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REVIEWS OF Seven Swords Tattoo Company IN Pennsylvania

Jana Green

Wow my best tattoo ever and it was a cover up over a previous tattoo, nobody notice the previous one. Jake has a customer for life

Philip Oehler

Have had two tattoos done by Cassie and she did excellent work. I highly recommend Seven Swords!!

Bethany Welch

My husband and I just had work done with Teague and Carlos; we can't say enough what a pleasant experience it was. Super friendly, clean shop and beautiful work. We would definitely come here again and recommend it to those looking for an artist .

Marissa Latorre

I’ve been getting tattooed at this shop for a few years now and it’s always a great experience. The environment is inviting and doesn’t make you feel intimidated at all. I get tattooed by Aaron Francione and I’m never disappointed. I originally went to see him at a different shop and followed him over because his work is so good. My first tattoo by him is around 5 years and it still looks vibrant and new! Aaron always comes up with a design that’s even better than what I originally envision. Overall, it’s a great environment with awesome people. I love getting tattooed at seven swords.

John C

Great group of artists and awesome work

Brendan Styles

If you appreciate quality work and authentic people this place is for you.

Tom Yeager

paul reyes

Not good environment, too noise, expensive,no decent food,poor menu.

Jacquelyn Mallozzi

Aaron Francione is an amazingly talented artist! I gave him my ideas for two tattoos, and he helped me perfect exactly what I wanted as far as the tattoo design and placement was concerned. I waited a long time to find the right artist for what I wanted, and I couldn't be happier! Thanks again Aaron!

Juli Hoxha

Kim Adams

Marysa Scott

Ashlee Pilla

Jabre Wise

Morgan Gabbert

Siobhan Midgett

Aaron Francione has been my tattooer for almost a decade. I'm so glad he wound up at Seven Swords. The shop is beautiful and every artist there is incredible. While they seem to specialize in traditional and neo-trad style, Aaron has always accommodated my aesthetic and guided me to designs and placement that will work best. Cannot recommend them enough!

Ariane Pepsin

I got tattooed by Myke last August and had a great experience. I gave him my idea when I booked with him and after a few adjustments to the drawing when I got to the shop, it was even better than what I had envisioned at the start. Myke is super meticulous and detail-oriented, which is always a positive when it comes to tattoo artists. The tattoo took about 2.5 hours and came out amazing - it’s been almost a year and I frequently get asked where I had it done and if it was recent (because the colors are still super vibrant). I’d definitely go back to get tattooed by Myke or any of the other artists at Seven Swords!

Dan Burns

What a great shop! Seven Swords is full of great artists, it's clean, and everyone is really friendly. I love my tattoo by Aaron. Really looking forward to go back

Vinnie Bianchini

Awesome shop with great artists. Would recommend to anyone and everyone.

Jeremy Mackey

Incredibly clean and professional shop. Stampy has tattooed me twice and I couldn't be happier with them.

Richard Hawkins

Awesome shop with awesome staff. Clean friendly environment with professional artists acting as such.

Sheila Rodriguez

Michael Henderson

Emily Boring

Cassie has tattooed me twice now and both my tattoos healed/look amazing. I will definitely be getting tattooed by her again!

Joseph Danner

Was in there today to get a tattoo for my son and I must say seven swords is an amazing shop, super clean and I love all the old school vibes the lobby/waiting area has. The staff was super friendly even though it was fairly busy. I was tattooed by Aaron and I must say he is an excellent artist. I definitely reccomend him and will be trying to use him again in the near future for the next couple ideas I have. Thanks for the artwork. It's truly a special piece to me.

Simon Crow

Amazing services, great work. I made my first tattoo over there, they take the time to make sure you get what you are looking for.

Georgia Bowman

Expect to over pay for an infection, Aaron francione did my tat and a couple days later the entire tattoo turned in to a rash

kait dooley

The shop is super clean and has a relaxed environment. Jeff has done three of my biggest pieces, one being a coverup and I can't say which one I love more. Such good work and I will continue to go back to him to get more pieces.

sydney countie

My mom and I were both tattooed at Seven Swords in May. We came as walk-ins, hoping to do pretty substantial pieces compared to what I assume people normally get done without an appointment (each tattoo took 3 hours), and everyone there was completely welcoming and happy to accommodate us. I was tattooed by Carlos, and my mom was tattooed by Cassie—we’re both extremely happy with how our tattoos came out! After telling Carlos the concept I was going for, he drew me two designs, both of which I loved. I really appreciated the fact that he went above and beyond and spent a little extra time (that was not included in the hourly rate that I paid) to give me an option and make sure I got something that I was totally happy with. In terms of the environment, the shop is completely clean and easily the most beautiful one I’ve ever been in. All of the artists are extremely talented and you can tell they take a lot of pride in what they do. Pricewise, Seven Swords does run on the more expensive side in terms of hourly rates from what I’ve personally seen, but I cannot stress enough that you absolutely get what you pay for!! Since getting my tattoo done, I’ve been complimented on it on an almost daily basis, and have had countless people ask me where I had it done. Spend the extra $25-$50 or so an hour, and you’ll be so happy with the work that you get. I can’t recommend Seven Swords highly enough, and I will definitely be going back!

Mark H

Excellent tattoo from Carlos last month. Great shop

Jared Frymoyer

J Brown

Jessica Rushman

The shop is extremely clean and the staff is welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable. Cassie is super talented and has such a good eye for placement and colors. I’ve been going to her for 3 years now, and my first tattoo looks like it was just done yesterday. Nothing but good things to say about Cassie and the shop!

Nicole U

Julia Byers

Michael Wus

Jeff is always amazing. Great shop, very friendly.

Lance Fair

I've been using Aaron Francione for 90% of my pieces and couldn't be happier with how they've turned out. It feels great to be complimented by strangers when they see his artwork. I would recommend Aaron to anyone I know.

Justin Hill

It can be overwhelming hopping on social media trying to figure out where to get tattooed and who to go to. Seven Swords Tattoo Company is a gem amongst the vortex of tattoo parlors and I hope everyone has the opportunity to make an appointment and see for themselves why it's better than all the rest. The shop is beautiful and cleaner than clean. The walls are covered with impressive works of art (many of them original pieces from the artists there) so whether you're under the needle or waiting for your buddy there's always something to look at. All artists are personable and highly skilled; a combination that creates the best American Traditional pieces around. I've personally gotten work done from Jake, Jeff, and Gianna and wouldn't hesitate to sit with any of them again! (which i most certainly will). Anyone that works here, whether it's the main artists or guest artists the shop hosts from time to time are more than qualified to make your ideas come to life. If you're on the fence and wondering whether Seven Swords is worth the wait, drive, or combination of the two STOP and just book something! You won't regret it.

zachary ares-deterding

I had a great experience on Aaron Francione's table. I initially saw it as a piece of concept art at Seven Swords' booth at the Philadelphia Tattoo convention. It was quick and relatively comfortable for the amount of detail and attention to colors he put into it. I'm a big fan of his focus on old school geek art. If you want a clean shop with great people you won't go wrong Seven Swords. If you want an artist with a passion for colorful geeky tattoos you won't find better than Aaron.

Sean Meagher

Jennifer Morral

Great shop. My boyfriend is getting ongoing work here. Super accommodating and pleasant folks. I'm considering getting some work here as well!

Miss Dankie

I followed Carlos Perez over from a previous shop too Seven Swords to finish up some tattoo color! First off the Shop is beautiful! There is bright and bold art work everywhere. Everyone working the day I went in was rad & Carlos does fabulous work. I moved away from Philly so unfortunately this is why I haven’t been back to get another... yet! If you look up several of the artists from the shop on instagram you will find there work does not disappoint. From what I can tell everyone who works here is extremely talented & loves what they do, can’t wait until I can finally schedule another. Thanks guys!

Ruben Berrios

Took me a few months to figure out who and where i wanted to get my tattoos done by. After a friend had visited this shop i took a look through their social media pages (each of the artists) and decided this is where i wanted to start. These guys and gal are some of the better artists i have definitely seen online and in person. The shop is definitely cleaner than the cleanest shop you think you've been to and the location is perfect for anything you may think of doing afterwards. I have gotten work from Jeff and a guest artist at the shop and my intentions are to snag at least one from each artist there, if not more. I'm from out of state but the drive here is worth it, every single time. Cant wait to keep coming back!

Teddy Duchamp

Aaron Francione tattooed me at his former place of employment and I had to follow him over to Seven Swords where he’s established himself as a master of his craft for several years. Aaron is a true professional; a versatile artist adept at many styles who respects his clients’ specific wants and needs. Stepping into a tattoo shop may be intimidating to some, but there is no ego or pretentiousness to Aaron. I highly recommend Aaron for your next tattoo. And I will be back several more times. (@aaronfrancione on IG — check him out!)

Colleen McAllister

Great atmosphere. Carlos is great and very professional.

Nik Schuetz

Susabella Morris

Alex Albrecht

mark bellaro

I discovered Carlos Perez a few years ago at a convention in Hartford,CT. I have traveled several times from Connecticut to be tattooed by him. He is one of the best in American traditional style. The shop is modern and clean and everyone that works there are friendly and fantastic tattoo artists.

Antoinette Siegel

Charles Rouse

I got tattooed by Aaron a couple of months ago and love my tattoo. It healed perfectly! Nice guy and a great artist.

Jeff Clark

Great shop, very clean and high quality tattooing

Dan Newman

Aaron Francione does amazing work, he was able to take my idea, craft it into something of his own, and work with me to make sure it was exactly what I wanted. His art is great, and his application is top notch. Everyone in the shop was cool, and the vibe was awesome. I will certainly be returning.

white faced black sheep

Very clean and professional crew operating in here.

Cody Torkelson

Great experience at Seven Swords! I had been following Cassie (@cassietwosteps) on Instagram and became a huge fan and planned a trip to this shop just to get tattooed by her. My expectations were met and my tattoo is great! I highly recommend Cassie and I can honestly say you can not go wrong with any of the artist. The staff was great, friendly, and very accommodating. Clean workspaces that still had a very personal feel to them. Sterile medically but not sterile artistically which is very comforting. Right next to a great comic shop as well.

Ewa Pazera

Issa James

Myke Chambers is a wondeful and creative business owner. The shop is incredibly maintained, always clean and well lit and the staff there are always helpful. I've had the pleasure of Jake doing my Keywork piece, Giana tattooing Claudio Sanchez's autograph under it, and Aaron doing a small and adorable flash piece on my ankle. The aftercare line 'Sorry Mom' that they sell in store is amazing. I've recommended it to my friends and family and they all love it as well. Even their merch is awesome. I have a shirt and a hoodie from the store, both incredibly soft. I recommend the shop to everyone ever looking for a great shop in Philly. You won't be disappointed. Best place to get something done.

Meghan Linyard

I brought an older, less-than-ideal tattoo to Cassie for a fix up and I’m so glad that I did! She was able to turn something I once rolled my eyes at into something I now love. Everything is healing beautifully and I’m so impressed every time I see it! Very pleasant and professional atmosphere and experience that I can’t recommend enough. She does great work!!

Puddy Sullivan

Amazing staff very clean and GREAT artists

Jake Westphal

This is the best tattoo shop in Philly. They've done my entire sleeve (minus 1 tattoo) and all the work is clean and beautiful. Great vibe in the shop. Every tattooer there is an absolute professional. Be wary of 1 star reviews. If anyone reading this has gotten more than a couple tattoos you know some people want what's either; impossible or idiotic. Don't blame a shop for having high standards for their work, thank them in 20 years when your flawless custom tattoo still looks fantastic. I've been through a lot of shops in Philly, Seven Swords takes the cake.

bret von dehl

Got tattooed by Aaron Francione at Seven Swords. He and everyone at this shop were totally rad- welcoming, friendly and amazing talents. Can’t wait to get back in there.

Thomas Schwegel

Zachary Bissinger

Great place to get tattooed. People are friendly and there is a nice couch to sit on while you wait. Pretty much everyone there is great at American Traditional ( haven't met everyone yet) Carlos Perez is great. As always! Highly recommend this place !

fran vogelman

Alejandra Guifarro

Rob Wolfe

Cassie is extremely talented!! She has been doing tattoos for me the last 2 years having followed her from Lancaster to Philly. She is equally great with her work on the "canvas". You can't go wrong with her ideas or her skills. I'm amazed every time I see her work.

Kanini Butler

Kristin Elliott

Stacey Wilson

Vanessa Vieira

Aaron Francione is an exceptionally talented artist and would highly recommend getting tattooed by him! I had followed and admired his work for a bit and am so happy that I finally have a piece tattooed on me. I prefer to give minimal direction and let the artist have creative control to make a beautiful piece. Aaron did exactly that and I am beyond grateful! Kind, warm, and easy to talk to dude too!

Kevin Sotak

What a great experience at Seven Swords. Aaron did an amazing job and was very friendly. I will definitely be back.

Xrhstos karamouslis

Angela Perez

I could not recommend Emily more for permanent makeup. I was so worried my eyebrows would be too dark or too large but she matched my hair color EXACTLY and gave them the perfect shape. I finally have the eyebrows I’ve always wanted. Thank you Emily!

Ayyaz Sajid

I've been coming to this shop for years in particular Aaron who is the absolute best. Both Aaron and the shop are the best in the city!


Jared Goff

The tattoo I had done by Carlos was easily 5 star. The shop was clean and the artists and staff were friendly. The only thing that sucked about the experience, is that I was overcharged for the work. My appointment was at 1, I was paying at about 4 exactly, but the tattoo process only took 2 hours. I wasn’t in the chair getting tatted until 2, and there were a few breaks during the process. 1 hour extra may not seem like a lot, but at 200/hr, it’s a lot of money. Everyone I’ve talked to compliments the work I had done, until they ask the price. Then I have to hear about how I was overcharged, and it definitely spoils my first tattoo for me a bit, because the tattoo was very well done.

Richard Lawrence

My guy Reese hooked me up humble guy he rocked my leg

Sara Perkins

I’ve been tattood by Cassie and have had my brows done by Emily and they were both amazing!!

George Birnbaum

Great shop with welcoming and friendly artists. Jeff Miller is a fantastic artist and has been nothing but enjoyable to work with. As with any artist, creative license is highly welcomed and makes for a better piece. Atmosphere has been very relaxed. Seven Swords has been a wonderful landing zone after no longer being able to go to my original shop.

Aura Voicu

Very friendly and great job

Dylan Smarr

I haven't technically been IN the shop, but I was tattooed by Carlos at a convention and it was a great experience. All the other artists from the shop who were there were very friendly and approachable!

Sharon T

We had walk in tattoos and we given Shannon as our artist - we literally were thrilled! She did an excellent job! We're from the UK so we could've ended up going to any shop and any artist. But we would come back again because she was amazing! Gentle, clean, bold and created designs from our ideas that suited what we already had on our bodies. 5 flipping stars!

Nic Dean

Courteous and professional. One of the finest tattoo establishments Philadelphia has to offer.

Demetria Lee

I got tattooed by Cassie in October and I'm so happy with her work. after looking at several artists in the philly area, she was my first choice. she emails back quickly, she's really easy to talk to, and, of course, she's an amazing artist. I can't say enough good things!

Colleen Xoxo

My tattoo came out amazing, i believe it should not have took as long as it did. Not sure if it has anything to do with the hourly rate or not. I would rather be told a set price instead i feel like my tattoo took long to drag the time. Tattoo done by Cassie.

hector cora

That tattoo is great the employees are amazing I just wish I could remember the artist name she was great


Cameryn Jackson

Very friendly, very talented, worth the money

Erin Miller

Amazing artists!

Julia Albertson

Got my most recent piece done here. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming! The facility was clean and well-maintained. The aesthetic was nice as well. My tattoo was done by Aaron. He is so kind and talented! I couldn't be happier with the result. He was easy to work with and very accommodating. I will be back eventually.

Don Goense

line leader official

Beautiful shop, amazingly talented artists and awesome people

Shane Nelson

I initially discovered Seven Swords Tattoo Company through a recommendation from a tattooer in New Hampshire. I couldn’t be happier with my in-progress tattoo, Myke Chambers and SSTC. I went to Seven Swords specifically to work with Myke but have come to appreciate and admire all the artists at the shop. In my opinion Seven Swords is unique in that you’ll get a great tattoo no matter which artist you choose and a bonus is the friendly shop environment. If you aren’t local to Philadelphia I’m sure you have many tattoo shops much closer to where you live. However, when you consider the quality of the artists and shop I think you’ll agree that taking a drive to Philly is worth the time (I live in Connecticut and gladly drive a total of eight hours for my appointments). The bottom line is that SSTC is welcoming, professional, stress free and is staffed by fantastic artists/tattooers. You’ll be happy with the whole experience not just your new tattoo.

Ameilia Pond

Great shop with an oldschool feel. Excellent friendly staff and knowledgable talented artists. Got my first portait dont here by Stampy and I'm beyond thrilled with the tattoo. I highly recommend them!


Sorry for giving the shop a low rating because this is for one person that works there.. I came in looking to get a certain tattoo which I brought pictures in to show what I wanted. I talked to a certain tattoo artist and he said he could do it I would just have to make an appointment and leave a 40 dollar deposit which I did. I couldn't make my appointment so I emailed him to cancel.. he never responded back.. at all. I would of rescheduled. I guess he really needed that 40 bucks. If that was the case I would of just gave it too him. "Don't be greedy, feed the needy" lol anyways I got my tattoo done by a "professional" artist and it came out perfect. I guess everything happens for a reason. So actually thank you for not responding! I appreciate it :)

Elizabeth Eisemann

Seven Swords Tattoo is by far one of my favorite tattoo shops in Philadelphia. The shop is nicely decorated and clean. Staff are friendly and accommodating. Aaron Francione is a brilliant artist. I have admired his work for a very long time, and I wanted him to work on a piece with me. Within a few weeks I had an appointment and he was able to give me my newest favorite tattoo. He’s reasonable and very easy to talk to. I would recommend anyone looking for bold and clean work to see Aaron! You may end up with your next favorite tattoo. :)

Amber Bender

Go see Carlos!

A. Smith

Aaron is the best tattoo artist I have ever been to! He gets to know his clients individual style and taste and puts together amazing pieces tailored to them. I toss him an idea, he draws it up and never once have I had to ask to him to change anything! It always comes out better then I imagined!

Mike Marandola

Got two tattoos by an artist that used to work here. Shop is really clean and pretty cool decor. Everyone was helpful and nice. Best shop in Philadelphia for traditional work.

Ryan Day

Excellent artists, shop is clean and well put together. This is Americana tattooing at its finest. Jake Delbene did my last tattoo and will be the only artist I go to from now on. Thank you SSTC

Rogan Grant

Brit Cancino

Had a fast and friendly experience. I didn't have an appointment and had a train to catch and Reese and the team took good care of me.

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