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REVIEWS OF Local Color Tattoo IN Pennsylvania

Lauri Knopp

Mike is the best. Followed him all the way to PA. Shop is clean and everyone was wonderful to deal with. Can't wait to go back for mine.

theodore pavkovich

Shannon is excellent and I'm glad I got to finally get some ink from her. She did excellent and was very easy with the design process to the tattoo. Thank you very much

Ty S

I had Tabitha pierce my tongue and it didn’t hurt. I went to go get the bar changed at a different shop and the piercer there said that the smaller bar wouldn’t fit because she pierced too far back on my tongue so I had to take the bar out and let my tongue heal. I’m definately getting it redone but not there. I’ll go back there to see how their tattoo artists are but I’m not going back for a piercing.

Hailey Welch

Went to get a my industrial redone, I was sure I would need it repeirced, but the peircer who was also training an appretenice at the time, took a few seconds looked at my ear and Bam, two seconds later my bar was back in no need for needles. Just paid 10 bucks for the pericing. Very eccentric owners,. I will be back for a tattoo.

jenna bortner

I drive an hour and a half from Maryland to get tattooed by Mike. The shop is always super clean and laid back.

Thomas Phillips

Liinnie M.S.

Amazing artist , If your looking to get your first tatoo or just looking for a new artist you have to stop by this place .

Jennifer Warner

Lisa was Amazing . she really understood what I was going for when others couldn't. She has a very comforting energy and made me feel important and the tatoo I got in my grandmothers memory turned out PERFECT!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I highly recomend lisa

terri iaquinto

Great staff, very friendly, & excellent artists

Kayleigh Bubacz

Shannon did yet another amazing job on my tattoo. It was my second by her and it was a great experience, love getting tattooed here!

Jordan Forman

I went to get my nose pierced back in late December. I had a great experience! The shop was very clean. Tabitha was very calm and professional. She did a great job with my piercing, and I plan to go back to get my belly button pierced soon. Would definitely recommend!

Alexandra Marceau

I don't have any tattoos and my only ears pierced once, so getting my septum pierced was a pretty unfamiliar and nerve-racking experience. JULES, the new piercer, did an AMAZING job. It was done quickly and confidently (with no hesitation); which I think is very important when it comes to piercing. I really loved that SHANNON, the owner, stayed with us and double checked everything - with Jules being fairly new to this shop. Jules explained the process beforehand, talked me through the steps she was performing, and after, gave me both a verbal and written guide of how to take care of my new piercing. I HIGHLY recommend this shop for everyone and anyone, new and experienced. Clean, comfortable, and calm. WILL DEFINITELY visit here again.

Rachel Dougherty

Terrible job ! My tattoo came out horrible. Messy lines, a lot of missing ink. I'm getting my tattoo covered as soon as it heals. Don't waist your money here.

Sandra Feliciano

Elizabeth Dornisch

Didn't feel a thing and got to lay down comfortably for my bad back. I got my tattoo done by Mike or should I say redone and it looks great for a great price. They do accept credit cards however tips must be in cash.

Alex Roding

I've been getting tattoos and piercings from local color for 10 years now and have never been anything but happy with the results. Alex and Shannon are the backbone of a great group of artists who are devoted to their work and the profession as a whole. Local color is like the old school neighborhood barber shop and I'll be returning there extremely soon to add to my collection.

shannon brown

NEW OWNERS!!! We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and will be happy to make each experience with us the best! Come check us out! We are an award winning 20 plus years experience shop and we look forward to working with you!!!

Madi Duff

Stephanie Tracy

My sister wanted to get her septum pierced and I tagged along. I had no intention of getting mine redone since it killed the first time (got it done at different shop). But then I heard it was $10 and it would be done by Jules who we read good things about, I decided to give it another go. It was an amazing experience! Jules was very helpful and friendly, her mentor observed/helped to make sure everything was perfect, and I didn’t hurt at all! I highly recommend this place for both the atmosphere and the quality of service

Judy Liberatoscioli

Berardi’s Detailing

Stephanie Sleighter

The artwork was beautiful but the artist seemed annoyed by everything I did. I didn't see the draw up until day of, and asked for some minor edits which seemed to piss her off. It was a rib tattoo, and after two and a half hours I was spent. The angle I had to lay was making it hard to breathe so I was light headed and in pain. I thought maybe she was just having a bad day. For some reason half the tattoo was completely faded in a week and sent her a picture which she claimed was on purpose, but when she saw it in person said she had no idea why. I had asked for a draw up of the color, which she didn't have time to do. After going over the tattoo to fix the faded half, my nerves were shot. If I asked a question she acted short, and gave me nothing but attitude the whole time. As soon as I saw the color she started it was darker than I wanted. I will be seeking another artist to finish the coloring. I tipped well and always tried to be pleasant, so I'm not sure what was going on. So if you want art and don't care how you're treated this is the place to go. Not the experience I wanted for a very special tattoo. I really liked the piercer who also works the front desk though. Bought jewelry and she offered to help change it. Every interaction with her was very pleasant!

Maria DeBlasio

I have been going to Lisa Harrison since I started getting my ink at forty-four. I don't really think I would consider going to anyone else. Her station is so immaculate you would think she was a surgeon. Lisa is pleasant and gentle. She makes you feel very comfortable. She is perfect for first timers. I trust her emphatically.

brett nelson

The shop is clean and lisa is awesome

Luke Scott

It had decent reviews so I gave it a go. I brought in a simple black line picture about the size of a quarter. I have no clue how you can mess up lines so badly. They were thin but sloppy like a pen, unrefined and no sharpness to them. Was not sure if she knew how to use a needle. It just looks like the outline of a screw up. Be careful.

jay Myers

Monica Bromley

Derrick gave me my first tattoo today, and I am THRILLED!! Thank you Derrick for the great artwork and kindness

Local Color Tattoo Tattoos and Piercings

Denise Mingioni

I had my first tattoo done here last week by Shannon and it was an amazing experience. Shannon made me feel really comfortable. She helped design and plan my tattoo. It turned out amazing and I’m Soooo happy with it. I would get another in a heartbeat. It was a rib tattoo which is supposed to be kind of more painful but she did a great job and it was not too painful at all ! Best of all the results are amazing. I had almost no redness, no peeling or itching. It’s been almost a week and I couldn’t be more happy.

Nicole Long

Shannon and Mike are amazing ..

Rosie Dear

Lynda Light

Just went to Local Color Ink TODAY with my 2 sons to get memorial ink for my sons BFF who recently passed. Shannon - the new owner - did a fantastic job! I absolutely love the new design and interior feel of the place, it's such an upgrade! I've gone to Shannon for many years for my ink and she has always done an excellent job! I'm very happy for her and her husband being the new owners and wish them all the best! The cleanliness and vib of the place is definitely welcoming and puts you at ease. Highly recommend and I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Michelle Racicot

I got my septum repeirced and liked the experience. Noone else was there. The process was quick and very sanitary!! My only problem is that she pierced it sideways. It's so crooked I can hid it which is VERY!!!! Important for my job .... One side is on the "sweet spot" and the other, my cartilage -.- she acknowledged my scars from when I used to have it and followed the one same hole but not the other??? I also wondered why one side hurt soo bad and the other didn't? (after 15 piercings you become numb to the process) -.- I am sooo frustrated, and its clearly crooked, not just me being picky -.- I am sooo annoyed I gave her $10 tip -.-

Gretchen Millan

Great place

Thomasina Rose

Very clean, comfortable place! Competitive priced and AWESOME WORK!! LISA I love it!!! Thank you so muck! I will be back, worth the 45 mins to get there!! See you guys soon!!!

Shriley Schofield

Shannon is the best! Great place with awesome artists

Pete Shiomos

The shop is great! Clean, with a great vibe. I've gotten all of my new pieces done here as well as a difficult cover-up. Shannon is the only artist I'll use!

Autumn Awesome

Amazing work for an affordable price. Friendly staff with a laid back and professional attitude. I may have found my tattoo artist fo life. My tattoo pictured below was just from 1 session. My finishing appointment is set for Sept 21st.

Tracy Ortner

I just got a tattoo done by Shannon. She was amazing! So funny and personable. Extremely gentle and talented. I came in with a tattoo that wasn’t great and needed an overhaul. She listened to my every concern and request and was completely honest with me why certain things wouldn’t work right for it. My tattoo turned out absolutely fantastic. Thank you Shannon!

Livi s

Bro, do go here worst place ever, the girl at the front desk has the worst attitude and I hope she gets fired! All the staff yells at each other and they have no clue how to act like normal people!! DO NOT COME HERE!!!!

K Mart

Shannon and her apprentice were amazing. Shannon was friendly, funny, and over all very professional. She made me feel at ease and confident with her doing my VCH piercing. Will be returning ASAP for my nipples

Lil Bry

Mark Reilly

Awesome place. Wonderful staff. Alex does amazing work.

Damien Davido

Local color Is hands down one of the best places to get ink

Kristen Recknagel

I had the pleasure last evening of having Julz pierce my cartilage, it was a last minute decision and I am so glad I made the right decision. The shop was so clean! Julz was professional, friendly and knowledgeable. As soon as I walked in I felt welcome and comfortable, which is something that is important to feel if someone is about to stick a needle through you. I plan on going back and having Julz pierce me again once this one heals up. Thank you Julz, you did great, look forward to seeing you again soon!

Marlaina Yost

My friends and I went here to get nose and belly button piercings. Tabitha Shrodes was at the register, and said that she would be piercing us. My friend went back to get her nose done first, and Tabitha invited us to watch from the window. Things were going fine until she went to put the needle in. Halfway through inserting it, her hands started to violently shake. After multiple failed attempts to pass the jewelry through the needle, we had to ask her if she was alright. She said there were just too many people watching. So we went to the front of the shop and waited for her to finish. After a bit, my friend came back out bleeding with no piercing. Apparently, the Tabitha was unable to calm down enough to stop shaking and get the jewelry in. My friend asked her to stop because she didn't feel comfortable with someone clearly unsure of how to do a basic piercing touching her, but was told that everything was fine and Tabitha kept going. After more attempts to insert the stud she gave up and we all asked for our money back before she had the chance to touch my other friend and me. We left and drove 10 minutes to Xtreme Ink in West Chester where my nose was done in 5 minutes. I highly recommend them. A professional piercing specialist should be confident in their work. We have since heard from other people that our experience at Local Color was not unique. I will make sure to warn the people I know against coming to this shop.

Mary Ballard

Awesome experience. I've had a lot of work done there and have always been satisfied. Clean shop, incredible artists, drama free laid back place to get great work done. I'm a customer for life.


Best work I have ever had done! Shop is super clean. Artists are extremely creative and professional. Been going every month for the last year and half. You want a great experience and top ink then Local Color is the only place to go!

Kyle Williams

Local color has the BEST artists in the area...hands down. No need to look anywhere else!

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