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REVIEWS OF Holy City Tattooing Collective IN South Carolina

Heather Harris

Had an awesome experience with Brittanie. My boyfriend and I called and made last minute plans to stop by on a Sunday. They were accommodating and friendly and I love love love my new tattoo!

Crystal Augustine

Cindy Woods

Brittany sis an awesome job! LOVE my tatoo!

Tyler Ann Smith

I had the best experience at Holy City! My artist was Jason and he was honest, respectful and extremely talented. I would suggest him or any one there to anyone. In fact, I have! I will definitely be back!

Jarred Hoelle

I've now received my second tattoo from Holy City and will never go anywhere else. I've been working with Jason on a sleeve and he's done an amazing job turning my rough ideas into reality. Everyone at the shop is super-friendly, talented, professional and welcoming.

Emily Riddle

I love this shop! I've been in multiple times to see Dennis and I have never been disappointed!

Olivia Rondeau

Had a great experience with Margo. It was my first tattoo and she was very helpful and understanding. She made sure I knew everything I needed to have a healthy beautiful tattoo. Great shop, very clean.

Alana Hopkins

Jason is the absolute best. Not only his artwork but his care, concern and understanding for just how important a single tattoo (or numerous) can be. He is the only person to have placed a tattoo on my son and since that, he has been creating beautiful memories of Tripp on our whole family. Jason is the absolute top in his profession and I highly recommend him to everyone!

michael cera

Artist seemed stuck up. I did not get a tattoo

Sarah Krueger

Love this place! The artists are amazing, professional, and extremely skilled. The quality of work is worth the wait for an appointment. They take their time with their designs and customize it to fit your body in an appropriate manner. They will tell you if a piece is too busy, and make it work in your favor so that you’re happy and ecstatic about your new tattoo. Having their work on your body is a badge of honor and I love showing mine off.

Mason Norman

Allegiance Ink

One of the best spots to get tattoo in Charleston! Top notch artists with the knowledge to give you a tattoo that’ll last a lifetime!

Kathleen T

Hands down THE most excellent Tattoo shop in Charleston SC and the surrounding areas. Jason and Margo are top notch and you are a fool if you let anyone other than Jason or Margo tattoo you. I adore the tattoo that Jason made on my inner wrist and they are both friendly yet utmost professionals at their craft.

christine bupp

Holy City is the only place to go. I drive in from Atlanta GA because they are so professional, clean and truly care. The skill level of the artists is amazing at such great prices!

Miriam Bumgarner

This is a very professional group of tattooists whose ethics are top notch. They are very friendly and work hard to give you the tattoo you want. They do, however, work by appointment only. The exception to this being their walk-in Saturdays. When my daughters were old enough Jason is who I took them to for their first tattoo. I am so excited to be going there for a cover-up of a tattoo I got elsewhere.

Sue Coleman

Leon Trotsky

Bob Hamilton

Had a great experience! Totally professional and ultra clean environment. Highest quality artwork in Charleston hands down! Took their time and listened to my vision for the piece and then put pen to paper and drew the perfect tattoo. There's nowhere else I'll ever go and I tell everyone to go to Holy City Tattoo!


Paul DeGroot

Nice place, but communication is horrendous. Never go again.

Colleen O'Reilly

Everyone in the shop was nice and really helpful. My tattoo looks beautiful!

Howard Stern

If you're interested in one of a kind tattooing in a great atmosphere, Holy City is the only shop you should be going to. The staff is welcoming and ready to work with you on your design. The shop is spotless and thankfully they're meticulous about keeping it so. Great people make a great place.

Alison Ross

I have pieces from Margo and Jason, and I can not recommend this shop highly enough. They are professional and kind, and worked with me to create the perfect compositions and placements. Looking forward to working with them many more times in the future.

Free Kopsak

Out of my 13 tattoos, Jason has done ten of them. He's undeniably talented and such a pleasure to be tattooed by. There isn't a single negative thing I can say about Jason or his parlor.

Nicholas Dowling

True professionals! Jason's professionalism, care and artistic eye have made each sitting looked forward to more and more each time. Friendly and personable, more than just a place to get tattooed. Love HCTC!


Margo is amazing! She reworked and added to an existing tattoo of mine. So thrilled with the results!

Roberta Piludu

One of the best!!!!

The Toasty One

Got my first tattoo here. Margo was super nice and helpful.

Sam Wurthmann

Great place, good vibes!

Aimee B

It has been a little while since getting my first tattoo for my 18th birthday and I've been considering getting another one and I was curious as to what other people had to say about this place and I was surprised by the bad reviews. I went in with something I had drawn as an idea and the artist talked with me about changing it a little bit and I agreed, after seeing his sketch I couldn't wait to see it done. He did an amazing job taking my idea and creating a beautiful tattoo. The people there were great as well. Since it was my first tattoo I was a little nervous about how much it might hurt but the people there helped me calm down and I am grateful for it. I ended up with a beautiful tattoo and had an over all great experience.

Aubrey Sanders

Love the shop, artists, and the tattoos I've gotten here. Y'all are awesome!

Marty Diamond

I have nothing but praise for the entire staff at Holy City Tattoo, they don't make you feel unwelcome, uncomfortable or beneath them when you walk in the door. I use Jason for my tattoos and I've never had such a knowledgeable professional tattooist do such clean work on me. A true student of the art of tattooing, I wouldn't even consider going anywhere else. Next thing is for him to fix a technically horrible tattoo on my wife that was done at a shop very close to them. I would without hesitation recommend them to anyone.

Doug Cuthill

Just had a small tattoo filled in. In an out in no time Austin did a great job.

Ian Knight

Amazing and friendly staff, incredibly talented and experienced, would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get a tattoo

Zach L

Great people they took care of me when I got light headed


Jason does outstanding work. I have received compliments on his work from other tattoo artists, which says a lot to me.


I have followed Britt around for my tats. She is awesome. My tats mean a lot to me and I love them. She makes it very addicting because all her work is so good. I would recommend her to anyone!

cat hagan

Margo was patient,kind and accommodating to my "special needs". & the coverup she pulled off was nothing short of miraculous! I highly recommend her artistic vision! ..I have found my new tattoo home!!! Clean, professional, helpful and welcoming.

Chris Fields

Went to Margo for a custom sleeve, excellent work, and the shop atmosphere is nice and open. Everyone was joking and chatting making for a great over experience. Can't wait for my next session. 5 stars to everyone at Holy City!

kyle chestnut

I highly recommend Holy CityTattooing.wait was very brief ,and atmosphere was very friendly. Jason did a cover up for my wife and he knew exactly what to do after looking at her original tatt with in seconds . I will be going back if I'm ever back in this area .

Paul G Bateman

Real professionals not some new kids practicing on you.

Taylor Cartrett

They're all amazing here. They have done all 3 of mine!

Lee Lazarus

Best tattoo artisans in town!!!!

Jessie Nickelson

I went to Holy City for my first tattoo and am blown away. Brittanie did an incredible job. I asked her what the pain would be like and she responded by saying something along the lines of “The pain you are going to feel today wont compare to the happiness you’re going to feel once it’s finished.” She was 110% right. I would highly recommend this shop.

Torey Warren

This was my first tattoo. It was in memory of our amazing daughter (20) who passed away after battling cancer for three years. I spoke with Jason and he understood how personal and emotional this was for me. He was so compassionate, as was the whole shop, and put me at ease. I now have Hannah's signature on my wrist forever and I am so very thankful for Jason and Holy City Tattoo. I highly recommend them.

Katie Y

Sorya Jaidee

Didn’t even get my tattoo done, that Jason guy and his wife are truly unprofessional. Felt like I was being heckled instead of trying to get anything done. Highly pretentious people, will never step foot in there again.

Wendy Iosa

Great people. I am a cancer survivor they gave me a picture, that when I look into a mirror I can see normal. God bless you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Pamela Toppings

Dennis did a GREAT job on my tattoo! It was my first one and I had struggled with the design for a while. The tattoo was for my grandson who died at only 2 months old, so it had to be perfect. Dennis was so helpful and was very kind to a first! The place was clean and Dennis was meticulous about his instruments...I will go back again!

Christina Louise

There isn't another shop I'd let tattoo me. They are attentive and go over everything with you long before they even get to the tattooing part. They are reasonable and would rather tell you no than doing something that is going to turn out less than perfect. Me, siblings, parents, friends ... I've brought many, many people here. Never a complaint and their ink is STILL stunning.

David Coleman

Great atmosphere and awesome staff. Everyone was great and the work they do is quality.

Bradley Kramer

Walked in and walked out with an awesome dragon tattoo. Jason and his staff are friendly, knowledgable, and educated. They help you if you need advice on where/ what you should get. They also have ethics, which most shops do not have and will talk to you about your tattoo if they think it won't work out. The dedication to art and not just a body shop is why I continue to go there. Don't expect to be treated like a number. If you want an artist and not just someone that can color between the lines HCTC is the place to go.


Jason did a cover for me a couple of years ago. He was very professional and very friendly. Fair prices and great work. You can't beat that!!

Taylor Monk

Janet Brummitt

Tanya Joiner

Brittanie was super awesome. she truly loves and is passionate about her job and tattoos she's almost fully covered herself. I got exactly what I wanted and she is drawing up a diabetic tat for my husband. She's very good at getting what you want drawn and open to changes. Also Me and my husband had our 2 sons with us ages 8 and 11 and she was totally cool with the kids being there(as long as thet are well behaved which i totally get) and our boys are, the waiting area although separated looks into work area so kids could see. It was cool to have my boys there and show them new things and experiences. Shop is very mom and pop-ish style building but clean and welcoming with the feeling of more intimate and hands on approach. Unlike a lot of other uptight and selfrighteous shops and artists around.

Joseph Nienstedt

A top shelf group of artists and everything you could want out of a tattoo shop: Cool people, great music, and a Dunkin' Donuts right across the street to feed your caffeine fix. Go over there and check out their portfolios - You will be impressed.

Tom Vattimo

Great experience. The fact that there is a line out front before opening should tell you about the talent here. It's like black Friday.

Tacito Gomez

Most unprofessional tattoo staff I've dealt with. They couldn't be more unhappy to have to tattoo you. Trying to get one of them to sit down and actually tattoo you is almost impossible. Don't listen to the positive reviews, most likely friends and family.

Jonathan Spires

Best tattoo shop ever. Fantastic people doing fantastic art. If you want to get inked, go to this shop.

Stephanie Eldridge

I gave Margo a concept and a general sketch and asked her to use her artistic judgment. She created the most beautiful shoulder pauldron - above and beyond what I could have imagined - which I am proud to wear as a tribute to my GG and grandmother. I look forward to growing old with this tattoo. The entire staff's professionalism was impressive; I would recommend Holy City to anyone who asks for a great shop in the Charleston, SC area.

Kathy Tran

Got Margo to draw something up for me to commemorate my grandpa. Loved the piece she created for me. Loved that she included all the things I wanted in the piece. Appreciated that she kept checking in during the session to make sure I was doing okay. And love her personality.

Nicola Wood

I have been tattooed by Jason numerous times, and tattooed by Dennis once. I have never had a bad experience with either of them. They are very professional, clean, and hands down the BEST artists in the Charleston area. I recommend them to everyone I meet.

Bert Cooper

Great artists hands down. My wife and I drive from south Ga to Charleston to get tattooed by these guys. Brittanie has done several of my daughters tattoos and is in the process of doing a large chest piece for me. Going anywhere else is a waste of time.

Tiffani Crider

I've never had a bad experience there! All of their artists are very professional and extremely talented....

Paul Frederick

Awesome Shop highly recommend

Molly McKee

Great service.

Wolf Wilson

russell weik

A Talented group of people

samantha sullivan

I searched for years for someone to complete my 3/4 sleeve tattoo. As soon as I walked into holy city I felt welcomed and was greeted by an artist. Not someone that wanted me to pick a design from a book or the internet. I felt completely at home and with such a large piece this was important to me as I would be spending alot of time there. Great staff, recommend them to everyone I get stopped daily asking who did my tattoo. I'll be coming back soon for my next piece!

Brian Kirkman

Amazing start to this cover up of what is going to be a future sleeve. Jason Eisenberg is hands down the best tattooist in Charleston. Honest and quality work.

Wylie B Cauthen

You won't get a more professional and well done tattoo anywhere in Charleston. I've been tattooed several times there and wouldn't go anywhere else.

Michael Gasser

Jason is a fantastic artist and shop owner. He does what he says and his work is second to none. I’m getting every tattoo from Jason until I run out of space or he retires! The place is cleaner than most hospitals and the staff couldn’t be nicer.

Steve Radley

Very professional and friendly. Extremely high quality work from all artists. Only place I will go to have work done.

Mike H

Hands down best tattoo shop in Charleston. Jason and the rest of the staff are amazing.

Erik Gibbons

Had to wait almost all day since it was walk-in day. Once in, Brittney however was professional, helpful and did an awesome job on my first tattoo. My friend also got one and hers turned out beautiful too! I'll go back for my second one!

Jillian Shaw

Lara Barkley

If you want a piece of art, not just a tattoo, done by people who care and love what they do, then Holy City is the place for you. I've spent many hours in this studio, and I'd never go anywhere else. Margo does my brilliant work, including a 3/4 sleeve. I get non-stop compliments on it. Everyone there is out-of-this-world talented.

Elizabeth Stanish

There are very few reviews I will take the time to write. Frankly I think it is better to talk with someone personally who has used that business’ services. That said, I started going to this shop on a walk in Saturday. It was to get matching tats with my sweetie. I fell in love! I have never felt so welcomed in a place. Brittanie is my artist, but they are all fantastic. I had no ink prior to that walk-in, but the experience was so awesome...I got three more; one of which is a leg sleeve that is nearing completion.

Richard Price

Helpful staff, cool atmosphere and their artist Brittany is professional and friendly.

Chris de Jong

Jason is absolutely amazing. Have gotten a few tattoos from him and he is great every time. Great place, great staff, all around good atmosphere.


I've been to see Jason a number of times now, and because of his knowledge and skill I won't go to anyone else. A great experience every time, and I recommend him to everyone and his shop to everyone I know.

Kenneth Mohn

Got my first ever tattoo here from Brittanie she was awesome! Very professional and personable would recommend to everyone!

Jim Hart

Pablo Arreola

Edward Cawthorn

Timely appointment and outstanding artwork. Dennis is an artist and excellent tattooist.

Amy Pillé

Jason does amazing work. Outstanding attention to detail. Brings new levels to the art. Highly recommend.

John Fuss

Best work around. Amazing the amount of talent in that shop.

Tom Steenhuysen

Seeing the artists at work is a visual treat. Their professional mindset is impressive and very assuring.

Hunter Bledsoe

I have been working on my Japanese inspired 3/4 sleeve with Dennis Hickman at Holy City Tatooing Collective. While I was searching around Charleston for a tattoo artist, I found it difficult to find someone that had the experience and the creativity that I was looking for in an artist. After much searching, I met Dennis Hickman. With his polished professionalism and his positive attitude, Dennis has been a joy to work with. We have made it through three sessions, and I am looking forward to having him complete my sleeve.

Garrett York

Me and my buddy got a tatoo here last minute and they still helped us. Great customer service, clean, and great quality, thanks holy city!

Jesse Nelson

I came in to the shop with some old artwork on my arm that was very much pieced together. Originally I sought out Margo as my artist but after a couple consultations she told me that my chosen subject matter (Japanese Dragon) was best left to Jason. I trusted her advice and after three sessions with Jason, I have a cohesive half sleeve that looks fantastic ! I was very nervous before going and I thought I was going to need to get a lot of laser to cover up some of my older tattoos that I was not happy with. Instead Jason was able to use his talent and skill to weave through the old pieces with the new seamlessly. This shop is in high demand and you can tell that when you enter. I was referred by multiple friends. No artist I met at the shop seems starving for business and that’s a good thing. High demand=reputable and talented. I waited patiently for my scheduled dates, arrived on time and had a great experience. Looking forward to going back for more work soon.

Brian vaughn

By far one of the best places to get a tattoo . I personally will not let any other shop work on me . Jason and his staff are very professional and very talented. I would highly recommend them . It is well worth the time and money .

Mark Hendey

Jason is by far the best Tattoo artist I have ever been to and the only one I will ever go to. I don't care where I am in the world I am coming back here. The guy is a total pro, an artist and gentleman. You WILL NOT find better than HCTC.

Chrissy G

Jason has done several custom pieces for me, all of which I'm extremely happy with. The ones that he did years ago are still holding pristine color and form. These folks are professionals with integrity, and that is definitely not something that you find at every shop.

Benjamin Harley

AA MFG INC double A Ron

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