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4901 Jonestown Rd, Harrisburg, PA 17109, United States

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You have the information of people like you who consume the products of 717 Tattoo, Body Piercing, and Tattoo Removal Studio 2 (Tattoo Shop) in the area close to Pennsylvania.

At the present the firm receives a rating of 4.6 stars over 5 and that score has been based on 181 reviews.

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Where is 717 Tattoo, Body Piercing, and Tattoo Removal Studio 2?

REVIEWS OF 717 Tattoo, Body Piercing, and Tattoo Removal Studio 2 IN Pennsylvania

Tori Fink

Felicia Deardorff

I called agead on a Tuesday afternoon and was told they had time for a walk in (this was 2 years ago.) When I got there all the tattoo artists were busy, so I was like, no big deal, I'll wait. The guy at the front desk was like "if its just words, I can do it." I asked him if he does tattoos, and he said, "yeah." ...BIGGGGG MISTAKE! The line work is AWFUL and it's missing ink EVERYWHERE.

Sean T

Quality work both from artists and piercers. Very knowledgeable and passionate about their work

Sonia Cuevas

(Translated by Google) All right (Original) Bien

Grace Mavodza

Ashley was absolutely phenomenal! I'm so glad I trusted her to do my piercings! The place was very clean and welcoming. I would highly suggest using this facility.

frank harvey

Love the staff. Great place to go for any tattoo or pericing.

Lillian Hunter

Noah MUA

Gabrielle Kulig

Anthony was so nice and did a great job! My dad got the America tattoo and I got the wave. The shop was very clean. Overall great experience.

Brett Paul

Great work everytime

Samantha McArthur

Rev is the most amazing piercer I have been too very informative & true to his word. Always have the best experience when I get anything pierced. Thanks so much!

Kaylah Hoffman

Love Joe's work! Place is so awesome!

PA_ Hyker

Super nice people doing super nice work in a super clean place.

Megan hammaker

I adore Rev, always had a fun experience!

Margaret Wilson

Very knowledgeable, friendly people work here. Decent prices.

Ashleigh Lynn

Walked in at 7:45 and was told they couldn't take us even though they stop taking customers at 8. Also spoke to us as if we don't know how long a stencil takes to dry or about tattoo aftercare. We are literally covered in tattoos. Poor customer service. Our tattoo would've been under our shirts a.k.a not in the sun like they claimed

Moxie Maxwell

Dead Broke1

All the employees were very nice and professional. It all looks very clean. I can't tell you about the artwork they were too busy to get me in.

Kiana Johnson

I had a nostril piercing done here by Rev and I've never had any problems with the piercing. The staff is always friendly and helpful when I go back, and ask for help changing the ring. No complaints at all; I highly recommend.

Jenna Czermendy

Very clean, follow health department protocol (I judge an establishment's cleanliness on how clean they keep their bathroom, that being said their bathroom was clean). I had two different tattoo artists ink me here. I'm just in love with Ella Trick's work. I have been unable to appreciate my body until she tattooed me. I will be returning! She really understood what I wanted as far as the design and feel of my tattoo. She is really nice and patient with your requests or change ups, will answer any questions you have without being impatient or judgmental. Great experience! I'm a real happy lady!

Zr Gb

Got my philtrum pierced by Rev. He was very informative, professional, and was a very cool dude. He did a great job. Great shop, very clean, and super nice staff. Will return for my piercing needs.

Hannah Joy

They are so amazing here and I adore their work, I can't wait to get more.


Jamie Armstrong

Loved it great people and they are very precise and quick

Melissa Lewis

Marci Palermo

Matthew Kerstetter

Excellent job, what an experience!

Jessica Reeder

Another great experience! Absolutely love the work I've had done so far. Laci's awesome!

Alex Tannenbaum

This place is AMAZING all the artists are incredible. My tattoo is amazing I get so many compliments asking where I got it. (Part of me is tempted not to tell them because I want to keep this place to myself...mostly.) I tell everyone I know to come here however because I like my friends and I want them to have the same amazing experience that I had. If you want an amazing tattoo go to 717 tattoo on Jonestown Rd. in Harrisburg simple as that

Shareen Gaunt

Brittiany Phillips

Rev always does a fantastic job on all my piercings!


The people here are fast and friendly. My friend and I went in for piercings and had a great time having our faces stabbed.

Paul Allen

Fantastic work and staff.

Myra Diaz

Joe is excellent!! Love my tat!!

Kathryn Schwenk

Never got a tattoo from here but it’s the only place I’ll go for piercings. Rev is amazing and makes the piercing process quick, easy, and not awkward (depending on location of piercings) like some piercers do. Definitely recommend for piercings!

Chris Walters

Always Great Visits

Alex Guarducci

BeBa XxXx

Joe did me a sloppy job never again SmH

Jessica Marie

Really nice people there I would for sure send anyone I know to there shop.

Chazz S

Brandon Motter

First piercing for me and I wanted a professional, not just a mall and a gun to blow my ears to bits. They helped me get a custom set made after months of searching, and they just right. Rev did my piercing. He is a great guy with plenty of experience and friendly to talk to. The piercing was quick and just a little sting. Unfortunately, I don't do well with needles in any scenario, so I started to pass out. But he knew exactly the steps to take and kept me there with water and cool towels, checking on me before I left to make sure I was okay. A few weeks after and zero problems.

Mariah Markley

Yesterday was my first time at the Harrisburg location and I will definitely be back! I went in to have some corrections made to piercings done somewhere else. Rev really took his time to take care of all of my concerns and did an exceptional job to help fix the previous piercing mistakes. With the help of his manager, they made me feel like a valued client and stood by their word 110%. I walked in sad that I was going to lose a new piercing I had really wanted to keep, but I walked out with a brand new one that I LOVE (and it's perfectly placed)! There was an immediate trust felt with Rev and his professionalism was above and beyond. Everyone at the shop was pleasant and helpful. I could not thank you guys enough for all that you did to help make me feel appreciated as a client!

Cindy Lemon

Excellent and Professional

Petra Schwartz

I have only had appointments with Joe here, but he is awesome, and everyone is really friendly. The shop itself is clean and well-lit, though not the easiest to pull into depending on what direction you come from.

Nikari Keyotsumi

Slate Lindstrom

Jason Coleman

Lynee J

1 2

Douglas Trahey

Amazing experience every time!

Chanté Bailey

I love it here! Efficient service, friendly staff. Got my tongue pierced today and the whole process went very smoothly!

Michael Puhala

Great artists very knowledgeable

Louis Block

Good place love it

Emily Suda

everyone is incredibly friendly and I'm always happy to spend time here. rev is the most experienced piercer I've ever been to.

Cheyenne Blauch

Bethany Shea

Benard Rodriguez

The shop is very clean and everyone there is professional as well as easy to talk to. Got my first tattoo there and they did a great job on explaining everything I should do to let it heal properly. Going back for my second one very soon!

Kiyana Davis

They were very nice and made my girlfriend feel very comfortable with getting her piercing and were very informative about the piercing

John Core

I took my friend in for a tattoo. Clean place, great artwork, but pricey. Booked an appointment ($50 pre-paid). Day of appointment they decided to close early based on a snow forecast, but never bothered to call to say they were closing. Luckily I called them to hear that "hey we are already closed". When I went to reschedule they only had an opening 4 weeks later. When I asked for a refund they said no refunds for cancellations. I reminded them that they cancelled on me, not the other way around. Called back to talk to someone else, and they "found" an opening the following day. She just needed a couple of tally marks (years since someone passed) and after the work was done we had to pay and additional $30. Won't be recommending them.

Andrew Nork

Great local tattoo and piercing shop. Reasonable prices and very fun and professional staff

Lemma Aljuwaie

Amisha Boone

axel scanoru

Very accomodating and laid back. The location is beautiful and has pretty good parking. Also very clean obviously :3

Stephanie Stanton

very friendly

Ashley Kemberling

Shawn Morrison

Abigail Bart

Great work as usual, fun and casual setting. Very attentive.

Erica Elizabeth

Ella Trick is one of the most eclectic and inspiration women in the tattoo community. The true pioneer of women’s entrepreneur spirit and power to manage businesses, make dreams and visions reality, and one of the best tattoo artists with integrity in central pa. She has truly made a wonderful business and is a wonderful artist and that is not limited to tattooing. The rest of the crew is just as wonderful. It’s really wonderful to see them grow as a business and I hope they continue to grow the 717 army.

Sarah Foster

Carrie Rea

Cassy Baddorf

Halie Cougle

All my piercings were done here and I never had an problems with them afterward. Just got my nipples done and cant wait to be healed. Thank you so much!

Christina Hoke

Was just there to pick up some jewelry, always great pricing and Rev is an awesome piercer!

Christa Klinger

Kevin Marion

Good tattoo artist I got on as a walk in. Do you still have to pay a deposit if your are getting a touch up on a tattoo that was gotten there?

Erica Bechtel

Get pierced by REV!

Rachel Campbell

Dwayne O Myers

Rev is tops at what he does, my husband was pierced by him then ge did me. Always a joy to see Jackie from 717 Columbia PA

Alan albrecht

Rev is the man to see if you want some amazing professional work done!

J Christine

Nice staff. awesome work

Shante Reyes

Brianna Moore

Sarah Hefflefinger

I got my navel pierced here and I love it! They give you information on how to take care of it and thanks to that, mine has never gotten infected! I did have a friend who did have hers get infected, but Rev was super nice and fixed it for her. I also got my tattoo on 717 day at the Mechanicsburg location and I never had any trouble with it! They are the only ones I trust to do any modifications.

Lee Stevens

Best place to get a piercing. Rev and Ashley at the Harrisburg location is seriously the best. As far as tattoo artists there, Joe (Harrisburg) and Stefan (Highspire) are the best artists. Heard great things about Gep (piercer).

Kayleen Timmons

Daniel Fauth

William Hall

The entire staff was amazing and very polite and helpful. I was very impressed. Rev did a great job with my piercing. I highly recommend this place and staff. Thanks Guys!!!

Paul Sorrels

alex krakowski

Blac Butterfly

Esmay DeannaFrances

Very helpful staff, willing to take you through every step of the way! They have a pretty good selection of body jewelry to pick from. Rev is one of the very few piercers I trust, always does an amazing job!

Paul Ferdinando

I drive 3 hours to come see these guys and gals! Great people inside and out!

Dania Priore

Super nice and professional :)

Chiara Pisano

Kevin is fantastic

Ann Miller

Enlightedbyu Santiago

Caitlin Greenlee

gabrielle schwind

Danelle Schreiber

Great experience. Rev was great. Thank you guys!

Cody Wilt

Super cool place, good music, and great artists

Kayla Mar

I was here two weeks ago to get my nose pierced and the experience was amazing! My piercer was Nate, normally from Mechanicsburg and HIGHLY recommended by me! He's extremely nice, answers all of your questions and has a calming reassuring way about him. HOWEVER, I took my mother here tonight to get her Tragus pierced. It's what she wanted for her birthday, and the experience was absolutely TERRIBLE! I'm not saying the guy who did it (Rev) did it wrong or anything. It was his horrible attitude!! He didn't really explain anything about what he was going to be doing, was very snappy; apologized for being so but then continued to be that way, and did nothing but complain about us being there because he was "ready to leave" and "had his stuff cleaned up already" and how it was such a "hassle to do it" like dude you could have said NO to doing it and we would have came back another time.. But after that experience I doubt we will again. I've seen a lot of his good work online and my friend has had a lot of work done by him, so I know he's good at what he does, but come on! I feel terrible that I recommended 717 and will most certainly not do so in the future. Very disappointed!!!

Skye Moyer

Two artists there doing not a damn thing and they turned away a tattoo that would take 20 minutes when they don't close for another hour. How rude.

Erick Stokes

Alysha Danner

Rev was absolutely great! Could not have asked for a better 1st piercing experience!

Janine Euker


Matt Zanes

Jazmyn does great work

Kajivar Jones

Got the ink I wanted. Laci was great!

Ashley Brubaker

Alberto Rosario

Ight place.


T Sales

The best place to go when you need the truth!

tori fink

Deborah Colon

Great service

Mara Levy

I had my belly button pierced here yesterday. The process was way less daunting than I expected, mostly because the piercer, Nate, talked with me for half an hour beforehand and answered all my questions about the process and what I should expect while healing. The piercing was almost painless, looks great, and I feel prepared to take care of it after learning from Nate. Overall, great experience, and I will be going back for future piercings/tattoos!

Melissa Wolfgang

Laci doess great work.

michaelq williams

Gregory Allen Daniels

Awesome people! Awesome work!!

ed myers

Just got a piercing from rev, excellent experience, quick an easy definitely got my tattoo shop

Manda Garner

Eve m

Got my conch and nose piercing done a few days ago. Rev was super quick and a chill dude. But he didn’t show me where this placement was so I was a little nervous, I could’ve asked to see it but I wasn’t thinking. Still turned out great :) very pleased

Shawn Pagano

The only place I will get my piercings.

Roo Bard

Ashley B was super nice. The environment was great and the whole process (my friend's tongue piercing) went super smoothly.

Quinncent Hess

I went here with my girl to get a piercing. I could tell the guy who did it was experienced and did it very quickly and painlessly. The people are pretty friendly who work here and will help out if they can.

Kel Kline

They make you feel welcome! Great staff.

Holly Fugate

Got my nosed peirced on a whim. I showed up at one location and they didn't have a piercer. The gentleman working called another location till he found one who could take me on such short notice. Very nice to deal with. Ashley was awesome!!

Heather Tuttle

This is the only shop I go to for any body mod, ink, or piercing! I love their work and the staff has an awesome vibe

Judy Smith

My son needed to get his gauged ears back to normal to get in the service. They did a great job.

Brooke Heckard

Rev is an amazing piercer, staff was nice. Shop was very clean

Jess _ica

Belly button piercing experience was worthless ... waisted $50 because the chic didn't pierce it correct. She didnt even use a regular belly ring!! .... I had to get it redone another place after it healed. Looks so much better now, although now I have a big scar from the one she did.

Taylor Costik

Benjamin Hall

Clean, professional, and willing to take the time to answer all of your questions.

Sandi Robinson

Joe is amazing!

Tiffany Cruse

Wonderful experience!!. EVERYONE there has been exceptional. Lacy is AMAZING!. The music is fun, the artists are fun, friendly, the environment is cool!. I love it!. Definitely will be back!!!.

Michelle Hocker

Nicole l

Loved it! Super nice people who work there! Ive gotten pierced now tattooed there and will DEFINITELY go back!

Bflo BriBri

Had my first ink done by Joe about a month ago. He was terrific to work with; very nice and talented guy! The tattoo looks great and I'm looking forward to seeing him again as soon as I decide what I want for my second! Great place; they've earned a repeat customer !

Alexander Fuller

Nice people and good artists

Brandon Smith

I went here for my first tattoo, and the experience was awesome. Jazmyn really helped to ease my stress and fears about the pain and was incredibly authentic and friendly. Also, the shop was dedicated to upholding absolute cleanliness, and everyone I encountered was fun, kind, and welcoming. To top it all off, the tattoo is absolutely amazing! I don't think I could have asked for a better experience.

Eddie Simmers

Only place for piercings and jewelry

Javaris Turner

Lane Klobucar

Very professional. Thorough explanations. I would go back.

Karl Silvius

Tattoo #2......hmm, what will be the next design?

Christopher Kimball

Great place!! Had some body modification done and love how professional they are.

Angela Martz

Laci did my new tat, she was Excellent! She was patient and worked with me, giving me multiple ideas that would work to achieve what I had envisioned in my head. She was very easy to talk with during the tattoo which made the time go by faster, infact the other guys working were all very nice too. I would definitely recommend Laci & this shop to anyone looking for new art.

Ann Rigby

Carlos Sanchez

Tattoo artist Jazmyn is awesome. The work that she did was great. The piercing done by Rev was great too.

D Ocasio

Jennifer Shinn


Koebi Moonlight

I got my first piercing here. The staff are friendly and awesome. Rev, my piercer, was very knowledgeable, and his experience certainly shows. Had to wait a bit longer than I was planning to get to my appointment, but once I was in, everything was done quick without feeling rushed. Will be my first choice if I end up wanting further work done!

Allie Lyons

Katie H

Cameron Ream

Good people and good work ,very nice and helpful

Tina L. Smith

Love 717tattoo! Wonderful employees they make you feel right at home! Amazing artist! Would recommend to anyone for their next tattoo. I most certainly will be going back!

Dave D

Was in town and wanted to get my daughter and I small (2"x2") matching tattoos. Called when they opened and they said they dont do walk-ins until 5. We wanted to have dinner first. Came by at 7:45. There was not a single customer in the place and when I asked if we could get the work done the answer was they close at 9 so they weren't doing anything else. Since we already had a poc of what we wanted and the small size of the tat we wanted, that is more than enough time. If that is how they do business by stopping work over an hour before they close, then glad I didnt get it done there. Total lack of professionalism and work ethic. It likely would have shown in the work.

Charles Shiflet

Megan Kerns

I've been going to 717 Tattoo for four years now; I got my first facial piercing and tattoo there and recently got an amazing scar done by Rev, one of the piercers at the Jonestown location. Truly, no other establishment in the area compares. They are always friendly and accomodating, even at their busiest, their prices are fair, their shop is clean and inviting, and I've never been disappointed by anything I've gotten done. I'm getting a tattoo soon by one of their artists, Rob, and he estimated it at $600! I was shocked, it was such a deal. As if all that wasn't enough, there are a million ways to be involved in their growing community besides getting work done, like contests, deals, seasonal events and just plain falling in love with all the staff-- they're all wonderful! If you want to make sure you're getting the most quality for the best price, definitely go to 717 first, they always come through.


Awesome tat done by Joe!!!! Love it, can't wait to get my cover-up done by this company.

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