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REVIEWS OF Auto Care Plus Complete Tire and Service Center IN Maine

Talia Turner

Kathy was super knowledgeable and helpful when I asked for her help. Very funny on top of that too! Made me feel better when I was stressed out about my car.

John Degraw

My wife and I just moved here to South Portland and were in need of repairs to our Hyundai Elantra. The staff at Auto Care Plus on Westbrook St are amazing. They diagnosed our car as needing a new starter after we thought our car needed a battery charge. It explained the hesitation and even lack of starting we experienced during our move up here. We also had them upgrade our tires to all season tires as we wanted to make sure the car was ready to drive on snow and ice. They found us a great deal and even included free rotation and balancing for the life of the tires. We will be bringing my truck in next and highly recommend their services to anyone!

Marlen Garcia

I used this services to repair the rear defroster of my vehicle about two weeks ago. They inspected the car to find the problem and solution and did not fix the problem. I did not notice until my windows was frozen. what a horrible service. I trust this shop. I had to come back. After I leave my car for 4.5 hrs I got a call telling me that I have to pay $350 for a connector. They charged me and my car still broken. There are better places out there. Never again

Patricia Gardner

Always reliable, no surprises! We've trusted our family cars to them for 20+ years and will continue to do so. They repair only what's necessary; keep you in the loop before doing any major repairs; provide detailed explanation about what was done and/or needs to be done and when. They really care about their service. Lastly, love the new look and feel of the shop. Thanks!

Shannon Tenney

Wonderful place for anything you need for work on your car. Friendly staff. I went in to get an inspection, they charged me & i needed a new windshield. I went and got a new windshield, 3 days later I went back for a sticker & they didn’t charge me again for the sticker because I had been in there a few days prior. They really care about their customers & I will never go anywhere else besides here. Matt is very welcoming & always knowledgeable with any questions you may have. Great service!!

jim tasker

Place is a total rip off!!! Stay away

Kimberly B. Favorites

Downey Family

We are long time customers with two cars that Auto Care Plus (and previously as Trites) performs maintenance for us. There are not only savings in time compared to going down to Rochester to a dealer, but also pricing for major maintenance milestones is better than the dealer's. Scheduling and local shuttle service are added conveniences.

Lisa McNeil

The crew at Auto Care Plus is very knowledgeable and caring. They have explained all the different car issues I've had in a way that I could understand and make well informed decisions about next steps. They follow up to make sure everything is okay. This is my best mechanic experience yet.

Jamie Lebish

Mary Pruchansky

Got an appointment for the very next day when I called and was in and out quickly. John and his staff were friendly and helpful!

Holly Nunan

Every time I visit Auto Care Plus they are always so prompt and polite, and they always let me know exactly what's going on with my vehicle. I actually needed a ride after having dropped my car off this afternoon and Matt was kind enough to get me to where I needed to be. Matt and Jeff of Auto Care Plus were also exceptionally kind and helpful upon my return once my car was ready -- service was SUPER FAST by the way. I always feel very comfortable bringing my car here and will continue to do so for as long as I own a vehicle. Thank you, Auto Care Plus! You guys are the best!

Kristen Hoglund

I have been bringing my vehicles here for a few years now and I trust them because they truly care about their customers and deliver quality services for reasonable costs. They always take the time to explain problems and I feel they have always been resonable. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Bobbie Mercer

I needed my car inspected and work in So. Portland. I was nervous about going someplace I had never been. I called on my lunch break and Matt answered the phone. From the phone call to the completion of my sticker was such a great experience. The technicians were kind and showed me exactly what I needed for my inspection. They also showed me what may need some attention in the future. I look forward to taking my car back there for its next oil change! Thanks Auto Care Plus Team!! Nice work :-D

Dan Munro

I asked them to replace the valve & then inspect it, so they went ahead and tried to make up a story about my 2 front wheel "bearings" being worn out (THEY'RE FINE) and they tried to charge me an additional $1,600 to pass the inspection. Even if the bearings were bad, how would that possibly cost as much as a head gasket?!?! 4 hours of work and maby $300 worth of parts. That should only be $600-$700 at the absolute most!!! The manager was rude, unpleasant, and he billigerantly tried to rip me off. I've honestly felt sick about it ever since I left the shop last Friday after paying $160 for them to do absolutely nothing besides fail my inspection & then to top it off these lowlifes tried to charge me $1,600 to fix it. They might as well have robbed me at gunpoint. That would've been a lot more honest. There is nothing worse than people ripping you off and then acting like they did you a favor... Absolutely disgraceful.

Steven Erskine

Fast,HONEST, quality service I highly recommend them for any of your cars service!!!!

Eric Mercer

Very poor experience here. Was told to show up early for an appointment that I had to wait more than an hour for them to get to. The customer they were on the phone with while I was waiting was being charged 175$ for an oil change and air filters.

saju s

*****EDIT (Reply to owner's response):****** Sir, I kindly request not to pass on wrong info to the fellow google users. I was never pressed for time and in fact if you remember, I requested if I can stay with the technician to see the work getting done if required. The brake pad has no issue which even your technician confirmed. When the problem is with the transmission I don't understand why still the brakes are being discussed. I went to 2 other shops since the first shop detected the real issue and referred me to a specialist dealing with transmission, and that's what I call customer oriented action. ************************************************** I went in for a whining noise from my front side of the car and guess what, THEY DID NOT EVEN DRIVE MY CAR to see what the actual noise is ! Just removed my front wheel for no reason and said the noise is because of the rust and can't do anything. Oh yeah, they charged close to $25 for doing nothing ! Why am I saying this, I was not convinced with what they said and took my car to 2 other workshops and they diagnosed it as a problem with my transmission and DID NOT CHARGE ME A SINGLE PENNY for the inspection !!! These guys are money thirsty vampires ! The actually suggested all 4 brake check for this issue - wait a minute, sound is only from front left and a check for rear wheels as well ? WHY THEY GOT 4.5 STARS ? I advice everyone to have a look at the people who gave 5 stars. Most of them have only one single review attached to their profile and no public profile photo, now the conclusion is up to you.

Tom Michaud

I have received nothing but the best services from the folks here. A few months ago, my ignition cylinder went, not only did the people here get my car done in a timely manner, it was early! I recently wenot in for some more work (front brakes, inspection, oil change, etc) and they had my vehicle done that SAME day! Talk about service!!! The guys up at the front desk are super friendly and genuinely concerned with making sure all our needs as customers are taken care of. I highly recommend this business to anyone tired of being treated like crap, and to anyone who likes outstanding service with a smile. I will continue to take all my cars here in the future.

Eric Mulligan

Top notch quality service from these gentlemen. My vehicle stopped performing the way it should and I knew I needed to have it repaired as soon as possible. I have had work done at other places around the Portland area which happened to be part of the problem my vehicle had failed on me. I used Google to find the best rated shop..... Well. Here it is. Not only did they repair my vehicle... But they wouldn't stop looking for the parts I needed until they found them at a good price... They care, they call to let you know what's going on so you aren't worried... And best of all... They are honest. Thanks guys!!!! If I need work done in the future you are who I will be calling!!!

Matt n Mj Sonia

Wonderful service and staff, upfront with explaining problems if any with your vehicle.

sweet and fun

zac smith

Brought my Saturn L300 here twice in a row last winter- just to get my oxygen sensor replaced so I could wipe the check engine light and get my car inspected. Over $2,500 later (I am a college student and have been supporting myself for 4 years- not an easy amount of money to come up with), they have replaced just about everything except for my O2 sensor. My check engine light is STILL on. I feel taken advantage of, and I seriously question their practices here. They never solved 1 issue. I went to another mechanic and showed them the receipt for repairs I got from my visit here - they told me that I shouldn't ever go back there because I was practically scammed.

Dan Gelinas

I had been having trouble with the Turbo in my car. I brought it first to the local guy I had been used to going to. They told me they could clean out some valves and that would probably help. It didn't. I took it to another guy who admitted he didn't have the chops to address the issue and recommended I take it to the dealer, Bill Dodge Kia in Westbrook ME. I brought it to Bill Dodge Kia and they told me they knew exactly what the problem was. They charged me a thousand bucks and performed their fix and told me I was all set. Not only did the problem persist, but my engine then seized. I'm initiating legal action against them. I found a replacement engine through a friend of a friend. They installed said replacement engine and turbo and I thought at least now my turbo problem would be gone. But it wasn't. I finally found Auto Care Plus and brought the car to them. Matt and company were very attentive and listened to the whole saga in disbelief. Matt asked if they could keep the car and test it for a while. They put me in a loaner free of charge. Matt called me back a day or so later and said they'd found the problem. I feel badly, because I laughed out loud and told him he was the 5th person to tell me that. He said he understood and performed the fix. They kept the car an extra day so they could perform more tests and make absolutely sure that what they'd done had fixed the problem. It DID! It's been over a week now and all symptoms are gone. Matt and his crew at Auto Care Plus has earned all my business--from inspections and oil changes to tune ups and tires--from this day forward. Thanks guys! Sincerely, Dan Gelinas Raymond ME

Ryan Kelley

Reasonable pricing and good service. They caught the issues the dealer missed and fixed them in a timely manner at a reasonable cost.

Karen Carroll

Fantastic experience! Our car broke down while vacationing last week and Autocareplus was recommended to us. We had our vehicle back in great shape the next day. When the breakdown occurred, we were a couple hours from our hotel, so they gave us a loaner car to use during the repair, which saved us the expense of a rental. Friendly, helpful and affordable. We really can't thank them enough.

Leo Hoban

Let me share my tale of woe; left a friend's house on the way back to Mass in a light snow, no heat or defrost in the car, I looked over and the temperature gauge was pegged. Google led us to South Portland Auto Care plus with minor clouds of steam and an odor of burnt rubber. They diagnosed the problem, which turned out to be a thermostat and the damage from driving with the temperature pegged. They were able to work us in for a diagnosis that afternoon and arranged for Enterprise to pick us up and got us a decent rate on the rental car to get us back home. All that being said, the cost for the repairs were reasonable and they fixed it promptly.

James Denz

I have been taking my car there for over a year. They have a great staff and fair prices. Update, I have been taking my Camry to Auto Care Plus for 3 years now and they are the best service center that I have ever used. Always friendly and helpful and answer all of my questions.

Chris Cooper

Excellent mechanics who know their stuff. Treated me extremely fairly for an alternator replacement. The day before Thanksgiving no less!

Kathleen Neumann

The service here is top notch; the staff are very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful, always going above and beyond. They are also honest and upfront about costs and recommendations, but never pushy; they do their best to work with me to help me keep my car in its best shape while staying conscious of any budget concerns I may have. They consistently offer great deals and send me coupons and promotions every month. The shop has a clean and comfortable waiting area, but best of all, they also offer FREE loaner cars and/or rides if you need to get to and from work while your car is in the shop. I recommend Auto Care Plus to everyone!

Robert Menard

Cynthia Grier

They fixed my car in less than 24 hours. However, they suggested work that did not need to be done.

Lisa Cubelli

Nikki Marie

Joe was an amazing help! So friendly! (Wolfeboro location)

Frank Maguire

I always get good, prompt service at Auto Care Plus. I like dealing with people who "know my name."

free style

Unfortunate that I have to write this. Filed a complaint with the state police today because these guys failed my Jeep for inspection because the backing plate of the left rear drum brake has slight oil seepage from the axle seal. The statute in the inspection manual calls for failure if the "friction surface is contaminated with oil", which it clearly is not, and they acknowledge it is not. They are failing me preemptively because the seep could hypothetically get worse and then cause an issue. It won't, and if it did I would fix it then, not now. My guess, this will last another 15 years before it becomes a real problem because that's how long the first seal lasted. They will post a reply here saying it is unsafe and I should be ashamed, but look at the photos for yourself. The axle, seal, and brake components are nearly brand new and the brake works 100% today, which they acknowledge. Look at the photos. Brake has not been cleaned by anyone. Anyone who has ever opened a drum brake would think you could eat off of this one. And I'm being failed for it. Not because it's currently unsafe but because it could possibly become unsafe in the future. That is NOT the statute and NOT ok.

Ashley W

Very good customer service expensive but worth it.

Robin Regan

Great shop, they gave me a quick shuttle service while they had my truck for an inspection. Pointed out one or two things that were starting to age but still ok so passed it. The big name shops will always come up with estimates on new brakes, ball joints, alignments, etc. even if repairs are not needed immediately but these guys seem much more practical and super courteous.

Thomas Graham

I had an excellent experience of service at Autocare plus in South Portland. I came in with a transmission problem that had been diagnosed elsewhere but I wanted a second opinion. The transmission problem was confirmed but Matt unasked made a call to GM to see if some of the bill could be covered under warranty. No luck there, but he offered to give me transportation to return my rental car. When I arrived to pick up my car he had arranged that the rental car company (Hertz) would pick up the vehicle at AutoCare Plus so I could just get my repaired vehicle and head home. Thanks for the great service Matt.

Dick Gosselin

Heard an intimidating rattle under the hood. Suspected it was heat shields that had loosened from rust. Within 3 minutes I had talked to the service writer who summoned the service manager to my car who summoned the mechanic who would do the work. He confirmed it, made a temporary fix (no charge) he said would last quite a while. It did. You don't get that from a dealer. Had come here before for brakes. I suspected then these guys were on top of things. Now it's confirmed. I'm sold on this place.

Jep Niggly

$110 just to mount a set of tires on some spare wheels, their braindead underlings threw my dirty spare wheels onto my [rather delicate] leather interior instead of my completely empty trunk, the man at the counter barely spoke and was confused by simple instructions. I guarantee that I'll never to return as a customer.


Love this place. They take the time to explain everything and I always know where I stand with my cars "health". I depend on my car and appreciate the thoroughness of this shop.


Adam Hebert

I needed an inspection sticker ASAP, and the team at Auto Care Plus got me in and out amazingly fast. It's nice to be able to have a mechanic in my neighborhood, that I actually want to bring my car to a second time. Great service, friendly staff and affordable prices.

peter Newton

They thoroughly inspected my car and have great deals.

Peggy Everest

Received a flier in the mail for Auto Care Plus in Wolfeboro. It was so much more convenient than traveling so far to a dealership. I called and scheduled an appointment for the same day for an oil change and tire rotation. Service Managers were very professional and car was ready in no time. I was even given a coupon for savings on the tire rotation. I will definitely use their services again. I like the fact that their mechanics are certified.

Joe Desrochers

Excellent service

Lisa Stanton

Very professional, knowledgeable team with great service!

Katherine Way

Excellent and speedy services in South Portland! I called the day of to get my brakes looked at and had a response and appointment set up within the hour. I'll recommend these guys to anyone in the area!

Greg Roderick

Great place! I came in with questions and got truthful answers. Everything was explained clearly and were incredibly helpful. They even had some toys for my 3 yr old in the waiting room! Big win. Thank you

M. Dixon

Excellent work, honest people. They were very thorough while checking issues. Never felt like they were saying I needed work I didn't really need. Matt (service man. I think) was a huge help.

Steve Rich

While my son was on vacation in NH, his car broke down. A friend of mine up there recommended Auto Care Plus as a trustworthy place. Being a mechanic, I was weary of sending him to a shop I didn't know. They took care of my son's car and treated him like family. I was happy with their work being done in a timely manner and happy with their fair prices. Once the vehicle got back home, I double checked it, being a mechanic myself, and was very satisfied with their work. As a Certified Master Technician, I highly recommend this place. Thanks again for the great service!

Jeff Matt

Nice to have an honest repair shop to have your car fixed!

Caren McClure

Joelle Granger

Auto Care Plus is true professionalism at its finest. John is an absolute pleasure to work with along with the rest of his team. They are quick, efficient, and always flexible with their schedules in order to work with you. I’m a new customer, but I will surely be a forever one. Thank you Auto Care Plus team!

Lhug Hametsu

Fantastic customer service very quick repairs

Nina Noah

They were friendly, thorough, and willing to take a look at my car without an advance appointment. I greatly appreciated the service.

Ashley Elliot

Mark Bradeen

I really feel like they are looking out for me. They are not trying to push extra services that I don't need like the dealerships. I'm on a budget like everyone else, so I need to watch every dollar. They will tell me when services can wait until later and which ones I need to do right away for safety.

Jeffrey Claude Danis

Nice place and great service

Randall Frederick

After receiving mailings from these guys for several months I decided this past October to give them a try and I was far from disappointed. I had the oil changed and tires rotated and at a great price, and on top of that everyone was really nice and answered all of my questions about possible further work. I have another appointment with them in the am. Highly recommended.

Rosie Dequattro

Thorough, courteous, great place.

Marc Kenny

Auto care plus fit us in after we broke down while visiting from Vermont. Highly recommend their repair shop. The car repair place has a shuttle and he’s knowledgeable about local breweries. Wonderful experience all around

Into the Light Healing

I went to AutoCare Plus in South Portland recently at the recommendation of a friend. I am very pleased. All the work that needed to be done was explained clearly and the prices were great. I took advantage of their new rewards card and am glad I did. I have recommended this shop to others.

Chris Gunner

Service was very quick and appreciated the complete analysis for possible issues and basic maintenance.

Douglass Kinchen

First they couldn't tell me their hourly rate because it depended on how technical then they couldn't tell me their markup on parts because it goes into a matrix then they went to charge me 700 for a motor (which they said was broken) and regulator for the window. When I told them that was too much and picked it up they then said well the motor could last a bit longer and didn't need it right away. All said and done the fix cost me $200 somewhere else. My personal opinion is that they were trying to rip me off and got nervous when I said I was bringing it somewhere else and started back tracking on what they originally said. The motor was fine!

Graeme Wilson

I brought my car in for an urgent repair. They fit me in immediately, kept me up to speed during the process, dropped off & picked up, and explained all the work done afterwards. Matt was friendly, helpful, and professional throughout. Highly recommended.

Emily Blackstone

Michael Lynch

Sarah Beth Little

The staff here and their level of customer service is hard to find elsewhere. I came to ACP to double check my state inspection. It turns out the the first shop was telling the truth, but I still got all my issues fixed through ACP because of the staff. I dealt mostly with Matt, who talked me through what was wrong-- even took me into the shop to show me on my car-- and tried his best to keep the labor and parts costs low. They sent me home with a complimentary loaner vehicle because I had a good bit of work to be done on my own car. I can't say enough good things about all the people here. Expect great service, both with customers and with their cars. Thank you for the peace of mind and for not taking advantage of my lack of car knowledge!

Robert Smith

Absolutely great customer service. They were able to fix the problem I created by doing the job myself and saved me time, hassle, and a significant sum of money. I wouldn't and won't bring my vehicle anywhere else. Thanks so much guys!

Alex Beal

I called late on a Friday afternoon for a state inspection and they fit me in to an already full schedule with just a few hours left in the day. I called a few other shops but Jeff and Matt at ACP were very helpful in accommodating me - thanks!

Patty Hall

Breyana Adams

My car went in for something simple- and ended up needing quite a bit of work. Such a fair price and very kind staff. They are (or were at the time) very busy, so it was hard to receive updates from them calling. I was able to call the shop on my own, or stop in and check on progress. All in all, this seems to be one of the few shops that you can trust, and are a great value for the excellent work they do. For sure my new shop!

Leslie Mark


Suzi Wickerd

An advertisement invited customers to visit to see for themselves. I thought I should give them a try. I visited Auto Care Plus to have my oil changed. Wow! It was well worth the visit. We will be going back.

Brian Fernald

unbelievable. bad service . unreliable and unprofessional

Paul Rivard

Ken Conant Jr

Good quality people and service

camille romeu

John Bjorkman

Always friendly, prompt, excellent service. When my daughter was looking for a car, she found one right there as well. And when we found out it had always been serviced at Auto Care Plus, we knew we could trust that it would keep going as long as she owned it.

Ken Main

I can honestly say that the level of customer care and expert service provided by Auto Care Plus is unequaled in 50+ years of car repair experiences. Matt, Kevin, Dale and the gang have been nothing but helpful. But the #1 selling point for us has been HONESTY. You don't pay for work you do not need. Never. Try to find that just anywhere today.

Pete Laframboise

dont know how to do a proper alignment on a VW. telling me my tie rods need to be replaced. Guess what i was told that last year and i brought it to alton and they did it fine. and they have hidden fees rather than sayings orry we cant do it they slap me with a 37 buck diag fee. hidden fee much? regardless finding a good garage is hard.i also witnessed a rip off to a woman i was sitting next to. injector cleaning? i never find that to work at all being a auto Enthusiast myself i know their full of crap. they wanted to soak me for 1100 for new tie rods. i can do it myself for 1/4 the price and have it aligned if it was needed.

Robert Snow

We have been customers of Auto Care for quite a few years and have always had a positive experience , thank you Robert and Joni Snow


Wow!! I traded in my 2003 Subaru on an upgrade and had the best experience ever in car buying. Salesman, Chris, was friendly, funny and made sure I got what I was looking for and definitely lived up to their motto, "Would I put my family member on the road in this car?' I'm VERY please with their level of communication and commitment to costumer service.

Carter Cincotta

Cyndie Smith

Pat Dwan

All the service people at Auto Care Plus were very nice and helpful. The work was done promptly. A review of what was done gave me an idea of what I would need to think about in the future. Overall the experience was very good, and I will continue to return to Auto Care Plus for any work on my car. Peter Dwan

Jim MacMunn

Very nice people. Fast inspection and fair prices.

Jennifer Noyes

Great service♡

Sheryl Lee

Went in for an inspection and there were a couple of big problems. Even though repairs would take considerable time, Mat not only gave me a loaner, but managed to get the work done on the same day I went in. Extremely knowledgeable even with my old 'beater', a 2002 Ford Focus. Excellent work! I'll be back again!

Sharv Patel

I recently bought a 2015 Buick Lacrosse from Autocare Plus. I was pleasantly surprised by their candor and professionalism in helping me through the buying process. I worked with Rachel who was fantastic. She helped me navigate through the process of buying. She was quick and very responsive and made the process very easy. She and others at autocare plus accommodated my timings very well. It was important as I was buying the car from NH while I am a resident of MA. They even had the car transported to the location closest to me so that I can have a look and take it for a spin. The buying process was very smooth and quick with Rachel. Great people to work with. I got a great deal on the car. Overall, a great experience. Very nice people to work with. Would definitely recommend.

Karen Richard

Great service and a great team! Would recommend to anyone!

tanju yur

I have taken my car 2 times in the past for state inspections without any issue. This time they failed me because of my tint. When I asked the manager how come I passed twice in the past his reply was that it was his old technician who passed me. They charged me even I could not get a sticker. I went to the VW dealership for inspection and I got it without any issue. I will never go back to this place

Bill Smith

Michelle Deegan

Great experience. They were able to accommodate us quickly, and were so helpful, professional and trustworthy. Turned an unfortunate day dealing with car issues into a pleasant experience for us. Thanks!

Carol Vachon

I was happy with the 2 techniques Chris and Tim. Took the time to listed to my issues with the noise in my truck.thanks

Tony C

Ken Hull

Have been using Auto Care Plus for many years (even before it was Auto Care Plus!) for all of our family vehicles. Service is always prompt, professional and reasonably priced. We will continue to use these services in the future, and recommend Auto Care Plus to friends and family!

Janet C

So my husband and I decided to give this place a try. We brought our car in and thought we would have to wait it out, turns out they have a courtesy van that gives you a ride home The driver, Mr. T (lol), was a hoot and a pleasure to ride with. Our service manager, Chris, also was great. Although we hoped we would pass inspection, Chris took the time to explain to us what was unsafe with our car and gave us options to make it right. No high pressure, just facts and solutions. We elected to do the bare minimum for now but will be back to do the rest over time. Thanks to the crew, we will be back for sure!

John Ratcliffe

I won't be returning, my first experience was great, second time I went in for a sticker I looked out the window to see my car leaving the service center, I said "what the hell is going on", I was then told they test drive all the cars, not told that up front and did not happen with first vehicle. Had I known I would not have allowed it. I was pretty pissed and am still not over it.

Frank Toderico

been a customer for over thirty years under current and previous ownership. Always good work, good customer service. highly recommended.

Daniel Waxman

I highly recommend Auto Care Plus in South Portland ME. The service was extraordinary. Matt Walls, the Service Advisor, was genuinely courteous and very helpful. I had my car towed there because my automatic transmission shifting cable had snapped and needed to be replaced ( after having it towed to a transmission specialist who told me that they weren't interested in fixing a broken transmission cable). I have been driving quality used cars for over 40 years and have dealt with many independently owned garages. I will definitely use them again.

Amy Parah

These guys are awesome! Matt dropped us off at Allagash and picked us up when the car was done. Full of knowledge about the area, down to earth, highly recommend this repair station if you’re in a jam!


I had been going to this location for a couple of years. Then ownership changed. I went there for issues with my Jeep shortly after. I was told I had to have the pump replaced, hoses and radiator. I wasn't convinced with all of that so took it elsewhere for a second opinion. The other place said the radiator was fine (but concurred with the pump and hoses). Later I had to go back to them for damage to struts that were still under warranty. While there they said that the other guys screwed up the oil pan -- said it didn't fit and that I had a leak and they would have to replace it. I hadn't noticed a leak before. I told them to stick with the warrantied work only. Of course, when I left, sure enough, the vehicle was dripping oil. As bad as that leak was -- I would have noticed it. I went to the people that did the original work who said that screws on the oil pan were loose. They tightened the screws at no cost to me. Auto Care Plus left me with the impression (TWICE) that they were trying to sell me on unnecessary repairs. (what's more disturbing is the thought that a mechanic would intentionally loosen screws on an oil pan (sabotaging my vehicle!!!)) I would not recommend them.

Wayne Cadman

They didn't over charge me like the dealership tried to. Gave me real and good advice about what my car needed and what could wait. Actually went by the law for inspection. The dealer tried to get an extra $2000 Out of me for things that weren't state inspection pieces. Me and my BMW love Auto Care Plus.

Joseph Noel

It's weird to me that other folks have had bad experiences--ACP's costs were typically lower than most other shops I went to, and they're always helpful with providing shuttles or a loaner car. In general their parts price is around market, and when I've done research into labor/parts I've never felt "ripped off" by the final cost. I tried three or four other places around Portland before finally settling on these guys and they've been my mechanics for a couple years now. I'm aware of some other good shops in the SOPO area but they're typically so busy I can't get an appointment. ACP always fits me in within a day or two of my request, if not earlier.

Jake Crocker

Went for a inspection sticker failed do to things that were just fine. They wanted to charge me 800$ to fix the things they thought was wrong with my car.. Today I got a new tire an went to a dealership to get a sticker passed no problem. So I saved my self a lot of money. Seems to me they all auto care plus wanted was my money. It's bad when a dealership will pass me but you guys wouldn't. I will never ever be back an the shop an ill make sure everyone knows about my experience at your shop .

Dan B

Went here for an oil change and a brake inspection. Very friendly, fast and good service, and great prizes!

Dave Schappell

Michael Fournier

Larry Last

Auto care service mechanics, Tim and Tim are the best. I brought my car in late Saturday afternoon and was desperate to see if there was something they could do. They were getting ready to close up, but assured me they would help correct my cars problem. The service was great, but their friendly courtesy and sacrifice in staying late will not be forgotten. I highly recommend the Auto Care service department, and be sure to ask for Tim. You won't regret it.


Friendly and helpful staff

Adam Whitcomb

I called on a Saturday to get some quick service done on my car and Kathy was ecstatic to help me. The communication was clear, the service efficient, and the hospitality unparalleled. They have my business!

Allen Kasiewicz

Very, very poor customer service in conjunction with outrageous pricing!! Took my el Camino in to have new 4 barrel carb set up and while there the starter died in their parking lot. Charged me $221 for a new starter which they purchased from local NAPA - I got a quote for $85 for the same P/N from same NAPA and $21 for shims which NAPA quoted me $4.50. These same starters sell on the WEB for $50 or less all day long. Then they added $45 for environmental fees!!!! Labor was a bit much also but that wasn't as big an issue with me. When I questioned the bill the Service Manager argued the parts pricing on the billing was computer created. I told him I was unhappy, paid with AMEX and asked to speak to the Owner/Manager about this. The Owner/Manager was not available and the Service Manager said he would look into it and call me. I stopped in several days later and he did not have a resolution. I called several times over the next week seeking a resolution and kept getting put off. I finally went back to speak directly with Service Manager: he asked what I thought would be a fair resolution so he could talk to the owner about and I said I wanted to pay a fair price and wanted $200 deducted from my bill. That was over two weeks ago, he never called me back or attempted to contact me in any way so I spoke to AMEX, filed a complaint with them and deducted $200 from my payment to AMEX. AMEX said they would look into this matter. I wonder how many other older folks in our Town have been taken advantage of with these outrageous prices for parts and so-called environmental fees.

Tim Dennison

I dropped my vehicle here for an inspection sticker and in no time at all I received a call from Matt with detailed information in regards to my vehicle and the corrective action needed quick, simple but in depth language in regards to the issues I had ONLY after picking my vehicle up from another repair shop Who was supposed to put a sticker on it and only made my car have problems that did not exist prior to me taking it there and Auto care plus fixed my vehicle for a fraction of what the other shops wanted to charge me. I am beyond impressed and so thankful for this repair shop and the people who serve you here. They treat you like family here. The prompt attention and detail on evaluating and correcting my vehicle has been beyond exceptional. No one else in the 18 years I've been driving has captured and earned my respect as these fellas. I am a customer for life. I will never go anywhere else..fixed right the first time GUARANTEED..Thank you

Albert Meta

For the first time in years I decided to try a new car service for a change. I went to AC Plus (S, Portland) for a sticker, and even though it was last minute, they got it done within the hour. Matt (the manager) was relaxed, but super professional. He sounded genuinely caring with the customer in front of me whose car had just broken down, and was on a tight budget. A few days later, John (the owner) personally texts me to thank me for my business, and to ask about my experience. That's not only classy, but also great customer "care" - considering how hard it is been to find a quality, trustworthy service near me. Getting a sticker is not a true test of their skills, but all the same, I enjoyed the customer service experience, and will soon bring our other car in for service. I'll definitely recommend this place to my friends, and will even come back and update this review with more details - whenever I visit.

Chris 47

We have had our vehicles arrived there for many years. They have always been great to us!

Sydnie Edwards

I called asked a question Was told a different answer when I arrived. I decided to wait in the waiting room where he suggested only to wait there an hour without having nobody tell me that my car was ready.

Andrew Prusack

Friendly, professional, and prompt service. They take the time to explain diagnostics without trying to sell you on something you don't need.

Don LeBel

Autocare Plus in South Portland, Maine continues to care for my family’s vehicles in a efficient and professional manner. Some of the best mechanics and staff you will find in this area work at this shop. It’s worth mentioning that even prior to my vehicles warranties expiring, I would still bring them to Autocare plus because their work is top notch and I often had repairs done for less money than my previous extended warranty deductibles would’ve cost. They also have a rewards program where every dollar you spend earns you actual cash rewards which you can apply at anytime to lessen your bill and without crazy restrictions. Referring friends, family or someone you see having vehicle trouble also earns you rewards. Between the rewards program, the coupon mailers, and already reasonable rates, I save money each time I visit. I usually sit and wait for my vehicles in the lounge for routine maintenance visits though, they also offer free shuttle rides and even reasonable loaner vehicles if the situation is more complex or lengthy. Feels good not to worry about whether someone’s going to pull a 800lb gorilla out of the cash register when you’re only visiting for routine maintenance. Trust Autocare Plus, today!

Marv Sharp

I just received "Braking News" for September. I was surprised by your request for help on Google. What kind of business pays for five star reviews with free oil changes? How can anyone trust any reviews when they are solicited? Unfortunately that kind of practice makes all of your management practices be doubted. Why would you stoop to that sort of tactic when you still have good employees that are effected by your bad judgement?

Laurence Smart

Fast service, detailed quote and a sweet rewards program!

Jeff Hawkins

Ken C

Wouldn't go back on a bet... Always surprises when you think you're done... Not quite. Still more problems and expenses. Watch out

stuart posternak

Complete liars, failed to pass my inspection by making something up about the brakes then another shop passed me and said nothing was remotely wrong. Never going back.

Gary Mott

I swore that I wouldn't return after the last rip-off, but I had a free oil change coming to me, so I went. While there I was told I needed an inspection by tomorrow. I said go ahead. After a 2 hour diagnosis, I was told it would cost another $600, and an additional $200 minimum in labor costs to fix the problem. I told them to get my truck down off the rack. After paying $226. I left there without even a temporary sticker. I went to another establishment, and had to be rediagnosed, and for that and a $5.00 hose the total repair cost $75.00. It is now a month later, and the truck is fine. By the way, I never got the free oil change, it kind of makes you wonder why the long time service personal have found employment elsewhere. Maybe their consciences bothered them. - Follow-up, Here it is the end of March, 7 months later, and the $5.00 hose is still the only repair that the car ever needed to pass inspection. Be careful folks.==== This is now over a year since their diagnosis and my truck is fine, it pays to get a second opinion.

Ron Goodgame

VERY good experience! Enjoyed the TV and coffee in the waiting room while my car was worked on. Scott #1 and Scott #2 were great to work with!!!


Recently had the timing belt done on my Subaru, Matt was friendly, very informative with the work that was done, parts being replaced, and upfront with cost of repairs. Very pleasant experience, excellent service!

Paul Moreau

Always have a good experience here. Professional, courteous and always are straight with you on what your vehicle needs.

Erik Ames

I have paid over $3300 dollars and still not right

Sam Johnson

Helped me out with a flat tire without a question. Definitely a friendly and reliable place I do recommend.

Lisa Reardon

Friendly, knowledgeable staff. They do an excellent job at half the price of the dealer! Highly recommend!

Benson Gray

Excellent work as usual. Thanks!

Diane Greene

Great knowledgeable staff and team, explains things well,better prices,comfortable waiting area,been going to them for years and will always be a returning customer!

Jeremy Wheeler


Had a great time, good people, fast and no high pressure sales, I like that in a place. I highly recommend using them, Jim was great, Jason and Troy are so funny.

Tim Bialous

Terrible Service.Brought my car in for a headlight and tail lamp replacement. When they did the headlight bulb ($110.00) they screwed up the daytime running light on that side (not working) When they did the tail lamp it must have blown a fuse,the brake lights did not work, they did not check it before it left the shop,and I almost got rear ended.They charged me $145.00 had the car 4 days and I had to take it to another shop to have straitened out.Their service Manager is clueless and rude. DON.T EVER GO THERE,BEWARE

Robyn Wiley

Every time I've gone here, the person at the counter has been very friendly, the service has been quicker than expected, and they have never tried to get me to fix something that didn't need fixing.. They also regularly offer great discounts. I trust Auto Care Plus and their staff and I would recommend them highly to anybody!

Marc Bates

Great service, very friendly staff, knowledgeable and willing to provide great feedback on what services are truly needed and what may wait if needed. They have been taking care of both of my cars since we moved to Portland. Give them a try.

Logan Night

I've gone here twice for repairs, each time they didn't try to sell me on anything I didn't need. I've gone places that tried to get me to have work done on other parts when it wasn't needed and these guys just don't do that. Very grateful for the fast and quality service.

Kathy Shiplett

I was so impressed with the quality of this shop.. Matt Walls, the manager, treated me like family the moment I walked in the door; professional, honest, quality service at competitive prices...who could ask for more?

Dominique Segler

Great staff and great prices! Always bring my car to Auto Care Plus!

Elijah Balser

They took care of my car and didn’t try to sell me on any unnecessary repairs.

Dominic Bradt


Awesome service. Helpful bunch of guys. Dropped and picked me off from my work, while my car was being serviced.

Gary Benevento

Walked in after 3pm on Saturday with a small welding job after three other auto shops told me to come back on Monday. Joe completed the repair in about 15 minutes. I couldn't be happier with the service, very reasonable price too!

Jean Dufour

We have been taking out vehicles to AutoCare Plus for many years including when the business was under different ownership and will continue to do so. We have always had good work done by them and are very comfortable leaving our vehicles there. The work is done well and in good time. The staff are all professional and explain what needs to be done thoroughly.

Lauren Paradis

Always have a great experience at the South Portland location.

Eugene Rochow

For years I have been coming here. It's a place I can trust. I don't have to worry about being taken advantage of; they are clear and up front about what's recommended and what's necessary. Plus I can get a ride to work, or a loaner car. (I first posted this some time ago, and equally true now, in Sept. of 2015!)

St. Katharine Drexel Parish

Father Cole had a wonderful experience, they take great care of his car!

Dawn Huntsman

Very polite people and very helpful to people who have a limited income. I am very happy with their service. I know where to come again to get my car fixed if needed. Thank you guys for helping me out and fixing my car.

Kerri Szolusha

Writing this because of multiple services I have had from this auto care plus. Full acknowledgement that my car is a piece of s*** and frustrating to work on. However, my first bad experience with this garage was a few weeks ago. My car had been acting up and I thought I needed an oil change so I made an appointment with them for the next day. I ended up breaking down and got my car towed to them the day before the appointment. They said a new radiator for my 98 4runner was going to cost around $750.... this is ridiculous. They gave me the quote and I said I’d call them back. I ended up going to the shop to pick up the car and say no thanks, but they had already started working on it!!!!! They had done the oil change, which actually didn’t need to be done, and still had a few hundred miles to go before it needed to be done, which they could have seen from the sticker. They also had a skid plate off the car that they said they forgot to put back on, and they placed that in my trunk when I left to get my radiator fixed elsewhere. The part itself cost $100 and the labor time to fix it was around 20 minutes, none of which I had done at auto care plus. The second issue with auto care plus, I had today. I took my car in for bucking and stuttering while idling and at low speeds. They called me back the same day and said they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. They couldn’t make the car do what I had said it was doing, which is complete fine. However, Matt said that he could keep it overnight and check it out first thing in the morning to see if a “cold start” would change things. He didn’t mention any storage fees, or anything like that so I agreed. The next day they call back and said we’ve taken it on numerous drives, and we still can’t seem to get it to do what you saw. Okay, no problem. Except, I was charged $120 for storage fees and labor.......... even though they couldn’t even figure out what I was seeing. They said they drove the car for 2 hours total, which seems completely unreasonable, especially as I said that it only happened while idiling or at extremely low speeds. So not only was I charged to find out NOTHING about my car issue, they drove my car excessively which wasted the gas, and they did work on my car without my consent at a previous time. I won’t be coming back to this garage.

Paul Cjccotelli

Excellent place to do business for upkeep of your cars found tires at the cheapest price around

Cord Lawson

I called this company yesterday & made an appointment at 11:49 to look at a belt I felt was about to go out in my bucket work truck. We agreed that I could drop it off today after work hours & that it would be worked on Saturday morning & that I could pick it up Tuesday morning after the 4th of July. I called back today around 9:30 to inform them that I have another vehicle that needed to be looked at & to see if they could also fit that vehicle into their schedule tomorrow morning. I was informed that I wasn't even scheduled to have my bucket truck worked on tomorrow & that there was nothing they could do besides work on it now. I informed him that I need it to work today & that's why I scheduled it for Saturday morning. I'm going to Now have to wait till Tuesday before anyone could look at my vehicles, which means I'll now miss out on 1,000+ dollars because of the lack of responsibility this company showed.

Kate Kearns

I've been going to Autocare for years. They know me and I know them by name - even the guys in the garage. Heck, they even know my dog. They regularly go above and beyond when we have an unexpected issue. I can call them up and stop by for something quick like an oil change or a weird noise, and I trust them to give me good advice when I'm looking for a new used car. Just this morning, a piece of the plastic panel that keeps water and grit from the undercarriage was broken and hanging down. I stopped by, and they had it fixed in ten minutes. The fact that they drive you to work and offer loaners is a bonus, too. It's great to know they're there for regular and sudden car issues, especially since my husband is in the military and I sometimes have months of taking care of everything on my own.

Solomon Spigel

I've been going to Auto Care Plus for about a year now, and they have been nothing but honest and more than fair with me. They do great work on my car and when possible help me save money. I recommend them to my friends and I recommend them to you.

Mark Harpur

If I could give zero stars I would. About a month ago I took a 1978 Doge into them and asked them to do the state inspection on it and give me a quote to fix anything that needed to be done in order to get the inspection sticker. The service advisor there gave me a call to tell me there was a lot to be done with the vehicle and would like to speak to me in person, he seemed to have my best interests in mind.. After reviewing the quote and the work to be done I asked the representative how long the work would take. Since I was looking to have the vehicle as soon as possible and expressed this explicitly. The advisor responded that they could get all the parts the following day if I could pay upfront for the parts, once they had the parts it would only take a few days for the work to be done, working Friday and Saturday, he expected the vehicle to be ready on Tuesday morning and would keep me updated as to the progress. On Tuesday I had not heard from them, so called for an update. They told me that the vehicle was not ready, as some of the parts they ordered were incorrect. When asking for an update on time the advisor told me that he would speak to the technician and call me back in an hour. I never received a call. Chasing them up again I was told that he had not received an update and thus had not called, he said he would have to check with the team in the morning and get back to me. The morning came and I did not hear anything, thus I called them up again and got a similar story , that he'd check with the technicians and give me an update. Again I did not hear back from him. This continued for three weeks, each time I called I was given a similar excuse about the parts they ordered being incorrect and having to order them again but that they should be there in the next couple hours and they would call me and give me an update. Finally I gave up on phone and started going to speak to them in person, still I got strung along. Eventually I said enough and told them that the car had to be ready by the close of play and I would not accept anything else. They managed to get the car "done" and handed it over to me. Though still without a sticker as they said it had some rust spots that needed to be done before they could pass it. This despite the advisor telling me that they could get someone in to do this work when I originally spoke to them. Since it was late Friday on labor day weekend, I was unable to do anything but called a body shop and to arrange having the work done. The quote was to get he vehicle inspection ready, which it is far from. They charged me over $300 to replace the horn and in the process of replacing it seem to have broken the indicators. They were meant to have done alignment and replace and repair the suspension, including new shocks, which was in the quote and I have been charged for but they have not done the work correctly, making an excuse that the conversion on the vehicle makes it sit too low, this being a blatant lie as the original conversion on these vehicles adjusted for this. Having driven the vehicle to the auto body shop and discussed the rust which they are currently repairing, I can tell the work was not completed up to standard. To top it off the Auto Care advisor called me this morning to tell me an additional item needed to pass inspection, the rear bumper on the vehicle, which I explicitly discussed with him when I first took the vehicle in. Update: Since posting this review Auto Care plus has worked with me to resolve the issues at hand and refunded me the cost of the bumper and some of their labour costs. I worked with their team in Portland on some issues and was very satisfied with the treatment I received there.

Courtney Barry

Amazing customer service! They helped me so much when I was just driving through town.

Raghed Raghed

J. Keegan McCormick

Don't waste your time with this place. they will waste even more of it. This place is incapable of getting things done in a timely fassion and do not respect appointment times. Twice I have taken my vehicle in for a state inspection and made early appointments so I could could have my vehicle for the rest of the day. Both times they had my vehicle for at least 8 hours. the first time, I was 30min early for my 930 appointment and was told it would be 30 min before they could get to it and 30 min to do the inspection and it should be done in 90 min. (?) It took me calling twice at 2pm and 3pm defore tbey started. I failed the inspection, no problem. the next appointment I made sure to get the first appointment of the day in hopes of there being no delays. I had some other things to do so I left the vehicle expecting a call soon. So when I called at 3 pm for an update they hadnt looked at it yet. they told me they were backed up waiting on parts, yet I was the first appointment of the day. I thought this was very unprofessional and rude. I do not recommend this place. I also see that owner likes to publicly acknowledge reviews good and bad, but wont return my direct email sent last week. I understand last week was a holiday so I waited until now to make a review. It also took calling 2 locations to get his email. The south porland location didnt seem willing to share his contact info and just vauge answer of "he works in new hampshire"

ance badose

fazy fayaz

Kelly Walton

I had a strange light appear on my dashboard and new there was a problem that needed to be handled ASAP. I made an online appointment (very easy) and they took the car right away…offered me a ride to anywhere i needed to go, and gave me an estimate of how long it would take. When they had finished with the car, the very courteous mechanic brought out the paperwork and thoroughly explained the issue. They said they would need to order a part and I'd have to bring the car back in. The part was in sooner than expected and they were able to get the car back in right away, and the repair work was quick and straight forward. Problem solved in 3 days, and I couldn't be more pleased the efficient and professional service!

Richard Whittham

I got a call from my mother telling me she just bought a new car. You can imagine my surprise. Really ma? Where did you buy it? She said auto care plus. I must say I looked at the paperwork. Price.Trade in. Everything. And thought wow. Mom your coming with me when its time for my new truck lol. Great deal thank you Chris at Auto Care Plus.

Ashley McMoarn

I'm not one to leave a review, but Auto Care Plus in South Portland went above and beyond any expectations I had, so I had to leave one. I was having battery issues the day before Christmas Eve and had my car towed there to figure out the issue. I was not expecting to hear back until after the holiday, but Matt contacted me before they left for the day to let me know of the progress they made. Although it needed further investigating, they promptly got back to me on December 26th to give me an update and fixed my issue the same day. The amount of care they put into their work is noticeable and appreciated. This is the best auto care service I have ever received and will be returning for future work as well as recommending them to everyone I know.

Brandon Bernard

Friendly staff with excellent service. They'll give you a ride home or a free loaner car if possible. Thanks, guys!

Michel Leveille

Great all around experience.

Prakash Sethia

I received a coupon for oil change and free checkup a few months ago. I was told that the ball joints are gone and would cost me around 1500 to fix. I have been to 2 mechanics since (1 for repair and 1 for sticker and checkup) and both said there is nothing wrong with the ball joints. I did not expect this from a shop with such good reviews...

Tony Lacertosa

Finding an auto repair shop that is honest, trustworthy and reliable can be a challenge. Once I found Auto Care Plus, that search was over. In the years I have been bringing my vehicles to the fine folks there I have never been steered wrong, sold work that did not need to be done, nor had problems with any repairs they have performed. They are very upfront with notifying me in advance of any issues that need to be addressed immediately or in the future and give me options as to how to proceed. I am generally a skeptical person but I have learned to trust Auto Care Plus to do what's right for me and my vehicle.

Robert Crowley

Awesome service and staff good value

Jay Mann

Great people, great location

Logan Stout

I had great service, I walked about 20 minutes to the mall while they replaced my break pads and some other problems they discovered. The waiting area was air conditioned and comfortable. The price seemed reasonable although I don't have much experience with this sort of thing yet. But I'll definitely be going back for future repairs despite other places being much closer to where I live

Emily Marsh

pat donahue

I have a 20 year old car that needed help. It was over heating and almost red-lined. Thought it was gone. Luckily I found this place with the help of AAA. They quickly found the multiple issues that the car had and fixed it in a very timely manner. They also left me with a detailed list with other issues that need fixing. Matt at the front desk kept me updated throughout the process which made me feel much better about it. He walked me through everything they did, and broke down the process/pricing in a way that I could understand. I will definitely be coming back here in the future.

Alan Parks

A dealership overcharged me hundreds of dollars, twice, for the same part. I got a flyer in the mail from ACP and decided to try them out. What I've found over the past couple of years is that ACP knows their business, keeps repairs as reasonable as possible, and most importantly, I trust them to do the right thing. I've had major work done, as well as had oil changes and purchased tires from them, and everything has gone smoothly. I have recommended them to friends and work associates, and will continue to do so.

Alexandria Carter

I'm a first time customer. Matt and Kathy did a great job helping me get my car serviced. Gave me a estimate up front, told me when it was going to be done and answered all my questions. I waited in a nice clean waiting room, car was done on time and for the exact price quoted. I will be back and I will tell all my friends.

D Rogers

Been going to their South Portland location for over 5 years now. They have always done good work. Great service and professional staff

Sam Simmons

Very honest to there customers they have me another car bc the one I originally bought needed way to much work thank u so I love the new car well 2nd car is in the shop needing a lot of work when will this end I own a cleaning business and have to keep moving my clients around bc of this bs w the cars do they have any cars that are in decent shape that dont need work

Joanne Little

I am from out of the area and needed an oil change and tires rotated. I first went to a national brand oil change company and didn't feel comfortable. I googled and found Auto Care Plus. Matt made me feel comfortable with his friendly and honest nature about their services. I would recommend Auto Care Plus. I also appreciated free strong signal wifi, and a clean waiting area to work while I waited for my car to be serviced!

Louis Kern

Consistent, knowledgeable and upfront. I've always had a great experience.

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