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Where is Evans Tire & Auto Care?

REVIEWS OF Evans Tire & Auto Care IN Kentucky

Deloris Dunn

Have always been friendly and helpful every time I've been in

Kevin Hurt

Evans customer for more than 12 years. Today I waited two hours for an oil change and tire rotation. Absolutely ridiculous. I'm done with them. Long Waits has become the norm. Last week I waited 3 hours for an oil change and two new tires. If you value your time, go someplace else.

Steven Hall

Thanks for fixing our cars for years now. Good service.

Monica Perkins

Carla Shook

Great family owned automotive supply shop

Erica Leach

These guys are super awesome. Their customer service and prices are excellent. It's also right next to Dairy Queen, so you can grab some ice cream while they fix your car. I will come back for sure.

Rusty Bray

Great guys to deal with and will go above and beyond to help a customer out at a fair price!

Eric Reynolds

DwayneBussell .

ray spicer jr

Don't like their customer service

Adrian & Cathy McKinney

Amberly Wilson

Kimberly Kelly

Great service good people

Eric Kuhns

Melissa Hopkins

Lacee Short

Great place very clean, and friendly staff. Reasonably priced and fairly quick oil change.

Elizabeth McCown

Pamela Tipton

Mike Lamb

Great staff! Was in and out in more minutes with a complete description as to what was performed on my vehicle.

Amanda Jones

I can not even thank you guys enough! My husbands car broke down and we were down to just my van. I came in upset because my van was messing up and needed it fixed. You guys got me in right then. I can not say enough kind words you guys were huge blessings that day! Very knowledgeable, clean facilities, staff was amazing perfect customer service skills! Thank you thank you

Christy McKinley

Very friendly and has great prices!

Donna Moore

Greg Thomas

Raymond Otero

Great. Dealing with them for years and will continue to do so.

J Cob

Always the Best

Jerry Lowery

Excellent service, family owned and very knowledgeable and honest staff

Phillip Blankenship

Great local auto repair shop. Replaced my muffler on time and at a great price. Easy to find!

Rob Wood

Good professional service. Great price

Callie Lemaster

I had an appointment in Lexington to get my oil changed, then heard about Evans. I cancelled my appointment and went to Evans and will go there from now on! They are so helpful and extremely nice. I fully trust them with my car.

sam stuppy

L.T. Dan

I have a Lexus and i believe that they are complex cars. So when my AC went on the blink, i took it to the Lexus dealer, and they couldn't figure it out. It apparently wasn't a common problem. So I called Evans, and even though it took some challenging brain work, They Nailed it, so i think that says a lot for them!! and a a very good price is a plus!! Thank you Mike!!

Bradley R. Williams

Cody Hisle

I like Evans tires service

Dale Stone

I received quick and professional service with an unscheduled diagnosis and repair. The charges were very reasonable as well. Thank you.

Donald Mitchell

Payed for stiff they didn't do.make sure you get what you pay for.

Mckayla Hurst

Patricia Sparks

Great place

Bobby Ross

Slow service

Angela Sester

I normally go to Meineke Car Shop, I tried Evans Tire & Auto this time around because they had better reviews..I paid Evans $420 to replace my alternator, they had it fixed within 3 hours! Which was greatly appreciated! But then they found another problem. My PCM was fried, they tried charging me $450.00 for the new PCM then $150.00 to program the part, and $40.00 for labor. Too expensive for me. I looked online at FlagShip One, and found a new PCM for $169.00, already programmed and free shipping. When the part came in I walked it to the shop. There I was asked 3 times if it was the correct part. I never received an update on when they would be able to get to it so I called the next day and was told that they'd have it fixed by the end of the day, then I waited till 5:00 to call back to see if it was ready, considering their website says they close at 5:30. I was told that they were locking the shop doors due to slow business, no money to be made, and that they should have it fixed the next day. That Saturday by 10 a.m my car was up and running, I was charged $60 for labor. Considering it's my daily driver, I was very grateful to have it back on the road. But, If I have car problems again, i'm taking my business somewhere else.

Dustin N

Was in the area for a funeral and unfortunately ran over a screw that went into the sidewall and created a small leak. They were not able to patch the tire but provided a used tire my small SUV for only 30 dollars which included mounting and balancing. Being out of state and wanting to get home safely, they did a wonderful job assisting us. I would recommend them to anyone in their area.

Geri Gaudet

Excellent, experienced and knowledgeable servicemen! Reasonable prices!

Jerry Vass

very pleased with you all and your work

Melanie Bowyer

Had a flat tire driving on the interstate, quick change and great customer service!

David Collins

A bunch of very friendly and helpful bunch of guys

Kimberly Sterling

They actually took time to talk to us and help us understand what was wrong with our vehicle.

Maraha Dye

Took my car there today for some work. They did a great job, was fast and reasonably priced. I recommend them.

Dewyane Millard

The best . Been my mechanics since the 90s. Always excellent

taylor garrison

I have been in Richmond for 4 years now and wish I would've known about this place as soon as I moved here. They are always very friendly, the service is outstanding, and extremely well priced. They are also a lot faster than any other place I've ever been

Nathan Mitchell

Evan's Tire is the best place for any of your car needs in Richmond! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They get the job done quick and right!

Dakota Drifter

Evans installed shocks and airbags on my vehicle last week. Regretfully nearly step of the installation was done poorly. The right airbag lower bracket was bolted over a clamp that should have been removed and the frame was drilled in the wrong spot for the upper bracket, resulting the bag to be off set and twisted so badly that it is lucky that it didn't rip on the way home. In addition the mounting bolts on the right bag weren't even tightened. On the left bag the brake cable clamp wasn't tightened and all of the bolts that were tightened, were over-torqued. On both bags they didn't use the supplied bolts for the brake line mounts so they forced metric bolts from the truck into the SAE holes and stripped one of the bolts. Both brake line clamps were loose because the bolts were too long. For the air lines all but two of the hose fittings were made up wrong, a hose heat shield wasn't installed, and the routing was poorly done. The system leaked so bad you could watch the truck going up and down as it sat. The compressor was running nearly full time until it shut itself off. The wiring was sloppy for the compressor and ran too close to the exhaust system. Clamps on the battery connection box were broken and not replaced, the switched control power was taken from the wrong fuse location (so it didn't work), and a 20 amp fuse was put into a sub-10 amp circuit. Plus you could see wires hanging in the wheel well and several tie wraps didn't have the long ends cut off. For the shocks, there are cable mounts that slide over the top of the top shock bolts. These were not put back on. Air bags are a critical suspension components and to have such poor quality control is concerning. In addition I waited for nearly 6 hours for the work to be done. The airbag manufacturer said that typical installation time is 3 hours. The good news is that they refunded my money, which was greatly appreciated. It took about four hours to undo and re-do the installation. Everything that can be fixed has been fixed. Sad to have a nice vehicle damaged like this.

William Harlow

Evans is the only shop in town that would install my custom exhaust (the way "I" wanted it). They supplied the pipe and labor (I supplied resonators / mufflers)... I was out the door in 45-minutes (on a busy Saturday), and paid a very reasonable price for the pipe and labor! Since then, I've gone to Evans for tires on two cars and they've beaten the prices of Tire Discounters, NTB (now closed), and US-25 Tire. Evan's now includes free alignment, lifetime balance/rotation, free flat-repair, and offers reasonable road-hazard add-on... The last set I had installed on my Ford beat Tire Discounters' "out the door prices" by ~$110 for the same exact tires and service... and Evans had them in-stock... TD would have been a 2-day wait....

Michael Salsa

Steve Morgan

Bryan dyer

Mike at Evans tire always goes out of his way to help me with my project cars i work on, very helpful and priced very fair.

Chris Hymore

Bobby Brooks

Great place. Great tires

Ben Pierce

Jackie Berry

Very friendly and helpful.

Chie Worsham

Got my plow truck in and out in a timely manner always take my vehicle to this place

Jen-RCD M.

Long wait without of an appointment

glenda wallace

Very good, trust Evan's 100% with my car and depend on them telling me what is needed to be fixed. If nothing is needed they tell me. I have let co-workers know that Evan's is the best place in town and the most trustworthy.

Derek Amburgey

Great place to your repairs great people and a wonderful place to work and great people to work for.

Brandon Mansfield

Evans tire and auto care, they were really nice and a lot of help

Joseph Duran

Went in at 8 to get oil changed and brakes inspected, d:30idn't get done by 11:30 so I just got my key back and left. Try and go somewhere else if you are Mexican.

Jamie Corbett

Great service, knowledgeable staff. Will be back for a new muffler soon!

Tyler Chambers

Great pricing, friendly people, excellent and thorough service. Wouldn't go anywhere else in Richmond.

Michael Spurlock

margarita maust

They do great work

John R

Best and I can Trust. Been hard to find mechanics you can trust.

Sue Parker

Nice people

Anthony Roark

They're friendly

Kenneth wood

David O'Meara

We are new to the Bluegrass, but have long time connections to Richmond. Was searching for a place to work on our cars and found Evans. We have had several small repairs and oil changes and service has been great and costs reasonable. Highly recommend the team there and keep up the good work. This car was in for rear brakes and oil change. Done right!

Joey Goode

Brian Kerr

Honest company with good prices. Always been fair.

Logan Parr

Excellent customer service, fast, efficient, cheapest oil change I've ever found, and great deals on tires.

Edward Zielinski

Earl Kelly

This is a great place to get your tires

Clancey Smith

Brenda Horn

Kevin Elliott

Haedyn Woodson

Great people and I always get quality service, definite recommend everyone stop here for anything involving your vehicle!

g mc

Had another tire store in town install tires on my vehicle a while ago, it recently started pulling to the right. I took it to Mike at Evans tire center. They discovered that the other tire store put my directional tires on wrong. Mike fixed it right for us. Thanks.

Millard Banks

Rick Kintz

Very fair and honest!

Joshua Prentice

Great car and customer service, fast, excellent prices, free wi-fi.

Tina Aldridge

I have alot of work done at Evan's tire's in Richmond KY I am very pleased and they do an awesome job and always are upfront with you and their prices are fair

Toys Games

We've been taking all of our vehicles here for the past year. They service us in a timely manner and charge fair prices. It's hard to find a good mechanic, and these guys have worked out well so far!

Mitchell Scheffler

Evan’s Tire & Auto is awesome! Their staff went far above and beyond the norm to work with my budget and time crunch.

Butch Wheasler

Had new plugs and coil packs installed. Within 30 miles it was running rough and died at every stop home. At the local Ford dealer now.

Yung City

Pnutt Rickert

Made an appointment for specific service. Showed up on time and checked in. Thirty mins later, I was told none of the parts for the service were on hand and would not be delivered until five hours later. I was told they could make an appointment for me then but the parts were not guaranteed to be there on time. My issue is, why would a business schedule an appointment for a specific service and not have the parts on time? I received no "we'll make this right" and my word of mouth about this will not be positive.

The Mooers

Love these folks. Friendly staff and they offer drive up oil changes. Had major work done and they were great and price was fair.

Brandon Swenson

That the owner actually helped me out and I didn't even know it! Way awesome guys.

Chris Traugott


Tonya Davenport

These guys are very kind and helpful and are honest about what's going on with you vehicle instead of trying to take your money.

Kimberly Kirk

Mike is the matter what they always are informative busy or not...appointment or no appointment they will fit you in...only reason not a five is because my info could not be found on computer but I got my receipt.. I will be there soon for rotation which is free with purchase of tires all-around..

ziggy C.

Luffy4evaSunny _

Best place to go in Richmond.

Alli Mchone

Martin Santek

Great service with just plan old nice people. Liked it so much I'm bringing my son's car over for AC SERVICE.

Becky Hull

This place is awesome I'll always get my car repairs done here!! They always figure out what's wrong and fix it the first time around,,,


Steven Farris

David Aldrich

Charlene Agee

Excellent experience

Raj Lamichhane

Chuck Marz

Most honest place in town

Kevin Johnson

The guys here are knowledgeable and competent mechanics. It is hard to find trustworthy mechanics but I feel Evans has always been honest with me. I will continue to use them for the foreseable future.

Debbie Morgan

quintessenceSL .

Everything is fine... until something goes wrong. Then you find out how much they stand behind their work, which is not at all, and you are looking at a steep bill to correct their "repairs".

Melinda Angel

They we're very friendly and answered all my questions and found my leak in tire and fixed it thanks so much.

Jonathan Reed

Madison stewart

Used to always go here for all my oil change/vehicle troubles until they were unable to put a tire on my Jeep. 1st time it went flat before getting home. Second time it went flat before I got to Lexington and 3rd in the same week, I go back there for them to tell me they don't have another tire to put on my car and I will have to go somewhere else!!! NOT WORTH MY TIME!!

Stephen Kerber

Dan Downey

I've been delivery driving in Richmond for almost 5 years now. I went to evens way back then because I busted a tire while driving one night. Mike was one of the coolest guys I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. He had me a tire and back up and running in literally less than 20 minutes. In the years since I have gone to him for almost every car need I have had (which is a lot as a delivery driver). I now have two vehicles and I always have both of them serviced here. At this point its just the years of trust that keeps me coming back. To me that's very important.They have earned my loyalty probably for life.

connie kesinger

Pat Williams

Great. Nice people.

John Kotula

Friendly and skilled, they showed me what the problem was, fixed it and sent me on my way. It was just a loose hose clamp causing my coolant leak, so for 40 minutes of their time to diagnose and fix it, they did it free of charge. I'm impressed!

Patrick Short

Kizzy Davis

Whild servicing an alignment Evans employees broke my upper control arm pasted it back together and a week later when I had my car towed in they refused to fix it! As I am a female who is very mechanically inclined know and have pictures of the damage and paste. The manager said that the ball joint popped and that has nothing to do with them servicing an alignment

Lovell Amy

Low prices

Melissa Sargent Napier

I've had my oil changed here several times and some work on my brakes. They always do a good job.

Shiloh Devore

Highly recommend! Excellent staff throughout the automotive servicing facility at Evan’s. Whether it be with the guys in front or in the garage, you can expect to be treated fairly and receive competitive pricing for your car repair needs.

Pat Hall/Sparks

David Parks


Robby Lynn

Had a front cv axle replaced on my 2007 G6 GT. I drove all the way back from Louisville with it. They replaced it. When I picked up the car, power steering pump was whining. They discovered that the lines coming from the pump where busted. Remember I drove it all the way back from Louisville with no steering issues. By the way the line are directly underneath the axle. They charged me another 600 to replace the lines that they busted and broke a motor mount in the process!!!!. I wont take my vehicle back there and I'll be sharing my experience!!!!

Nicholas Norton

Lauren Pendergast

I was traveling 6 hours and got a flat tire on my drive. The staff at Evans Tire & Auto Care took care of me right away and changed my tires in a timely manner. I cannot recommend them enough!! Great staff and service!

Jake Mitchell

Top notch work, fast, reliable, very impressive facility

Prince D

Called to see when we could bring or GMC for oil change. Told they had time to come on over. we did and Derek, patiently answered all my questions. Did a super job. will definately go back when we need too.

Ariel Trejo

I loved them

Copperwood Company

We were traveling through and a trailer. Had a faulty valve stem and they fixed us right up when the Goodyear around the corner said it would be at least 3 hours before he could even check it. Nice people! Had us back on the road in about 15 minutes!

Jonathan Burke

Usually have pretty competitive pricing. Worth look at for tires and auto service.

Randy Harris

Great local tire and auto center. Fair and honest service with a true home town service.

Dakota Weddington

If you ever need anything worked on come to Evans. They really know how to treat there customers.


Went in for a flat repair, actually needed a tire. Got a nice used tire at a very good price. Fast service!

Lori Piatt

They take care of you there. Same day service, good people.

Jordan Bowling

Leonna Rose

No problems


Always super friendly and will go above and beyond to ensure you’re satisfied!!

george berger

I am very happy with the service evans provides. The staff is great and they always have my best interest in mind. I wouldn't go anywhere else

Mike York

Nice place... They went out of the way to help me. Very good reputation here in Richmond. Perhaps a bit expensive, but worth it when you consider the string positive reputation.

Bryce Howard

Always have a great experience here. They do amazing work and have always done it for a great price. You can tell when a shop does quality work and they for sure excel in that!

Lindsay Reid

I visited here today because I thought I needed a new tire sensor. They got me straight in and told me that my tires, in fact, had too much air and that was the problem. They reset my sensors and told me that I was good to go. I am very impressed with this place and would definitely recommend visiting for yourself!

xupd48rhe1 Estep

Mann Chrysler (Richmond) refused to warranty my tires even though my truck was only 34 months old with 24k miles. Evans Tire arranged for a pro rated warranty and I left with 4 new Michelins. Can't say enough about the Michelin support as well. An excellent parter ship. Thanks

Charlotte Ferrell

The staff was very friendly, helpful, and professional. I arrived and my car was taken on time and was finished when promised. I will definitely use their service again in the future.

Josh Oschwald

I had major work done on a vehicle, from front to back. The tech working on my vehicle kept me in the loop on the entire process. There were no hidden fees, full transparency, calls were made anytime something we discussed was changed. The staff at Evan's Tire is very professional, and thorough. They stand behind their work, and will not let your vehicle leave until it is done right! Thanks Evan's Tire & Auto for a job well done!

Darryle Endfinger

Dave Roberts

They always take great care of me, and my vehicles!

Mister biG'r

i hope this works...

Kyle B

These guys, in my experience, are quick to diagnose problems on your vehicle, are honest and straightforward, and don't carry quite the cost of repairs as some other shops do. I've been coming here for years, and if I can't fix an issue myself I'll gladly hire them to do the job.


Jeff Vaughan

Helpful, Friendly, quality work

Sally Malloy

Great people. A blessing too.

Brenda Noe

Great service and Great Prices!

Sherri Barnes

Very nice and knowledgeable mechanics. First time using Evans Tire & Auto. I will definitely be coming back from now on. No more Walmart oil changes for me. Thanks!

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