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REVIEWS OF Tire World IN Kentucky

Michael Rayles

Randy Smith

Robert Glass

They don't do air conditioner repair!

Laura Beach

Jeff Eing

Great prices and customer service is fantastic

Aberdeen Pond

Pleasant people, prompt service, reasonable prices.

David Shelton

Quick friendly service

Donald Fain

Mark Westbrook

Very slow, was there two and a half hours getting tires.

Elvin Swank

They wanted $100.more for a tire then anyone else

Lisa Isaac

Beware! Twice they have stated that my tires that had slow leaks could not be plugged due to a screw being close to the edge. Actually it was not!!! Also stated there were two leaks. This was a ploy for us to purchase a NEW unneeded expensive tire. I would be more than likely to return to purchase my tires there if they told the truth - makes you wonder what else they do not tell the truth about and charge unneeded repairs on their customers. There was. ONLY one leak! In was in the middle of the tread!!! The ACTUALLY MARKED IT!!! it is now plugged and in use without a problem!! WATCH OUT!

Linda Butcher

I've had my car serviced there twice. First time my car was 1/2 quart low on oil when I got home. Second time they did not check air in my tires as promised. Two of my tires were low.

Mr Amazing

Fast ,reliable and professional

Radio Voice

I got in and out on a 4 wheel alignment in less than an hour! A hundred bucks well spent and the waiting area is very comfortable. Smart service! They will get more of my business.

Anthony Gordon

HORRIBLE!!!! If could give it a NEGATIVE 5, that would be generous!!! I called before going. Was told I would be in and out in about 30 minutes, (patch a flat). After over 20 minutes of watching service technicians walking around aimlessly, my vehicle wasn't touched, two lifts empty, I picked my keys up out of a stack of orders. A guy came out of the back, identified himself as the manager. Didn't ask my name,ask why I was there, just took the order sheet and said have a good day. His lack of management skills is the reason I walked out. From my experience, he couldn't lead a pack of starving wolves to fresh meat if his life depended on it. I recommend this place only if you want to waste your time. But hey, they had popcorn and old coffee!

billy wright

wade dever

Tracy Trezise

I used to be a satisfied customer, then I started bring in cars for more that tires and brakes. I hardly know where to begin ... I brought my Element in when it was getting difficult to shift and asked them to check it out. At the same time my A/C was cutting in and out and could they check that too? They installed a clutch slave cylinder - about $350.00 - and quoted me $1100.00 for the A/C saying it needed a compressor. I declined on the A/C and left, but had to back the next day since the shifting was still screwed up. They recommended I take it to Transmission Masters down the street, but did not refund for the slave cylinder saying it was bad anyway. Trans- Masters found the pressure plate was cracked and replaced the clutch for about $1200.00 (ouch), but they fixed the A/C for free! The tech that test drove the car noticed the A/C wasn't working, so he replaced the horn relay with the A/C relay and guess what ... no horn, but the A/C worked like a charm. I have little doubt Tire World Would have been happy to lighten me up to the tune of $1200.00 Since I guess I don't learn too quick, I took our 2002 Accord in due to a check engine light and wouldn't pass emissions. I got a read out of several service codes provided on paper by Advanced Automotive for free. They did next to nothing and charged me a total of $307.09 - $69.99 for the engine diags - even though my wife handed them the printout from Advanced - Auto, and $99.99 each for two compression tests (why two?) They quoted a total repair estimate of $1405.37, but there was no way I was paying that. I think they may have thought my wife would! So I researched it, and found a distributor for $57.99 - a little less than the quoted $424.58! Got an EGR valve for $53.20 - down from $216.58, a set of plugs for about $12.00 - not $57.52 and upscale plug wires for $46.98 a little less than $56.72 I might add that I could have rented a compression gauge and done that test in 30 minutes - the plugs are right in front of you in that car when you open the hood. I installed it all on along with a new PCV valve in an afternoon, cleaned the EGR port myself and wacked the vapor canister shutoff valve a couple times and it came unstuck. Replaced the gas cap and drove the car several times and the check engine light went out and the car passed the emissions test. Car still needs a little work, but not that much. Cost to me: $204.16 plus a Sunday afternoon Savings: $1201.21 All this leaves me to wonder how much they've overcharged me in the past for all the work I've paid them to do over the years. BTW If you don't believe any of this I uploaded the repair estimate. and I challenge you to find a distributor for a 2002 Accord for $425.00 - if you do - search for one on Amazon. After spending hundreds of dollars at Tire World I just keep feeling more and more like I'm getting ripped off - and now they proved it.

Libby Pittman

Customer service was great. They exceeded my expectations. Keith was very helpful! The facility was clean and comfortable.

kermit blake

Michael Thornton

Zac is awesome

Benjamin Porter

Very kind, quick and fair. I would absolutely recommend this place.

Laureano Cruz

Worst service ever! They took advantage of me by after fixing the clutch which was 950$ finding a "new" problem with it that would be an additional 150$ so we said ok go ahead and fix it well after that was done they supposedly found ANOTHER problem that would be another 275$. So after a few not so nice words i told them to leave the damn keys in the truck n ill pick it up.

Ross Chandler

Extremely happy, great service, awesome waiting area

Carmen Rodriguez

Don't bring your car here for anything other than tires!

Deborah Yokshas

I HIGHLY recommend Tire World! I've been taking my car there for oil changes for years. They have excellent prices, great customer service, and are the only car repair shop that I can say I actually trust to not try to rip me off.

Jaclyn Piper-Williams

Johnny Stephens

I would recommend Tire World to anyone. I've never had a bad experience there.

Kevin Kolff

Best Tire store in Middle Tennessee!!

Desert Fox76

Good customer service

Seagie Smith

Always great service and reasonably priced. They have never done me wrong in the many years I have been going to them. Would highly recommend!

Malcolm Shealer

Awesome job with my alignment and new tires package and very polite

Tenille Tingey

Mauricio Galindo

Carson Vance

The staff here are amazing! They are all truly dedicated, patient and are wiling to help and assist at any time. If you are looking for a place to get tires I would seriously recommend this place.

Donald Gay

Hess Channel

mich J

Wonderful service at affordable prices, always friendly . Got my tires fixed and never have problems

Mike Miller

I work there .... Awesome staff

Hannah Ingram

Excellent customer service! No long, overdrawn wait period! The definitely earned every bit of five stars and a happy, consistent customer!

scott piper

Great staff they let me know how much my repairs where gonna be and stayed close to the estimate also kept me up to date on everything

Michelle Ortiz Gallegos

What makes Tire World so amazing is Bob Hansen. Ask for Bob.

Angela Mason

Love them. They are always kind and professional!!

Caleb McGowan

BEST PLACE IN TOWN -- Had a lot of trouble with Larry Miller Toyota getting hybrid battery fixed. After three WEEKS with Larry Miller Toyota and nothing happening, I went to Keith at Tire World and my car was fixed in three DAYS! Keith was able to give me a ride to my rental car. Overall wonderful experience and I will never use another shop in SLC.


The Michelin man that sold me four sets of tires was awesome great place.

John Stinnett

They did a great job on my car and i have no complaints with them and i will go back if i need work done on my car.

Aaron Black

Great, friendly staff, incredibly helpful staff

Jose Guzman

Mike Edwards

Greg Miller

Steve Purcell Guitar

They fixed a radiator leak, & said I also need new plugs & wires, charged me $634.00 & did NOT wave the $79.00 diagnostic fee. I was there from 7:20am til 12:pm. Won't ever use them again.

Estella Long

Andrew Radman

Best place in America

Steve Sorensen

Kristy Mortensen

Regina Ellis

Fast... Good work

Alice Williams

Did exactly as requested. No problems.

Heather Draper

Lucas Dickerson

Ryan the manager helped me out tremendously. Three different companies have looked at my vehicle including the dealership and couldn't diagnose the problem. The technicians and staff found the problem within 30 mins which took other companies days to try and figure out, but failed. Not only did they fix the problem, but were twice as inexpensive as the other two companies. I will never take my vehicle anywhere else again. Extremely happy with everything!!! Highly recommend.

ALLEN Prince-coffee

Omar Maycock

They were great and the staff was very helpful. I was just in for an oil change and was out in less than an hour.

Matthew Gummow

Don’t buy tires online for service here. I ordered some from Goodyear and set my appointment here almost a week later. The tires didn’t show in time and they called me to let me know. However I couldn’t reschedule, they don’t allow appointments. I was confused because I could schedule an appointment with them through Goodyear’s online site. I came in that Saturday, they were super busy and I had to wait two hours for my tires to be serviced. I just wish that these expectations were set before I spent my money here. If I had known I would’ve gone somewhere else to get service. Edit: These guys are awesome, Keith the manager called me up to apologize. My car was having problems after taking it to Big O Tires and he gave me some advice on how to fix it. I rarely see this kind of care and customer service anymore and I appreciated that he took the time to call. I know I can trust this place and I will definitely come back here for all future service on my car!

D Church10

They do great work and won't take advantage of you! Ask for Ryan, he'll take care of you.

Landon Harris

Coty Carr

Great customer service and they got my tire fixed quickly.

edelbert slim

Jeff Kerley

Ashlyn Johnson

Soooo nice and helpful! We were in and out with a new set of wheels. Super glad we went here.

Randy Hillin

B Thompson

Keith Helmke

Enjoyed working with Keith and John. Service is timely. Great for synthetic oil changes, brakes, and tires.

Trever Cook

Gary Bowman

Ashley Van Beuge

I really like this everyone is so helpful and they do a great job and they are amazing here. I keep bring my tires here for my whole family.

Sofia Broadhead

Mark R

Went in about a week ago for 4 new Cooper AT3s. I needed a good LT off-road tire to help with all the snow we recieve up here in West Yellowstone MT, and I was passing through Salt Lake. They recommended the Coopers and got me the best price on a 10 ply AT LT tire I could find in town (180$ cheaper than some other places in SLC for the same tires). Installed tires quickly and put one of my old tires on my spare for no extra cost. Zac was very friendly and helpful.

EddieLeeGroves Music

Good place to get tires

James Fulton

Fast service

Jeff Brown

Richard Lewis

Very slow service. Was told my appointment was at a time, didn't get my vehicle in until an hour after being there. Took over an hour to change 4 tires. Not happy with the speed at all.

Richard Booth Sr.

shane henderson

I've always had a good experience at Tire World, it's the only place I go for oil changes and tires.

Allen Lemaster

Nice folks

Dawn King

John Adams

Eddie Eachus

mary ormes

Aligned my car. Nice people & done in a timely manner.

R. Edward Owen

Fast and friendly service.


Since moving to Maysville, I have purchased 3 sets of tires, had several alignments done, and had numerous flats fixed at Tire World. I had always been pleased with their service. So when I recently had a tire warranty issue, Tire World in Maysville was naturally the first place I went. To my surprise, neither of the guys behind the counter would even go outside to look at my tires! When I told them the tires had 47k miles, one said "you got what they (the maker) said you would." Not liking this answer, I contacted the maker and they told me that as long as the tires had less than 50k, they were warranted for 6 years! So I decided to give Tire World in Flemingsburg a call, hoping I'd get better service. The guy I spoke with told me outright "I won't touch them! I've lost too much money that way". That was enough for me. I called Major Brands in Morehead and they told me they'd be glad to help. In the end, I received a $286 credit from my old tires! Needless to say, I didn't buy a fourth set of tires from Tire World and at this point, I see no reason to consider them when replacing my wife's tires before winter. I like to spend my money locally as much as possible but if a company is not willing to support a loyal customer, I have no problem going elsewhere. If you're considering Tire World and expecting good customer service, I can't recommend them based upon my experience.

Susan Ehrenberg

Arwen Risner


Ruby Hedges

Linda Schmidt

Great and friendly service.

Matt C

Had tires delivered, had tires installed

wayne booker


Friendly servers

Marty Marshall

DON'T GO TO TIRE WORLD!!! They will charge you for unnecessary procedures and won't work with you to resolve the issue. They charged us $130 for a reflash of a mass air flow sensor. The procedure wasn't offered as "optional" or "recommended." After the fact we found out from a dealer that the reflash isn't required. When we called them on this the only thing they would do is talk a lot and apologize.

Lemuel Frazier

Rob Wil

Hey guys I just bought a new set of TerrainContac-Tires at TIRE WORLD LAVERGNE TN. If I'm not mistaken there made by Michelin ,for my Toyota Tacoma I was wanting something that did well on the road which I drive 80% of the time but I wanted a tire that would also work great in my FIELD and when it SNOWS to get up my very steep concrete driveway so I went with the Continental AT , as soon as I pulled out of tire world with my new tires my truck drives better than it ever has before since I've owned it. If you're looking for a great Tire so far I believe this is it. I am not affiliated with the store or I do not know anyone there so this is my honest opinion. If I can remember I will post how they do after about 30 - 50000 miles , Thanks for reading, I feel sure all the sales guys are great but the sales person that I dealt with was John Rasori -he's awesome. Robby W. Helpful? Answer

Taylor Hall

All the "Other Guys" act like my time and business isn't important... Not only did these guys give me a screamin' deal on tires, but they hustled to get me in and out when I was in a crunch for time.. that's 5 Star customer service! Tire World is who I recommend for you're tire AND time needs!

Joyce Monson

Great service

George Averitt

Crate service

Jay Henrie

I've used Tire World for several years, and they have always treated me well. They've checked out problems I've been concerned with, and when my worries were unfounded, they've turned my truck back over to me without a charge. This is a stand up place, and I'll keep taking my vehicles back to them!

Daniel McEndree

Honest and excellent service. Ask for Keith.

Raul Serna

Still unsure about this company!!!!! When I first purchased my tires from them they installed the tires with no problems until I got home and noticed scratchs on my new wheels. They did say they would pay to fix the wheels but I was told by the people who repairs wheels that non stock wheels are very hard to match the color (no guarantees)!!! Also, my tires have been wearing after only 16,000 miles and Tire world says its the wheels that make the tires wear......hum......? I have been to 3 different tire shops and they tell me Tire World is incorrect and they should replace them with no questions ask. CRAZY

Jamie Fenn

Bret G

This facility is awesome. There is a great group of people that work here. John specifically, handled most of our calls, questions, and service from a customer service standpoint. They didn't hit us with any unknown costs, or added anything. They are super straight forward and stand by what they tell you the will do. We were late for our appointment and they still worked us in and finished ahead of time. I would highly recommend this place!

Renee Yalowsky

They rock , fast service and very friendly . Thanks guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kyle Helms

Karly Whittington

This place rocked. 1. It was super clean on the inside and comfortable. 2. The people were EXTREMELY friendly and prompt and they were out of water and he made a point to go grab me one in a different fridge outside. 3. They fixed my tires and did not try to sell me anything that wasn't necessary. I live in Nashville but will probably drive to La Vergne just to give them business again.

jeremy gourley

My family and I have been dealing with Tire World for years. They have consistently gone above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied with our purchases and repairs.

Marc Copeland

Worst service EVER!

Kyra R

Kendra Jensen

I bought my snow tires here awhile back and have been taking my car here twice a year for tire change over and also for emissions and inspection ever since. I will be buying all my tires from them from now on. Great group of guys. They have always been very accommodating, and I wouldn't hesitate to have them service my car if needed.

Sharon Preslar

Great staff and service.

david cisneros

Great customer service.

Timothy Bradley

I go here to this location many many times for most if not all of my automotive needs tires, oil changes, brakes, and etc. I bought tires at this location a couple of months back and had a slow leak on one of my tires on the front they put on. I had to air my tire up twice within the week and need it looked at of not replace since I purchased the road hazard on the tires I bought there! Got there at 9:15 am and they already cut off taking people. They could not even take a look at it to see where the leak was, and have told me before not to get the fix a flat, due to it messes up the tires. I work Mon thru Friday until 7pm and can not get to the tire world in LaVergne thru the week. Saturdays are the only time I can get there. I have seen many many times when people has came in 1 hour to 30 mins. Before they close at 12 noon. I understand you may be under staff on Saturdays, maybe need to hire more staff or stay open at least to 2pm on Saturdays. I normally do not post on these things but I needed something done about it, and they acted like sorry about your luck dude, can't help you!Worst Customer Service Ever at this location!! I work in Healthcare Customer Service is Everything especially to your Loyal Returning Customers! Now I have to really think hard and consider about ever going back to this location, just saying!!!!!!!.. Not only am I mad but pissed...

Bobby Anderson

I get my trailer tires done here. Repair or replaced. Always quick friendly service.

robert r

They took care of my tire needs and I left with new tires and a mail in rebate

Shentarel Edmondson

Got ripped off took car in they drove it charged me $450 to fix. I did not drive it now it makes a new noise they say I need $600 more worth of work Ryan ws not helpful. A complaint with better business bureau has been made

Justin Troyer

These guys really know what they are doing

DeeAnn Benson

Been using Tire World to service each successive car. They have been fair and honest and kept me on the road - worry free!

Tori Donahue

carlos alberto romero alvarado

anthony dalrymple

Found tge rires i needed quickly & great service. I foung my new tire store for both of my Mustangs

Daniel Collins

John Menees

Great people, fast and reliable service and competitive prices. If you need anything, go in and ask for Keith. Best guy in the industry.

Shelia Talley

Ok for service was not impressed with of the customer service at first. First time I pick up my car was given the keys and no car insight, had to ask where it was. One employee was told to go get it and he really didn't want to had a little attuide, so the other I quess supervisor stepped in went and brought it to the front. Also was charged about $40 more when I picked up the than what I was quoted on the phone, I quess was due to me having a warranty. They fixed 1 problem but by time got home, it was shaking bad and then engine light came on. Had to take back the next day. Turns out the problem is something that they don't handled was not sure what really need to be done, was told had to take else where. So after spending all that money still can't drive my car. I felt when they did a diagnostic the first time this 2nd problem should have been noticed, but they told me they didn't notice it. If it was test driven, it would have been noticed, this could not be missed.

Team Old School

Don Gay

Hector Mora

Alexander B

Kian Moosavi

Good job,thanks.

Chantay Matthews

Fast and friendly staff very helpful I go to them every year whether it's brakes tires rotors I get those guys to do my tire needs.

Martim Dominguez

(Translated by Google) It's very good (Original) Está muy bien

Catherine Meade

Jake Schmidt

I went in for a simple flat tire repair. They were friendly and informative, they had my car on the lift promptly, and had the whole thing done much faster than I expected. Once it was finished, they informed me that they will do every tenth customer's flat repair for free! WOW! I wound up not paying a cent for the job. I will certainly be returning to buy new tires from Tire World in the future.

Norma Leiby

Javier Damian

Sarah Fly

Take my boss's vehicle here for routine maintenance. They're always friendly and helpful, easy to deal with, and do a good job.

Matthew Burns

Always fast service and best price

Russell Handy

Great service, Great staff. Highly recommended

Carlos Tiburcio

Georgia Foster

I am typing this for my dad as he recites the story because it is just ridiculous. He stated: Don't believe a word these people say when you walk in. Last week i drove from Florida to Chicago after getting our car. I experienced a brake issue and need to replace my pads and rotors. I arrived at 10:45 a.m. After being told they could fix it immediately for me because they had 2 bays open, 3 people walked after me that they helped first. An hour later, they finally brought my car into the garage, and then told me I should have all of my brakes and rotors replaced. After they told me they could do it quickly, I told them to go ahead and do it. A half hour later i noticed the machinic that removed my tires was working on another car. I asked a guy by the name of Ryan why he wasn't working on my car. He told me it was due to them waiting on brake pads to be delivered. I watched the mechanic do a complete brake job on a white Lexus. I told the guy from Detroit i was talking to, that I will bet it it belongs to the blonde woman that just pulled up that Ryan has been flirting with. Sure enough, it was her car. I spent the next 2 hours waiting outside watching for this alleged "brake pad delivery" to arrive. The mechanic never left the garage, and never left my veiw. He never received "a brake pad delivery" from anyone. I asked the mechanic why he stopped working on my car, and why he did the white Lexus first, and he told me he was told to do the Lexus first becaise it was a "warranty car". After walking back into the store, the man from detroit and I noticed the place was empty. They fixed every single person's car first, despite no less than 8 of those people arriving after we did. It became obvious to us that all of those people were locals and that is why they decided to serve them first (despite telling both of us that we would be in and out quickly). Despite the first impression they try to give you, these people are extremely unprofessional and unsophisticated. They have their mind on getting to the gym, not fixing your car. Unless you have 4 to 5 hours, dont come in, because you never know how many locals, or girls they fancy, will come in.

Justin Lee

Great value, good service. Thanks for world.

Trina Ekstrom

Awesome as usual. Friendly and I know it will be fixed right.

Thomas Webb

James Chellis

Phil F

Kristina Chew

Went for a nail in tire, couldve easily sold a new tire as i thought id need told me thwy could patch but would need new tires within 10k miles due to tire rot. Never pressured to "buy today" told of sales coming in a few weeks. Always been treated this way!

Julia Miller

I have been a regular customer at this location since 2006. I first found them looking for tires for my old truck. They sold me name brand tires for less than anywhere else I called (and I REALLY called around). Since then, I've used them exclusively for all my vehicle repairs. They have always been friendly and helpful. I have never had any issues with their repairs. Their service is top notch. I brought my boyfriend's truck in. He had been told that he had a bad wheel bearing by another shop. Even after assuming it was bad, they assured me that all the bearings are good. They could've easily charged me for something I didn't need, but they were honest. I love that. It's hard to find honesty, good service, prices and customer service all in one shop. I will continue to be a customer as long as reside in this area. I would (and do) recommend them to everyone!

Randy Alvarado

I been a client for 8 years I bought a new set of tires and wheels and it was vibrating the whole time they couldn't fix it and wasn't able the returned anything

Andrea Watts

Very unprofessional....I have had to take my car back and forth to them for the same problem more than 3 times.....stay away if you value your car and time. ...

Sitka Vending

I have been taking my box truck there for the last few years. Love these guys. Never too busy and the price is always fair. Before I found them I jumped from mechanic to mechanic. Thanks Tire World!

Ronda Heisler

This company is a company of integrity. They're honest, Reliable, Their main gold is to safety Of their customers and the people we transport in our vehicles. Thank you for your integrity and honesty

Richard Green

Katrina Rae

Helpful people. Saved my butt with their quality used tires.

Keith Lane

Took my truck there today 02/17/2016 to get the oil changed. The guy that pulled it into the shop proceeded to rev the engine up numerous times like he has never heard dual exhaust before.... I let that one go, when they were done they started my truck up, backed it out and was spinning the tires as if it were their own truck.... Very disrespectful... Will not return....

Whitney McKinney

***I will seek retribution for this issue at the highest level. **** I got my oil changed there roughly one month ago. I was pleased with the service and the friendly staff. My car ran fine although it hesitated on acceleration infrequently. Yesterday, October 13, 2015, I began to experience hesitance and the car was making a rattling noise. As I attempted to drive on the issue became more frequent and aggressive. My coolant light came on and I decided to pull the car over. It was at this time I called to get it towed to the nearest Kia dealership. Shortly after my car arriving, I was informed by the technician that my radiator cap was left loose in my car and that was the only incident that could have caused this issue. This could have only occurred during my short time at Tire World because this establishment was the last to go under the hood of my car. Today, I brought my car to Tire World located on Murfreesboro Rd to explain the issue and hopefully get a resolve to this problem. I spoke with Ryan the manager and presented him with my itemized receipt from Kia as well as a description of what Kia diagnosed as the reason for my car having these issues. Although he was very friendly and cooperative, he did not believe that his establishment could have conducted such an oversight. He explained to me that removing the radiator cap is not standard practice for oil changes. At this point, I called Kia to confirm the information I received from them at which time I allowed them to speak with Ryan on the phone. Ryan did not get much information from Kia beyond what they found when they opened the hood of my car. Although Ryan was very friendly and cooperative, I am still at a loss as to how my radiator cap could have come off, spontaneously. I am very dissatisfied with this entire situation, because I did not remove my radiator cap nor have I allowed anyone else to work under the hood of my vehicle since Tire World changed the oil. I will seek retribution for this issue at the highest level.

Jason Jacobs

The guys here have 100% taken care of me every single time I've had to take my car or truck here. A little on the high end as far as pricing, but you totally get what you pay for. The staff are all very nice and remember your name, which is pretty cool for such a busy place.

Hayes Wood

Luna Moon

They are amazing

Katie Carter

Amazing job!

Jim Dikeman

Friendly and knowledgeable team.

Gladys Cook

John Nickerson

Just was

Barbara Crowe

Fast and efficient

Brandon Bloomfield

Rachel Fontes

They are awful. I took my Honda in yesterday and told them I was pretty sure I needed a new alternator. John, the guy at the counter, would barely look at me and was not even remotely interested in anything I had to say when I was explaining what the symptoms were. Just said they couldn't look at it till tomorrow and wrote my name down. As an afterthought he asked for my number and the make/model of my car. I clearly said a Honda Odyssey. So they had my car for 36 hours and then John called me and told me they did my oil change, and it's definitely the alternator that's broken but they can't fix it. He didn't offer any explanation as to why until I asked where I could get it fixed. He said he thought Hauke's worked on foreign cars. Really? I told you it was a Honda right at the start. Why didn't you immediately tell me you won't fix it? I wasted a day and half when I could have taken it elsewhere and been driving by now. Will never take a vehicle there again and will tell everyone I know not to go there either. This was not my first bad experience there.

Chestity Stokes

It ok it takes forever to get o get tires put on


Took my truck in on time with my appointment and it only took and hour of my time

Kelsey Osborne

James Reeves

Roger Workman

shawna cundiff

They were so nice, will use them again. Great experience!

Kevin Bradley

Eric Lafferty

You guys rock!! Thanks for getting me fixed up so fast on such short notice this far from home. I dropped the truck off, went to get a bite to eat next door and they were finished with my truck before I could finish my meal. Freakin awesome! I was able to call my boss with the good news about his truck.

Richard Mitchell

They have always treated me well. They aren't cheap but I would not consider them over priced.

robert kilhefner

Awesome customer service. Good prices.

Wonda Mathews

They get u in and out excellent work.

Gaige Munson

Never ever go there. There service is deal and the service people a rude. I took my car there driving and now it does not drive at all. Have to tow to somewhere that knows how to work on a car the right way.

Stephanie Dean-Perry

This is a company that delivers on their promises. They are fair and honest with their customers. That means a lot to me. Thank you Tire World!

Erik & Danielle Laver

I came in with some tires that I bought in from Amazon on sell & some rims that I picked up from a friend. Most of the tire shops in town wouldn't even Mount them for me, because I didn't buy the tires and rims from them. Not only did they mount tthem for $75 bucks and they did in under an hour dropped them off and picked them up! I will deal with them again, great to do business with you guys.

123 The bot

Love the muffle guy he is aswome that person sayin that dont no what they r talkin bout

Brittany Wilkerson

Nate Griffith

So many times you see a review start out "If I could give them a zero I would!!!!" but you never see one that says "if I could give them 10 stars, I would." So here's a review that starts out if I could give them 10 stars I would. You want an honest place to go? Tireworld is it. Today I brought my car in for an alignment. The front end was pulling hard to the right. They put it up on the rack and found that it was an uneven wear on the front right tire that was causing the trouble. They went ahead and check my alignment on their rack. They then rotated my tires for free (since I bought them from them) and only charged me $30 or so dollars for the time on the alignment rack. Now that's honest. We bring all of our work vehicles to Tireworld. Highly Recommended.

Norman B.

The repair they did for my vehicle has been amazing. They definitely are worthy of a recommendation for their knowledge and expertise. The work they do is not easy but they accomplish it the best way possible.

Juan Pelayo

Addison Macaluso

Left me on hold for 30 min, then proceeded with a service without approval

Edward Maumbauer

Best service in town

Lydia Mullins

Randy Hinger

I have come to this location for many years for everything from a routine oil change to more serious car repairs. They have always been very honest with me and have never tried to sell me a service or repair that I didn't really need. I highly recommend TIre World to anyone looking for a reliable place to have their car serviced.

Nic In Colour

With these guys its a hit or miss man they can do simple stuff really good but if you need a part replaced go somewhere else. Literally anything ive had done here I've had to come back cause they messed it up. Seriously they can't do much more then an oil change.

Bethany Sanzi


Had them check out a car i was interested in.the mechanic told me right away to buy anything else and why.honest and right to the point.he saved me thousands of dollars.thanks!

David Mcgroarty

Bob is a genius with carburetors, Sterling is pretty awesome also. John is a bit goofy but a likeable character. I would suggest them over any other shop in the salt lake valley. Great bunch of fellows.

Randy Minck

Needed new tires and brakes (I thought) last week and have not been pleased that much with local service so drove down to TW to check it out. Got a great deal on tires, friendly, hospitable staff, not trying to sell me up to stuff I didn't need. Also inspected my brakes and said I had another year on the pads so no issue there! Nice waiting room with free-wifi to boot! Thanks guys!

Kelsey Roberts

I've been here a couple times and really like them so far! They seem very trustworthy, and are really helpful.

Morgan Cox

Billy Trenary

Great place to get ur car worked on.

Cindy Jennings

FANASTIC!# 3rd set of tires i 've bought place for price & service..any time any one ask me about tires i always try to send them there

James Finley

Bryan Umphrey

Jonathan Everts

Sammy Richards

Keanu Lee

Billy Fields

Great place

gregg waller

Sean McCormack

Jesse Brown

Mike Ferrin

Very friendly and professional. I only had a flat tire but will return for a set of tires when I have the money.

george ibezim

Grace Cripps

Best place ever they helped us when we really needed it they are honest and help you save the most! They go out of their way to help!

Herbernita Jenkins

Great service, knowledge technicians, professional and clean atmosphere.

Barbara LewisMuhammad

Gregory Jordan

Those guys are professional, they are courteous, knowledgeable and you will want to bring your car back because you know the work is being done right.

Lakita Taylor

Always satisfied! Super clean waiting area, offering complimentary coffee and water. Great customer service and friendly staff. Prices have always been reasonable and affordable.

Jenny. Chehab

After more than 6 years of going there and trusting them...things have definitely changed! Management has changed and they are no longer people with integrity or people that you can trust! It is a shame to have lost the convenience of a local place, But they truly no longer care about the customer. People if you go there, make sure that they did in fact do what they charged you for...I have personally caught them not doing it!

Nikki DeMesa

I have purchased a tires from them a couple of times for my BMW when changing from my factory wheels during winter to after market rims for the spring/summer months. When shopping around for different options I found that not only do they have a very helpful and friendly staff, but they also have the best prices for tires. I told Steve what I could spend and he found the best option for me. I would definitely recommend doing business with Tire World.

Aaron Saxon

Fast, friendly, and convenient! These guys can get you back on the road in no time!

Shaun Buzis

Brad Wind

Blew out a tire in my car. They wanted a hundred dollars to fix it.

Randy Cooper

Used to like them a lot, but as in life change is inevitable. Took a tire in to have it reseated on the rim as there was a leak around the rim. 6 hours later got the tire back and asked why it took so long and cost so much. Clueless guy said there was a lot of corrosion and it had to be ground and repainted. It was an aluminum wheel. I was lied to and treated with disrespect and the tire still leaked. I now go to the store in Smyrna, I have had a far better experience there.

Maria Morris

Always an awesome, first-rate experience!

Venus mcpherson

Great price and service

Brete Thomas

They don't stand behind their work. I've bought two sets of all-terrain tires from Tire World, at $1000 a set. I get those tires rotated, an oil change and brakes checked every 4,000-5,000 miles and do it religiously. I did this two months ago and they told my my brakes were fine. Since that time the van has only been on road trips -- 98% highway miles. This last weekend I'm way the heck in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night and my brakes suddenly start making this horrific grinding noise. I was lucky to find a place open on Saturday near Grand Canyon. They couldn't get rotors but had pads which got me home, but even those new pads were destroyed by the bad rotors in less than a day. Now I have to buy new rotors unnecessarily plus pay for additional front pads wasting $900 and all the guy at Tire World would do is shrug his shoulders. All they had to do was tell me to get new brakes, but they completely dropped the ball. They offered me nothing -- not even a discount on new brakes. NOTHING. I'll never do business here again and I'll be sure everyone who reads reviews knows the type of policies implemented at Tire World.

Rodrigo Eyzaguirre

These guys took the time to explain what I was after and were very competitive in their tire prices. On a different matter, they admitted that their price would be more expensive and pointed me to where it would be considerably less expensive.

ken wayne

Thomas Jackson

Paul Wallace

Michael Moore

Joshua Carson

I've been taking my cars to Keith for years. He's a great guy and honest. The rest of the staff is awesome. You won't be disappointed.

Rene Barrera

Good service.

Jerry Jones

Very helpful employees and a good selection of tires .

Vicki Cope

Staff is so nice and helpful. Fast and efficient.


Keith and the rest if the staff ate always there to help. I feel like I a preferred customer over the phone in person and when working in my vehicles. Thank you for the long relationship

Jason Ray

Rocks are the worst lol. Thanks to Tire World I was back on the road in no time.

Avia Hogan

These guys are LITERALLY a godsend! They got me in on the day of & fixed all the issues I was having with my car - please go here as I will continue to return as well.

Fredys Castillo

(Translated by Google) Good job (Original) Buen trabajo

ray ray

Take a wheelbarrow money

Grays Vlog

I really feel cheated today I took my truck in with noise coming from the rear end after $330 still have the problem but they say maybe they can fix it this next time I feel completely robbed after this I can't get the rear end of the truck fixed I don't have the money and they don't care

Kyle Skunta

Great service, finished faster than they said they would and got me out the door in no time. Would definitely recommend.

Claire DeVore

Janice Collier-Arsenault

Justin Herdman

I needed four new tires for my car. They got me in and out in less than two hours. And for less than I expected.

Kasey Ware

christian Ramey

AMAZING SERVICE!! They are amazingly accommodating!! so the story goes i called Tire World Smyrna on accident thinking they were the shop located about 3 miles from my house but that was La Vergne... so Smyrna was super friendly and priced my repair over the phone as well, but they didnt seem busy so there was no need for a appointment. I showed up to La Vergne and they seemed pretty busy, so i talk to the counter serviceman and he assumes i'm leaving it over night and i told him the service manager had told me he could get it done today so he assumes that is the correct info and takes my keys and lets me know they will call me. I get a call from a confused service manager and we talk out the details and and we are both confused because i'm thinking i've talked to this guy and he has no idea who i am. I realize my mistake call back and apologize he hits me with the "No worries, will get it taken care of" sure enough got it back before they closed!! everything on the car is running smooth again thank god because we were troubleshooting more or less being that there was no check engine light but my car was for sure misfiring... Ive been to this shop for all my requirements and tune ups for the last year probably and haven't found friendlier/accommodating shops at any Jiffylube or Firestone and as reasonably priced!

Gary Barrett

Brought vehicle in around the end of July. The main reason was check engine light was on. After leaving the car there for about two whole days, an individual called about what needed to be repaired. Almost $800.00 later the engine light is still on. The car was brought in and the engine light was off for about two miles. Now, the car has to be brought back to be checked to see if it is something Tire World did or did not do, or if the problem is the customer's, (our), fault.

Miguel Angel Ceja Villa


I started using them for my business and now use them for my personal needs as well. Always top notch service and excellent pricing, they will take care of you!

Corey Tester

Friendly staff, nice wait area, free wifi, and private areas setup for customers to work remotely...

Paula Francis

Always get me in right away. And get the job done quickly and efficiently they also will come pick it up for me and bring it back. Your service is awesome

Eddy Gonzalez

Chris Clark

Deloris Modunkwu

Employees are not friendly

Jeremy Eaton

I work for diamond electric and we have all are shop vehicles serviced there .great place and keath has always been on point and helpful

F Carl Williams

Kayla Lykins

Heath Earley

Karen Booker

Great friendly service.

Wesia Rigdon

Phyllis PACK

We were told they weren't busy, went right up there, it was 12 we didn't get out till 2 and our car was done, no one told us, socializeing..

Chris Arnold

Very knowledgeable and great to deal with

Daniel Graves

Kam Jo

Moon Pie

Very friendly, good, fast service. I highly recommend.

Kelly Doughman

Great place for tires, customer service, and not a long wait!

Mike Haywood

Dustin Kiskaden

Friendly workers and best service in maysville

Jay Walton

Always good that is why i keep coming back

Lisa Welch

Always have to take our vehicle back every time they do something to it...disappointing...

Michael Yates

Michael Harney


Good guys that will take care of you right away and do whatever possible to get you in and out.

Nicole Rosenberg

christie dixon

danny hehr

Glynn Parker

Samantha Floyd

Jermery was very helpful. Best place I've been for tires and such! Keep up the good work!

LeAnne Newlin

Local, honesty, and kind people who will explain what's wrong with ur car in a way u can understand

Marc Frazier

Great service I definitely will go back

Adam Strachan

These guys took me in and treated me like family. My AC broke while driving from ND to CA for a military move. Before crossing the Nevada desert I needed to find a shop to fix my compressor. I’m very glad I stopped here. They fixed my compressor but the new one failed immediately. Even though they had no time to schedule me in a second time, the guys at Tire World figured it out to get my car back in and replace the AC system a second time. My wife and kids got to have a cool ride through the desert thanks to there efforts. I have no hesitation referring you to them. 5 stars!

Greg Rawlings

I used to work just down the street from these guys and would drop my car off for service every now and then because it would be convinient and i could walk to work. I had just bought a used 2010 silverado and wanted to get an alignment done. They called me a few hours later telling me the frame was bent and quoted me a little under $2000 to fix and align the truck. I decided to pick it up and take it back to the dealership and they refered me somewhere else. The other placed did not notice any problems with the frame and alligned the truck for me. I always wondered who was lying to me. It has been 4 years since my problem and i have purchased new tire and another allignment without mentioning my frame at another shop and the promlem has never been found and of course truck runs great. So i am pretty confident i was lied to by tire world to try and grab some extra cash. DO NOT TRUST THESE GUYS GO SOMEWHERE ELSE THEY WILL SCREW YOU OVER. To the owner my name is Greg Rich i know its hard to find people who dont leave 5 star reviews

Ryan Richardson

They were completely honest with me, and did great work. They were also very friendly, but that means very little compared to the quality of their work. I won't go anywhere else in the valley.

Andrew Talbot

jose sanchez

(Translated by Google) Great service (Original) Buen servicio

Velma Van Ault

Amy Kent

Roy Martinez

Excellent service

Joshua Chatwin

I have a medium duty truck and needed the emissions and inspection done. It's too big to do with the regular guys around town. These guys handled it quickly and efficiently. Thanks guys!

Vivian Shepherd

These guys are fast, friendly and professional!

Kenneth Haynes

Rip offs

Chris Peters

Good value and quick service

Cynthia barr


Keith and the tire crew in the shop were absolutely amazing. I realized my car needed tires after driving for a few hours, and wouldn't be able to make it back to cache valley safely. After speaking with Keith on the phone he gave me a price that blew the competition away. After arriving 45 min from my location, (15 min to close on a saturday) Keith and the tire crew had me on the road again in 20 min or less. I was so impressed with the service first and for most but that coupled with amazing pricing to beat out your competitors. I will always reccomend Keith, and the Tire World crew. I will be back for any and all future tire needs. Thanks for the service it was far above and beyond any and all expectations. Keep up the amazing work!

Cameron Read

Awesome staff

David Mccluskey

Great place for all your tire needs! I haven't had a bad experience yet and the customer service is amazing

Zion Reynolds

Dan Boren

Eric Roberts

Verica Howard

They didn't do a good job on my husband's car. Although it was a warranty job and they were not going to get much pay on it I felt that they still should have done the best they could on the car.

Betti Murray

Harold Humphrey

Professional, quality service

Mark Word

Good and fair people with a clean facility

Jeremy s

Mohammad Mehdi Sadeghi

Lousy Workmanship and Service. I took my car in and asked them to check the tires and breaks for any potential safety problems since my daughter intended to borrow this car and drive for the next year. They told me that the 2 front tires need to be replaced, need alignment, and both rear breaks need to be completely replaced. I told them to go ahead and fix it. After I picked up the car, I started hearing loud screeching noise from the rear passenger side of the vehicle as the car would start rolling. It sounded like something was obstructing the wheel. The car did not have this problem before they worked on it. Also, while breaks seem to work ok at low speed, It would not break properly when I was driving 50+ mph. Several times I had to slam on the break for a sudden stop and the car would keep on going and break under my foot felt soft had to keep pressing all the way to the floor before getting any traction and stop the car. I almost had a couple of accidents because of it. I took the car in, explained the situation to the manager, and asked if they would check it for me. The manager declined and told me that I will have to pay for break diagnoses, if I want it checked out. I told him that you are supposed to have fix the breaks, why are you asking me to pay to diagnose a problem you have caused. He became angry and said that they did not cause this problem and walked away.

Teresa Wise

Treat ya like ur part of the family ...have been do'n business w/them 4 over 25 yrs ...have sent friends & acquaintances 2 them when other mechanic / garages have quoted higher prices

Roxanne Hall

Steven Sell

Stacey Swasey


What are the slowest places I've ever visited have bought a tire from a make shredded drop it off they called me said it was fixing to have it put on I still spent two hours in there just to get my one tire that they already got mounted installed on my car wish I hadn't bought tires there but now I'm stuck with them

Gregg Fowler

Always get good service here. Have bought tires for myself and son and get service done on both cars.

Chris Hemphill

Got me in quick on a Saturday, and did a great job on my alignment. Super nice waiting area!


An okay place to go if you need tires done professionally.

Mark Murphy

Tire World is amazing. They keep you informed on repairs and are excellent in communication to the customer. They only suggest what you need. Repairs are correct the first time. My experience is a 10 +. I will keep going back. Thanks Tire World. Mark Murphy

aaron high

Good discounts on tires

jeremy lane

Lynell Richmond

Lisa Gronbeck

Fantastic business/garage, very fair & kind.

lucid d

Helpful friendly, and quick tier swap.

Kim Norman

John Adams

Emily Searcy

K Bullen

Great customer service. Keith is awesome. Have been satisfied for years.

Skye Schmelzer

Just stopped by tire world on my way from Tampa, FL to San Francisco for a flat tire. The service was impeccable and timely. Keith was incredibly friendly, funny, and attentive. If you live in SLC please please please only come here to have your automobile serviced. They're one-of-a-kind amazing, and I would know because I've travelled across the country and have never gotten such wonderful service!!!!!

Mynor Alvarado

Bro. Terrell Davis

Good people & great service will definitely buy from them again.

Rosetta Campbell

Awesome service and very friendly staff!!

Melanie Gooch

I always have a good experience here. The staff is great!

Amy Plastow

Tire World is the best mechanics I've ever used! They are affordable. They are incredibly honest. They are friendly. I have used them for all my auto needs for 10 years. I know if I bring in my car for a noise they will tell me what is wrong, how long I have until it needs to be fixed and their prices always beat out competition (I have called around for competitors pricing over the years). Kieth, Zach, John and all the guys in the back treat you like family. But good family. Not the crazy ones you don't want to see at Thanksgiving

Call me Rod

Went for a simple flat repair and their service was on point! Only 20 mins and done. Plus they're military friendly.

Hayran Petit

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelent

Brenda Lewis

Good service. Experience

Cindi Covalt

Chai M

Calvin Law

I've been going to Tireworld for years and I'm always well taken care of. I trust them completely.Their mechanics are top flight.

Tiffany Jackson

Love this place! Awesome service all the way around. From the service reps to the repairs. I can't say enough good things about this place.

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