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REVIEWS OF American Tire Inc. IN Kentucky

Dennis Portman

Great work an great people there. Only tire shop in Bardstown ky I'll ever use.

DeForrest Keeling

Timmy Marshall

Dustin Meadows

I'll be back for a set of tires when I next need them. I came in today (never been a customer of yours before) to get a valve stem replaced. Shop was pretty busy, but your guy at the front desk had me taken care of very quickly at a more than reasonable cost. I know selling a valve stem doesn't mean too much to you guys, but the level of customer service I received will ensure I return. Looks like you've got a good group of guys, keep up the good work!

Daniel Sizemore

Charlotte Yeast

American Tires took very good care of us. We were in a hurry and they got our done in ample time. I Kno Terry Hobbs. Have known him for years. A very nice. Honest business man. If you need anything done. I would definitely check out American Tires. Thank you. Charlotte

Schyler West

So far, awesome shop.

Marian Kremer

I had a flat. We left our car and got a call back in 2 hours. They were very friendly and prompt.

Nancy Andrake

Alan Hoskins

Prompt, courteous service.

Amber Downey

As far as our family is concerned, this is the only place to take your vehicles in Bardstown. We have been customers for years and will continue to be. We have had unfavorable experiences with both of the other major competitors in town, so American Tire is our go-to for any and all vehicle repairs. As a woman whose husband works a lot, it falls on me to take our vehicles in for regular maintenance and also when issues arise. Many shops would take advantage of this. American Tire is always fair and friendly. They always clearly explain the issues and the cost, upfront. Even when I stop in unexpectedly, they always make time to help, even if it's just for an odd noise that I'm hearing in my truck and worrying about. We truly appreciate their honesty and fair prices. You do not see a lot of turn around on their staff and this says a lot about the owners and management. You also always see the owners in there, working just as hard and as many hours as their staff. Thank you, American Tire for always taking care of us and for your years of honest work. We tell everyone to take their vehicles here!

Jeremy Ball

S McCauley

Staff is friendly and curtias, was in and out in 30 minutes; excellent professionals!

Lenny Mudd

A little high on labor

Walter Robbins

I've been doing business with them for about 25 years and they have always been considerate, friendly, helpful , and professional. They listen and when you have questions about something they do their best to answer it

Crystal Singletary

Steven Wimsatt

Haven't finished my rv yet but hoping they'll get it running soon. Very polite so far just hoping reasonable. Will post again once finished. Got word yesterday that my fuel tank has sediment buildup. They are cleaning the tank without lost of fuel and replacing the filter. Yeah.

Kelly Anderson

Fast turn around. One happy customer!

Chris Biszmaier

Terry Hobbs

John D Minigan

Good people

ed fauver

Renelle Stallings

Excellent service!!

Katie Amburgey

travis king

Awesome shop, takes care of any vehicle issues i have

Manda Cox

Mr. POPular

To a very welcoming environment, but the guy that serviced my truck was nice, and they did a good job.

Jessica Morris

Tony Cunningham

Marc Davis


Tonya Isham

Jillian Burke

Not coming back here again. I called asking about getting my tires balanced and was asked if I wanted to make an appointment. I told the man on the phone is have to call back because I didn't have someone lined up to pick me up and take me back if there was going to be a long wait. He said that it would only take 15-20 minutes for them to balance my tires which I didn't mind waiting that long. I've been sitting in the waiting room for an hour and they have just now pulled my car around back. I don't appreciate being lied to. Not to mention this whole time I've been sitting here, ive seen nothing but horrible customer service from the desk workers.

Scott Vatter

Great services

Mike LaBarbera

Michael Drury

Adam Miller

Waist of time, came in at 12, couldn't get to me that day so made an appointment, waited and came in the next day and they said the tech was out and couldn't get to me, they could have told me that the previous day or called early so i could go somewhere else. Think we have all the time in the world or something on our days off. will never go back.

Jeremy Kyle

Great business

Rebekah Blackburn

Mark Bell

I have bought tires ,fixed tires and had repairs done here. I have F350 diesel always been pleased with them.

Joseph Pike

Very pleased

Ross Kent Shewmaker

Dickson Yankey

Vicki Steege

Went in expecting to pay thousands for repair came out only needing an oil change.

Tyler Downey

Mary Jewell

Greg Quigley

Fast and helpful. Could work on being friendlier lol But, these r git r dun kinda guys after all lol way better than the other big name shops!!

Michael Buckman

Sara Jolley

They gave us great service, and we got our truck back before Christmas.

beckypwr .

Kevin Hemingway

Great tires and service at great prices. Far better than the other 2 rip-off tire shops in Bardstown.

Mark Lanham

These guys are really good.

d matt

joseph vicain

Stephanie M

This place is great! Friendly knowledgeable staff and very quick service!

chelliz c

They have great customer service

Chris Ritchie

Fast friendly hometown shop

David Erickson

burn after reading

Always honest and usually done in a day.

Joey Wray

Very helpful and got me in asap for a blown trailer tire.

Kristy Mccubbins

Kyona Hamilton

Brian Brock

Great work with low prices

Zackery Jenkins

I have had my van in this place three times today being the third. Very friendly people, guy is staying over to fix my caliper which is great customer service. Thank you American Tire.

Dave Colvin

Great Crew and Very Helpful

rhonda vittitow

Fast courteous service

Danny Wathen

Chrystal Sosh

Jeffery Williams

tommy brewer

Sandra Oakman

Very nice but only time will tell about tires.

Joseph Golding

Sean Pfister

Tony Mcintire

Shawn Moberly

Good local shop for tires and minor maintenence...quick quotes...fair and honest...good service...good guys!

Alex Smith

Not a nice place to do business,very unpleasant workers and manager. Would not ever go there again to buy tires

steven barber

Sarah Bell

First off, I was happy that they were able to get me in today to fix my thermostat. The problem came when I looked over the bill. Twice the price for my thermostat compared to all the other I've seen prices, this one at 53 dollars is almost double. Not to mention 23 dollars for dexcool in my car? I have gotten a whole gallon for less that. That and not to mention when I got home and looked under the hood the resivor for the dexcool was barely even half way full even after letting it cool down and checking again to see if some was released back in and the levels went up I seen that it did not so I know that 23 dollars worth of dexcool is very incorrect. I understand labor cost a lot but overpricing for certain things is definitely not called for especially when you have customers who do know something about cars, products, and prices and its clear for them to see when they actually look over the details.

Lawrence Christy

Very professional...

Dayna Parrett

American Tire was so great to work with! They got my car done in no time with the friendliest service and the best prices!

Judith Hopper

Most positive car repair experience I can remember ever in my sixty years of driving. Will not hesitate to take my car there again, and most definitely will recommend them to anyone who would happen to ask me.

kurt reynolds

Edit: Thank you for making this right! _________ Take your business elsewhere! On June 30, 2017 my Mom took her car to American Tire for a repair. She inquired about a few items: to see why "check gauge warning light" (took the manual in to show a picture of what the warning light was that was coming on) and why that was coming on, a check engine light was also on, to have new spark plugs put in, and to see if a thermostat needed to be replaced. She explained to the rep that the vehicle was also hesitating when she was driving the car and lacked power to properly accelerate. The rep informed her that these items would be investigated and that no work would be performed until a proper diagnosis was done. When the rep called back she was informed that the camshaft actuator needed to be replaced because it had holes in it and was clogged with grime. When she asked if the thermostat had to be replaced, the rep stated that it would probably be best to replace it. When asked if the spark plugs needed to be replaced, the rep said that they should be replaced. She asked about the price and then gave them go ahead to proceed with the work. When she called to see if the work was completed the rep said that it was completed and she was informed that the vehicle "should run well now." She then went to pick up the vehicle and pay. At the time of leaving American Tire both the check engine light and check gauge warning light was off. Afterward she went to get fuel and the "check gauge warning light" came on again after coming to a stop. She then goes back to American Tire and informs them that the light is still coming on. When the rep came out and checked it he saw where the light was coming on and that the oil gauge would drop to zero, but when the accelerator was pressed and the engine revved the oil gauge would go back to the normal position. While the rep was watching the oil gauge she then asked the rep, while the car was running, about a knocking sound coming from the vehicle. The rep said that he did not know rep but as for the oil gauge, the line might be clogged and to bring it back at 9:00am on Saturday July 1st. After spending spending almost $600 to have the vehicle properly repaired, only to receive it and have continuing issues with it is most disappointing. Did the mechanic test the vehicle to make sure that everything was in good working order before contacting the customer to report everything was working correctly? This didn't seem to happen as she got the vehicle back only to be asked to bring in the vehicle again and have to spend another large sum of money to have it serviced once more. She works a hard second shift job to make a living and to be told by American Tire that the vehicle "should run well now" only to have her pick it up then encounter another slew of problems and asked to spend more hard earned money is beyond disappointing. Does American Tire not stand behind their work or want to make sure the customer is taken care of? How does accepting almost $600 in payment then ask to bring the vehicle back in within only an hour to rework on it constitute any kind of service? Being told the vehicle "should run well now" is a much different claim than the vehicle has been properly serviced and is now in good working order. Who would take their car to a mechanic and be perfectly fine with being told that apparently some issues remain and we're going to charge you more because we didn't take the time to guarantee the vehicle was properly repaired? I would strongly discourage anyone from spending their hard earned money at this business.

Justin Chambers

Its alright

Kim Taylor

Called and asked if they did transmissions fluid change. Said no and hung up on me.... My second question would have been when can i bring my car in so i can purchase 4 new tires.

Barry Davidsin

I have been going to this business since I purchased my Cadillac in 2015. They always take great care of my vehicle. They are very efficient, and reasonably priced.

Daniel Fugitt

Reasonable prices, quick service. I've had no issues.

David White

Mike Crowe

Great staff. Did a great job on my motor home

Port Nelson

great people

Federico Galindez

Logan Tarrant

Last week, I brought my 2015 GMC Sierra in for two simple services. Needed a front end alignment, and TPMS sensors installed. Drop off time was 11am. Around 2pm I received a call that they couldn't do the alignment, as two outer and one inner tie rod needed immediate attention. I was then charged $48.xx or 1/2 an hour of labor to "diagnose" the tie rod issues. I didn't argue the charge, as I just wanted my vehicle out of the shop. Get under the truck, have a buddy grab the steering wheel, and low and behold ZERO play in the tie rods. Take the truck down the street to the dealer it was purchased from. I have a complete third party extended warranty, which cleared tie rod replacement due to minimal miles. Bear in mind, the dealer will make good $$ doing this service if it's needed. 2 hours later, truck is perfectly aligned, and tie rods arent replaced, as their drivability tech insured they were in no need of replacement. So instead of milking me for additional services, the alignment could have been done, and I would have been a content customer. They offered to have me bring the truck BACK into their shop (yeah right) so they could put it on a rack and show me how bad these tie rods are. Despite the fact I've already climbed under the truck to verify zero play in these components. All in all, if they feel comfortable charging a client 30 MINUTES of labor to diagnose tie rods, I dont feel comfortable sending any vehicles their way. Ive managed and been a part of automotive service providers for over a decade. Never in my life would I charge a customer for 30 min of service for what really amounts to a visual/push-pull inspection. Now, I've washed the $48 as a lesson learned, and will continue to alert friends and family to my experience. Facts about the truck: 37,000 miles purchased 4 weeks ago @ 35,400 miles 20x12 Wheels installed less than 500 miles ago.

Buck Kessler

Donnie Berry

Melody Powell




Rudy Harris

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