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REVIEWS OF Necropolis Tattoo IN Oregon

Hailey Duncan

This shop does fantastic work! Great artist and friendly! Dylan Eckland did fantastic work! Highly recommend 10/10, will be coming back in the future!

Makayla Douglas

Dylan was awesome! He made the entire process so easy and comfortable. He's got a very gentle hand and an amazing eye with art! Easy to talk to and great conversation with Riley too! I would absolutely recommend this place.

Rich Miller

Had an amazing tattoo done by Dee! Great shop. Great environment. Loved it!

Dylan Eckland

Rachel Meyer

I’ve gotten two tattoos here, both by Dylan. He’s done an amazing job on each of them and has been awesome to work with! His work is clean and meticulous and his style is one of a kind. The shop is clean and all the other artists are friendly as well. Would highly recommend Dylan and this shop!

Stepheni Svehaug

Dylan is so awesome amazing line work and detail! So grateful I found him!!

Anarchery Addict

It's really unfortunate because this didn't seem like a bad place. The people were generally kind. However they charged me 200.00 for our 3 tattoos that took about 30min total. They were tiny Roman numerals. Literally took about ten minutes each... We had asked about the hourly rate before coming in and it was nowhere near this much. What a bummer...

micah Schulz

Noel Lovato

Really good quality

Jesse Kitterman

James Painter

Man I love this place. I got my latest tattoo from Mark. His work was amazing. Even had some great design improvements that really makes my tattoo stand out even more. I'm definitely going back to him again.


Kendra Shoepe

Gerald is a great and talented dude. Really helped me out with some kick ass last minute ink therapy when I was having a difficult time with life. Thanks.!!!!

Thomas Williford


I had gotten a tattoo from mark about a year ago of a Jackel-esk skull with a ankh carved into the head great black and white piece great job great environment friendly crew will defenitly be getting more work done with Mark. Very professional.

Patrick Smith

My wife and I have been going to Gerald for 3 years or so. I take advantage of his Friday the 13th specials and my wife has had 4 major life event immoralised by our man at necropolis. They always work with us and how we want our piece to look. Gerald has seen our visions and brought them into reality. Great attention to detail and very santitary. I always through Gerald’s name around when someone is talking about getting a tattoo, their shop is very much my style.

Cozette Fitzgerald

They were very nice to me while I was getting my first tattoo. Brian did a great job!

Kelli Groves

I've gotten my last two tattoos from Riley and I love both of them very much. Not only is he a super talented artist, but he's a wonderful person as well and makes great conversation. You should definitely check him out on Instagram his profile is @rabtattoos

Maryanne Schiller

Dylan Eckland just did my first tattoo today. Its my own unskilled drawing with but with special meaning, in what I've been told is a sensitive spot. Certainly a private location.. He did a wonderful job perfecting my angles. It didn't hurt a bit. Other artists had quoted me 1.5 hrs. He was done in about 30 min. Was very professional about keeping me appropriately covered while getting the job done. For my sacred geometry, I am so glad I chose him!

Robert Dawson

Patricia Mauch

Very dissapointed it's been 6 days and I wish I could show you my simple tattoo. The black has healed but the red is gross and since it was all taken care of the same. Well be careful cause I'm in pain and going to have scars.

Jade Davis-Ford

Breanna Gardner

I got my first two tattoos here. One from my childhood friend Meagan who is currently a student, the other from my cousin Dylan. Definitely a 5+ star from the experience I have had. My first tattoo from Meagan was a design she drew up that my twin sister and I wanted. I got a small ocean and a moon, my sister the sun and mountains both on our ribs. She did a really good job with asking how we were doing and making sure we had a good experience knowing it was our first tattoos. Dylan was the second who did my tattoo. This location above my right shoulder blade. I really wanted a butterfly, but I wasn't sure what else to add to detail. Knowing he's very amazing with geometrics, I asked if there was any way he could incorporate that into a tattoo. He did an outstanding job, and I'm definitely getting another one through him. I've gotten tons of compliments on it. There are so many amazing artists with so much talent. I hope if anyone is looking for somewhere with a good experience, as well as a tattoo they love... Definitely go here!!

Bodie Russell

Great and clean environment. All the artists there make sure you're comfortable and they account for your needs and ideas! Love this place and would come back for a 3rd time.


Sophia T

rachelle hunsperger

I’ve had experience with several artists here and they are all awesome. Each artist has their own niche and produce some real quality unique tattoos. I’ll keep coming back.

Jen Black

My favorite shop!

Carly Vezzani

Riley braukman is amazing! He is a phenomenal artist hands down and a wonderful person and his artwork is amazing. Great tattoo artist as well! I will forever be tattooed by him! He is a god! He is the messiah... reborn jesus.

Leona-Christopher Harrod

Mark is the only artist my husband and I want to do our tattoos. He pays attention not only to the fine details of his work but also to what the customer wants. He's an amazing artist and has come so far. ❤❤❤❤


Dylan is working on completing my sleeve! He’s tattooed three pieces on me thus far! He’s freakin awesome! Makes the whole process so comfortable and easy & on top of that he has amazing line work! I found him off of Instagram- very glad I did! I love the geometric masterpiece he’s creating on my arm!



Jerred Hermann

My wife and I have been tattooed several times at this shop by several of the artists, and we have had nothing but positive experiences. Necropolis is like a big, welcoming family and the artists there are extremely talented. I have recommended this shop to many people over the years and will continue to do so. Most of my experiences have been with Mark and Brian, both of whom do great work and are a pleasure to deal with. Great communication. NECROPOLIS ROCKS

Drew Roberts

Jesse Hoffer

Long time ago I had a tattoo that I was embarrassed of. I always wore T-shirt’s that were long enough to cover it up. I shared my issue with Mark Tierney at necropolis Tattoo. He took the time to listen to my issue and what I wanted, Mark and I had several sessions and now I have a masterpiece on my upper arm that I love and show off, Mark helped me restore confidence. Thank you mark


Joe was incredible. He has an attention to detail and an eye for color that I have not seen. I will definitely be going back soon

Derek Martin

The most 6professionalism, flexibility and patience ,ever seen d. Eckland it's dropping some cutting edge illusions

Debbie Malstrom

Live Brian's hand. Very gentle.

nicole marie

Great staff, clean shop.

Megan Russell

I had heard of Necropolis Tattoo and was always impressed with their work. I followed them and one of their new artists, who's style caught my eye - Mark Tierney. I actually won this tattoo and it is my absolute favorite. His line work is clean and crisp. His fills are solid. And his company is very welcome. He did an all around amazing job and I cannot wait to get inked by him again.

Lilli Spitz

The shop was super clean and everyone was so friendly and nice. Dylan was my artist and he did an amazing job! I would definitely recommend him even if you have to drive a bit to get there. He had the lightest touch and was friendly and open to what I wanted. My friend and I both went in at the same time and both tattoos turned out amazing. Definitely worth checking out if you're in the market. The drive to Forest Grove was worth it!

Donovan Douglas

I didn't get a tattoo here and that's the trouble. Admittedly I was unsure about the style I wanted my full color mermaid tattoo in at first, maybe neo traditional, maybe realistic, but after some trial and error and direct communication Mark and I finally decided on a realistic 50s pinup style. But eventually Mark admitted that he could neither do this style nor do it within my budget. So because Mark couldn’t do this style, not because I didn’t want a mermaid, I compromised and chose a second design to accommodate Mark’s skills, a small and simple black and white typewriter. I gave him plenty of time, at least a month to prepare, during which I rarely heard from him and never got confirmation back. I contacted him several days and the day before my appointment and still didn't hear back. Confidence shaken, I decided to cancel and lose my $100 deposit. What I found most problematic here was poor communication. I was unsure about the style of my mermaid tattoo because I’m not an artist and I needed more guidance and direction from Mark. Had we discussed style more we would have figured out what I wanted sooner and then, as we discussed at one point, maybe I could have worked with another artist better suited to my project. I feel that I did a respectable amount of research beforehand as the customer and my needs were not being met by the experts. Mark is a nice guy but this entire process and miscommunication has left me discouraged to start the tattoo process all over again.

Riley Braukman

Jacob Gillingham

Super awesome shop, been tattooed by Dylan twice and highly recommend. His work is incredible, fair pricing, and he’s a really chill guy.

RD Drake

Good people and good art

skippy Nicholson

I broke down and got my first tattoo here back in 2013. I got the new OREGON state Beaver logo on my right forearm. I love it today as much as I did 5 years ago when the new logo first came out. It's time for some Orange touch up. Also time to get my new Classic Benny Beaver tattoo. I wont go anywhere else to get a tattoo. These guys are professional and they actually listen to their customers. Prices are really good too.

Lizette Sandoval

If you're thinking of getting a good quality tattoo this is the place for it. Friendly staff and very knowledgeable. Highly highly recommend this place

Jacinda Swiger

Dylan is by far the best artist I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. The work that he does absolutely blows me away every time. He’s super professional, has a very gentle touch, and really tries to make sure that you’re comfortable throughout the entire process. He is very easy to work with and does a great job of accomplishing the vision that you’re trying to achieve. If I could give him more than 5 stars I would. I’ve been tattooed by him twice now and can honestly say that of all of my tattoos, his are hands down my favorite. Both times now he has far exceeded my expectations. The first picture is the first one I got done by him, and the last three are from the one I got today. Seriously I can’t recommend him enough!!

Shannon New

I got my tattoo done back in May in 2016 by Mark. He did such a wonderful job on my Darth Vader tattoo on my neck. I get compliments on it almost daily! I love Marks style. He’s so talented! Thanks Mark!

angela hill

Corey X

Maureen Holverson

Gerald is the man! His lettering and use of color in my tattoo was unexpected and beautiful! He made me feel so comfortable I recommended him to my son and daughter... and husband to be...we won’t go to anyone else! Thank you Gerald keep up he great work! Maureen Terry

Kelsey Johnson

I've gotten 10 out of 11 of my tattoos here. This place is fantastic! All the artist are very nice and friendly. Also everyone is extreamly talented! Such great artist! Also a very clean facility. This is the place to go to get great quality tattoo work done!

Tracy Crosley

Great artists. Great service.

Marrisa Bouchie

This is the place to go for great quality work! Every time I have gone and got art work done I've left supper happy with all my work! I HIGHLY! Recommend going to Joe for your work! He's done all of my mine and I LOVE every single one because they are done amazing and clean every time! ---->Picture of my dog portrait done by Joe in Photos


Graveyard Boy

Bruce asay

Molly Jenkins

I have followed Mark’s growth as an artist since well before he was licensed, and always knew I wanted him to create beautiful art for me. I saw one of his original watercolor paintings that he was offering as a tattoo design for the right client, and I immediately snatched it up. My jellyfish is BEAUTIFUL. His color and line work are excellent, and his professionalism during the consultation, booking, and chair time were beyond reproach. I cannot wait to see more of his original work on my canvas. Thank you, Mark. Your passion in your work shows in every piece you create. A++++ from me!!

Morgan Douglass

Gerald Erambert

The best tattoo shop in Forest Grove! The artists here are fantastic at working in a wide range of styles and are extremely friendly, they make you feel right at home.

Hailey Mcleod

Dylan Eckland was mine and my boyfriends artist, he did an amazing and thorough job on both pieces and we could not be happier with them! I definitely would recommend not only this shop, but Dylan specifically because he is so kind and patient and very fun to work with!

Mikey McCarroll

Jocy Fajardo

Dylan did a get job.

Heather Blasier

Love this place !!!!! Will only allow Mark to do my tats since he did an amazing job on My arm he’s the owner is also amazing.Definitely recommend this place to everyone

JD Davison

mike contreras

Julianna Cullison

Great place, very clean. Gerald does some fantastic work! I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Jessica Burns

I have received 6 tattoos from the tattoo shop and have received the best customer service. Mark has completed 4 of my tattoos and I have never been disappointed with the process or the outcome of my tattoo. Mark is the only one I trust with my tattoos and will continue to have my work completed by him and the support of his shop.

Bridget Hills

Joe does a great job


I’ve been tattooed here twice now and loved each time. I was able to express what I wanted with mark and he completely understood and listened to what I wanted each time and I left with tattoos I love. Mark even stayed late after the shop was closed to finish my tattoo so I didn’t leave with an unfinished piece. My wife has also been tattooed here and we both agree this is without a doubt one of our favorite shops to go to.

Drew Muntzel

Ryan does great work

Mark Tierney Tattoo

(Translated by Google) Yeah (Original) Yeeeah

Jason Wolfgang

Ashley Nelson

Thank you Mark! I went in with a bare minimum idea and he made a gorgeous peice! The atmosphere in this shop was great and everyone was so easy going, helpful, and encouraging. I will definitely be going back.

Alex Faill

Dacey W

My Husband and I went to see Dylan to get some custom anniversary tattoos. We could not be happier with the results! He was able to come up with designs that perfectly captured what we were going for, in his own style (which is why we wanted to go to him in the first place), and he was very easy to work with on-site when it came to minor change requests (which were few). His execution was excellent, and he answered all of the questions we had. Generally just a cool laid back person as well. We also really enjoyed the rest of the crew we interacted with at the shop. So glad we made the trip down!

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