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REVIEWS OF Waterville Tire Center IN Maine

Dorothy Gilley

I like the people and the service there also prices plus I've known Todd for a long time he used to plow my driveway.

Jennifer Clarke

They destroyed my winter tires when they removed them. The rims are ripped. Plus they forgot to put on the hubcaps then they put them on wrong, plus they forgot to put my tires in the car, plus I waited over an hour for them to get started when I was told they would start immediately.

Ryan Kneeland

They're the most affordable tire company in town, which is a plus. However, they don't use a torque wrench when putting on lug-nuts unless you ask them. This should be standard procedure as slamming on lug-nuts without the proper torque specifications can damage brake components. Do your research and find out the torque specifications for your vehicle and be sure to ask them to put the wheels on correctly.

Morgan McCaffrey

Called and got quoted $55 and change for a tire swap over. The guy inside was awesome, let me drop my car off before work. Considering across town they charge $75 and change for a swap over.... I’m more than happy to walk away with paying $50!!!! I’ll be going here from now on.

the kat

I was horribly disappointed in the quality of service I had with getting my tires installed at Waterville Tire Center. My brother ordered tires for me from Goodyear, online, because he is able to get them for me at a discount. He set up an appointment for them to be installed yesterday morning at 9am at Waterville Tire Center. I walked in at 9am, and waited 5-10 minutes for any staff to appear to find out what I was there for. When the guy finally came up from the garage bays, I said that I had an appointment for 9am to get my tires changed, and that my brother had ordered them for me. He seemed flustered, and I at first chalked it up to them being busy, since there were probably half a dozen people sitting around waiting for their cars to be worked on. He checked a hand-scrawled list on his notepad, didn't see my or my brother's first name on the list (he only asked for first name), send another guy to see what size tires were on my car, and then said, "Oh, we have those in stock, those aren't special order." Never asked me what kind of tires I was there for, so I assumed he had my Goodyear tires that I was scheduled to have installed in stock. It takes 45 minutes before they ask me to pull my car into the bay to install the tires, and another 45 minutes to install them, but when I check out and leave, I realized that these weren't Goodyear tires. I walk back in and tell the guy this, and he says, "Oh, you ordered them online from Goodyear? Well, you were supposed to show a confirmation email. You should have ordered them through us." No apology. No explanation other than apparently it's my fault that they put the wrong tires on my car. Then, when they went to swap my tires for the correct ones, he can't find them. He says he called Goodyear, and the tires just aren't here. He claims they never got a confirmation email from Goodyear. He puts my old snow tires back on in the meantime. I check with my brother, and yes, he's got the confirmation email. He calls Goodyear. The tires were sent to Waterville Tire Center. My brother calls Waterville Tire Center and says, "No, the tires were sent. They should have arrived on April 24th. Where are they?" Now, the story is apparently that they were shipped to this guy's other tire center in Skowhegan. What? First the story is oh, the tires are in stock, then you say they aren't here and weren't sent from Goodyear, and now they are apparently in Skowhegan? The guy also says that he just didn't understand me. Really... How hard is it to understand, "I have an appointment. My brother ordered tires for me."? I speak perfectly clear English. He made no attempt to understand me, and just assumed that I was going to take whatever old tires he wanted to put on my car, because he couldn't be bothered to find out what tires actually were ordered and supposed to go on my car. When I called him on it, he didn't even have the grace to say, "Gee, I'm sorry, there must have been a mix-up. Let me see if I can make this right for you," and instead kept blaming me, while spouting an ever changing story in an attempt to cover his ass. At minimum, this place is utterly incompetent. At worst, they were trying to see if they could get away with giving me cheap tires and keeping my Goodyear tires to sell to someone else. At my request, Goodyear cancelled the order, so hopefully they will get the tires back, but goodness knows when, since who knows if they actually are in Skowhegan or Waterville, or on someone else's car already. I have no idea why they are a Goodyear authorized installer, but they should not be. I will never be using them again.

Amy Meservie

They have great workers n there very affordable

James French

Best place around. Mike and the boys are awesome.

Priscilla Weeks

Brenda Blair

Great fast work

Craig Clyde

Awesome place to do business! The workers there treat you great and let you know what's going on when you are getting your tires done. Highly recommended!

Pete Haase

Gr8 peeps & prices!

Erica Stewart

Great experience, happy that they took the time to help my daughter!

Kimberly Graves

Only place i go

dan suske

Been using Waterville Tire for years now. They will match any price, make special orders and the service is always great

Frank Luce

Great place!!!

David St.Jean

Got my tractor tire fixed the same day these guys rock !!!

Kathy Phelps

Omg thank you thank you waterville tire!!°° fabulous service I'm soo pleased!!

Candida Robert

Unbeatable customer service !!!!

dylan Langone

Had them swap tires on my Escalade and they couldn’t of done a better job in terms of service, pricing, and fitting me in same day for mount,balance, and alignment. Mike is your go to guy over there going above and beyond to make a customer happy. I’ll be back for sure

Josh Trenholm

Always seem to get you in even in a snowstorm . Honest and fair prices!!

Jacob Lory

Great shop to buy Michelin!

Joshua Roy

Ron Townsley

Always beat everyone on price and service. Friendly and professional.

Gerry Gosselin

Quick, timely & friendly service.

Lawrence Roach

Always the best.

Robert Richard

Bobbie Rowell

Excellent Service with honesty and integrity!

Brad Mulligan

best tire dealer around

Dot Milligan

Great service! Wonderful people too!

Walter Moody

Great service

Brian Armstrong

Cindy Gross

Jared Fish

I've been going to Waterville tire for about 7 years. They use to have great service. The last to times I've gone they've broken studs. This time not only did they break a stud they crossthreaded 3 more. They are the cheapest place in town but you get what you pay for.

Kristie Gittersberger

Mike was awesome. Quick. Kind. And professional. Fourth flat tire caused by nails all within a month. Each family member has had Waterville Tire assist us, along with AAA. Thank you Mike.

David Forkey

They are the best in Maine

Ray Rayeski

I've bought plenty of sets tires from them havnt had an issue. price match anyone, quick service. my experence u get a better quality tire and brand for ur buck with these guys. only rated 4 stars bec there always room for improvement.

Charles Sabattis

Best price on whatever tires you want. They back up their work. Thanks for a great deal.

charles williams jr

Great customer service. Fantastic warranty on all tires.

Fran Simard

Very busy place

Carl Chapman

Bruce Lancaster

Great prices, service.

Ashley Fisher

Ben Gurney

Edward Robinson

ray alley

Billy Davis

Malak Alyemen

Great customer servicw


Great place

Patty Smith

Great place good prices

Kathy Giles

Excellent service !!

wendy dow

Carrie-Leigh Plentus

Bea Barry

Quick, friendly, honest service no surprise fees.

Karen Winfree

Friendly service and they stand behind their work, above and beyond.

Svea Elaine

These guys are amazing! So friendly and helpful. Best prices on tires and service anywhere in Maine. This is the only place I will go for tires because you will not find a better deal or more honest, friendly and knowledgeable staff anywhere else.

Cindy Davis

Great service, reasonable prices!!

David Burns

Michelle Taylor

Drew H

Went on Saturday morning for tires and tire swap out. The manager was very helpful even though they were swamped! He had a lot to deal with and I asked if I could purchase the tires and return later. He agreed and went to have then studded for me, the guys down stairs forgot so I ended up waiting 3 hours, but the manager compensated me for my time. I found out later when I returned home that whoever serviced my vehicle broke 3 of the alloy wheel caps, missed about half the studs on one tire, and got grease all over the inside of my vehicle. Great manager, terrible employees

Amanda Jewell

Gabryel Dunphy

Best deals around and great people.

Anne Hodgdon

Jeff Lawler

Heather Gluck

Awesome awesome service, prices and workers!!!!!!! Recommended to everyone!!!!!

robert bailey

Korny Sinclair

Very friendly

Robbie Greatorex

Always get me right In and if something goes wrong they fix it Everytime great place won't go anywhere else


Best prices and customer care!

Stephen Getchell

D-Rae Harvey

Stefanie Pooley

Good service, good workers. The place is always busy, so be sure to go first thing in the morning.

Steven Knights

Michael Bolduc

Honest, great prices

Jared Hebert

Ryan Doucette

Kevin Turner

Best tire prices, stand behind their product

kevin trott

Great tire prices and great service. I don't go anywhere else!

annette landry

John Laqualia

Pat Violette

Tammy Harris

Mark Azevedo

Excellent as always

Matthew Mooney

Got me in and out 15 min

Steven Allmendinger

Denise Densmore

Kevin Thompson

Good prices, fast and friendly service.

Cory Barnett

Staff was friendly and helpful. Despite having a full garage they managed to ensure my vehicle was able to be serviced before I left town for a few days trip.

Priscilla O'Brien

brian nichols

Best costumer service ever could not ask for anything better they patched a tire with 8 nails in it and this service is why I only buy tires there and never go anywhere else thank you very much

Todd Trull

Best tire center in the state

Arthur Dinsmore

Best tire shop in town

Tim Damon

Great service and super honest. We came in to get a flat tire replaced and they could have just sold us a new tire but they inspected it and repaired it for just $20. I'll be coming here from now on.

Jeff Henry

Nathan Raynes

Thomas Welch

Great Service!! They are a super busy establishment, but can turn customers quick!!!!!

Carlos jimenez

Mike was Awesome! He fit me in! Rotated and balanced my tires in 20 minutes on their busiest day of the year! But the best part is this service is included with my purchase of Goodyear 20" Truck Tires! Love Waterville Tire!

Karla Schieferstein

Mark Evasius

Excellent service and value

Mike Murphy

Jason Roy

Fast paced competitive pricing

C Peavey

Ray Lombard

Dan Barstow

Excellent service....they also stand behind what they sell. I recommend them highly

Nikol Nolton

I've purchased a few tires and a couple rims from Waterville Tire, they are very reasonable .. excellent service and your treated with the utmost respect .. these guys know there business! Keep up the great work.

Bobbie Raymond

Lori Cookson

The BEST in customer service and prompt finishing time. I took a tire in to be replaced and put on the rim it was fast and very affordable. No wonder they were voted best tire center in waterville 14 yrs running!. Thank you one happy customer.

Bri R

Amazing customer service, with great prices. I was told the wait was 45 min. They were done in 40. Exceptional service from knowledgeable staff.

Dean McCaslin

They have great prices and work hard to get folks in and out of there. You got to give those guys their due they are humping tires out side NO garage! So I guess that keeps the prices down.

Barbara Hubbard

Excellent customer service!!!

Jim Hines

Lawrence Rotta III

Friendly and good people to work with

Mark R

Jennifer Spencer

EXCELLENT SERVICE. Any reviews of them taking a long time must have been on a super busy day, because we were in and out. I would be more suspicious of a shop that just rotated tires all quick and inattentive, just to get me out of there. This place didn't do that. They knew their stuff, and took the time to do a proper job. Service: great. Quality: great. Cost/value: great. I will definitely be returning to their shop.

steak 1

Angela Witam

Always friendly, knowledgeable. This is the only place I ever take my vehicles to.

Josh Richardson

Anne Mosher

Great guys who will look out for the best deal for you without sacrificing quality!

Jonathan Storman

When to them to get two new tires and there where very nice. Did not take long for them to get my car done. Just want to say thank you to everyone. I recommend them to anyone out there. Also they have great prices on tires

Chad Gilley

Great service

Kenneth Turpel

Fast service.

Daniel Jada

Bo Buker

Sandi Noel

In and out in a few mins tire service man very polite

Aaron Pooley

Good prices a little slow on the service

Brian Arbo

Lisa Kaherl


Jace Ireland

Fast service, great prices. No one can match their prices.

Katrina Bouchard

Cristo Yorkez

$45 to have 3 tires installed less than 30 mins. Can't beat it in Waterville

Scott E

Great help

Cheryl Tuttle

It's a great place to buy tiers

Carla Staples

Great deals and awesome service

Coby Couture

Always been one of the cheapest tire places around. Not to mention their quality service. They also do Bike/Scooter tires, which has been hard to find for a decent price. I was quoted $90 from another place to change over my scooter tire, Waterville Tire did it for $5.

Nathan Fowler

Beat service and prices in the area

Kayla Dow

Herman Venneman


Jeremy Holt

Best deals around

Northwoods 3349

Best place

John Picchiotti

Donald Waite

Great service and best prices in the Waterville area!

Bryant Paddack

They make you wait way too long for service.

Troy LaBreck

Good service, and prices

Ron Stauble

Good place to get tires worked on, but you end up waiting a bit. Still, they work with you & can bail you out of a tight spot, as they've done for me.

Rick Bradstreet

Good service

Belinda Baldic

Awesome place, fast service, very nice people to do business with.

everett tinker

Very friendly with prompt and professional service and pricing was very reasonable

Jamie Gray

Robert Reeves

Excellent service

Dale Huard

Very busy tire shop. You do have to wait at times but the do a awesome job and their prices are the best.

Daniel Rodrigue

I had my son's atv tire fixed friendly service at a great price

Inez Cyr

Everytime I I need something Jeremy and his crew have always been great! I will always buy my tires there. Today they found a screw in one and replaced a stem on another! Because I buy my tires there there was NO CHARGE! Thank you Jeremy and crew!

Mark mushero

Gerald Ryder

Brandy Nichols

Nice people. Good fair prices

Erin Ripley

David A

Best place for your tires. Best service, best choices, best prices...whats not to like. They go the extra mile.

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