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REVIEWS OF Multnomah Body Piercing and Tattoo IN Oregon

Mallory Johns

Best place in Oregon! Great selection of body adornments and the staff is always amazing!

Skye Dyan

My best friend and I were looking to get our helix pierced together and we came across this tattoo and piercing shop. We walked in and we were welcomed right away! The gal with the purple hair (not quite sure what her name was, I believe it might be Hannah) was super bubbly and very sweet. We signed some paper work and paid and waited just a few minutes before the lady called us over. An older lady with white hair sat us down and explained everything she was doing during the process. She was so incredibly kind and made this a fantastic experience for me and my friend. I would totally recommend her and this shop. It was a very clean and professional experience! Overall we had a wonderful time and our expectations were definitely exceeded!

Reanna Cummings

Great place to get jewellery, a piercing or even a tattoo. Local family owned. The owner is an amazing person!

Frank Blachly

One word, AWESOME + people=2 words, haha!

Mickayla Johnson

Very clean and professional environment. Was in and out within about 10 to 15 minutes. My only complaint was that the piercer was a little rough with getting the jewelry in and the clamp off and on. Otherwise good experience, will definitely be coming back!

Emily Mendoza

loved the service, it was fast and they made sure you got all your questions answered! I don't know the name of the piercer but he did a great job it was supper fast the pain was over really fast! I'm definitely coming back! it was worth the drive!

Christa McClanahan

Fair prices on piercings

Janey Doe

You get what you pay for. I've been a loyal customer since 2008, back when they had their Troutdale location open. They used to be great, but nowadays they are a rush piercing shop. In it for the money, and not the quality. I had two piercings done about 3 weeks ago, and one piercing changed out. Chris broke one of my hoops during his rough handling. $15 I had spent on it only a few weeks before. He then refused to use a piece of jewelry I purchased from them for my conch, so I still have my extremely long original jewelry in. It's awkward, and needs changing. I'm sad to see the way this shop has changed over the years.

Vi Clarke

Both my piercings went so quickly and smoothly and they look great! The staff is super nice and the whole environment is welcoming and chill. Definitely going back for future piercings ᕕ( ᐕ )ᕗ

Bobcat 2042

Staff was great with kids getting first ear piercing

Nicky Munoz

They did a great job on my daughters nose piercing

Faith Hartung

I've been going here for the last few piercings I've gotten and I've never had a complaint. The employees are personable and kind. I always recommend my friends to come here for piercings. Great sales too.

Celeste Glancy

I got a paw print from my dog who passed away several years ago done on my chest, Sam does an excellent job, he is very good at keeping conversation going and is very light handed. I pierced my nipples, upper lip, and helix awhile back and the guy did a fantastic job. I cant remember the piercers name but he normally wears shades


I love this place these people are wonderful mother-son Duo they've been doing this for years Rainbow Magic Magic Rainbow Troutdale piercing now Multnomah piercings keep up the good work I've been going to guys since I was 16 you guys do such a great job!!!!!!!

Golden FreddyPlush

Sheryl pierced my septum, no pain at all!! I have been going to Her for years. Awesome lady!!

Cale Rushing

I get all my piercing there. Love the staff, very understanding and nice. Good prices and good deals. High quality work.

Elizabeth Garcia

Is the 2 for $25 included with getting your nose pierced ?

Miranda Mars

I have had 4 piercings done here 1 of which i had to take out for being done wrong

Haydn 321

Nope never again!! Me and my sister-in-law went in for a deal day thinking it'd be a good place despite how cheap the price was because of the ratings on here but that definitely wasn't our experience! The girl helping us was very nice she helped us out quickly it was all good! Though we didn't get to pick out out jewelry at all which is sketchy but with the price I should've expected that! Then Chris called my sister-in-law up for her turn. He was very aggressive and rough and seemed like he was rushing for some reason. He did her daith first which he bent up real bad. Then because she didn't know the name of the piercing and because he didn't mark the spot and show her first but just went straight in, he gave her a completely different piercing than she wanted! She wanted an inner helix but instead got a rook piercing! He even said that because they were so close together he was having trouble! He put the wrong piece of jewelry in first so he had to take it out and put in the right one! And remember he's being extremely rough the whole time so he was shoving everything in really hard! He was also kinda shaking the whole time like he was nervous or something and kept dropping the jewelry into her hair! She didn't say anything to him about the wrong placement though. Once she was done it was my turn so of course I was terrified and made sure to repeat myself a couple times on what I wanted cuz he didn't look at my paperwork in between getting done with her and starting with me. He was again really aggressive and rough with me. He did my Tragus first, again without dotting it and checking with me and then putting in the jewelry hurt worse than the piercing itself because he shoved it in really hard! My daith went pretty much the same! After I was done he handed me a little thing of sea salt (he didn't give any to my sister-in-law) but didn't explain anything no aftercare instructions, no downsize timeframe nothing so I wasn't even sure why he gave me the sea salt because my normal place uses saline spray! My sister-in-law was extremely unhappy about the rook mishap so she told the front desk if the other piercer could take it out and give her the one she wanted! We had to wait a while but she did it for her and was really sweet and gentle and took her time! Even said she could come back and she'd replace the daith ring for free! Today though I stopped into my normal shop since I wasn't told any aftercare instructions or anything about downsizing and the apprentice there said both aren't the correct placements. My daith ring is also bent wonky and the gauge and diameter are wrong as well and both piercings may need to be repierced so I have to go back in tomorrow and find out from my normal piercer!! Won't ever be going back to this place!! Quality over quantity people!!! Spend the extra money and get your piercings done right!!

Z Swizzle

They where super nice but the W I asked for on my knuckle was not even close to what I wanted. It was my first tattoo didn’t really know what to say...

Guillermo Plaza

Went in to get piercings for my son and I ended get a tatto of my own. Awesome place. Looking forward for second session and finishing my ink


Have been going fpr years and they do a great job every time. Thatnks fpr the double helix.


I went and had a few piercings done yesterday, the place is clean the staff is very nice. Although my nipple piercings are uneven and at the time I was so excited I didn't care, but honestly I'm a little sad because I'll be taking them out due to them being uneven so they can be redone. Wasn't worth the pain just to take them out the next day but I want them perfect. The one in my helix is perfect though. The guy piercing me was nice and seems professional but didn't do the job I was hoping for.

Flynnagin Pickrell

I love this place so much <3 Chris has done my last seven piercings (including my industrial, septum, and snakebites) and and they have been amazing. The healing has gone very well for all of them. I recommend this place to anybody who asks. They are somehow cheap AND high quality! They're very patient but casual as well. Love to make small talk while it's being done. I wish I could give them more stars ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆


The place is nice and clean, very comfortable looking, but they seem to not care about customer service. I have been in there twice, once with my sister to see their art and just a few minutes ago.. both times they seemed bothered by us/me being in there. The first time we went in 2 guys were to busy playing videogames on the big screen to barely notice us, the tattoo guy I kept trying to ask question just gave me short answers, then gave us his card and disappeared to the back room and just left me and my sister there. The whole time the 2 guys just played video games and pretended we weren't there. We left feeling unwelcome and awkward. This time I figured I'd stop in and give it another chance (since I'm wanting some work done) and they are just down the block. Anyways, the same guy was there sitting at a computer, an older lady(the owner I suppose) was on the phone,waved and smiled at me but since she was on the phone I just smiled back, she seemed nice. Guy just gave me short answers and said they were booked up till next week and told me I should have just called ??? all the good reviews seem to be from local people so maybe it's because I'm Mexican I'm not good enough to be treated with some decent service? I'm NOT saying they're racist, I'm just trying to figure out why they have plenty of "great" reviews, when they seem to not want my business?

Kathran Elizarraraz

Awesome piercing lady

Ryan Hebert

Always has what I need, friendly environment and courteous staff.

Thomas Lee

Got an awesome tattoo by Ryan Hebert. Very good work with good prices.

Jennifer Pierce

Quick and to the point piercing. I was super nervous and he made it quick and as painless as possible.

Samantha Hicinbothom

I took my daughter to get her ears pierced for the first time. She's 9 and terrified of needles. Hannah was super professional and nice. She got her ears done by chris. He was amazing and so patient with her. He was super quick. She got to pick out a necklace when she was done. I'm so happy with the service we got. Great price as well!

Dawn Matthies

This place is great, they know there stuff .. Ryan did a fantastic job on my Tattoo for my son Ryan... Ty Ryan ,kind understanding and goes easy on Newbees...1 1/2 weeks update doing Great.!!

Savannah Potter

My belly button piercing didn't even hurt. They are great at what they do

Vicki Flener

Clean and super speedy. My daughter got her ears pierced and we were in and out in 15 min.

Garrett Bredall

Good prices Could use a more broad selection of jewelry specifically in gauges/ tunnels/ plugs.

Janet Littrell

The staff here are amazing! Chris pierced my daughter's ears so fast, I almost didn't see it! She barely flinched and he will change her rings out for free on 8 weeks! HUGE selection of beautiful jewelry. You won't be disappointed by visiting!

Lindsey Buero

The prices for piercings are absolutely incredible and the jewelry selection is really fantastic but they really need to get more piercers. Chris is great but he gets overwhelmed very easily and when there’s a lot of people waiting he gets very aggressive during piercing and replacing jewelry. He is very rough when handling customers sometimes and I know he means well but I am very traumatized from what I experienced. There should be a better system to prevent this or at least train the piercers to be patient and calm under stress. No reason people should be walking out in tears and blood from getting a nose piercing replaced.

The CrookedFork

Popped in because I just needed a replacement for my lost nose ring. The sales person didn't try to upsell me at all. I was in and out in about 5 min. and wore my nose ring right out of the store. Shop was clean, comfortable, had a great selection of jewlery and good music playing. Great place, I'll be back.

Ness Caldy

I loved coming here to this place because one, the service was fast and they did a great job with my piercing. They made sure I was comfortable through the whole process and continuously talked to me to make sure I was fine. I would recommend going here if you're considering a piercing.

Holly Browne

I've gotten almost all my piercings and my first tattoo here and ill keep coming back for more! Kent does an amazing job and they're good to their customers. I've come in several times with help getting a ball put back on my jewelry or getting a nose ring put it so they're very helpful.

Savannah Rodriguez

So I went in to get my lip piercing, and the piercer was not only a dick but he used his clean gloves, to touch his phone screen, didn’t change his gloves, then pierced my lip. Not very professional and he was just kid of cocky. Ehh, got the job done.

Alex Bosso


Amanda Olds

Really fast service. Really nice people. But the guy the did mine and my friends piercings was a bit too rough, and a bit careless. Recommending any of the women instead

Tishaira Bennett

After reading all of the reviews before coming in to get my sons ears pierced, and my nose pierced, I was honestly a little nervous. Many reviews note an unkind employee doing the piercing. I decided that price, cleanliness, and convenience of location was more important, and decided to chance it. Chris did our piercings, and he was great. He may not be a talkative man, but he was kind, fast and knew exactly what he was doing. I appreciated him very much. I would definitely recommend him and the shop to other people. Thank you.

Julianna Digby

Both is the piercings I got are not straight or centered. The guy doing it seemed rushed and that clearly showed in his work

Emily Walker

I've been going here for years for piercings (back when they were called Magic Rainbow!) and always had great experiences with piercings. They even changed my eyebrow piercing for free when I couldn't do it myself! Recently I went in for a tattoo with Heather and I'll be going back for more. It was a walk-in which I've never done before but they were welcoming and easy to work with. I love my new tat and the overall experience was very professional.

Jeffrey Stewart

It's a clean atmosphere the artist know what they're doing Sam does really good lines and excellent work Brian is real friendly I would recommend this place anybody that wants to get artwork done they know their lines and they know their colors they know their drawings

Denise Bernard

10/10 would recommend! I went and got my tongue pierced today and it took maybe 3 minutes and I felt nothing, and it's fabulous. Very professional and calmed my anxieties about getting pierced. Well worth the money & not over priced. ❤️ Thank you.

Eric Murphy

Chris is awesome! Super easy going and helpful for whatever questions you may have. I was in-and-out. 100 percent satisfied with my new piercing!

Amanda Smith

Great prices and an amazing selection of jewelry to choose from!

Kristina Catoire

They were friendly fast and accommodating. I was expecting my piercing to be extremely uncomfortable. They made were very professional and informative.

Cassady Hanen

Amazing people very polite. Very clean! Will be going back!

Megan Hartel

My friend and I came in to get her septum pierced and we were helped right away. I decided to get my nipples pierced while we were there. It was quick and easy. The little lady who pierced us (forgot her name) but she had green hair and round glasses. She was pretty frickin awesome and made the experience well worth it. We'll be back!!


I got a tattoo from the artist Sam, he wasnt able to finish before the shop closed but I still couldnt be happier with how it looks! I went in with a party of 5 all wanting the same type of wings with different flares to them. Im getting mine as navi from LOZ and its coming out jist fantastic!! Definantly suggest a tattoo from tge artists here!

Ally Adams

I went in to get my nose and lip pierced. They were very friendly and professional and they were cleaning the shop as I walked in which is always great to see! I was in the chair for less then two minutes total for both piercings. He even held up a mirror to check the placing which was not done when I got my ears pierced. It was very painless and I did not even notice that my lip was done. My nose did hurt a little but not at all what I expected. They also gave me salt to make the cleaning solution and sent me home with after care instructions. This was a fantastic experience and I cant wait to get morw piercings and some ink done at thus shop!

Britney Jordan

Got 2 dermals for $20 (I paid on the day of the sale & came back on my day off days later). Dude knows what he is doing. I am very happy w the end result


Got my labret pierced here a few years back and just got my septum pierced. My septum was pierced too low and through the cartilage, making it very painful. I called and spoke with Sheryl to see if i could come in and have it re-pierced in the right spot. She was very polite and offered to redo it at no cost. I specifically requested her this time and she was very supportive and the piercing was close to painless. Great customer service from her, if you go in i recommend she do your piercing, she did an excellent job.


getting my nose pierced here, and going to get retainers put in for medical purposes, were a great experience. but when i came for my double forward helix, they refused to mark me before piercing and the top one was pierced crooked

Nichole Richardson

I had Ryan do a tattoo and it’s one I love!

Angela Burgos

I was super nervous to get my piercing done here, but I had the BEST experience!! I went in and got my navel done and it came out crooked unfortunately, but I just went in today to get it redone by Chris and wow oh wow. He was so so kind and made my 2nd experience super enjoyable!! And my piercing is straight now, yaaaaay!! Go him!! And thank you

Jasmine Henry

Wonderful first time experience! Customer service was phenomenal, employees were very kind and make sure you know what’s going on every step of the way. Although the ball of my septum fell off seconds after I had walked out of the place.


As always, I love this place. I've been pierced here a total of six times, my nose and the first time I got my tongue done by Sheryl who is always kind. Tried another place for my septum piercing and decided I preferred and would stick to this place permanently and am so happy I did, I had 4 piercings yesterday back-to-back, re-pierced my tongue, the other side of my nose, a philtrum/medusa and a tragus piercing and the piercer Chris was very quick, everything was pierced correctly and I couldn't be more happy with my new jewelry. From the moment I walked in, to having 4 piercings and I was out the door in 20 minutes. I love that their new location is much closer to me, the place was clean, organized and friendly.

karolyn stewart

Nice staff and good prices. Very clean. Sean did my tattoo and was very nice! It gets busy in there but the service was very quick. I got a tattoo and my friend decided to get a few piercings, no appointment needed. Will go back in the future. Recommend this place. Always nice knowing where you get your tattoos will still be around the next time you want another one.

Kathrine Flournoy

Went in to get medusa piercing, piercer was super fast, place was clean and prices are great

Victoria Madsen

My sister got her nose ring here and we we got in and out really quick. Great prices and really good customer service.

Sheryl Wheeler

Thank you all for supporting our shop for so many years. We were in Troutdale for about 20 years and moved to Gresham in February of 2016 because our building was sold. It was a hard decision to leave Troutdale but our new location in Gresham has a lot more traffic and better parking. We love how the new shop looks. Come check it out, we see a few of our old friends return everyday. We add new jewelry to our stock every week. Clay is our new tattoo artist and he is very talented. We miss a lot of our friends but you will find us. We are on division next to little ceasar's and Biscuits cafe. See you soon, Sheryl

Shonna Pierce

Great prices and service.

Danielle Watts

Been going there for body jewelry for years and have always loved their friendliness. The atmosphere inside is whats great!

Kandy Velasquez

Very good an fast

Kitrina Ham

I got my cartilage pierced and it was fast and painless! Very happy with how it came out! I will continue to get all of my piercing from you guys! :)

heather harmon

They did a amazing job on my daughter's ears.She said it didn't even hurt.Quick and painless.It took 3 minutes

celeste marion

I came here to get a few piercings done and the man that was my piercer barely spoke to me and grabbed my face quickly without warning to give my piercing. He was frantically unpacking the jewellery and needles which was very stressful to me and when I mentioned this he acted very rude and told me it was because he was so busy. This place should be appointment based if it is going to impact how piercers interact with their clients. He kept telling me that he "couldn't see why I was stressed". Every time I have had a piercing my piercer is very deliberate and careful with the needles and jewellery, they talk me through the process and help me feel comfortable and not rushed. My friend also got some piercings today and she is unhappy with the placement and jewellery size which she was never given an chance to review before being pierced. The piercings themselves were done very well apart from one of my pieces of jewellery being the wrong size. I was offered a correctly sized piece of jewellery for half price which was great however the woman helping me did not use gloves or tools while handling my jewellery after touching money.. Overall the piercings themselves are great, however the customer service and attitude of the piercier is unprofessional and uncomfortable.

Rachael Coovert

They're absolutely the best place you could go to for piercings and tattoos. I've had my belly, nipples, lip and I'm going back for my tragus and industrial this weekend. This is also the only place I will ever buy belly rings. I wont buy the cheap ones online. I'd rather buy them from the best shop in town. Highly highly highly recommended. They're all lovely people and very friendly. I'm in there so much that they know me and know what I come in to get. :) As far as tattoos, Kent has done 2/4 of mine and I won't get tattooed anywhere else now! ♡

prestley wright

Although the place is very clean and costumer service is overall great, I’m not fond of the piercer. He was not friendly and I was uncomfortable and felt as if I was being rushed even though it wasn’t a busy day whatsoever. He also insulted my piercings. Probably won’t be coming back for that reason

Kristie Smith

Came in with a friend on Friday expecting a long wait time for piercings but we were in and out in 20 minutes. We were able to choose between a stud or a hoop and answered every question we could possibly come up with. The guy who pierced us was a little rough but he was incredibly fast so I was totally ok with it. He was very sweet and talked us through the process. We will definitely be back for more. This place is really clean and a very comfortable environment.

Crystal Clark

Always clean, and always ready to help customers, great service all around!

Chrissandra Murphy-Cade

I came here today to get my nose re-pierced and a belly button piercing. I’m overall really happy with my experience. The older lady with glasses, and the younger lady with the purple hair who were upfront were super friendly and made me feel welcome. The male piercer was pretty quick doing both peircings, I believe his name was Chris. He pierced my belly button and I didn’t even know it was already finished. I personally think he was sort of rough putting the jewelry in, but nothing terrible. He seemed in a rush and he also didn’t offer me the sea salt for cleaning, and had to be reminded by the purple haired girl (I hate calling her that but I don’t remember her name) but hey, we’re all human and forget things sometimes

Jayden Allaway

It was very quick, cheap, and simple, loved the vibe and my nerves were calmed very quickly. Highly recommend this place to any and everyone.

Bella Malone

I got my left nostril pierced here a few years back, and when I saw their 2/$25 deal I was super excited. At first I was a bit sceptical when reading reviews, but thought that since it was a good price, I'd risk it and get some new holes in my face. The shop was very clean, the staff were so friendly and helpful, and it was very quick. It didn't even hurt as bad as I thought it would, thanks to the numbing cream my piercer used.

Emily Jensen

I was referred by a close friend to come to get my tragus' pierced and was extremely nervous about it at first but the piercer explained the process prior to doing it and made me feel much calmer about the process. She did an excellent job and was super quick. Also surprisingly it wasn't painful at all. I plan to go here again for my future piercings and maybe possibly even my future tattoos.

Rick Lyons

Aswome place to go. I will deffently be coming back here. Services was quick. The piercer new what he was doing. Very skillful. Great vibe.

Retta Rice

Went in to buy some good jewelry for my ears and belly button and ended up leaving with 3 new holes in my ear. Paid $35 for three cartalige piercings. They look great and the piercer was super quick, but the first two are spaced well and the third one is further from the other two. Looks funny but I really don't want to go through the pain of having it re-done. Besides that, the piercer was very comforting and informed me of everything and told me how to contact them if anything came up. Everyone in the shop was awesome.

Cyndi Gabriel

Great place! My daughter just got 2 piercings for a great price, $25. Very professional and comfortable.

Jennifer Salvus

Ryan is awesome tattoo artist

Reanna McKinnon

To be completely honest, it is the only place I will go for piercings and I live all the way in West Linn. I have gotten both my nose and septum done there and they are wonderful! They really have a great set up and for a good, reasonable cost you get a high quality piercing by professionals. The people that work there are super friendly as soon as you walk in the door and they help you in a jiffy! I highly recommend Troutdale Tattoo and Body Piercing (:


I've been to this place multiple times, since they were located in Troutdale. The store owner is always super nice and patient, the prices are great and I never leave unsatisfied. Today I got two piercings, one lip and a daith. I have good pain tolerance but I was still nervous about the daith. She was really nice and chatted with me through the piercings. They're all genuine and nice, I'd highly recommend going for your next or first piercing

Miranda Helm

The staff here was probably the friendliest I've ever seen in a piercing shop! I ended up talking to every employee there and they were all so welcoming. I'm a total whimp when it comes to piercings but they were understanding and very relaxing while I was getting a daith. These guys are quick, accommodating, and caring. When it's time to switch out this jewelry and get something new pierced I'm definitely coming back.

Tayler Volk

I got both my ear piercing here and my belly button and they are amazing

Jade Kawaii

This place has been horrible to me the times I have gone in there. They body shame me for being on the chubby side and when my piercing fell out, instead of just Re-piercing since it closed up already, the lady tried to put the stud back in my nose when the whole already closed. I was in so much pain during the process and she did not seem to care at all for the fact that I was legit crying in pain when all what needed to be done was to re-pierce my nose that was already closed up. They also messed up my bellybutton ring when I first wanted it. Put it the wrong place and now I have a scar there from them piercing it wrong. Definitely not going back there for any reason.

James Strickland

Wife n her sis did there nipples, done fast,easy & painless.price was right

Courtney Ubiles

I was pierced here in my septum and nostril and the jewelry they use is cheap and breaks easily. I went to a more professional shop and they fixed what this place did wrong. I still have scars from this place. Don’t go here

Lia B

The place is literally spot on clean, just by walking in you can tell they are a safe place to get tatted and pierced. Went in to get my nose pierced, the gal at the front was nice, the guy who pierced my nose however wasn’t very friendly, seemed to be in a rush even tho there was literally no one in the shop waiting (noon on a Thursday). I didn’t feel comfortable maybe even awkward, he pierced my nose out of place didn’t even ask if the placement was ok just sort of said here’s where I’m doing it and boom. See ya. Quality before quantity always.

Cat Jayna

I asked them a question on their recent post about their "2 for 25" deal, since they were claiming it was a "once in a lifetime" chance. However, there were reviews from 2 years ago saying they engaged in this same deal, so I screenshotted a review with this info and commented asking "Is this just not true about it being "a once in a life time" chance, or is this just the last time y'all are doing it? Just looking for clarification." And they deleted my comment and blocked me from commenting/reviewing them on Facebook. So, if you're looking for cowards who took offense to a legitimate question (if it was an annual event I would have considered going next year since I have bills to pay this year) and would rather block you than answer your questions, look no further! Definitely glad I didn't go to this "establishment". Just read some of the reviews on Facebook, but what are even worse are the company's replies! I swear, you can't teach this kind of unprofessionalism and stupidity.

Natalie Brenner

SUPER grateful for this spot! Went in for my naval piercing and had a great experience. Way more affordable than any other spot around ($25 for the piercing & jewelry!). I also got two nose rings at $6 each and they’re great quality. They changed out my hoops for me and did a great job. It felt clean & professional inside. Will be returning.

Lakota Sharp

Love this place and plan on going back for future pericings. The staff is very nice and reassuring as well as informative of any questions I had. The whole process was virtually quick and pianless I was in and out with in 20 minutes literally walked in was like I want this and walked out with badass peircings. Would highly recommend them.

Amanda Rarick

I’ve been pierced by Chris so many times I can’t even count. He is seriously amazing. Just got my tattoo done by Ryan and wow such an awesome experience. He’s friendly, funny and he does great work. I will go nowhere else from now on!!!! Thanks so much Multhnoma Tattoo

Sasha Korolenko

Came here to get some piercings done and had the nicest man I have ever met in my life. So easy and was out in 5 minutes! Will come back for more!

Donald Espy

Took good care of my family

Victoria Harvis

Good atmosphere great prices.

Jenelle McCleary

The place was clean, quick and inexpensive which was great! But the guy was really rough and he seemed to be annoyed that he was doing piercings.

Lee Riley

I really like this shop. Nice people and I like how knowledgeable the staff is.. I will be back for more jewelry:)

Sarah Matts

I went looking for jewelry. I left without buying anything purely based on the serious lack of customer service. The guy that helped me acted like he had better things to do and I was bothering him. I was a sure sale! I would think that if you are a business in an industry that lives off of word of mouth and getting new customers to walk in the door you would act like you wanted them there.

Tobi Macaroni

Edit: I found out their late opening was due to an emergency. This is the best place to get piercings in Gresham! Cheap prices and great staff. Never had a bad experience getting a piercing here!

Alicia bounvassana

Got my first tattoo here for my birthday. Great place with amazing people totally going back for future tattoos!

Larisa Shumaker

I would star this place 5 just because the guy was so very fast with piercing me and great costumer sevice But, with how fast he was going he pierced my cartlegde, and actually pierced the actual “bone” (cartlegde) and now I am in severe pain and have no idea if it will even heal. I hope he sees this and nextime takes his time!! He didn’t even look in my nose or feel around he just stuck the needle through and it’s super far back and it is too low for my nose.

Michala Moore

Went in to get a hoop for my nose because mine had fallen out the other day and walked out with a new hoop and my other nostril peirced something I've wanted to get for a while. They were super nice and didn't pressure me to get the bogo peircing because I wasn't sure what else I wanted. Chris who peirced me was super cool and friendly. Deff would go back to look at more jewerly and future peircings. **After reading some reviews I could see how people think Chris is too rough but to me he was trying to insure my jewerly was in and where it needed to be. Can't wait to go back.

Travis Camberg

Thank you ryan great art work love our ink can't wait to come back see you soon brother

Corina Redman

Took my daughter to get her ears pierced for her birthday and they where so nice and friendly and did an amazing job I will definitely be coming back for more piercings!

Daphnie Lowery

My husband and I went into this shop for daith piercings (as a chance they may help both of our migraines) Yes, we are aware there is no 'hard' proof that they work but we've been researching for a while and if there is even a slight chance they could help, why not! I knew I wanted both and he was on the fence. We waited a few minutes before being helped but it was because Sheryl was with other clients so we didn't mind at all! Once she finished with them, she got us our paperwork and took care of the next clients in line. When it was our turn, she was so very sweet and easy with both of us. Walked us both through each step of what she was doing and why. It was by far the best piercing experience I have personally ever had (and I've had almost 30 other piercing experiences). And it was my husband's first piercing experience. He ended up getting both, more than willingly be sure of how wonderful Sheryl was! The shop is set up nicely and very clean. I loved their choice in music, too. (Not to mention having something on TV to watch while we waited) On top of a GREAT price for 4 piercings total and all the jewelry, we also got the aftercare salts included to ensure our new piercings would be well cared for! We were advised we could call or come back any time for questions or concerns and even just to tell Sheryl how the daith piercings are doing and if they're helping the migraines. :) As a side note, the tattoo artist that was currently in there at the time we were was super quiet. Sometimes people tend to not enjoy the sound of the tattooing machine but his was just about silent. Aesthetically, it's cute and fun. Smelled clean, looked clean. Everything in the piercer's area was labeled properly and in appropriate sterile bagging. I think that covers all of it. Thanks to Sheryl for being wonderful and to the gentleman that took our payment and kept us occupied with random conversation. :) :) :)

Madeline Wallace

Always a great experience. I've come here for five piercings now and the piercers are always knowledgeable. Affordable prices for prime piercings.

Alex Metz

Ryan did a lovely job of my tattoo, especially with the fact it was my first tattoo. It was beautiful and done incredibly quickly! I love it and am totally coming back for more!

Rebecca Agee

Took my 7 year old to get her ears pierced today! Chris was great. My daughter got pretty scared after the first ear and he said we could do the second ear another day. My daughter decided she wanted it done today and braved through it. Everyone was very kind and understanding! Thank you so much!

Diana Sundstrom

Lots of good priced jewelry. Experienced piercers!

Nickie Carter

Best place I've been to by far. Prices are awesome. Very polite and professional staff. Been here a few times now and will keep going back for all mine, friends, and family piercings. Would 100% recommend.

Dinelle Abeysinghe

The establishment was pretty good . The lady and the front desk was friendly, helpful, and willing to answer questions . The prices were great. ( I got starter earrings and the piercing for 25 dollars) . The place was clean, neat, and overall good . The man who pierced my ears ( Chris) however, was NOT great . He was very rude at first and unwilling to change any of the markings when my friend and I didn't agree with the placing. He also yanked my earlobes unnecessarily during the piercing. Overall he was very rough and the process seemed unnecessarily painful.

Lory Cantu

Went really fast. It did hurt...but now no more pain. Highly recommend this place to get piercings done. Just walked no appointment needed....very inexpensive...3 done today...

Queen Renee

I went in on March 5 2019 and got my nose and tounge piercing I was okay the first few days hard to eat and had to rinse mouth every time til today I woke up at 4:40 in the morning with a inflammation under my tounge come to find out I am allergic To the bar they put in my mouth and it truly truly hurts so bad to the point where if I rinse it stings so bad

Claire Shelton

This place is amazing and always very helpful. The staff are friendly and very knowledgeable. If you are ever concerned about something, they will walk you through the process and make sure you feel confident in your decisions. The prices are very fair and it is also a great place to get art for your walls as well. Overall a wonderful place for all your piercing and tattoo needs.

Karter Stanton

Clean and professional. Got five piercings for $60 including tip.

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