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REVIEWS OF Hunter Gatherer Tattoo IN Pennsylvania

broody hens

I absolutely love this shop. Firstly, when I called for my first tattoo I spoke with Katie who was super nice and really helpful. She helped me hash out the logistical details and set me up with the best artist for what I wanted. Mind you, this was my first tattoo and it was in honor of my late father. I get to my appointment with my friend, and the first thing you notice is the cleanliness and atmosphere, very relaxing and cozy. My artist was very accommodating and let my friend sit with me throughout my session. I was fairly comfy and my artist asked throughout the tattoo how I was doing or if I needed water, etc. The work he did was amazing, the line work is super clean and the shading extremely smooth. When it was time to pay up, I gave him all the money I had on me, I wish I had more to have tipped him with honestly. I went back last weekend for my second tattoo which my artist rescheduled for me without issue, and felt even more at home. I had a question regarding after care with this tattoo, and Katie walked me through it. She even asked me to repeat the process just to make sure I got every detail. Ahhhh I just love it here, can't say enough good things. I'm planning to go back for a million more tattoos and piercings. A big thank you to Mike Munter, my artist, and I am really excited to plan my floral piece with Jenny!

Lucy Pitock

Angela Hatt

jenna hwang

Awsome and clean

Cheri Borgstrom

Zr Gb

I was tattooed by Dana Jones tonight. She’s an awesome artist, and even before the session, I was looking forward to having her work on my arm. I enjoyed everything about the session and I’m extremely happy with how my tattoo came out. I recommend her 1000xs over. Clean shop, good crew members, and interesting artwork on the walls. Good food available in the area too, which is a nice bonus.

Kyle Maxwell

Can't complain, cool atmosphere and clean place. Good tattoo artists, went originally for the friday the 13th flash tattoos. Been there multiple times since. The triangle is from Luke who has left. The dagger, cannon, swallow and Mom heart are from Mike.

Brittany K.

Great shop with a comfortable, laid back atmosphere and insanely talented artists. Just got my third tattoo from HG, two by Mike years ago and the newest by Jenny. I was a little indecisive leading up to my recent piece and Jenny created exactly what I had in mind. Prices are reasonable, everyone in the shop is so friendly (major plus for those of us who get real anxious pre-tattoo), and the tattoos are stunning. Highly recommend checking them out.

Alize' DeJesus

Dana Jones did amazing work on my half sleeve

Terrin Booth

I got two cartilage piercings and my second nose piercing here, done by Dave. I absolutely recommend coming here. It has easily been one of the best experiences I've had in this industry

JB Grommie

Very accommodating and highly skilled staff. Workspace is small, and as such is more intimate and less private during sessions.

Doug Carlson

A few weeks ago, on a referral from a close friend, I scheduled an appointment for my first tattoo with Mike Munter of Hunter Gatherer Tattoo at 4510 Walnut Street in Philadelphia. He is awesome. His lines are perfect and I gave him license to be creative with what I wanted and he did an outstanding job. His professionalism and attention to detail is second to none. I went back yesterday to have color added and again gave him license to use his judgement and talent to build upon what I was asking for and I could not be more pleased. Mike you are the best and I can't tell you how impressed and thankful for the work you've done. These 2 tattoos really mean a lot to me and you blew me away with your talent. Thank you so much.

Seamus Kelly

Slade Barrett

Ask for Clay he always does great traditional work. Highly recommended.

Sam Warrick

lovely staff, friendly atmosphere, phenomenal fair pricing for high quality work

Iain Little

Noof Ali

Friendly stuff, they have an experience,

Kevona Dorsey

Akasha Oz

Went here twice, awful experience both times, the people just stared and frowned at me until I said something (and even after). I have six piercings and a tattoo, I'm not new. I came because of the good reviews and would have thought the first time was a fluke but to have such terrible customer service twice...I'm just glad I didn't end up getting work done there.

Sarah Grace Wood

Went with a friend to get her first tattoo. The shop is comfortable, clean, and professional, and the prices seem reasonable. The artist she worked with was a little impatient about getting her to agree to the tattoo and the price, so make sure you know what you want before you go, especially if you plan to walk in without an appointment. Otherwise, he was great at explaining the process and worked quickly and efficiently. Her tattoo ended up looking great.

Bintou Dibba

Looks amazing

Misspretty Face

I love that they make sure that you're comfortable.... I went here In August of last year to get my belly button pierced with my twin sister she wasn't as nervous as I was about getting them, but it was all worth the anxiety because they do a fantastic job of helping you calm your nerves

Shanequa Smith

This place is amazing! All of the artists are talented but Mike is my favorite. He's done 2 tatts for me so far and I've been beyond please with his work. If you decide on this place I would ask for him.

Shawn OHare

The best place to get all the animal bite piercings.

Charles Derrickson

Really cool vibe and great people

Adam Charlton

Kiran Paul

Tara Brown

Emma Kuliczkowski

I had a very good experience at Hunter Gatherer! The shop is very clean and has a great vibe. The tattoo artists are professional and very welcoming. I highly recommend Jenny, she's very nice and really took her time with my tattoo and it came out amazing. I definitely will be coming back for future tattoos.

Sharon Allston

mara groome

D Dunkley

Very professional. I watched my daughter and was made to feel very comfortable w everything. Thank you

Stefani Mommy

Still love my tattoo.... would go back if I was in philly....walked in off the street and got my favorite tattoo so far. Need more. Thank you guys.

Alison Chaplin

Great place! I go to Clay and I'm happy with everything he's done on me

Sai Sandeep Rayanuthala

Andrew Kaiser

Samantha S

Noah Foxson

Mike Munter did a phenomenal job and fixed up an old tattoo that someone else did just for the hell of it. He did a great job playing with the design with me and making sure it would look badass. I will be back!

Esther Younger

My sister and I went in for walk in tattoos and the artist Clay answered all our questions and the art turned out wonderful. Great experience and would definitely recommend.

Ashley Walden

Dee Williams

My daughter and I got a tattoo for the first time at HG and it was awesome. The shop was so clean and sterile. The artist were friendly, lively and extremely professional. Their prices reflect their talent and if your a newbie you get to ring the bell on your way out. We plan to get a second tattoo soon.

Bret Davis

DeeDee Eisap

Walk in appointment (was told to come at 7 to see an artist), Just line work. Clean/ sterile environment, calm atmosphere. Came with two friends who were able to sit with me. Honestly, it felt rushed and ended up looking very different from original/ stencil. It was like my artist just wanted to get me out of the store so he could close, which I get but just tell me to come back... Lines within words are running into each other and the letters are different sizes. Adding insult to injury, words themselves run together as well and strip the the significance of the piece I wanted in my native language. Just not a great finished product for me personally.

Kukus Pavetti

Mike Munter is an incredible artist.

Taylor Simmons

Christina Tran

Got my first tattoo here as a walk in (because I wanted a small and simple design). I came with three of my closest friends and there were couches for us to sit on while we waited. As I was getting it done, my artist calmed me down about the process and the pain that I was fearing, and also let my boyfriend sit with me for moral support. He adjusted the design to exactly how I wanted it and I fell in love with the finished look. He was also very helpful in explaining the care of it for afterwards since it was my first. Would definitely go back if I wanted another tattoo in the future.

Andrew Chulock

Cozy and small shop in a good location. Awesome artists working here. They are all really welcoming and will give you their best work every time.

Hailey Shankle

Patrick Balster

Mikes amazing, patient and I've really trusted him through my first half-sleeve experience. Already thinking about other ideas for other tattoos and no other artist comes to mind...great team and atmosphere at the shop too. Highly recommend them!

Mark Tenaglia

Great work awesome art

QueenG B

Nice,clean, atmosphere..The prices could be adjusted...

Jorge Chaves

Lera T.

Wint Thu


Came in with an idea. The artist elaborated on it and added some ideas that made it better than I could’ve imagined. Turned out absolutely incredible. Five stars all day.

Chaz Schlinkman

Michelle Townsend

Dave is awesome!!!!

James Kirby

My beautiful wife Dianna has been working with Dana Jones for 3 years. Dana zones is an amazing artist and really knows what her customers want. As for the shop, very organized and very professional very, very clean. Has a good positive atmosphere. We have met two other employees. Clay who is a really cool artist and I have watched him do great work. And met another employee by the name of Sailor, who is a very unique person, very helpful with any questions. Great piercer very funny and positive attitude. I m telling you guys if your looking to get a piercing or an awesome tattoo look no further.

Steven Boothe

Very friendly people. A great vibe, the people here know what they're doing. Personally went in for a bent and broken captive ring I couldn't fix myself, as it was still healing and rather painful. The piercer fixed it free of charge and gave me tips for future piercings. Barely felt more than a pinch, meaning he put in extra effort to be careful. Note: transactions are CASH or VENMO.

Apples Ortiz

Got my nipples pierced, love the work

Alisha Tillman

Kate Elicker

Got a piece done by Jenny on Monday, it’s healing nicely. I’m so in love with it and can’t thank her enough. The shop has a nice relaxed vibe and everything is pretty clean.

Janelle Goodwin

Hibah Rahmani

Jenny is amazing! She always makes me feel so comfortable when getting tattooed. The shop always has a chill vibe, They are super clean. I'm always satisfied with how the tattoo comes out, Her stippling work is beautiful. I leave with amazing art work on my body every time.



Chyle Kauffman

Jamie Grimble

Such great artists

Steve Da Cunha

Dana was super nice and gave me a gorgeous tattoo. Really went above and beyond to make the best design possible. Could not be more happy with how the tattoo came out.

Gene Santiago-Holt

Got tattooed by Katy A.D. who is an amazing artist. She is kind, respectful, and just all around great to be around. So anyone that wants a tattoo I would 100% check out her artwork and get a tattoo from her!!! Great experience! Thank You!!

brent glazer

Went for a Friday the 13th tattoo. Clay was super professional and awesome. Took his time to make sure I was comfortable, understood everything and was happy. Overall great experience

Iyanna Cavicchio

Really bad customer service and bad first impression. I am still new to tattoos and the lady at the front desk (black hair, lip piercing, heavy makeup) was very rude and condescending. To be fair, I was not entirely clear with exactly what I had wanted, but because I am new at this... I at least figured I could get some help. I came because I was very impressed by the reviews but unfortunately first impressions are everything. I showed her my design and respectfully told her my budget and the placement of the tattoo and the size I was looking for. She continually told me that I could not get the size that I wanted. When the other artists chimed in to see what the problem was she rudely explained that I want a 1/2“ tattoo with a $70 budget. I would have been willing to accommodate the price and raise my budget if it was necessary. But after speaking to her, I do not wish to return. I felt as if I was not being taken seriously. I will gladly spend my money elsewhere.

Kristin Arcidiacono

Awesome shop! I was tattooed by Katy A.D. recenty. She was so friendly and professional. She did a cute little custom piece for me. The whole experience was great and actually really fun. I'll be reaching out to her again soon for some more ink! 10/10 recommend Katy!


Amazing place and very friendly! I got my first tattoo here by Dana, and overall was a great experience and I'm very happy with how it turned out.

Kai Evans

Got my belly button pierced here and it was so easy! The piercer was super accommodating, mindful & experienced. Everything in the shop and their procedures were very thorough and the overall feel of the place was that you are in good hands. Also- the piercing itself was super easy, I was nervous but the piercer was very professional & extremely good at his craft! He free handed it- I was worried about the clamp etc. and didn’t even know I was being pierced- so good!! The jewelry quality and selections were awesome & the prices were definitely more reasonable than shops on south street! I paid $40 compared to some stores that gave me an estimate of almost double. I’ll def be back when I get my next piercing & HIGHLY recommend! ♥️


Todd Hestand

Steph Williams

Jessica Lindemann

Got my tragus pierced and it began to bleed a lot. Blood filled my ear and I wasn't able to hear. The guy said it was normal so I thought nothing about it. However, after some time it continued to bleed and I still couldn't hear. After about 24 hours of not being able to hear I began to get nervous. Luckly, I put hydrogen peroxide in my ear and eventually I was able to hear. I didn't want to blame the piercing place since it was my own blood that filled my ear but after a few weeks the piercing RIPPED out of my ear when I was simply putting my hair up in a pony tail and now i have a chunk missing out of my tragus. I decided to go to another piercing place to get my other tragus pierced and the person there told me it is not normal for a tragus piercing to bleed and when I got it redone on the other side it did not bleed at all. Overall, as some one who has had 10+ piercings, I would never go here again.

Jennifer Rahman

Mackenzie Mcquillen

Kyle Dever

Julia Hwang

Jacob Ritts

Maya Ace

Christopher Colliers



Jame Liskooka

Went in for a walk-in piercing on a trip to Philadelphia. I had gotten a dermal on my cheekbone done by Dom, and he was very gentle and careful. Very kind staff, very welcoming shop.

Michael Siegmund

Got a great tattoo from Jenny. The shop is clean and friendly. Jenny was really nice, helpful, and talented! She gave me a piece of art I can show off.

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