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REVIEWS OF No Ka Oi Tiki Tattoo IN Pennsylvania

Judson Packard

Nicole Gaska

Leah Killian

This place is literally a joke, the girl couldn't even sketch several simple lines without inserting her nasty opinions. Last time I checked, people choose what they want tattooed on them, not the artist! Definitely should re-evaluate some of your "talented" artists...

Adilah Ellis-Young

Got my nose repierced. The artist was super, crazy, cool!!!

Darin Fiorendino

The tattoo parlor has so much potential, but drops the ball in the customer service arena. Mony and I interacted for a few months via email about design ideas. Once I was ready he required a live consultation. I went but live ~2 hours away and the consult was only 15 min. I gave $100 deposit and booked a date in late spring 2018. Due to health reasons, I needed to reschedule. He was off all summer so my options were limited. It was not until Mar when I was ready. I figured the deposit would need to be paid again, which wasn't a big deal, but I was not expecting his response when I asked him to forego another useless consult. This was his response: I do not remember you, Sorry. I do not give penalties ,this is the rules I follow .I do not have your deposit ,that means you did not show for your appointment .deposits are valid for 3 months only. I can not help you anymore ,Please look for another artist.Sorry. I responded trying to explain that I didn't care about the money but just wanted to avoid a 2 hour drive for another 15 min consult after we met once and had multiple email correspondence. I told him I'd show him my deposit receipt. He never responded again. Imagine that ---"I can not help you anymore - please look for another artist". If that's not horrible customer service, I don't know what is. What a waste of my time and cash. In a service oriented business, Mony's gift as an artist does not excuse his incompetence as a professional. #Monyneedstraining

Joelisa Harvest

Shop was clean, people were rude. Very impatient when there were no other customers even in the place, wouldn't go back.

Dominique Bardlavens

Amazing.... Got my septum pierced definitely going back. I truly recommend Luis to pierce anyone

Mireille Fishman-Helfer

I had an incredible experience here. I got my forward helix done by Luis and not only does it look great, but Luis made me feel so comfortable and answered all my questions. He is extremely personable and knowledgeable. As I was getting pierced, two friends were getting their first tattoos and we all left feeling so happy with what we got. We came later at night and were recommended to come by the staff at Infinite down the street. So happy we ended up here and I know we will be back! Luis and Gabby, thank you so much!!

Alvaro Lopez-Moreno

Jessi Hawk designed and did my tattoo and my experience was wonderful and the tattoo came out super beautiful!


Awesome experience

Queen Speech

The actual piercing went great but I will NEVER Purchase any jewelery from this shop again. Not only did my ball proceed to keep falling off of the ill made septum and was almost impossible (20 minutes each time) to get back on. But the way in wich the ball and septum ring are made are simply idiotic. Pierce but DO NOT BUY THE WONKY JEWELERY

Adrienne Makayla

My entire tattoo is completely blown out. The entire thing. There are parts in my tattoo that didn’t even take. This was supposed to be one of my most important tattoos and the woman who did this tattoo whose name I wish I remembered did a terrible job. She was very rude, dismissed everything I had to say about my tattoo and was so heavy handed. Felt like she was ripping my skin. I’m so upset, I thought this shop had potential. The only reason it has 2 stars is because I’ve seen Jessi’s work and hope to have something actually nice done by her. I don’t know what to even do about this tattoo, this is not okay. Edit: I’m almost positive her name is Rebecca.

Vanessa Fath

Luis is awesome-clean, efficient, and does a great great job!

Jennine Carelli

Mony is a true gem! Relaxed energy and clean shop. Thank you!

Dani Ley

Haley has done six piercings for me at this point and is also currently helping me with stretching my ear lobes the correct/healthy way to avoid irreversible tissue damage. During my first visit to the shop, Haley was so friendly and …

Paul Menta

You put it on for life so make sure a professional does your work who is also an artist! Bill Funk tattoo legend and his Wife Anna are amazing and the staff reflects it. Flew in from Key West as its that good.

Khadisha Oconnor

This was a nice place. I always enjoy their services and professionalism. Always a pressure, nice and clean

Jessica Strong

Sarah Monheim

Great staff!

M Albertson

Highly highly recommend this place for piercing needs - I’ve been pierced by both Eva and Luis, I’m amazed by the level of experience between the both of them. I really feel like I’m being taken care of by the best in the business. Eva was exceptionally attentive and comforting through the whole experience. She really took her time, I felt really good about the whole experience. Luis is incredibly efficient and knowledgeable. I’d recommend this place over any piercing place in Philadelphia, no doubt the other piercer who I haven’t had the chance to work with is just as experienced. Thankful I’ve found a reliable and safe piercing studio to work with.

LaToya Tucker

My wife and I went to get our septum pierced great atmosphere friendly staff clean and saniatary. They also have a large selection of jewerly to choose from. Its great that they offer aftercare services. Will definitely be returning and recommending.

Marsha Olitsky

Amazing !!! I got a verticle hood done and they were so sweet. I usually Dont like tattoo parlors but this is one of my favorite piercing places. Its clean oragnaised the staff is so great and willing to help you. Very professional and just amazing I would go here for all my piercings

Kimberly Kardashian


Heather Fox

One of the best shops in the city. The crew here is always fun, talented, and helpful. Do yourself a favor and get some ink done here by one of the marvelous women artists! I've quite a few of my pieces done there and they heal well and look beautiful. Be sure to check out Tina, her work is incredible.

Sherekhan King

I absolutely LOVE Luis... He did four of my piercings and if I can get down there before closing today he'll be doing my septum lol... He's amazing, talks you thru it and is super knowledgable about EVERY type of piercing... I fell in love with him after a botched HCH piercing in AC #djmlol.. He told me my anatomy wasn't even fit for that piercing and I should've never been pierced in the first place, then he took it out then repierced me CORRECTLY with a VCH which healed beautifully BTW... I will NEVER go to another piercer lol

Mica Clemon

Hayley is my absolute favorite piercer! So far, she's pierced my friends and I 2x in the past month. She's thorough, patient, and walks you through the entire process. I'd recommend this place to ALL


Great experience there today getting my first tattoo! Very chill vibe and helpful at the front desk. Brian Buchak did my tattoo and he did an excellent job! Very easy going and great staff. Will be back if I decide to get more!


I initially came in for a nose piercing but changed my mind and got my cartilage instead. The girl who did my piercing was named Panda. I don't think she's still at the shop though. I got this done like two years ago and I'm just now doing …

Shachi Mistry

Good place to walk in. Artist was friendly and helpful

Lynnee' Wakefield-Hightower

Been here several times for piercings for myself....took a friend last weekend to get pierced along with another friend and they said only my friend who was getting pierced could go upstairs.....since when??Both time I've went I've had two friends go up with me and only one could watch. Please keep it consistent for that reason I'm going to Infinite later and not them.

Shaquita Smith

Just had a tattoo done there today. Service was great from all the staff. Tom the artist was such a great person to do my tattoo. He checked to make sure I was okay (I have a low threshold for pain) several times during the process. I was really pleased with his work. Healing now so I will update later with pictures.

Emo-Wolf- Kiryu sama

(Translated by Google) Very good

stefanie burtulato

Got my septum pierced by Luis tonight and he was great. I have a deviated septum and he advised me it was possible it could come out crooked and I appreciate the honesty and not just piercing it for the money. I went ahead with the piercing anyway and it came out straight! He did a great job. He had an apprentice Gabby who he was showing the ropes and she was friendly! Overall a fantastic experience, will go back if I decide on more piercings!

Marisol Nieves

Luis, who do piercings have always done my tongue and lip piercings.

Tomeo, Lee

john seibel

Received tattoo from Brian B... highly recommend...patient, detailed and not over priced. Thanks.

Lucy Bowden

Friendly love they jobs

Renee Carter

Love it

Jenn Levito

Excellent!!!! Cant wait to get more ink or a really awesome piercing!!! Best place in Philly!!!!

Megan C.

Michael Briscoe

Did a fantastic job on my wife's lion tat

Linda Wright-Jones

Great place. Clean and professional.

Nijah Latney

The were so nice and patient. I have gone to them before and will recommend to to everyone

Marta Warner

My daughter got a custom cartilage piercing done by Luis last month, he was amazing...the best piercer in the world! Tell everyone to come to Luis, his knowledge, expertise surpass all!!!

Helene Sokol

Kiana did a beautiful memorial tattoo for me, she is amazing.

Accra Zuberi

Great. Fast. Worth the money for a pro artist!

Jessica Chung

Went here for walk-in piercings with two friends on a whim one Friday afternoon, at the recommendation of a random man on the street...fantastic experience. Everyone was very friendly and helpful, considering that we knew nothing about what we wanted going in the door. The alternative "Hawaiian" decor was nice; not the sterile, intimidating tattoo/piercing parlor type at all (although everything was still very clean). They had a large selection of jewelry (18k, titanium, bone, wood etc) and piercing prices were very reasonable. Luis was great! He answered all of our questions patiently and instructed us on the proper care methods. He was very smooth, so I barely felt the needle at all. Healing great. Would definitely recommend!


I walked in late on a Saturday night with a pretty complex design in mind, and NoKaOi was happy to accommodate me. I got tattooed by Katherine Mae and her work looks beautiful, I've gotten so many complements on the tat already - I'd definitely recommend both Katherine and NoKaOi to anyone looking for a wonderful tattooing experience!

Carl Anderson

Everyone I've interacted with here is awesome.

Michael Hunt

Wonderful place to have a tattoo

Taki L

I got my vertical bridge done finally. I had an ugly scar from botch job piercings from a different place. Luis was super professional and informative and Gabby was such a sweetheart and helped me with picking the perfect jewelry. It was everything I could have hoped for and more. Thank you guys for an amazing experience!

Nicole Amissah

Unfortunately I have to give one star. Before I continue, I will first like to mention that Hailey and the rest of the staff are great! However, there is one staff member by the name of REBECCA that ruins the entire reputation of the shop. I used the bathroom before going upstairs to get a service done. About 15- 20 minutes later, lovely Rebecca comes and stairs and says to me in a disrespectful and nasty tone " The next time you put urine or water all over the toilet seat, make sure you wipe it up". Please keep in mind that this was said in front of other customers in the waiting area, and I can tell it made them uncomfortable as well. I was in complete shock that an employee had the audacity to speak to me that way. Not only did I feel embarrassed but very disrespected. At the end of the day, I was a paying customer and did not deserve to be treated that way. It's also a PUBLIC bathroom and anyone could of used it before or after me, so therefore anyone could have done it!. She thought was okay to assume that I was responsible for It and snap at me as a result. Completely unacceptable and professional. She honestly does not need to work there because she gives the shop a bad name. Sad to have such a bad experience as such a great place.

Dani Mullen

Christine Nelson did an amazing job on my tattoo. The shop is so friendly and clean!

Samantha Clark

Luis was awesome! So knowledgeable about piercings. Definitely would recommend!

Bratty Nala

Haley is amazing

Caty Leader

I got my first tattoo here when I was 18, and overall it was an okay experience. I love the atmosphere in the shop, it's professional and sanitary, and everyone is nice. However, my artist was extremely impatient with me when I had to point out that she kept drawing my tattoo wrong (the original one she drew didn't match my description at all) She rushed me and the entire process, and I actually ended up with something imperfect (she drew it for the wrong side of my body and decided not to fix it). Honestly, I understand her impatience (I was young and it was my first piece and the ribs are a really hard spot) but it put a damper on things, and I don't plan on ever going back.


The staff are professional and their work is phenomenal

Google User

I didn't think I was going to get a tatoo because for several weeks I visited a few other tatoo artists with a picture in mind and they all told me it was too small and too detailed. When I walked in here on a Saturday night I was greeted by a friendly professional staff and was introduced to Rebecca. I showed her the picture in mind and she too said the same thing but she made an effort to draw what I envisioned. Rebecca is awesome, personable and a true artist. Not only do I highly recommend her but this place as well because while I waited for my drawing and my turn for the tattoo I noticed every walk in were greeted in the same manner. A very comfortable clean friendly establishment.

Carl Harmon

Very professional. Great place to go for first timers. They really take the time to explain everything.

Devon Jennings

First time ever getting a piercing in a parlor (instead of those mall kiosks). A friend and I decided to go on a whim and get a belly button piercing(her) and a helix piercing(me). Luis pierced us, he was super cool, he answered the million and one questions we had, he walked us through everything he was doing, and told us what we should do for aftercare/what to expect. 5 months later and our piercings are healing beautifully. The jewelry available is really nice, and there's a wide range. Once my piercing is fully healed, I definitely plan to go back and get more.

Allela Goodwin

Awesome service !! Very professional and pleasant

Dwight Clark


Daniella Benita

Worst piercing experience I've ever had and I didn't even get anything pierced! I never write reviews... especially bad ones but I want to warn people about the piercer who changed out my nose piercing yesterday. I've had my nose done …

Megan Williams

I was met with the warmest smile and Haley (the piercer) was absolutely amazing in every way. I'll definitely reccommend you guys to everyone i come across and you shall me seeing my face again <3

Audrey Goldstein

I highly recommend this place. I walked into the shop yesterday with an idea but unsure of exactly the final design should be. Jen (my artist) and Kate (the friendly gal at the front) discussed my idea with me and expanded the concept beyond what I could possibly have imagined. Jen's talent and creativity are unmatched by the 5 other artists I have gone to for ink. Her friendliness while working was greatly appreciated while she tattooed down my spine (not exactly a comfortable place to be tattooed!) and she completed the piece much more quickly than I expected. The overall experience was great. She works fast, is very friendly and candid, and is an amazing artist. I would love to go back have her fill out my back (a work in progress) although she is a visiting artist who will return to Hawaii in a few weeks... which just means I'll have to make it to the Aloha State! While I was waiting, I got to check out the progress of the two other artists working at the time and it was clear they were very talented as well. One was working on a large, intricate piece, and the other on a piece with varied colors throughout. Both did fantastic work. Go here for your next tattoo!! It will be so worth it. (=

Bronwyn H

I've had excellent experiences at No Ka Oi - they have very careful, attentive artists. I've never been disappointed, and know several people who feel the same way. I have been both pierced and tattooed here, and have never had a bad experience. One tattoo was on my ribcage, in French -- and the artist worked with me to ensure it was exactly what I wanted. The price was completely reasonable. I highly recommend this parlor to anyone in the area who is considering body art!

Kylynn Walker

In he ah

Ashlee Harlow

I decided to get a tattoo last minute the day of my flight. They were able to get me in quick and get my tattoo done. Turned out great and is healing nicely. Thank you!

Casey Brennan

The Admiral

Excellent, professional artists. Pricey, but you get what you pay for!

Moriah Gornstein


Bryan Gleisner

Can anyone inform me on how much it is per hour ?

Mellie Snaps

This place is awesome, everything was very clean and professional. The person at the desk was extremely friendly and helpful, she answered all of our questions. I wish I remembered her name but she was great! My piercer was Pixie, she was amazing as well. She took her time with all of us, walked us through it, answered every question, super friendly & professional. I would definitely come back again for anything else. :)

Beth Lloyd

A woman did my tattoo a couple of years ago. It looks like a kindergartner drew it on with a crayon. It's not at all what I asked for. Worst tattoo ever! If there were negative stars, shed have a -5.

Justin McHenry

My girlfriend and I both swear by the amazing staff here.

Hosh Evans

Natalie Thibodeaux

I had my 1st & 3rd tattoo done here as well as my nose piercing. All of my experiences have been perfect. Professional and hygienic. The tattoo artists & the guy that pierced my nose -Luis I think- are super knowledgable & their work shows that. They made me feel comfortable and eased my nerves my first time around especially by talking me through everything. If you're getting a tattoo or piercing in PA go to No Ka Oi Tiki tattoo

Joe Perillo

I little expensive but worth it. Jessi did my tat, she was very patient and helpful I'm going back today to have her do another tat.

Gary Renauro

Best piercing experience I've every had. Louis is a master at his trade.

Yoel Peralta

Mari Figueroa

I went in and told the nice lady that I wanted a tongue piercing and she took down all my info and directed me to a man(Luis) I think . I was deathly afraid when I got there, but he talked me through the whole process and just like THAT! It was done!!!! Awesome experience! I plan on going back to get my first tattoo here!!

Cami Pileggi

employees were extremely rude to first time buyers. cool looking tattoos though I guess.

Diamond S.

After researching nostril piercings and this location, I randomly decided to face my fears 2 days ago and finally got my nostril pierced. Haley was my piercer, I was EXTREMELY NERVOUS after seeing many people on youtube cry/tear/faint, and I felt lightheaded as soon as I entered her booth (due to not eating since 10hrs prior & my nerves). However, she was absolutely PHENOMENAL! She was nice, honest, patient (which is a huge plus for me since I am very indecisive), professional, and experienced in her craft. I barely felt anything as she pierced me. I surprisingly did not cry/tear, faint, or even flinch. Therefore, if you are truly considering a piercing, do not go off of what you see on youtube/blogs and request Haley!

Laila Servance-Johnson

Haley did an amazing job, she walked me thru it, I was completely comfortable with her, I will come back to her for my next piercing

Jermaine Colon

The young lady was awesome. Ended up I didnt need to get repierced but was calming and very kind. We talked about my birthday, kids, and didnt even notice she put the earring in my ear

Carlos Davenport

My tat is awesome. Very clean and professional. I didn't feel rushed or nickle and dimed! I have already recommended them to 2 people. Mony did my work by the way. Freehand, no cookie cutter stencil.

Shay B

Got my tragus and daith pierced here! Great atmosphere and people. You have to wait awhile though...they are always packed.

Parker Stanhagen

good work. clean environment

Bill H.

Excellent tattoos and super friendly staff and artists.

Antonia Goodwater

Great shop. Got a piercing and it went really well. Would definitely go back again. Very clean and professional.

Chamara Cotton

Got my nose ring done here like 3 years ago but everyone is soo nice, kind, professional.. Customer Service is phenomonal!

Geneva Diaz

Theeeee best!!!!

Bulinda Wright-Jones

Great service and very clean and thorough.

Eric Wang

I've had two tattoos done by them - an eagle tattoo on my chest and a lion tattoo on my left arm - both are exceptionally done, and I've been complimented on countless occasions on the detail and artistry of both. They are very clean, and have inspection reports to prove it. Great, fun staff with exception artistry

Alissa Robertson

Amazing experience! Gabby was educated and kind! Iva is an amazing piercer! Would recommend to everyone!!

Beverly Rines

Looooved it!

Bayyinah Salaam


Donovan C

Great first tattoo experience. I came in for my first session and showed them exactly what I wanted. This final season was way more intensive but Brian have some really good ideas. He took his time with drawing it up and with the actual tattoo process to make it perfect.

Bettie BAW

Just got my 5th piercing, great place

b B

After scouting too many shops to count in person and online I decided to get my first tattoo here, I drew what I wanted myself so I made an appointment. When I went in the staff seemed uninterested and couldn't really be bothered to help, that should've made me walk away, but I thought maybe they were just having a busy day. Compared to the tattoos I have now I couldn't believe how overpriced they are. I have a large back piece for the same price as my 2 inch one they did. I feel like because I was new to tattoos etc. they took advantage of me being young and naive. I would not recommend coming here, there's plenty of reasonably priced much more talented tattoo artists elsewhere.

Ayisha Brock

Alexandra Gillmore

Nia Hester

Benjamin Gullett

Called the shop, walked-in & got my piercing same day. Everyone was professional, friendly & kindly answered ALL of my questions. Luis did my nostril piercing, he was super smart, efficient, calming & literally had me out in 10 minutes. Highly recommendable!!! Thanks No Ka Oi Tiki Tattoo!!

Sayde B

I go here for all my piercings. The piercers here a good. I've only gotten two piercing from here so far. My septum and my daith. My septum was done by Luis Garcia and my daith by Louis Molinari. Both pretty cool and gentle piercers.

Cheneka Jones

So I Just Got My Tongue Pierced Today By Haley , And I Love Her And It . I Had It Done Before But Placement Was Wrong Because My Tongue Is So Short . Haley Worked With My Short Tongue , Told Me What She Could Do And She Couldn . I Love My Experience Here , And All The Help They Offer With Readjustments If Need Be . I Will Be Back For Sure ! Go See Haley !!

Erick Anderson

Staff are professional and helpful. They will not take your money and give you just any tattoo.

Eda Qalliaj

This place is awesome! I got my first tattoo there in January 2017 and today January 2018 I went back and got a helix piercing! Great friendly staff!

Corinne Germanotta

I walked in and the woman at the desk was talking to someone else so I waited patiently to talk with her. Two other women came in behind me and she started talking to them and completely ignored me. Then they left and she walked toward the back of the store still ignoring me. At this point I had been waiting awhile so I just left. It was completely rude and ridiculous. I’m not sure why they chose me to ignore and not the other people but I won’t be back to ask.

Susan Neal

Customer service lady seems a tad bit biased. I'm a woman of color and I noticed her telling someone about the atm machines down the street, after I'd already gone upstairs to get a piercing done. Wow, I had to get the internet from my piercer, go back downstairs, across the street to get cash, then return. My money is just as green. Guess they don't care about people posting an honest rating.

Govinda Vyas

Staff was extremely helpful and informative for a relative tattoo newbie. After contacting Jordan over Instagram/email I stopped by the shop for a consultation (they're flexible with scheduling). Jordan took my idea and designed a very cool concept around it. About a week later I came in for my session and the design turned out great! I had fun chatting with Jordan during the session and the work turned out great - would suggest him and this shop to anyone looking for solid ink. Great price for the size and attention that went into this.

Karyl Lasso


Deepak Yadav

Too costly for even small work

feya sterling

Luis is the best piercer in Philly. The whole staff is super professional and their jewelry selection is beast.

Bett Williams

Disappointed with customer service. Hired a traveling artist left before finishing the commission with a promise to return and finish within 4-5 months, but he never did. Would not return again.

Eleanor Pillsbury

Christina Colour

Without a doubt the most friendly and creative staff in Philly, Absolutely love this place ❤

idrienne walker

best place ever! all of my friends have gotten piercings here and i get mine done here as well. They're always able to answer any question I have and I always feel comfortable.

Dessie Hristov

Great people, great service. :)

Kathline Mcinnis

Most tattoo parlors are filled with 'cool guy' tattoo artists, who've apprenticed for maybe a week, under some doofus who apprenticed for a week...but American Electric is a good, old-fashioned, comfortable tattoo parlor where you don't have to feel judged, or secretly mocked. I've been to several shops, and this one is BY FAR the most comfortable. Craig is definitely the best artist I've seen and actually IS a cool guy. His prices are very fair, the work is immaculate, the conversation is interesting and makes the time go by quickly, and before you know it, you have the exact tattoo you want, if not even better than you imagined. I won't go anywhere else, unless Craig bans me from his shop...

Alice Cecil

Thanks for the winderful lines

Shaina Propper

Brian Buchak did an awesome job on my friend and I's tattoos. Everyone in the shop was friendly and nice. The place is also very clean.

Gloria Johnson

Tyler Forbes

Great place got my first tattoo it was great

Vanessa Tejada

LOVE this place to bits! I’ve gotten pierced and tattooed here and the personable artists is what keeps me coming back! Beautiful work is done with awesome professionalism that I feel like everyone who is visiting south street should just come visit regardless if they’re into body modification or not!

Tara Waggle

Finally decided to get my nose pierced and No Ka Oi was highly recommended to me by a friend. Luis did my piercing, and I cannot sing this man's praises enough. He was fun, professional, courteous and answered all my questions. He was so knowledgeable, and really took the time to make sure I was happy with the placement. The room was clean, welcoming, and comfortable. Luis walked me through everything he was doing and had a very gentle hand. Awesome place, awesome experience. I will be coming back!

Rachel Calaman

Alexia K

I absolutely love it here!!! It smells so fresh and clean. I saw a friend get a piercing done by Hailey and they were all so friendly and welcoming. They were so thorough and explained everything so well. I'll definitely come back for my next piercing or tattoo.

Lena Jake

Customer service is lacking. I'm not unhappy with the tattoo but I am unhappy with being underquoted. The person at the front desk tried talk me into working with an artist who's work I did not like, and generally made everything feel rushed and disorganized. If it's a tattoo that is important to you, you are better off at another shop.

Danielle Pereira

The woman was very snotty. That alone made me walk out.

Kai Evans

Got my nose pierced here a while ago, super sanitary and professional. The shop & staff were very nice. However, they are SUPER over priced and charge like an extra $10 to pay with card. It ended up being like $80 because they charge for the piercing itself and then the jewelry, which is kind of a rip off imo even though a number of shops in Philly do it that way. I’d say save your money and go to another reputable shop (outside the city or Hunter Gatherer in West Philly) for a lowest cost but other than that, good.

Liza Beth

Very unfriendly and unwelcoming atmosphere. It was pretty obvious they didn't want to work with me, and I wish they'd just said that up front rather than wasting my time - and theirs.

Tinesha Jackson

The place is nice and clean that work with you if you not sure what tattoo you want the workers are friendly I will be going back to get a another tattoo done here.

Mabel Holland

Oliver was amazing! This new shop is super dope and modern. He has so much talent and is willing to work with what I want with better ideas. He was easy to talk to and didn't make me feel bad as a young person getting tattooed. My tattoo is beautiful and healed really well. I would definitely go back to him again and his hard work are 100% worth it.

Deepti Sheladia

Luis is the best for piercings!

Shae Melancon

Tina is doing a touch up revamp on my Phoenix tattoo. She is definitely a talented artist and found her true calling. She is also very quick so you get your money's worth.

Lauren Potter

Went in on Saturday to get a piece done by Jessi. She was super nice and everyone at the location were very helpful. It was the biggest tattoo I have gotten so far so I was a bit nervous. The piece ended up perfect! Thank you Jessi and No Ka Oi for a great experience, I will definitely be back!

Rafiaah Abbas

I had my nose pierced she did a grear joy Hayley is the best and she has a warm heart and a great personality

Elijah Snyder-Vidmar

The staff at No Ka Oi have taken good care of me and always make me feel comfortable. They are accommodating with any inquiries and helpful with providing information I am unfamiliar with.

Stephanie Knox

If you're going here for to just buy jewelry for your piercing, just go down the street to Infinite Body Piercing. They're a little cheaper, they have a bigger selection and if you buy jewelry from them they put it in for FREE. For some …

avery oddlittlegirl

I went here several times to go with my friends to get piercings and once myself to get my nose pierced, the lady at the front counter was very unfriendly & rude & she made me feel pressured, rushed & uncomfortable EVERY TIME I've gone there. So needless to say I felt uncomfortable getting pierced there so I walked next door to Infinite Body Piercing & they were the total opposite; friendly, took thier time to answer my questions and make me feel comfortable with everything before they pierced me...long story short screw No Ka Oi, go to Infinite


Amazing artist down there! They pay attention to detail and they really make you feel comfortable.

romaine salmon

Gabrielle Scott

Very clean a nice calm environment. The woman who set up the paperwork and explained the healing time and such was very nice. She was very informative and answered any questions I had. The woman who did the actual piercing (Haley) was very nice also. She talked me through everything she was doing and she was very reassuring. She was quick and efficient and I am very pleased with my new piercing. I would recommend this place and I plan on going back in the future. Compared to the other places in Philadelphia that I priced, they were slightly cheaper for the most part. It's better to pay with cash because paying with a card cost a little more, but I still think it's well worth it!

Elise Hagel

Got my nosed pierced a couple of weeks ago and it was a great experience! Louis was so funny and nice and knew exactly what he was doing. Him and the rest of the staff made me feel so comfortable! Would definitely go there again!

Frank Abate

Best shop in the city. Clean, friendly and talented beyond belief.

joseph Castine

Second time around. Great people.

Courtney Magill

Very professional staff and clean work space. Haley did an amazing job with my nose piercing. She explained everything to me as she did the procedure which did a lot to alleviate my anxiety as a first-timer. Extremely happy with the results!!

Dominique Brooks

My experience was amazing! Clean, friendly and inviting. Will be going back for all piercing and tattoo needs!

Jasmine J

Karli F

i got tattooed by Jessi and she did an amazing job. She is very friendly, clean, talented, and professional. All the staff here is nice, willing to help and answer any question you have. I will for sure be back and i will recommend this shop to others

West Michael

clean, friendly, skilled, gifted,

Isaac Dancer

Extremely knowledgeable,friendly and courteous staff very clean and kept up with reasonable pricing.

irene brimm

Brandi Matthews

Sam Kraft

Just got my first tattoo here by the very talented Tatiyana. Everyone was so awesome and helpful I really couldn't have had a better experience.

Christine Casady

Got my first tattoo (half sleeve) and it turned out BEAUTIFUL!

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