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REVIEWS OF Williams Tire & Service, Inc. IN Arkansas

Scooter McClure

I have been using Williams Tire for many years now. They maintain the service on all of my vehicles and I have purchased several sets of tires from them. They are a family run business with a small town feel. Williams Tire goes the extra mile to take care of their customers. This is a wonderful place and they will take great care of you and your vehicle.

John Morris

Francisco Olague

Fast service they did good

cory holt

Keavin Braley

1324celewis .

Jordan Woolbright

Williams Tire always provides my family exceptional service in a timely manner and at a competitive price. My family and I always have a good experience when dealing with Arvin and his technicians, and I sleep easy knowing our vehicles are safe for having been serviced at Williams Tire.

Sarah Wheeler

Awesome job, family owned got me in and out quick when my husband was trapped on the side of the road with a blow out on a trailer! Highly recommended

Charlie Chaffin

Paul Mitchell

Quick Friendly Service. Good Quality with Reasonable Prices.

Ashley Mcdaniel

Great service!! Insanely convenient and fast. Dillan helped me and he was so polite and helpful.

Tommy Lindsey Jr.

Larry Evans

Adam Bridenthal

Daniel Eissler

angela roberts

Brian Sewell

Has proven to be trustworthy. Will not take my vehicle anywhere else but to William's Tire.

jworthe .

I'd love to give these folks a 5 star review. And for the most part, they completely deserve it. However, I work really hard to keep the inside of my vehicle clean. When I change the oil, I don't get back inside until I've taken a shower. When I bike, I put a towel in the seat. So when I see the mechanic that worked on my vehicle drive it around, I find this completely unacceptable. Please, have a few people working the office driving the cars around like most dealerships. Lastly, be a little more careful with the impact wrench. My wheels have swirls all around the lug nuts from someone working a little too quickly.

Jeremy Burgess

Great people, fast service. Willing to work with you.

Ann Graber

Awesome service and not a lot of wait time.

Shannon Criswell

Galya Jones

Great, fast service at affordable prices! Staff is friendly and helpful!

Eddy Williams

They did a great job locating the tire I wanted and on the installation.

Hidehiro Kanai

Very helpful and nice staff.

C Carter

Promt Professional Service!

mike clayton

Excellent service. Our business uses Williams Tire on a frequent basis and always receive timely and effective service. Sent my family for service and they came away impressed. Highly recommended.

caleb stracener

Reasonable prices and speedy turn around time.

Jerry Burr

Alex Kingston

6 months ago I had the head gasket along with the intake gaskets replaced on my car. The total repair bill was 1800 dollars. Whoever took the engine apart and put it back together did a great job and I have no qualms with them. The gaskets are all holding. Whoever did everything else such as the exhaust, cooling system, spark plugs etc did a horrible job. When I got the car back from them it was still overheating, turns out they didn't bleed the cooling system. So I take it to them and they bleed it, problem solved. I drive it to little rock, I pop the hood when I stop and its leaking coolant from a hose. I take it back to them and they fix it, hose clamp wasn't clamped. The oil dipstick tube was also installed backwards and the transmission dipstick tube had been bent down and was hidden from view, they fixed that too. 2 weeks pass I begin to notice it has an annoying exhaust leak, it sounds like a diesel. Not to mention the exhaust shield is missing a few bolts with some of the ones that are in there are halfway out( I assume the holes were stripped due to rust). I take it back again, the guy who did the exhaust comes out and has a rude tone about him claiming it was fine etc. They put it on the lift, voila! It has an exhaust leak, they fix it. Last but not least, the spark plugs. Not only were these not the correct plugs to be used in my car but they were missgaped. They were off by around 40 percent of what the factory gap is. I fixed that myself as I was fed of with them, it was like a Pandoras box of problems. Think twice before taking your car here. Props to whoever tore the engine down and put it back together, but everything else is pathetic.

Fred Compston

Very good

Dennis Bradley

Fast and courteous service

Peno Broadway

MrRonskiman .

These guys have ALWAYS done a great job with my tire needs. I don't go anywhere else.

David Chaloupka

Great, quick, friendly service. Family owned.

Michael Penn

I've bought 3 sets of tires here: 2 sets for an SUV and a set for a small car. The cost was fair and the service was fast, but after just a few months, the tires on my small car started to lose air slowly but steadily. If I didn't air them up every 3 weeks or so, they'd be flat within a month. I finally got a chance to take it in, but it had been a while and upon my first complaint, they said they found no leaks and sent me on my way (to be fair, I couldn't find the leaks, either). Several months later, I brought it back again. It had been quite a while since they were mounted, but I had done some research online and came to the conclusion that they must not have a good seal on the wheels. They agreed and resealed 3 of them, charging me for the service (around $50 or so, as I recall), replacing my nice tall valve caps, by the way, with a variety of cheap, short, mis-matched caps (I went to O'Reilly's and bought some more tall ones to replace the ones they kept and threw away the assortment of cheapos-- Only about $2, but kinda inconvenient). Now I'm only having to air up the 1 tire at least once a month. So I paid to have them fix poor seals on 3 of 4 tires they originally mounted on my car... Fast forward several months (maybe a year or so) and a new competitor opens in Benton. Still having a bad taste in my mouth over my experience at Williams, I buy a new set from the new guys for my truck-- They GAVE me brand new TPMS sensors, valves and caps for each tire as a matter of standard policy, then, when I explained to them my experience at Williams, they offered to re-check the seals on my small car's existing tires, including sealing the 4th that I'm still airing up, all for free, without having to buy new tires for the car, simply because I'm now a customer of theirs. I love buying local, but I can't think of a good reason after all this to go back to Williams. If you read through all this, I hope you have a better experience at Williams than I did, which wasn't all bad, but know there is some good competition in town that goes above and beyond offering good prices on mounting new tires.

Michelle Norris

Is a really good place if you looking for new or used tire


This is the best place to get tires in Benton!

Layton Bucnh

They forgot to fill my radiator with antifreeze/water after installing it making my truck run hot. I had some brake work done and they forgot to tighten my calipers( making them squeak) #salinecountsfinest

Eric Clay

Elvin Rice

Great job and will go back

Robert Johnson

Repaired flat and checked my 5th wheel. Quick, great customer service and reasonable priced. I knew I was at a place I could trust the work. My problem became their problem. I have been doing business with Williams for over 7 years because of their high quality, trustworthiness and their incredible customer service. They treat you like family and care about your safety.

Brian Wagner

Good folks that are efficient at getting you back on the road.

Phillip Prince

Always great. Took my mom there earlier. She had a long trip home. The guys always take good care of me.

Janet Dixon

We have a lot of tires... cars and tractors. I always can count on personal, fast service to take care of our tire problems. Thanks, guys!!

Redd Laster

Friendly counter staff. Good prices. Quick service.

Holley Little

Williams Tire is the best!! The staff is very helpful, professional and courteous. Prices are very competitive, and there is always AWESOME service after the sale!

Josh Mitchell

Great prices! Even better work!

Toby Hixon

Fixed everything great in a reasonable amount of time

Richard McConnell

There are good an decent people who work there. very helpful an knowledgeable.

Timothy Simpson

Philip Plischke

Rachel Stallsworth

Demonetized Content

Do not go here for anything! They will charge you for just peeking there head under the hood. They did no work to my truck. Came in to get an alignment which they did not do. Charged 30$! Let me remind you no work was done at all!!! Complete waste of my time and will never go to Williams Tire Shop ever again in my LIFE! After all was said and nothing was actually done I took my business to TIRE TOWN, They alligned my front end and waere very professional and got the job done right, went over all the details and overall satisfaction with TIRE TOWN, do not go to williams! HORRIBLE

Sig Man

Expert Tire service...Top drawer

Michael Aulenback

I called this morning to ask how much it was to mount and balance a set of tires, I was told it was $40 to mount and balance a set, I was like great Iv got the new tires I’ll be there this afternoon, after they were done and I was paying my bill I was told my total was $99 I said when I called the lady said it was $40 to mount and balance a set of tires, they told me no it’s always been $20 a tire. Not good business to lie to your customers to get them in the door. I will not be back there and will not recommend them to anyone.

Roxanna Cook

Great service. Quick top notch work. Dillian Billingsley was especially nice and professional and did out standing work. Thank you

cheryl winters

Jerry Abshire

Juan Garcia

Sydney Elizabeth Dickerson

blaine bufford

Lindsey Boyer

mar-kesha Austin

A Carol Wells

Handled repairs promptly and efficiently.

Angella Spears

Ron Jones

This was a great experience. I was taken care of by the owner, who took time to talk to me, while my Tires were being put on my truck. Pricing was very good. I will have other work done here in the future.

metalic scorpion

Always treated kindly and respectfully at this tire shop. They have fair prices and work hard to get you back on the road quickly. Ive gotten tires and brakejobs there over the years and each time ive been pleased.

Chris Pipkins

Top notch service, and very fast too. Keeps me coming back.

Zack Cowart

Came here today to check out the wobble in my front end. Had it aligned about a year ago here and was sure that was the problem. They confirmed my fears so I agreed to 2 new tires and an alignment of the front end. A short time later the older gentleman behind the counter came to me and told me I needed a new tire pressure sensor. I asked why and told him it was fine when I arrived! He showed me the sensor and it had been sheared off during the removal process. I said well since you guys broke it shouldn't you be responsible for replacing it? He informed me that wasnt how it worked. I'm sorry but that's not how I would run my business. I will not be back here and will inform everyone I know to be careful when doing business if they decide to come here. Extremely disappointed in my visit. If I wanted to be taken for every dollar possible I would have gone to the dealership. How was the problem fixed? You guys told me that it wasn't your responsibility to fix the sensor even though you broke it. I still have to buy a sensor and pay for it to be put in. Want to elaborate on how its resolved?

Richard K Hester

Phillip Wedge

Sammy Gately

Very good place for all your vehicle needs. Friendly people and great service.

Beverly Collie

Friendly, prompt, excellent service. Reasonable rates.

lexi anibru

Howard Lee

Great service

mo co

This happened a few years ago.Better late than never .I was traveling alone ,hubby was in Iraq.I was traveling from Houston tx,headed to Batesville ar. area.I felt something funny under my tires .There was construction thru there at the time so I thought it was the road.I decided to stop for a store break before going thru all that L.Rock construction .I complained to the lady inside about the roads and she agreed,LOL.I came back outside and noticed my tires smoking and all bent.! I warbled to the nearest station and they were booked .(was sat.aft.) Then I warbled over to Williams tire the owner saw the mess that I was in and said we will work you in ,It may be a wait .I was soo grateful and sooo mad ,because I had just had new tires put on in houston before the trip.I had a fairly new little buick.What those people did wrong in Houston put me in danger .Anyway I assumed that the bill would be enormous ,being a lady and at thier mercy.It was suprisingly low,very low .I even had to have new rims.Nice ,fair people.I was back on my way in a couple of hrs.Made it w/ no more trouble.I wanted to write them a nice letter and kept forgetting.So I am writing this.If the owner reads this .I hope his wife knows what a decent ,man he is .

Shannon Harris

Driving through Benton and our tire monitor said we were losing pressure. They got us right in and back on the road in no time! Super friendly and very efficient!

Terry Stowe

Great place, I had a blowout on the interstate and went to this tire shop. The guys came out to interstate and replaced my tire. Great, fast service. I was back on the road in 30 minutes...

Alan Wellesley

I have waited a week to cool-off before writing this review. A few months ago, back in June '17, I bought a new set of Michelin tires for my 3/4 ton pickup. They were rated at 70,000 miles and cost around $275 each (~ $1100). After we returned from a 5000 mile camper trip I dropped by for a tire rotation. That's when everything started going south. After the rotation I drove home, all of about 30 miles, and parked the truck. A couple days later, on a Saturday, while walking around my truck in the driveway, I noticed the right rear hub cap was missing. On Monday morning I called Williams tire to see (hope?) they had just failed to install the hub cap, and that it was in the shop and not laying in the brush somewhere along hiway 5. After getting nowhere with the person on the phone I asked for their email address so I could send some photos and inquire why my hub cap may have come off. (I've had the truck since it was new, 2002, have had at least 3 sets of tires and countless rotations, and have never had an issue like this.) After several days, and hearing nothing back from Williams, I departed on a trip to west Texas. After about 180 miles I had a major flat on the left rear tire. In the process of changing that tire I noticed the left front hub cap was now missing... hmmm, maybe a trend here? Long story short, when I returned from Texas and visited Williams Tire they took no responsibility for these two missing hub caps, and offered no assistance in investigating the cause of the flat for possible warranty coverage. I am fairly new to the area, and after several good encounters with the folks at Williams tire I am now left with a bad experience that will keep me from ever buying any new tires there again... and, when I get my tires rotated there I will remove and replace my own darned hub caps from now on!

Alyssa W

Always great service.

Taylor Smith

Good people and good service

rick taylor

Excellent as always!

Tabitha Orender

I have always had a good experience when I have dealt with Williams. The staff is friendly and they are dog friendly. They get 5 stars from me. Pricing is reasonable and I will be a returning customer!

patrick rowell

Great service done right the 1st time.

Preston wescott

Michael Buffington

Todd Forthman

Williams Tire is great. They are really concerned about their customers and seem to always find solutions that meet their customers' budgets.

Alyssa Ables-bufford

JT Thomalla

Micki Sewell

Williams Tire is always professional, always friendly, never tried to take you for more than necessary. I appreciate them 100%

Thomas Lamb

Been using these guys for years. Great people, great services, and they do a lot of little things you wouldn't think of for a tire store. Highly recommend them.

bobbyray morton

Aaron Henley

Website says they do Driveshaft Balancing. I called the shop to get a quote and was told they don't do Driveshaft Balancing. I told the guy the website said they did and he said, "We do not perform that service." Should probably update their website then.

Brian Johnson

Cathy Whited

They were very helpful , my vehicle had a flat tire. I was in and out in minutes. Thanks

Courtney Lee

Alan Rafferty

Mary Mitchell

This is a great place to get tires or have mechanical work done on your car. There are 3 generations working here and they have always done a top notch job on anything we have brought in. Highly recommend them to anyone who needs their car worked on. We started using them 24 years ago, used them for 12 years then moved away. We just moved back closer and started using them again. They are still great only now the younger generation has joined in.

Davis Davis

During an oil change Williams over tightened the drain bolt causing it to become rounded. When I noticed it I called to ask if they could fix the problem and they refused.

Lori Frazier

Very helpful. Had to stop to get the lug nuts tightened on my truck tire since just had a flat and changed it. They didn't charge me but still gave the mechanic a tip

Danielle Mogg

We never go anywhere else for our alignment! Perfect service every time!! With no appointment maybe 45 minutes as a walk-in on a Saturday! Bob sometimes gives you a doughnut

tanya baxter

In and out in no time flat, pun intended!

Britt Jeffus

Family owned, dependable, quick service by well informed pros who always greet customers with respect and keep customers best interest in mind with safety along with helping in keeping cost to a minimum if possible.

Daniel Kriesant

Locally owned and operated they do a lot so if ur unsure call ahead.

April Y Lester lester work

Good for an oil change

Ralph Hilterbrand

Good people fast service I'll be going back to Williams tires instead of walmart

W. H. Fraine

Good old boys, good people

Raymond J Crouse

First time I was there. They have a friendly and carrying staff. They are very knowledgeable, keep you informed, and get the job done in a very short period of time . Will definitely be going back .

Robert Smith

Tire rotation. Great people, friendly, know what they are doing.

Butch Faingnaert

Rodney Scherm

Called about bad hub. They got me in same day and done by close great dealings would recommend

Nancy Nicklaus

Jamie Smith

Very friendly and helpful!

Farrah L McConnell

Good and fairly inexpensive. Also, they for the most part are fast at getting you in and out!

Thomas Trahan

A great tire store

Griff Ferrell

They patched a hole in my tire quick and with no damage to my rim.

Carl West

Larry Notu

Great service, knowledgeable, and very friendly, they will help you with anything

Judy Hurley

Michael Oulch

Great people


We were traveling from Michigan to Texas. Our Ford van started overheating in Memphis. Made it to the Benton Landers Ford dealership. They were too busy. I found a great, small family run auto service business in town. They got us right in and replaced the thermostat. Since the awesome mechanic was able to get it fixed right before closing without time to test it first, we took off with it towards Hot Springs. The van ended up heating up again, alerting us that it was probably the radiator. Since we were in the Hot Springs area, we looked up the Ford Dealership there, which was Riser Ford. They were able to get us in the next day. In the meantime, we contacted Hertz car rental and were fortunate to get Jolee. After waiting for two hours for Riser Ford to access the van, Jolee drove over to us from the airport, where her location is, and picked us up, so that at least we'd have a vehicle to get around in. During the trip back, Riser Ford called us and told us that they would replace the radiator for $1,300.00; and in addition, they wanted to replace the thermostat that we just put in the day before, replace a clutch, and give the van a tune up. The tune, alone, was going to be another $800. They didn't even quote the clutch or thermostat. Talk about feeling like you were being taken advantage of. After getting this information, we rented the vehicle from Jolee at Hertz and drove it and the van back to Williams Tire and Auto in Benton. We left the van there and let them work on it while we traveled to TX to see my parents. On our way back, we stopped and picked up the van from Williams. They only charged us $500 to replace the radiator and even test drove it long enough to make sure it was running well. We can't thank Jolee at Hertz in Hot Springs and Williams Tire and Auto in Benton enough. They saved the day and the whole trip for us.

Wade Colony

Heath Sellers

Zero stars if I could. First, I thank them for getting my wife on the road safely after a blowout. However, they destroyed the spare tire winch on our Land Rover by using an air tool to raise/lower it. Never said "I am sorry" but accused her of bringing it in broken. Took several hours to change 1 spare tire, sure, it was on a Land Rover but come on people - it is a tire and you have been doing this for 50 years. You couldn't even figure out how to put the spare back (like it would go back with a busted winch). To top it off my wife witnessed them trying to drive it off the lift BEFORE they lowered the lift. Really? She is safe, they have only done about $180 in damage to our car (plus my time to replace the part). I would have taken an "I'm sorry" but we got "Not my fault - you brought it in here like that"

Jason Ryburn

Only $15 to fix my tire, and they put it on for me! Might have to come back!

Walter St. John

Gene Capps

Ken Ridgway

Good products, attention to service.

April Baker

Bill Henderson

They went above and beyond to make us satisfied would definitely recommend

R&B Property management

I called around several places locally and everyone was full. I originally called Everette, the Greatest GM dealership of all time (eye roll) and the lady on the phone was really rude, I guess bc I wasn’t buying a brand new vehicle. So I called Williams tire and service and they were able to get me in the same day and the pricing was $40 cheaper than I had been paying at a dealership and their customer service was outstanding. I won’t go anywhere else.

Glenn Heer

Excellent service from this place.

DJ Hoyt

**military discount!!** Great prices and great people. They undoubtedly know what they're doing. I've had plenty of advice of what work I can do myself and the work they have done has always been right. Great mechanics and customer service.

Kevin Miller

Would rather give zero stars but you might not read how horribly they treated my daughter. I have spent almost $2,000.00 at this place just in tires!!! More than $1,000.0 in service, and when I sent my daughter there for an estimate, they acted like she was a second class citizen and couldn't give a damn whether they got her business or not. Well, they must be independently wealthy now so DON'T SPEND YOUR MONEY THERE!!!! She happily got her tires at Firestone because they treated her as a VALUED CUSTOMER and saved her $70.00 to boot!

Hunts Jacobs

Very very poor quality work done here my family has known the owner of this place for many many years. And we liked to think of them as friends but shady and awful decision making skills by them and their staff. It is un known weather the owner knew about these things as follows. First I took my vehicle up ther to get my tires rotated and balanced. When i got my truck back it seemed to drive normal until around 60 miles an hour it started to shimmy violently so i took it back and a mechanic drove it while i was in the car to see this issue. When we got back he said it was a knot in the tire and that they had nothing to do with it. And said id have to buy another tire to fix the issue that wasnt there before they got their hands on it. In essence forcing me to buy another tire. Then a few months later i took it in to have new shocks put on and ball joints put on it. It was fine for a while then i bought some very expensive bfgoodrich all terrain tires from another store who put them on and balanced them. I watched the entire time that they did this so no funny business went on at that place (austins in little rock) well about 6 months went by and my front tires were bald on the inside. After 6 months!!! And i noticed one day how much camber was on the front wheels so i finally take it into tire town and they tell me that my front end had two right side upper control arms on it! the left front one was somehow put on inverted somehow to fit when these parts are not interchangable parts. And williams tire was the people who did it. Costing me a fortune in new tires and parts and repair cost. I have no idea what their motive was to do this or why they traded my factory left control arm for another right side control arm. And then they charge out the ass on top of that! Horrible place please go to anywhere but them. They will never be allowed around a vehicle of mine again. They lost a good customer and whatever relationship we had through being friends for so long in the process. Awful place. awful work. Rude staff. Incompitent mechanics. Lousy service. Over priced. Save your time, money, and your vehicles well being and take it to somewhere else.

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