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REVIEWS OF The Pittsburgh Tattoo Studio IN Pennsylvania


Excellent service. Amy did an amazing job on my piece.

Shelly Howell

Friendly ppl who are welcoming and ease any fears u may have. Easy going, great mannerism and absolutely beautiful ladys

patrick emerick

I walked in to the studio to schedule my first tattoo ever. I was greeted by Mia at the front desk as soon as I walked in. She was very pleasant and helpful with scheduling my tattoo and making sure everything was perfect for Amy. (The artist working on my tattoo) A month later, when it was time to get the ink done, I walked in and looked at all of the neat art work on the walls and at the books of previous customer's tattoos. The place was very clean, nicely set up and the music wasn't obnoxious in any way.(as I know how some places are) I waited about 15 minutes and Amy was ready to do my tattoo. She was very cheery and nice to talk to while I was getting the work done. She also periodically asked me if I was all good to keep going on. My tattoo was approximately the size of a CD case with high detail and she got it done in about 2 hours. I am very pleased with it and I will be going to her for future business. The Pittsburgh tattoo studio is a fantastic business and I highly recommend one to go in or give a call. You will be greeted with very pleasant and professional people!


Chris Bane

Brittany Hale

Katie Banks

Savanna LaVera

Went here for my birthday, to get a tattoo, and they refused to do what asked AND almost refused to give me my deposit back which was very annoying and made no sense considering they wouldn't do the tattoo I asked for. I only gave 3 stars because my sister got a small tattoo and was satisfied, but I will not be returning.

Nikki J

The shop is very clean, and the staff is friendly. I had a piercing done and Mia was awesome. Edit July 2018: Got a tattoo today from Dave, which I absolutely love. The staff are still amazing, and I will definitely be back for more tattoos.

A Google User

Kelly Krasuna

Pat Verbanec

Amy is an amazing tattoo artist. She pays close attention to detail and always delivers an outstanding experience. I will continue to recommend the Pittsburgh Tattoo Studio to friends, family, and ANYONE that needs tattoo work. I've had 2 old tattoos covered by her and I am completely happy with her work. If I could give a 10 star rating I would.

Maria Petry

Nice people. Listened to exactly what I wanted and then made it into artwork on my back ! Just Beautiful !! Thank You !

J. E. Parker

Amy did a great job taking my tattoo I had done 10 years ago and making it look new again. We even added to the tattoo and you cannot tell where the old was and where the new was added to it.

Alyssa Stacy

Marc Passione

I got my first tattoo from this studio and I could not be happier with how I was treated and, most importantly, how the tattoo came out. I emailed them with a few general questions and they responded to me the very next day at 7 in the morning! They were very happy to talk to me on the phone and I went to the shop that day to talk more about scripts to use and font sizes. The shop is kept in immaculate condition and every employee said hello to me and I was greeted with smiles all around. My tattoo was priced very fairly and was done in such a timely manor by Amy, the owner of the shop. Amy made me feel so comfortable and was amazing at her script work. I would recommend this studio to absolutely anybody interested in getting any tattoo. If I could recommend more than five stars, I WOULD!

Georgina hernandez

I got my nose belly and cartilage pierced here by MIA and honestly best experience ever, so clean so friendly so professional! Everything is great about this shop, i later sent my mom and my cousin to get their piercings there too!! And today i actually went it cz i had a "piercing emergency" my ring got out and the hole closed up in my nose i text MIA and she instantly tells me to come in and she'll take care of it, repierced it and got it all nice and good again!! THANK YOU MIA AND THANK YOU PGH TATTO ART STUDIO!! Definitely recommend this place!!

Denise Thomas

Leigh-Anne Richardson

Anti Social

Amanda Wankowski

Donna Gamrod

Very friendly

Ann Bustamante

I had a tattoo done by another studio and, while that tattoo was okay, I wasn't thrilled with it. I decided to have it covered. I talked to a few artists who didn't give me a lot of confidence. I'm so glad I didn't give up hope. Amy took a look at it and we discussed the ideas I had. Amy is an amazing artist. Her work is exceptional. She took mediocre work and covered it with something beautiful. I'm so happy with it. Thanks, Amy!

Genevieve Casbero Hasson

my daughter and I had her 2nd piercings done, i had my eight, all in our ears. so far so good!

Caitlin Gongas

Got a small, simple tattoo here today. I thought the studio was very clean and open. The staff members were nice, friendly, and professional. Amy was nice as well, made me feel comfortable, and patient with me as I felt faint. This studio was recommended to me, and I would definitely recommend this studio to anyone.

Veronica Radin

I got my cartilage pierced by Mia and had a wonderful experience! The atmosphere was comfortable and everyone there was super personable. I went less than 2 weeks ago, and my ear doesn't hurt at all; it even looks like it was done months ago!

Maria Fratangelo

I got my belly button pierced and and everyone was super nice, made me feel super welcome and I didn't feel uncomfortable asking questions I had. It was also super clean and I just had a good experience in general...definitely going back!

Nic Weirick

Brought my 6 year old daughter her for her first ear piercings. Mia did a wonderful job of communicating what to expect, making my daughter feel comfortable, and clearly explaining how to care for the piercings. Super clean and comfortable environment too. I highly recommend.

Francisco Cortes

Jason Holtzclaw

Gigi P

Melissa Mincek

Lauren did 3 of my tattoos she is really good and I wish her all the luck in her apprenticeship program!

Mr Do

Denver Jones

the lady pierced me wrong and didn’t show me how to clean it, so it got infected and i went deaf in my left ear until the swelling went down.

Stephanie Krepp

I got my rook pierced there less than a month ago and the top metal ball kept falling out. The first time I was able to retrieve the metal ball and they put in back in. The SECOND time it fell out I called and they told me to come in and were going to charge me two dollars for a new ball which was kind of annoying, but not a big deal. Come to find out that the rod was defective and it wouldn't screw back on correctly. They wanted to take the old piercing out and put a new one in and charge me for the new piece after they said in the first place the original was defective. At this point my ear was already becoming more irritated from all the times they messed around trying to get the old ball put back on that I was annoyed and disappointed so I left without anything I needed and unfortunately my 40 DOLLAR piercing had to be taken out. Lets hope it doesn't get infected :)

Sophia Diaz

The workers are so sweet there! I've never felt so welcome. They are super fun. When i got my nose peirced there, there wasnt any pressure to do it, they were very understanding. I just love it there and I recommend this place to ALL

Flavio Garcia

Amy did an unbelievable job!! My tattoo is better than I could ever imagine so is my wife's!! I will be going there any time I get one!!!!!

Jocelyn Kratzert

jacqueline kiss

Got my 3rd tattoo here within a year by Dave. The service is great.

Tim Booker

Janelle Crisp

Awesome and clean shop. Amy does great work. She covered up a tattoo that was a mess. Can't even tell it was ever there.

samantha zeiler

Kim Kanoza

LOVE AMY! She is the BEST!

Izzy Defalco

Ernie Santmyer

Nice place to expensive

Heather Rose

Always a pleasure to get tattooed by the lovely Amy

Meredith Worrall

Nice clean place. Went in for a jewelery change and ended up getting my nose pierced as well.Bre was so nice and friendly. She helped talk me into doing it. So happy I did. I love it.

Alexa P.

I had such a great experience here! My friend and I both got our helixes piercied. The store itself along with the piercing was very clean and the people working were so nice and talked us through the entire process. I would 100% recommend this place to anyone wanting to get their ear pierced!

Douglas Kasten

Nice shop on w liberty ave in dormont, exceptionally neat & clean. Staff are all friendly & more than happy to work with you on your design. Had a small piece done by Amy a few years ago & it's held up well. Would definitely reccomend this place, especially for first timers

Jake Buls


Mary Beth Vernau

DO NOT BE FOOLED! I came here because I read the reviews and believed that this was a good place for a friend & I to get a navel piercing. Yes the store was clean and the customer service was great (we worked with Mia) - everything appeared perfectly fine. However I started having problems with my piercing right away and when I contacted the store I was assured that everything was fine. After four months of "healing" I noticed a horribly ugly scar developing, severe pain despite washing & proper care, my piercing was healing crooked, and had actually significantly moved from its original location. I went to a different reputable piercer for his opinion and he told me my body was beginning to reject the jewelry. He said it is because it was a low quality piece (one the store had pierced me with) and was held together with glue and plastic. He also said the piercing was too shallow (something I'd feared at the time it was pierced & expressed). He removed the jewelry and showed me that the jewelry itself was so cheap the barbell was actually crooked - so I never even had a chance of it healing properly. I spent $50 walking in fully trusting the reputation of this company & the experience they offered. In the end I paid $50 for a great conversation with my piercer Mia & a huge ugly scar on my stomach that I will most likely live with from now on. Do not go to this shop for your piercing. It's a scam.

Jessica Dettling

Awesome place, great staff, really clean

alex anderson

Today I went in to get both of my ears pierced and to get a stud on my nose. Mia Johnston did my work and it couldn't have gone better. A sweet and amazing girl as well with the rest of her staff and shop. Pittsburgh Tattoo Studio does great work and has a great selection to choose from. Had an AMAZING experience and highly recommend for all who wants anything done!

Peter Sparico

Got a giant wolf paw tattoo today by Lauren such a friendly young lady, and will keep you talking through the process. Very talented and will only get better at her age.. Couldnt expected anything more! Thank you pittsburgh tattoo studio and Lauren.

Emma Blumer

So quality - I got a side wrist tattoo and was so impressed by their input about the design and the cleanliness and professionalism. Plus they're just such awesome people!

Stacy DelleDonne

Renee Abbondanza

Randy and Amy were both so nice and helpful. The place is nice and clean and newly decorated. I went to Amy for the first time to have something covered up that I have had for close to 14 years. I gave her an idea of what I wanted and she came up with a beautiful new tattoo for me. You can no longer see that old tattoo I couldn't wait to get rid of and I absolutely LOVE my new tattoo and can't wait to go back to Amy to add more to it. My overall experience was EXCELLENT!

john shopes

I took my daughter here to get her ears done for her first piercings. The girl who does the piercings was super nice and very accommodating considering my daughter was nervous being her first time. The shop is very very clean and the staff very professional. I camt recommend enough.


Raquel Herrera

Ali Nagy

A. Freaking. Mazing. The culture of tattoo shops is usually the all-black clad equivalent of an old boys club. This is the polar opposite. Clean, beautiful shop that would make ANYONE feel comfortable (I've even went in with my Mom!) and an absolutely amazing tattoo artist. Amy is wrapping up work on a half sleeve for me (amidst two other "break point" tattoos) that covered up work I had been told previously could never be fixed. She's a miracle worker. Five stars all day long!

Paige Swiderski

Bri was so friendly, and did a great job on my piercing but the owner of the shop was rude and far from professional I won’t be back


Have been here twice now to get my daughters’ piercings and I was SO impressed with everything about it. The staff is so friendly and professional. They are also very on top of things when the person getting pierced doesn’t feel so good afterwards. Very caring. The shop is impeccably clean and upscale. I simply can’t say a bad thing about it. We will definitely be back. Thank you to Lauren who pierced my daughter’s nose and Mia who pierced the other daughter’s navel. You girls are amazing!!!

Daria Montgomery

The environment of the shop is very welcoming. Mia pierced my nostril and answered any questions I had. She went through all the tools used, washed her hands in front of me, and opened all the tools to show that everything was sterile. The process was quick. I came in a few weeks later with questions about the bump I had on the inside of my nostril. I was given advice on how to get rid of it, and eventually it did. The staff is more than happy to help out and give advice. Overall, piercing wise, this shop is great and very professional.

John Zemmer


Sean Tunney

Laura Kowalski

Really great service, Mia was wonderful!

Jonathon Everitt

Kristen Kindle

Ken Krugh

Only place to get a tat. Great staff.

Bobbi G.

Jeremiah Reid

Amy has done three of my tattoos. Her work is great and I'd highly recommend. Easy to have a conversation with which is nice.

Andrew DeArment

10/10 Experience all around. The shop is clean, welcoming, and the staff is great. Dave did my tattoo and I couldn't be happier with the work he did. It looks great! Mia was awesome both over the phone and in-person helping me decide exactly what I wanted with some specifics of the design - she has a great personality and is very knowledgeable. I recommend this shop to anyone: expert staff, welcoming environment, and no reason to spend your money anywhere else.

Rose Amrhein


I hear a lot about Amy and not a lot about DAVE!! He is wonderful he did a small tattoo for both me and my dad very profession awesome script work! Kind and a wonderful artist! Also very clean! Highly recommend!

Zaire Meade

Went today to get my nipples pierced.I had an amazing experience. Definitely encourage everyone to visit them

Alexis Simonow

The staff were so friendly, and the prices are extremely reasonable.

Clare Iannotta

What an incredible experience for my first tattoo! Amy was so knowledgeable and comforting every step of the way. She took extraordinary care to make such a small tattoo (a semi-colon), exactly the way the I wanted. Thank you Amy!

Krista Ream

Claire Hoelsken

Very friendly and cleanly. Haven’t had any problems with my tragus piercing. Will be going back again

kari evans

Chasya Cowen

I'm changing my review because I've had nothing but pain since getting my peircings! I cannot get my peircing in after taking out because it was done on an angle with the needle! Really bad! I hate it! Do not get a peircing here!

Whitney Hendershot

I had a great experience with Amy! She's sweet and really listens as you describe what you want. She gives you exactly what you ask for! She's excellent!

Emma Cardi

horrible piercing services.

Jared McCarty

Not only was the studio itself extremely clean, but the staff made the entire experience enjoyable. Caylinne was the one who did my tattoo, and I'm incredibly satisfied with it. It was a very comfortable, easy going setting and I would recommend this studio to anyone.

Lauren Schmitt

Jimmy Sheets

If your going to mark your body for life, do it at this shop.

Alyssa Cake

Went in after looking online for a decent piercer. I was very happy upon walking in. Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff. When you go back to have your work done, they bring you to a private booth. Professional, clean, and they have an excellent selection of body jewelry.

Angelynn B.

I travelled 4 hours yesterday to visit Pittsburgh and go to an event later at night. I was considering getting my nipple pierced for a few weeks (never thought seriously about it before - I imagined all sorts of pain) and decided to just go for it and get it done in Pittsburgh during the day. This being my first piercing I was definitely nervous as I walked through the door. The entire experience though was amazing, and I'm really happy with it. Mia took care of me, explained everything well, couldn't have been sweeter, and the piercing itself is fantastic. I braced myself for pain but can't believe that I hardly even felt it! I'm super excited about the piercing and the experience was so great that I wouldn't be nervous in the future for other piercings. Definitely would go there again! :)

Chris Gombita

Great service. Friendly staff.

Shannon Brogdon

Brianne Kocher

Lauren was so great. She kept up conversation while she gave me a tattoo. The studio itself is very clean and inviting. All the staff was very nice. I highly recommend them!

Jade Mcdonald

It's awesome

Alison Laessig

I got my tragus pierced there 6 weeks ago. Bri was so friendly, she made sure everything was completely sterile, and she was patient with adjusting the guide mark so the piercing was exactly where I wanted. She explained how to care for it very clearly and I’ve had no complications since. I would definitely recommend this studio to anyone.

Kevin Ash

Fantastic. Affordably priced without being cheap. Lovely artists. Couldn't give more praise.

Anthony Null

This was my first tattoo and I can't say enough great things about this studio and the artist. David Feden was my tattoo artist and from beginning to end he was extremely knowledgeable and professional. The entire staff was wonderful and made every step as smooth as possible. I can't recommend this studio enough.


Have gotten multiple tattoos done by Amy and a piercing done by Mia and each experience has been great. Each employee is incredibly communicative and welcoming and their work is top quality. Have not even considered going anywhere else and would recommend to anybody wanting a tattoo or piercing.

asonte turner

Great environment.. very professional.. Caylinne does fantastic work

Garrett Maletto

Joe E

Robin Dugas

Super nice staff

Gabrielle Hill

Lauren was so warm and welcoming for my mom, sister and I to get different ear piercings. She cleaned up after we each went and was careful to walk us through the process of each piercing. I appreciated the reasonable pricing as well!

James Burggren

Their piecer is very inpierenced and lacks a steady hand. They will most likely mess up your piercing and then try to blame the mess up on your inability to sit still or whatever bull they can conjure up no to avoid having to give a refund. DO NOT let their "piercers" anywhere you with a needle. They are far more concerned with giving you a subpar piercing and upselling you shammy cleaning products than doing quality work. I cannot attest to there tattoo work, but PLEASE avoid getting pierced here like the plague.

Maritza Scarmack

This place is Great. My son got a great tattoo. Really guality stuff...going back for more.

Cody Zirkle

Great environment! Very clean and welcoming shop. Seems like everyone there loves what they do and it shows in their work. I admit I've only had one tattoo done by Amy (over 2 sessions) but it's pretty damn dope! It's a large black and gray shoulder piece. She's very personable and put me at ease for my first. Will definitely return for more ink. Highly recommended.

Jamie Teasdale

This place is wonderful! Amy and her staff made me feel so comfortable. Amy is amazing and excellent at what she does. She has not only created an amazing environment (beautiful and immaculate), she is so peaceful and gentle. My experience was perfect!

elizabeth rose



Daria Z

This place is awesome. Immaculately clean! All equipment and piercing jewelry is sterilized. There are separate rooms with full-body mirrors so you can see exactly what you look like before you leave. Brie pierced my ears...and even though I have lopsided earlobes, she made my piercings look symmetrical!! She worked with me for quite a while to make sure the marks were in good places. I already want to come back. Stellar experience!

Abigail Kaufman

Got a handwriting tattoo done by Dave, came out perfectly and better than I ever imagined! Very clean and professional, would recommend to anyone.

Raye Murphy

Alanna Reiter

Michelle Ledford

elena Lynn

Incredible atmosphere with very friendly staff!

Ron DeBold

Rhiannon Robb

Matthew Pinto

I have been going to Amy for my tattoos for six years now. Her work is amazing. Amy is super cool, easy to talk with, and very patient. Her new studio is ultra clean and hip. I have recommended her to my girlfriend and her sister. They both love her work. Randy and the rest of the staff at The Pittsburgh Tattoo Studio are very nice. If you want an amazing tattoo that you'll be super proud to show off, then you should go see Amy!

Molly Gorzelsky

I had a great experience getting a tattoo and piercing here. My tattoo artist was Lauren and she not only did a great job in my tattoo but she was a pleasure to talk to for the 2-3 hours it took. It was a pleasant simpler and every employee I interested with was kind and friendly.


i got my cartilage pierced and they got us in quick and got us done quick. the lady was very friendly and made the experience enjoyable. i had little pain during it and there’s barley any now (15 minutes after). overall a great experience!

Hannah Makarevich

Katelyn Marks

Lauren at this place was amazing! I got a daith piercing to hopefully help with migraines. She put me at ease, talked me through it the entire time, and made me feel so comfortable. It was over quickly and I can’t believe the lack of pain. Go see her! ❤️

morgan palovcik

My friend got a tattoo here, very clean and friendly, worked really fast and the design looks amazing

Terrie Dilling

Great piercing studio..Piercers are extremely friendly and knowledgeable!!!

Kandis Snyder

Romina Cuglieri

Super clean. Awesome atmosphere.

Angela Pinkerton

Today was my first time at The Pittsburgh Tattoo Studio. I had a great experience there. I appreciated how clean it looked and smelled inside. I went in to get my nose pierced. Right away I was greeted by Bri who was so friendly and professional. I was feeling anxious and she put me right at ease and was so personable. I will definitely come back again and will recommend the studio to my friends as well! Thanks Bri!

Tyler Eikenberg

My experience here was awesome! Amy was extremely friendly and helpful and asked questions to make sure my tattoo was exactly what I wanted. Will definitely be coming back here for future tattoos.


This was my first tattoo and Amy did an amazing job! The place is spotless and she made me feel really comfortable with the whole process. Amy has a lot of experience and I would definitely recommend her especially for someone's first tattoo.


Probably the absolutely worst experience ever. Great on the phone but when we arrived.... We drove in from out of town after emailing our design, placing a deposit, and being given a price. Running late, our appointment was at 7pm, we called at 7:01 and said we'd be 10 minutes out. When we arrived, some dude showed us 3 sizes of our design and said that the price we were quoted and had left a deposit for was for a very small tattoo... Not what we told on the phone but ok. No problem. We picked a size and the guy asked us where we wanted it. After showing him, he said that he was going to the back to draw the stencil. 20 minutes later, he returned with someone I can only imagine was the manager or owner who said that it was getting late, they already wasted 45 minutes, and it wasn't a good fit (us and the shop)... Are you kidding? We were waiting for their staff to prepare the stencil, had just driven 500 miles, and this BS? Anyway... We left, they did, thankfully refund the deposit after saying it wasn't their policy to do so, and we went elsewhere the next day and got a better, unique design at a better price. Avoid this place like the plague!

alex mccartney

Dave did my tattoo, a wonderful watercolor piece, I love it! He was professional, clean and flexible with the design. Definitely coming to Pittsburgh Tattoo Studio for the next one.

kosfor4life {Sarah Kosmer}

Amazing place!!! I got my nose pierced, it was clean, great workers, and amazing survive. They made me feel real comfortable and answered all my questions patiently. Highly recommend!!

John G

Went here for my pony tattoo in March 2019. Amy did great! Lines are crisp and clean, everything looks awesome after healing up. The wife looked at mine, then looked at her own (done in Morgantown) and almost cried. We're going to make appointments for September to go back. Amazing work, couldn't be happier.

Paranormal- Topher#HTD4LIFE

Awsome people great artists

sam gayu

Kylie Miller

Recently got two piercings and to say the least it is a very clean place with really well presented and respectable staff. It's very laid back and chill, but also professional, and made me feel extremely comfortable and welcome. I highly recommend piercing there and the prices are very fair and affordable! Not really sure about the tattoo's, but the designs displayed in the shop are beautiful and seems to be just as clean.

T J Cipppa

My daughter's 3rd piercing. Very quick, clean and professional.

Mia Johnston

I've had several tattoo sessions done by Amy Ausiello and several piercings done In the studio. It's a clean environment, comfortable for kids getting their first ear lobe piercing or adults getting their first or 10th tattoo. Good tattoo, piercing, jewelry, and aftercare prices. Always a great day at the Pittsburgh Tattoo Studio.

Michael Gaitaniella

Lori Naser

This studio is absolutely gorgeous and extremely clean. All of the staff members are so personable and professional. I brought my daughter here for piercings and I would highly recommend them!

Ifeyinwa Uwazie

I went as moral support for my friend who got some piercings from them. The space was very clean from the lobby to the private room! Super comfy chairs to wait in and an awesome playlist! Very kind staff and the piercer, specifically, was lovely (much nicer experience overall than where I went for my piercings)! I might have to become a costumer, even though it's a bit of a drive for me!

Nicole Bruno

I got my septum done here and it was extremely low and beyond painful due to them piercing it in the wrong spot. I bought jewelry from them and went to change it just to find out I couldn't even change it to any other jewelry because it wouldn't fit due to their poor placement. I asked for a repierce due to their mistake and they would not. They made me pay for it again even though it was their fault. Unprofessional. I will never go back again.

Alexandra Seeberger

I got my nose pierced here in July, the place is very clean and very nice. The workers are all so friendly and helpful with decision making. I had an amazing experience here, and plan on returning. I have since told other people of my good experience. I can't remember my piercer' name, she was only 18 so I was a bit hesitant, but she helped me through it and she was amazing. I'm glad I picked this place. 5 Stars well deserved.

Anna Savić

This place is awesome! I wish I could give it more. The atmosphere is great and welcoming... The staff is awesome as well, they're very welcoming and easy to talk to. Mia, the girl who pierced my rook knew exactly what she was doing, I watched every second of it so I knew everything was sterol, she's super organized and talked me through every step. I was nervous since not having been pierced in so long. She's very soothing and gentle. I will definitely be going back to Mia. REQUEST HER, she's great!!

Brady Martin

This Place is awesome! From the first step you take in the door you can see that the Pittsburgh Tattoo Studio is something different, a refreshing upgrade from the typical dirty shop with cliché tattoo art samples covering the walls. The space is clean and aesthetically pleasing and their logo is pure genius! The three people there I have met (Co-Owners Amy and Randy and piercer Athena) are all super cool and very accommodating. There is no intimidation of giant tattoo covered biker looking guys about to take a needle to you. These are down to earth people that are fun and easy to talk to. They are very polite, professional and skilled at their craft. Amy, the lead artist is a top tattooist in the area. She will work with you to develop the perfect piece of art then can really deliver when it comes to the finished product. The images of her work on the website speak for themselves. They take the time to explain the process to make you feel at ease and comfortable once you are in the chair. It doesn't matter if this is your first experience in a tattoo shop or you are filling in the last bit of uninked flesh, you will like it here. I have sent many of my friends here and they are all very happy with the results. This isn't the cheapest shop in the city by any means but you get what you pay for and when it comes to tattoos I want the best, I am confident I have found it.

Madinah Mcgee

Mia was great with everything!

Mary Kate

I’ve only had piercings done here, however I have yet to have a bad experience. The staff are friendly, greeting you upon entrance. The shop is always clean. The piercers talk you through every step as they go. And pricing... you couldn’t ask for better pricing!

Dozier Young

Nice staff and Amy is 2nd to none!!!

Jeffrey Clark

David Synowiec

Great service and kind, helpful staff. Just bought a gift card for Christmas and they treated us like family.

Katherine M

Got my tattoo from Amy at more or less the spur of the moment (went with someone else getting her first, and for one for me). I LOVE her work! She was very personable and professional. The shop was beautiful and everything as clean as could be. Her work is top notch and I found her prices to be extremely reasonable. If you are looking for a beautiful tattoo, I can't recommend her enough!


I got my first tattoo at the Pittsburgh Tattoo Studio on May 11th, 2019 and I had the best experience I could ever have! I worked with Lauren on creating the perfect tattoo for my late grandfather. She brought my ideas to life and I couldn’t ask for a better tattoo for him than what she gave. I love it so much! If you are looking into getting your next tattoo here, please ask for Lauren, she is so wonderful ☺️

Shannon from the Y

This place did an excellent job on my son's tattoo. Amy was so happy, kind and helpful. She took her time and perfected the piece. I will be going back for my own tattoo. Super clean, modern, easy parking. Everyone was helpful. Excellent shop.

Jesper Lauge Larsen

I had such a good experience at the Tattoo Studio! There were nothing but smiles and good times! Ask for Lauren!

Tanner May

Got a tattoo from Amy and honestly, the tattoo itself was ok… though she was pretty unprofessional. She criticized some of my other tattoos from other artists (even though the other work was waaay better than hers). As well, she didn't even wear gloves!!!! Talk about a clean environment?? Really?? Never going back again. I would not recommend her to anyone unless you want unprofessional service.

itztrippytroy d

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