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2312 Walnut St, Penbrook, PA 17103, United States

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REVIEWS OF Red Beard Ink Tattoo & Body Piercing IN Pennsylvania

Taisha and Vanessa


Jordan Mann

I got my first tattoo here and could not have had a better experience. I had my wedding ring tattooed on since I work with my hands and can not wear a ring. Red Beard answered all of my questions and was great conversation. I am very happy with how my tattoo turned out and will recommend this place to everyone

chester mays

Cool nice shop 2 get sum ink not 2 high either for the job i wanted will return if i come back this way!

Chad Lewis

Red Beard! What a solid fella. Super inviting personality, clean shop, and a tremendously holistic view on the whole tattooing process. I have been to quite a few shops in the area now and will surely be frequenting the Beard. Thanks mate.

Justin Karstens

The shop was cool. Stopped in for a laser removal and the prices were great. Trixter was great to work with. I have had work done in shops all over the country and I would recommend this place.

Darlene Jones

Marcie Fleming

Bob does an excellent job! He turned the photo I wanted done into a masterpiece... Always made sure that I was okay & happy with his work... The detail was awesome! I recommend 100%!

Neddi Roy

My experience with Red was great! Very professional and clean. Would recommend him to everyone.

Danny Bowen

This dude is a beast. But, your paying for something going on your body, that's forever. Worth it.

Reynaldo Cruz

The spot and the owner was on point..kind and made you feel welcomed ,best place to get your tat..

Anna Parke

I went in a couple days ago and got my cartilage pierced for the first time! It took seconds with everything the payment and the piercing. I am sooo happy with where it was positioned on my ear and I didn't even have to say anything. 10/10 recommend!!!

Steve Cea

Highly recommend Red !! Very friendly, extremely talented ! I can't possibly say enough about him ! If you are thinking of getting any work such as this done , look no further than Red Beard !!

Krystal Limoge

I've had several of my tattoos done by Red Beard. Most recently he put a beautiful koi fish on my thigh and I LOVE IT! Also, my mom likes him :)

Cross Country Friends

Drove hour out of the way to find it was closed.hours on door and site both said it should be ope

Alex Marshll

Rude ass, if i was to get a tattoo it wouldnt be from him, but its just my opinion

Angelica Oliveira

He was very kind and concerned about how and what I wanted for my tattoo. Even gave me advice on where to put it since I'm only 17 and growing up still looking for a career. The place was clean and looked like a cool tattoo shop. He also did a great job and kept checking to see if I was okay. His tracing and shading was perfect for my tattoo. I LOVE IT

Abby Rachel

He can take any picture you want and make it exactly the way you want it Also, Red is a nice dude, has pretty chill collections, and definitely takes pride in his work (which he should) since he gave me such a beautiful piece of art :)

Jessica Haworth

So quick!! Thank you!

Xx SpringBae xX

Great attention to detail. Friendly and knowledgeable with many years experience. Will definitely go back for more tats.

Stew Cooke

ineriz castillo

Justin Rush

Owner was pretty down to earth and polite. The atmosphere was friendly I felt like I knew Red Beard my entire life becuase of our similarities. I definitely recommend this place for a tattoo. Very professional.

Madison Ertter

I went into red bear earlier, to get my belly button pierced. It was great, I was in and out, in a matter of 15-20 minutes. I would go back again.

Alexia Papoutsis

Great experience. In and out for a piercing didn’t even hurt

Joshua Van Houten

Best artist in all of Pennsylvania

Nisey Ganues

Your awesome red beard, I've been there twice already and both visits was for piercings I plan to visit u again very soon for a tattoo.!!!!!!!!!!!

Becca Danner

Just got the most beautiful Pinup done. He really did a wonderful job bringing her to life. She is even better than the picture I gave him. I will definitely be a return customer for anything I want. I called for an appointment and was scheduled the next day. I'm so happy with the work he did.

Robbie laird

mark Mckee

Tank Hairston

Not a bad guy he just does not listen to what you want an he adds things you don't ask for an his prices are to high an the work is not wroth it..

Crystal Shepherd

Great will be coming back

Ryan Stallard

Piercings were not straight or even

Judy Stewart

Madison Rivera

This has to be one of the most amazing tattoo shops I've ever seen. Redbeard does all kinds of art, including my first tattoo. I was a nervous wreck before I got it done. Before he started, he made sure I was comfortable. He has an amazing spirit and makes you feel happy, not afraid. It was like needles stabbing your back at first, then you eventually get use to it. He does take breaks often so you can relax. Did I mention how clean he is? He is very sanitized and make sure to get the job done after all the money you're spending. I love my tattoo. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Joshua Santeusanio

Bob himself is a great dude, the shop is well kept, and overall has a positive atmosphere. As for the actual tattooing, I must have just caught him on an off day because I'm honestly blown away at how poorly it turned out. He tattoed sections I asked him to omit, missed all sorts of lines, and failed to close notable gaps. I refuse to bash anyone on a review, nor have I ever written a negative review, but I feel like it is just incredibly important to be thorough about your desires. All other reviews seem to indicate that he really is a class act. Perhaps he was just disinterested in my design. Perhaps I'm being too harsh. I'm just not too into the fact that I will look at something I didnt want on my body for the rest of my life.

Vincent Gerello

Open late Great service

Tim. Trains.Chaser

He just did my tattoo of my daughter name on my arm and it’s beautiful everything that I wanted for long time love you red beard

Christina Dawson

Shannon Sundy

I got my belly button pierced at Red's shop today, and it was by far an exceptional experience. He is such a personalable guy, not to mention amazing at what he does, but easy to get along with. Truly a down to earth kind of man. Thanks so much!!

Abbagail Colyer

Danielle Smallwood

Red is phenomenal. I love my work! His hand is light, he really cares about his clients comfort and happiness. He is wonderful.

Niq Goins

Stephanie Wolf

A great experience tonight. Bob was great to work with. He did a great job communicating with my niece through her first piercing experience. Everything was clean and professional. We will absolutely be back.

Shealyn K

Tilita Neely

Curry Light Em Up

Directions great

Analiz Baez

Lillian Reynoso

vanessa buchter

Had a lot of tattoos done by red beard , he does great work.

Deborah Crankfield

Josh Joseph

Great work at a great price very pleasent enviorment all around will be back for more work


Mr. MyPark

Great customer service. Great prices. Red Beard is a real gentleman. I will go there again soon.

Extreme Styles

Kassidy And Rylee

Daniel Forrest

great work, professional, and has a pool table while wait

Yaya Green

Lilly and clay

I had a good experience but had to take my nose ring out

regina monaco

Got a custom tattoo & it looks fabulous!! Amazing work and attitude!!

Terrina Coles

I had my snakebites done here and they came out fine, however when i had him give me an extremely simple wrist tattoo it all went to hell. I don't think he really listened to me or respected the sketch i brought in, which was simply my son's name and a few lines and some stars and a treble clef. I thought it was fine until the swelling all went down and I saw what i was Forever stuck with, the lines are all completely uneven and different thicknesses, there are clearly spots he missed filling in, and my son's name isn't even on one of the lines like it was supposed to be! So for the past few years i've been stuck with this awfull mess of a first and Only tattoo, and am going to have to get a cover up, and have it redone by someone who will actually show that they are listening to me and make it as beautiful as it should be on my skin!

Angel Hinman

Amazing work, in a calming and warm atmosphere. I had my draith pierced a year ago for chronic migraines, 4-5 a day, once I had it done, I have had maybe 2-3 migraines in the year!


My tattoos always keep their rich color. Red Beard even fixed a tattoo I got at another place & was unhappy with! He's great!!!

Karen Williams

Greattttttt customer service..

Wilda Lowe

I've been going to red beard since I was 21 red is great at what he does and he makes you feel so welcomed

Daryl Wenger

Matt Freeman

Only place Ill go for ink. Have over 28 hours of ink from RedBeard. Make an appoitment, as you will need to be patient if a walkin. He is a one man band lol!

Steven Pawley

Exceptional artist. The conversation was as good as the art work. On a scale of 1 to 10, Red Beard gets a perfect 10. I couldn't be happier with the entire experience.

Lay Smitherz

Local tattoo spot, right on route 22

Diana Cardona

Hailey Berrier

He's nice he was talking to my daughter while giving my friend a tattoo because she was asking a lot of questions

Ashley Marie

Very nice and personable...clean and professional... Got a simple little Dino on my wrist and I love it!

April Pryor

Joy Patterson


Got a coverup tattoo here about a year ago. When I asked him to fix something in the sketch on my hand (that was uneven and sloppy) he said no and gestured to my hand and said “when I’m working, this is mine” (referring, of course, to my hand.) I was unsatisfied with the tattoo and now have no idea what I’m going to do with it. I am perfectly ok with having a tattoo on my hand, but this sloppy design and poor work is so bad that I wear a glove every single time I go out in public. He was incredibly rude and treated me as if I was forcing him to do this. When I pay someone to do a job for me that will be on MY skin forever, I expect to be treated with basic respect. I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone. Disgusted with my experience here and just hope no one else makes the same mistake I did.

Nikki Gates


Natalie Halpainy

Walked in and was helped fast. Great pricing for piercings, got in and out with very little wait time.

Anje Lee

he either doesn’t know what he’s Doing or rushed on my tattoo

Larry Duggan

Great people to help you

Phoebe Schleig

My tattoo was very beautiful. Great price. Definitely recommend.

Brandi Wealand

Rebecca Golden

I went to Red Beard for my sons name on my collar bone. He not only made me feel comfortable but he also did an amazing job. He was a conversationalist and definitely knew what he waa doing. I didnt even feel a thing! I RECOMMEND HIM TO EVERYONE AND ANYONE! I PLAN TO GO BACK NEXT WEEK! GIVE IT A CHNACE. WONT BE DISAPPOINTED THANKS RED BEARD! APPRECIATE YOUR TIME AND EFFORT

amber parkyn

The best tattoo of my eternal life

Angy Channel

Nice place .

Ashok Rai

Very well managed environment and good art work, love it!

Angela Borreli

I just went to red for my nipple piercing last night!! It could not have been more perfect! Ive gotten many piercings from my belly monroe nose and diff ear piercings and none of those artist were as kind and took there time to make sure it was done right! The breathing technique he coached me through the piercing with made the pain comoletely tolerable! This man KNOWS what hes doing and he is amazing at his job! I will from nowon be a loyal red beard customer! Thank you so much again red!

amanda criswell

ndjejdj hdhhd

Maria Colon

Red Beard was very friendly and professional

Jul Medina

Got my tongue pierced! A small pinch at first and as many timess I got it pierced never thought I will not feel that sting feeling after the first day. Plus being able to eat solid foods. I am just a happy camper!

Don Sechrist

The man was professional and treated my daughter with respect. I'd highly recommend his establishment. Thanx for the experience for my daughter.

Michelle Smith

My son got his first tattoo from Red Beard. The shop was very clean, very welcoming. Red was great with him. He is 16 years old. The tattoo turned out great! I'm sure we will be back .

Mason Gray

Did an amazing job at piercing my belly button!

Alicia Elkins

Walked in with the intention of getting 2 piercings. Waited maybe 10 minutes and got both done. Incredibly kind and very well prepared. Definetely coming here for piercings and tattoos again!

Tyrone Lee

Kenneth Medley Sr

Love my tat! Red is an excellent artist!

Rashell Obrien

Aimee Story

Very pleased with my tattoo he is such a great and funny guy!

OneMan 1Rod

i got a tattoo last night with RED BEARD and i love it will i go again hell yea

Erica Metzger

Got a beautiful sunflower as my first tattoo. He did it just as I had pictured it! He made sure I was comfortable and taken care of! Definitely a great first experience and I plan on coming back!

Tala Auchey

Red Beard is a very nice guy and respectful! I got my belly button pierced there a year ago and it’s been doing awesome, I recently just got my nose pierced about 2 weeks ago and I love it! I’ve had no problems with any of them. It was super fast to get both done, in and out type of experience. Place is well maintained and very clean. Would highly recommend!

Brenda Bressler

Very good tattoo artist, great prices. Very friendly and professional

Chase Cloutier

It was great definitely going back again

Jay Stanley

Red Beard is a legit spot. Best tattoo joint around. Have a few pieces done there and always getting compliments for them.

Bernadette Fidler

redbeard himself is a very friendly guy an does great tatoo work hes the best there is in town

Erika Braun

He’s a great guy and did and awesome job on a cover up! Definitely will be back for more!!


I have gone to plenty of tattoo parlors before and none received me the way that Red did! Insanely well done tattoo's and an extremely friendly owner is the recipe for a successful business. The shop is clean and comfortable, feels just like home!

Kristy Mcclellan

Very friendly and clean! Highly recommend this shop! ❤️

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