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REVIEWS OF Main Street Tattoo On Woodruff IN South Carolina

Jon Carter

Great artists and great designs, now go get yourself a tattoo from here and see how many physical "Likes" you get from the surrounding meatspace community. Also ask for Sarah, she is an insanely talented artist with the skills to back it up.

Travis Rice

Pierce did a great job on my tattoo. It was my first one and I'm glad Pierce was the one to do it.... he turned his music on, got in the zone, and went to work! I actually thought he was finished and it looked amazing..but he said let's take a short break then I can do the shading...and that made it even better! The attention to detail he has is amazing. The tat actually looks better than what I requested...everyone in the shop was super nice and helpful and clean with great personalities. You couldn't go wrong with chosing any artist from here. Just go to their Facebook page or the website page and they have photos from each artist and they all are great. But trust me you won't go wrong with Pierce!

Naimah Be

Glover is amazing!!!!! I love my tattoo!! He did an excellent job on my scar. I highly recommend

Chris Miller

I’ve had 2 cover ups by Jason. Awesome work!!! Would definetly recommend Jason and Main Street Tattoo. Very clean and professional.

jared york

Every time I come to main street tattoo it’s a treat. Friendly staff and they do great work. I live about 5 hours away and I drive that for my tattoo appointments with Jason because I enjoy going so much of that says anything.

Ufuk Yigit

I would have appointment, but it was first moved 45 min and after 30 min!!!

Jack Monday

very clean, very nice, went in kinda spur of the moment and the artist still took time to fit me in. very happy with the work.

Aubrey Alkire

Just a great place! Thomas did a wonderful job on my new tattoo and cleaned up an older one that looked horrible and now looks great. Highly recommend!


The artist that does my tattoos here is named Alex Flynn! Everything she has done on me, random people that i encounter praise the art that is inked on my skin! The attention is pretty cool and the fact i get to rock the ink that she has tattooed on me for the rest of life makes me feel so much peace! So no regrats! not even one! lol :P

Abby Sammut

Got my first tattoo here a few days ago. Elyse McKnight was my artist and she was awesome. I was nervous and her confidence put me right at ease. There were a few things about my design she told me might not work and we adjusted them and I love the results. I have been raving about her ever since. I would recommend this shop to anyone. Prices were reasonable as well.

Rich Houser

Mario did a wonderful job! Very professional and personable. Excellent work!!!

Richard Espindola

Chris Glover the Artist does a very good job with my first tattoo. I will get another tattoo later in the future.

Tiffany Cox

Sarah is fantastic! Super clean, neat

Megan Parsells

I want to say I am using my phone so please don't be too harsh on my grammatical errors! Hopefully what I experienced no one else will but I had to write a review about this. I make my appointment and pay my $60 deposit a month before my actual 1st session and I was told by my tattoo artist she would have the drawing done on the day of the 1st session. I get there my tattoo artist had forgotten about my appointment and decides to take a smoke break before she helps me. I understand things can get crazy, especially being a tattoo artist. So I wait an hour for her to draw the design. It was suppose to be a chest piece tattoo, I know it's going to take time. She gets back with the design. She starts crying saying she's just too sick to do the work. I understand people get sick. She did offer to get someone else to do it or to reschedule. I felt she just didn't want to do the work. She was all fine a dandy talking to all her friends in the shop a few minutes before while she was drawing the design. Then when it came down to it she backed out. After i accept the offer of another appointment, all the tears went away. Maybe that's not true maybe she had vertigo. Anywho, they can keep that $60. I'm going somewhere else more professional and serious. This was at the Mauldin location. And I'm from a town about an hour away. This was just a huge disappointment to me.

Christos Kazameas

Got a small piece done here, Glover did a great job. Crisp line work and perfect shading. He had a very gentle had even in a tough location and was very personable as well. Good dude. Appointment process felt like a doctor's office rather than a tat shop with the secretary like front desk, but it was a quick process from in to out on the day of. Price was definitely more expensive but don't let that let you short change a permanent choice.


I've gotten all of my tattoos from Mainstreet on woodruff. I've loved them all. I've worked with McKnight and Glover. They were both a pleasure to work with. The building is in a pretty good location, and the inside was cozy and clean. That doesn't go unnoticed.

Sonia Jordan

I can't say enough about how pleased I've been with this shop! After some other bad experiences, I now drive all the way from Athens, GA to have Jason do my tattoos! The staff are extremely friendly and went out of their way to make sure we had a pleasant experience. My daughter and I have both received cover up work by Jason. He is such an amazing artist! He makes sure his clients are involved from the beginning and makes it obvious that he wants them satisfied with the work! He attempts cover ups that other artists won't so his customers leave with something they are proud to show off. Can't thank Jason enough and can't wait for my next trip in!!

Christopher Doyle

These guys are simply the best in town! Customer satisfaction is always their primary goal and would never trust anyone else with my artwork.

Amanda Inman

Great space and great artists!

Kaitlyn Tant

I just got my tattoo there and it was awesome. The vibe is amazing. It's very laid back and the people there are just super nice and cool. Mario, my artist, was laid back and also did a very good job on my tattoo. I would definitely go back to Main Street for another tattoo.

Kyle Green

My tattoo is done by Chris Glover. His work was impeccable, and the tattoo appears to be standing up to the harshness of sunlight and time quite well. I'm extremely happy with it and I've gotten a lot of compliments. cleanliness is taken extremely seriously here, you have no health concerns to worry about it this location.

Daniel Nickles

Got my first tattoo here, getting an appointment was easy and the staff was very helpful. The tattoo itself is phenomenal, Chris was an amazing artist and I highly recommend people come here for any tattoos.

Sarah McMahan

If you are looking for the perfect place to get an amazing tattoo, Main Street is where it's at. If it's a cover-up, a custom design, a large or small piece, your first tattoo or your next of many...there is no better place to go! All of the artists are great (just look at their portfolios!). I went in about a year ago to have a tribal piece on my arm covered with flowers. I wasn't even sure if it could be done. I met Lindsey, and she took on the task of making a tattoo that I hated into something beautiful and that's exactly what she did! I love her work so much that we're turning the cover-up into a half-sleeve! As soon as you step through the door at either shop (Mauldin or Woodruff Road) you can see that they are clean, upscale places. I would recommend Main Street to anyone!

Dana van weenen

I had a tattoo on my side done by Mario he did an amazing job and really took his time to make sure the tattoo was exactly what I envisioned. Very professional, clean, and due to his expertise it was not painful at all. The front desk staff was very outgoing and welcoming! They made me feel comfortable from the minute I walked in. I highly recommend Main Street Tattoo! Thankyou again Mario!!! I am beyond satisfied with your work and can't wait for my next tattoo! -Dana

Courtney Pitts

Got a tattoo from Mario, he also did one for my mother free-hand..did a SUPER AWESOME job on both of us. The staff is all friendly and very welcoming. Definitely would recommend this place to other people and I am pretty sure I found my tattoo artist for life.

Michelle Stepp

This shop is wonderful! The artists here are high quality. Every artist has their own unique style, are experienced and exceptionally talented. I had my 2nd recent piece done here by Jason, the owner, and could not be happier. He did my other piece at the Mauldin shop and that location is amazing as well. The staff is personable, friendly and professional and the shop is clean from the front door to the back. I'll definitely be back for more artwork soon and will be spreading the word.

Emily Hardin

Sarah (@trabbathehut) was wonderful!

Brandon W

Came here to get my first tattoo and got exactly what I wanted. The staff is friendly and accomidating. After my appointment yesterday I can't imagine ever even thinking about going anywhere else but here to get more work done. Thanks again Mario for the awesome quality of work

Jorge Ernesto

Good service,Mario is a excellent artist!!!

Amber Johnson

Pierce Godbay is an absolutely amazing artist! P will listen to your needs, work with you to exceed expectation. The work he has done for me has been considered for INKed magazine. If you want to have a beautiful stunning tattoo, I recommend going to Pierce GODbay. He’s a tattoo king!!! His Facebook page and work speaks for itself!!

Kathryn Bridwell

Glover did an amazing job! The entire experience professional and he gave us exactly what we wanted. Will definitely visit them again!


Got my first tattoo here, Susan did an excellent job and I will go back again to get more from her! Clean facility and a nice and friendly staff.

Jon Aprile

Jason was incredible and did a tattoo coverup that was exactly what I wanted and it came out perfectly. Everyone in the shop was great and the entire experience was fun. I highly recommend Jason and his shops.

Molly Grace

Love the Shop! Glover is awesome love the environment. He always makes you feel right at home when he is tattooing. My tattoos that I have received from him are my favorite. I am defiantly proud to call him my go to guy for tattoos!

Crow Vizion

This place is awesome! Got 3 different pieces of art done by my man Glover, he is an amazing artist! Easily the best tattoo studio ive been to in the state! The whole staff is very welcoming and friendly, and it was just an awesome experience overall!! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality tattoo!

Courtlon Mauk

Went in to get a tattoo stenciled to see how lit looked and was received poorly by some blond chick at the front desk. I was asking to see if they could stencil the image I had printed out on my wrist to see how it looked but wasn't sure if they would even allow someone to do so or even if the stencil was big enough, but before I could even get to the size of the tattoo I was rudely cut off by this lady, and I quote, “let me first off say, that tattoo is WAY too small.” “Oh I know I said. I was getting to that.” Once she got the right size I was sternly told to keep my arm a certain way and when I suggested I put my arm on a flat surface I was yet again rudely told, “no just keep it flat like I showed you.” I have kept this place in mind for a while but will no longer do so. And will tell others of my experience as well.

Elizabeth Day

Jason is amazing! His crew are very friendly & helpful. Cleanest shop I've seen .Ill be back. The 3 hour drive was worth it!

Stephanie Guzman

Extremely happy! Went for my first tattoo and they’re super friendly and very helpful. Everyone is very professional and the place is very clean! Sarah an amazing job! Will definitely recommend!

Mitch Williams

Susan exceeded expectations and made us feel right at home! This is an awesome shop that is very clean!

Joshua-Ray Martinez

Good service, good food, good place to eat.

Brian Lawler

I went in to get a cover-up of an old tattoo. Lindsey set my appointment and designed my new tattoo from asking question and showing me some ideas. She came up with a cross and explained the use of shading and color. We decided to use green and purple in the cross and she made it look awesome!!! I was extremely please with the outcome and how every person took great pride in their place of business being clean. I highly recommend Lindsey and Main St Tattoo, if you want the best tattoo ever!!!

Daniel Pitman

Great tattoo artist name Glover does amazing work

Khristina Lawler

Shout out to Lindsey for the awesome artwork design and cover up tattoo. Completely satisfied with the new ink. Extremely impressed with the appearence of the facility (cleanliness) and service from the staff. Great job!!

Sabrina Nelson

Best place for a tattoo. Very professional.

Tonya Conn

Great experience! Jason is an amazing artist. The girls at the desk were very friendly. I would get another tattoo from the shop.

Zachary Hughes

Need I say more? Look at the other reviews and you know why this is the best tattoo shop around. Jason got me in and was well worth the wait. I can’t wait to go back for my next tattoo!

Lacey Clark

My cousin and I got AMAZING tattoos done by Elyse & Glover! Amazing shop and atmosphere! Very clean and beautifully decorated! I would recommend it to everyone!

Kelli Fowler

Very clean & nice ppl. Susan did an awesome job fixing an old tattoo. Very professional & took time to get it just the way I wanted it. Will go back to her for more!!

Alexandria White

The staff was friendly and made us feel very welcomed. Not discrediting the other artist because I’m sure they are great artist but Christopher was professional and we are satisfied with the way our tattoos look. The prices are also reasonable.

Bryan Astor

I have had two tattoos completed here and absolutely loved the experience!!! The first one was by Jessica who made me feel comfortable as it was my very first tattoo. The second was done by Sarah and I have to say, that was a blast!!!She made me feel right at home. We laughed a lot and I highly recommend her!I plan on getting my next tattoos from her. Her art work is amazing and the finished project is beyond what I was expecting. Could not have asked for better!If your new to the area, go here for you tattoo!!! Angie and Bri!

JC Sarnold

Big thanks to Glover for fixing what another tattoo "artist" screwed up. Couldn't have asked for a better result

Jo Vogel

Great tattoo artists

sidharth suresh

VERY PROFESSIONAL, and finished my tattoo within the promised time. Me and my wife got matching tattoos done by jessica and they are consistent with the design. I was impressed with the speed and accuracy of jessica's work . Jason was a super cool guy who gave us some cool tips to keep the tattoo safe... Overall a nice place to get a tattoo.


I have a appointment at the beginning of June with Sarah Mcknight. I have had five or so pieces done by her when she was in the Summerville area and she does amazing work. Thus why I am traveling to the up state to get more work done. From start to finish she is amazing and she really does care about her clients on top of that. I recommend her to anyone who is wanting to get a GREAT piece.

Skip Watkins

It was packed for shag dancing tonight.

Courtney Oswald

Super impressed with this shop! Not only is it the cleanest I've been in, the entire staff was so friendly! Will be back for sure! Thank you!!!

Robert Kane

I got my first tattoo here by Sarah McKnight and was extremely impressed with it. I was nervous on how it would look, being my first one and I am going back tomorrow for my second. Very impressed with the work by all of the artists I have seen here and this will be my go-to place for the coming years.

Nicole Ruquet

Amazing experience. Went in with a picture, and Sarah completely exceeded my expectations! She took her time making sure I got exactly what I wanted. The shop is very clean and the staff is professional. I also got an appointment quickly. The front desk was extremely accommodating and offered drinks multiple times. Friendly staff, talented artists, clean shop!!! I would recommend anyone to go here!

Gary Klein

Really wanted to have a good experience since I was handed Chris's business card from his wife but no good experience came from it. Called to discuss a Cover up option and was asked to make an appt. Go there for appointment, Chris asked to look at tattoo and told me what I would need to cover it up and said text me ideas. Literally there 3 minutes...that couldn't have been done over the phone or email? Sent an idea and heard back it would work. Was asked to said exact pic I wanted and never heard back. Reached out again and asked to call and make appt. Before I called I had another idea I wanted to run by Chris. Sent texts and pics and never heard back. Then called to make Appt, left voicemail and a week has gone by and still have not heard back from the office. Going elsewhere.

Jodie Perry

Loved it. Great staff and talented artists.

James Hodan

Elyse is great! She listened to my vague idea and gave me exactly what I had envisioned in my head. I'd been to other shops but hadn't gotten anyone to take me seriously or give me a design I thought would work. Elyse not only came up with a great design but executed the tattoo great as well. I will definitely be back!!

jessica anderson

Did an amazing job on mine and my friends tattoos

Mrs O

Mainstreet Tattoo on Woodruff is the best tattoo shop I have ever gotten work done at, the staff is extremely professional, precise and creative. I have never been more satisfied , from the the front desk Hailey to the owner Jason they are the epitome of professionalism. I personally work with Sarah! I can not say enough about her work, she is precise, creative and gentle. If you are a little nervous about your first tattoo please go see Sarah her spirit will put you at ease and you will leave with a lifetime tattoo o guarantee you will never forget. I speak from experience I have had 10 tattoos here and have not once been disappointed. They one free touch up without question. AMAZING THANK YOU MAINSTREET TATTOO AND SARAH YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING. .. Y.O

Serene Aguilar

Love my tattoo

Misty Casto

Went there and Glover did my piece.i am so happy with it.everyone was friendly,Glover is awesome.will be back in the future for sure

angel mims

I had Chris Glover he's a great artist very personable. I loved my faith flower tattoo and he also touched up my old tattoo for me to make it look better. I would definitely recommend this artist. The front staff at both locations are also awesome!

Martin Sullivan

Make sure to check out Sarah McKnight, she is amazing. She has done a lot of work on pieces for me---no one better out there!

Dean Lake

Loved it.

Seth Lasseigne

It's a nice welcoming environment and the people are friendly and funny. I've gotten every one of my tattoos from Glover and I'm more than satisfied with the results! If you're looking to get a tattoo, Main Street is the way to go, just drop by and they'll accommodate your every need! Will definitely be going back more in the future :)

Alexzandria Wahrer

Got my tattoo here about a month ago with Chris Glover. Couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. It healed just fine and looks great. I’ll be going to him for my tattoos regularly now he did a great job!


I had a forearm tattoo with Chris Glover, and greatly enjoyed my experience and the outcome!

Ian Lint

We got in next day and received AMAZING tattoos from Elyse. Thank you so much! Would recommend Main St to anyone.

Jesse McDonald

They really do do amazing tattoos they are great artists!

C de Vil

Glover is simply stunning! Went to him yesterday morning for our 5 hr. appt., super sweet guy and VERY professional! I feel super lucky to have Glover get to do my cover up! I

Cheryl Stalowski

Went here on a whim..... Not my first rodeo.... But was really pleasantly surprised.. Very clean and professional, incredibly creative and excellent service. So glad I went, would definitely be back.... Was in Greenville on business ... would recommend to anyone!!!!

Sarah Hopper

Mario did an awesome job. Everyone at the store was super nice. Everything was clean and organized.

Amelie Lauran X

Wonderful customer service, beautiful tattoo and Sarah was very professional and understanding. Will definitely be coming back for more!

Kaylee R

I got my tattoo on Saturday with Glover. He did an AMAZING job!!!!!! I got a heart shaped key that says "Follow your heart" on my right side. He made it fun and relaxing. I cannot wait to go back for my other ink! Plus, he has an great taste of music :)

Daniel Brewer

So, this was my first tattoo. I went in and set an appointment for about a week later due to some time constraints. That worked out to my benefit. I had a little more time to finalize my design. I found the design I wanted and the type of fill (a red based gradient) from two different sources and two different photos. I was a little nervous when I arrived, but Lindsey set a great atmosphere with comfortable conversation and excellent music selection. She took the two separate pieces I supplied and masterfully blended them to far exceed my expectations and hopes. She is, without a doubt, an artist.

Michelle Hill

I got my first tattoo here and was very happy with the experience. Chris was extremely patient with me and worked to get the image exactly how I envisioned it. The facility was clean and neat. I love my tattoo and am ready to go back to Chris to get the next one! I highly recommend!

Cheyenne Batson

The staff was really nice and they answered all the questions I had. It was a great first tattoo experience and I definitely plan on getting more. I will be coming here again!


Jason Burris did my first tattoo last week and I am so happy & I have gotten so many compliments on it. I had a great experience here! I first made a consultation to show Jason my tattoo idea & he really understood my vision & drew it up even better than I imagined. He is truly talented. Jason & everyone at the shop are very professional. I was a little nervous with it being my first tattoo but Jason & the other artists were so positive & so professional my nervousness went away. The young lady at the appointment desk checked on me often & offered me bottled water or a soft drink. Overall I had a great experience & I will definitely be back as well refer others to this shop. Thank you Jason & Main Street Tattoo on Woodruff guys rock!!

Elaine Pavis

Cool place

Melissa Davis

Alexandra Flynn is awesome! She's done for pieces for me and I cannot say enough good things about her work and attention to detail. An excellent artist.

Emily Blair

Glover has done several pieces for me. He’s amazing! Highly recommend.

AsiaJade Diamond

Forget anywhere else you've heard about!! TO ANYONE WHO WANTS A TATTOO, GO HERE!!!! OMMFG this place deserves their 5-Star Review Status and more! I am new to the area, and I wanted to get my husband's name tatted on me for his b-day. So I looked up the local tattoo shops on Google, and I came across Main Street Tattoos on Woodruff with their unanimous 5-Star ratings!!! I knew they were the place to go! I called the day before to set up an appointment, and they were so friendly and professional. I came in the next day, and Sarah was my artist. She was super nice and helpful, and she knew her stuff! I gave her my idea, and in about 5 minutes she drew up the PERFECT tattoo! 30-mins.later I was officially tatted with my hubby's name and it was so beautiful and better than I'd ever hoped! She made sure I was happy with the placement, design, and finished product. THANK YOU ALL!!!

Kurt Marshall

Pierce started a cover up for me today,he was extremely patient through the design process,and did a fantastic job,I am looking forward to getting back in the chair with him. Great guy,and a hell of an artist. The shop is Very CLEAN,and staffed by a great group of people,I won't be using anyone else.

Hannah C

I was planning on having my tattoo done here.. but was given a quote of around $400 for a medium sized tattoo with no color and was told there would be a four week wait for a Saturday. I know an artist can charge whatever they'd like, but …

Sarah Edmonds

I was very pleased with Main Street Tattoo! It was clean, comfortable, and Elyse did a great job on my small script tattoo. I highly recommend this shop.

Cheryl Redd

I came in with a few ideas and the nice lady at the front desk helped me narrow down my selection. Artist Sarah was great, and was able to design a wonderful tattoo for me. She took her time and was very professional. I highly recommend Sarah and Main Street Tattoo.

Drake Owen

Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. I was able to get an appointment just a few days after my consultation which was great. My artist was Sarah and she did a great job!

Phoebe Rowan

Got my first tattoo here on Monday. Mario was fantastic, super detail-oriented and professional but he made it super fun too. I'll definitely be back!!

Flipped Out Investments LLC

Glover did my cover up on a tattoo I've hated and been embarrassed of for years and now I have something I am EXTREMELY proud of. He does amazing work.

CHARRUA1523 Ram1500


Daniel Burris

Best tattoo shop in the Upstate! Voted as such last year. Friendly staff and extremely great work

abby kenney

Got my tattoo from Chris Glover. Great experience and in love with the results!

Keller Wines

Jason has been working on me for two years now and I love his work. This is a great, professional shop with incredible artists. I would recommend any of them.

kristin bolding

great place very clean, love the staff very friendly people definitely drop by for anything tattoo related ;)

Jason Perrone

Very professional. I browsed the artists portfolios and was able to work with Susan on a design that she spent a lot of time developing stylistically. She was great to work with and I would recommend her to anyone who digs neo-Japanese design.

Connie Hudson

Great tattoo by CJ Glover. Awesome lines, sharp letters. Love it

Sharon Schneider

Immaculate venue, talented artists. Had Sanskrit dates of personal importance applied. Very pleased with results.

Cheyenne Farmer

Went here for my first tattoo and had a great experience! Chris Glover was my artist and after a little issue with booking, he rectified it immediately. They were all very friendly and Glover helped to make my first tattoo experience very comfortable. I will definitely be going back for future tattoos!

Carla Reyes

I got two tattoos done by Mario and they came out amazing! They were my first tattoos and not only did he replicate exactly what I wanted but the experience was not as painful as expected. Everyone at Main Street was great! Thanks Payden for the AWESOME customer service. And Mario thanks for your badass skills and attitude! I would recommend them hands down!

Riahnna Morton

The experience i had at Main Street exceeded all my expectations. This is my first tattoo and I was nervous about the process. The woman at the front desk was nothing but polite and accommodating. Glover did my tattoo and did an awesome job! I will definitely becoming back for more work.

Roxanne Garza

Hands down jason is your guy to go to! He is absolutely wonderful! I've had two pieces done by him and he was well worth the wait! I will be going back very soon! He made my idea come to life!

Torri Roberts

Jessica did my tattoo last night and I am so happy with it. I will definitley be coming back!!

Kimberly Whiteside

Susan was awesome.

Adriana Castro

I was there like 3 weeks ago with Sara, she made an excellent job! very happy with the experience! I call again soon for another appointment

Ulises Moran

Sarah did a great job, very polite and professional.

Camryn M

I had an amazing experience at Main Street on Woodruff! I brought in my ideas and Glover worked so well with me to create something that I absolutely love. It's different from what I thought I wanted initially, but it's better than I could have ever imagined myself. Glover put his own artistic spin on it. The coloring, shading and line work are beyond fantastic. It was my first tattoo and it meant something important to me and I'm so glad Glover was able to make me feel comfortable and help me enjoy the time that I was there. I'm in love with my beautiful artwork and I'm so thankful that there's a great tattoo parlor with such talented artists so close to home. Highly recommended!!


I got a small piece done by Mario last week and I was very impressed with his work and professionalism. It's hard to find a decent tattoo artist that can draw straight lines but his work was flawless. I've gotten so many compliments on the intricate details he was able to achieve. I have a couple more tattoo ideas and I will only be going to Mario from now on!

Bently Buster

Great service great artists good prices

Michaela Ceballos

Always super nice. Got my thigh tat from Mario he is awesome!! Will definitely go back to him next tat

Anon Reviewer

I was asked to place a $20 deposit for an appointment for an $80 tattoo, so I did. I then returned a week or later for my tattoo and was charged the full $80. I stated that I already paid the deposit of $20 and they claimed I never did. I ended up paying $100 for a tattoo that should have been $50.

Giacomo Manera

Super friendly staff, and great artists! Shoutout to Mario!

Rebecca Trimble

The perfect place for my daughter and I to make her 18th birthday memorable! Susan is super talented and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

Hannah Hinton

By far the best tattoo experience and best tattoo I've ever gotten. I would recommend this place to everyone.

Conner Hill

I couldn't recommend this shop higher. Every employee I met with was friendly and helpful. The shop itself was located in a friendly, accessible park of Greenville and was clean and welcoming. Not only was I able to schedule my tattoo easily, but I was able to set up free consultations to talk through my tattoo ideas with artists. My tattoo artist was Sarah McKnight and I was greatly pleased with her service and with how my tattoo ended up. I had three different people ask for her information the day after I got my tattoo. I will be back!

Chris & Kim Lovell

Very sterile shop, friendly and professional artists, good pricing, and welcoming!! I went in today and had Elyse as my artist. She was very meticulous and made sure my tattoo was absolutely perfect. She was friendly, down to earth, and a really great artist. Would recommend her 100% to anyone looking to get a tattoo. Had a wonderful experience and will definitely be back!!

Lou D

Best place in town to get some ink. Everyone is real nice, easy to talk to, place is clean. My wife and I go to Alex for everything. Alex just finished a sugar skull for my wife this thing is banging with details. Top Notch Place! Recommend this place every time.

Kennetha Bennett

Best tattoo

Summer Cooper

Very professional and clean location for tattoos. I called to make an appointment on a Saturday night, based solely on the excellent google reviews for this tattoo parlor. I was in their shop the next day (Sunday) to get a small finger tattoo. The shop is very nice and has plenty of relaxing furniture and TVs while you wait. Staff was quick and efficient. My tattooer was Corey. He was personable and made sure I was happy with my choice. Overall, great experience and will be returning again soon for another tat.

Christopher Meng

Mario and the gang were awesome welcoming group when I walked in! I got a very meaningful tattoo done today and it turned out great!!!

Jessica Bradfield

I could not have asked for a better experience. The front desk people were helpful and kind. Jason Burris did my tattoo, and he made sure it was exactly what I wanted. He was respectful, warm, and was very attentive to every detail. I absolutely would come back. My new artwork is beautiful!

Dean Scott

This was my first tattoo and the experience with Pierce was awesome. Healed nicely and the detail was extraordinary. Even added the gray/white old age spots from the photo of my dog. Pricing was what I thought was fair. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments. (I’m 60) I had been researching tattoo artists off and on for 6 months and trying to decide on a design. The 8 week lead time was worth it to me and the finished product.

beverly ratkowski

Great customer service

Kirstin Ravan

I had my first tattoo ever done by Glover at Main Street Tattoo on Woodruff on 4/17/15. I could not have asked for my first tattooing experience to be any better. Glover did an amazing job. He has also did my second tattoo on my foot and it turned out amazing. He is not only a great at his job but is very friendly person, and very easy to talk to. Thanks again for an amazing experience!! Excited to have Glover to do future work on me in the future. :)

Matt Luke

Awesome shop. Very talented artists. I highly recommend Chris Glover.

Chanae Odumodu

I have came here for all of my tattoos, from my very first one. Glover has done my tats and I absolutely love him! He always does well, takes his time, and never forgets me (no matter how long it's been since I've last been in there). I've even gotten my sister to come in and get two tattoos from him too. We love him and we love this place! The front desk is always staffed with extremely fun, diverse, helpful people. They literally make my day from the moment I walk in, to the moment I walk out. I will continue coming back here. Strongly recommend this place to anyone looking to get some good ink & excellent service!

Kate S

Was in town for a visit. I’d had my first tattoos (I’m 69) done here last year & really liked them. I asked for Sarah & luckily she squeezed me in for an appointment. Sarah took time to go over some ideas I’d brought in and helped me sort out my choice. Had 2 Unalome tattoos- one simple scroll, one lotus & scroll. They’re wonderful! Sarah captured them perfectly! I’m looking forward to my next time in Greenville when I’ll get two more done! Highly recommended!

Luke Harvell

Very clean, kind staff and GREAT quality tattoo!

Maria latosha Lacey


Johnny Papp

Creativity at its finest with in a personable and highly professional atmosphere. Tattoo by Artist Mr. Glover I am an extremely happy customer and I will be back for more ink.

Crystal Paul

Staff was friendly and inviting. Great atmosphere! My friend could not make it, to hold my hand, last minute. However, the staff were very supportive, kind, and well-mannered in the process of getting my first tattoo. The artist, Sarah, made the process very calming and effortless. Definitely will come back for more! I would recommend Main St. on Woodruff to my friends and family. It was a wonderful experience! Thank you! :)

Joseph Britto

Jason took such great care of me! He took the time to listen to my wants and needs and he took a bad experience with another artist and completely turned it around! Not only did Jason make a customer for life, my wife will be getting her next tattoo there. Jason I can’t thank you enough!

Katye Gilliland

Jessica Richards did a phenomenal job on my handwriting tattoo! She was very efficient and professional! This shop is friendly, and welcoming, and I came to Woodruff road location because of that!! I would recommend this shop and these artists to anyone!!

Carolin Janitz

I was there for my first tattoo. They were friendly and I got an appointment with Chris. I explained him what I imagine to have and want to express and nearly wants to have.But I was open and trusted on his experience. He gave me some ideas he has and wanted to send me some ideas a few days later. He was nice but after leaving the shop never heard from him again. I wrote Text but no response. I am really disappointed. Especially if it is my first tat you want to feel comfortable and in good hands. Next time they can say if they are not interested in making this tat. Better than waiting. I read all the positive Postings and didn't expect that.

Karen Farley

Chris is the best tattoo artist in SC.

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