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REVIEWS OF Lexington Discount Tires IN Kentucky

Brandon Gooch

Awesome experience, definitely recommend this place to anyone. I was looking to get some used tires based on taking my vehicle to a mainstream service shop, but the staff here did the analysis and recommended I keep my tires because they had plenty of tread remaining. That type of honesty and service is rare these days.

Joaquin Guzman

I had a great experience at discount tire, they had a really good deal for me on four almost new tires! Come to discount tire.

Harry Dawes

Good place to get used tires .

Busy Bee

This used tire shop has good prices . I’ve replaced 2 used tires and dine oil change for a descent price .i would recommend calling first to check if they got your size .

Mike C

Discount tires is a life saver , called them when everyone was closed on Christmas Eve . Thank you

Souad Bounhir

Lexington Discount Tires have the most professional staff also they are so friendly with customers. honestly i had a great experience because they were very helpful .

Nothing But The Truth


Cindy Merise

I would recommend this place for your tire needs .

Gayle Cinnamon

Super nice fellas. Stayed open late to help us out with our flat tire.

Rancie Hannah

The staff here were super friendly, and the service was average. The thing that got me was that the tires I purchased were fairly used, and I was charged a not so "discount" price of 160$. I only purchase used tires, and have never been charged over 100/installation of less-used tires. I think I will go elsewhere next time.

Reed Wilhurst

Can’t believe we had a flat on Sunday, Jo helped us getting a replacement when everyone else was closed !!

Joel Koch

Service was slow. The tire that got replaced was flat the following morning. Very unorganized and unprofessional. Clearly a front for illegal activity. Very sketchy. Don't buy a used tire. Walmart has new ones up the road for about the same price.

Adam Belarbi

Reasonably priced tires, overall great quality!

Cheery Fields

I highly recommend this company for all your automotive needs ! My husband and I experienced an unexpected flat tire while travelling across the U.S (coming from Canada) . We were fortunate enough to find this business in the area. Ray, the General Manager, was extremely helpful and knowledgeable with assisting us with finding replacement tires. He even suggested better tires than what was originally decided by my husband. Their prices were very reasonable. The service was prompt and very professional. They made us feel very comfortable while we waited. We are grateful to Ray and his awesome staff for helping us, so that we could continue home safely and without concerns. Thank you so much Ray and the staff at Discount Tires :D

heppie wing

Quick service for an oil change.

Michelle Robinson

Love these guys

John Bledsoe

Bought two tires from that place they were used but still one blow out 1 hour after I bought it on the interstate had to get my vehicle towed costed me a hundred bucks a week later the other one that they sold me blue out had to tow my vehicle costed me a hundred and fifty bucks so I bought a different tire somewhere else but went there to have it put on told them about my flat they wouldn't give me my money back or anything instead the guy that was in charge at the time was very rude and ignored me when I tried to talk to him the manager wasn't there at the time he's a lot nicer then the guy that he left in charge if I was the manager I would find someone new to be in charge when I was gone and no I never got my money back

Chris Walker

Very reliable and excellent service. Taxi One Of Lexington is very courteous and great on time, clean car and good rate very easy to book text is enough and they send confirmation text back. Highly recommend airport taxi service in Lexington.

Sanjin Masic

Had a tire emergency early in the morning, they were the only place open, very affordable and high quality service.

Sally Bratt

We called AAA since we didn’t have a spare and recommanded this place to have our tire patched . This was around 10 pm when no tire or auto shops are opened . Thank you Lexington discount tire

Jim Fallon

Great Taxi Lexington company, definitely reliable, especially my man Rachid. This is the only company I call and use at least several times a week. Always on time, if Rachid can't make it he will make sure one of his guys comes thru. If u need a cab in your in the bay area this is the company to use.

Jared Mays

I would highly recommend Lexington Discount Tires, they treated me with the upmost hospitality and respect. They met all expectations in a timely manner. Thanks again Lexington Discount Tires.

Shannon Fitzpatrick

Rude. Rude. Rude. Spoke over the top of me while I was trying to ask a question. Clearly did not want my business!

Bartlett Dave

Great service, very helpful.

William Asperi

I went to Lexington Discount Tires this morning to purchase a couple used tires, and ended up making arrangements for body work and paint on my car as well. When I was there, the people were friendly, professional, and courteous, and the shop was very clean and well organized. It was easy to see that all of their work will be first rate, and I could not have asked for a better deal. Highly recommended.

natasha Warfield

They take good care of me every time I pay them a visit. Their prices are unbeatable and their staff is very friendly. Not to mention they don't get annoyed with me when I ask 1,000 questions, Lol. Thanks for everything you guys!

dennis touth

it's amazing how professional these people are !! no need to mention the discount i got when i went there to change tires for my father's car. great service, thumbs up

Ali Akdad

Great place with nice staff especially the owner was very friendly. Definitely recommend to go there

Kristina Maxberry

Good service, good quality, nice people , and also convenable prices, cheap than other places, plus open 24/7

Danyale Post

If I'm ever in need of tires and I'm in Kentucky, I'll go here again. It took a little bit of time, because it was a Saturday and they had lots of customers, but it's cheap, quick based on customer volume, and easy to get done.

Alary Woods

Excellent service. Very friendly and fast

Joseph Ebu

Yoooo wow if you want best discount tire with good better best brands try Lexington discount Tires,they have all you need and want

Brandon Lewis

Garbage. They tried to plug a tire and put on my car and when my girlfriend gets in to go to work today she realizes the lug nuts werent tightened. Nothing was offered to me to rectify the situation and whomever I spoke with was rude. Spend a little extra and have the work done right.

Bob Marley

This tire shop saved my life today, had a flat and ended up getting all 4 tires changed for a very low price. I definitely be back to do more business. Thanks for the great service.

Sandy Lewis

When the only other option was Walmart tire center on a Sunday- with a three hour wait, Lexington discount tires got us right in and had us back on the road in 10 minutes. Very happy with their service and honesty! Thanks!

Sam Patterson

Only place in the area open on Sunday to fix a tire. Good people. Reasonable prices.


Good prices for used tires

Rachid Ahmed

Lexington Discount Tires has a big selection of quality used and new tires.

John Keadle

Stayed open late to get me my tires. Great prices!

Miss_mackenzieg37 .

I HIGHLY recommend getting tires here!! I don’t trust many people with my cars and I trust them!! They are very friendly and professional! Staff is always great to me and people I bring there and always gives me the best deals in Lexington! Also they never mess up my wheels when I do low profile tires unlike a lot of shops in Lexington! Ed is normally the guy that mounts and balances my tires and I trust him with my new Tahoe that has low profile 22s that carries my 3 year old daily and my drift car so that let’s you know I need the job done right the first time and he always does that no matter what day or time it is and goes the extra mile to make sure I’m happy!! Thank you

Kristina Ritz

We were on a road trip for a wedding and we needed a tire to get us back to Ohio. It was great that they were open on Sunday, and everyone was very nice and helpful. They had us set up and back on the road very quickly!

Jaraad Hines

They really care about their customers. The owner came out and personally helped us and the mechanic told me he "wouldn't give out anything he wouldn't feel comfortable putting his kids in". Quality tire shop.

Lewis T

Quick patch of a tire , Thank you Joe

Joe am

The service & the staff were really friendly

tanner manley

Great shop. They have the best customer service you can ask for. They make sure you're completely satisfied and give you a 30 day warranty on the used tires

Sierra Hunterfield

Quick service and very nice Stuff .

justin stephens

Yeah sold e a tire that came off a car that was out of alignment so it was wore completely on one side so.. NO!

Roberto perez

Very courteous staff and Fair prices with 30 day warranty , this is my go to place for any tires.

Rami Najim

Thank you for your service

Bunkin LoFro

Great cheap tires. Love the service!

Andris Connors

I was cheated at this shop. Brought in a car that needed some newer tires as mine had dry rotted (it was a car that had not been driven for awhile). Paid $150 cash for 4 used tires, and selected the ones which I wanted to be installed on my car. I also had to wait for about 1.5 hours because the guy at the front desk forgot about me. I had to remind him that I was still waiting. Next day, I took my car to another shop to get an oil change, and they told me that my back 2 wheels were the original, dry rotted tires. I was shocked that Lexington Discounted Tires failed to replace the back 2 tires. Called the shop immediately and they were as surprised as I was. The person I spoke to on the phone tried calling his boss to ask for a partial refund but it was a Sunday and his boss was not in. Several attempts later and still, I could not get to close this matter. I am disappointed because if I had not gone to another shop for an oil change, I might have gotten into an accident. I was about to start a 5 hour drive that day as well. Don't go to Lexington Discounted Tires unless you want to get lousy service and get cheated of your money.

richard herron

Shade tree people. Don't have a clue what they are doing.

Truck 28

Great place to get new and used tire friendly people great service. I just got a great used tire for my car today

Regina Turner

We had a great experience here, not only are they open late on Saturday's, service is fast and speedy! Professional help at a third if the cost.

Shua Belcher

This business went out of its way to make sure that my vehicles tire needs were met. They were professional and worked hard to take care of me. I highly recommend this place to anyone. They were friendly, extremely fast and I have no doubt they will do the same for you

Cheng Ortho

Have used this service several times, very professional and I am now a devoted customer. Always on time, usually early, dependable, safe. Best taxi service in Lexington.

alicia johnson

Great service. Nice ppl. Cheap tires.

sarah mills

terrific prices, and awesome service at first I though it was only for cars since I'm always struggling with finding parts and original tires for my Italian scooter, but it was one pleasant surprise to find someone who is even more into Italian motors than me, shout out to Ismail.

Juan Ramirez

I stop at this tire place to get service and they treat me right and I recommend it to those that need this kind of service

Savanah Williams

Had a great experience here. And the prices are unbeatable. Thanks Lexington discount tires!!!!!

Jonathan Eddington

Would not recommend, monkeys would do a better job at changing tires. Destroyed a $400 after market rim. Didn’t put all the luge back in my car. And still didnt get the tire! Awful service

Yangyang Wu

There is a leak in my tire. They find it quickly and just spend me $20!

Stan Miller

Cheap prices. You get what you pay for I guess.

Taurus Richardson

They help me out wit jokes and smiles and good timing...

Rob Griffith

We were on vacation and picked up a nail. They were only place open on a Sunday (everyone else leaves you high and dry until 9am or later Mon). Ruth and the crew took great care of us. They processed people in the order they came in, which is very fair. Some people's reviews complain about how long it took for a flat - those people probably think they're more important than they are, and that they deserve to be taken out of order - news flash: you don't. They were very fair and patched the tire properly in an appropriate amount of time. The tech even put the spare tire back up under the truck for us. Overall, very fair rates, treat people fairly, and even offered water since it was a really hot day. The fact that they were open on Sunday was a vacation saver. I highly recommend them.

Thalia Aguirre Ramos

Awful service with willie / Roman as they are the same person !! After I spent 700 to get my car fixed. He failed to properly place the wheel cylinder. Now I'm out another 510.00 to fix the mistake he won't stand by.

Ucef cef

highly recommend!

Jesse Kurth

COME HERE FIRSTJust got my tire plugged, $15!! No need for new tire n they aired them all up for me. EVEN witnessed the owner helping a homeless person get a night at the hotel nearby. Good person. All very kind, took 7 minutes, AFTER everyone else was closed might I Add

Joshua Ward

I got a flat at a tow truck 3 hrs later that would take me, my wife, and 4 kids in 1 trip( 3 of which are 3 years old and under) to this tire shop... I got there at 1am and he still opened up for an out of towner like me just passing through... This is a good man and im greatful he helped me with a tire ... Hes the only one who would even at 10:30 when i first called him... I thank god for a person like him still willing to help those in need no matter the hour of night or day... Thank you again I'll never forget you bud and helping me in such an emergency.. Id recomend him to anyone i know thats for sure

Brandon Epperson

Had a flat on a cattle trailer with a couple worn out tired. They had a good set of used tires for the whole trailer, and even picked up a couple more tires for some other equipment. Very fast friendly service.

Randall McCabe

Had an amazing experience due to the customer service. I had a flat tire and was traveling to Virginia and the owner was willing to stay open past closing and help me out. I sincerely recommend them because they care and are willing provide excellent service.

Alexander Current

Had a great experience tonight there. Didn’t catch his name, but the white guy there was very helpful and knowledgeable. Even helped me throw the tire on roof rack and ratchet it down. Went above of what was needed and I really appreciate it. Will definitely come back when I need a new set.

Cecilia Sumpter

Really been a help for a used tire when others were closed

Zachary Hempel

Really good customer service, fast, at a fair price. I recommend this place over Wal-Mart.

Tina Price

They really don’t deserve one star because the took advantage of my 19 year old daughter. She needed her tire plugged and instead of doing that they made her buy a used tire for 60 dollars when she should of only spent 10.

Margaret Morgan

Fast friendly service

Christine Radcliff

The guys at Lexington Discount Tires were amazing!!! They took great care of my vehicle and service was outstanding!! I recommend these guys to anyone looking for new or used tires!!! They will be my go-to for me and my family!! Thanks Guys!!!!!

Marc Anthony

Got a used tire for my Camry in and out.

aaron smallwood

The owner is a very friendly guy. He tries to be fair to the customer. He treats his employees well (I asked them) and is honest. You will get as good or better deal than you will get with a franchise tire store. I actually saved money and got a better tire when I decided last minute to do business here.

Sam Radi

I had a very good experience at this place, excellent Job, talented stuff, reasonable prices, and very friendly stuff.

MiniBfour .

Bought all 4 tires new used for $150 exactly. Never bought tires that cheap before and the tread had plenty of life left. Guys were friendly and had my interests at heart. Highly recommend this place!

Just Me

This is a Minus star... this place is baaaad... really bad. First it's NOT discount tire They stole the name. Second they are super shady...even when the suns out. They wanted to charge me $$ 50$ to tell me which tire is the problem.... OR I could just replace them all??? They are brand New .. they are 1 month old... he said.. "thay don't matter... tires leak..." Finally they are NOT 24 hours... Google got that part wrong.. well unless you want something other than your tires changed... at 3:00 am... maybe your oil???

Jay Bauer

Yesterday while on a family road trip with 6+ hrs to go we had a tire issue near Lexington KY. We came across Lexington Tire on our Google search of tire places open on Sunday. We couldn’t have been happier with our experience. Very helpful, professional and fast!!! On the road in less than 40 min. with a new tire!!! Thank you, Lexington Discount Tire.

whachusei .

The serve very bad especially if you are Hispanic I do not recommend it.

zih biame

A great variety

Katy Larson

I was surprised to be charged $30 for a quick patch in my tire where there had been a nail. Last time I had this type of repair done it was $10.

sarah harmon

Great experience here! Friendly staff and great prices. Will absolutely return.

Tim Howard

Reasonable used tire prices

SportyChief 285

Best place to get tires ever! They had used tires for my Nissan Armada very great deal! I had to wait a bit so the owner drove me to my mother in laws house and came and picked me up when the truck was ready! The service was great! I had gotten a flat tire that day and AAA could not loosen my spare! So the guys at Lexington Discount Tires also made sure if I ever get another flat I’ll be able to access my spare tire!!!! They were great!


I needed my tire changed and not only did they do that but they fixed my stripped lug nut for free. Will definately keep going back to them.

Bobby Ritchie

Great place to get used tires

Cecilia Mendez

Good service

Julie McPhail

Discount Tires saved the day for us. We were traveling across country with a borrowed truck on a Sunday with a tire that would not hold air. This was the only shop in town open in two states on a Sunday afternoon. I had called ahead and talked with the owner. When we arrived we were greeted so graciously and with such kindness shown to us. They had us back on the road in a very short time. I was so grateful to find a dealer open on Sunday but better than that, the people are the best. I love making new friends. Thank you all so very much! Friends from Texas

ryan miller

Called a week ago was quoted at 35$ tire and install. Called today, 40, includes 5 for a balance. Took it in, tire looked in decent shape, it was put on I go to pay, 50$ ?? Wasn't even put on balance machine. Kid at register, his words, "dad is friend of the owner". Why did he try to rip me off? Eventually charging me 40$. Five more than original quote. Be careful! It's a front. Also, The guy who put the tire on covered the valve stem with the hub cap. Had I not been aware, I would've had to come back, or fixed it myself. I wasn't paid to give this review. I wonder how much this place has had to pay for 5star reviews? Terrible, all the way around. Buyer beware!

Givemeliberty30 .

Good tire at a good price. They got me back on the road quick.

Linda Soudan Soudan

I was originally planning to get new tires then they showed me a set of matching tires like new and ended up getting them ! This is a great deal for me without having to spend a fortune to buy new tires .

Octavius Newsome

Great experience! Fast service. Everyone was friendly and helpful.

murchhana roy

Good service

Prestige Auto gallery

Good service on used tires .

Aamiir B

Excellent place.

Mario Erna

Quick tire repair , and open on Sunday !

Justin Fleshman

Great customer service. Willing to help in any way. I got a fantastic deal on used tires. I will be returning for more tires for my other vehicle. A+++ service.

Samantha Hylton

The staff were very helpful even with a bit of confusion. Very polite and professional very pleased with my experience.

Ron Koel

In and out in 20 min . Definitely recommend this place .

Tim Magee

Service was great, they provided the tires I needed, and the price was also great. I highly reommend this business

rachida AYOUB

they are so helpful to me great tires with a good price. i will surely recommended you

Cameron Embrey

I called over 15 different places this evening trying to get 4 new tires I purchased online mounted and balanced on my 09 IS250. No where wanted to do any work past 5pm. I even tried the Lexus dealership. Finally I found a Walmart tire & lube that answered the phone that said they would do it. I drove 30 min to get there just for them to tell me they would not install my tires because the wheels were aftermarket. The wheels are OEM size and spec but they still wouldn’t do it. At 6:30 I found this place on google which closed at 7 they told me they would do it. I brought the car here and the price is very fair for low profile tire installation. The employees were polite and helpful, most importantly they did the work when no one else wanted to. I’m fairly new to the area, and will definitely be using this place again and recommending it to friends and family!

Brent Garrett

Super friendly and professional service. In and out in no time even with people already being serviced.

Ramy Ayour

Best used tire place

Rob Ingrid

I have to admit that these people saved me a fortune by trusting them do brake service for my vehicle . Most places quote me 2 or 3 Times want I paid . Thank you

Robin Cohran

Rita and her staff were helpful. Than you for getting me on the road back quick .

D.M. Jones

Got me a good deal on some new Kuhmo tires.

Phillip Curtis

Discount tire was fantastic today. Helped us out even after they closed and was very affordable. I would never go to another place in Lexington! Give these guys your business if needed! This is coming from a man who has worked with many tire discounters and companies in the past

Scott Peavey

I was stranded at midnight the staff was extremely friendly, helpful I would recommend them anytime


Five stars

Stephanie Almada

I was visiting Lexington and thought I had a leak in one of my tires. Called 6 other places around town and none would help me even though I told them I had to get back to Nashville that night. Called here and the guy was great! They got me in right away, checked my tire and didn't charge an arm and leg. It looks a little sketchy at first but I'm glad I went! Super nice guy and good service.

Janice Wright

I encountered a blow out traveling thru Kentucky at a time when all others were unavailable. Discount Tires not only offered assistance but also offered to come to me. Was very helpful and polite. I would recommend them to any one in need of tire service.

Reynolds Mann

I've had a great experience at Lexington Discount Tires , Eddy the mechanic guy was super quick at fixing my tire which needed be patched. Thank you for saving my trip to Indiana !!

Darail Newby

Fast friendly and decent price

Sam Najar

Cheap brake service and fast service

Katherine Watkins

Great place

adam kalom

Super fast service. Good location. Friendly people.

Lisa Lykins

They've always given me great service . My son also buys his tires there. Very friendly stand by what they say and the warranty given.

Ginny Braddock

The service was terrible! I called to price my tire BEFORE I drove to this business. When I arrived and told the man I had called he began to ring me up, he rang me up for 3xs the amount he quoted me for, I stopped him and told him that wasn’t what he told me on the phone. He walked out of the office, came back in and said “We don’t have your size” I will never recommend anyone to go to this business. I absolutely Do recommend everyone to visit BLUEGRASS TIRE at 1402 VERSAILLES RD! Nabil & his family are stand up good people!! You can thank me later!!

Michael Boswell

Well worth the visit over to discount tires they are very helpful and very kind helped me out when I needed them

Mostafa Biazza

I had the tpms light on in my dashboard wen to Lexington Discout tires and had it reprogramed at $0 . So if you need used tires or new this place will help you . And rest your tpms for free .

Willam Irwin

Had to tow my vehicle from the campus to this shop . It was late but the AAA guy recommended this place . Since I didn’t have a spare rim I ended buying a used one for a good price .

David Hess

Very helpful, very quick with service...respectful

bob smith

This place is a fraud. I came in and purchased 2 VERY used tires for $120 just to have one of them blow out the very next day. The owners are known to be very crooked guys and they only care about your money and not what happens when you walk out of the door. Called back for a refund or to receive two different tires and the guy I spoked to, Ismail, told me the tires they put on the car were perfectly fine and it was my fault they blew out. I will never refer anyone to this place they call a business. Customer service comes last on their list of priorities.

Brenda Brooks Koehl

Their treat you pretty

Monica Santa-Teresa

This place has a 1.2 rating on Yelp because owner cannot control reviews there. Don't believe the 5 star reviews--they are fake. Read the 1 star because they have similarities. I saw the store manager negotiating a buy from someone who looked as if he had picked up discarded tires from gosh only knows where. UPDATE 3/24/19: I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for fraudulent and misrepresentation with respect to these fake reviews. BBB informed me that the owner has ignored their request to respond. Then I see that the owner, Rachid Ahmed, has posted a 5 star review for his business! I haven't forgotten you, Rachid. I will see you in court. UPDATE: On advice I tried to give them another chance today but the manager tried to exchange the tire with a tire that had two obvious plugs and worn. I didn't accept it and went on to 7th street at a used family owned and operated place and got a great deal for $10 less. So now I'm going to sue Rachid Ahmed in small claims court for more than the $50 I should've been refunded. I don't recommend this place. The tire they sold me did not last long at all because it had a rip on the inside wall. I brought it back and the 2nd tire didn't last either. I'm on 3rd tire and this came off the rim! I think it was too big. I've wasted so much time waiting for them to get it right that I just want my money back so I can go to someone else who can!!! Yes, they do try to say it's your fault when really they're incompetent. DON'T GO TO THIS PLACE.

Erik Zmuda

Fast and friendly. Thanks for helping us recover from our road trip blowout.

Danish Hameed

You can find cheap tire but may or may not be in good condition

Jason Calcaterra

Dude hooked me up after hours. It was great

Kivva Greenlee- Williams

AWESOME SERVICE!!!! UNBEATABLE PRICES!!! I got the hook-up on 4 BRAND NEW TIRES!!!! Definitely coming back!

Rob Eddington

I searched used tires lexington ky , and few tire stores near me so I called few of them . This company is the only one ended up having the size I need , so thank you

Alexandria Burns

They were very fast and extremely nice.

Abe Zerigui

When I google used tires lexington ky I found lexington discount tires as my nearest tire shop so I called to check if they have my size of a tire and they did . The service was quick too .

Rebecca Kelley

Good people own it but they have one worker and he is rude

Mike Hagan

This is the first time I went to this place for tires and it was a pleasure. He sold me some very good used tires for a very very good price. Lees quoted me 20.00 more per tire for a tire with way less tred. I'll be coming here from now on..

Rita Phillips

Had a blow out on my way to work , I was a fraud to show up late for work but the Guys were very quick to replace my tire . Thank you

Jennifer Tomlinson

Was passing through Lexington when the belt in my back tire broke, this was the only place opened but it was worth the $15 Surcharge we were back on the highway in less then a hour the lady was super sweet. She needs a raise thank you for all your help and yes we got a used tire and to be honest it looks better then the new ones I just had put on the front.

George Bailey

in and out in less than a hour, costed a fraction of any other tire store around. Would go there again. The employees let me pick which tires i wanted on my car so insure a good experience . I left with four like new tires for under $150.

Michelle Hernandez

The only place that is open late to fix our tire.

Tata dandy

My experience at Lexington Discount Tires was just wonderful. They are honest and kept there guarantee. I will definitely be buy all of my tire from Lexington Discount Tires. Truly a pleasure doing business their.

Kimberly Kelly

I had a great experience today with Lexington Discount Tire. Love this place. Thank you saving the day! I had a flat, left it overnight at Midas because it was closest to home. After waiting 4 1/2 hours just to be told it couldn't be patched, and losing half a day of work, Midas could only offer to sell me four new tires at a "special price" of $480. Lexington Discount Tire gave me a fair price including balancing on one nearly new tire and that's all I needed to get mobile and back to work. Super friendly, affordable, and super fast. I highly recommend them and will be back for an oil change and brakes soon-and maybe to replace these three remaining crappy tires :)

Haley Pens

4 new tires at competitive price , and quick service in and out less than an hour . Thank you

d33p d!kn

Rita and Rasheed were awsome!!! The got a tow for me and fixed my tire!!! Outstanding service!!!

Brandon from Kentucky

Just FYI the reviews on here are made up to look good by a marketing person they have I know this because the time I was in there to purchase a used tire they had a guy in there talking to them about what they could do to fix the bad reviews and he asked me if I would give them a good review. After buying the used tire : So after getting the tire on and driving on I75 to work I get a vibration on the tire that I bought and thought it might be the road after driving another 5 minutes the vibration of the tire in the back starts rattling the whole car so I decided to pull over come to find out by Tire discounters in Beaumont that the tire was put on came off the bead by not being installed all the way . So now I'm out $100 for the tire I bought and now have to buy a new tire for $220 plus the towing from the side of the interstate to a new tire store. No fun!! UPDATE : Bought a used tire at the one on Winchester rd and am out now $100 since the tire shredding out on me on I75 and becoming stranded after taking the tire back today I've been told the owners are no longer there and ran off making a profit of $6100 along with my $100 and no exchange or nothing can be done . I got a I'm sorry and hope you'll come back for a oil change or another service we offer. Update : this place is a ghost town. It is a front for illegal activity. They also sell mattresses.

Omar Allam

This place went above and beyond I went in because my tire pressure sensor was broken or malfunctioning and I had brought one with me and asked if they can replace it. They said yes as long as the tool can read it. The tool read it and boom they replaced with in 25 minutes and I was on my way. This place is amazing if you ever have anything wrong with your cars wheels or tires I highly recommend them.

sinan munshi

Great prices you must go there. Recommend everyone to go there

Bobby Hayes

Awesome service. Reasonable rates.

Camaron Fortenberry

Stayed open late to help me when I had a flat during a long road trip. Really a life saver. I would recommend this place to anyone.

Daynah Mansour

Super nice guys. Affordable. And quick.

Nikko Ritter

Fixed my tire issue quickly and after hours. Patch costs $20

Reda Bourar

great service For a great Price

casey mitchell

Very quality tire for a wonderful price! Quick and efficient service. Would recommend to anyone.

Ellen Haynes

Have me a great price on a used tire highly recommend. Thanks again!!!

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