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111 W Beaver Ave, State College, PA 16801, United States

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REVIEWS OF Ikonic Ink Tattoo and Piercing Studio IN Pennsylvania

Tristan Catlett

John redmon did my Scarface tattoo best experience and is very talented

Brittany Gehoski

Miranda is awesome! I came here a month ago to get my tragus pierced. I was a little hesitant because I have not gotten any piercing done besides my lobes years ago. She answered all of my questions before I went through with my piercing and she kept me at ease. I would 100% recommend her!

Amanda Snook

Wonderful experience, got my septum pierced about two months ago and it was very clean and 100% painless. Miranda and Jessie are both wonderful, gentle piercers! Definitely not the kind of tattoo shop that has a piercer as an afterthought, the whole experience was very clean, painless, pleasant experience.

Marion Lori Campbell

Awesome place! I got my nose pierced, staff was friendly and courteous! Love my piercing!

Danielle C

Got my industrial pierced again and Jesse was so fast it didn't hurt at all. Definitely knows what he's doing!!

Caitlyn Martin

All staff was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Jesse fixed my nose piercing, which was regretfully pierced with a gun (impulse decision), and was very helpful. Great place and recommend to anyone!

Kari Perisho

Gene Anderson

I tried to give them $300, wasn’t worth their time. I was old that a 4 year old scar on my hand was to 'fresh' to tattoo over. Besides being turned away at the door I really liked the overall vibe of the studio. Great artwork on the walls, and choice of music. It was my first choice, and I wish I would have been able to have gotten my hand tattoo here instead of their neighbor King Cobra Tattoo.

Brittany Houck


Jesse did an amazing job on the naval piercing, took 30 seconds and was quick and painless. He was so nice and I would 100% recommend him !!

LeRae Dutton

I've gotten all 11 piercings and 6 tattoos I have at Ikonic Ink and I love all the work they've done on me. My tongue, nose, nipples and navel were done very quickly and painlessly at a VERY competitive price. My tattoos were done extremely well, very cleanly and once again, at a VERY good price. I have absolutely nothing but great things to say about Ikonic Ink and I love the fact that they do walk ins. My fiancee has never gotten a tattoo and tomorrow him and I are getting tattoos and I'm taking him to Ikonic Ink. I travel over an hour to go here, but I wouldn't go anywhere else. I absolutely love their work. 10 out of 10 guys! Keep up the good work!

Kelly Rios

I had a great experience here — Jesse did an amazing job and I’d recommend him to anyone looking to get a piercing in State College

Julie Cutler

Stephanie was really friendly and helpful! Jesse was very professional and did a great job!

Austin White

Me and a friend came in to have piercings done. From walking in to getting them done the whole staff was beyond friendly, very professional, and everything was clean. The gentlemen who did the piercings was very throe and made sure it was as painless as possible. Great place here!

Iris Johnston Held

Shawn is an amazing artist. The shop is always clean and welcoming. They seem to get a ton of walk ins so probably better to schedule an appointment.

Sarah Racoosin

My 2 roommates and I got small tattoos from Joshua Kunkle. He drew it based off what we wanted and he nailed it. He also made our friend feel comfortable even though she is scared of needles. We are very pleased! It cost a little too much money but oh whale.

Kimberly Vogel

Katlyn Wilkins

Best tattoo shop and artists in state college! I refuse to go anywhere else. Love everyone that works there!! Amazing people and fantastic atmosphere! Love you guys!!

Skye Farr

Robert Emigh

Got a half sleeve from Josh. He did incredible work, I couldn't be happier with my tattoo. It wasn't an easy tattoo but he nailed it. I will definitely be going back to him for more work in the future.

Brianna Kling

Ikonic Ink is definitely the place to go for piercings. Miranda, the piercer, is so nice and is great at answering any questions you have. A few weeks after your piercing they call to make sure it's healing well and check if you have questions. I got a few piercings done here and I'm planning my next trip home from college to get the next piercings I want. I couldn't be happier, if you're trying to decide where to go: Ikonic Ink is by far the best option

Veronica Joyce

Always quality work

Rusty Shackleford


The Ecxie


Destiny Hartley

I would not recommend this place to anyone. Everyone was very rude. We called In to see about getting a piercing done and they told us because I am only 17 I need my birth certificate and a parent. We go in that same night around 8:30-9 and they told us their piercer left. Why they couldn’t of told us that over the phone before we drove the entire way down there and paid for parking. That was Saturday night. We went in today, Tuesday paid for parking again and they tell us no. We can’t do It because I’m not 18. Multiple people gave us the wrong information and they clearly do not know what they’re doing. They call themselves professionals when they clearly weren’t acting like it. They they were very disrespectful, inconsiderate and they clearly do not care about your business. Take Your good money and business somewhere they will treat you like you should be. This is also the second time having trouble with this so called “tattoo and piercing studio” 0/10 would not recommend. Maybe if they werent so ignorant and apologized It wouldn’t be a big deal.

Kiera Hohn

If you're looking for amazing work and a great enviornmt go to Ikonic!! I was tattooed by Josh and I would recommend him to anyone! I am very picky and he went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with my new tattoo. If you're thinking about getting a tattoo make an appointment with him!

Troy Rowlands

rick rosay

Just got a tattoo re done by Josh at ikonik ink in state college and it turned out awesome ! Very professional... I love the tattoo and I'll deff be back !


I went to have my daith pierced, Jesse did amazing! I love my new piercing, will definitely be back!

Alainea Gee

Rupin Talreja

The staff is nice and experienced. They have a lot of customers mainly College students so don't expect them to give you a lot of importance of you decide to just walk in, appointments are mandatory rather than recommended here. They will not do White ink tattoos or at least not full White ink so don't bother wasting time on that subject, I did and I learned my lesson. But they are very accommodating and gave me my full deposit back.

Janet Barbara

An amazing place to go get tattoos and piercings

Ioanna Georgoulakis

I went into Ikonic to get a VCH on a dare so I was quite nervous. But the head piercer there, Jesse Barto, was so incredibly kind and professional he eased my worry almost immediately. He told a joke to ease my tension and informed me of everything that was going on so I was never confused. Afterward he carefully explained the healing procedures and wished me well. The piercing was over in 4 minutes but I will always remember the experience because of Jesse.

Mike Himes

Very awesome crew Ikonic Ink has! Josh did my tattoo and he killed it! I'm more than impressed with his work! If you find yourself in state college stop in and get some work done!

Ellie Segan

Thomas did a beautiful memorial tattoo for my grandma. Not only did he work with me to create the best design to honor her, but he made the tattoo experience enjoyable and a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend Ikonic Ink to anyone getting a tattoo of any kind!

Lauren Ulrich


I came to Ikonic to get my earlobes pierced for a second time back in April, something I thought would be simple a straightforward. I really wanted to love this place, because the reviews were good, it was super clean and everyone was really friendly, and they use high quality jewelry. Full story below, but basically I had to have a piercing redone because it was crooked. It was still crooked the second time and the piercer didn't agree, so I ended up going somewhere else to have it fixed. My right lobe was done perfectly, but the left one was obviously crooked (exit hole was way too close to my existing lobe piercing). I went back to ask to have it redone and the piercer insisted it was straight. I wasn't satisfied so went back again, with a photo showing how crooked it was. She agreed to redo it, but it was still crooked the second time, this time with the exit hole really high. It was so crooked that the back of the post started to embed in my ear. Again, she insisted it was straight but offered to change the jewelry to a longer post. It turned out that the post wasn't longer at all, it just had a larger back on it, so it started to embed in my ear again within days. Obviously unsatisfied, I ended up going to a different shop to have the piercing redone by someone with a lot more experience. The entire process at the other shop was way more professional and completely painless, and the placement is good. I'm finally happy but it took almost 3 months (because of all the healing time in between piercings). I understand that people make mistakes that are hard to admit, but I won't go back to Ikonic.

Jessica Higgins

Jesse is Absolutely AMAZING!!! He Pierced my Rook for me and it was Super Quick and Painless!! I will DEFINITELY be back to have him do my other Rook!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND JESSE!!!!! Thanks Guys!!

Taylor Buchness

Jesse B. pierced my nose for me here and I thought it was a great experience. He was very nice and informative, and made me feel comfortable during the process. I wasn't very nervous to begin with, but I'm sure that if I was I would feel at ease there because they are so nice and welcoming. Really good place to get a piercing in State College.

Alexandra Ward

Nose piercing done by Jesse.. really quick and painless! The service was great

Crystal English

Pauly Arquer

Very clean and everyone is extremely friendly. Was greeted as soon as I walked in. The piercer (Miranda) is very attentive, friendly, answers any questions, and makes sure you are okay during the entire process. Can't wait to come back for more piercings. Definitely recommend!

Clint Weaver

Great first experience. Josh's work is awesome. Ladies behind the counter, very nice. All around great place. Definitely be back again.

Jon Wolfe

Mikayla Castellano

Loved my experience at Ikonic Ink! The shop was clean, everyone was friendly, and my tattoo artist, Shawn, did an excellent job on my first tattoo. I'm definitely going back to Ikonic Ink for my second tattoo!

Brooke Cates

Abhishek Deshmane

Joshua Blystone

Did an amazing job on my cover up tattoo so happy I chose them to do my work. Thanks Josh!

Keri Kochvar

Luz Angela Sanchez Tejada

Jesse did my nose piercing, it is healing pretty well. I will definitely come back :)

Anthony Daniels


I’ve had multiple positive experiences with josh as my tattoo artist. He is phenomenal with cartoon style and Japanese traditional style, and has done two massive pieces on me so far and I cannot wait to get the rest of my body done. He’s precise in his line work and has an amazing eye for detail and color. He also actively makes sure that I as the client am comfortable and have the best possible experience while I’m in the shop. Moreover he insured that all of my ideas were taken into consideration and added into my work accordingly. Over all josh and the rest of the ikonic ink staff are super nice and highly professional. 10/10 would recommend.

Phil Perkert

This shop is professional and clean. They have awesome artists and a laid-back atmosphere. They take pride in their work and you won't be disappointed.

Daniel Litwich

Love their work. They did a skull on my arm and I couldn't be happier.

Tonya Jackson

Very skilled artists! Great experience getting a tattoo with my son.

D Downs

Amazing and friendly staff. Great atmosphere. The staff really know they’re trade well. Nothing negative to say. Josh is an amazing artist. Very personable. He really knows how to make you feel comfortable. I’ll defiantly be booking another session with him.

Jennifer King

Adam Welk

Sean Greene

Gina Stevenson

Did not feel very welcome when I came in to get pierced. Had to have earrings removed elsewhere because they were really swollen and way too short.

Maryn moore

Got my nose pierced by Jesse, and he did an amazing job! I love it so much. The piercing was quick, very clean and almost painless. Super nice people too!

Malisha Leonard

I had my piercings done by Jesse and they look great! He was clean, super fast and really nice. He explained the after care really well to me and made sure I was satisfied before I left. I'll definitely be going back to him for my furture piercings!

Hedy Lewis

Just got two helix piercings here. It was done very quickly and with little pain.

Kenny Grubb

Had an awsome experience with the shop and Josh does awsome work will definitely be going back for future ink

Rebecca Smith

Kelsey Boone

I got a tattoo here about 6 months ago, my friend and I walked in and were greeted by a crew that put us completely at ease. I haven't written a review until now because I had nothing to compare it to. I went with a friend recently to a tattoo shop in south Philadelphia and was immediately hit with how unkind the people there were. I know it isn't a tattoo artists job to coddle you, but these two guys were making obscene comments about the two girls that went in before us. It was awful. I felt uncomfortable and distrustful. That is what prompted me to come back and give a review. Ikonic Ink is not only clean but upscale and comfortable. The artists are fun and talkative and give good advice without being harsh or rude. I appreciate this place and the kind of experience it gave me with tattoos. If you're looking for a good place that does amazing work, go to Iknoic Ink.

Lindsey Faussette

Best artists in the area hands down and extremely friendly crew. Wouldn't go to anyone else!

Gabe Lavarte

Got a sweet piece done by my boy Chris!!

Awesome Sauce67

Excellent place to get a piercing! Jesseb did a great job. Very professional & clean place. I would definitely recommend Jesseb at Ikonic Ink in State College if you are considering getting a piercing.

Jordan Smith

Emily Garofalo

Great piercing but the receptionist completely ripped off me and my friend. Told us earrings were 25.99 but ended up charging me 74$ (each earring was 25.99 + 11.99 for each backing?!). Ended up paying 184$ total just for 2 piercings. smh

Todd Cerrone

Amy Zhang

Thomas is great. The whole staff was really friendly, too. It was my first tattoo and Thomas talked me through it--I didn't even have much time to get nervous before he was inking me. If I want another tattoo, I'll come back here.

Robert Furl

Great work, professional, and considerate.

Max Pagnani

Got a super dope galaxy tattoo from Chris Roberts about a week ago. I'm beyond happy with how it came out and my entire experience. Chris was nothing but professional and just a good guy the whole time. Definitely would reccomend Chris and this shop to anyone looking for a quality tattoo. I will be going back for more.

Michael Reeve

Justin is a consummate professional. His work is incredible! Highly recommend!

Jeffrey Louer

Joshua did a great job on my tattoo, took my design and evolved it into something very cool. Loved the entire staff that was there and we all had a great time! I'll be back for my next piece sometime in the future.

Caroline St. John

Definitely do not recommend

Hannah Matangos

Friendly staff and awesome work. Stopped by for a walk-in tattoo and they were very accommodating and generous. Joshua rocks!

Jorge Jovel

Good service, Happy experience.


I went in to get a new piercing for my birthday, and had the absolute best experience! Stephanie at the front desk was incredibly knowledgeable and helped me pick out the perfect style and jewelry. The studio was very clean and rooms are fairly private, so that was fantastic. Jesse was very professional, all his tools were clean and he followed every protocol I could think of, and made me feel so much more comfortable about the whole thing. If you’re looking for someone chatty, you better find another studio, but if you need someone who’s going to just get it done and make it look fantastic, absolutely go to Jesse! It was barely painful at all. I happened to pass out a little bit after the second hole was done, but Jesse knew exactly what was happening, and caught me to make sure I didn’t fall, and the rest of the staff helped to get me back on my feet. I loved my experience, and will definitely be going back for any other piercings! Thank you Stephanie and Jesse, you guys are the best!!


Love this place, Jordan is the bomb. Thanks for all your cool work. Cya soon.

Kylie Ogden

A friend and I went this past weekend to get septum piercings. I don't think I've ever been in a tattoo/peircing shop that has been so clean and so welcoming! The piercer, Jesse, was beyond professional and made us feel super comfortable. He laughed along with our jokes, and was just an awesome guy. I got dizzy and feeling faint after getting my peircing done, and he immediately laid the seat down, and got me a lollipop and a glass of water. I was embarrassed but he assured me that it was fine, just an adrenaline rush. After we were done, Jesse took the time to talk to us about and answer all the questions we had about after care. And then walked us through to the front of the store to show us the different kind of jewelry we can get for our new septum peircings after they heal. All around A+ experience. I would suggest ikonic and Jesse to anyone wanting to get a quality and professional peircing. THANK YOU AGAIN!!! I love my new piercing :)

Saiara Mahmud

Friend and I went here for piercings. Wayyyyy too overpriced, especially for the subpar service. Her piercer literally got sick at the sight of blood and left! Check out 814 Tattoo Co. instead and save your money.

Kasandra Goodling

My husband and myself just got our nipples pirced and it was an awesome experience!!!...all the staff that we encountered were all great nice ppl...Jesse was super fast and very clean..we will definitely be going back if we decide to get anymore pircings..just AWESOME

Melissa Guziewicz

My friend and I received matching tattoos. Our artist was a real doll and the pricing was reasonable. Very clean.

Emily Sandall

I've had earrings changed here and I got a piercing done by Jesse. Everyone here was really helpful and knowledgable. The shop is very clean and bright, and they have a pretty large selection of jewelry.

Sam Spirgel

This place was awesome. Got my first ever tattoo here today and was immediately welcomed and comforted. The woman behind the counter knew what she was talking about when describing the whole process, and the artist himself, Thomas, was friendly and helpful the entire time. I would highly recommend this place to anyone seeking a tattoo or piercing of any kind.

Dana Antonuccio

Melissa Walker

Adam Zimmer is/was the biggest draw.

Max Tremain

great shop, Highly recommend Josh

Georgia Lingle

Joe Bob Wang

Took my son for his first tattoo, looked great. I will deff go back.

Angela D

I brought my 8 year old daughter in to have her ears pierced..she got nervous and almost backed out, but Jesse was amazing! He was patient with her and answered her questions, he showed her what he would use and how it’s used. I couldn’t be happier with our experience.

Michael Tarasca

Just got a chest piece from Justin and it was a great experience. From drawing it up to actually doing the tattoo everything was very professional and friendly. He's a great artist and I would recommend him for sure. In terms of the shop it was very clean and nice inside. Overall, I would definitely recommend this place and will be coming back in the future.

Trish Carter

Haley Merlino

The worst service ever. Walked in & no one waited on me. Walked out. Never going back.

Sam Martinez

Aisha Veriatch

Extremely unfriendly staff and overpriced. They also made us wait there until one of the staff members finished smoking outside. You’re better off going somewhere else.

Shawna Schilling

Awesome tattoo artists.

megan flick

Great place and even better people. Fantastic artists! 10/10 would reccomend

shea nelson

Very overpriced and they charge you for unnecessary parts for a piercing. They claim it's the best jewelry but I have been to other places that sell the same jewelry for half the price of what they sell for. For one ear piercing it'll cost you around $60 and Evolution Tattoo charges $20. I have been there 3 times and every time they claim they are out of their standard earring so then you have to pay for a $20 earring "upgrade" plus they charge for the back of the earring to which is $12.

John Miller

Joan Williams

Greatest place around to get a tattoo.

Dylan Myers

One of the better places in town but their best artists leave

Sarah Carstens

The girl at the front desk was super sweet and helpful. She was very knowledgeable and patient with any questions I had. Great experience!

Austin X

Incredible place to get a tattoo done, I highly recommend an artist name John, great guy and done insanely good work, I will for sure be back in the future!

Queen Ugh

Posting under a fake name, because apparently they check the names of reviews against records of who went into the shop...and I would rather leave an anonymous review. I got my nipple pierced at another shop in State College. I didn't have any problems with it. I noticed that Ikonic does nipple piercings cheaper than the shop I went to the first time. So I got my other nipple pierced at Ikonic Ink, the bar they used was thinner than my other nipple bar, and much shorter. After two days, my nipple was quite swollen and really painful. I went back to Ikonic and expressed my concerns. The piercer said it was nothing to worry about and that the swelling would go down, but didn't ask to look at my piercing. So I went back to the shop I had gone to the first time, and the piercer there swapped my jewelry into a longer and thicker bar, which matched my other nipple. Which definitely made a difference immediately, and I hope lets me keep my piercing. So I learned my lesson, cheaper usually means not as good.

Bill Rose

Amazing work

Ali Briner

This is a beautiful shop with people just as beautiful working there. I can not find a way to express how thankful I am to Skyler for the work he’s done on me. Saying I’m so happy with this peice is an understatement for sure. ❤️

nathan jarrells

Jess Watkins

Good people, great talent

Kaela Marks

jessie’s literally the best piercer ever, just got my 4th piercing from him and he’s always so nice and explains everything you need to know for aftercare!! always painless and fast, couldnt ever go anywhere else

Oyoma Asinor

Michelle Bubb

Ofentse Kwenaite

Got Tattooed By Skylar, till this day people ask me if it’s brand new

Leilani Kavanagh

Jesse makes your piercing experience quick and simple. Great place to go.

Victoria Ashmore

Got a couple piercings from Jesse back in October and they healed really well. He was super professional and made me feel super comfortable during the process, letting me know each step as we went. I will definitely be back

Sheena Barndt

Jesse was absolutely awesome. Will be coming again.

Brissa Pena

Went in for a cover up with Eric Sarno and he did a hands down amazing job. I love it so much I definitely recommend. The atmosphere they have at the shop is amazing everyone was nice and helpful I felt very welcomed.

Mackenzie Beltz

Incredibly happy with my experiences with Ikonic Ink! I first got my nose pierced by Miranda when they were still at their old location, and got my belly button pierced by Miranda at their new location, which is absolutely beautiful. I have had no issues at all with either of my piercings, and Miranda and the other staff left me completely at ease, even though I was really nervous for both! I recommend this shop to anyone looking to get a piercing in the State College area, and all of my friends have left satisfied as well. I haven't had any tattoos done at Ikonic Ink, but there is a very good chance this will be my first choice of location when I decide to get my first tattoo, just because the staff there are so professional, talented and kind.

Kenny Vitale

Professional, courteous staff. Clean, comfortable environment, and the work is really good.

Richard Gee

Great work but pricey

Kristin Anderson

My experience with Hannah was AMAZING! She did an incredible portrait of my dog that I get compliments on daily

Rebecca Grace Balough

The service was really super! I came in a little nervous and they were really great about answering all my questions in detail and giving me advice about what I wanted. I had Josh (he stayed late on his birthday for me), he was super gentle and made jokes to keep me distracted. If you're looking for a place in State College, they're definitely the ones to go to.

Mallorie Estock

With a number of places to get tattoos and piercings in State College, this is by far the best. I had nipple piercings done here about a month ago and I still could not be happier to this day. A friend also recently got her navel pierced and had the same experience. The piercer, Jesse, is hilarious and makes you feel so comfortable no matter what you are getting done. I have heard nothing but great things from everyone who has gotten tattooed there and looking at some of Adam's work makes me want one more. Jordan is also amazing, she's super relatable and has amazing advice on not just tattoos but piercings and the jewelry they offer too. High recommend and can't wait to get my next tattoo from here!

tomorrow wilson

Emily Kinney

The experiences I have had are amazing!!

Cindy Hammock

Great place, lovely work with friendly staff.

Cassandra Lee


I've had two piercings here done by Jesse and he was absolutely amazing! I was guided to Ikonic Ink from a friend while looking into getting my nose pierced. It healed great! Jesse is very professional, answers all questions, provides information you might not know, has a clean sterile work space and instruments. For my second piercing I got an evaluation from a different person at a different shop first in State College and was not impressed or comforted by the conditions of the work environment. I was pretty much shopping around for a rare piercing and like my instincts suggested in the beginning (but I didn't listen to), I went to Jesse again and he took care of me. Honestly at this point I won't go to anywhere or anyone else except for Jesse. He also has taken the APP classes on top of years of experience!

Jay J

The piercing I got here is obviously crooked. Do not recommend.

shawn washington

I myself have never gotten a tattoo here but I have gone with my roommate a number of times to get work done, ivr never had a bad experience or any unprofessional situations that have occurred. Josh in particular is an amazing tattoo artist and he's does clean and fast work , if you have a design you would like done he's your man!

Sarah Zipf

I have had two tattoos done by Josh and in both instances, they were small memorial tattoos. They are not fancy--he traced my loved ones' initials. They were not expensive--I think shop minimum. And they look great! I am so happy with them. Both of my visits were emotional and I blabbered on and on about why I was getting them, who these people were to me, and how this was such an important part to my story. Josh was compassionate, generous, and listened to me. These tats are not going to win him any awards in industry, but they should because the way he works matters. Josh works with a deeply personal level of care and pays attention to the nuances. He engaged with me, even when he didn't have to. It was therapeutic, to say the least. I have had really great experiences with Iconic Ink and would recommend them to anyone. I enjoyed Josh so much, that I took my mother to him for her first tat! I am grateful to Josh and for his work. Stephanie might be the most patient woman in the entire county... When you go in, watch how she works and listen to how she talks. She's kind and gracious. Her warm and friendly attitude makes for a very welcoming space.

Isabel Criswell

Brandon Arsenault

Very professional staff whi take pride in their cleanliness and work. Highly recommend

Samantha Rockwell

If you're looking for a place to get a tattoo or piercing I can't recommend this place highly enough! It's clean and the staff is professional, talented, personable, and just overall great! Majority of my piercings have been done here as have all of my tattoos. Their piercer, Jesse B, is professional and incredibly helpful and the shop has amazing piercing specials daily as well as a huge stock of upgrade jewelry--literally something for every style and aesthetic. I love how talented each of the tattoo artists are and how the studio has an artist for just about every style. I was extremely nervous for my largest tattoo and Jordan is so sweet she made the experience as painless as getting a tattoo can be! I will always be returning here

Tyler Hubler

Joshua and his apprentice did a great job tattooing my girlfriends first tattoo. There was a weird error in scheduling so our appointment got delayed till later but still a great experience and a great artist.

Shawna Stucky

I got my tragus and daith pierced. I was so nervous, but Jesse Barto was so professional and calm that it really helped me. He answered my questions without making me feel like I was stupid or annoying and gave me clear directions on my aftercare. The lady behind the desk was also vey patient and helpful. She gave good advice on what jewelry would be comfortable and did not pressure me into buying anything. Thank you so much for such a great experience. When I am ready to do my next one I know where I will be going.

Hyoungee Kong

Tiger Welch

My experience at Ikonic Ink was amazing. I broke my ankle 3 months ago riding BMX and last week was the first time I rode my bike since. I asked Josh to come up with a mechanical tattoo around my scar because I had multiple plates and screws put in my leg during surgery. I came in today and was absolutely blown away at the design he came up with. It incorporates bike parts like sprockets and chains, but also has mechanical support vibe that makes it perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better tattoo. Not to mention Josh is just a nice guy and easy to talk to.

Kevin Hilsey

Shawn is a phenomenal artist! And the vibe of the place is fun, friendly and professional. Give Shawn some space to create and you'll be very happy! Now. I just have to move to a warmer climate where I can go shirtless all the time to show off the artistry.

Samantha Miller

Had received both my pieces from here and love each of them. Great environment, awesome staff!

Mason Samarron

I’ve been seeing Salvador for 2 years now n every piece we have done has been so clean just finishing up my second sleeve in September highly recommend if your looking for realism black and grey


Mildred Williams

I have been to this spot 4 times now. Each time I am assured that I have picked the best spot because of their cleanliness, care, artistic talent, and environment. I highly suggest this place for anyone looking to get tatted or a piercings. I have always felt welcomed and taken care of here. It makes it easier to go back. I'm making another appointment this week. ✨

Sammie Allen

Claire Williams

I saw Natalie and she was great from the consultation to the finished product. Couldn't have asked for a better experience or artist for my first tattoo.

Keely Garcia

I have gotten a tattoo by Chris and a half sleeve from Slylar, both do such amazing work and people comment on my tattoos all the time!!! I would recommend them to anyone looking for some unique one of a kind tattoos. They are both super friendly guys that have a passion for artwork and quality.


Danielle Cashman

I went there for a forward tripple helix piercing or a tripple anti helix piercing. After talking to the piercer she gave me good advice and I decided on the tripple anti helix piercing. They explained that I would have to come back two more times a week or two apart because if I got them all at once the piercings could reject due to too much trama at one time nor to memtin the pain and swelling. I'm glad I did it that way because the piercings were healing better. Also the price is good. 30 for the first and 20 for the second and 20 for the third. Overall $70 which is a great price. I also got my second holes and that was $30. Overall a great experience and would definately recomend. They take credit/debit cards too which is a plus .

Jess Gardner

Everyone there is so awesome! Very knowledgeable and kind. They do killer work!

Morgan Weakland

The staff is super professional. They know what they are talking about. Only shop I will go to now.


Joey Gallegos

Joshua Angstadt

Got work here done by Adam Zimmer, thrilled with the result

Cory Rideout

I could not possibly give these folks a higher rating. 8 stars if I could. They did my shoulder tat a few weeks back and they are some of the nicest, most professional people I've ever met. I had a great experience.

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