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REVIEWS OF Siren's Cove Tattoo IN South Carolina

Shannon Marie

The best! So excited! Can't wait to finish my sleeve! Thanx so much!

Brittney Mahaffey

Sean Clark

Great people. Had an idea for a spontaneous tattoo and popped in to Sirens Cove. They squeezed me in and did a great job at a great price. Thanks Chase!

Kelsey Mickle

Sydney Lawson

BEST shop around! Clean, and fun environment. You won't be disappointed!!

Ross Alewine

Awesome environment and even better Artist. I have been tattooed all around the world and Alysia R. is by far the best I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Cant wait to go back and get more. I suggest you go in meet the artist and see what they can do for you.

Hope Lesley

My husband and I got our first tattoos to celebrate our ten year anniversary. They have our wedding date and the coordinates of the hotel we stayed at in St. Thomas for our honeymoon. We had a great experience. She did an amazing job. I felt very comfortable the entire time. Thanks!!


Siren's Cove Tattoo in Piedmont, SC is the best tattoo shop in South Carolina! Very sterile and clean, friendly environment, great custom artwork!!! Really comfortable setting, trendy looking shop! Pretty much any style they can do, black and grey, color, lettering, script, small pieces, large pieces, cover-ups, realism, traditional old school, ect.,ect.! Definitely reasonable prices, you get what you pay for! Check them out! You won't regret it!

Andrew Cole

Amazing artists and good people! I’m two sessions into a half sleeve with Alysia and I’m loving how it’s turned out so far. Everyone in my house has been tattooed by her, they all do great business at Siren’s Cove!

Priscilla Shipman

My husband and I walked in to see about getting an appointment set up for getting our tattoos done figuring we would make the appointment and come back in next week to get it done. Chase did both of our more simple tattoos right then, and was accommodating about the fact we had our 3 month old daughter with us. We are both extremely happy about our pieces and can't wait to come back next week to get more work done by Chase.

Donna Poulton

Got my first (and only so far) tattoo after the age of 50 done here by Alysia- have never regretted it! She listened to what I wanted and gave me more than I asked for! She was friendly- professional- obviously loves what she does. Her attention to detail is awesome! I would highly recommend her shop to anyone! Everything is neat and clean- can't go wrong by getting your body canvas work done here!

Jaslynn Kraemer

I would recommend chase he was very nice and did a great job. Took a little while to get started but once he did it only took 1hr 30min and my boyfriend got his touch up and only took a little bit. Love this place I would tell everyone to go here.

Will Dickerson

Oh my god, I can't believe I forgot to leave a good review for this amazing little shop! You wouldn't think it at first glance but this shop has one of the most talented artists I've come across in the area! The atmosphere was relaxed and the music was great. Super happy with my tattoo and as you can see, it healed up great. Looking forward to getting more work done by Alysia! -tattoo from a year ago

Gage Colondres

cool people,good prices, and awesome work!


Amazing talent. I gave her a general idea of what I wanted and she drew the most awesome original piece. Nobody else will ever tattoo. Alysia is awesome.


My wife and I have both been in twice over the past month for sessions with Alysia. You won’t find a better tattoo shop. These are great people who do great work. Would give more than 5 stars if I could.

Lindsey Gilstrap

Fixed several of my old tattoos by other shops that messed them up in the past! Highly recommend these guys!!!! My ugly tatts are now gorgeous!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤

cole starnes

Best tattoo shop ever! Alysia started and has been adding to my half sleeve for over a year now and does fabulous work! She is very creative and talented!

Nolan Price

Had a great experience getting a self-designed tattoo at Sirens Cove! Alysia spent 10 hours with me only taking breaks upon my request and the results were great. She also made professional recommendations and tweaked the design and size of my tattoo to better provide future additions. Highly skilled and I highly recommend.

Lifestyle of The Hewett's

Best tats around from amazing artists

Chris C

You guys do amazing work! Client for life right here! When I saw all these amazing cover-ups online, I knew I had to come here! Check this out!


Gary Watts

Very bad experience!! Very expensive for the quality!! Very painful was going to have a sleeve started there. But for price for the quality plus the pain know thanks.. But there's no second chances.

RJ Jones

Love my new tattoo! Great job you guys! Will be back SOON!!!!

Jaime Lester

Let you know soon about the artwork... heading there in April for Tattoo #4 of 8.

John B

Best work I've seen! Ask for Chase!

Billy Idolowski

Favorite tattoo shop, hands down! They make everyone feel comfortable, clean, great artists, great artwork! Amazing tattoo shop in SC!

michell gibbs

would recommend Alysia or chase they both do amazing work! Alysia did a full sleeve for me and some was a cover up! she did an amazing job! im definitely not done and will never go anywhere else! if you haven't checked them out you are missing out!!

Claudi K

I'll be back to hopefully continue my tattoo

MnM Castelli

Chase did an awesome job. Thanks


Chase is one of the best artists in town! He has personality for days. I watched him high tail into the parking lot on two wheels while sitting in the lobby. I'm thinking to myself, "Who the that?!" He comes in greets me and my two sisters with a smile. He already has done work for one of my sisters. He jokes around a bit to make us feel comfortable. He sketches our sister tattoo. We are in his Cadillac chair in no time. He used a comfort needle because one of was a little squemish. He was done in a flash with high quality work. I'm walking out thinking about when and where my next piece will be. Chase is a beast...I mean, the best! 100...

Kristen Laughter

I do not have tattoos lol but have followed their Facebook, page for awhile now and live yalls works for someone to bad review and bad mouth a shop they have never been too and to say, they, do crappy, work is wrong.. She did a tattoo of Ariel that she said was supposed to look like a realtic Ariel and a guy bashed it the customer loved it so that's all that matters.. So, if I ever do get a tattoo I will go here I have seen a lot if her work and it's great just because one person, doesn't like someone else's tattoo doesn't mean you have the right to, bash their business

Laycie Greene

Really great people !!

Wiretalker M

I would love to say I got a great tattoo. First I waited a month to get a consult for the tattoo’s that I have wanted 20 years. When I got the consult another tattoo was scheduled and I felt like my bare canvas was of no importance. First my least desired tattoo was picked as the one she wanted to do after she said maybe I did not want her but possibly her husband. But I saw one of her tattoos and that’s how I ended up there. I waited from July to September and this weekend would be the day. I emailed confirmation and let her know I was really glad to find someone to finally do my tattoo’s no reply. Today I got a text from an automated service that I could not reply. Telling the recipient that might be me but not my name the appointment date and time I set up to go to a link if I needed to change it. A tattoo is permanent and in my case at least to me important like my name so I will go look for a shop that cares to listen to me. Understand what I want and why plus get my name correct when actually contacting me or replying to my email. Had the first session been simply let me listen and draw something out I would have been glad to pay for that time but it really went like ok uh huh sure whatever ok your gonna bail and I not get paid. I might have had more confidence but I schetched with my busted broken wrist and looked at a blank stare. Then got no replies when I tried to confirm then got greeted by an automated text with a I can not understand reply once I tried to say my name was wrong. No one wants a person that can’t get your name right and won’t reply to do a tattoo for all I know the tattoo I saw you got lucky with it turning out ok. My name is not walten and I won’t be in for a tattoo that takes several sessions at $200 an hr for a shoulder tattoo. But I will post why since email is above you!

Britt Nunya

Best tattoo shop around!! ❤

Megan Paterson

Nice artists and nice place.


Not punctual. Shop could be cleaner.

Christine Petro

My son got his first tattoo there and they did amazing work.

matt tay

Siren's Cove Tattoo always tattoos me!

Tom Moore

Very talented, very good service, you can't go wrong visiting this place.

Brandon Davis

Me and my wife both got Ink here, Really great work will definitely be back

Kristin Wilson

Very clean, friendly, and comfortable environment. My last two tattoos were done by Alysia. She is incredible! I told her my ideas for the first one and she drew it out perfectly. The second one was a cover up and exceeded my expectations. Siren's Cove is the only shop I will go to now.

Bobby Baldwin

awesome people here i walked in having issues finding a good tattoo shop they were very understanding and easy to work with and got my tattoo done today everyone here is awesome and if u want to get tattoo this is the place to go

Suzanne Crawford

Very helpful and insightful. Awesome decor.

J Crawley

Love the shop, the people, and love my tattoos from here!

Chuck Flaherty

Great location and parking . Love the old school feel and theme of the shop! Incredibly clean and awesome knowledgeable professional staff . Unbelievably talented attests . You won’t be disappointed , stop by and speak to Alysia about your vision ! Thanks guys!

Justin Stubbs

Excellent tattoo shop. They have a great vibe and a cool place. Moreover the talent is top notch. I recommend Sirens Cove to everyone that asks about the best place to get ink.

M Garrett

Tim has done a few of my tattoos. He is a great artist and conversationalist. Makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Will definitely come back to have him do more!

Nathan Scott

Best place in SC to get a tattoo amazing staff everything came out perfect. Can’t wait to get more!

Tony Leonard

Steven Adrienne Cole

Great place for a tattoo!

michael attaway

I've sent many of friends, whom have been more than satisfied. Highly recommend!

Russell Truesdale

All 4 of my tattoos and all 7 of my wife's tattoos have come from Siren's Cove. Honestly, I haven't seen any work that originated in South Carolina that was any better than Alysia and Tim's (you'd be hard pressed to find a better tattoo from out of state, also, for that matter). Siren's Cove's mission of being the best tattoo shop in South Carolina is not a boastful or unrealistic goal. As a "tattoo nerd" and a professional, I have the ability and opportunity to speak with a great deal of individuals about this art form. A lot of the people I talk with either have plans for a new tattoo or coverup. Every. Single. Person. I. Talk. Tattoos. With. Is referred to Siren's Cove as they are truly the best in the state. Brett and Alysia have done a phenomenal job building their business. Alysia has obviously worked tediously to hone her craft. They have hired wonderfully. Tim is a perfect complement to both Alysia's style of artwork and the overall atmosphere within the shop. Anyway, now to the actual review. The shop is very well kept. The equipment, tools, and environment are sterile. The personalities are friendly, welcoming, and accepting of all. If you have an idea of the tattoo you want but are unsure of the exact layout, no worries; Alysia, Brett, and Tim are extemely artistic and can provide great insight. At the same time, if you're worried about the artistic abilities of the artists, just take a look around the shop; their art is proudly on display for all to see. The prices are very competitive in the upstate market (unless you're getting tattooed out of the back of some stranger's van). You can't go wrong by choosing Siren's cove for your next tattoo. P.S. pay no attention to sounds from the "cheap seats". As William Penn put it "The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves." Happy tattooing!

Rachel Taylor

I enjoyed my experience at Siren's Cove Tattoo. Chase tattooed my feather on my hand and was very quick and made me feel very comfortable. It looks great!!! Thank you so much!!

Andy Clarke

They do great work, great artists, great tattoos, thanks guys! ya'll are the best!

Barb Time

Lee Cole

Noah Johnson

Great tattoo shop! Went in mid afternoon, showed them a pic of the design I wanted, and they printed it out and tattooed it on me same day (and very efficiently). Very clean atmosphere, friendly and skilled staff. Will definitely be returning.

candi shelton

Mott Mott

My brother and I had appointments at 3:30. The artist on the phone was not interested in knowing any details, which I thought was odd at the time. We got there on time and they did not even know which artist I had scheduled with. Then we sat for an hour, hadn't even done paperwork and three guys sat in the back chatting. We watched all three walk out and go get a case of beer and proceeded to walk back to the back with it. No thank you I'm not going to beg you to take my money when Relentless Tattoo is just up the street.

Charles Teague

Love the people and love their artwork. Great sense of humor. Fun to be around and great tattoos

Luis Sustaita


Lauren Brown

Great experience!! Very talented artists!!

Kristina Hipps

I had Alysia do a tattoo on my leg 4/17/19 and not only did it turn out better than I thought she was amazing! She also done my husband the same day. She took her time and made sure they were exactly what we wanted even after I messaged her ahead of time & then changed it when I got there. Never did she complain or even seem aggravated. Not to mention she stayed 2 hours AFTER closing time just to make sure both of us got our ink finished. I will most definitely recommend her to anyone & if I decide to get more ink she will be my artist. I couldn’t be more satisfied with this artist & shop.

Yuliana Bergsman

Nice artist and very professional

Greg Guthrie

This is the best tattoo shop in South Carolina hands down. I have had a sleeve and hand tattoo, a chest piece, and my back is in progress. Alysia is super talented and everyone there is amazing. I am ready for my appointment tomorrow and would never go anywhere else. You should book an appointment with Alysia or Chase ASAP. You won’t find a more talented staff anywhere!

William Angelos Jacobs

Noah Cox

Best in the upstate! Go to Sirens for your first tattoo or get some new fresh ink! Top quality work!

chris stewart

Walked in earlier today and they took care of me. Sterile environment, cool staff, really chill environment. I highly recommend them, I already set up another appointment for next week to get more work done

Jessica Kovacs

Mike Sumner

Awesome work and Awesome artists and very reasonable on prices! Thumbs up!

Justin F

Favorite tattoo shop by far! BEST WORK AROUND!

Jay Baker

The best tattoos!! Coolest shop!

Jason Jeanes

Amazing people!

Heidi Robinson

Great service, would love to book a session with an artist to finish some things!!

Brian Cawthon

Alysia is the Best artist in the upstate! Thats about all that needs to be said if your looking to get inked!


Awesome and friendly people ! Artists are super talented

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