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REVIEWS OF Walmart Auto Care Centers IN Alabama

Jason F

Gary surace

Horrible service waited 2 hours for an oil change . Could find a manage to check off care ..didnt seem to care

James Miller

Leann Quintero

Slow wait 4 hours to get my car oil change.

Gary weve

Albert Washington Jr

Bad experience I waited 15 to 20 minutes for agent to tell me that make a

Larry Bowles

Slow service i went in with no one ahead of me for oil change and one nail in my tire. Took 2 hours to fix.

Miguel Fiallo

(Translated by Google) Hello, I went to do a job to my car of 40 dollars and I was charged 100, I give a star (Original) Hola , fui para hacerle un trabajo a mi carro de 40 dolares y me cobraban 100 , le doy una estrella

Jennifer Skaggs

Jay Delaire

Bad customer service, 2 hour wait for an oil change......Just a bad idea

Brandon Hondo

Friendly customer service. They make sure to explain everything.

Joseph Higgitt

I went there waited almost 2 hours after they took my car in after again waiting because system is slow. I was in the store 30 minutes when they called I thought prompt service only to be told they don't have my filter in stock. Very disappointed they told me that if I were to purchase the filter and come back I would not have to wait in line to be determined

Vito Martinez

This has been the worst experience it took them 25min to find one guy and he was rude and didnt care that there was a line. Why is it that only one guy out of 4 employees can only order tires, all they did is tell me to wait for the old guy(who by the way has no good customer service what so ever) DON'T GO FOR CAR SERVICE WASTE OF TIME IMOKOLE IS BETTER SERVICE!

Felix Cruz

Brandon Sagastegui

Brian Clark

Not open because of no staff and super slow service. NEVER AGAIN!!!

Cesar Salinas

Ho yes

Mike Mueller

Oil change & 2 tires with one person in front of me. 3 hours later they JUST finished my oil and are starting my tires. I suspect the auto center is next to outdoor dept. because customers often need to camp overnight. If the DMV changed tires they would have finished this an hour earlier. My car will be due for another oil change by the time they finish. If I die of starvation & boredom, avenge me fellow googlers. 2 stars ONLY because the lady at counter is awesome.

Tasha Dube

1 star is due to the fact that they have coffee and a TV. Do not come here for anything. Getting tires changed and an oil change should not take almost 3 hours. Horrible customer service. Witnessed an elderly lady ask the man at the desk to page her brother, who was paying for the work they had done. He said "okay" and never paged him. The lady walked to a different department and had her brother paged from there.

Roberto Martinez

Staciethe TowMom

Charlotte L

Slowest customer service ever

Micah Evans

I ordered snow tires instead of the tires I actually needed. The Auto Center Manager, Rashad not only alerted me to the oversite but traded out the tires I ordered for tires of equal price they had on site. His entire team was attentive and on point.

brayan67 yt

hersheythebody .

Sorry 2 hours of wait... to get tires, ugh no stars for you Walmart.

Antonio Venegas

Kenneth Friend

Adam Upchurch

Quick service. Understaffed when I was there, but the mechanic and customer service manager handled everything well.

Jamie Lopez

Salvador Garcia Jr

Great place to shop

Mechanic 71

Jesus Figueroa

(Translated by Google) Good options for me self (Original) Buenas opciones para mí auto

Alanarose Buckley

We have a nail in our tire, we go to the nearest Walmart(Platte). We tell them the situation and that we have over a 50 mile drive home and everyone else is closed. This was 45 minutes before the closed and they tell us that they cant take anymore because they currently have customers already. First of all they still have 45 minutes! Second of all how is it ok to turn away customers! God forbid Walmart employees work any extra hours to assist customers in need! And yes I know thats Walmarts choice and not the employees! Very POOR service!!

Luz Rivera


They forgot to put the oil cap back on my wifes car after an oil change. So, now we are out of a $26.000 Mercades. They refunded 25% of the $72 oil change. Thanks for the 18 bucks Wal-Mart.

Bishop Duperret

I was returning home (over 200 miles away ) and in desperate need of a tire. I showed up over an hour and a half before they closed and was turned away despite only being the 3rd person there. I raised my issue to the manager and he said if the guys in the garage said they couldn't fit us in he couldn't do it. Seriously the worst place. Go to the Costco nearby or a discount tire.

Kristin Evans

The ladies back there are awesome! Cant say much about management. 40 minutes and 5 pages later no on even bothered to come back to help.

Rosemary Archuleta

Awesome cost

Tiana Thompson

Terrible service. Was quoted a 45 minute wait time for an oil change but I am still here waiting after 2 and a half hours. Absolutely ridiculous. Do not come here. Ever.

vanessa perez

Miguel Alonso Avila

Perry Bruce

Helena E.

The Walmart Auto online site indicates a $10.00 tire repair, I waited 45 minutes only to be told it really STARTS at $25.00 PLUS ADDITIONAL fees to rebalance and mount the tire again. Very deceptive advertising and a total waste of my lunch break. This was my second time at this location and definitely my last time. My first time was for an oil change which took 2 hours and 45 minutes because the cashier refused to ask the mechanics if my car was finished. I wasn't able to ask myself because they have a self locking door. I had to be persistent in asking her until she finally asked the mechanics. They go above and beyond at rude customer service.

Benjamin Porter

Worst customer service I've seen. If i could give zero stars I would.

tyler cee

We waited in line for almost 20 minutes. Only 1 girl working at the register handling all outo center customers and altough she remained friendly and upbeat, she seemed to have no idea what she was doing and no sense of urgency regarding the long wait time. She charged us for the basic oil change package and took my phone number and key and told me it would be around 1 to 2 hours. We returned 2 hours later to another ridiculously long line. This time we waited over 30 minutes only to be told pur car was never serviced because they realized after we left that it took syntetic oil which would cost twice as much as we were originally serviced. So 3 hours later our car is still in the same place and no one called us. Fortunately there was a super awesome gentlemen in the service area that stepped in and personally took my car to the garage, made sure it was maintenenced and returned immediately, and only charged us the origanal price for the basic oil change even though we got syntetic. I believe his name was logan. He was very personable and apologetic and said to let him know if he could help us any further. Excellent customer service. He totally saved the day. He should get a raise and promoted because he seemed to be the only person on the job that remotely cared about customer experience.

Margaret Dawson

Was going for an oil change. It was an hour-and-a-half wait so I left

A Google User

Came in at 930am and lined up in our designated service line. 15 minutes later, Was approached by staff stating we were in the incorrect line because they were only checking in people in a different line thus lost our spot and had to get back in line. We weren’t checked in until 10:15. We were told by the associate it would take max 1hr and 45 minutes after getting our printed quote . 3 Hours later they still weren’t done and staff were no where to be found and not working on my vehicle. What could have taken 2 hours max at another shop, took these guys 5. To end things off, when I got my keys, they forget to put my hub caps back. Had to go back and ask them where they were and place them back in. Never again will I come to this Walmart to get tire service.

Edmundo Delgado

Great customer service and great prices

Sabine B

Paula Miller

Xochilt Rocha

beautifulblasiangirl .

So far I've had no real issues with this location. The service I needed was completed without problem. I'll be happy to update this if anything changes.

Kevin Goforth

Mohamed Balsara

Thomas Brown

Thank You Richard in Automotive.!!! Super NiCe and Completely Saved the day. Thanks 4 aLL the heLp and your Speedy services.

lauren pierce

Luis Bojórquez


David Garcia

Everything And Everything

They can't copy keys right

Christian Agundez Lopez

Korrie M

Nice guy got me set up for an oil change, got it done no problem. They also replaced my oil filter. Went home for the night, next day went to Denver and on the way back my car overheated and ceased. Looked at the oil, there was barely anything in there and didn't really look like new oil to begin with. Had someone look at it, burned engine and the new oil I put in after pulling over was spewing out the bottom, so they either put in the filter wrong or didn't even put the plug back. Don't trust Wal-Mart to take care of your car.

Carlos Chia

Joe scam all my items couldn't print my receipt and told it was going to be in my phone well I check my phone and there is no record of what I bought

frances calvin

Poor Service Manager, Mario, is nice. However, the service time is crazy. 2 hours to change a battery. I arrived at 10:30am, seven cars ahead, and still waiting at 12:15pm. There has to be a more efficient way

Janet Allen

I got an oil change and new tires. The service was go and it didn't take all day to get my car back.

Dania Macias

THREE WHOLE HOURS IN THE SUN to wait to get in and another hour to get a simple oil change, then they try to up sell you and don’t want to take No for an answer. I got the cheapest one. No upgrades, they don’t deserve it.

Cornelius Harden

Jesus Diaz

Samantha Begin

Jim Schlachter

They had what I needed, plus the prices where pretty good in the fishing section.

Jesus Hernandez

Manager and boy that changed my battery sucked horrible worst experience hands down!

Anthony Lee

Well I went in to have tires balanced. They said there was about a hour and a half wait so I left them the keys and told them I would come back in the afternoon to pick it up. This was at 10:30am. I come to pick it up at 4:30pm and it is not done. They said they couldn't open my car door in which can be can at times. The reason for the bad review is they didn't even call me to ask about it or say that they couldn't do it, instead they cancelled the order. So i get my keys, go out to the car, they couldn't get the door open because they didn't unlock it. I unlocked the door and it opened without any issues at all. I don't know who they have working in the shop but the should be ashamed to call themselves a automotive tech if they can't simply unlock a car door with a key and open it, I sure as hell don't want them taking my tires off and putting them back on. They probably don't even know how to properly use a torque wrench to torque the lug nuts.

Alex Arias

Barbara Palmero

Isaac Hernandez

Ken Lee

Don’t do BMW oil changes. But all other cars are a great deal!

Adel Delgado Garcia

Maderyia Hoagland

The worst WalMart experience of my life! Waiting to hear back from management. Do not use this TLE for any reason! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

Yarleny Luzardo

the worst job

Rose Cross

There is absolutely no reason I should wait in line 1hour to get my car checked in for an hour change.... they should want the people in the store shopping not in they car writing reviews.....

Omar Cortés

Joseph Sapien

Tommy Harris


PJ Jackson

Very slow service, now I am waiting for half an hour for battery check. No manager in sight and employees just serve whoever they want.

Jo Ann Adams

I really don't want to even give it this one star. But it's the only way I can do a review on this site. I should have listened to all the other reviews.Never again. Went to walmart at 11, they accidentally sent back my tires that I purchased online. Had to wait for a refund. Had to buy new tires. They were the wrong size. Had to go to courtesy desk and wait in long line for an exchange. They tried to overcharge me. After arguing with the manager what the new tires cost, went back to the tire center. 2 hours later, finally completed purchase and left car there. Returned in a few hours after for our car. Waited again in a long line, then for our keys. Pulling out of parking lot, i had to pull over so guy in vehicle in front could stop and pee in back of store. We will never ever ever use Walmart in Waterbury for any type of auto service.

Fausto Martinez

Guy was too busy kicking me out, not wanting to help, walking around super slow,no Hussle, no options, quoting ridiculous wait time's so not to work on people's cars!! I saw all those people he walked at jiffy lube willing to pay more to be taken care of

Paublo Vincente

Polite fast and cheap

Queen Keerabitha

This is our favorite place to come to get oil changes and tires. They always go above and beyond on the oil changes, they vacuum, clean the windshield, top off your fluids. Much better than the dealerships. You can get Goodyear Viva 3s cheap! They stand by their road hazard warranty on tires. They always take great care of us.

Anna Peay

Went to get my tires rotated. I arrived at 5:30 P.M. There was a line of about 5-7 cars, so I waited for a while before they could help me. Not unreasonable. They gave me my little receipt, I gave them my keys, and I went inside to wait around. This was a little before 6:00. I was told it'd be about 30-45 minutes. At 7:30, the worker behind the counter yelled my name. When I didn't respond within a few seconds, he shouted again. I walked up, and he tried to explain to me that they cancelled my service because they didn't have the appropriate tools to safely lift my particular vehicle, which is fine. I went out and asked the mechanics about the situation and where I could get my service done, and they were very helpful and apologized for my wait. The only real reason I'm mad is because I waited around for two hours, just for them to tell me they can't help me. Also, I know the employee behind the counter wasn't trying to be rude, but he could seriously use some work on his customer service skills.

Maribel Iglesias

Christopher Holden

Migara Maduranga

Prices are reasonable , but have to wait in long lines

Alyssa Disney

Guadalupe Sánchez

(Translated by Google) I like how they make the oil change (Original) Me gusta como le hacen el cambio de aceite

Doris Tucker

Went here for an oil change. The wait wasn't that bad, about 25 mins before my car was in the bay and about 20 mins for the actual oil change. All the mechanics were polite and knowledgeable but....whoever put in the new oil didn't tighten the oil cap completely. So when I left for a 400 mile road trip and stopped for gas, there was smoke accompanied by oil all over the motor and the exhaust manifold :/

Souless Lemming

6 hrs to change 4 tires with one car in front of me.

Karen angel

Awful Cust service. I call to ask how long of a wait would it be for an oil change, she replied “ugh I have no idea” I said you can’t give me an estimate of how long it may be? With attitude she says let me look and puts me on hold. A new lady finally picks up & I say why I was on hold. She says you have to call some other number and hangs up on me! I call back and the EXACT same conversations happen again. If they can’t handle a telephone then I don’t trust them to work on my car anyway! I will never think of going there again.

adolfo villa

Not open until 8 actually closes at 6 for service to the public.

Elsa y Hector Palacios


bette hayes

Ramona Coronado

Jorge Salguero

Margarita Solano

Robert Spritzky

Very busy,come early

Carlos Merencio

Brandon Glover

I’ve gotten an oil change here. They’ve did an amazing job on my oil change and I didn’t have to wait long hours for my oil to be changed. It’s was done in 15 minutes. And the staff is super polite and respectful.

Dacia Lewellen

Would not put the oil I purchased and brought to them that I have used a many times. I'll take my business to someone that knows what they are doing.

Steven Bennett

3 hours to get 2 tires mounted? Staff looked and worked like they were survivors of a bachelor party or something...

Nano Rivera

Nothing wrong with the service I received to my car, but don't come here if you don't have 2 - 3 hours to wait in line. I spent more than an hour in line waiting to just pay for the service I came here for. Staff don't even acknowledge the phone. This Walmart auto center is clearly understaffed. The employees that are there are very, very slow.

Lidio Valencia

Snail slow customer service and i was supposed to get a black friday deal and they made up a bunch of bs fees and charged over 100$ more than my estimate just ridiculous

Drex MG

Tried hustling me to buy more tires

Cms S

There was a very nice customer service representative who handled my problem with exceptional service. I did not get her name but she was wonderful to deal with. Not what I'm used to from this walmart location.

Mckinzy Dunaway


Anita Pacheco

The lady who checked my oil- failed!!!!! She didn't read the dip stick correctly, my water pump went out and it cost me$650.00 to fix. Don't go there

Laura Macias

Juan Carlos Rodriguez

El peor sitio para cambiar y comprar gomas, puedes durar hasta 4 horas esperando, y después de las 3:30 de la tarde sólo tienen 2 empleados.

William abney

Wish I could give then 0 stars they dont care at all about there costumers at all! Paid for an oil change they didnt wanna give me my keys back bc couldn't find the numbers what ever that means finally got my car back and it still says the same oil life and no new sticker, called manager he said bring receipt for refund I'll be doing that today but DONT GO HERE MY OPINION ITS AWFUL

Josie Strickland

So pissed at this point. I need my flat fixed, they are having system issues or hearing issues bc the girl ask me to repeat all my information multiple times, i stood in the heat as they tried to get their handheld system to work. After 15 minutes, I walk away being told it will take an hour. Two minutes later my name is called over head (even though I asked them to call me) to find out they are doing some system maintenance and can’t even do the job. My time is wasted and I still have a flat tire!

Jaime Rios

Good service but its always packed. 3 hours wait for an oil change, really?

chrisntina0420 .

After waiting 30 minutes for service the guy at the counter Jeff was rude and did not help us at all!! Terrible experience..we left took our money somewhere else!!

Jorge Luis Cardona

Bought 4 tires at a very good price.

Shalanon Brooks

Awful why send employees on lunch and expect clients to wait during lunch breaks. Instead of telling customers to come back. Then why not properly train staff to put Capp back on oil so oil doesn’t leak in drive ways horrible avoid if possible

Marianne Hunter

Good place to shop

Gur Benary

Hoo Kang

Great place to shop

Ash Marttila

I sat here for 20 hours waiting for new tires. No one was ahead, I was first in line. My car was up on the racks for 90+ minutes. They have been changing the tired for over 50 minutes now. They have only been talking to each other not working at all. They aren’t short staffed at all. They just can’t do a job in a timely manner. Get all car related things done else where, some where they actually care about getting the job done!! My whole day gone because people suck at there job. Only person here who’s helpful is the lady behind the register. Never again will I be back!! Worse service ever!!!

Joshua Harris

Sara Kew

Sammy Money


Eric Collier

You can't beat the price for the basic oil change. Word to the wise, be there when they open in the morning. Everyone knows it's a good deal and the auto center fills up quickly. The help is very friendly, understand they are very busy, be patient and they will take care of you. I'm not a Wally World fan, but I am of their Auto Care Ctr.

Amy Jorgensen

I will start by saying I've never written a complaint before in my life. I apologize if it's long winded. I was told over the phone they had the black Friday tires in stock. I went in and was told they were no longer accepting work orders. That's fine, I'll buy the tires and come back later or find someone to put them on. They can't find the tires. I asked for a rain check. I was told no. They might have the tires in a trailer but they can't access it. I didn't feel that was my problem so I talked to a manager of the tire service department and she wasn't any nicer. She didn't know what I meant by a rain check so I explained. She then went out back and found a slip for a rain check and began to process it very slowly with lots of sighing and eye rolls. After a long wait she wanted me to pay for the tires right then. That's not a rain check. I left and told them I'd rather buy them online so I have a cyber receipt. I really can't decide whether to buy them online or not. I'm afraid that will go wrong too. What a waste of over an hour for them to do nothing for me.

Christopher Pousche

Javed Miandad

I usually go there every 3 months for car maintenance. They have been quite good so far until in last winter they put my tires in the wrong direction. They fixed it after I called them but I only found it out after my car rolled in the Johanson express way multiple times. I don’t put the blame entirely on them but still...The people are friendly. Good place to change oils.

corey shepard

Bobby Sauls

Great deals

Nicolas Vegas

Went to get oil change and tire rotation. It took over an hour and 15 minutes to complete once in the bay. Not worth the $5 price difference from competitors. Either they are not skilled or don’t care about the customer. A real waste of my time. It is even worse than this. I checked in at 8 26 am got my car back at 11 04 am. Drove him only to realize that they had left the wheel lock key at the store. I came back to pick up key, another hour lost, and talked to the store manager and she was not willing to take a formal complaint from me. Apparently you have to call a 1 800 number for that. I think Walmart needs to be more careful with the way it treats customers.

Bill Pike

They were just too busy to help me

roland price

Nice, friendly, had tires put on my truck, didn't take to long.

Catherine Dodge

Signs say open until 7pm. Got here at 5 and was told they closed at 430 today. No notice on the door as to why. Thisn is my third try to get in here, the other days the.wait was lnger than I had time for.

Kathy Richmond

Jeremy Dance

Love the price and convenience. But, I won’t be back. Last year’s tire changeover left me with a non-matching lug nut on one wheel and the mud guard under the truck left unattached and scraping the ground. It only took thirty seconds to tighten the screws and it was fine. This year I talked to the manager about the lug nut( not a big deal,but a new lug nut from the dealer is $22!). Wonky lug nut was still on my truck and, once again the mud guard was unattached.

Torrence Hookington

The folks failed to surprise me. They managed a one star because the ladies at the service desk were awesome. But they could not over come the incompetence in the bay. I did a walk in for the summer tire change and was told there were two cars infront of me. Three hours later, mine was "next and would take another hour." I was informed that the one guy infront me changed his mind, and instead of replacing one tire, he wanted all four replaced. If I hadn't checked in twice through out the process and confirmed when they would be done.... it wouldn't have been so bad. But what should I expect when the majority of the guys in the bay are jaw jacking instead of doing physical work. I guess when folks don't know their job, consultation is the safest method and would require all work to stop every 5 minutes or so.

Alexandra Moreno

The prices are the most reasonable in town, but it comes at a price- your time. Nothing ever there goes quickly and good luck trying to get a hold of someone over the phone... you'll be on hold for who knows how long or you'll get a busy line or simply no one will pick up. I started this review with 2 stars but then after over 6 phones calls with over a 15 minute wait on each (with no one picking up) I dropped it down to 1 star.

Dan Cole

Dennis Dav

Not quick but very thorough and professional

Dan Mclellan

I too kn my daughter here for new tires I'm impressed I will take all my cars here.

James Barton

Kristina Spaulding

Felix the cat

Pretty fast service

Ricky Moreno

Longer then usual wait time...probably ly due to the holiday!?!?!?

Marcus Moody

Needed a female touch for the customer service aspect the young lady with braids came out to grab my information was very friendly to me and my wife seemed like she really cared and enjoys people. Always a pleasure to bring my vehicle here and im pretty picky!

Nicole Teten

Kandretta Hill

I've been waiting for over 30min while they play around and close garages and no one came to me yet and asked if I needed service or anything.. This is the only Auto service Walmart near me otherwise I wouldn't never ever came here.. now all garages are closed and still no one has said anything to me

Jonathon Ketron

Hey it's Walmart

Chuck Erwin

Too many rules on what they can and can't do. End up up charging you, and pay more. Not good

Dr.Jose Rosario

Anastacio Hernandez

nina rohdin

Waited for 2 hours while waiting for a tire swap, had informed staff calipers would be changes at a shop after. After 2 hours returned to try and pay while waiting and was informed they wouldn’t do it. Claimed to have called after ten minutes but didn’t try again or page over intercom. Told us the noise was a front end issue and no one would change the tires. Very condescending and still tried to sell a 30$ headlight cleaning (another hour wait). Townfaire Tire is will price match Walmart’s tires. Much better option.

Benjamin Richards

Victor Espinosa

Ask for Wilson, one of the managers, or Jeff. Both are the nicest dudes. Yes, the work took a while to get done. And yes, paying for the service always takes time because there's nobody at check out when you need them. But Wilson made sure I left happy, or else, and Jeff handled my car with speed and care. I've been going to Golden Gates Tire kingdom for years, and they have truly terrible service. Compared to them, Wal-Mart rocks.

Omar Andino


Cadejia Lawson

Worst Walmart supercenter and lube center in the west suburbs. Terrible customer service the technicians don't want to work. I came in 2 hours ahead of time for standard oil change and the tech Jose said that he couldn't do it because he is the only one there. Came in Saturday and got the same excuse. Came in on Sunday and they had the time on the door posted at a completely different time than the one online. It says online that they come start at 7 am the time on the door says 8 am and the went I got there at 6:45 none of the managers knew what time they opened finally I asked a customer !! Who informed that these idiots don't open until 9 am. Don't ever go there !

Ted Qualls

Walmart is evil

Lashaud Pollard

My view of this location is already terrible and I haven’t even gotten my tires done yet. First of all, would be nice when customers come in to be greeted and acknowledged when we arrive. The girls stood there and acted like I wasn’t even trying to get their attention. Secondly, doesn’t matter when you call, they may answer the phone, but they always put you on hold and never comeback or check in on you. Need better staff in this area

daniel cereto

Almost 3 hours for an oil change. Stupidly long.

Guergui Roman

After 8 hours my car was done

David Ngandu

I like the service, even though I had to wait for almost an hour because they were already some cars ahead of me. I was there at 7:40 am and I had to leave at almost 9:00.

Jeff Nevins

Davis and 951....friendly knowledgeable people

Agueda Nunez

cris agustin

Worst place to have an oil change , waited for more than an hour in the line and another 1 hour till they finished the oil change, no communication what so ever with the people that works here. They are very slow and it looks like they are short handed in people.

Susanne Bonfiglio

Ofelia Perez Mirazo

curtis wilson

Nice people there, don't get me wrong, but it's like some of the mechanics only do specific vehicles. Ex: I had a 1991 Honda accord, and I went in for an oil change, thinking i got an oil change, the female mechanic told me straight up that they were unable to get the oil pan drain plug out, and the pan was really beat up, so I said hmmph. I took my vehicle home a few minutes later, waited 15 minutes till it cooled down, looked under the vehicle myself, and looked for what the mechanic self proclaimed. I saw nothing of the sort, went back to Walmart, bought my oil and filter, changed my own oil within 15 minutes, went back to walmart, with pictures, their written contract, and the proof i just bought their oil, and told them in their face that I will make sure I tell everybody how you guys lie to customers, and discriminate against cars. People, if this situation ever happens to you, make sure you keep the contract and take pictures of your vehicle beforebthey lie to you. This really did happen to me.

Jason W

Alexander Brito

Employee on the counter at 6.00 pm on 3/7 is super rude

Arturo Coronado

No hay muchas cajas abiertas y ay mucha gente en espera para pagar

Alvaro Zaragoza

To slow

Netsi Kassa

I was there to oile change and they say it will take 1hr but we Waited more than 2hrs that’s not good am sure am not coming buck again

Jorge Valdez

Arturo Buelna

Essence Wilkinson


Scott K

Great price friendly staff made this visit a life saver. In town for the weekend and the blue, no spare on a late Saturday night. Luckily we were close to Walmart when the time blew.

Jaime Lozano

I don't know why if they always have long lines of people waiting to their services. Why don't they hire more mechanics so they'll in possibilities to attend more without the need to wait up to 2 or 3 hours for an oil change or tire installation, or a battery change . Please how much business do you let go for that matter.

Ty John


Charles Mahan

Management at this Walmart are being cheated. Employees in the automotive service department are simply loafing. While I was there, several took multi hour lunch breaks. I left my van at 11:50 in the morning. Was told it should be done between 3 and 4:00. I watched as the service personnel did virtually nothing all afternoon. At 3:30, I complained to a counter person that my vehicle hadn’t even been in the garage yet. They indicated they had no control over the service technicians. My vehicle was next but it would take at least an hour once they brought it in. The counter people didn’t offer any assistance and in fact encouraged me to leave! Management of this Walmart either need to close this department or put someone in charge who has the authority to provide decent service.

Kisha Vestal

Edward productions

I've been here since 730 am and its 1138 and I'm still here. They barely took my car in. Just for a tire repair. The tech was pleasant but other than that why the F... It's taking so f... Long

Amber Kay

Nope. Went in to buy a tire and was told it would be 2.5 hours wait minimum. Meanwhile, the automotive staff were standing around the register discussing their personal time off and plans. If the employees were on break, they probably could have taken their break away from customers, and if they weren't on break, then they just don't care about getting the work done. Ridiculous. Guess I'll just pray that the screw in my front tire doesn't cause the tire to blow and make me crash... Thanks, WALMART!

Tiffany Lopez

Doug Silvestro

Need I say anything else about Walmart. So they took my vehicle in to plug my tire around 5:15. Here it is 6:20 and they still arent done. It doesnt take over an hour to plug a tire. I was sitting in my car watching the 2 employees talking, laughing, eating etc....Really? I understand you want to have fun at work but take your job serious and be efficient. Last time coming here.

Enrique sukva

Realice un cambio de aceite y no aspiraron el auto como dice la hoja de servicio, no apagaron la luz de cambio de aceite, y mi manija de la puerta y el volante estaban llenos de aceite 10/07/18 5:00 pm

Alex Sanders

sarah garcia

Quick and courteous customer service. Tires put on in under an hour.

chad walker

Absolutely worst customer service ever!! Everytime I unfortunately have to come here it take them forever to even bother to address you 25 mins this last time just standing there with people behind ME and they walk back and forth multiple times without a word to anyone in line! They talk over you and don't let you finish saying what you need, so uncaring and really don't seem like they want to work! One car inside none outside multiple techs available but always a 2hr wait for a simple oil change.....smh!

Ralph Reis

casper Dogo

Why do people go here??? You get what you pay for!!!! Horrible service long wait!

reinhardt6988 .

Shitty ass customer service, get in line with my mother who is in wheel chair, she gonna get smokes.. she tells the lady.. she forgot the minute she turned to get smokes... she then asked me what she say?? I told her then she deny my mom her smokes because I don't have I.d. .. REALLY?? Then she should of walked her old fat was back to the register and asked my mother instead of me... WAL-MART CORPORATE GREED ALWAYS!!! Racism is a big problem here...

Juan Alvarado Cardona

Very pleasant experience

Alberto C. Guerra Jr.

David Lawson

Derek Graham

Horrible auto care center, stay away!

Naomi Tipton

GO ELSEWHERE IF YOU WANT EVEN DECENT SERVICE. The entire staff was unhelpful. We needed a trailer tire - that we had just bought there - changed and the counter person acted like it would be a big imposition to do this. My husband was then going to do it himself and asked a guy (looked like a maybe the shop manager) to check the pressure on the new tire before he did so. The guy was standing right by the air hose but called to another guy who was already busy to do it. He himself just stood there. We waited several minutes but no one even looked our way again. We ended up returning the tire and going to another Walmart Tire Center about 6 miles down the road. The staff there was very helpful and the tires were $12 less! Also, in the short time we were at the first unhelpful tire center, we overheard that another customer had the wrong tires put on her car!

Ochy 7380

Good products, nice service and everything on place

Zelda Raharule

They are short staff and busy a lot due to the cheap prices. But as time went on their attitudes fell short and I know it's not the staff it's the managements fault. They fail to get more staff in and because of this wait times increase, staffs moral gets low, and this is causes more mistakes on our cars because they try to rush. I will not go back because a major mistake was made on my car (the assistant manager I think her name was Jossi told me if the mistake was to get fixed I had to pay extra. No thank you so I left with a car that they now made unsafe to drive), and before that I had to wait 3 hours for a tire patch (tire repair) that only takes 15 minutes. I think it's safe to say unless they get more staff or have a very low line go ahead and go but otherwise it's wise to seek out a new auto center for now :( I do miss the old staff especially the guy named Antonio.

c gordon

Called in for tire service. Manager gave a quote, said he had 4 tires in stock, told us to come in. Arrived in 10 min and only two techs working, manager was gone and they only had 2 tires in stock. Waited a very long time for work to be done but tech was very professional and did his best to accommodate. The three stars are for the great work of the technician. If based on the manager I would have rated it Zero stars.

Jack Hayward

Jordan Auchter

charles alger

Ezequiel Rivera

I would give it no stars if I could the waiting for a car service it’s over two hours just for a oil change not cool at all and I didn’t even stay for the service after two hours I left very disappointing smh

انس القحطاني

The worst place ,, no body working

John Pendola

I have always had great service their.

Walter Atterholt

Robert Renninger

cheap and good warrenty but the service manager is nasty and acts like she doesnt really care to be in customer service.

Emily Crist

Great deal on tires. They didnt balance them so I had to bring it back the next day which was kinda annoying bc that should've been done automatically. Everyone knows that. So it set me back 3 hrs and me having to leave work early. But they took care of me the 2nd time


Lucy Gaviota

Exelente trabajo y muy amables empleados

Gaurav Malhotra

Very poor service. I went in to change the tire on right side and they changed the other tire on the other side and dispose it. Poor customer service. Not good at all.

Zackary Martin

Told me to be there by 6:30. Got there at 6:25 and waited 30 minutes to get told we are closed and leave.

Omar Alodaini

Service is fair, yet Front desk is so rude ‘ Kimberly ’.

Justin Solarski

fast service, and friendly employees. lots of tires in stock.

Bacilio Magallan

Brandon in the automotive, is am amazing worker and impressed by his work ethic. I was here before 7 and he came straight to me. I told him i needed to be out of here by 9 and he said no problem we got you handled and went straight to work. Than you brandon for your haed work at the platte tle

Jennifer Ackland

Besides a slight issue on which tires were to be checked everything went well. Mack got me checked in and Leonard took care of the vehicle. Excellent customer service through entire process.

Linda Angel

John Shapland

Went for oil change. Was told it would be a 1-hour wait. Left my cell phone #. Walked around outside. Came back in an hour. I’m told they couldn’t get the oil drain nut off - BS! It didn’t look like the car had even been moved. How about a phone call?! Went to another place - changed oil with no problem. Don’t go here!! They lie & waste your time!

Ivette Espinoza

David Kroth

Kate Egan

Francisco Hernandez

John the guy that works there...Very poor customer service.

Yeri Bonilla

Poor management, couldn't get new tires because they only had 2 technicians working.

Javier Ochoa

Muy lenta la atención al cliente y no son nada atentos!!!

Joseph Mellske

great warranty service

Raymond Lindsey

nebs619 .

Haseeb Khan

Manager spent 30 minutes arguing why they can't take on a simple oil change job at 7PM when the shop closes at 8PM. I called ahead and they gave me BS that it should be ok. Useless people least bothered about their customers.

Nisey Fay

Great place for oil changes. Inexpensive

Clarissa Wilson

Dominic ottaviano

I pre-ordered a set of tires online and had them delivered site to store. Got my email saying they where ready to pick up at the auto care center to have my service performed. I walked back to the auto care center and there wasn't a single person to be found. Waited for about 5 minutes and walked around the nearby isles to find someone. Once I came across an employee I asked him if there was anyone available in the auto care center. He just stood there, frozen, staring at the shelf like an idiot. I asked again, this time more slowly and he asked me to go check if there was anyone there. I told him I was just there and he asked me what I wanted and after my answer he told me to go to the front of the store to the pickup counter, get my tires myself, drag them back to the auto care center and they would perform the tire swap. I told him the email told me to go to the auto care center where my tires should be. He seriously told me with an attitude that since it was site to store i have to go to the site to store pickup counter in the front of the store. I didn't realize that I worked at Walmart... I went to the pickup counter and again explained my situation. They had my tires up there and placed them on a big trolley and gave it to me to push back to the auto care center. I pushed this huge cart back through the store damaging store displays and pushing items off shelves but at that point I didn't care. This store was run by the laziest most incompetent group of people I have ever met. After getting my tires back to the auto care center and waiting another 5 minutes the same employee appeared again and asked if these where the tires I wanted on my car. Are you serious? No these are just the tires I like to drag around Walmart while I shop... At this point I had last all faith in this employee's ability to do anything remotely helpful. He told me to push the tires into the garage and tell the mechanics to put them on my car. I referred him to the very obvious safety warning stating that mechanics only through this door and he said it was fine and would unlock the door for me to enter. I just wanted my tires changed so I opened the door and pushed my tires through and found a confused mechanic who took the tires and had me go pull my car in. As I was about to take a seat in the waiting room I heard the lead mechanic scold the other employee for having me walk right into the garage by msyelf. At least one person had a clue. The tire service was fine and took about 2 hours even though there was no wait to work on my car. But at least it was fairly cheap. Next time I would pay a few more dollars and go somewhere the employees give a crap.

Lee Wagner

Billy Radley

Very helpful, very quick, had my tires replaced in under an hour. I honestly never thought a Walmart would be so great with tires, but the staff was top notch and the service even more.

Heather Cabrera

And they don't even earn one star for there service it is so bad took our car into them for a tire that they were too look and fix it coast me a tow and new tire and too top it off they had one lug nut they tightened and Stead of loosening it too were they said that I would have too take it somewhere else glade I did cause two new tires later the problem is fix something that Walmart was too due and did all wrong my list could go on of what happened and everything but its not cause my business is going somewhere else

Manny Rivera

Friendly and professional service. For a new battery the price was outstanding.

Betsy Gleysteen

Excellent staff and service. The products are also very good. Nice to be able to shop while you wait. Please understand they do not take appointments or overnight drop offs. If you want this, you should take your care somewhere else. But if you arrive when they first open, you will not wait long. The later in the day, the longer you will wait unless you just get lucky and arrive during a lull.

Vicky Bagthariya

Very bad service. They refused to take me in for 3 times. They close at 7pm, i was there at 6pm. Very rude staff. I hope someone from the management sees this post and makes some changed

Marcos Muniz

David Aronson

After waiting in line for almost 25 minutes. I was rudely ignored because I wasn't standing in the right "spot". So I now moved in front of the man who was apparently ignoring me. I stepped up to the counter and asked him to have a plug with a small enough hole in my tire, fixed. He told me to "hold on", while he told some woman with toys for her child to step up and he then rung her out???? After walking him outside to see my tire, he refused, stating the hole was too big and Walmart doesn't plug holes anymore.. they clearly just wanted a sale on a new tire. I tried to engage 3 guys in conversation in regards to this and they pretty much laughed at me as they rudely turned their backs to me. When I refused to walk away, they said, "it's Walmart's policy not ours" and went back to ignoring me...

danny Rivera823 Ammerman

Antonia Mendoza

Different occasions I been looking for large collar for my dog I'M unable to find one.

Garrett Linder

They took for ever to do anything. I was impressed with the selection of auto accessories. If they can get decent help, they would do more business if they hire the right people. They will have a good thing.

amy sprague

Duniesky Hernandez

David Moreno

I always get my oil change here, love it

William apple

Need to fix a flat tire. They told me to wait in the line for oil change which is a long line. Very slow performances.


Let's face one goes to Walmart for quality service, we go for low tech at this location seemed to be more qualified and professional than his "managers". Managers who could barely speak English with little motivation and no urgency..go here for the basics..oil change and tires...anything more you may want to drop off the keys and take a vacation. Thanks to my tech Vlandy for a new is to hoping someone will read this post and take action to benefit qualified personnel. .I will not name bash the so called "managers" here punching the time clock day after day.

Dora Carmina Diaz Leal Medina

(Translated by Google) Very good parts (Original) Muy buenas partes

Rob Alvarez

Always friendly and efficient. No need to go to the dealer for an oil change or tire rotation. Drop your car off and shop for your weekly groceries while you wait!

Rusty Shackleferd

angee jay

They won't update their equipment and can't help you if you have any rims. I waited an hour through confused and lost employees and missing employees just for them to tell me they already knew they couldn't replace two tires. And they can't make keys their machine is ancient.

George Carrillo

There is always drama everytime I come to the automotive center. Somebody always messes up a customer's service. They put the wrong tires, they forgot to give credit for batteries. People waiting to get their oil changed because the employees are tied up pointing fingers at each other.

Jenny Pierre

Worst experience I've ever had dealing with an auto shop. I only needed one tire and i was told to leave my old tire and they would call me within 2-3 hours. I dropped off the tire at 8am and came back at 12:00 and they did not have my tire ready. I waited another hour and was latter explained by one of the mechanics that the tire was out of stock and they notified the worker assisting me but he never called me or told me that. Worst experience ever.

Linda Mitchell

Diana Guzman

The waiting isn't to bad for oil change but I'd rather go to express tires. They are quickest to help you.

Daniel Iturralde

Danny Orta

Best place ever

Richie Holtzman

Was going to purchase a battery here and have them install it because it was "free". Walked around the store for a while and received a call to come back to the tire center thinking they were finished. Come to find out they hadn't started because the "technician" didn't know how to remove my battery. He literally told me they couldn't do it. 2014 Sierra - factory battery. Went to Costco to buy a battery and install it myself. The employees were friendly but extremely lazy and incompetent.

Ian Rogerson

Great service on basic tire services.

Art M

Worst place ever. No concern for anyone's time even if there's no cars in the garage. I'm not even sure the people working should even be touching cars on top of it.

Madian Aragón

Amanda Russell

Attempted to get air in my back left tire from here, try to go into the office to ask about it and there was no one there for about 15 minutes or so. Eventually was told to pull around back for some air in my tire, then I didn't receive any help for another 15 minutes, at which point I simply left because obviously they don't have time even though they only have one other car in the shop...

Lennel Kelley

Excellent car care and quick oil change

Farooq Kaiser

I often go there for oil change and so far they offer the best price and quick service than any other place. The price of motor accessories and parts are really reasonable here. Only thing I hated was no associates around to help you. You have to walk to a counter for the assistance and they page to call someone. Sometimes it takes ever to appear their to help you. The return is always easier.

Falhen Media

Nice places to get full car serviced. Friendly staff

Jerry Otte

Cecilia Felix

I went to get my oil changed today and they left motor extremely dirty with oil splashes everywhere!! Never going here again!!

Jessica Trujillo

I was fortunate enough to be taken care of by Jill the manager at the auto center. An issue came up in regards to an order. She took action, made it right and assisted me in getting my tires. Jill turned my nightmare into a DREAM. She truly works to solve the problems customers may have. Indefinitely will be back. Thanks Jill❤️ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Devin W

They really don't know about cars


ONLY GO HERE IF YOU'RE DESPERATE I came in late, because one of my tires was flat. (There were many people in front of me so this service took 3 hours, but that's understandable) The guy who looked at it said it looked like a standard nail made it flat and it'd be an easy fix, but they'd let me know if I needed a new tire. So, I walk around Walmart and come back and they're putting a new tire on my car without telling me. The same guy comes to see me with a tire(I'm fairly certain wasn't even mine) and shows me how I stripped the inner tire because of the flat. But the flat happened quickly and I drove out and back into a parking lot before I switched to a spare. I know it wasn't enough time to strip my tire(that I bought 3 months prior). But, you know, I'm a young girl so I'm the #1 target to get taken advantage of by auto companies. I'm obviously angry and skeptical while I wait with a scowl for my car. The guy ends up giving me a discount on the tire - for no reason since I couldn't reasonably complain - and tries to make me feel happy about it. I bought groceries the other day and opened up my trunk - THEY DIDN'T EVEN PUT MY SPARE BACK. So that was fun to do with an armful of groceries. Go somewhere else

Noel Soto

Horrible customer service and employees who act like your bothering them with your question.

Cherry and Chill Vibe

Awful service

Jj Jai

Ariana Tizapaneco

Emilie Woodward

I avoid Walmart if possible!! Over priced and the staff stalks you and treats everyone like they are stealing .and only checkout is self checkout but it does t accept cash??thumbs down##not cute##

jessie cutler

Felicia Hazelrig

Quick easy to get associate of needed

Anthony Jachimiak

ATX Karen

Samuel S

Lindsey Mcclendon

Nabil Al Nahin Chowdhury


Fixed my tire for free after finding that it was only off the bead.

Tracie Rusk

The price for an oil change was better than any in town and being Wal-mart you would think they would have an oil filter for your car... waited for two hours just to have them tell me they don’t have a filter but then she says...if you wanted to go to autozone or Napa and bring it back we could Change your oil??? she didn’t even offer to call ahead anywhere and locate a filter??? 45 minutes later two auto parts stores later finally resorting to the Chevy dealer for my filter I have my filter in hand and hope to not have to wait another 2 hours

Cynthia Snyder

Gary Ledbetter

They need a Commission because there is a lot of cars in line and they have to work non-stop to get them took care of and when they are booked with so many vehicles they should get an incentive of some type for doing so many vehicles and I was very satisfied with their service but they need more people so there's less wait time

Brenton Spendlove

Gary Braun

Aesthetic Shinobi

Alexandria Manley

Their tire prices are the cheapest in town, but they installed my directional summer tires incorrectly. I ended up with a flat tire a few thousand miles later caused by a nail and my tires wore unusually quickly. I still had to pay close to $200 for a total of two tires. Incorrect tire installation poses a danger to all drivers and this should have been rectified correctly. They're lucky I didn't hydroplane on these Alaskan roads and end up in the ditch. The manager admitted that, if I had hydroplaned, it would have been Wal Mart's fault. Lesson: CHECK DIRECTIONAL TIRE INSTALLATION. Edit: I ended up waiting for several hours for my tires to be rotated and installed, even after the manager told me he was was going to move me up in the line since they had made a mistake on my tire installation. After all of that, they still forgot to give me the tire that was not damaged. I had to go back and request that tire.

William Ramos

Arlo Bell

Jermaine Uterstaedt

Kyle Melville

Worst customer service ever. After originally being told 8-10 days and dealing with a bunch of incompetent people, I was told my tires had arrived on a Wednesday. The soonest we could get there was Friday and after waiting almost 3 hours my wife was told they only had 1 of the 4 tires in stock. Completely incompetent people, I know there's not a lot of options up here but I'd recommend you go elsewhere if at all possible. edit/update: was able to get ahold of a manager named Preston who was extremely helpful and ended up finding the tires hidden somewhere. Saved the day and earned an extra star for Walmart. Thanks dude.


Jessica Mcintosh

Great place for tires

Jackie Ngo Renner

James Doak

Jonah Paden

Taha Momin

Ghassan Abdallah

Excellent quality, service, with a reasonable price. Thanks for the smile snd the gorgeous job. Ghassan Abdallah

Enzo Castañeda Hernández

(Translated by Google) Bad service one calls do not respond, (Original) Mal servicio uno llama no responden,

Ricky Burghardt

Went to get tires but didn't know they won't put different size tires on a vehicle

Jeff Sage

Changlei Xia

Too long waiting.


Guillerno Carrillo


Iesha Alcantara

I can’t even set up an appointment, been on the phone for 20 minutes getting transferred

valyna ulrich

I would give this place a negative 5 if it were possible. Everytime i have tried to go to this place just to be granted the privledge of purchasing a tire from there i have waited in line for almost an hr just to be told they are booked solid.... Now ive come 30 min after opening and somehow they already had a 3 hr wait, which is due to having all of 2 employees (1 technician, 1 cashier). Be prepared to spend at least 40min in line, hear the phone ring nonstop while no one answers it, as well as to be told youll wait an ungodly amount of time for a job that would maybe take an hr. The most recent time, i waited 45 minutes in line to be told they could not take my rim from my tire because they " were not granted overtime this week, and needed to clean their shop , and if they didnt theyd get into trouble" - this was at 6pm and they close at 8pm, and all i literally needed was to purchase a new tire and have them take the rim off my old one so i could put it on myself at home. The employees look like the black hole of despair, and super thrilled to work there. I see they have a now hiring sign but it looks like thats not the place to be.i will gladly pay $50 more at Tire discounters to be serviced NOW, and to not sit for 3 hrs for a half fast job to waste more time at. Walmart get your stuff together before u go out of business

Sharmaine McRae

The staff was fantastic!!! Courteous, professional, gracious. I had a very frustrating experience regarding the policies and stock on-hand. In the end, I'm grateful that I'm rolling again, confidently and safely. Also, that I only feel mildly deceived/ripped off. Lessons learned :-)

Debra Malarkey

Great price on tires. But they may not have the size you need. I would call and check first

Suneth De Silva

This is one of the worst tire shops i'v ever been to. This place is ok for oil/filter changes if you dont mind waiting for very long times. But dont go for tire works. They are very incompetent on tire work. Didnt have or heard of TMPS scan tools to my surprise. Very arrogant and doesnt treat customers with respect. Their insurance its a total scam.

Rudy Gonzalez

El asistente del manager no me quizo instalar las llantas porque no eran los rines originales los originales son r13 y los que trae hoy son r14, el lo mas ridiculo que escuche, realmente no recomiendo esta tienda, la fecha y hora es 10/06/2018 at 12:15pm el asistente del manager prefirio atender a una mujer antes, o quiza por ser yo un hispano.

Alfredo Mendez

(Translated by Google) Very good, economical and efficient! (Original) Muy bueno, economico y eficiente!!

Rachid Amhal

Went there for tires.. Not only they refused to remove wheel locks.. but they also lost one of my wheels center cap... Not worth it


Excellent customer service, great prices in tires, fast service

michelle barone

Alfonso Magana

Isaias Guerrero

Waiting time for an oil change ridiculously STUPID!!! They open at 7am got there at 6:15am 4 cars in front of me got out of there 9:20

Scott Wiginton

To long i even had an appointment and took 7 hours to put on 4 tires

Steven Difederico

Customer service is terrible. Just avoid using Wal-Mart for anything involving a vehicle.

jonny medrano

Eric Reid

Great service

Marie Evans

Salvador Duarte

lenea Davis

They leave you sitting in a line for 45 minutes with no body saying anything just to find out you will still have a 2 hour wait

Stanley McSwain

Ken Moulton Jr.

Funny. ...well I originally thought they had done a great job, until I woke up to a flat tire. It hasn't even been put on the car. When I brought my wheel to them I said, "This has a slow leak. I would like the tire removed from the rim, the rim sanded and resurfaced, the tire re-mounted, and check it for leaks. If there are any leaks, plug them." I got it back and drove home with it in the trunk. I woke the next morning to install it and it was flat. Drove another 40min and asked them to read me what was done during the previous job. They said, "We filled it with air and it wasn't leaking." I had them take it back with the same i structions and Imagine what happened after they did what I asked them to actually do... It held air! They did not charge me to fix it, but that's an hour and a half out of my week that held me back from getting a sticker on an otherwise legal vehicle.

Rosie C

Had to wait more than an hour to get a patch on my tire. That’s on top of the wait I had to do outside to even get service.

Jonathan Morrison

Went in for a new tire was told they were over booked to come back tomorrow came back the next day and was told the same thing went to pep boysi and was taking care of in less than an hour, cost a little bit more but to actually get service and not a bad attitude is worth paying a little more


Great service and great staff! Very thankful for going above and beyond for me! Also being open on Sunday for a damsel in distress! Can’t thank you enough!

Gabriel Cordova

Jessica Thornton

This place is a joke. They turn customers away, claiming they're 6 hours backed up. The techs come out having whining fits about having to work. I spent both of my days off dealing with these people and still don't have an oil change. They should shut it down and use it for something worth while.


Had a bunch of things stolen out of my car

Pamela Ruelos

Mallory Heimer

ALRIGHT YA'LL! Let me tell you somethin', OK! My experience today at the (Aurora) Walmart Tires & Auto Center was absolutely heartwarming! ♡ Miss Linda ROCKS! She took care of me like my own momma would! She gave me confidence that my car was going to be taken care of. I am SO happy I got to meet her! She brightened my day! She is a BEAUTIFUL human being worthy of recognition! ♡ I was pleased with the results of service I requested to be done on my vehicle. Well done! A big THANK YOU to whomever worked on my car this Thursday afternoon! God bless you & have a very MERRY Christmas ! ! ! <3 Much Love, Mallory ♡

Carlos Cabezuela

Denise Kimmich

I waited a really long time but the staff, especially Catie, were awesome! I ordered my tires online through the website and saved a ton of money.

Ari Garndz

Best prices

Chantal LeGendre

They have no sense of urgency or organization. Went else where

Carlotta Jackreece

Ryan Day

Edson Munoz

very bad service...unfriendly auto care manager

Arturo Borboa De Unanue

15 min wait for oil recycling

Juan Echeverri

The employees always haven't good mod and overall, they believe that the people have time to waste. Go to another Walmart.

karissa leblanc

Joshua Kass

Went to a midas to get a tire patch. They told me it was unpatchable and needed a new tire.Came in to get a new tire. Old tire was flat due to a screw in it. They came out and told me that I didn't need a new one and patched it. Great customer service with great integrity

Monique Graves

Great oil changes

juan alberto avila

Everything you want and great prices

Scott Hilder

kat 88

Absolutely ridiculous. DO NOT go there. They have no clue what they are doing. Went there to get tire checked because car was vibrating. The MANAGER checked and said it was fine. I asked him if he was sure because i had my daughter and nephew in the car. He said there was nothing wrong with it. I went to a mechanic and they said my tire was about to blow. There was a huge lump in my tire. I would not recommend this place if you care about your and your family safety.

daniel magana

Matthew Gouge

Like others have said, this place is good awful. The employees don't care about you at all. The girl at the counter was more interested in flirting with guys than actually doing work.

Adrian Alexander

Good people that want to help but very old equipment so they can't really do anything. I had to take my own tire off in the parking lot just to be told they can't fix it.

Eduardo Aguirre

Johnboy Walton

I wish I could say something good about this place but I can't. I was the third person in line at 7 a.m. right when they opened and it still took them 4 hours to put on 4 new tires that I bought. Most of the bays in the back are closed or roped-off and a lot of times it's idle with nobody working. They have one guy working at the desk who answers phones, runs out to the parking lot, and tries to take care of customers. Plan on spending a half-hour in line just to be waited on each time you go to the counter. That is whether you're there to drop off or pick up. The second time I bought 4 tires online and they said they were in stock at the store. I just wanted to pick them up so I could go take them some place else to be put on. Even though they say they're in stock it doesn't mean anything. You have to wait until they actually pull the tires and bring them to the auto shop which could take 5 or 6 hours. If you show up before they send you the email saying the ready for pickup they will turn you away and they will not go get your tires. I used to go to Walmart in New Mexico and they were so much more organized and friendly. The store is full of inefficient and lazy workers. The management in Florence is also just horrible.

Jeremy S

Got there at 7am when they opened and was the 3rd person in line. Finally at 735 a mechanic showed up and said that the service writer called in and couldnt start anything till atleast 9. Had other errands to run for awhile that morning but when it was my turn at register i was told that they couldnt even start on my truck till atleast 1oclock. Was 5 in the afternoon when they called and said my truck was done. Y does it take 10 hrs to change 4 tires when i was 3rd person in line right when they open will never go back for anything in auto center

Joe Rosenwasser

Hit or miss, but they do have the cheapest services in town.

Fred Williams

Fast service, good prices, friendly and helpful staff.

Claudine Schubert

They were suppose to check fluids, and wind shield wipers, they said it was fine, it wasn't. I knew my wiper blades were bad, and no washer fluids. I was lied too.

Priscilla Lopez

They was helpful

Daniel Richardson

Arrived 25 minutes before closing, was told that they never took orders past an hour before closing. Then informed that this particular day they refused all orders 3 hours prior to close. We were also told that the one cashier was unable to write up an order, and the one technician similarly couldn't write an order, and was unwilling to wait for anyone to get there to do any work. The employees continued to give us different numbers, reasons and excuses for not wanting to work while they were still open without any cars in the bay until the assistant manager arrived and asked us what we wanted her to do? She said she asked the technician, and he said no. Apparently managers don't feel they have the authority to get employees to do their job. We had to stay the night in Florence, and were the first in line in the morning. It was three hours before my car was finished, but an additional 30 minutes hecause they were so short staffed.

Adrienne Chambers

Straight up crooks.

michelle stein

Very rude. Act like they really don't want to work. Told me to go somewhere else to fix what they can because they had one car in for a flat tire repair. The lady that checked me in Kimberly when I asked how long for the oil change said first come first serve. I was only one in the area. So asked again ok I'm the only one, how long will it take? She said depends on how long they want to take. Very rude the whole time. Just left and went somewhere else. Won't be going back here again

troy greene

Rebecca Martin

elite beauty

3 stars because the lady in customer service is unpleasantly rude. The engineers are brilliant, they work incredibly fast and are very helpful.

Starr H

Slow service but you cant beat the price of tires.

Jose Nava

Karen Gillispie

Was not a pleasant experience I had a blow out with kids in car called this walmart the guy I spoke to told me to come right over and I could get a tire and have it put on rim and out the door so I get girl named christina told me at 530 it wouldn't happen till around 740 and that would be to late cause they close at 8pm so I ask for a she paged one.and then went out to the bays and told the two a guy and girl working to go to lunch which ment zero people working on tires or cars for how ever long while at when mgr.came back I let her know I was standing outside the bay doors when she told them to both go to lunch.and how rude christina was.I myself was an assitmmgr.for walmart and mgr over the and never delt with an employee as rude at christina was.and a guy came in while I was waiting and he was turned away from getting a tire also.this tile needs to be watched by upper mgmt.on the times it takes to do each service 3.5 hrs to do what she told that needs to re train this person for sure..

Leonatd Johnson

David Cruz

Very nice staff indeed and very prompt

Jose Chavez

Worst Jeff is not competent with his customer service skills and does not give a $h!+ about anyone. He personally looked at my truck and drove it to service bay and an hour later tells me he can’t do the oil change because my dually truck is to big. Several other Walmart’s have serviced my truck many times in the past. Lazy people who don’t want to work. Just stay the f@k home...

Valentina Gonzalez

Cory Blane

Never go here.

Patrick Hollingsworth

Lines take forever because Walmarts in our area always understaff. Some times it takes longer to check out at the register than it does to get the work done on your vehicle

Mcsf Mcsf

Therealmrct .

I’ve noticed that I’ve seen a few reviews about them saying that they couldn’t get the oil not off they told me the same thing went to Pep Boys down the street and they changed it within 15 minutes something has to be done about this customer service it’s horrible and waiting 2 to 3 hours for oil change is unacceptable

Saul Vaquedano

Martha Garcia

David the supervisor was friendly enough to get my tire patch even though they were almost about to close. Can I just say that I am so appreciative of the employees here. I got off work late and had a nail in my tire my day was about to go completely south but turned back around when they were willing to squeeze me in to there already busy schedule. Thank you guys so much for your amazing service. You guys are a life saver!

Payton Hickerson

Tomi Watts

Very Good Service

Carlos Martinez

Good customer service. Great place to get new tires at a good prize. But no alignment service.

Johanna Abarca


Mr H

Ramon R

They do a great job changing my oil it's always crystal clear!!!

Sharolyn Bartley

The service was good.

Joel Parsons

Their oil change employees (located off the 54 and broadway in national city) are a bunch of jack asses and closed off their lot early and then sent me to a Walmart that didn't even have a oil change/ auto department on palm. Waste of time.

S. Andrew

Nice worker's but very slow customer service. Would recommend going to another auto shop

Vanessa Aguirre

Good job...great price

Ann Kallevig

Wonderful people, helpful, tells you exactly what it will cost. The only complaint was the had someone out sick with no way to call in a replacement

Isaias Medina

Courtney Abbott

Super big and super fun

vannessa palada

Kevin Wierman

Did not render services charged.

Melissa Wolfe

We went in knowing that it usually takes a very long time to get your vehicle done. We were given an estimate of 1.5 hours "maybe 2". It was THREE hours before they even got my van into the garage. So frustrating. The ladies at the front were polite and efficient with their limited tasks. Although it was kind of awkward when they were talking about quitting and where they would work instead.. I understand being understaffed and overbooked, but every time I saw a tech guy, they were moving slower than molasses or goofing off. No evidence of hustle whatsoever. There was one guy who noticed I had been there a while and went himself to go check on my vehicle and said it was almost done. He was polite and nice. The crazy thing is that I saw ~5 people turn away because of the long wait estimate. And that was before the day was halfway over! What poor management. The only reason I gave this place 2 stars over 1 is because you can't beat the price.

Rebecca Lucero

Glen Smith

Great customer service at this location.

Samantha Reinzan

Every time. Every. Time. I come in I get “we are short staffed, we can’t take you.”

Lanice Naylor

Great customer service help

springs mechanic

No idea what they are doing

Carissa Snider

Cheryl Newton

Beware I purchased tires here in February, one of the rear tires shredded three days later while I was in L.A. in heavy traffic, luckily I got a warranty on the tires it took about two hours to have that tire replaced. It’s June and one of the front tires has a crack in it. I believe the tires I purchased was dry rotted. And to top it off I went to Walmart to have my oil changed and have the tire replaced. They claimed two workers called off and they don’t have a tire guy. I told him Walmart has to do something because I came yesterday and at 7:00am and it was already 15 cars lined up. I went back today at 6:30am and it was cars lined up I stayed today because I don’t want to a flat while commute to work and I need my tire fixed. I have been waiting over 3 1/2 hours and my car is still not ready. Won’t purchase tires for Walmart again.

Cyndi Fabrizio

Great place for an oil change. Nice and cheap.

Jose Alberto

Abdulrahman Nahas

la banda chola lockotha

(Translated by Google) I was happy in that place (Original) Estuve alegre en ése lugar

William C Anderson

Outstanding services and warranties.

Charles Morgan

Service sticker was for a different vehicle, they flat out lied about checking the tire pressure, (claimed I had 32 psi when I actually had 80 psi. They did not bother to check it but marked it down anyway),. Engine started to knock within 30 miles. Coincidence? Brought it back and filed a claim. NEVER AGAIN! Please, do yourself and vehicular investment a favor and avoid this service location at all costs! PS: I was told that the machine sometimes prints the wrong mileage for next service due. If that were true, that is a pretty serious oops. It must also print the wrong oil weight used since my sticker does not match the paperwork. I feel really bad for the person who received my sticker. They will be WAY over due for an oil change while my next service was due 5000 miles ago. So sad. Seriously, get it together, Walmart.

Jeffrey Edwards

No one answers the phone

jeff young

They had people out of place that had no idea what was going on they were very rude to the customers they were avoiding helping anybody going outside to smoke or acting like they were doing something so they didn't have to help anybody very bad experience I haven't been on a Thanksgiving night in years and now I know why

Allison Christian

Great price on tires. Took a little longer than expected but for the price still 4 star

Natalie Warning

If you've read any of these reviews you'll know that Walmart has terribly slow service, but as a poor college student in need of new tires this was my best option for the price, but it was MUCH WORSE than I expected. I first went to the auto center in Fort Wright and was told it was a 5+ hour wait, so I turned around and went to Florence. I wasn't surprised when they told me it would be a 2 hour wait, so I left my keys and my car and ran some more errands. Two hours later, all 4 tires have been replaced for what I thought was a great deal, I hop in and drive to the front of the lot ready to leave when I notice my brake light has come on. I immediately turn around and head right back to the auto center because my car was definitely braking before I got tires. SO, somehow in the 2 hours they had my car Walmart managed to damage my brake lines. And it may seem like I'm jumping to conclusions, "How do you damage brakes by changing a tire? Maybe they were already bad," but I don't think so. What I know is that I had driven an hour and a half from Louisville the day before and the brakes were definitely working, they worked driving from Independence to Fort Wright to Florence, but as soon as I got in my car after getting tires my brake light was on and I had to mash the petal all the way to the floor to stop in the parking lot going maybe 25 mph. So, even if my car is old, there's no denying that somehow the Walmart techs damaged my car because I made the mistake to go here thinking I would save money. Also, they denied seeing any leaking brake fluid and said since they're "not a full service technician" they cannot report any other problems with the car except tires and oil. Never trusting Walmart again. 0/5 stars.

Tomas Kee

Do not bring your vehicle here. Bad manager and mechanics

Nicole Darling

They couldn't change my headlight

José R

Zaniiya Mcintosh

Guy on the phone had major attitude, and tries to act as if you don't know what you want when you're telling him exactly what you need.. the phone conversation just made me not go

boop loop

All the reviews here are bad but I don't know where these people have been because I have been treated so well here and have been here more times than I'd actually like

David Alexander

Cathy H

Jack Cintron

Robert Enross

Christy Montero

These guys did a very thorough job, even though I got a basic oil change. They were professional and pleasant and have a very hard job, but still managed to be friendly despite being understaffed. There was very high volume at this particular Auto Care Center that day (Saturday ) and there were only 2 techs working in the dock and the cashier was doing battery checks it seemed like every 5 minutes and even was ringing up people's groceries! They got the job done and I am thankful to the tech who did a great job and the team for holding it down so professionally despite a lot of pressure.

danyiel minifee

Mrs. Kimacha Bell-Myrick

I was first in line for an oil change they were thorough and quick. Thank you.

Ted Sorensen

Poor service terable

Stephanie Swain

Pulled up to this location today July 5th at 2pm, with a guy waiting ahead of me outside. I wait five minutes thinking someone has help him. But to my surprise no one was helping him. I then go inside and ask are you closed? Four crew member are at the desk and one a lady not only says yes, but she said absolutely we are closed. The crew begins to laugh as I walked out the door and then one of the male crew member said she know we are not close. At this point I don't know what to believe so I proceed to leave the tucker walmart auto center. How can the service get any worst. You are at work to compete a task but you want to continue to laugh and talk at work. Never again will I waste my time here.

Renee Wilson

Good prices, it takes longer then ever to get anything done. It can be a couple hoursfor a simple job

Harmony Kunzler

Tony Bouknight

Friendly service

Bald bathnor

Matthew Mowery

if you buy new tires they will add a ten dollar per tire fee to balance them. Paid 83 dollars a tire then look at the receipt and instead of just marking the price they tack on their extra ten without even telling you.

Huntaro G

New tires put on, was pretty quick. Nice staff

Jamie McDermott

samuel harris

The price was excellent the service was an hour sooner than I thought will definitely go here again

Timothy Worley

The service here was quite fast, and they told me of other issues with my vehicle. Though they could not fix these issues, they still made me aware so they could be tended. I Highly recommend walmart auto care center fairbanks for basic maintenece.

Danny LaMunyon

Used it 1time. Never again

Paul Masters

Fernando Ramirez

Terrible service, my first and last time, I'll never come back

Sean Haight

Kathren Smith

I find the customer service in the automotive center to be hit-and-miss there are some absolutely wonderful individuals that work in this department they make your day pleasurable they try to make things go as quickly as possible for you and then there are the others who even if you're just checking out a bag of dog food have to make everything just as complicated as possible and then there are the ones that just do not care at all about customer service they're annoyed at the fact that they have to see your face and they make that well-known

Caryn Mcmurray

I wanted tires, that I had ordered from walmart, balanced and mounted on my car, they wanted to charge me $20 a tire. Plus they had an hour and a half wait. So I called another local tire company and they said they'd do it for $12 a tire. Needless to say I went to the other place. And was outta there in about 45 minutes.

JEAN-CLAUDE Aeschlimann

Don Hunt Jr

Gsquared Fam

Tech came out to personally tell us everything they did and what problems they saw. Let us know what they could and could not do so there are no surprises.

Valorie Anguilm

Staff is very helpful

Roger - Sandra Fleming

Liang Liu

Van Strebe

Quick and cheap. Didnt get a call when it was done or would rate 5 stars. Also fluid check and misc. List are always nice

A Google User

Take for ever

Pronder k

eric mcintyre



Casey Jones

Paul F

I'm staeting this with a three, and here's the reasons why. Customer service, efficiency, and operations. The quick pros, the prices are the best in town, but as other reviews have stated, the cost is your time. If you have two or eight hours to kill, you can get your oil changed. Personally, I feel that people are lacking in basic auto care skills these day or they're just plain lazy. Anyway, I do what I can to avoid the auto auto center here. The girl that runs the desk is very talkative about things not related to your needs or issue. She gives you very non-descript information such as, " I'd call to let you know your car is done if they tell me". Not really the answer one would look for, but hey, if you're paying for cheap services, you get what you pay for. They either need to dedicate a minimum of two people to the desk, especially during the busy times, or have arnner that obtains frequent updates on the vehicles in the bay. Be sure you have a day with nothing scheduled when you go here, you'll be there for a quite a while.

Brian Harvey

Micah provided spot on service for me Thanks

Tom Swisher

Neophyter *

There was no wait. I arrived at opening, and was attended to immediately. The service was straight forward, and professional.

Derick Beaner


I will never go to this auto center again. The manager tried to put the wrong size tires on my car and added extra services to my bill without my knowing. In addition, the last time I had a battery installed, the dash panel (speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, warning lights, thermometer, etc) went out and nobody informed me of this. I found out when I cranked my car prior to leaving. Plus, they were unable to fix it. The manager told me they weren't working when I arrived..smh. Long story short, take your business elsewhere.

Russell Young

Ant Castillo

jarad freking

tw123456781 .

The most incompetent people that I have met in my life works at this Walmart

Ernesto D Bravo

Almost 3hrs waiting to install 2 tires is redicules

NeverShoutPeaches c

Thomas Upton

A little bit of a wait but service was excellent. P.s. coupon for 15 dollars off a synthetic oil change. Google search. Right now 44.99 minus the 15 32 after taxes excellent deal.

Patricia Guido

no way

Two stars because the manager and one of the techs were very friendly and apologetic. However, this place has to do better. Sadly, today’s generation is full of people who do not want to work. I came in an hour early before they open to wait in line for service only to be told 30 minutes after 7am that they do not have any workers available and they do not have a time when they would open. I’ve met a few of the workers there and they complain, feel entitled, think they can do what they want. Welcome to the new era!! Pathetic

Chelsea Becht

Marcia Cameron

(Translated by Google) A (Original) UN

Joel Costigan

If I could make this a zero star, I would. They never answer the phone. They are obviously understaffed. They also told me they would call me when my car was done being serviced but never did. I waited 2.5 hours to get my oil changed. gets worse.... A week later, I started my car, and it made loud noises and died. Walmart didn't put on the oil drain cap tight enough (or too tight, making it crack), and my car completely drained of oil. I bought a new cap, put in oil and brought it to a shop. They said it was too early to tell, but there could be permanent damage. My car had only 30,000 miles on it. Thanks Walmart for destroying my car.

Alexander Fletcher

If i could give them a negative stars i would, THE WORST customer service in northern kentucky. There slow dont care about there customer's. Takes a hour to check one person out, if theres a line then they go even slower, if you dont like the job go find a different one that simple , there just lazy there, so if you want a example of lazy go to walmart auto care

Robert Manon

vita barda


Note to store managers: 1. Stop allowing customers to check out at the tire and lube cash register if they aren’t there buying automotive services. Every time I go to have something serviced on one of our cars I have to wait in a long line behind some lady buying a shopping cart full of junk along with 14 other people. 2. Staff that station better. This section of store is always busy and the few employees there move very slow. I don’t blame them; it’s their job to deal with the endless line of non-auto service customers who are too lazy to checkout up front. 3. Services are “usually” done well but oil is always spilled above and below on cars after oil changes. After waiting hours EVERY TIME, I expect the job to be done so that I don’t have to crawl under my car afterwards. And tell the techs to make sure the oil filters are properly tightened please. 4. Two (now a total of three) of the four tires I had mounted on my wife’s car at Walmart have slow leaks. I believe they are leaking from the seal area. I believe this because I’ve taken the car back once already and the tech told me the leak was due to improper cleaning of the rim when the tires were mounted new. Now I have 2 more leaking. I’m frustrated.

Luana Lozada

I just don't understand. 4 1/2 hours to mount tires... This place needs to get it together..

Mohammad Adeel

Worst place ever they have no idea what they doing

deward overbay

Barry Reddoch

Waited for 30 min before someone help to have a oil change

James Connell

The worse service I have ever experienced, and this was the second time. Never again will I come to this Walmart for auto service. There were 4 or 5 bodies standing around and took 2.5 hours for an oil change.

Neftali Contreras

Chris J.

Excellent customer service! Friendly, fast and efficient! Swapped out the wrong battery that was installed in my car for the right one and only had to pay the difference! Thanks so much to these professionals!

sweetgoodygoody .

I should've known better and I should've read the reviews. If I could give it 0 star I would. Came for an oil change...told it would take an hour to an hour and a half. Ok cool. Almost 3 HOURS LATER my car has bot been touched. I asked at the 2 hour mark to see what is going on and was told that someone was ahead of me and said it would take another hour...mind you the person ahead of me informed him the I was ahead of the person. Smh! 2 seconds later telling me it would take 10 minutes...if my car was on the ground, I would have left. Oh and still not done after 10min by the way. AVOID if you can or cancel your plans for the whole day to spend time there. Never again.

Katrina Gray

I was inquiring about changing my tire, but tire person called out, so the manager came out to tell that he will take care of it the next morning due to short of staff!

hector cardena

Scott Poohole

Kevin Sauler

Waited too long, poor communication, poor customer service, didn't explain tire warranty well

Janagale Mawiye

Rude Associates.

Arlene Montilla

Waited 2.5hrs before they started tire installation

Anthony Sebastian

josh alza

Lucy Alcala

brian thomas

Waited forever, and then they told me they didn't have a torque wrench for my oil change.

Katherine Nater

Unprofessional people. One person cursed under their breath when something went wrong in front of me. They greased up the inside of my car. Very long wait. Yes it's cheaper but I'll pay more for an oil change for better service. Lesson learned.

James Dinser

Service was good. I had tires put on a car. The line at autobservice isbusually long and slow but that is because people check out their stuff in auto center instead of up front.

Hilda Fajardo

Claire Elizabeth

After an unfortunate flat tire incident, Walmart Tire & Auto Parts was a blessing. They helped us right away! Lee, our technician, went above and beyond what we hoped for. In addition, the store itself was very nice!

Miguel Angel Vazquez

Geat place, great prices


Fast service

Botanical Temple

John Lopez

Steve Ohm

Kathleen Mack

Best place for tires and oill change. Nice people and timely service

Ryan P

Busy, but they perform the services as offered.

Jay Conley


Ennila Falcon

3 hrs for oil change

Margie Rivamar

fast and coutious service

Laura Willis

Ky D

Horrible. If you are thinking about getting your car serviced, THINK AGAIN! Absolutely slow and unorganized. The workers do not clearly communicate what you are there for to each other. Sat for 2 hours after being the 1st car to arrive. And when they were finally done it was utterly unorganized to get me out the door. The “manager” was trying to spew directions that the workers had already done. Just give me my keys please.

Ed Pedersen

Slow. And incomplete service

Bearjew 619

I've seen sap run down a tree move faster than the associates in the auto department... Besides being slower than molasses the majority of the staff staying with the supervisors are rude..I honestly only put up with the bad customer service for the affordable pricing.. If price isn't an issue for you I'd recommend looking at other options

Bryan Kish

I came in at 8:45 am for two tires and an oil change. After changing my oil they parked my vehicle instead of putting it in the bay for the tires. An hour half to change my oil and another 25 minutes for my tires. Two customers including myself and I was next. I came early so I didn't have to wait all day.Still waiting. I usually never have issues with Walmart automotive. The total lack of proper management and communication is evident.

Wesner MIDI

Spencer Gasper

piss poor customer service and they are always understaffed which pushes wait times back even further than what seems to be their standard 2.5-3 hour estimate.

Robert Rodriguez

ruben echavarria

Gonzalo Guizar

chris lyden

Employees were arrogant and rude so I went elsewhere

Claudia Gaeta

(Translated by Google) The (Original) Los

Sean Kline

Clarissa Traylor

The lady working and very accommodating to my needs to show up so late the tire tech fit me in and even stayed late to

Jim Hardin

Very poor service.

Daniel Vera Martinez

Demasíada espera para un cambio de aceite.

Nat Montfe

No encientras todo lo que buscas en especial comida,ropa y juguetes

Javier Castrellon

I was received with great customer service by Linda and another lady with glasses. They are friendly and alert. A gentleman left his bag of items behind and they were cautious.

Marco Guevara

Ana Espinoza

frank caner

Khalil Salman

Good staff helpful

Joyce Buzbee

Took 4 hours to have 2 tires changed

Manuel Aguilera

Jennifer Sentman

I borrowed a friends car for a long road trip and to thank her i had to get her a oil change and wanted to suprise her with a car wash and inside being cleaned. Went to walmart and asked the the oil change with the extras like check fluids and vaccum the car cause i figured sweet one less step i have to do. I get home after all this and go to make sure all our stuff is out for our friend to take her car back and realized the back seat wasnt touched what so ever still french fries on the floor and stuff. So disapointed

MattAndMistyAdventures Edmondson

Brandon Combs

Abo Moh

kevin kelly

David Gillespie

horrible experience! They don't answer their phone and then they put you on hold whenever you do get through. I drove in 30 minutes to get to this Walmart after being told that the tire rotation was first come first serve. You would think they would have told me that it would be at least a two and a half hour wait on the phone to keep me from having to drive in 30 minutes. Once I got there, the customer service person allowed someone in front of me and others that had just gotten there. Really poor service and poor quality business. If I can give less than a one star I would have given zero!

Carlos Miranda

Horrible asf if i could put 0 stars i would

eric quinonez

Had to wait in line for an hour to pick up tires and have them mounted. Only one line for oil and tires. Could have sped things up if there were two lines! One hour in line just to be asked to get out of line and drive to back.

Brian Hubble

Oscar Garcia Jr

Do good work

Martin Flores

Great service very Quick

Miranda Martz

Someone stripped the bolt needed to change my oil. The manager, Mario, was truly wonderful. He used a special tool to remove the bolt and didn't change me a dime. Great customer service!

shelton abbott

Horrible experience.. they put the wrong oil plug in my vehicle, when brought back the next day because my oil light came on they told me it was fine. 3 weeks later I have no oil in my car and no light to notify me that’s its leaked out. When taking it to get checked my oil inspection fuse has been cut off. This could have costed me a new motor!! when calling them to tell them about this they told me they didn’t use metal washers and they didn’t touch the fuse box!! The customer service was even worse!!! Management was even rude and denied any of this said they pulled the cameras and that nothing was wrong. I ask how did they have cameras under the car and they didn’t have a response. When asking for corporates number I was hung up on!! Never ever come here!! Pay the extra money and get it done right!!!

Stanley Jules

Christina Muchmore

They are okay with regular oil changes but past that id go elsewhere. They mess up put wrong oil, forget to put something on, or put it on wrong and it ends up breaking. Plus if your not there the minute they open it's almost always over a two hour wait. I use to take my car here but now I'm looking elsewhere.

Heather Wharram


When pulling my car around my bumper, fender and door was hit, scratched and fiberglass is severely damaged. After filing a claim they are not owning up to damaging my vehicle even though I have a camera in my car with evidence-based recordings. Save yourself the damage to your vehicle and go to an actual professional.

Brenda Kilbury

Dave V.

Waited in line while a very inept employee attempted to write up an oil change and then she simply walked away leaving me waiting. I left to go to another place. Was ready to get 4 new tires too. Will not try there again.

Diana Solo

It took almost 2 hours to have the tires installed. No communications with the customer. Will not use this service again. Ordering on line was good. Delivery message was good.

Tanner Moore

Extremely bad customer service.

Michael Aranda

Went for a simple oil change. Had to wait 1 hour and 30 minutes. When I was getting ready to leave I notice they charged and used a cheap Fram filter when I gave them the stock filter to use. Worst part about it is they had no intention on giving it back until I said something to them. Definitely not coming back.

nolberto Garcia

Maria Sevedo

Yesenia Rivas

Line was super long and it took forever to get service. Everyone was working really slow, talking, making jokes, and having a bunch of people waiting.

Keith Henderson

A lol slow but good staff and manager

doron dobbins

Teresa Matos

The auto department wait line to change oil is ridiculous! Arrived at 6:30am. Opened at 7am. It took 1 hour for me just to paperwork. There's 1 man who takes 15 minutes per car. Walmart you need a better system!

April Baird-Carlton

These guys are great! The one guy that was in there at 7am got us back on the road in no time!

Cathy Moen

Miss Jay

I asked for fees prior to agreeing to service. She said about $30. I was still sticker stocked when $69 tire come out to $120. There where other smaller $3 , $2 charges not explained. Took almost 3 hours to change 1 tire. Not a great experience when your first time Walmart auto customer.

Madeline Amos

Jamie Westad

Robert was awesome

Joshua Harrison

The low prices may draw you in but you run the risk of them damaging your car, and if you are not willing to fight you will get screwed over. I went there on Christmas eve. I was visiting family and my father bought me snow tires because Boston can be brutal. When I showed up, tires were deflated and they said my tires was like that before I got there, no i just drove 150 miles that day and was fine. They ended up fixing it but two days later, I realized lug studs were broken. Went back and their shift manager Ralph confirmed that this has been happening to multiple people. He told me to take it to pep boys and bring the receipt to him personally and they will give me money for those repairs. Even the cashier overhead this and confirmed with me that I was not losing my mind, but they would not value that receipt and said this was a preexisting condition to my car. I told the upper management about this issue, and they said not to report this to corporate because they will just call the store and they will reject it. Terrible customer service, terrible safety issue, and very unprofessional business practice by this branch. Just buy their cheap tires and have someone else install them. The manager confirmed that they are not mechanics, so please go to a real mechanic that knows what they are doing.

Fidela Del Sacramento

Excelent service!!

Scott Bewley

If you purchase tires here expect to wait 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours for installation...

Michael Cunningham

They had this guy "J". He literally, single handedly, saved the titanic from sinking.. Thank You!

Fred W

My go to spot for tires. Driving 6k miles a month, I need to think value when replacing my tires. The Douglas Brand tires. Top notch service always. On March 25, 2018 the crew bent over backwards to get me back rolling. I drive taxi and make my money rolling. I came in needing to replace a tire right before closing. The norm I have experienced with some businesses is they say "You'll have to come back tomorrow". No way Jose. They not only fixed me up, but another customer as well.

Marc Joe

Went in for a battery exchange the idiot mechanic couldnt figure out why the battery kept shocking him finds out the genius was putting the negative with the positive and positive with the negative he damaged the first battery because of it... The manager looks like he doesnt care and the mechanics I doubt went threw any training or at that incompetent if you do decide to go there stand outside with your car to see what they are doing it the guy took out my holder for the splash guard left it outside and didnt even bother to put it back in my car!!!


Horibbly slow the manager looks tired and you will think someone Forced him to work in Walmart.

john bedoya

(Translated by Google) Today except for always, the service was faster. The staff could be friendlier. (Original) Hoy a excepción de siempre, el servicio fue mas rápido. El personal podria ser mas amable.

alirock2012 .

Waited in line for about 10 mins with 1 person in front of me im not mad at that caus me the possess might take a while but when its finally my turn the guy looking up tires for me to purchase i assume a manager comes out tells him to stop to assisting me like im not important to do something else so i sit there fir 10 mins in case it was important i was just ignored didnt even look my way like im in sorry well be right with you nothing so i walked out bunch of bull

Brandy Murray

Fast and courteous

Javier Negron

3 hours and no service done! Its incredible to wait for three hours and have the mechanic tell me he can't perform the service because the pices i.e. (skid plate and drain plug) are just to tight. This is ridiculous!

Daisha Rhodes

Very friendly..and great timing and price!!

Cindy Rae Hill

Absolute positive experience! Excellent customer service, excellent technicians, and huge thanks to both Yunus and Wilson, you both have been great, much appreciated! Highly recommend this Walmart Auto Center!! Thanks again!!

Christopher Huynh

Very poor customer service.

Dustin Stumbo

Took my Toyota Camry to get my oil changed. After an HOUR AND NINE MINUTES of waiting I was informed that they didn't have the tool/adapter to change the oil filter on one of the MOST SOLD VEHICLES IN AMERICA. So I went to valvoline up the road in Walton and I was IN AND OUT IN 14 MINUTES NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Save your time and money. Go somewhere else. Extremely dissatisfied.

David Hutt

Salomon Olivas

Shauna Riley

They where really nice at everything do.. there where good low prices

Andrew Ransick

I have there twice now. I was hoping my first experience wasn't the norm... turns out it was. I will not be spending any more of my hard earned money at this circus.

yabonjin pdx

Over busy, understaffed. Swapped my tires and a couple of them started leaking so I had to pump them up every three days. Went back twice to get them swapped and they were too busy to service me. Major inconvenience.

Teresa Bianucci

Berry helpfully I got 4tiers

White Noise Meditation LLC

You know? People don't give Walmart enough credit. They're awesome! Told me some things I had to have done but they don't do it there so I'm impressed with the honesty. They weren't just trying to make an extra buck! Cool people!

Mr. Sean

I give 3 stars becIse I dont like how understaffed Walmart keeps the automotive section, the employees are great. I just wish I could find someone there who had the time to help not be o overwhelmed because they are alone.

Allan Brown

Twice I’ve been here at open and they tell me they have a 2-3 hour wait before even starting my car. This morning they had 3 cars ahead of me and despite 3 of them working the guy said it would be at least 2 hours before starting. Called tire warehouse and they said they could have me in 40 minutes. Your associates are steering people away because they are lazy.

Michael Vandeventer

Great tires and service. Tires less than half the price of anyone else's. Nice to shop around while work is being done. I'll be back!

Sarah M

I got there at 8am did not leave until 1115 am

Paris Barnes Olson

BadFox 350

Jack Smock

Tonya Hartigan

They close at 5 on Sundays, it says 6 but in the fine print it says that every Walmart auto auto center varies. Great, informative staff & hard workers. They need more workers!

rich hodson

Worst experience ever there over 3 hours 4 times for them to attempt to make Brand new wheels and tires not shakeOnly to end up having to return them all because of bent wheels and still have not received a refund on the wheels never will Walmart get business from any of our numerous Vehicles again very dissatisfied and hopefully nobody else deals with this

Christian Bradley

Austin C


Sign says sun 8am. Here at 730 get told they don't open until 9am.

Erin Davis

Wanda Schlutt

Got here fairly early, before 9am- to get a battery and was told it would be an hour and 4 hours later, finally had a new battery.

Chris Nute

charles Fino

Good place

Christine D

Philip York Sr

I was there to pick up a online trailer tire order which they seem to have lost one of the two tire that were shipped there for me to pickup. Now the price of the tire has gone from $19.95 to 45.00 The online department will honor the sale price after I pay the 45.00 for another tire they will credit me for the difference. I have to tie up my money for there mistake. The Windham ME. store is the worst walmart I have ever done business with. They always mess up online orders.

Kristin Watson

Team is nice smiling and helpful!

Daniel Mascow

Shawn Vandiver

Ali Ko

Ashley Emery

Everyone was extremely nice and they fixed my tire in record time

Diego Santa

Long waiting for service but is afordable

Calvin Bozarth

Helpful folks

Kristy Fulton

Very helpful

Chad Wilson

Stoner Elvish Dwarf

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