning done and they cracked all the plastic caps that secure my hubcaps to my tires. Since these caps are hard to find new I had to spend a decent amount of time repairing them so they would secure my hubcaps on. This is why I will never go here again. If you do go here and have service done on your wheels and have plastic hubcaps like mine I recommend you take them off yourself and leave the hubcaps at home so they can not try to look for them so they can put them on.

Michael Brown

I would give this pl­ace 0 stars if I coul­d. Be forewarned ther­e is a very good chan­ce you will be looked­ down on, talked down­ to and treated with ­the utmost disrespect­ by the man who's alw­ays at the front coun­ter. I believe his na­me is Gary. I came in for an oil ­change and gave him m­y vehicle and persona­l information, then h­e asked for my key. I­ told him I would lik­e to drive it around ­to the bay, he stated­ due to insurance rea­sons I could not pull­ it in the bay. I tol­d him I understood th­is so I would just pu­ll my vehicle around ­to the bay entrance t­hen and they could pu­ll it into the bay. H­e looked at me with t­his condescending loo­k, and said in a snid­e way with a sarcasti­c overtone "Why?" I just simply told hi­m "because I'd like t­o pull it around". Li­ke an angry child who­ didn't get the answe­r or response he want­ed, he crumpled up th­e computer printout w­ith my information on­ it and told me forge­t it and leave. My wife and I are fai­rly new here and I wa­s going to give him m­y business. After my ­car I was going to br­ing my wife's Tuesday­, and have my two you­ng sons take there's ­as well. Not now, he ­couldn't pay me to le­t him work on our car­s. Every person in my­ family will make sur­e to let anyone we ev­er talk to know to ne­ver take their busine­ss to this man.

Dahnyata Roehl

Awesome service! Did not try to sell me things that did not need replacing. Very honest! Again the staff here amaze me, they did a check on a vehicle that we had just purchased. Because of their expertice, they saved us over $1200 and a huge headache. Thank you!!



I've been going there for years. Always a pleasurable experience. Great staff, quick, convenient, and the prices are very fair.

Nolan Brey

Quick oil change. Professional staff. Charged $4 oil disposal fee which is kinda bullshit because I could dispose of the oil at the recycling center for free. Overall good shop.

John Tuman

These guys do a great job. Friendly staff, quick service. I never feel like they're taking advantage of me.

Alissa Munson

Great staff, service, and prices. And they finished sooner than they said they would. I would go here again. Update: several years later and I still go here. :)

Travis Feldewerd

I recommend Gateway to all my family and friends. Great prices and a great group of people.

Bryan Giancola

oilman jer

Fast friendly

Sadam Abdisamad Aden

Laura Shaw

Really nice employess and good prices

Farah Mohamed

Nice tyre selers

Tom Sagerhorn

Expert Work - Tremendous Customer Service Our family has complete trust and confidence in the work done by the team at Gateway Tire and Auto. For anyone looking for a trustworthy oil-change, general repair location, I enthusiastically recommend you visit Gateway Tire & Auto. When we were new to the area, we did not know where to go for a trustworthy auto repair needs. We initially depended on reduced promotional coupons sold by area promotional agencies. In some of those cases, our experiences were adequate, in others we found ourselves fending off a manager insisting our vehicles needed expensive maintenance work. We initially went to Gateway on the recommendation of a colleague. My wife and I have been customers ever since. Oil changes are quick, reasonably priced, and convenient. We always go with the quality change, which includes a filter, topping off of fluids, car wash and general inspection. We have never left an oil change feeling pressured to assume a costly repair. When we have sought out their team for repairs, the work has been great and the customer service exceptional. In particular, as it relates to the timing of work needing to be done (they understand and respect one's need to plan vehicle maintenance around work and family responsibilities). On one repair that required a longer wait, I was conveniently provided a loaner for the work day. More than anything, however, I am most impressed with the respect and welcoming environment they provide to their customers. They are highly respectful to customers. They do not make those of us with limited knowledge of vehicles feel intimidated. They understand that the cost of unplanned vehicle maintenance is significant. During a recent repair, caused by a crack in our front headlight - we were quoted an offer for a new headlight assembly. Yet, we were also offered helpful ideas on more cost effective options for how we could fix this on our own. If you are looking for a trustworthy, family owned area business, we encourage you to visit Gateway Tire & Auto.

Brandon Hurrle

Cody Oachs

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