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REVIEWS OF Tattooing By Mee IN Pennsylvania

Brian Delacruz

Very professional and down to earth, Got an awesome tattoo for a fair price. It's real artwork and they were gentle as well.

Jessey Horn

If I could give zero stars customer service I would. I am very disappointed in him as he did all my other tattoos


Jennifer Butt

Suli Al-Salem

I got my first tattoo here and I was so unbelievably happy with the service and how kind the tattooist were. The work was just incredible too. Everyone asks me where I got it done at because of the amazing quality and detail that was put into it. I couldnt be anymore happier and honestly I’ve never heard anything bad from the friends I recommended to go there. Best place to go to for a tattoo no doubt

robert coldren

Had several pieces done there by several artists over the years. They do good work at a fair price. Everything is super clean and done with care. Great place to get your first tat


Joylynn Valdes

Where do I begin? Mee has done all my work, and I am so very pleased! I have gone to him since I was 18, he's such a great artist to work with. I have over nine tattoos and I love them all! His hand work is flawless, and his needlework is just amazing. I recently got a tattoo down my spine, it took him very little time, and I love how well it turned out! His location is easy to get to, his studio is uniquely his own, and everyone there has their own personality they display and it's just a great environment.

Melinda Burkett

Great place as well as great artists. Had a few piercings done by Mee and he's amazing. If you want a clean and organized place that have nice people Tattoo By Mee is the place to go.

Ken Walters

Superb. MEE was awesome. He has such a great personality and does great work!

Maddie Kready

Olajuwon Melvin

Leigh Apple

I received my second tattoo here! No appointment necessary and it was a holiday. They got me and 2 friends in all in the same day. We brought in pictures and he made them look perfect. He asked before adding additional color and was very entertaining. The price was perfect (and for people who are complaining about expensive tattoos... that means it's going to be good, which it should be considering its permanent.) He has been tattooing for over 50 years and you could tell by the detail he was able to do. Definitely recommending this place to everyone!

Cameron Snyder

Great people Quality tattoos i highly recomend

Gina Tinelli

Quick service, great work, awesome staff

madison grebinger

I’ve been going to tattooing by Mee for years and the newest tattoo artist, Danielle Brown, is extremely talented. She can always come up with ideas to make every tattoo unique and fun. Her details are incredible and she’s always down for some cool conversation while she’s tattooing! Most tattoos I have from tattooing by Mee are from Andy Morrisey who can do any style you’re looking for while putting his own unique talents into every piece he does. Everytime I go in with an idea he makes the tattoo look amazing and exceeds all the ideas I had for it in the first place with things I never would have thought about. Both Danielle and Andy are very talented people that I would suggest to anyone looking for a great tattoo artist in Lancaster city!

Jamie Gerber

I had a tattoo done by Andy. The best experience of getting a tattoo in Lancaster, and I've gotten a few from other places as well. They were professional and shop was beyond clean. Atmosphere is perfect and relaxing. Would recommend going here than any other shop in Lancaster!!!

Ben .C

Sabrina Love13

This studio is very clean, I had Mee as my artist and he was really nice and funny. He put me at ease, because I was a little nervous about getting the tattoo. He cracked jokes the whole time, and he was also pretty cute for an old dude (he made me say that

Michelle Ness

Beautiful beautiful art work.

Pax Callow

Mike M

Infected my wife's ear. A month later and still dealing with the infection, on fifth round of antibiotics, surgery, and still no end in sight. Will be filing a lawsuit for sure.

Eric Wilson

Great work!

Erin Grucelski

I had an excellent experience as a walk-in to get a nose piercing this past week. They were very sterile as far as I could see and Mee did everything quick and painlessly. I can't say he walked me through the process like some other piercers supposedly do, but before I knew it, we were done. My eyes watered a lot and Mee was so awesome in making sure I was comfortable and wiped them off for me. I also bled a little more than normal and he made sure I was all cleaned up before he even let me get up. I do have to say the only time I felt even a little bit of pain was when he was moving the piercing around to clean off the blood, but otherwise I was only sore a little after. He was very clear with aftercare procedures, answered all questions clearly and welcomed me back to change the piercing if I need to or if I have any questions. Everything was done just as I would have wanted and the price was just the same as most places as far as I'm aware. Definitely will go back for any future piercings or tattoos.

Nancy Kindler

The place was clean, and he made me immediately feel at ease. He gave me great care instructions. I highly suggest you get pierced by “mee.”

jennifer bryson

Maggie G

Pierced my belly button, and it healed well and did not get infected. I have several friends who all went here to get their belly buttons pierced as well, and none of theirs got infected either. He changes the ring for you the first time after for free and shows you how to change it from there on out. He is very friendly and funny, and will help you clam down if you are nervous. Was not painful at all, and I was surprised that it was done when it was. He pierces it laying down which I think helps. I tell anyone getting a piercing to go here to get it done!

Matt Battiste

Emily Gertenbach

I have been here for several piercings and tattoos, and have recommended this shop to several family members and friends. Andy Morrissey does my tattoos; he is first and foremost a great artist as well as a skilled tattooer and all around nice dude to work with. My husband and I have a combined 8 tattoos by Andy, all ranging in styles/sizes, and each one is a work of art. We are both getting more! Plus, the shop is very clean and Andy takes safety seriously. I have also gotten piercings by Mee. Again, the process is very professional and clean. You can tell Mee has a high standard for his shop. He is very knowledgeable and gives great information; don’t hesitate to ask him questions or go in for help if you whack or snag your healing piercing.

Christian Hansen

For my first visit it was an awesome experience. Will definitely visit again.

Kaleigh Brodbeck

Brittany Starner

Mee is the best! I have gotten my last two tattoos there and I won't go anywhere else. My friend and I got matching tattoos of PA with hearts in our hometowns. We love them. Thanks for much for the great experience!

Brian Armstrong

Does good work

Jennifer Bryson

Allie Stoltzfus

Don’t really recommend for tattoos. The female there really butchered my tattoo. Horrible line work on such a simple tattoo. Have to go get it covered up it’s so bad. Another tattoo artist informed me that the lines were blown out due to her going way too deep into the skin on that specific area. Pretty disappointed because I paid a lot to have it done. Wouldn’t go there. Staff is friendly tho!!!

juan gomez

Jazzmyn Maughan

Will only go to Mee for tattoos. Wonderful experience, super clean facility, and he has a great personality. He has great intuition about personality and style regarding individual tattoos and the people they are for. I suggest him to everyone I know and he does great quality work and stands by his product. :) Wonderful man, superb artist.

Maurielle C

I got my cartilage piercings done about a year ago. The experience was alright, as it was my first upper ear piercing. Mee pierced my ear and used a wrench and pliers to then fasten the ball to the hoop. I would have recommended using a stud for first piercing now looking back. I did everything he said. Neosporin and rubbing alcohol. My bottom cartilage got a bubble created in the piercing. It didn’t go away for about 4 months. People would notice and ask me but i insisted it would go away. It did eventually, after playing close attention to it for almost 5 months. It constantly hurt after the bubble went away, though. I let that go on for another few months. Just recently i decided to let the bottom cartilage piercing close because it was too much of a pain. I truly think that if I had a stud to start with I wouldn’t of had to let it close. The piercing process was okay but the result was rather sad, after I paid the money to get both done and ended up in the long run with only one.

Shannon Groff

Allie Gross

Jamie Mask

Up for a visit from Georgia and came for work with 2 other friends. Pumpkin did amazing!

Scarletfox08 urban

Love the staff and love their work! Very talented group!

Abby Walton

mee was really nice and funny and from what i could tell everything was clean. and it was cheaper then most other places thanks meeeee

Brian Feather

Avoid. Any other shop. Any other place.

Amanda Halterman

It's ok

Lisanda Marini

Although the staff was nice, I would NEVER recommend this place ever!!!!! On March 17th 2017 I came here to get my Cartilage pierced. I typically go to a different place who does my piercings, so coming to Mee was on a whim because I was in the city with a friend when we decided to get piercings done. The owner is the one who did our piercings. Thankfully my friend did not have any trouble with her piercing, unlike me. We both video taped our sessions of us getting our piercings, and during her piercing, the owner answered the phone with his gloved hands and then finished putting her earring in without changing his gloves. I am disgusted. There are so many germs on phones and you could have caused infection! So unprofessional!! I had my Cartilage pierced. I have never had any issues with any of my other piercings in the past until I got my Cartilage pierced here. 3 days after my piercing, my ear started to swell pretty bad. I kept my piercing clean and used salt soaks and compresses but it kept getting worse. The 5th day, I went to my regular Ear Piercer and he had to remove the earring. I started to take an antibiotic the same day. My ear kept getting progressively worse, swelling and filling up with liquid. My ear has been throbbing, stinging and in severe pain. I then went to the ER at Lancaster General where they prescribed me a second antibiotic and it still didnt help. I went to my Family doctor later that week and he put me on my 3rd set of antibiotics and finally put me on pain killers because the pain was too intense. I finally went to an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor this last week and got my 4th set of antibiotics and Steriods to help the inflammation!!!!!!!!! My Cartilage was so swollen that It hurt to do anything!!!!!!!!! This past Monday my ear Specialist put me under and opened up my ear and drained the bad infection. To add to all of that, TODAY (Thursday, April 13th), My Ear Doctor called me and told me my Ear cultures came back and I had a bad skin infection due to the piercing and had to be on yet a 5th set of antibiotics!!!!!!!!!! I rewatched the video my friend took when Mee pierced my ear and I believe that the infection came from the pliers he used to close the earring onto my ear. The pliers look like they needed cleaned. At this point I am beyond frustrated and angry because of all of the trauma and pain and wasted money I have had with this infection!!!!!! Sadly, my ear was so bad that it will never look the way it did before I got it pierced. To say I am upset is putting it mildly!!!! Do not EVER go here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crafting Gem

Animal lover

abs freeh

Pauline Mitchell

Andi Good


Favorite place to go to!!!!!

Vanessa Jenks

Great Service! Very Friendly!

Ashley Zakarewicz

Taylor Junkin

Lori Ackerman

Chris Harrison-Mahrer

katasha white

Nick Good

Cj Anderson


He is amazing

Brynn Stout

Mee was amazing! I highly recommend! Very pleased!

Megan Weinrich

Very fast, professional, and clean! Helped with the nerves too!

franky fuller

it was an awesome experience he did a tat for me that touched my heart , i defiantly going back and recommending them to all my friends and family!!!

Ryan Neidinger

Kelly Hobbs

Didn’t put the tat where I wanted it. Didn’t use the colors I asked for! Ended up going to Reanimated Art Tattoos in Manheim (waaaay better studio!) and got the one from Mee covered up. What a nightmare! Don’t waste your time or money!

Cisco Cruz Jr

Very friendly very experienced top notch. Going back for next tattoo.

Taylor Trimble

I have been coming here for 7, going on 8, years and I have never been disappointed. I highly recommend asking for Andy. He does killer tattoos and good vibes while being tattooed.

David Rogers

The owner is very knowledgeable and is very honest and does the extremely nice work!!

C Getz

Stephanie Mohn

Wont go anywhere else for piercings

Chandni Patel

Went there to get my cousin's nose pierced and the guy was awesome and explained things properly. Will be going back in the future .

Alec Thompson

Sabrina Candelario

I got diath pericing there I was nervous and the staff was so nice to me it calm me down and I did it thanks too this tattoo shop!

Angela Faust

Red Dragon

Loved my tattoo. looking to get another some time

chris autry

Jessie Nigro

A Harvin

Jeffrey Conklin

Great experience. Danielle's the bomb.

Charlie Kilo

Best tattoos in town.. Great peaceful environment.. Also very clean.. The homie Mee is a 717 legend.. Great cast of artists that work there.. U want the best come to tattooing by Mee

Michelle Cuthbert

Had my first tatt there. Everyone was very nice. I was pleased with his (mee) work

Rachel Krueger

Clean and professional. Mee was a really nice guy, and I felt really comfortable in his shop.

April May

Touched his cat right before piercing my belly button. It got severely infected and was pierced weird.

Stephen Ambrose

Hannah Schuh

Danielle Brown is an extremely talented artist who does beautiful detailed work and made me feel at ease. Highly recommend her to anyone, will keep going back to her.

Leanna Sarfert

I’ve gotten three tattoos here and the service was incredible. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and they truly do care about their customers. I would never recommend another shop. Best shop in town! Keep up the good work!

Richard Knauss

Awesome and friendly staff

carlos feliciano

I had a design and it was purple. Said he wasn't doing no fruity purple on a dude and colored it black with out asking me. Over priced.not straight lines. Poor shading

Eli Burns

Tattooing By Mee is the most trustworthy shop, I've gotten 2 tattoos from him before and they still look like they were just done and they have been there since 2006

Kaitlyn Morris

I really enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere that is here. Andy Morrisey is currently fixing a leg piece for me and it is already looking AMAZING. I highly recommend this place and Andy to anyone. I usually don’t find artists that are social while doing my tattoos and I really liked that.

Rebecca Dame

Kristina Carr

Went there for my first time today and absolutely loved my experience there... The guy was laid back and fun. He made getting my piercing a good experience. I will go back there for any tattoos and any more piercings I plan on getting

Tiffany Eisenhauer

Abby Dabby

fun with shyanna Crystal

Great ppl!

Kathleen Baxter

Brook DeJesus

After running out of, what seemed like the shadiest tattoo shop, my next stop was tattooing by mee! So glad I found this place, the place was clean and well maintained, the staff was fun and professional, and they have small privacy cubicles to get your work done!! I felt comfortable the entire time and would happily recommend this wonderful place to anyone looking to get a new tattoo! Thank you for the good service and the fun experience :)

Francisco Liriano

Melissa Maule

Andres rodriguez

Great service by Mee and by Pumpkin

eve tillman

Matthew Trumpler

They got me right in the door on a day they were beyond booked, had a small tattoo to do, but she squeezed me in, ive gotten told over 125$ for mine, and it came down to 90 for here, very clean, friendly, would recommend for your first or next

Kim Hastings

Andy is an extremely talented tattoo artist. I have had several pieces done by Andy and am going back very soon. I highly recommend him for any new work, cover of an old tattoo, and something original.

Kendra Forry

Came for a tattoo with my boyfriend because this place had great reviews. The service was great, reasonably priced, and Mee is awesome with a great sense of humor! We will be back for sure :)

Kristy Zyra

Awesome people,very knowledge,clean place

Donald Keperling Jr.

Ivson Shelley

DarkSky Mystic

Becky M

Two simple wrist tattoos in 35 minutes. Walked in Very satisfied customer

Michael Tripari

Chad Fekete

Unfriendly staff made me decide to go elsewhere.

Dave Graham

Mee did my tattoo. very unprofessional. smoked a few times and didn't wash hands before starting back up. he was more interested in flirting with the woman I was with. tattoo work wasn't that great either.

Tiffany Williams-Lemon

Mee was AMAZING.. He took wonderful care of my friend. His calm and soothing demeanor helped a lot.. THANX MEE

Chomba Christopher


Just got my third tattoo here and compared to the other places I got mine done this is by far the best price and quality. I was expecting to pay a lot more for the quality I got so I have nothing to complain about! He was super nice and made me and my friends experience fun! Check this place out if you want an amazing tattoo!

Oseas Gonzalez

Rositta Miller

Very clean very friendly very fast. Was in n out within 10 min. Great service! I hate needles but it wasn't too bad. They did a great job. I was very happy! I'll def b using them again.

Courtney Triance

Awesome awesome place !!!! Awesome work and awesome people !! I traveled a hour and half for my tattoo and I’m glad I did! MEE makes you feel so comfortable!!!

Craig Ellis

I would recommend this place to anyone . Got a tattoo for my daughter and I love it

Danielle Star

Mee is very friendly and professional.......will not go anywhere else!!!

Karly Russekk

Brandon Camp

James Brannon

Clean curtious and excellent work. Can't wait for the next time.

Marly Ortiz

Tonia Colon

Quick easy appointment, friendly artists

Silmarie Baldrich

Very reasonable, accommodating, I went in with a drab tattoo and Tattoo by Mee, made it shine!!


Pretty good. generally has availability.

Sarah Haas

Great shop, great work and fair pricing. Andy Morrissey has done several tattoos on me and SO many more on my husband. He doesn't just slap on a tattoo, he's an awesome artist! (And a nice guy!

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