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REVIEWS OF 3G's Tire and Auto Service IN Maine

Melissa DiBiase

This place right about needing to have my brake pads and rotors done for my inspection took it to a reputable car dealership and said that my brake pads and rotors were fine my swaybar link was fine got my inspection sticker filing a complaint with the state bureau inspection stickers

Jonas Miller

Saved roughly 1000$ with my 3Gs 2nd opinion. Super honest!

Andy Loomis

Best used tires and friendly service around.

Bill McCue

Very good

Christine Fisher

I had an airbag light on so I took my car to 3 G's. They told me they cleaned the problem plug (under the passenger seat) and the light went out. If it came back on the next step would be to cut out the plug and hardwire the connection. But then when I looked under the seat with my dad, we discovered there was no plug! It had already been removed and hardwired by another garage. So 3 G's flat out lied that they had cleaned the plug and told me if it came back (which it did) I'd need to come back for work that had already been done by someone else.

Perry Bruce

simply the best!!

Blakeley massey

Josh and the crew at 3 G's are ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! I would HIGHLY recommend them to anybody and have already done so with my friends and family. I can not say enough good things about them. They are simply honest, caring, great individuals. We have been having issues with a vehicle of ours and they have been up front about what work is worth doing ourselves, what work they should do, and what work is just not worth doing altogether. This garage goes above and beyond and we are lucky they are right in our back yard. Thanks guys!

Denise Britton-phillips

I'm stupid about tires,they are fantastic at 3gs.

James Strube

Great place

Christine Ming

Josh MacDonald

They were great

Zachery Creamer

Awesome customer service!


Love going to 3Gs grt service and awesome workers

Patricia S

I wouldn't recommend using these guys for your repairs. One of the most crooked repair shops in the state of Maine. Very unprofessional. Went in to have my pulleys on my car looked at and diagnosed ,they didn't even have the appropriate tool to do the work. So they use a pry bar to try to get my belt off and warped my harmonic balancer pulley. So they did more damage then they did good. Then they charge me for the work that they couldn't even do. Then Bobby from 3gs tells me when we get the appropriate tool to do the job we will call you to finish the work we charged you for . This never happened. When i did call i got a hostile response from when of the technicians named Josh telling me your not welcome to bring your car back here ever again. May I also remind everyone going here that these techs are all family members covering each others back when they have issues. People going here for repairs BEWARE!! PROCEED WITH CAUTION!! (WILL LEWIS)

Nicholas Greer

Helpful, kind, and fair priced. Very conveniently positioned the Falmouth I295 off/onramp.

Scott Hamilton

Hunter Collins

Cassie Fraim

Wonderful service. Good advice. Prompt timing. Would recommend this shop to anyone!

Stephanie Canora

Brenda Mayberry

very good reliable service I'm very nice people

sonOf Sam

Willing to get you moving on the road. Highly recommend this shop

John W

Great place honest garage which is hard to find nowadays

connie gonzalez

Not so great!!

Angela Mallory

Great people and great service!!!

Brian Cobb

Cheapest tires around and friendly people

Brett Beliveau

Esoteric Native

Great service, fast and reliable.

Rand Sheets

Goldie C

john bridges jr

Daniel Owril

Heather Hinckley

Angela Vogel

Quick and easy. Had a flat was going to but a used tire but they were able to find and fix the issue with tire saving me $30. Much appreciated there help and service.

Matthew Brooks

Best shop I've ever done business with

Stan Dobson

Great service and price

Henry Gelzer

My Email

These guys are absolutely the best. Timely service, more than fair pricing, honest, and trustworthy. I’ve never brought my car anywhere else, and I never will. Use these guys for any and all of your car care needs, they will definitely treat you right.

Timothy Remillard

Got me in. Got me out.

Jennifer Morton

Ahmed Ibrahim

Very good

Gene Gerzhoy

Bottom line: these guys are honest, affordable, and dependable. I don't know much about cars, so when I got a flat on my front left wheel, they easily could have charge me to replace the whole tire. That's what I was expecting when I came in to their shop, so when they charged me $10 to seal up the tire instead, I was thrilled at my luck and their honesty. I'll be returning next time I need tires replaced or rotated!

Curtis Ham

Attentive and Competent

Andy Madsen

READ THIS BEFORE YOU GO I bought a car from a used car dealer in Lebanon, Maine called AC Provos and took it to 3 G'S Tire & Auto Repair in Portland, Maine to be looked at. This is a review of both businesses and my experience with each. BOTH are bad and are unacceptable. After having the car looked at by 3 G'S, I was advised that the engine was leaking oil, the turbo was leaking oil, the transmission was leaking, there were some lights out. In addition 3 G'S advised that I had a wheel bearing going, tires were cupped and worn. Now, mind you, I had already replaced the front headlights because the passenger high beam was out. The synchro/blocker ring going into third gear must have been worn because I had to double clutch it to get it to go into third without grinding. The front right fender had been crunched in and that damage was undisclosed. There was snow on the car when I bought it so I didn't see it but the documentation indicated there was no major damage. Not true. OK, so needless to say, based on my experience with AC Provos and the car I would strongly recommend you do not go to AC Provos to buy a car. That being said, I had higher hopes for 3 G'S. In fact, I had written a previous review of 3 G'S giving them a 5-STAR rating. WHAT A MISTAKE! While I was still at AC Provos, the owner called 3 G'S and advised he was going to call the state. They argued on the phone and I was very uncomfortable. Well, a little while later AC Provos tells me that 3 G'S advised I had called the state. Now, why in god's name would 3 G'S tell AC Provos I called the state? That was a separate transaction and 3 G'S had no right to tell AC Provos that I called the state. And when I called 3 G'S the person who said he was the manager was very unprofessional. I wanted to let him know that he really shouldn't be passing on information from our transaction. All AC Provos needed was the repair order from 3 G'S. The manager started arguing with me that I shouldn't have passed information I got from them to AC Provos. Seriously? What a mess. You both are terrible and I hope you go out of business. As for me, I'm happy to take my business and my money somewhere else. I'm still shaking my head in disgust. I can't believe the way the "manager" spoke to me. Terrible! Oh, one more thing... The "manager" hung up on me and when I called back he told me he had called the state police. Haha hahaha. I said, "good and restated my address." I never cursed or threatened you. You've got thin skin, buddy. You were wrong. You had no right telling AC Provos that I had called the state of Maine about what I believed to be a car that should not have passed inspection. You obviously couldn't stand behind your diagnosis of the car after AC Provos threatened to call the state on you. Perhaps 3 G'S would rather I had purchased a car from them. Yeah, RIGHT! YOU ARE THE "EXPERTS" AND IF YOU ARE GOING TO TREAT ME SO POORLY WHY WOULD I TRUST YOU MORE THAN THE NEXT? I asked to speak to the owner and you "the supposed manager," would not put me through. Very interesting. **UPDATE** I obtained a refund from AC Provos, bought a car from another dealership and bought TWO BRAND NEW GOODYEAR TIRES. From where? VIP NOT 3 G'S.

Sandra Asmussen

Friendly, honest, and very capable folks. They have helped my 2008 Forrester age gracefully. It's still going strong!

Cadence Atchinson

sandy pottle

Good service, usually pretty fast and good deal on used tires

Sarah N

Andrew Pratt

Called for an inspection and was able to get in within 24 hours. Everyone was great to work with.

Christine whitmore


Roe Adams

Saved me a ton of money! Honest answers and good prices

Belinda Ray

Love these guys. No nonsense. Quick and reasonably priced.

Tia Gould

Honest people and amazing service!!

Kaitlyn Bickford

Very helpful and honest. They had great prices on tires and balanced them for free. When I went to pick it up the man saw one of the tires and asked if he could get me another set because he noticed something wrong with one of the tires that I would not have even known about. Very honest. The tires he grabbed were even better ones too for the same price. Happy customer!

Mike Mitchell

R. Lawler

Got winter tires for my Civic for $35 each. Considering all 4 tires cost less than one new winter tire's retail, I was REALLY pleased on the price. Tread on each tire is at least 85% and my car's performance this winter is leaps and bounds better than it was last winter with all season tires. Service was quick and painless and the staff was friendly. Would (and have) recommend 3G's to anyone who has wheels!

Bradford Sprague

They seem honest and are priced fairly.

Heather Harmon

Iqbal Hossain

Patti Hart

Friendly. Informative. Honest

Justin Towle

Alanna White

Paul Giobbi

lee jones

Best tip for service have an appointment and be there

Allyson-Bethani Stillman

Takes advantage of the naive ... (me , in this case) I ended up with tires that were not safe, (It blew- out on the same day ,while traveling highway home@75 mph) But, of course not before waiting for approx 2 hours longer than they said appt.would take because the truck with the used tire delivery was very late- and all the employee's best- buddies were given the pick of them all.( 2 separate individuals ) that came in an hour and 1/2 after me!!(,go figure ,@ then the truck suddenly is there) Who ever owns the place is a fool to let it be run into the ground. Clearly not a place for females

Ken Gilmore

Tim Barlow

Leo Langdon

Excellent service! 3G got me a smokin' deal on a set of 4 tires for my truck, so good the deal was unbelievable to me but it's done so I have to believe it now! Thanks 3G for hooking it up and being so helpful. I'd recommend this place to any of my friends or family.

Maine CarGuy

Fast-fast-fast! They take you on a first come-first served basis. In the door, out the door. Nice guys, explain whats wrong with your vehicle in plain language. Family friendly waiting area. Treat everyone respectfully, male, female, young, old. Don't make you feel like an idiot for not knowing what a crankcase ventilator is. Prices are very reasonable, mostly because they don't have a fancy-dance showroom or any "suits" around to pay for. Honest and hardworking folks.

Magg Robinson

These guys are fantastic. Nice to know there is place you can go and get good work done by honest people

many harmons

Robert Biltcliffe

Dave Foster

Fixed my truck ahead of schedule and under estimate!

Harold Blaisdell

christy hewitt

Why wouldn't I love it. The boys have always taken great care of my Toyota Sienna.

Dannette Killimger

They are polite respectful, on time, knowledgeable

Anything Modern

These guys are fast, efficient, and hard working. We trust our vehicles to them exclusively, unless they recommend we take it to a specialist.

Meg Farley

Went to get my car inspected - they stated that it needed at least $650 worth of work before it would pass. Went to another repair service and passed inspection for $18. I'm fine with a thorough inspection, but I'm fairly certain the things they stated were wrong are fine. Not cool at all.

rocco marzilli

I will never take my vehicle anywhere else! This shop is the rare mix of fast, fair, honest, and trustworthy. They will always do everything they can to help you, are more than fair, and always act with your best interest in mind. Support this great local business with any and all of your car care needs!

Oudah Lafta

riean gillespie

These guys are the best been going to them since they were in Bayside always taken good care of me in whatever jalopy I'm driving

Round Pierson

Jonathan C. Fenton

Always reasonable, prompt and reliable.

Raynee Lambert

Rick is one of the fellas I dealt with. He is quite fair from a financial aspect.

Christian Cornielles

Service is great. People are friendly here and prices are affordable

cl darcy

Love these guys! Honest and hardworking.

Emma Dixon

Kristyn Marzilli

The only place to bring your vehicle. ONLY.

Maxwell Chikuta

You can be lucky to find a set of almost new tires for your vehicle, and save turn of money. They are who they say thy are.

Shay Ruggles

Brought my Volvo wagon in to get it inspected. They were able to get it in quickly and I waited while they checked it out. They failed my car for front and rear pads and rotors... I just had $3,700 worth of work done by a master Volvo mechanic (takes 20 years to achieve) and I assure you, nothing is wrong with my breaks or I would have had them fixed with the work I had done. I brought it to Jiffy Lube the next week and passed no problem. 3Gs also failed to inform me that I needed to have a tint certificate for my window tint, which Jiffy Lube informed me off before they even looked at the car (at no cost). I can't vouch for the work they do, because I wouldn't trust these guys after that experience.

Sally Burns

Nick Kaufmann

James Kuhnert

Ted Brassley III

Janet Ham

It's a wonderful feeling to have an auto mechanic you can trust. These guys are reliable, knowledgeable, reasonably priced, informative and helpful. We recommend them highly!

Anthony Shorey

Knew they weren't gonna pass me on my inspection the moment I pulled up and still wasted my time and charged me. Then had the nerve to try to get me to repair it at their shop. If you're not even courteous enough to tell me I'm wasting time and money, why would I wanna do more business with you? Worst service I've ever received when getting an inspection. I'll never come back.

Kristian Terison

Been going here for years, they're pretty trustworthy & their repairs stay repaired.


Super fast, super knowledgable. Caught and fixed other mechanics mistakes.

Andrew Rogers

I'm a 10 year veteran of the automotive industry. I work for a New Car dealership, but I trust 3G's Tire more than the new car technicians. In addition, even with my employee discount 3G's prices are still lower. If you've ever asked yourself, "Are there any genuinely honest auto repair shops out there anymore"? and the answer always seems to be a big NO. Even being in the auto business, I used to always be paranoid that I was being duped. I may know about cars but I don't know how to perform detailed repairs and wouldn't necessarily know many of the components. It was like I had found the light when I first worked with 3G's. The bottom line is that they are the most upfront, they are genuinely honest, they are fast, they do it right the first time, and they are the best value for any repair shop bar none. Don't be turned off by the outward appearance and the neighborhood. These guys are nothing by high class all the way!!

Kim Volk

I have been having my cars serviced here exclusively since 1986, through their 4 moves and 2 of my own. This group throughout the years has treated me honestly and fairly, and never once have they talked down to me for being a woman. Their kindness and work ethic has always shown through and for that I am grateful. 3Gs -- you are the BEST!!

Joe Link

CC Davies Robinson

Today was my first visit, and I'm sold on 3 G's. They worked hard to make sure that I paid as little as possible to replace my rear view mirror. They hustled to find a used part (which we really appreciated; our car has 130,000 miles on it and really doesn't need a brand new rear view mirror) and when they couldn't, they bolted the old one in place so I could use my car safely for 2 days while we waited for the new part to arrive. Their fix works so well I don't need to buy a new mirror right now and they didn't charge a penny. They have won our family's business by being honest and working to make sure we did not pay more than we needed to.

Sarah Adkins

Poor service, bad customer service, put wrong tire on rim. Took my lug nuts and claimed they never had them. Never offered to rectify the problem. Told me to have a nice day and hung up on me!

Brian Nolan

Poor quality work. Poor customer service. Money trap. Take your car literally ANYWHERE ELSE. Owner argued with me and interrupted me constantly. Bunch of apes.

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