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REVIEWS OF Walmart Supercenter IN Alabama

david warden

Employees were fairly nice and helpful

just some guy

Do not ask for blue corn trust me

Jo Waldo

Too long a wait in line, two lines open, I will not use the check out on your own, I dont work at Wal Mart

Marlo Furney

I went with my friend to cash her check and the lady at the register went to another lady and said she didnt have enough money to cash it and she might have to go to the back and get more! Then they spoke quietly and came back and said her payroll check had been denied and refused to say why and said to call the number on the piece of paper she gave it's pretty clear she was just too lazy to go get more money.. The check was for 1400 and wallmart terms and conditions says that they can only deny a check because their funds are low if its under $2000 so the lady was not only a liar but a lazy one at that and its now past 10 pm on a wednesday so nowhere else is open.. This is our first week living in illinois and we already dont want to shop there anymore!


The place is on an even low point for Walmart. I hated my visit here. The people are not friendly and fain professionalism by trying to manage its customers instead of itself. I go to Walmart often but am learning on the idea of using my Amazon Prime account more because of how Walmart is starting to feel like a 3rd world nation with its Mexican style bright yellow height guards and fewer and fewer public trash containers. I'm less of a fan every time I visit it.

Lisa Donaldson

Found some good fabric for a good price.

Gregory Parrish

Best slab of ribs I ever bought, great beer and wine section.

Dave Miller

It has everything ..

Patti Riley

Went to Effingham Walmart today and needed help in jewelry dept and they were so rude. Like I interrupted whatever they were doing! So very rude!

Cathy Wright

Good customer service

George Hess

Truck parking, grass to walk the Dogs, always have the dogs food and supplies. Besides things for me.

Nema McFarland

This is another one of my go to shopping places!

Priss Stephens

Poor inventory, rude employees, it's like get out of my way I am stocking shelves. Can't ever find anyone to help you they are usually visiting in a isle and don't even care to help you.

Gg-Ann Getlost

It's a good Wal-Mart

Gary Brummer

This photo was taken in Effingham Walmart at noon today. At a time when there is so much milk being produced that many dairy farmers are going broke. Inexcusable.

Isaiah ellis,III

Truck parking! Thatz good!

Doug Burkard

Great place to shop for truckers, plenty of parking for truckers that want to shop but not stay overnight, plenty of parking in other places in town, trust me...

Ruthann Talbert

Always the best prices, the clearance oh my.

Super Girl

The layout here is very weird, never been to another Walmart set up this way. It's okay, if you don't spend a lot of time looking for things. No one ever asks if you need help.

Catherine Tarr

Not a fan of Walmart's..only go when I have to..

Samantha Tolch

Clean and we'll stocked. I use self-checkout when I go but the other lines seem to move fast

Adam Richards

Absolutely the most worthless place to shop

Velma Laur

Too few checkouts open/staffed

Ruth Mudd

Today I was very unhappy with them. The auto dept gave me 1 price for having my car key made, he made the key; rang it up, told me the price, and... the price was TWICE HE AMOUNT HE TOLD ME !! I ASKED WHY IT WAS TWICE THE AMOUNT; he said after hesitation... ahhhhhh it's a different key than the one I quoted you. I said... so you made it anyways without telling me first, he didn't say a word other than the much , much higher price ! I asked him why he didn't say anything to me about the price change, he just ignored me , told me the the PRICE YET AGAIN ! I wanted to talk to the store manager about it, BUT... my husband... wanted to leave as we had alot to get done yet as we were 1 1/2 hours from home .

Maverick A. Young

I think they need some consulting work on customer service, maybe reach out to BrainStorm Consulting in Charleston, I think they can help a great deal!

Robert Henry

This location is easily accessible from the freeway and has truck parking. Makes it easy to get in and out for the drivers who need to get the truck restocked and get back on the road.

Nina Soltwedel

Very clean, with helpful associates. The Subway was clean and had well-trained people. Easy to reach from Interstate.

Andrea Mette

I was able to get my car worked on while I went shopping and the price to have it fixed what very reasonable

Darrin Wright

Walmart is getting really bad about making the customer do all there work. Had to reach the top shelf to get what I needed 4 times this afternoon. When I asked someone that worked the if they had anymore of the item I was looking for they told me they didn't know because it wasn't there department. Think I was start going back to a real grocery store where they check you out and keep there shelfs stocked. Walmart has lost touch with there customers.

Joseph Hancock

Usually have great sales

Wayne Wolfe

Friendly staff, clean store, and they have dedicated 3 hour semi parking. Finally a store that realizes we're are customers, not just taking up space.

Bruce Sharp

Not a fan of walmart but they have what I need

Robin Willey

Love the grocery pickup

Ed Bonesteel


Shelby Scoles

Its clean and I know where everything I need is.

Perry Baden

Truck 484 was at the Effingham Walmart blocked me I could not leave when I called the company they said they would call her.10 minutes later the truck was still I guess this company thinks it is ok to block people in

Dave Weatherman

This walmart gets better and better, friendly staff and no getting stopped in lines. Plus now can sit as they shop for you.

Narhomy Claude

I had a great Walmart worker helped by waking me all.the way to the aisle I needed .

jose mendana

Clean, great staff " quite in an orderly manner"

Kimberly Bryant

Friendly associates and they help you fine whatever you need

angel lee

Never has the size I need and some of the workers r rude. Never recorders when they run out. One girl with shaved blond hair shaved on side was great. That was on the self check out. Around 9-9:30 pm.

Beavis Butthead

Well-stocked. Nice, new, working self-checkout equipment.

John Carlisle

This store loves to accuse customers of theft and demand to see a receipt to verify proof of purchase before you even get to the doors. Which constitutes an illegal search but since it is conducted by common citizenry there is no real crime to report and you are not required to cooperate in the slightest. If the wife and kids hadn't been with me I would have schooled them like I used to in Huntsville for the same thing. Finally got that store to change its policy. Guess it's time to go to work again.

Alexandra Stokes

Since knee surgery, I really depend on the battery powered carts. The few carts available had no charge.

Elizabeth Miller

The prices are still very high u can go to other places such as bells etc... and you get better clothing and better prices also with avgood

Sheley White

Always have to go yo Walmart for camping needs

leland cason

The worst experience I have ever experienced with a store employ first thing this morning at the self checkout. I am so upset at the way this employ spoke to my children and myself at the self check out. She had light oranges blond hair. I have never had anyone in my life speak to me and especially not my kids with such hatefulness and intentionaly humiliating all of us for absolutely no reason at all. unessasarily spewed degrading prejudice comments about us while snickering and even pointing like a scorned bitter woman. Maybe something awful has happened in this girls life that made her have such disrespect for herself and others. But that is no excuse for the way this Walmart employ behaved this morning. I really wish I knew her name so that I can add her to a prayer chain specifically. But never the less God knows who she is and what her problem is. I hope she knows God understand and will forgive her. I on the other hand have been disrespected and embarrassed like that for the first and last time today. Whatever this obviously disturbed and troubled young lady's issue is, she better hope we don't meet up again somewhere. Because i am far from perfect and I will not take that kind of abuse towards my family and self again in or out of any establishment. Walmart needs to really monitor their employs more or at least do a better back round check when hireing people to interact with the public. If they would I'm sure this woman would not have been in the position where she could have done this to anyone . I called back and asked for the store manager and was told that he was out and wouldn't be there today. That they could take a message and try to get it to him. But that she couldnt garentee anything. Her name was Christie I don't know but it could have possibly been the same woman . But again I do not know if it was or not. I really would like to talk with the store manager asap.

richard jones

Walmart where you go to pick up things in a hurry then stand in check out line waiting and waiting and waiting

Joseph Ruiz

I come here early morning around 7:45am to exchange some paint that was made wrong in Boaz. Customer service Hispanic woman was rude, first if you dont feel good to say good morning, just dont say it. Then with bad actitut when talking. Well, I called the manager and she helped me with my needs. Then in car care department I parked in the line for oil change and I get out the car and as soon I went inside the garage the employee told me "You have to move your car from the entrance cause a truck is coming up" PEOPLE THE ACTITUT MAKE THE DIFFERENCE . I told the guy if he can take my information first because I dont see any truck. Then he decided to take my info. And he moved my car. I think these two employees didn't have a good breakfast or had a bad sleep.

David King

Stuff needs to be stocked more

Bill Longino

If you are going to check receipts when a shopper leaves the store, make to check everyone like Sam's does. We have spent a lot of money with Walmart. We don't steal!!! Your clerk decided that I should be checked. It happens almost every time we shop there and I am ready to take my business somewhere else!!

Tomsr Smith

Nice store and staff is very helpful. This was our first time shopping here and we were pleasantly pleased. We plan on shopping here again in the future.

Julie Ritchey Miles

No help long lines

Carol Brannon Wilkerson

It's Walmart, what more can I say

Gary Turner

Can't think of a worse shopping experience than Walmart. The lines are huge and slow at checkout, also they constantly move items to force people to buy more bs they don't need while hunting for the items they actually need that moved.

Shari Rawson

Stopped here to shop since they have truck parking as I have many times before. Unfortunately I was out of hours so I couldn't leave after spending $400 in the store...was rudely awakened by threats and nasty language to get off their lot! I will NEVÉR stop at this Walmart again! The service was second rate at best anyways but to be treated like that and talked to with that kind of language is another thing! I will be calling the corporate office!

Doug Pena

Very nice. Very clean. Staff was courteous & friendly.

Mike Hays

They have all the stuff you need and great to prices. Friendly people too.

Louis Ong

This place is clean and lots of selections. The toys section was neat and in order.

Ken Jones

The best Walmart ever in the US! As a truck driver I don't mind spending $300 here as often as I can. Sad that drivers in this industry has trashed so many locations and made it so we can't park there for groceries while we are on the road. I will come here often.

Samantha Larimer

If you do not sell the item then take it off your website very annoying

Tracy Smith

The customer service was good.

Deborah Carman

Low prices, but wish they hasn't stopped their ad matching. I'd rather get the lowest prices up front than to use later. However, they still have the lowest price on many items compared to other stores. I do tend to visit less loyalty stores now and try to only purchase sale items wherever they might be.

Marrilyn Ellis

Customer service in Sporting goods and housewares was very poor at this store on May 15th and 17th. Assistant Manager said this was uncommon for this store, staff must of had a bad day.

Kelli Moon

It's a super Wal Mart enough said. It is a nicer one though

Mike Lawrence

Always good when you forget stuff and need when your on a trip

Gerald Donahue

Self checkout was way better than waiting in line for only two checkers

Mary Palmer

Awesome sale

Scott Christy

Good selection. We needed service on our van while on a road trip. It was done in a timely manner at a good price. We were able to get our shopping done while we waited.

Peter Wittenberg

You can usually find what you want, and when you do find it, it's at a very low price.

Lloyd Cresci

Having the tow truck driver wake me up this morning (10-13-18) to tell me to move my truck or he would have to tow it wasn't the nicest experience I've ever had but it's their xxxxxxx store and they can do whatever the xxxx they want with the xxxxxxx thing. :-(

Michael Doran

Lots of things, decent prices, grocery better than IGA.

Doloris Musgrave

All the personal were really helped me to find every thing that I need. Every one was so pleasant.

Sandy Blankenship

Easy to find what you're looking for and the prices are great

Rodney Davidson

The self checkout lanes make shopping quicker.

Betty Yaw

The main part the cashier was very nice but the liquor part has a attitude problem. It's like you are bothering her. Never go back

Jeanmarie Gordon

Super friendly and efficient employees.

James Henry

Very busy and helpful the one in vandillia much better

Marla Helmuth

It's an ok store, most people like it better than I do

Rhondia Seman

They need improvement with store help and better , fresher produces. More cashies.

James Russell

It's just any old Walmart

Dylan Pullam

Not much to say about Wal-Mart. They have a decent selection of everything.

Bonita Kuhlman

Not crowded nine people working today

Troy McCue

Good store and nice folks. Found everything we were looking for.

Terry Simmons

Most departments needs to hire night help to stock shelves rather than blocking aisles with merchandise during the day. Grocery department has too many empty shelves. Don't like self checkout or standing in line to check out but will stand in line rather than handling groceries and bagging my own.

Angie White

Nice clean big supercenter. Large variety especially in health and beauty more than other Wal-Marts. Staff all seemed happy and friendly even though they were working. Other Wal-Mart stores generally have staff that are just there to get through the day and not very customer friendly.

Cynthia Seay

I had my script from the VA clinic filled because it's the nearest pharmacy from the VA Clinic that accepts scripts at no charge to the Veterans. I was able to pick up the few items which I needed while waiting for the script to be filled. They have an added feature if you have a cell phone & they will send you a text msg when your script is ready for pickup. The only complaint I had was, no driving buggy was available to use since the 2 which were available had dead batteries & I had no idea how long I would have to wait for one that was operational. Since I am disabled it caused a big problem for me physically to obtain the items I needed. This wasn't the first time that I have had this problem not only at this location but also at the Boaz store. Recently I was at the Boaz store & there was 4 of the handicap buggy which were out of order! I had to leave since there was no way that I could walk thru the store to shop for what I needed! This seems to be an on going problem which Walmart definitely needs to address ASAP. The carts which are old or need to be repaired need to be replaced so that an adequate supply is there for those of us who are actually disabled!!

Tracey Taylor

It was okay, didn't have a lot of selections, when it came too curtains or bathrooms items.

Penny Jones

Bathrooms always smell like pooooooo,why is that?

Onearm Lewis

A great shopping experience

Cc Pullen

They are reducing the numbers of brands they carry Looks like the are trying to become a Sam's Club and sell mostly in bulk. They had 3or 4 flavors in the original Yoplait, no peach.

Demetra Taylor

You just cant beat walmart.


Pleasant experience yet again

Bryan Slaton

Best prices on most things. Great deli

Allyssa Wagoner

Friendly staff horrible produce section. Constantly finding rotten food. Walmart has the lower price in town but also the lowest quality of fresh foods. It's not just a one time thing I've tried for months so I don't have to go to other places. So gross.

rs1960Sryan rs1960

Always Helpful, Clean Store

Tessa sumners

I tried calling and no one is there at customer service to pick up the phone I called twice.... but when you call boaz they pick up really fast!!!

Nancy West

Low prices clean environment friendly and helpful staff

Traci Jordan

Not my regular store, but they had everything I was looking for. They also had a great clothing department for men and women.

Amber Works

The manager Allison was extremely rude

Cathy Troutman

The isles are way too close for any bit of comfort in passing fellow shoppers not to moving around the employees filling shelves. I will not shop there again till this is fixed. This does not exist at the Walmart in Scottsboro or Boaz. Please fix

Ronald Stevens

Used to be a good place to buy groceries going downhill I guess

Lyndsay Mcclendon

I have been going in Guntersville Walmart for years and spend several hundred dollars or more a week in the store not Foodstamps (no offense) but mine and my husband's hard earned money not to mention what I spend shopping online with Walmart. I went in this afternoon to get groceries and was followed around the store by the security guy being treated like I am trying to steal. First of all Walmart security guy, I don't need to steal anything from Walmart and I spend probably more in one trip than you make bi weekly on your paycheck! I will never go back to Guntersville Walmart nor will I spend another dollar of my money with Walmart. You have lost a honest loyal customer!

Heather Freeman

It's hard to get used to because I'm used to the one in Boaz but very accommodating

Lois Goodwin

Great experience. Guntersville store

Eric Heltzel

Enjoy shopping at this Wal-Mart! Not the most awesome Wal-Mart ever, but it gets the job done!

Cj Johnson

Its walmart ... Guntersville on a sturday at that No complaints

Lukas Bowling

Great service easy to find items great cashiers

Joe Thomas

Got almost everything you need in one location

Derek Southers

It's a Wal-Mart overall good but never seen any other walmart have so manyreceipt checks as your leaving. Its ridiculous.

Samantha Taylor

They always put stuff up way too soon. For instance, i accidentally left a bag of items at self check out. I called and they said they already put my items back (AFTER I ALREADY PURCHASED THEM) . Once, i left my wallet at home which is a 12 minute drive from walmart. Told the lady I'd be right back. She hurriedly put my items back on shelf. Their clearance stays the same price 3 months later. Furthermore, the overly aggressive door monitors are very annoying! Geeze. Management here must be wacko.

Nola Miller

I normally use Boaz Walmart. Yesterday I shopped at this Guntersville store. It was a bad experience. The store associate in jewelry was extremely rude. In the women's clothing department the junior's clothing was mixed in with the women's clothing. I left the store aggravated and will try not to shop there again.

Gary Redmond

Good place to shop

David Hayes

All in one shopping convenience but poor customer service,

Ruby Smith

Love shopping. Thhere

Kevin Bentley

Good place to shop

Pat Pierson

Nice place

Grant Boothby

I know the store and I usually get what I need rather quickly. The check out lady was courteous and well trained. My visit to your store took about ten minutes. I usually do my shopping at Walmart. Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion. Sincerely, Grant Boothby, Effingham, I'll.

Afrikan Bredda

Very good atmosphere.....Everyone was very helpful & polite...Really made my day...Extremely pleased...i will most definitely be stopping back @ this one...Love how they have truck parking....

Donna Baker

It was ok but it sure was packed today cause everybody was grocery shopping AND getting their stuff for Easter dinner.

Jimmie J

I wonder if Walmart is missing any of their carts they are at the ta

Bill Harrington

Good place with actual truck parking.

Seth Neal

Found everything I need quick and easy. No lines either. I was in and out in no time.

Steven Conlin

We dont have everything that you can find in another town annoying

Robert Thibodeaux

The best thing since sliced bread

Stephen Rutherford

Convenient, with lots of selection. Often out of stock on many common items, however.

Gage Ruholl

Don't go on a Sunday afternoon unless you want to wait for an hour in both checkout and self checkout. Everybody and their mama are at Wal-Mart in effingham on a sunday.

Karen Washburn

We just left, the super busy, Effingham Walmart store. They only had 4-5 cashiers working. The lines were backed up and it took forever to get through the line. I complained to a manager about it and was told this was all the cashiers that were scheduled, give me a break it’s Saturday night! She also said that corporate does the scheduling. So here’s a shout out to corporate, we won’t be back. If you’re trying to send your customers to shop at your competitors you’re doing a good job!

lucky eaton

I am a truck driver. I pull in a truck parking spot at 6 am after driving 7 hours. Ai lay down to stretch my back. At 7 am a loud knock banging on my door. Older grey hair manager yells at me I have been hear all night he was calling a tow truck yelling and pointing. I never even got 1 word out. I put on shirt find him yelling at other truckers. I show him my elog. I have been Thier 1 hour 7 min. He yells in my face he don't care leave. Rude man. Wal mart needs to fire him.

Nicole Robinson

As always there were lines, being the holiday doesn't help....but this is typical for Wal-Mart anyway. Why spend the money to install all the registers just to have them sit unused. The store manager can walk past you with his nose in the air, but there are SOME very friendly associates that make the experience worthwhile.

Deb Shamhart

Never but a couple checkouts open & people lined up waiting to check out ! I will not use the self check outs because i am not getting paid by walmart to do so.

Sylvania Mercer

Um, it was a little strange to hear the girl in at the checkout counter in the wine and spirits room so rudely ask each person for their date of birth, no ID check, just date of birth trying to love them along. I feel she needed help since the line was long. Once she did get help, I stood in the other line to avoid her. I made sure I had my ID ready to make the transaction smoother. It was just a strange feeling in there.

Trisha Robinson

First time buying tires from Walmart. Not even a month later I went in to get my tires aligned cause my steering was shaking. Then I get told they couldn't do it cause both front tires are bad with the wires showing. Also that they wouldn't cover it cause it was my cars fault and that they don't align tires. I was never told when I bought the tires that they didn't align them. Every place I've had tires put on they've always aligned them.The two people I talked with were very nice and professional! But as for walmart not so much! I WILL NEVER BUY TIRES AT WALMART AGAIN!!!!!

David Keen

Good size store,clean, clean men's room,all the shelves well stocked, friendly staff, limited truck parking by the fuel pumps.

Bob Mercier

Always getting rid of good ole standbys. Had 2 or 3 shelves full of regular flour and only 1 small space on shelf for self rising flour

CK Conner

I was so thankful to Walmart for being open till 6 Christmas Eve, for final dinner arrangements for Christmas day. I'm grateful for the staff who is always pleasant even though they're working on a day they would prefer to have off, and that the shelves were well-stocked except the candy which is understandable, LOL.

Monica Huffman

What's the purpose of all the registers if they're not going to be used, especially at Christmas time. Registers closed and long lines. Makes no sense to me.

Dustin P

Wal-Mart is Wal-Mart, you know what to expect, solidly priced products, decent customer and service and good selection of goods to choose from, a little bit of everything.

Jean Duffield

Just stopped to pick up a couple of things. Walmart is Walmart. I don't like the self check lanes.


First time coming here for a pretty big purchase I needed to do and I noticed woah this place is really busy upon arriving after a 3 hour journey. Now I know why. The store is extremely well ran by the store manager and Chad the assistant manager and the staff for the great customer service, organized inventory, cleanliness, etc. Brody really went above and beyond great measures in staying persistent helping me find everything I needed while assisting other customers. Many staff members in my experience would of easily claimed they didn’t have any in stock and went about they’re way. That was greatly appreciated. Another thing I want to quickly mention is how well the store manager and Chad treats the customers. If they are able to assist you anyway they can, they most likely will and if they are unable to for what ever reason they explain it in a professional manner with out the condescending attitude. Very satisfied with my shopping experience here and definitely will be back.

Blake Beaversdrzd TX Dec

I dont care for the prices in the liquor store! Way overpriced! I bought a 12 pack of Budweiser at top shelf liquors 3 dollars cheaper! Not impressed at all!

Durb Askew

Not enough live checkout lines. Not everyone wants automated check out

Paul T

It's Walmart and what I expect of Walmart. Clean. Well maintained. EtOH of high content for sale in house.

Tony DeAngelis

Good sidewalks from truck stops to store. Effingham is a friendly place.

Michael Fakename

The ginger at self checkout (didnt get her name) is so sweet, kind, patient, and beautiful. She makes going to walmart a delight

Tomasz Zurowski

It's what you expect from Walmart, reasonable prices,good choice of products,big parking lot.

Brenda Lee

One of my favorite monthly shopping spots.

jross61975 .

It was gucci but you know the walmart version

David Johnson

Got to love WalMart!

Nancy Paul

Best tire shop

Brian Krampe

Self checkouts are quick and easy.

Jasmin Radtke

I am so in love with walmart. Everything you need in one store!

Larry Haynes

The manager was very rude selfless and unprofessional because the CMV what's Parked in the area where it wasn't supposed to be he was trying to emphasize his power and authority

elsie gray

It was actually dead when we went in. It actually took less than 15 minutes to get what we needed and to get out :) granted this was after midnight and I just needed transmission fluid

Dotti Spillman

Extremely friendly helpful. Their CSM's are amazing, definitely exceeding expectations. Gayle was top notch!

Justin Bowen

Really good produce section.

Lucas Tucker

The staff isn’t very helpful. Anytime I’ve asked for help the employees inform me they don’t work in that department or are on break. Always a long wait at the checkout. Normally won’t shop here unless I have just no other options.

Kate Brown

Good supply of Christmas supplies. Great selection.

Colleen David

Helpful staff when you can find them...decent restrooms...super busy but it is right off the highway

Regina Keller

Love going in here

bleep bloop

Live my Wal-Mart

Larry Hawkins

This is an older Walmart in which they took over from a store that previous store closed.

Pamela DeMott

So disappointed. The worst first experience I have ever had with a company. I haven't ever used a professional tax preparer, but some things happened and I needed to get my refund back quicker for a fee through the refund advance offered by Jackson Hewitt. I set an appointment for 2pm at Arab and I was there on time for my appointment. I was under the impression that the representatives at the booths are actually the ones preparing the taxes, apparently this is not the case, so my information had to be sent to someone else to file and I had asked about the refund advance and wanted to make sure that i would be able to get paid today as I have a bill I need to pay. The rep stated that wouldnt be an issue and said that the tax preparer would be done with my taxes within an hour or so and would call me to sign paperwork and to get the card. I waited around till 4pm and still hadn't heard anything, so I went back up to the rep and she explained she was having issues with the technology. No big deal, but would have liked to receive a call about it so I could decide next steps. Rep stated that she could take pictures of my information and send it to this person. I asked at thia point where this person is located because I am very much in need of getting thia money in hand today, and she said that this other rep is at the guntersville walmart and that this rep would actually be able to prepare the taxes to be filed. So I drove to the other walmart and had explained the situation to this new rep and she tells me as soon as I get there that most people that have the card actually have funds within a half hour of activating the card, so again telling me I would be walking away with money in hand even though it was almost 5 at this point and banks would be closing. Elizabeth was the name of this rep and she was super sweet a d relatable and we discussed life and why I was in the situation that I am today, again I have said repeatedly that I need to have this money today and that is the only reason I would be using a tax preparer instead of doing it myself. So the appointment goes off without a hitch and even though I am not getting as much as I thought I would, at least I have enough to pay said Bill and that in the end is worth it. I was taken back at the amount that was charged for the prep and asked if that was standard for a tax return, because 179 sounds a bit steep when you are advertising 48 for federal, but again, I was in a rush, so I would pay the fee and deal with it. So Elizabeth got everything filed and started printing the paperwork and did not bother to go through and show me any of it just stating that the paperwork is unnecessary. Once everything was submitted and she pulled out the card she tells me that I will be getting a 100 gift card and that the amount of taxes would be loaded on the card, and only after all was said and done she said that it could be on there tonight or it could be so much as 21 days for it to be on this card that I received, but that it could take even longer if I got declined for the refund advance and at this point tells me that the refund advance is not a guarantee and that it could take longer to get the refund, even longer than if I had filed online, which we had discussed previously. I am very defeated at this point because I thought I would be getting more back, which I had dealt with, but flat out being lied to, multiple times by this rep was absolutely unacceptable and when she sensed my distress she stated that she gave me 20% off of the fee because of the inconvenience of having to drive down and wait and all that, and that a way to quick money would be these referrals that if I tell friends, family, or even strangers. She stated that if I stood outside of her booth and gave people that walked up this piece of paper and as long as they filed their taxes with her that both the stranger and I would get money from it. This bothered me even farther as I had expressed my dislike of the tax preparer trade as the fees to me are outrageous. Needless to say I will not be returning.

Teresa Starr

I am beginning to hate walmart!! There are times I'm looking for specific brands but Walmart wants to only carry their brand. Some store brands are ok but not always. I don't buy meat there Ever. Their hamburger meat is rubbery and has zero flavor. Walmart must be getting desperate because other grocery stores deliver or they are losing revenue because of Amazon. Good bye Walmart, I will not miss you!!

Karen Contreras

This place is wack. I'm from out of state and had to stop for some drinks. First off the employees have no common sense and leave their boxes in the middle between aisles, blocking off entrances to certain aisles. Idk if this is a regular thing or if I just happened to choose an unlucky day. But it was annoying that I couldn't get to what I needed without having to wait on this dude to get a clue and move his stuff out of the way. Once that was over you have a mini line to leave the store because it takes someone a whole five minutes to make sure your receipt matches your items. Yeesh.

Robert R

Very old!! Really in need of updating!

Jeremy Banks

Low prices. Good place to stretch your legs after being on the road.

Nora Swords

Love the new pick up service!

Aj Martin

How was it.. I'll tell you how it was.. unsatisfactory outcome but with a sliver of hope, bitch! Sincerely Jesse Pinkman

Mary Rainwater

Great selection of merchandise, need more cashiers, less check yourself out

Ruby Taylor

Great place to shop.

The Roberts

I just love that online shopping and quit pick up I've never had a problem great job Walmart...

nikki may

First time at grocerie pickup. Workers were very nice. It was a convenient and time efficient way to get our groceries. Keep up the good work

Rodger Cook

Another Walmart. Never enough checkout clerks! But, helpful friendly employees.

Mandy Pitts

I like the Boaz store better

Roderick Newell

Really need to do something about this unnecessary foolishness

Randy Bryant

The young lady try to help with certain type of candy that i wanted. Must been sold out thanks for helping me.

Pamela Suzanne White

We usually go when I get off of work because I work 2nd shift and they are open 24/7 we love it. My problem is since I already work with the public in a restaurant i don't like to wait on myself I go there to shop and be waited on by others. On the other hand my husband loves that part of shopping there. He thinks it helps us save money by keeping the prices down in the store but so far I've only seen the prices there go up not down. I think it just helps shop lifters get away with that crime. I still love to go there but only at night after all it is a super center..

Stella Spillers

Love walmart

Eric Davis

if walmart doesnt have it ypu dont need it

Sidney Jones

It's Walmart. Ya'll already know

Richard Hartline

I needed to replace a router. I found the one I needed here, and they had a good selection to choose from.

Sherry Castellano

Poor poor customer be so service

Darin Kipker

Guntersville Walmart is great it's hardly ever crowded and milk is always a $1.67 a

Deb Richards

It should not be a wonder to stores why people do more internet shopping, the shelves are very empty. So if you have to wait a day or two to restock the shelves, why not do it at home and have the items delivered to your home.

Rose Michl

Effingham 6/24/19. Had to sit and wait for motorized carts for 15 minutes. Merchandise sitting in the aisles, all throughout the store, it was a mess trying to maneuver through it all. This was at 4pm. Not liking their new system of doing things!

Joni Herron

Got what I needed and got out of there. Never ever quick enough though. Lol

Randall Phillips

Got what I needed at low price and decent quality

Andrew Gistakis

Nice place great selection BUT the staff have about as much enthusiasm as watching grass grow..mindless drones who appear walk and talk like life has already defeated them and there just waiting around for the grim reaper to end their misery!!

Alan Starnes

Friendly faces great service the only problem is for people that work around food when you use the bathroom wash your hands even though you hate to it's not your food and I don't wanna eat or handle boxes did you used to move around a store because you did wanna wash your hands after you came out of the toilet is not one employee is multiple employees is not 1 Walmart is multiple walmarts and all the stores this is how we had the spread of disease and filth

Lisa Phillips

We were just at the start of a long road trip when low tire pressure light came on. We pulled in a half hour before tire center was supposed to close. Brandon said, "It's no problem." He and his crew found nail hole, replaced the tire, asked us whether we had a warranty, stayed over an hour and a half. We'd have surely had a flat on I-57 a few hours later had they not replaced it. Thanks Brandon and crew.

Alisha Wise

Every check out was busy and the self checks had several people waiting for each of them and still they did not open any registers. There's a lady sitting on a chair talking to all the workers not helping anyone. She should have opened another register!!! Bob's got a lot of work to do there. Too many people doing nothing and only a few actually working.

Karen Reeves

This Walmart store has trouble keeping even the basics in stock. Today I went for salt. Simple you might think, but not here. They had NO salt. The shelf was completely bare. All they had was kosher or fancy salts in grinders. AND they don't keep products pulled forward so if you are a short shopper you are out of luck unless you have learned to bring your "grabber" with you to the store.

Krum Gucci

It's crazy how they sell them 40 to 100 dollars phones that have oddly enough no cases to protect them.... Been through about 10 in the past three mnths. Also it's only a matter of time before they have slots in there game over for tha family

Tims Steed

The service was good. Everybody was great. But had to walk 2 times from the ta cause they said 2 hr parking for a big truck. Kept going back. Other than that great service.

Timothy Estorga

It's nice that they have semi parking

Cozmo Kramer

Put cashiers back to work... i don't go to a restaurant to cook my own food..

brutally honest

If you are with a RV ot a Truck, park where the truck parking area is or they will wake you up abd make you move at night. Like there is not enough space for the 15 cars parked in front.

Nina McWhorter

Just a quick trip before the bad weather sets in. Had everything I went after. In and out with no problems. One of my favorite stores.

Mark Boggs

Great place to shop

Luke Porter

Reasonable prices

john king

Better than Morton

Chris Schoenfeld

If you like bagging your own groceries or waiting in line with the other people who refuse to do it this place is for you.

Terry Marsh

Not so great this visit , no potato bread

Chad Fred

Service is good anywhere except electronics. Service is often absent from electronics

Alfred Mims

They tell you what you can buy and what can't buy then say it's a company policy and that's bologna the people that they have working late night don't know what they're doing

Linda Strange

Why oh why can’t they ever get their Deli to function like it should? Service is horrible. Time to move my business to Martin’s!

Kimberly Gordon

Only two checkouts open. The lines were forever long. The store manager was even out near the checkouts, and no one would open another lane. Walmart is getting ridiculous.

Kippie Durdel

I was really impressed with the great variety of outdoor flowers they had already to pick from.

Kendra Johnson

Today I had an excellent experience at the Effingham Walmart. Every employee I encountered asked if I needed help and offered assistance when I needed it . Especially helpful was someone in the dairy section named Jerry. I will be sure to return with all the positive attitudes!

James Sellers

Do it yourself cashier lanes?? Walmart you make zillions. And your too cheap to hire cashiers. I think I'll shop somewhere else!!!!!

shaggy dragon

Maybe they should start paying us to check ourselves out. Just sayin.

Anthony Burson

Pretty good. Bigger than most walmart's.

Badweather Bill

Has Simi truck parking lot 10 trucks first time I've seen this

Robert Pippin

It's always dead around 1 to 4 am and the customer service is excellent . They are always willing to help. Youll always find Excellence in the effingham locals. There hard working and dedicated to there jobs. The work ethic within the community is outstanding and unbelievable. Farm all day and than go to work.

Sharon Lucas

Not pleased at all with this Walmart. We are in a motorhome and stopped for the night in their parking lot, which is allowed. At 6:50 AM a Walmart employee came banging on our door and said we had to get out. He said the manage would be out in 10 minutes to make sure we left. If they don't want rv's in their lot, they should say so in the "Overnight Parking Finder" app. This is where rv'ers go to find free overnight parking.


Customer service desk 3 separate visits. Id rather have a root canal. It's like pulling teeth for them to be friendly or get your money back with or without a receit. Unfriendly

Jody Hartke

Love the self check-out! It's so convenient and much easier. I've been a cashier since I was 16 (now 30) so it's much faster for me to do it myself. Only downfall was the shelves in the food department weren't stocked very well at all. Many empty spaces and it's usually never like that.

Dale Austin

It sucked. 2 weeks in a row no 5 hour energy. And will never use self checkout!

William Boswell

Terrible just terrible

Doug Milner

I was able to find all that I needed as well as reasonable gas prices!!!!!

Hannah Banana

This Walmart is a joke. Do not work there.

Polly.1929 Charles

Not as good as it use to be lots of junk and empty shelving building for speed not shopping I don't use the self check out it cost young people their job if we don't help young people. By refusing to use the self check out lanes I am not looking to train for a job that cost others their jobs Sorry sam

Christopher Cox

This place has an incredible selection of everything; a friendly staff - & the parking is plentiful. Lots of other businesses & restaurants surround this Walmart, so it's a destination location for sure!

Tommy L Alexander

I shop there to much , if my debit card could talk... I'm glad that Shelbyville Illinois has one . The personal is excellent......

Robert Sewell

God bless this Walmart thank you for catering for truckers. Whenever I'm passing through this area I'm always happy to stop by and do my shopping at this walmart knowing that there's truck parking.

Stacy K

I love to shop at Walmart, but not at the Effingham, Illinois location. It seems nothing is ever stocked. Almost every trip, something is not on the shelf. It seems to take so long for things to get re-stocked. This has been an issue for me, and others I have spoke to, for several years now.


Very good store

denise rucker

Very friendly service and close to home

Sondra Dulaney

Seemed like it was a clean store and the outside had a sign telling which side was for groceries which is what I was after. Will check out the rest of the store another time. We got our things and checked out without a wait. Early morning is probably best though.

Motorcycle Rider

Nobody is available to help. Constantly moving mdse around. Keep the stuff in the same place except for Seasonal and Clearance items. Keep the motor scooters batteries charged. Make that part of the employees daily tasks, making sure motor scooters are always charged.

Toney Bartlett

The employees are some of the greatest I've ever seen at any Walmart.

Justin Fossett

2 employees out of many acknowledged our existence, need a lot of work on being friendly to customers, smile once in awhile

Angie Jackson

Store 681 was fabulous helping me today. Cody the manager and his staff was awesome!!!Totally deserve a promotion! Beyond helpful!

Jamie Nelson

The workers are always nice and they do ask for receipts a lot but I can understand that. What doesn’t make sense is how empty the place always is, they never have bread or waters or any other basic grocery item and the baby food aisle and diaper aisle are always pretty empty too idk what the deal is but I’d really love not to have to drive all the way to Boaz just to get our brand of diapers every time we need them

earl hunt

Never enough cashiers, no one wants to work all week, go to Wal-Mart and do their job too. Just taking jobs away from people and replacing them with machines!

Kathy Childress

Only two cashiers open. I will not use self checkout. I had to stand in line with three full buggies ahead of me ,the other lane was the same.This was at 8:30a.m.,on Friday before Christmas.

Melissa Crafton

Had fun shopping with my friend

Andy Camp

Cool place shop.

John Donnolly

Went to get my hair cut and shopping done was in and out of there in 30 minutes

J Kozak

Friendly personnel, clean store .


Great place to shop on a nice night, with good friends to help me out. Easy to find stuff and well layed out so you can pick out stuff.....Thanks Walmart!!!

Jan Tash

Great people and service in the pharmacy

cynthia corbitt

Employees are very nice and very helpful. I am unable to kneel. Recently 2 different employees on two different occasions kneeled on floor to check if there were any items left at the very back of shelf. The employees are also not only helpful in helping you find items, they are also nice about it.

Mike Perry

Mostly under stocked on many items.

Teresa Ellenburg

I went and got mom's birthday cake it's very nice!!

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