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Brad Kilbourn

I flew from Michigan to get a tattoo from Justin Harris. I have people stop me all the time to look at it or take a picture of it. Also, ever since I got it if there is a full moon out I transform into a Bengal tiger and feed on the homeless. So there's that. But we all have to do our part for the sake of population control, right?

Stacey S

Jessica Walley

Chris Gizzi

Paige Friebe

Jayanti Bandyopadhyay

Andria Browne

This was my first tattoo and even though it was a very small it might as well have been covering my entire body based on my nerves and desire to get it perfect. You could probably describe me as very J Crew so I went to Tattoo SEO for recommendations as I had no clue where to start with finding a reputable tattoo artist. I wanted an black bird on my wrist that was small and tasteful and I needed it to be perfect. They pointed me to Black Vulture Gallery. I had emailed Rachael the image I wanted and worked out a time to come by. The place was very clean and had a really relaxing vibe to it that put me at ease. Rachael had a very calming demeanor about her that instantly put me at ease. Knowing that I was a tattoo-virgin she explained all the steps and told me what to expect before starting... particularly that the set up would actually take longer than the actual tattoo - it took all of 2 and a half minutes. It's perfect. It is exactly what I wanted; it has crisp clean lines to it and once again, its perfect. She gave me a sheet with follow up instructions and told me if I had any questions please do not hesitate giving them a call. There were other people there at the time getting a few more intricate and larger pieces done and they all looked great. I highly recommend them, especially Rachael, to any newbies out there nervous about where to get their first tattoo.

Todd Camden

Love Lace

I’m going to be straightforward, I was turned away and I’m not going to pussyfoot around and act like I don’t know why. First thing I need to convey is that my name would have most people think that I’m a white Jewish man which is the exact opposite of who I am. I had a scheduled appointment for 1:00 pm I called the parlor and spoke to the female artist and informed her that I will be late because my pedicure tech was working on 3 People. She said, and I quote “ Don’t worry about it take your time, you’re my ONLY client TODAY”. I arrived at 1:20 pm with 800.00 cash just for a foot coverup that I was so excited to finally get done. One foot pass the threshold the receptionist leaped out of her seat and charged up to me while asking “Are you ... ???” I said “Yes” “You’re here for the foot coverup ???” I said “Yes” “Oh ?? Umm ?? ...Well she has another client... You will have to come back another day”. Now correct me if I’m wrong but what receptionist says “come back another day” when you’re seen by appointments only ?. Then to make a discriminatory situation worse the artist sat there and looked me in my eyes with a smug look like she was a Confederate in the Civil war and won to keep slavery. No apologies for wasting my time and money that I paid to get there. No hello nice to meet ya! Just Dead silence. Now ... before someone thinks it must’ve been something wrong from my end, Impossible. I have a bubbly personality, good hygiene, well mannered, often complimented as “gorgeous” and I was wearing Anne Klein from head to toes. As well as I never got a chance to fully step into the parlor, so there’s nothing else to excuse it to but the obvious. (Side Note: if you’re seeing this ... Rachel ?? .. I believe ? Idk .. Rebecca ? You didn’t hurt me, and I don’t know if you believe in judgment day. I do and the same blissful feeling that you showed that day, guess what ? I got that feeling for a lifetime because I’m one of the good ones and not “good ones” in your language but “good ones” in OUR CREATOR’S language so I’m the Real winner of which anyone with intelligence would conclude for the simple fact that you wasn’t harmed that day. Another type of person would’ve pulled you out of that shop and dragged you across those trolley tracks repeatedly. You were very lucky that it was me, that you did that to)

john krawiec

Fantastic tattoo shop

Steven Rivera

Zoe Trumbore

brian schubert

Had a tattoo done about 8 months ago Let me tell you it was one of the best tattoos I had at the time And the Wife recently wanted a simple tattoo with kids names Sorry forgot the artist name but He did a great job I was looking for one He suggested to repair one that I had for 25 years took his word and it looks better then new And he also did a small one on my forearm Fantastic job

William Dalicandro

Holly awesome tattoo

Devon Bryan

Got a cover up done by bird place is amazing!

Jason Schox

Awesome group of artists, tattoos and art for sale.

Michelle DiCola

Great tattoos

Leis Diaz

Molly Stachowicz

Good tattoos and art. I went to get a small addition to my sleeve (2 numbers) and that was done well. However none of the artists greeted me warmly, and they all seemed annoyed that I was walking in. I didn't even get the artist's name. This tattoo took 10 minutes to do and only afterwards was I told that the shop minimum was $100. My bad for not asking. But they also told me it was cash only and had me walk through the snow to an atm. No where in the shop did it say cash only or $100 minimum. On top of that, they forgot about my release form- I could've walked out of there with it, and they did NOT check IDs which is usually taken very seriously. Won't go back- shame because the atmosphere and art was all phenomenal.

Randrew Krome

Ghosted by two artists in a row from this stupid place. Nevermind, I’ll spend my $1000+ elsewhere. Most likely on the west coast where I got all my other tattoos, east coast tattoo artists are so stuck up it’s ridiculous

Jack kraft

On mini vacation with my husband. We stopped in and Holly took care of me. Got a rose tattoo. It came out fantastic!!! She was very kool!!!

Jenny R

I submitted an appointment request and didnt get a response back. I even checked my spam folder and nothing. If that's how they treat potential clients then I dont want my money supporting that.

micco smith-kanze

Leslie C.

V Vesuvio

Benjamin Cliver

My friend was tattooed here. I was impressed by the professionalism. The decor is rad.

Jonah Kazman

Got a super rad tattoo from Justin H. Great place, clean, and everyone was super friendly.

Oscar Cabarcas

Cool people. I go there to buy art. Haven't got a tattoo yet but I would

Stephen James

I reached out to them simply for advice on a piece I’m having done elsewhere and got a great response. Super helpful and highly recommend them!

francis hassett

Great artists

Caleb Heise

Ashley Bourne

Clint Farrell

Orli Gal

Chad Knight has done 2 amazing tattoos for me so far and I have plans for more. His work is beautiful and everyone I have ever met here is gracious, professional, kind, and extremely careful about hygiene and cleanliness.


Rich Pluck

Great staff. Everybody listens to what you desire and strive to make sure you're happy.

John Doyle

Justin Apostolico

I never leave reviews but I just had to speak up for these guy. Got tattooed here for the first time about a year ago by Hoode and couldn’t be happier. I noticed a negative review stated one of the artists wouldn’t listen to what they wanted but I experienced the opposite (albeit from a different artist). For starters, a rough price was given to me before I showed up so I knew how much cash to bring. When I got there the sketch was a little bigger than what I wanted but he shrunk it down for me no problem. Then I wanted him to do it in black and grey (normally he does really bright colorful work) and he agreed to it with very little push back. Piece turned out better than I expected, just like he said it would. Line work is top notch. Really nice guy too!

Meliora Rousseau

Everyone was so friendly and made me feel very comfortable even though I showed up right at closing time. Fun crew and good energy

Ashley Kolb

Hoodie was great love my tattoos. Exactly what I was looking for, clean lines, great colors.

Zenia Patricia

Paul Taylor

Hoode and his crew do some of the best tattoo work in Philadelphia. The shop is a work of art in itself. Check out their first Friday events as well.

Paul Klar

If you're thinking about getting ink, stop by this place for a consult it's well worth it!

Sean Devine

Luis Ramos

Scott Groeschel

Had a tattoo of my dog done by Hoode and it was awesome.

Jonathan Blendy

One of the raddest tattoo shops I've been to. Very professional and talented staff. interesting art all over the shop too. Go get yourself tattooed by Justin Harris!!

Brendan brady

Great artists here. Tom always delivers the best results and I’m constantly getting complements on his work!

Ken M

Best tattoo parlor around! Excellent artists!! I never go to anyone else!

Robert Rodriguez

Nice place and good people love it

jonathan mazziotto

I have been to numerous tattoo shops in Philly and Jersey and Black vulture is hands down coolest shop I have ever seen. Not to mention the artists are amazing very professional and clean you will not find a better place to go

Angela Lopez

Fresh lines great shop good people. On my Third tattoo by David Moyer. Walk ins are welcomed but custom designs take time save your self the wait and call ahead of time to secure an appointment.

Spencer Hopewell

Just got my second tattoo from Hoode and will go back for my next one. Other than just loving the tattoo he gave me, the shop is clean and the artists are approachable.

Christina Moore

In addition to designing an awesome looking tattoo, Rachael was super nice and chill to talk to. I will def be coming back here for more

Melissa Luna

Rachael Shelley is amazing. She has a wonderful style, very realistic. Perfect use of colors, I get so many compliments on her work that I've gotten. The rest of the crew there are so fun and great to talk to. The space is really neat too.

Derek Marcey

Drove all the way from Virginia to get some work done from Justin Harris. He was phenomenal and fast. My tattoos are lights out. I could not be more pumped.

Ty Elliott

Dani Giordano

Over the summer I planned a trip for me and my friend to Philly. We decided to get some ink. Weeks before the trip I had contacted Justin Harris because of his brightly colored beautiful tattoos I had seen on his gallery. I sent him a photo of an octopus and asked if he was able to do it. He said yes. When I showed up to the shop, he had drawn up an octopus that was completely opposite of the picture I sent him. Also about 5 times the size. He told me he couldn't do the one I asked for. So after taking into consideration his advice, I asked him to make it smaller, which he didnt. He had made the octopus very lumpy looking and I told him I didn't want it to look lumpy, I wanted it to be smooth, shiny and a bright purple. He assured me the tattoo wouldn't look as big once it was on my body and that it wouldn't be lumpy. Half way through the outline I noticed he was putting outlines for the lumps and told him I didn't want that. He told me it wasn't lumps but would create the illusion it was underwater and it would look cool. This happened about 3 times during the tattoo, he eventually told me to not look anymore until he was done because he didn't like people looking at it before it was done for that reason. After close to 6 hours, for a tattoo that should have taken 3 to 4, because he focused so much on the shading for the lumps, he finished. I had a dark maroon tattoo that took up half my back instead of the size of my hand and the texture of the octopus was so lumpy it looks like a leather couch. I didn't say anything at the time because I just wanted to leave and was so happy it was finally over. I was also pumped with endorphins from being in pain for 6 hours straight. He told me he had never had a complaint about talking people into getting something different than what they wanted. I just wanted to say I am very upset that I was lied to repeatedly during my tattoo, and my suggestions for my tattoo that went on My body was completely ignored.

Jonathan Lessard

Tattoo parlour with great music and attentive staff. They do cool pieces. They work fast. They ask for cash, though, so bring enough money!


Henry Polanco

Rachael is awesome. Did this great piece on my arm yesterday. Super satisfied.

Greg Cimini

Great artists and atmosphere. After 3 years, the beautiful piece on my arm done by Justin Harris, is still holding its color strong and vividly.

Robert Rathmann

Holly does amazing work. Her own style is worth checking out!

Michael Weaver

donovan hunter

Clean and professional shop with extremely talented artists.

Andrew Martin

Shaun Kennedy

I'm currently working with Tom to finish a half sleeve and I can't say enough about how great the experience has been. Tom has taken time to research the subject of my tattoo and work with me on the design so I'm happy with the end product. He works fast and his work is phenomenal. The shop is immaculately clean and all the artists are extremely friendly. I've only gotten work from Tom but I'd recommend any of the artists at Black Vulture. They're awesome and their portfolios speak for themselves!

Scott Newman

Ellen Jane Wallaesa

Have been tattooed by Dave Moyer a number of times Most recently went for work by Rachael All excellent artists, a wide range of styles and all very talented.

katie sensenig

Kyle King

Great place always recommend people check it out. I have 2 tattoos by Justin Harris @greenbaybully awesome artist and great environment

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