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REVIEWS OF Norm the Tire Man IN Arkansas

Austin Sisk

Norms charged $475 to fix the tubes in the car then the next day car breaks down again and they told us it’s another $700 because they didn’t see “the bigger problem”

Brenda Brown

Dwight Stephenson

Always done great balancing work on my cars

Paul Johnson

Frigging awesome, these people are fast and know there stuff.

Ash Fri

The absolute BEST tire shop in NWA! Excellent customer service, quality products and competitive prices. These folks really take care of their customers!

Nandha Kumar

Got my Odessey and Fit, for wheel alignment here. Perfect and prompt. Will recommend this place to all my friends and family

Steven Alge

Best tire service and Auto shop hands down. Service 5 stars!

Justin Jennings

This is a great automotive shop! They do honest work at a reasonable price. I have used them for many years and have always had a great experience. They have helped me many times on issues with a tire or rim that other shops were unable too.

Ani Sevan Pecoraro

Great customer service

FrothyKick .

Trustworthy, thoughtful and they even spend time educating you if you don't understand an aspect of the work on your vehicle. My whole family goes to them if their cars are having ANY issues.

Curran Hicks

Took a Dodge 3/4 ton here to get an alignment, and they left the Tie Rod sleeves loose. tore up two brand new tires in days. when i went back to get it fixed, they told me they wouldnt warranty it and i had to fight to get them to replace the tires that got destroyed by their negligence.

Dave E

I've always been treated well at Norm's.

Anon A Myst Awaker

great service friendly staff !

Pam Underwood

I went by Norm's Friday, August 30 around 2:30 to get my one year old Cooper CS4 Tires rotated. I noticed I had a slow leak in one tire and asked service to look at that tire. One and a half hours later a service guy approached me and asked me to accompany him into the bay area where my car was. The tire had two small nails in the tread area and a gouge about 4 inches away in sidewall and about at 2'oclock position. The service guy said that turning corners would allow the nail to puncture at that distance and angle. Geometrically I could not believe the nails caused that gouge in sidewall. However, this is not the issue I had with Norm's. It is what took place next. Mike, Mgr said I needed a new tire and they did not have this Cooper Tire in stock. He said he would NOT put my patched tire back on my car due to liability and would have to put my small spare tire on instead. Long holiday weekend and donut tire... NO WAY !. I said put my old tire back on and I would stay off HWY 540 until the new tire comes in. Mike, Mgr. said absolutely not due to their liability. I said then find me a functioning used tire until you can get me a new one in. This took several minutes of trying to convince Mike this was the right thing to do on a holiday weekend. What do you know, there was a good used tire near my car and put it on after I had elevated my blood pressure. From the beginning they should have offered me a used tire instead of saying they have to put my spare on. I spent $832 on 4 new tires one year ago at Norm's. I can accept that tire was dangerous but I cannot accept the way they handled this situation. I have routinely purchased auto tires, lawn tractor tires and utility trailer tires there over the past 20 years in my landlord business. I guess I will have to purchase one more tire there to get my free rotation for the life of these tires. Does anyone get any good news when they take there car in there? By the way, I love my Cooper Tires and there are other tire stores in the area that sell them at competitive prices.

Roy Horan

Good service and fair minded business.

Steve Dostie

I have had service work and tire replacement done at Norm's for around 12 years or so. They back up everything that they do 100%. I am more than satisfied with the quality of work that they do without even thinking about it. Everyone employed there is very friendly and they present a warm atmosphere. Always coffee in the waiting room. I am treated more like family than a customer and that gives me the desire to return for any further vehicle repairs or tire replacement. Their road hazard warrentee on tires is unique and they honor it explicitly and without hesitation. Three cheers to you, Rich Seals, and your group of very fine and skilled employees. Steve Dostie

NWA River Rat

Candace Irby

Chase Bowman

Great people, great teamwork

Eric Alderete

Excellent tire service.

Jimmy Garrison

They are in the know for virtually everything for your car. Reasonably priced and willing to work with you.

法师Z 米糕X

Friendly services with good price!

Roseanna Carter

Imagine the day before the Christmas Holiday, 2pm, and I find a screw embedded in my front tire. I stopped in to make an appointment for repair and decided it was almost time for a new set. They had the tires in stock and by 3:15 I was back on the road to finish my shopping and head to work. What a blessing!


Norm's was apparently having a bad day the day I went in. For one problem, I made three visits and over 6 hours in those visits. However, Mike, the manager, contacted me personally and apologized and helped get the problem resolved. I appreciate that in a business.

William Pitts

They get another 100% for me professional polite very proud of their job very knowledgeable thank you Norm the Tire man

Megan Fergusson

Amazing service! I had a blowout on my tire that left me stranded on the side the road. I called two other places who told me they could not help me unless my car was towed. I called Norm's, and they had someone come pick me and my tire up. They had me picked up and had my tire replaced within 45 minutes. Exceptional service! They will definitely be my new go to for car service.

Jerald Bolander

I was introduced to the Service Manager, Mike Carl several years ago and have learned to trust him completely. The owner Rich Seals is available and accountable if you want to talk to him. I keep cars till they drop and the crew at Norm's keeps me on the road. Go by and ask for Bonnie at the front desk if you want to feel right at home. My 1999 Chevy Suburban has around 250K miles...

Theresa L

They were able to repair a tire that another place refused to. Sure the other place just wanted to sell me 4 new tires. Norm's fixed and was fast!

Joseph WegoTravels Elster

Started out extremely happy with the company with my new tire purchase and other work. Needed new struts on a vehicle. I could get 4 struts for $250. They wouldn't install customer parts and instead wanted $1300 to install. I passed. Other vehicle quoted 2 struts and they actually coat more than the dealer! The tires on purchased. ..had a blowout while traveling and the warranty is only good locally. I called about the tire replacement and they want me to carry the old tire back to them to 'see if there was anything they could do'. Tried supporting local business but next time I'll go with a national chain.

Joyce Young

Good diagnostics. They give you honest about your vehicle. They should allow you to look at your bill before paying it.

Matt & Sarah Kunzler

Very honest and upfront. Didn't charge me for things they couldn't fix

Ron Griffin

Honest and reliable. They stand behind their work and have always been awesome. I have been using Norm's for 8 years with no complaints. All of the tires for all of my vehicles are bought through Norm's. Service work and check ups are done at this shop as well. They take pride in the work and I have seen first hand how the management quickly addresses issues or concerns. This is my one stop shop.

Rachel Garrido

Great customer service will always come here for services.

Terry Arnold

Great folks here! Go see Randy or Dave!! They will take good care of you!!!!!!

Dawn Harris

We have been going to Norms for a decade now. From tires to oil changes and even several major car repairs. They don't try to sell you things you don't need and explain exactly what is going with your vehicle. Though they can sometimes be extremely busy things like that tires/tire repairs are usually done fairly quickly on walk in basis. If you are needing a repair that can be done in a day you can drop off your vehicle and even pick it up after hours or if you live/work reasonably close they will drop you off or pick you up. I like that they don't mind explaining complicated repairs & they never talk down to you if you don't quite understand what they said the first time, lol. If you ask them what they would do if it were their own vehicle you will get an honest answer. Many times they have told me because of age of my vehicle that they would do things a little different & often it is a lower price option. Basically you can trust them and they are not offended if you want a second opinion. Pretty good bunch of people from counter to parts to technicians working on your vehicle!

Ronnie Flowers

I have been getting my vehicles fixed at Norm's for over 10 years, and they have exceptional service. I have went into Norm's and walked out with my vehicle fixed because the problem was just a loose hose that they put on for me for free. Also, I saw an elderly man come in while I was waiting one time and his AC was not working. The Norm associate went on a test drive with him, got back, took it in the shop, and told him it was just a vacuum hose that had come off and that there was no charge. If they were dishonest, they could have just replaced whatever they wanted to and charged him for it, but Norm's does not operate that way. I also have walked into Norm's for a courtesy check before going on a long trip with my 1990 Nissan Maxima, and they told me everything was great many times. A dishonest place would have found something to fix whether it really needed it or not. I was never stranded by getting my car checked at Norm's and them giving my car a clean bill of health; however, they have also saved me from being stranded several times by fixing something before I went on a trip, and it has not been very expensive either. Norm's have also been very gracious to give me a free courtesy check anytime I am buying a used car or helping a friend or family member buy a used car. I have waited longer at times because they have just been very busy or my car was giving them a problem not wanting to allow them to get it's part off. If you make an appointment and ask them how long it will take, then they are accurate at least 90% of the time. As for the prices, compared to a dealership, they cost much less. Compared to other mechanics, they are definitely not cheaper and may be a little more expensive, but not much, and I love the fact that I can trust them. I feel like their prices are very fair for the work that they do and the service they give. So, for the few reviews on here who are not very good, I say that those have not been my experiences at all, and I have been going to Norm's for oil changes, tires, and getting my vehicles fixed with them for over 10 years. The manager, Mike, has always been very honest with me about things that I have the option of replacing and those things which could stand not to be replaced. If Mike says that it would be dangerous to put a tire on, then it is dangerous. Many times he has let me walk out of Norm's without paying a dime. I appreciate a mechanic that explains what you need, what you don't need, and why you need things fixed on your vehicle. I refer all my friends and family to Norm the Tire Man because they have been so good to me and my friends and family. My dad's AC needed fixed one time and they said that it wouldn't hurt to try a do-it-yourself kit from Wal-mart for less than $100 before having them fix it for $600, but that it was his choice. He got the kit and that fixed it. I could give more stories, but I think you get the point. Feel free to tell them that Ronnie sent you if you read this review and it convinced you to go to Norm's, and if they don't give you good service like I have experienced, then come back and give your negative review and say, "Ronnie was wrong and this was my experience." I will be happy to read it.

Kimberly Moore

Came from out of town with an emergency stop with a trailer load of horses on a 99 degree summer day. Mike was awesome.

Christy Seymour

Nishant Kovuri

Good service

Dominic Lantz

These folks know their craft.

Jordan Seay

Truck Phone

Great professional work on my truck

Andrea Smith

Super friendly, fast even when they're busy, and cheap!

Jason Ratliff

They will take good care of you. Highly recommended garage.

theodore miles

Too bad, I've used them in the past but poor customer experience ends my option to use them in the future.

Thiyaga Rajan

Tire and mechanical shop. Reasonably priced. Generally good service, but once a while, they do miss out on quality check. Filled more oil than required, during oil change.

Justin Beagley

They do a great job!!

Mike Morris

Used to be my favorite place to get my vehicles worked on. Just can't get appointments soon enough for business vehicles.

Jonathan Cassagne

I called in for a tire alignment. I gave the make and model of my vehicle. I made the appointment and showed up on time. They took the vehicle and put it up on the lift. They then realized "this make and model requires special tools and parts to do an alignment and we can't do that today, plus it's an extra $100+. They took my car down off the lift, then unapologetically charged me full price for a tire alignment, because that's their stores rules. Despite giving the vehicle info in advance they never thought to see if they could or couldn't do the job, they wasted my time and wasted my money.

Adam Schoenwald

Good service but very expressive

K Stuart

Didnt have what i needed. Helped me find what i did need somewhere else. Dont find nice helpful people like that anymore.

James Reeves

I am writing this review here on Google because the website for the business is not functioning properly. When I attempt to submit my comments there I am receiving an error message. Here is a copy of what I was trying to leave at the website... I recently used Norm's for the first time. I believe it may also be my last. I ordered tires for my truck. When they arrived I was notified. At the time I was in Wyoming and advised the caller it would be some time before I returned home. He assured me that was not a problem. After I returned home I stopped in the shop to schedule an appointment and was informed that the tires had been returned to the vendor. So more tires were ordered. Fast forward to the installation. I asked that both driver side tires be removed (one was the spare and the other had a leak in it), that the tires be matched up in terms of white letters in or out and I refused the optional nitrogen. The work was completed quickly. Perhaps too quickly. As I arrived back at the shop I saw my truck in the parking lot. I noticed my tire iron and jack handle had been set on the rear bumper of my truck and left there. The jack was left in the floorboard and the rear seat was raised up. After I paid the cashier I mentioned I wanted to offer a "friendly reminder" to the shop about the jack. I thought perhaps the technician had been interrupted and simply overlooked it. As I waited at the shop counter I noticed I had been charged for the nitrogen I earlier refused. That charge was refunded. After I arrived home I noticed the tires had not been matched up. The new tires had the white letters in and the old tires had the white letters out. Remember that leak I mentioned in the driver side tire? The one I wanted removed? It's still there because that tire was left on the truck. I got to air it up the next day. Needless to say I am rather disappointed. I make an effort to use locally owned businesses for many reasons. I had high hopes for Norm the Tire Man. The prices were competitive, the work was done quickly and the staff was friendly enough but too many mistakes were made. When I replace the other two tires next month I will begin my search elsewhere. I simply wanted you to be aware of what happened in terms of quality control . Thanks for your attention. Regards, Update (10/10/2012) I received a phone call from Mike at Norm the Tire Man today. He apologized for my experience and assured me that this is not how they want to treat their customers. He advised that my concerns had been addressed with shop personnel and asked what he could do to make things right. I appreciate the fact that he took the time to reach out to me.

Sergio Perez

Justin Wood

Norm’s changed my tires and performed my 90k mile maintenance. I had a short timeline to get the work done and they gave me an appointment the next. Service was terrific and the tire prices were competitive.

sith khan

Friendly service and comprehensive auto care!

Last Known Location

Good local shop to do business with. Got me and out in a reasonable time even on a busy afternoon. I went in to have them inspect my car for a few issues I had been experiencing, and they were honest and upfront about what it might be. They did not try to convince me that something was wrong when it wasn't just to make a quick buck. Was not even charged for taking a look at it. Recommend these guys if you need an honest mechanic. I will be returning to them in the future for any other work I might need.

Brand Elverston

I've used Norm's for years (~15) and have never been disappointed. They're honest and understand customer service.

Chuck Stephens

I've purchased three sets of tires at Norm the Tire Man. Their price has always been competitive and I've had good experiences each time I've been. Most recently, I took my daughter's car in as the transmission seemed to be shifting hard. The techs checked the car out, took it for a test drive and told me there was nothing to fix--that the age of the car combined with cold weather was the cause of the hard shifts. Here's the best part of the story: the bill -- $0! No charge! How often does a repair shop do that?

Raymond Gilkey

Have had guys at Norm's help take care of our vehicles since 1977 Fair, Dependable, and Reasonable, wouldn't go anywhere else.

Sue Sears

Have to give this place an excellent review. They are fair, honest and very knowledgable. Would not go anywhere else for tires, alignment or tire rotation. They can get you any tire you want but ask for a recommendation. They know tires! Update: Once again I have to give Kudos to this place of business. I bought a new 2019 Honda CRV and it currently has around 4,500 miles on it. About 6 weeks ago, I had a low tire pressure warning light come on so I took it up to Honda. They told me it was probably due to the hot weather we’ve been having and put air in the tire that was low. About two weeks later the warning light came back on so I went back to Honda and it was the same tire so they put in some more air. Another two weeks went by and the same thing. This time the guy looked at the tire and said he couldn’t see anything wrong with the tire. So, it happened again so I took it to Norms and within about 10 minutes they told me I had a nail through the side of the tire and it was not repairable and would need to be replaced. We are so lucky to have this place in our area.

Craig Allison

The old Norm the Tire Man is gone. After years of taking cars to them I will no longer darken their door. They replaced a tire on my car and severely damaged the rim. I noticed it about a week later and when I took it back in the manager was not only rude he told me it was my fault. His exact words were “Your car your problem.”

Roy Brooksby

Their motto is: Nobody treats you quite like Norm's! Yup, and never before have I had such a terrible auto mechanic. It took my car in with the Check Engine light on and they charged me for reading the code, and told me that I needed to go to the Dealership and have the Airbags checked out. Really? That's why the idle of my car spikes up and then cuts out at will is because of Airbags? I also love that they charge a Shop Fee. $10 on top of $120 Labor. This was one referral I wish I had not taken from a 'friend'. My other mechanic doesn't run me through this hassle. I won't even go into their $90 Diagnostic charges. Take your car to a Real mechanic, not the money hungry types.

Robert Moss

Great work on company vehicles

A. Russell

The absolute best group of people you will ever find!

Charles Radford

Alstom employees awesome service

suzette Thomas

Good place for all things car service and tires. Really friendly staff.

Gregory Mcadoo

Good service

Lance Lockwood

Great group of guys that know there stuff. I've taken my vehicle here several times for various reasons. On a few occasions I've asked for an inspection on the vehicle for potential problems. They didn't find anything and they didn't charge me. I feel like I can trust them to do good quality work every time.

Christina Worley

My husband and I just returned from a quick vacation in Arkansas. We had a very full itenerary of places to go and see over a short stay. Thursday night, on our trip to Bentonville, my car started making a horrible sound. I was fearful that the brakes were going bad. I called Norm first thing on Friday morning. The representative was extremely concerned and considerate and got our car in quickly and took care of the issue! Norm’s The Tire Man saved our trip! We are most grateful! Best service EVER!!! Thank you!

Jason Fielding

I like the fact that you can schedule same day drop offs. Service counter is good! No price gouching.

davone prince

These are some really nice people. Had a bad experience my 1st time but they really looked into the problem and corrected it quick and with a smile. I will return! Was upset with my 1st visit but understand that sometimes things are going to happen.

Josh Powell

Got the run around on a front end alignment. I was told I have aftermarket control arms so it was going to cost an additional 100 dollars. I let them know about the parts before the appointment was made and was told not a problem. Just being greedy and looking for a way to charge more money for same service. Beware Of Norm The Tire Man!!!!!

Michael Styles

Best price around, best quality service.

Claudi Deluna

(Translated by Google) Very good service (Original) Muy buen servicio

Margaret Powers

I'm a grandmother from Florida visiting my daughter here and one of my lights came on my dash saying my left rear tire had air problems. I don't have a tire gauge so I stopped by O'Reilly's for help and they suggested I go to Norm's. I did go to Norm's not knowing what was wrong with my car and Robert took excellent care of me and I found out all 4 of my tires needed attention. Thank you Norm's and Robert for your excellent service. I will be back when I need any kind of car service.

amy b

Always helpful and straightforward. Got a picked up and dropped off. Love those guys!

Scott Widen

I have been a customer of Norms for at least 15 years and have had nothing but great service from the front desk, mechanics and managers. They are upfront with you on all repairs and buy all my tires from them. They go out of the way to help you and have never had a reason to go anywhere else.

miguel jimenez

Bad place gives riped tires

Lynn Shonhart

Very busy! Plenty seating in waiting area. Job done correctly first time. Conservatively priced.

Patty Walker

Went in for a quote for new tires. The gentlemen that helped me was very nice and helpful. Don't need tires yet and he showed me how to tell when I might need new tires. AWESOME PLACE!

Austin Bray

Fast and fair prices

Mark Milton

Best auto shop in NWA.

Martin Howard

Norm is the go to place for tire service in Bentonville. They are fast and friendly! I recommend them to all my friends!

Jae Shim

I was recommended this shop when asking my fellow employees on a nearby mechanic. The fact that they were open on Saturday and accept walk-in was a big plus for me. I only came for a basic checkup to make sure my car is in good condition. I will definitely stop by in the future when it is time to replace my oil and filters.

Johnnathan Carr

What can I say? They go above and beyond.

john b

Like most people, I came in expecting to bob and weave. Negotiate every diagnosis or at least get a second opinion. It's refreshing to have a local place with the integrity and quality that Norm's has. It has been five years since we first started tackling my automotive issues and I appreciate how they handle my new issues or simply stand behind the ones they've already solved.

Anthony Mundine

Thanks for everything and the quick reply!!

Jeffrey Yankovich

Fast and knowledgeable!

Emily Colston

Fantastic service!

Jodi Pinter

Great service, the guys are always friendly and if you have to wait for your vehicle you will notice that they are great to everyone even those of us that aren't as knowledgeable about tires as we should, so if you need black and round you can get that but I like how the ask you how you use your vehicle to make sure that you are getting the right tires and that they give you price options not highest price, these guys are doing it right! Now if we could schedule our free rotations then they would be the ones to beat hands down.


Good service. Honest, reliable and the price isn't bad. Will take my vehicle to them again.

Steven Rosenthal

Honest, dependable, and reliable. Took my truck to Norm for what appeared to be an alignment issue. It was in alignment and he did not charge for the alignment.

Kenny Palmore


Shane Richey

Price for removing a nail and patching a tire was fair ($16 in my case). They have a comfortable waiting room with a nice TV, couches and free WiFi...which is good, because it took an hour and a half to fix the tire. I called before hand and was told I would "get right in", I asked again when I gave them my key and was told "30 minutes max" and still waited 3 times longer than they promised. They were nice, the tire is still holding air 24 hours later so I would probably go back there in the future, but only if I had the rest of the day off work.

David Glover

Knowledgeable professional folksy

Alex Talley

Just moved to the area recently and had a flat. Turns out my alignment was really off so I'll have to replace all 4 tires. These guys were extremely helpful and informative. They gave me options and worked with my budget. I'd highly recommend coming here!

Nicole Linder

The staff at Norm the Tire Man go above and beyond to take care of their customers. I highly recommend servicing your vehicle at Norm's for quality, quick service at a fair price.

Brian Poland

Dropped our car off for service. Two days later picked it up, discovered new damage to car, now they refuse to acknowledge or cover even part of the cost. Tried to resolve in good faith but they showed no concern. Buyer Beware.

Cynthia Maggard

Based on pre-purchase communication, I’m stoked abt working with these folks. Been a week & a day. Still awaiting a quote for tires...went to another big box place nearby instead.

John Norris

Price is very expressive.

Richard Miller

will tucker

very friendly and fast service.

Miguel A. Alvarez

Quick quality service

Colin Page

Great tire place in Bentonville.

Christian Kunnecke

Excellent customer service and they speak to you and a language you can actually understand when you have questions

Elnora Harness

If you need tires great place to go

Janet Scott

Went in and told them that I had road noise and steering wheel shaking. Had an appointment at 10AM. A about 11AM they came out and said it was the left hub assembly Told them that I had both hubs replaced less than a year ago. Never heard anything like what I heard when the hubs went out the first time. Left and still road noise and steering wheel shaking. Got to thinking about 2 oil changes ago and they recommended a new battery. Told them I just purchased one less than 2 years ago. Still the battery is working fine. As far as the hub assembly they charged us 193.00 and for the bearing 109.00 Called o'Reilly and auto zone they don't come separate it's all in one unit . 89.99 1 year warranty 139.99 2 year warranty. What a RIP OFF! Will never go back. BEWARE

Chuck Davis

Good service. Quick and friendly. I went in for steering wheel shake which could have been a number of things. After inspection the problem was traced to tires out of round. 35 minutes later new tires where on the truck and there was no more wheel shake. I'm going back.

Amber Toole

I had an issue but they fixed it immediately


They are nice guys, but I wasn't too sure about the price for the fixing I needed, so I took my car to a second shop for a second opinion. The second shop did a diagnosis on my car, except they were free, which means I didn't waste $110 like I did at Norms. Found that the second place will also be a bit cheaper on the fix. Again, nice people for the most part, but I've gotta go with what's cheaper.

Jason Alexander

Lost our business. Bought 3 sets of tires from them. First went out fast but under warranty they prorated me two tires. The kicker is I was forced to do an alignment for warranty so basically 1 tire cost was prorated at the end of the day. Wife’s car ran out of washer fluid so they are not checking but charging us. Broke my rim caps. Told me they ordered them but never heard back. After going back and forth just gave up. My lug key was left on my tires and almost lost. Went here for their reputation but it is not the same as it has been in the past. Shortly after oil change, truck went to factory for recall and they showed my filter to me, bad shape and never was told anything by this shop. They are just cutting corners.

Robert Bee

You better come get work done here, the best and friendliest mechanics around and they REALLY know their stuff!

Cassady Schulte

Norm’s takes car of me like family. I won’t take my car anywhere else!



Jesse Haney Jr.

Been doing business here for over twenty years. In all that time have received the same consistent outstanding service. These guys have never missed a lick once. A rock solid place to take your vehicle

Heather Slinkard

Customer safety is first. I brought my car into Norms and a issue was discovered that made my car unsafe to drive. Because it is my only car, and my husband was gone on a business trip, Norms rented a car for me to use while my car was being fixed. In all the other dealings I have had with Norms I would not ever consider taking my car anywhere else.


Always friendly service. Not sure why I stopped using Norms, but I will be back!

Jason Byrne

Great place to get tires. Great price, amazing service and the staff is kind and knowledgeable. Won't take my car anywhere else again.

Joe Smith

I miss KC but Mike and others are real cool. Nice guys. I been going there 15 years.

Desaree Lewis

Nice mechanics

Ed. Cleek

Always friendly and fast service. Great prices compared to the big store up the street and better quality products.

Gerald Koym

Good work so far

Tricia Davis

Norms has the friendliest staff with exceptional customer service!

Keunjik Rhee

Excellent service! The give courtesy inspections and let you know if there is something that needs attention.

Kener Lewis

Replacing a car's gear shift cable is not a big job. They ran me close to $600 on an older car and fabricated the notion that the shift assembly needed replaced. I found someone cheaper and backed out from the deal, notifying them I will only pay the "diagnostic" charge and towe charge. They charged me almost $200, the towe charge only being $50. I would understand if you service jet planes in there but their prices are ridiculous. On top of that these bozos didn't even screw on anything back after "diagnosing" a gear cable but jammed it all back under the hood. I guess the plus side for yall is that I can't upload a screenshot of my receipt. I've never bought tires from them but I'd recommend going there for that and nothing else. Me and my wallet can attest to the fact that we've got nothing but a bad experience here. These guys are the reason mechanics get such a bad rap.

Mary Putman

They sell good, reasonably priced tires compared to others in the area.

Rolando Aleman

Man took 2 1/2 hours to change two tires not good for the business. I sure won't be going there anymore for sure.

Holiday Inn Suites Rogers

Very fast, cheap and helpful in my experience. -Nick

Frankie Torres

Great service.

Melissa Nightingale

Joshua is the Worlds Greatest Tire Man Ever!

Mark Richardson

Best auto service in NWA

Brenda Meyer

Honest, polite, and accommodating. They treated care of my teenage son with respect and took care of his vehicle while I was at work. They called me to approve everything and sent him on his way. We were very pleased.

Bradley Riddle

Proud of their work

Denise Hellman


Jeretta Hardwick

Nothing but excellent, timely service for us for over 25years

Leona Hunter-Wade


Did not fix my problem and got my car back in worse shape than when I gave it to them. Had to go somewhere else to have it done right. Very disappointed. ....

David DeLillo

Be wary. I rebuilt the front suspension and drivetrain components on my truck. Then I took the truck straight there and dropped it off. I told them that the upper and lower control arms are not aligned and they would have to be adjusted. They were to do that, a tire rotation, and alignment. I was informed that their mechanic said my wheel hub assemblies needed replaced. The passenger side was replaced 2 months ago, and the driver was replaced the same day I dropped it off. Then they said they would re-check it. When I called back to get an update they double-downed and said my parts must be defective. 2 different manufacturers must have sold me bad parts. So when I showed up to pick up my truck to take it elsewhere for the work I was told they couldn't and that there was too much play in the front wheels. Then asked if I still wanted the tire rotation. Wait! What? They were attempting to do the alignment and THEN rotate the tires? I said no and took it to another shop where they were able to put the control arms back into their proper position and do the rotation and alignment. Good luck with this place. You'll need it.

Evan Anderson

Customer service and service here is outstanding.

Joseph Hsu

Purchased new set of tires Oct 2 2015, Norm the Tire Man's service is BETTER than factory dealership. I have visited Norm the Tire Man for at least 4 times now and their mechanics do great work. I'm very happy with Norm the Tire Man and would definitely recommend this shop/store to anyone that needs tire and more, especially those looking for quality service and a honest price.


Very busy tire shop, good customer service, great at what they do, very happy and I'm a return customer

Rizzero Woods

BEST IN TOWN! Had both my front and rear brakes done here. They were more affordable than two other places I called, they got me in sooner, and I have t had any issues. I tell everyone to go here. In fact, my brother sent me here and I never looked back. Thanks guys.

Alaska Lee

Very sweet guys, quick, efficient and reasonably priced. Love them!

Trish Robertson

Fast, friendly service!

J Cooley

The prices here are always competitive and the service is top notch. We get all our tires here.


Been going here for everything from tires to our changes to major repairs for years. Staff always pleasant, they have never suggested something that didn't need repaired & give fair estimate ahead if time.

Cynthia Pearson

Always great!

Ryan Boyle

They are the best in the business. Honest, fast, and friendly service every time!

Ruth Wood

Very helpful and friendly

Brett Howard

It's a good shop. Very busy, so plan on waiting.

Vickie Cornish

We bought our first tires from Norm himself in 1985 when we moved here from Kansas City. Have not bought tires from any other tire dealer since, and we have bought a lot of tires in 30+ years. Use them for alignments and other services as well.

Mohamed Q

The price was expensive

Cameron Roach

I bought an '02 Ford Explorer for my daily driver a couple of weeks ago that, surprise, had a grind on the rear end. I took it to these guys and they did me right. $358.00 vs. $798.00 I was previously quoted elsewhere. Of course, an '02 with almost 190,000 has more issues that were less pressing at the time, but I will be taking it to them along to get the repairs completed.

Brian Swisher

Been going here for 30 years.Not another comes close to their work and prices. I've had them turn me away because it was a factory repair.I had some air conditioning work done, sounded funny so I called Ford before the work. Turned out Norm's was correct and price was lower. About 6 weeks later they called and said i'd been over charged and had a check for me. I'd have never known it. Pure class act.

Bryan Dumas

We brought in a used car we were considering purchasing for them to look over before we made an offer. The car was a low mileage, high end (at the time) import, super clean but 21 years old. Norm’s gave it a complete clean bill of health (in writing, part by part), somewhat surprisingly considering the age. After purchasing the vehicle we noticed some issues that led us to believe the shocks needed replacing even thou they were specifically marked as “good” by Norm’s. Another shop confirmed the shocks needed replaced in addition to sway bars. This was not a cheap fix. Accurate information could have been crucial to us getting a better deal or the shocks fixed by the dealership before purchase. Norm’s also lost business by missing theses issues as we probably would have had them do the work if the dealership didn’t perform it. We did find a great shop that did the work coming in UNDER the quoted price! The car rides great now. On the plus side, the staff was nice and didn’t charge for the checkup.

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