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REVIEWS OF Harmon's Tire & Service Center IN Maine

Gary Gray

Tiff Yarbrough

New to town, and the Northeast- went in to inquire about snow tires. The owner was incredibly helpful in advising me. Husband had a great experience as well and after purchasing new tires- we have been 110% pleased with our experience at Harmon's. Would recommend to anyone!!!

Dan Bricklin

We were on our way back home from Acadia National Park when we heard a noise under the car. Something was dragging on the ground under the engine. It was a Saturday. My wife Googled for a car service place nearby. Only Harmon's said to come right in. Despite some low reviews on Google, we decided to go anyway. They took us right away, had one of their mechanics get the car up on a lift, and reattached the splash guard under the engine, fixing a part that has worn off as it dragged, and explained to us what probably happened (last mechanic may have forgotten to reattach a clip when changing the oil the week before) and told us what to tell the next person who changed our oil (about the fix they made). All very courteous to my wife and me. Even though checking it and fixing it took 10-15 minutes or so, and I was clearly ready to pay for their time and availability on a weekend, when I asked how much, they said "No charge" since it was so minor. I rarely write reviews, but since I know people depend on them when traveling, and Ellsworth is a common place for travelers to go through on weekends, and what happened to us is probably not uncommon, I wanted to pass on our experience.

Jeff Palmer

Professional and reasonable.

JoA Haske

Fast, efficient service for my car inspection.

Michael S Freniere


Erik Wanner

My last experience at Harmon's was unfortunately quite negative. I had phoned to schedule an appointment to get my summer tires put back on my car. At the same time, I inquired about purchasing new wheels or rims that my winter tires could be mounted on so the swaps didn't take as long. It could've been a simple case of miscommunication but I was told that I could indeed purchase new wheels and it would be relatively inexpensive (90$ or so). Upon arriving at my appointment, I inquired again about purchasing new wheels so my winter tires could be mounted to them. I was told that not only would they not be able to sell me new rims, they would also be several times more expensive than I was quoted due to the tire pressure sensors. I do believe this was honest miscommunication but a bit disheartening, especially when none of the staff were able to refer me to any business in the area where I could purchase new rims, except to look in a junkyard. Really? After two and a bit hours my tires had been changed out and I left, foolishly without checking my receipt first. Upon arriving home I glanced at the paperwork to find that not only had I been charged for a tire rotation that I had asked for, I was also charged for a state inspection that I NEVER asked for. Granted, my inspection was due to expire that month, but I had already scheduled a multi-point inspection and full workup at my dealership later in the week. Upon calling Harmon's back and explaining the situation, I was told I would have to drive the 20 or so miles back that same day to resolve the situation. I am very fortunate that I am in a situation where an additional 15 dollar charge doesn't affect me, but I live in an area where it could very easily affect someone who doesn't have that 15 dollars to spare. Simply put, I will be finding a new tire shop to patron.

albert webb

Jonathan Warren

This place is awful. I took my car in for some front end issues and told them to give me a rough estimate. Instead they did the work with out consulting me first. Next thing I know they are asking me for $1300. So I neglectfully paid for the work anyways. Turns out they didn't do much "fixing" they bubble gummed up the front a bit and called it good enough. Long story short they nickel and dime you for half assed work.

Nancy Richardson

Dr. Anne Marie V. Quin

Harmon's Tire is an excellent choice for service to my vehicle. Albert Harmon, the proprietor is a first-rate person who knows a great deal about car care. His diagnostic tests are able to pinpoint exactly what is needed, and he has the auto mechanics who know how to get it done!

David Lanham

Great car wash

GON 85

Jennifer Temple

Marina Khoury

Betty Richards

I had an emergency and they took me right in. They went out of their way to make sure I was safe on the road home. Very, very nice owner, mechanic and office staff.

Roger Keene

Love my small hometown and hate to be negative but my car failed a state inspection because "my tread was too small". In Maine the law is 2/32" or deeper tread passes while less fails inspection. Woman told me my tread was only 2/32 and that I failed BUT... she would sell me 2 tires to clear it all up. I pointed out that in Maine under 29-A 1917 sec. 4 ... 2/32 does not fail. She insisted I had failed. I asked her how I failed and her reaponse was "I don't know". I paid and went to another garage. They measured and I passed with 2.75/32... way more than the legal requirements. Lying to make a sale lost a customer and inspired someone who does not mind being vocal about this abuse of power just to make a sale.

avo martin

Kind of expensive but they managed to get everything done really fast

Ben Gurney

Brandon Lane

Mary Schouten

Best customer service ever!! Alternator went 1st day into vacation! It's a busy place but they got me on the road again after 2 days. Not bad!!


While visiting Bar Harbor my car broke down on a Saturday and was towed to their shop. They diagnosed the problem and fixed it the next business day. They were very friendly and took time to answer my questions. I was very happy with the work they did and the price I paid. Highly recommend.

Tec Knows

Ha. They reamed out a hole in my tire which had a very minor leak, THEN checked my tread level to tell me they couldn't patch it. Scuffed up my rims in the process, put the tire on my car which then wouldn't hold air at all anymore, and wouldn't sell me a tire after making my baby daughter and I stranded. I recommend staying far far far away from this place. Dirt is what they are. Ohh, they also said my car needed $1,600 worth of work for inspection not including rust Repairs they don't handle. I fixed my Front Main Seal to Stop the oil leak, got new tires, and the next 4 Mechanics praised me for my cars conditions.

sharon coombs

Linda Smith

Our Ford Escape "died" on the way up to Cadillac Mtn...for the sunset. Many thanks to Harmon's Tire. It was not an easy fix as it was the alternater... Thanks so much!

Michael Corso

Very personal.

Rich P

Harmon's was recommended to me by our neighbors. Glad we asked. We needed new tires, so stopped by there to get a quote. They suggested General tires at a great sale price. Made an appointment for that afternoon. Drove away happily less than hour later. The process couldn't have gone more smoothly. We purchased some great tires and received even better service.

Susan Schwartz

alicia Ryan

Car wash works good!

Marie Anastos

Joseph Segari

Wouldn't trust my vehicle to any other mechanics.

Shea' Forst

Extremely high priced on parts, cheaper buying yourself n have them put it on. Would never go back.

Michael Harris

Excellent service. Worked on our car in short notice. Free car wash with oil change.

Vernon Shay

Nancy Sawyer

The staff is wonderful!!! Can't say enough about them!


Sitting in the waiting room now, and I have been extremely impressed with the prompt and Professional Service. We were passing through on a family RV trip and needed two tires replaced immediately. Mr. Herman went out of his way to go across town and find the tires we needed and had us back on the road in no time, and at a reasonable price.

Dean Bird

Great service

Juliette Akins

Hit a curb and ruined my tire, went to Harmon” Tire service and was very happy with their service! Very fast and friendly ! Thank you for your help!

Ronald Lyons

sherry taylor

Awsome service very friendly

Marc Milhomme

Siobhan Pierce

I got a flat tire on MDI and raced to get to Harmon before they closed, being the only tire shop in the area with my size tire. They stayed late and even fixed an additional problem. They went the extra mile when needed most.

william mcdonnell

Great service and most of the time quick.

Mike McKernan

I have purchased several sets of tires from Harmons and have been very satisfied with the workmanship and service. They will provide a loaner vehicle (by reservation) so you can get on with your day while your car is being repaired.

Pete Moran

Great customer service! Needed a repair while on vacation. They handled our needs at a fair price.

Jodie Gribik

I cannot say enough about the service and hospitality we received at Harmon's. A couple Pennsylvanian's and their dog find themselves on the border (Lubec) with a large nail in our tire. Once removed and patched and worked on at every auto shop we could find in the small towns east of Ellsworth, the tire just kept leaking air quickly. We were so worried as to how we'd make it the whole way home to southern PA. After calling other shops with no luck, Harmon's not only had our tire in stock, they agreed to replace it at our convenience when we were traveling back through town. We were still worrying... how much time will it add to our long trip, what will we do with our beloved old German Shepherd Hynes while the car is fixed, etc. We arrived at Harmon's, they allowed Hynes into the waiting room with us, everyone was so friendly with us the entire time - which was less than 40 minutes!! They had us out of there and safely on our way back home in no time! It was truly the most pleasant car repair experience we have ever had. There was no need for worry... the staff at Harmon's took good care of our car, us, and our dog. We could not be more grateful to all the staff at Harmon’s!

Roland Bourre

Ann Rivers

Ashley Farrow

Elwood Cobb

They do a great kid . Very friendly and knowledgeable

Shawn Cross

Nicole Brannon

Mary Carolyn

The most helpful, friendliest staff ever! They called me when they said they would, they had my alternator repaired in 2 days! I even had to go retrieve an item from the back of my car while they were working on it. The mechanic kindly let it down, I got my stuff, and he continued working. Sorry, I can't remember his name. The young lady up front, I believe her name is Erin, was very kind and helpful. Great staff! Great service!

Deanna Pellater

They are the best

Martha Hankins

Was very good service...n reasonable price...had to have some transmission fluid happy with their work.


I was on a week road trip to Acadia from Cleveland and my lower ball joint was like, adios dude, and snapped in half while reversing out of a parking spot in Walgreen's (right across the street from Harmon's). I called around to get pricing in the area and most shops were telling me it would take a couple of days due to high volume during the summer months and all the travelers. That's when Albert came by from Harmon's to assess what would need to be fixed, and assured me he would have guys come in early tomorrow morning (I came to find he was the owner) to get it fixed first thing. Albert was extremely empathetic for my situation and was sure to ask about where I would be spending the night and gave several recommendations for camping in the area. I made a reservation, unloaded my bicycle, loaded my backpacking bag with tent and supplies for the night, and was ready to ride to a local campground. Albert insisted he drive me to the campsite. When his secretary called in the morning, she said he would be by my campsite when I was ready and surely, 15 minutes later Albert came pulling up. I know that doesn't speak to the quality of the automotive work but Albert is one hell of a guy. I will say I was very happy with the pricing and that the sales staff was not aggressively pushy with their suggestion in replacing the upper ball joints as they do have some play in them. They are AAA certified and Albert's father was the original owner. While spending time in downtown Lamoine that evening a lot of the locals even said that shop has a good reputation for being legitimate and honest. Thanks again Albert and employees, your kindness was very much appreciated.

Richard Goodwin

Good people!

Jennifer Bredin

I was visiting Lamoine from out of town when I blew out a tire and was pretty much stranded on our last day of vacation. Mr Harmon was very helpful, informative, and very fair in pricing even when I was in a pinch. I can't say that I'll be back since I don't live in the area, but I would definitely recommend his service.

Ace Adams

Harmon's tire & service is top shelf, honest service at a fair price. Highly recommend if you are in Ellsworth.

Manuel Nunez

(Translated by Google) Very nice staff (Original) Personal muy agradable

Fred Ehrlenbach

trac Batson

William Freeman

Danielle Millett


I have taken my vehicles here for the past 5 years and was very happy with the service until about a year ago. I had to take my vehicle back after a repair job on one needed to be towed back. I gave them the benefit of the doubt that it was a one off and the next time I needed repairs I wound up having to take it back 3 times! They never charged me more which I think speaks well of them, but it is a hassle to have to keep going back when they say it's fixed and it's not. This last time I went in for an oil change and they tried to charge me $75 to change a parking light bulb. They said it was mostly labor charges as it would take 45 minutes to take the bumper off to change the bulb. I declined and did it myself. The bumper doesn't need to come off, just unscrew two bolts and pop out the headlight assembly. So for $7 I got 2 bulbs and it took a total of 5 minutes for me, a person who has never done it before, to install it. I really like the staff out front, they are always nice and friendly, but it seems to me that they have an issue with their mechanics.

Seth Dickinson

Two hours and fifteen minutes for an alignment. These guys are a joke. Save yourself some time and don't go there.

Rene' Becker

Gumaro Manriquez

Allen Treadwell

Awesome service

Gordon Longsworth

Curtis McKinney

In need of tires or a little auto repair. Harmon's is the place to go.

Ryan West

Sarah Luna

Best car wash in town

Charles Ramsberger

They try harder. Short wait good service

Great Northern

Pat Campbell

My daughter needed help with a tire problem after just arriving in Bar Harbor for college from upstate NY. She just drove into Harmon's and they took great care of her without us even having an appointment. The service was fast and of high quality!

D. F.

We were touring with our old camper-van out in Acadia National Park when we had an issue with the radiator. While we were kind of stressed because we were tourist and english is our second language, Harmon's personnel were really professional and friendly. They made sure that the car was up and running as soon as they could, and we really appreciated it, even showing us the piece which was broke (turn out a pipe busted). So a big thank you to all the folk in Harmon's, nice flowers, by the way!

Bill Duffy

Timely and accurate

Jay Goguen

Sam. Sotirelis

eSurprise , honest and straight about work needing to be done on track and on time double checked cost of parts and was surprised only billed close to cost+ labor, so all in all a successful endeavor

Joanna Lampe

Harmon's was recommended by a local friend when I wanted to get my car checked out while on vacation. They did a great job at a good price, offered some helpful advice on how to keep the car in good shape, and even threw in a free car wash with the purchase of an oil change and tune-up. I'm very pleased with how good my car looked and felt afterwards.

Atlantic Climbing School

I dropped my car off at 8:00am and was told to pick it up at 11:00am. Around 10:00am I was told that they were waiting on parts and it would be done by 1:30pm. By 2:30pm I showed up and they said they still were waiting on the parts. Apparently my car had just been sitting there all day !I drove away very angry and with zero work done to my car! I had spoke to them a week earlier and they had ordered all of the parts. Why have me drop off my car if you don't have the parts! NOT IMPRESSED!

Chi-Ming Chen

Our VW had a tire pressure issue (TMPS light on) on Saturday on Deer Island and we filled some regular air at the Apex gas station (the lady owner could not be nicer) to the tire seemed to have a low pressure issue; however, our tires were from Costco, so the tires were inflated with nitrogen. I got a bit worry about mixing nitrogen with regular air for my front left (it turned out that based on the trusted internet website, it is actually perfectly ok to mix air with nitrogen for the tire). We reset the tire pressure by pressing the reset button, and then drove more than 150 miles without any issue after that (no more light on and other issues). But we are going to drive long distance on Monday (today) and the following weeks with kids. Hence, I decided to bring my car to Harmon's tire due to the fact that they have nitrogen for inflating tires! I went in and discussed with the front desk staff member (Maine people are nice); eventually, they just inflate all four tires with proper digital PSI measurement when inflating tires with nitrogen, FOR FREE!! I felt that I have to pay something, so I used they automatic car washing service (since it is Monday, they have discounts for the wax washing, so it is the same price as regular washing). Now, my car is in good condition and it is clean. They deserve a good review, so I am here, writing my first review for google users.

Sandra Blanchette

Excellent service and a good price. I needed tires, a state inspection and a wheel alignment. They were able to fit me in the next day. Also very nice staff.

joseph beninati

I went in for state inspection mechanic took it in the back did his inspection. came back failed with a long list of things that was wrong with it. then I asked for a price to have it fixed the man at the front desk said that he'd give me a call back waited till that evening I call them back asking for the price quote the man at the front desk extremely rude to me over the phone and said will call you as soon as we get it one week went by no phone call so I took it somewhere else and only one thing on that list was bad . Beware looks shady to me.

Michael A. Aiguier

Why So Serious?

Self service RV wash...

Benjamin Bartlett

Fast, friendly, knowledgeable, clean and professional. Very impressed.

Robert Coppage

John Stutz

They did a great job, reasonable price.


This is a review of car wash.

Will C

ATTENTION OUT-OF-STATERS: These guys will NOT screw you over. They do quality work at a fair price and will get you back on the road in a crunch. Take it from a mechanically illiterate Vermonter who was in a bad way. Shouts out to Teddy and the crew for a darn good job. My hat is off to you guys.

Joyce Currier

Stopped in unexpectedly due to low tire pressure, and the worker who helped me out was very courteous and extremely helpful. So glad a gentleman at a gas station referred this facility me to this place.

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