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REVIEWS OF Arkansas Tire & Auto Service IN Arkansas

Eddie Severs

Good service

Sara Duquette

Amazingly talented staff, they hustle like a race car crew. Got our off-road trailer aligned and stopped the hop! So thankful for privately owned shops who treat you and their crew like family. ♥️

Amy Yates

Dawn taylor

Nona Grigsby

I have been to places that do take advantage of women. But Arkansas Tire has not been one of those places. My check engine light came on. I took my car to Arkansas Tire. I was told what the problem was. Simple fix that I could do myself. They didn't charge me anything. Had to replace a tire. Needed it done quickly. It was done in a little over an hour, even though the tire that I needed was not on the premises. Today I bought 3 more tires. Each time, wonderful, professional service from Jeffrey. Fair price, too.

Destiny Ridgley

They know what there doing, they don’t charge outrageous prices, for things you don’t need. They keep it simple and hassle free! Thank you so much for Arkansas Tire & Auto Service!!!

chris harrison

Very friendly and helpful staff. They know there stuff.

Kaitlyn Pflugradt

I've had an unfortunate months worth of tire problems. They've taken care of it everytime.

Carla Wilson

I have taken my car to Arkansas tire and Auto the last 2 years. My car is old and it is a chance if something will work or not but they will do they're best and the air conditioning will work again. They never try to pressure me into spending more than is needed! They are always friendly and get the job done without a long wait. Will continue to take my car there

thomas watkins

Fast and easy

Kristen Godfrey

Best service in area. Everytime i need work done they get it done where others couldnt. Highly recommend them. :)

Cindy Perez

Robert Fuquay

Good service

Paul Robinson

Wonderful service, reasonable prices, with honest management that doesn't try to over sell you things you don't need.


Good prices for a tire fix and good place to go if you need anything machanical done

Robert Mercure

Mr. Jeff is very nice, patient, and understanding. He is also willing to work with you of payday for you is next week.

Eric Burton

Arkansas Tire & Auto Service pulled out all the stops Saturday May 26th, MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND. I had major failures on my 2001 2500HD, both front hubs and bearings , emissions (02 sensors) plugs and wires, injectors and e-brake (auto adjustors) had to be fixed, just to get me back on the road. They did it!!!! They are a fantastic team, with friendly smiles the whole time, if you need work done I completely recommend Arkansas Tire & Auto Service.

Jon Mccutcheon

Excellent service they take care of our trucks at Adams and my personal vehicle with courteous and generous attitude

Eli Ulery

Honest and humble people, there is just something about them that sets them apart from the rest. Great communication, great service, this is my first time to come here. I will defiantly be coming back.

Nancy Price

Been here a few times, EXTREMELY HELPFUL, FRIENDLY AND PROFESSIONAL, will return again when any services are needed. Thanks Jeffrey (for you service and "nod"). Navy Nancy.

Kellys Warne

Awesome service

Big Al

Top notch in every way. Jeffery WILL take care of you

Jerry Wood

Michael Samples

Tanya Feldman

This place has great customer service and very quick to help you out and get your car up and running on good tires and out the door. Polite and very helpful!


I've been here 3 times in my life. They get the job done but they overcharge big time. And they WILL find other things "wrong" with your vehicle and try to coax you into spending more. Most recently I went there for a oil change and I SUPPLIED THE OIL AND FILTER and they billed me 80 bucks. Granted they did have to remove a plastic shield thing under my engine, but that's still ridiculous. It's literally 4 torx screws. The previous place I went to last time I got a oil change charged 25 bucks for just the labor (they closed, that's why I went here again.)

Kenneth Hofelich

Fixed my flat good people

Rebecca Sangi

The folks at this establishment are awesome! They helped me out when I had a problem while traveling. They were so friendly, quick and helpful! Thank you to the staff for ensuring my children and I were safe to get back on the road! I would highly recommend this place!

Lisa Cooper

Greg Maxwell

Fair and informative.

Patty Moore

The only place I will take our vehicles to be serviced, love Jeffery,Wanda , and the crew, great service

Thomas Phayboun

Been coming here for 4 years. I being all the vehicles here, bc I don't trust anyone else! GREAT fast service!

Norman Anderson

Excellent, keep your great service!

Reba Dennis

These guys are the best!

Scrap Queen

My favorite tire shop. Friendly staff and great service!

Scott Michael

Good service.

Rusty Nichols

Arkansas Tire is entirely customer satisfaction based, and is by far the most considerate of all auto service providers in the River Valley area.

V Duwane Ledbetter

Best service center in town. Alwats trying their best to give their customers the best quality of work for less.

John s

Great service and fair price. For the one who was complaining about the price to change your oil and how easy it is(divit57), just change the oil yourself. Thanks Arkansas Tire and Auto! And by the way, I don't work there.

Syko Renigade

Awesome service !!!! I will definitely be back there in the future .

David Owens

Kings Live Music

Can't say enough GREAT things about this place and these people!! On the way to a family camping trip my truck broke down leaving myself and my friend stranded near Russellville. Our wives and infant sons were ahead of us at the camp site with no cell service and no way of knowing what had happened. We had all of the camping gear, food, and water with us. We were in a tough spot and really needed some help. That help materialized itself through the GOOD people at Arkansas Tire & Auto. What we initailly thought to be a quick hour and a half stater replacement job turned into a much more involved project when the KNOWLEDGEABLE mechanics uncovered that the flywheel was damaged and it needed to be replaced. The guys brought me back and explained what was wrong in terms I could understand(my car knowledge is limited). They also made sure to show me the damaged parts so I could rest assure that they did indeed need to be replaced. At this point my opinion of the place is good, the people are more personable than most other auto repair places I am used to, which was nice, but as a small business owner myself I expect this standard from other small businesses. So I am satisfied with their services thus far, but its nothing less or more than I expected, just on par with where I think it should be for any customer. What proceeded to happen from this point on is where Jeffery and the staff earned my deepest respect and gratitude. The job is going to take 7-8 hours to complete, its 4pm, our wives and babies are waiting on us to bring their food, water and beds to the campsite and they have no service. We rack our brains trying to figure out what to do and come up with renting a car as our best option. We asked the lovely lady at the front about our options and she directed us to the right place. These guys are busy, its getting close to closing time and we are about to walk to the dealership to rent a car. Jeffery stops what he is doing, loads us up in his vehicle and gives a ride to the dealership. It was a very kind thing to do that we both appreciated very much. We get to the dealership, get all our paperwork filled out and in our minds we are about to be back on the road. "Just load all the camping gear and food into the rental and be on our way to our worried families! We are almost there" we thought to ourselves. Wrong. We did not have a major credit card, were from out of town, so no way they could rent to us. We tried any way we could to get around this, but rules are rules and we are stuck again. After my friend and I deliberated about what to do, the sales associate at the dealership asked what auto repair place we were using and we told him, "AR tire & Auto". He picks up the phone and calls them. Jeffery answers. The dealership agreed to let us use the vehicle if Jeffery would rent it through the business. Basically, AR Tire & Auto are responsible for payments/damages if something were to happen. I am thinking to myslef, "theres no way. He just met us an hour ago, has no idea who we are, if we have any money to pay for the rental let alone the repairs on my vehicle, we both are looking pretty rough with dirt and sweat all over our clothes and faces. Hes not going to take the risk and I don't blame him one bit". Without hesitation, Jeffery agrees to lend us the rental under their name. I'm blown away! They pick up the tab for the rental and allow me to pay for it when I pick up my vehicle. He did not have to do this, but we are forever grateful that he did. To Jeffery and all the rest of the staff at Arkansas Tire & Auto- THANK YOU! You went above and beyond when I most needed help. Its businesses and people like this that make me want to be a better small business owner and a better human being. I picked my truck up the next day as promised and it starts like a dream. If only this review had 6 stars, I don't feel like 5 is enough. Thanks again guys, you truly helped us out of a jam when you didn't have to. I sincerely appreciate you all. - Dustin

Ever Faithful

David Dow

Larry Pyatt

Zhenis Bilyalov

I just went there tried to get a simple patch tire repair they tried to charge me $25 ! It's insane! There is Walmart right across the street it cost me $10.90. I would recommend to everybody to stay out of that place because they will screw you up!

Justin Taylor

These guys were outstanding! Hooked me up with quick service on a Saturday!

Frantic Fenris Gaming


Kyoti V

This place is horrible! Takes advantage of women! Know 3 different women with 3 different cars that went in and was told their cars needed "extra" things it didn't need, the wrong part, etc: -needed battery cables, when it really needed an alternator, -broke battery cable terminal and tried to say it was broke before coming in (when owner knew better), -said gas tank was rotted and held up with tinfoil & glue (when the gas tank had been taken off & inspected just a couple months before & is held up with its factory metal straps) ... this is NO joke! This place IS a joke though! Sadly trying to take advantage of women that luckily all knew better & knew their cars better than them.

Cody Williamson

danny williams

Sharon Lantz-Mercure

In Harmony With Earth

My mom took her car to get worked on.They charged her 3,150 dollars and it broke down on the way home from their shop.They took advantage of her because she is a senior citizen and charged her for things they never did.Also they took over a month to give her back her car.When we towed her home we found out they also broke her air conditioner and heater.Real crooks.The worst ones I have ever seen.

Carol Gutierrez

Awesome people helped me find good tire within my budget! I'm very grateful.

Zane Merchen

Wallace Nichols

Friendly staff, excellent service!

William Baker

I went there to get a slow leak fixed in a tire. I 'm disabled so they me stay in my vehicle while they fixed my tire. I was impressed by what I heard and saw. After they jacked up the axel they put a jack stand there for safety. The man found the screw in the tire and marked the screw as well as the tires position on the wheel. He patched the tire and replaced on the wheel, wiped the wheel down and returned the repaired unit to my veh.. After tightening the nuts with a impact wrench.. Then he tightens all 6 nuts by hand with A TORQUE WRENCH. The shop appeared professional and well managed.. Thanks Gentlemen for the professional job and work ethics

James Lambert

I experienced car-engine problems on a cross-country trip from Lawton, Oklahoma, to Piggott, Arkansas, on Friday afternoon, June 3. I needed to arrive at my final destination by that evening. My wife (who was on Lawton) googled reliable auto repair shops in the Russellville area, and she recommended I phone Arkansas Tire and Auto--which I did. I got off the Interstate and phoned Arkansas Tire/Auto and got Wanda. She said she thought the folks at Arkansas Tire and Auto could fix my problem. Not only did they fix my problem for a very reasonable price, but I was on my way by 5:15 PM. Thank you folks for your professional, reliable service! I highly recommend Arkansas Tire and Auto.

Jessica Ware

Abel Vazquez

Speedy service, friendly workers, and decent prices!

Kim Smith

The fuel pump went out on my truck on a Saturday night on the way home from Minnesota to Louisiana. They made the repairs to my truck on a Sunday and had us ready to go by that afternoon. The price was fair as we have had this type of repair done on a similar year model truck.

Suzanne Perrault

Onyxstacia Quintana

Very helpful!

Faith Parfait

Amazing service, and work. Thankful there are still amazing people like this around.

Cesar Belmonte

Sherry Baxter

Natalie Ledbetter

Honest businesses like this are hard to find. My 20 year old college student daughter was traveling through the area when she had a flat tire. She went to Arkansas Tire and Auto Service with her spare on prepared to buy a new tire. They got to her immediately and after evaluating her tire they determined that she did not require a new tire and only required a patch. They had her on her way in 20 minutes and only $16 lighter. Thank you for being honest and doing the right thing!!


Excellent service!!!! Fast and best customer service I've had in a while

Danny Huffman

Very helpful, happy people,do a great job. Friendly , smiling , cheerful , caring crew.

Jon Pease

brandy Finley

Awesome service and they have reasonable prices

Daniel Taylor

I own an automotive repair facility so I know what to look for. These guys patched a tire for me while I was on a trip with my wife. The service writer was excellent, extremely professional! The service was fast and to top it all off, the price was very fair. Thank you for getting us on our way. I would give 6 stars if available. Rare find.

Sue Meadows


Jason Steinman

Came in to have a hole in my tire repaired, and received great service at a great price!

Teri Tillman

2003 Chrysler Sebring Convertible, 2.7L V-6. Less than 50,000 miles, garage kept, very good condition. My daughter lives in Russellville and goes to Arkansas Tech University. She took her car in to these people to have a check engine code diagnosed and for strut replacement. I paid for the repairs and handled authorization over the phone. They had it for 4 days. They kept calling me each day trying to add more diagnosis fees, repairs, etc. that it showed no signs of needing previously. An estimate that was $800 could have quickly mounted to $2,000 in repairs had I agreed to all that they said they were finding. I am not "auto repair dumb". I eventually told them to just do what it was brought in for. They complied. An injection service was the solution that they recommended for the misfire code that it originally presented with. After only a visual inspection of the coil on that cylinder. When my daughter drove it to class the following Monday......shocker...... the check engine light presented AGAIN! When she took it to O'Riley Auto Parts for a "free" code reading, they informed her that it was the exact same code as before. The shop also verified that it was the same. Their solution to further diagnose the issue was to move the coil from cylinder #5 to #2 for easier access later on if the code presented again. Because of the situation and being pissed off about it all, I started doing my own research online. After only a few minutes I found an article specifically for diagnosing a misfire on her year, make, model and engine type of vehicle. How to do it. Tests to run, etc. It's so easy, I can do it. The article also goes on to say that 90% of misfires are caused by ignition system failures, NOT fuel system issues. With the #1 cause being worn or fouled plugs. Then falling to the coil on plug boots and coil on plugs. You cannot visually inspect a coil and determine if it is bad or failing. You have to do a spark test. To my knowledge a "spark test" was not done. I made phone calls to a local Chrysler dealership and gave them the code and asked what they would have recommended at the time. They said, "a tune up". Even the woman at O'Riley's that read the code told my daughter that it was probably a bad plug or coil. I will be expecting some contact to resolve this issue, but they WILL NOT EVER touch a vehicle of mine or anyone that I know again. I paid over $100 for a service that was supposed to fix that issue and did not. Also, they charge $36 for the very same code reading that O'Riley's gives for FREE. They charge this fee for each item that they diagnose for you. Extremely disappointed in Jimmy, Vinny, John, Butch, Kyle, Kenneth, Jeffery and Wanda. Believe you me, this story will be shared all over the campus to warn everyone. Update: Guess what....... the light presented again. Mis-fire on #5, shocker!!!! My daughter replaced her spark plugs herself with a little help from someone that has done it before. The #5 plug was really nasty looking upon inspection and "all" of the plugs were not gaped properly. It is running like brand new and no light has presented since then. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and expect a response soon. By the way, the review below from John S. - he is one of the technicians employed there.


Steady Carmichael

I would not recommend this place to.anyone there prices are way of the charts they must be quoting for two vehicles. And I know the car parts are not expensive because the local auto parts store dropped off the parts they needed I will never go to this place again I got RIPPED OFF dont let it happen and that guy Jeffrey he doesn't have a clue about what they are talking about or why they are charging you for things that your vehicle doesn't need I reported this place to the bbb the are not a good shop

Kim Owens

Fast Service....Thanks Vinnie

Cele Perez


No Name

AC compressor failed about 30 miles out of Russelville while traveling. The guy doing the AC job was clearly experienced and did a perfect job. Jeffery and the crew got the repairs completed in less than one business day, extremely impressive for the type of work required. Thanks guys!

Ron Atkinson

Great place for tires, accessories and repairs. Very friendly, professional staff who keep you informed. Quality service at a reasonable price.

Ben Drennan

Great service

George Goins

Laura Hardy (ABSFS)

We have used Arkansas Tire for over 9 years now. They are the only ones in town for us. Jeffrey is the best as well as all the others. They keep records of things that our autos may need done in the future as well has what has been done for each auto. I can always get a quote before the work is done.

Steve McQuain

Very good service department in very friendly people

Kylee Brock

Don't go if your a "dumb" woman. Went in to have brakes replaced. Got an estimate of over $1000 in repairs my brakes needed. They claimed I needed new rotors also when they had already been replaced & probably didn't have 500 miles on them. Rear brakes were bad but according to them they couldn't let me drive home they were so dangerous! Not true at all! Parts to fix cost me $130 & took a couple hours.

Sean Healy

Lorie and Darrell Henderson (owners of Arkansas Tire & Auto Service in Russellville, Arkansas) are my heroes. They saved my family's vacation by loaning me their personal vehicle (the rental agency was closed), and coming in on a Sunday to fix mine (the part didn't get there til Sunday). If they gave out medals to small business owners, the Hendersons would be at the front of the line!

Jimmy Hylton

They don't do appointments, but have several great techs and they work you in quickly. They stand by their work and for some reason it seems like I pay a little less than other places.

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