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REVIEWS OF Kre8ive Ink Tattoos IN Pennsylvania

Luis Prodigy

Artwork looks very crisp and clean, wouldn't mind traveling to get a tattoo here.

Mercedes Cruz

I wasn’t personally tattooed by him, but my boyfriend was getting his lower sleeve done. It was a great atmosphere, he was professional. Not to mention he did a kick a** job on my boyfriends lower sleeve, even to this day if still looks brand new!!!

Brad Martin

After tattooing my friend, Keith persisted on sending her Facebook messages from his Facebook business account asking her if he could come over and pay her for 'services' He offered her free tattoos for life for those services also. Very unprofessional!!

Maria Velez

I haven’t got a tattoo yet but the artist look super nice and the shop looks clean

Lindsey Baker

The artwork is so beautifully done ! Definitely great talent coming from them ! Cant wait to come and get some of my own !

Jessie Dengler

Saving up for a tattoo. The work I've seen is amazing!! Can't wait!!

Elizabeth Blanc

Great shop and very clean. Wonderful creative artists.

David Kovach

Not been to the shop yet but just the feedback from the shop to its customers is great. The ink work looks beautiful and neat.

Michelle Bohner

Havent gotten a tattoo there yet but the artistry is amazing. I cant waite to get one from yous!!!!

sharee Merrell

This man's work is amazing!! Absolutely beautiful

Jenny Johnson

I called for a consultation and Keith quickly had an opening for me. I got there and Tyler was the tattoo artist that was helping me. I showed him what I wanted and he quickly started sketching. It came out perfect! It was my first tattoo and I’m glad I came here! Their work is amazing! Definitely recommend coming here if you want great work done!

Shyanne Durden

I’ve seen an artist work on social media and I love everything he shares. Great artist and makes it even better that he competes and wins! I’m sure it’s worth the money when it’s done



Sharon Hamilton

If you want an amazing artist go nowhere but to see KEITH!

Rachael Lukens

Amazing artist, beautiful work! -Rachael Blakesslee

Joshua Pittsenbarger

This place is great. They all do really good work and could not believe my eyes how good the end product looks.

Taj Williams

I've never gotten a tattoo done from here yet but seen their work and love it! Stay Blessed and Kre8ive!

Sarah Michaels

I had my back done here and keith did an amazing job I love it. Got it done almost 2 years ago and it still looks amazing i highly reccomend going here.

Nancy Latsha

I haven't had a tat done personally by Keith but I follow him on Facebook and his work is amazing I would love to be one of his customers

Alanna Appel

I haven’t personally gone in for a tattoo but my best friend it one. Definitely my next place for a tattoo. The studio was clean and comfortable, staff was so kind and reassuring (client was a first time). They were so professional! Highly recommend you check out their Facebook page for the creative and colorful tattoos!

Erik Lawyer

Awesome work. Very knowledgeable whe. It comes to all aspects of his trade. One of the best freehanders I've seen.

blessed ones

I have seen Keith’s work and it is amazzzzzing!! He is for sure one of the greatest artist in the state of Pennsylvania! I honestly can not wait to get some work done by him. Don’t sleep on him

Angie Runkle

I haven’t received a tattoo from Keith yet, but I’ve been following the page for a while and love all the beautiful art that I’ve seen so far. I look forward to having my next tattoo done by Kr8ive Ink.

mikaila Francisco

Unfortunately haven't been tattooed here yet but I really to. Artwork looks amazing.

Jessica Gage

Keith is the best artist around. He does such 1 of a kind work. You won't find any other tattoo shop with such amazing work and just pure kindness and makes you feel like family.

Molly Eachus

I have gotten three of my best tattoos here they do such great work and they are all friendly I only recommend them

Brianna Salazar

Keith's work looks very clean and does amazing water color work. Would love to someday get a tattoo done by him

Jackie Longo

I personally haven’t been here, but the work looks amazing!!! I would love to get a tattoo from here

Ashley Stoudt

I havent personally got work done by Keith (yet!) I definitely will be soon! Every piece I have seen is amazing. The colors are gorgeous. His cover ups are just mind blowing!

Danielle Brenner

The talent Keith has there are truly no words to describe how wonderful he truly is!

Tina Garcia

I seen your work in Facebook and it looks so amazing. I been really wanting to get a tattoo from you. Shared, Liked, Tagged a friend and doing this review. Fingers crossed I'm picked.

Nelda Buggy

I haven’t personally been tattooed here but I have so many friends that have amazing work from Keith! I’ve been in and the shop was so clean and had a great atmosphere. Definitely a great place to check out when you need amazing work done.

Jason Oster

Keith Eby is an Awesome Artist with Stunning work and a unique flare. Definitely head an shoulders among their competition.

Theresa Heinbaugh

I just love this tattoo artist work it’s truly amazing and some are breathtaking. I’ve seen a lot of his work just enjoy seeing all the different tattoos

Joseph Miller

Haven't gotten a tattoo here yet, but definitely will! All of the tattoos I see posted from their Facebook page and even people that I know. Their tats look amazing!

Tyler Jones

I would love to get tattoed at this place the art work they do here is amazing

Gabrielle Mengel

a comfortable atmosphere in a nice location ♡ beautiful work and amazing artists

Hiawatha Stoner

Awesome tattoos. Everything I’ve seen is amazing! Hope to get one done soon

Katie Begani

Very talented tattoo artist that I would be honored to get tattooed by

Rachel Walton

I have gotten many tattoos by a few artists but his work looks incredible, I would love to add one of his to my collection!

tiffany stouffer

Beautiful work. Love their contests. If you dont know about their contests follow them on Facebook to learn more

Mike Tucci

Blind tattoo giveaway??? That's blind trust. I love the work you show us on Facebook.

Traci Brawley

I haven't personally had the opportunity of getting ink from this establishment (live 2hrs away), however, my son n daughter in law are in the area...they & friends have gone here & the work is absolutely incredible.

Fernando Rosado

Hey I have never gotten a tattoo from you but your tattoos are amazing you do awesome work and I would definitely be cool with getting a blindfolded piece done and would highly recommend anyone to go and visit to get some ink done by you keep up the creative talent that you got

Josh Kidwell

Good clean work. Bright colors and solid lines.

Karena Ann

I haven't personally received a tattoo from Keith. But my friends tattoo looks amazing and I constantly follow Keith on Facebook to see what master piece he's done next. So in love with his work and the quality. His attention to detail is breathe taking and I can't wait to finally get to be able to get a tattoo from him & brag

Kristi Zier

Love his work. Looks amazing.

Emily Zimmerman

This place does amazing work! Details are just amazing! Customer service is fabulous!

Melanie Heim

This shop has amazing, talented artist!! They are clean and professional as well!!

Megan A

Although i have not had the pleasure to work with Keith yet , I have seen all his amazing pieces , and I've seen all the wonderful comments people have said about him and trust his work completely !!

Kylie Elizabeth

Very clean and professional environment! Very talented artists.

Ciera White

I personally haven’t had a tattoo done here but the work done here looks fantastic ! Such quality work!

Matthew Frymyer

Great work by all and super fun atmosphere!

Heather M

I have some friends that have had work done there and it is amazing!

Randolph Morris

One of the best artist in the area very creative and creates amazing designs you will not be disappointed with his work

Halie Cougle

I recently got a tattoo from Keith and it turned out amazing. It was more of a finish up tattoo where one artist did my phrase and Keith did my lilies. They look so beautiful that I wouldn't mind going back for even more tattoos by him. I recommend him to anyone who loves beautiful and outstanding tattoos.

Lauren Kopenhaver

Haven’t been here but I see a lot of good reviews.

BlackCreek TradingCompany

Great location and knowledgeable staff. Keith’s cover ups are top notch. Ever pay for a cheap tattoo and regretted getting what you paid for well here is the guy who can fix what you did to yourself.

Carol Graham

I love the work! It looks very professional. Would love to have a tattoo done here at this establishment!

Alicia Rose Torres

I haven't gotten to get a tattoo from Keith Eby yet, but it is seriously a goal of mine. I love seeing all the amazing tattoos he posts and can't wait until I can get that amazing artwork on me.

bubba the barbarian

Keith is a top notch artist with a huge love n passion for tattooing .you can tell the love and effort he puts into his work just by looking at it

Heather Platzer

Amazing detail, and very unique tattoos! An amazing artist you want to get on board with now before he’s all famous!

Katy Zarker

This place is amazing super personable and really reasonable

rachel barton

Very creative clean work. Very nice staff.

Dorothy Harris

Haven't had the pleasure of getting to go in yet, but have heard great things from people.

Jarrett Moretti

Very good artist really takes pride in his work!

Jen Ursitz

I love all the work that they post and they are always giving away free tattoos

Stephanie Diehl

Amazing people and amazing work! Check them out!

Jessica Gutshall

I love his work it's so amazing! I've never gotten a tattoo from them but would love to. I've heard such good things about them.

Davina Coleman

I personally havent had any work done, yet! Lol, but have seen many pieces and Keith is an amazing artist! His talent is mind blowing! Seems like he has an amazing personality to match! Clean and professional, you cant go wrong! Im looking forward, and trying to add extra!, to the tat fund to get my ink sooner! Lol. Keep rocking then out Keith, you're amazeballs!

Anthony Curtiss

I have never gotten a tattoo from this shop but all the work they have online looks clean and color packed. If I wanted to add more color to and pieces or maybe get a rework I would look into them

Missy Chittum

There tattoos always look great! Would love to have a tattoo done by them.

Daria Stetler

Friendly people. Great atmosphere. Great tattoos. Clean and professional. What more could you ask for?


Well i couldn't find the 10 star button but this guy tatted me today wanted to make sure i gave the review. He did a phenomenal job. 10/10 would recommend he genuinely cares about his work and what he is doing!

Dawn Nally

My cousin has ink that you have done and I think that is is the greatest it makes me want to get some ink from you so I’m saving my money

Katie Thomas

I haven’t gotten a tattoo yet from him but seen his work and it’s amazing

Chastity Cummings

His work is so nice and clean! Colors are exactly what you want and super vibrant! He listened to exactly what I was asking! I love seeing his work done and highly recommend checking out his Facebook if you haven’t yet!

Joe Murphy

I haven't been here yet but I love the pictures of your work. When I decide to get another tattoo it's going to be from you.

Dani Sechrist

A Group Of Talented Artist Who Do Very Nice Clean Work ..Deff Worth The Travel To Get Ink Done!!

Shawnee Walton

I haven’t personally received a tattoo, but his work is phenomenal and I absolutely can’t wait for him to tattoo me!!

Danielle Whitford

I haven’t gotten a tattoo from Kieth yet. I have been in contact through message and spoke with him about helping me with an existing piece. I am confident he is the one I want to finish my arm and back. After summer I will scheduling my first appt to get started, although he thinks I can be a champ and get er done in one sesh lol

Brenda Fultz

I myself haven't had any work done here but I got to say the pieces I've seen by others, including Keith Eby, are amazing! The only tattoo I have is a little homemade one done years ago when I was a teenager and not professional at all, lol! So I would love to have something done!

Kara :3

Absolutely beautiful work and wonderfully kind people here

Lana Heart

I have heard good things about this place; hoping to see for myself one day with my newly sed husband #71719

April Carbaugh

I have not yet had the opportunity to be tattooed by this A-mazing artist, but I have seen his work & It's absolutely B-E-A-utiful. He deserves to be recognized for his creativeness and talent!

Nicole Johnson

Love the artwork that comes from Keith and the other artists! I hope to come get a wonderful tattoo one of these days :) - Nicole Antoinette

Jairet West

Solid art work! Definitely my next tattoo stop

Donna Davison

I have not received a tattoo here yet but have a neighbor that did and the work was great. The staff was very pleasant and helpful when I called. I can't wait to start a new ink project.

Maddie Grosser

Such beautiful artwork they are very very talented artists I would totally recommend I’ve been wanting a new tattoo for awhile now and I really want to go to them!!!

Hannah Hoffman

He is amazing to work with, very understanding and literally can work with anything. Keith does amazing work you will not be disappointed!

Jason Kauffman

Friendly staff, amazing artists! One of the best tattoo shops around!!

Cassandra Fogle

One of the best watercolor tattoo artist around.

Mary Toland

I’ve been looking for a new artist, I will definitely be getting my next tattoo here. They do AMAZING work

Meg Lauver

I cannot wait to visit this shop, I’ve seen nothing but wonderful work come from here. They actually care about their work!!! Most definitely recommend! ➖Megan Royer

Jessica Cassner

I myself haven't had the opportunity yet to have any work done by Keith but I've seen a bunch of his work and it's impressive! Super creative and talented!!

nate lariviere

I haven't been to his place yet I just enjoy looking at is our and his style the way he creates his pieces I would like to get some work done by him and that but at this time I just haven't went in but I'm least saying this review because he has some good artwork and I bet ya it would be worth having on you I haven't been to the place yet though

faith shields

Everyone in there is amazing and the work they do is amazing ❤️

Tiffiny Melendez

I have not gotten any work from them -yet, but everything I've seen is beautifully done!

melinda sidler

He's an amazingly talented artist! I love to see the things he creates for people.

Cheyenne Lesher

Phenomonal work done by keith, very clean, very talented! Highly recommended for your tattoo needs!

Robbie Roshon

Heard great things about you and look forward to get possibly my 10th tattoo from you!

cindy strawser

Seen so many amazing pictures, can't wait to have some work of my own done

Amber Spoerl

LOVE Kre8ive Ink’s tattoos! Very professional! I hope to get one from them some day!

Kellie Jean

Got a tattoo done by him when he had his office in Shermansdale. Absolutely love his work. He is very attentive to what he is doing and doesn't rush through it like some artists. Looking for another tattoo or getting your first one go with Kre8ive Ink! You won't regret it

Tina Peck

Awesome colors. Unique designs. Love love love his work!!!

Amy Meintel

Highly talented artists. Love all of their work and look forward to getting a tattoo from them in the near future!

Judy Ripper

I went in the shop the first time when I started at Master Cuts. Keith was real nice and it was cool talking about piercings and tattoos. I'm definitely going there to have my back turned into a quija board!

michelle mican

I have never been to the shop but I frequent their page and have been dying to get some work done here. Seems like it would be well worth the trip!

Madelyn Whitney

Their artwork is fantastic. Definitely need to stop by there again

Kaitlyn Erb

Awesome place! Very talented.

Ashly Altland

Almost every day someone compliments the work i have done by award winning Keith Eby. His line work is perfect and ability to create his own unique pieces is superb. The colors he used have stuck and stayed! I always suggest Kre8ive Ink when ppl ask!

Mark McMichael

I have been working towards a tattoo, right now my responsibilities are dictating a delay in this dream. Kre8ive Ink is allow me hope that I soon could see this dream a reality. Thanks for keeping positive vibes up and your fans at the edge of our seats.

Jason tomei

They do Great work for reasonable prices. Clean environment. I highly suggest going here for your next tattoo!

Victoria Lawley

Amazing tattoo parlor. Extremely clean, nice people. Overall an amazing experience! 10/10 would suggest this place to my friends.

Emily Hummer

Amazing work!!!! Centrally located. I have suggested him numerous times and would again.

Olivia Mullin

I have not personally had a tattoo done by Keith but everything I have seen has been absolutely amazing one day I hope to have some of his artwork

Gina Morgan

Can’t wait to get a piece from here their work is amazing!!!!

Nicole Longenberger

Niic mclongnoodle here. Great vibes and never disappoints. Grab yourself some watercolor ink and relax!!

Dani Rhodes

His artwork and tattoos are incredibly clean and beautiful. He doesn't tattoo in one certain style but excelles in all styles he does. Highly. HIGHLY recommend him for your next tattoo

Sara Arnold

I loved going to this shop it was very clean and he made the 8hr tattoo process go extremely smooth. He made me laugh a lot and did a phenomenal job and made my vision I had into a masterpiece.

Kendra G

All of Keith's work is amazing!! You can't go wrong letting him work his tattoo magic.

Natasha Carney

One of my friends had got some ink done, and when I say the details are on point, they are on point. Now I need to set appt so I dont see this ugly scare. Keep up the good work.

Laurie Morton

Amazing details and beautiful colors. Keith Eby does great work.

Lisa Murray

Amazing tattoos from very talented artists. Not rushed or cheap looking!!!!

Danielle Czaster

Very amazing work!! Great location and very clean I 100%recommend

Angel Miller

I haven't been here personally but I have many friends that have amazing work from here! Highly recommend to those wanting great work and unique as well as custom artwork

Ashlee Brenner

Very talented artists in the shop! The most beautiful I've seen! If you are looking for a amazing friendly place go here! You won't be let down!

Anthony Komensky

awesome people that do great work, clean place very professional. i would highly recommend


Haven’t personally gotten a tattoo yet, but my friends tattoo turned out beautiful. His lines are clean and the details are better then you ever expected. Fingers cross I’ll one day win a contest and be able to show off his work!

Megan Smithson

I haven’t gotten a tattoo yet but I will but Keith’s work is amazing from everything I’ve seen! I can’t wait for him to do my next tattoo

Kimberly Mosier

Always see pretty sweet work done. Always thought about giving them a chance to work on me.

John Hanson

I haven't actually been here yet but I have heard so many great things about it from close friends that I will be going soon.

Sunny Reich

I had a friend who got a tattoo here they love it and is still living it. Nice clean place there work is superb!

Shaina Sampsell

The artists are amazing! Everyone takes pride in what they do, and work with their clients to give them the best!!!

Paige McConnell

My next tattoo will definitely be done by Keith, his work is absolutely beautiful! Haven’t seen one yet that wasn’t!

Sav Rhoades

Such beautiful artwork and super friendly staff with a broad range of ability to turn empty skin to a beautiful canvas. Would love to have you guys do a whole chest piece to cover up scars!!

Rockin' Team B

Great artists and great tats! Very clean and reasonable!

Kelsey Swenson

Amazing and detailed work that takes a lot of time and patience, these men are so talented! I’ve seen all their work and I wish I could get one by them so badly!!! Their my favorite artists!

Brittany Csoka

Such a professional tattoo shop! Very clean, excellent artists! You will not be disappointed!

Haley Weldon

Such amazing talent from all the artists there! Definitely recommend this place!

Johnna Thomas

Amazing work amazing people love the art work..

Miranda Shaull

I personally have not received a tattoo from here... but I’ve seen the work and it really is exceptional. I hope you have something done in the future.

amber Kelley

I have not personally been to Kre8ive Ink yet. I love to see all the work they do. The most colorful and sharpest lines. THE DETAIL GUYS! ITS AMAZING TO SEE! Ive been watching to see if its somewhere I'd go. And hands down with the way the owner speaks to his clients in a very professional manner, and how sterile everything is. This will be the only place I will go. Amber Groen

Erica Dulac

Their work is amazing! Definitely recommend going there.

Megan Warren

Haven't gotten a tattoo here yet, but definitely will! All of the tattoos I see posted from their Facebook page and even people that I know. Great work and a nice clean shop!

Andrew Harris

Never been but looked at some of his work and looks great. In the process of finding a new artist. Would be awesome 2 get a blindfolded tattoo! Keep up the great art guys!

Bradley Delawder

Seems like a nice place to get a tattoo done

Emma Koppenhaver

Super friendly and pleasant people!! Love all the work they create!


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