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REVIEWS OF Dark Star Tattoo IN Oregon

paulina blackman

Jules Dread

As good as the best places in Portland. Check each artists' portfolio to see who is the strongest in the type of tattoo you want. I wanted realism, and therefore chose Tim. I couldn't be happier with the result. Incredible work.

Sammy Siskiyou

Tim is not only an excellent tattoo artist, he is an extraordinary person. We travel 300 miles for our Tats and it is always worth it.

Patty Hoban


Wendy Anderson

Angie Blackwell

So happy with my new piece! Than you Ryan!

A Bueno

Probably wont be going back. Here is a pick of what I wanted, and what I got, nothing close to it. Got it done by Ryan, "their best tattoo artist". at a low price of $500. He would ask me what I would like, but would not take any of my ideas. He was also really aggressive with the fresh tattoo. Ee also flirting with all the girls. I also got a arm band for $300 with Chris. took about an hour, you don't even wanna see that one. Go at your own risk. Now I will need to go and get if redone somewhere ales.

Crystal Murray

Ryan is a true artist! Thanks man!!!

Kathleen Stilwell

Erik Mahmoudi

Great place to get an excellent tattoo from talented and personable artists......Erik and Ryan are great artists that can really bring your vision to life. Erik did an amazing job on my lively wife's dragon tatoo with geisha. These guys are great and the prices are amazing.

Leonard Adams

Very good artists and friendly

Dawn M Lange

Israel Harden

I'm very picky about the types of tattoos that I put on my body. Usually, my tattoos have some type of personal significance and I agonize over them for a long time before I actually get tattooed on my body.My idea for the Joker came from a old t-shirt I had in the late 80s early 90s; I wore that t-shirt so much that it was a shell of its self when I finally out grew it. I never really out grew the image though. It took me two years after my last tattoo to finally feel ready to get the Joker. After some timely advice and lots of searching I found my placement and my artist. I was lucky enough to reconnect with an old friend of mine Erik who I was happy to learn had been tattooing at Dark Star for the last six years! When I went to meet with Erik I was impressed with how clean and professional Dark Star was; lots of open space with semi private stations for each artist. The unassuming exterior hides a very modern, relaxing tattoo shop that tugs on my pop culture heart strings. Dealing with Erik was one of the easiest parts of getting the Joker tattoo. Erik was friendly and confident that he could give me the tattoo I wanted at a fair price. I gave Erik the Joker image, we discussed the placement, and scheduled my appointment. Erik was very accommodating to my schedule he was willing to work weekends and evenings to finish my tattoo. The end result is nothing short of amazing. Erik took his time to make sure he had every aspect of the Joker tattoo spot on. The detail in the face, hair, playing card, pistol, and even the HA HAs come together to create a colorful, scary, and perfect rendition of the original image I came to Erik with. Erik has always been an artist for as long as I've known him but the Joker tattoo he did for me surpassed any expatiation I had. If you want a bad ass tattoo by a experienced, creative, detail oriented artist then go make your appointment with Erik at Dark Star; you won't be disappointed.

Jeremy Mandile

Michael May

Ryan Discasey


Katelynn Miller

The people here are so awesome. The artist are amazing at what they do and I don't think there is a better place in Salem. it's sanitary and the environment is friendly and homey. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.

Kevin Shadduck

Jenni Graham

Great place.. Ryan does amazing work!!

Christina Hampton

Greg Robinson

1 star stopped in was told to look on pinterest at there work said I research them already was handed 3 business cards and asked to call for appointment I did still no call back from anyone to schedule appointment 3 weeks now. No way I will give you my business so un perfestional not to call back or hand a customer business cards and tell them to call for appointment

Johnathon Estabrook

Erik is absolutely the best. He did my wife's tattoo which was a hand sketched tree from her great grandma and a little note written buy her on a birthday card looked identical couldn't recommend him more!!!

Holli Trulson

Tasha Meyer

My husbands tattoo artist was closed for two days. So we came to Dark star Tattoo. So glad we did. Eric was Fantastic and so professional. He did a great job and was super patient with the hubs.

Bobby Ottis

First tattoo and I will highly recommend Ryan.... I will go back there for my 2nd, 3rd and 4th tattoo..

Crystal Green

Brad Woodley

Great artist, nice clean place.

Cassie F

Several weeks ago I went in to get a somewhat basic piece down by Nate. I gave him exactly what I was wanting and told him I didn’t want it to be very big since it was going to be on the back of my neck. He seemed pretty chill and like he understood what I wanted and said it would be easy to do and take about an hour. However, the day I went in for my appointment it was a very different story. After he finished smoking his cigarette we went inside and he showed me the outline. It was really big and I told him I didn’t want it that big. He said because of the detail it needed to be. Since I have several tattoos and one of them being the Sublime 40oz to freedom sun which is way more detailed (and smaller than what he was trying to push) I knew that wasn’t true. He said he can make it a little smaller but it wouldn’t look good. That’s not what I wanted to hear and so I told him that if he doesn’t think he can do it I can go to a different artist. Then he said that he was the only one in town who would be able to do this. I try to get my pieces by different artists and knew he is a fan of Tool which is what my piece is of so that’s why I went to him. After he made the stencil a bit smaller we went back to his area where he took a good 30 minutes to set up. After two hours my neck was becoming sore and I was anxious to get it finished. I asked him how much longer and he kind of laughed and said he wasn’t even half way done and he would do a little more but then I would need to come back for another session. I was annoyed with that but didn’t want him to mess it up so I continued to sit still and let him work for another hour and a half. When he was finally done I looked at it and was shocked how big it was and even made a comment which he didn’t respond to. Once he cleaned me up I asked him when I can get it finished and he told me to wait a week and see. I didn’t say much and was clearly unhappy when I left. After a week I contacted him and made an appointment to get it finished. I showed up a few minutes early and again he was outside smoking so I told him I would wait inside. After he got done smoking we went to his station where he took about 20 minutes to set up again. We didn’t talk much and it took him about an hour and a half and then was done. Towards the end two girls came over to talk to him. After I stood up I turned around and told him I wanted to let him know that this was my worst tattoo experience and he needs to be aware of how he acted. I told him I didn’t like how he said he can make it any size I want but then made it bigger like he wanted, it was not at all like the picture he was using as a reference, and that he shouldn’t have stretched it out into two sessions. I said I wasn’t trying to be bitchy but he needs to be careful because if he is tattooing someone for their first time they may not want to get another tattoo. He didn’t say a single word and just stood there with a confused almost mad look on his face. One of the girls tried to get involved and back him up but I told her sorry but I am not discussing this with you. Feeling like talking was go nowhere I told him thank you for finishing it and put my hand out to shake and he just shook his head no. I waited a sec and then said ok well peace out and left. I am still not thrilled about the final project but as time goes by it should lighten up and not be as bad but knowing its nothing like I wanted is a horrible feeling. For the first time I have a tattoo, which is pretty noticeable, that I’m not stoked about. I do not recommend him to anyone I know and want to caution anyone who considers going to him or any other artist in general. If they seem difficult or pushy don’t let them touch you.

Jourdan Nielsen

Got tattoos from Ryan and Randy. Both excellent Artists. And they'll give you a fair price. I refuse to go anywhere else. Darkstar 4 Life!

Mike Ackerman

gary russell

Great place

Dorothy spivey

Love this place

Melissa Warren

Joy Lawrence

Christie Snyder

Travis Erickson

Bryan Derksen

A lot of tallent in the shop.

Bryton Dickinson

Amazing artists and a welcoming atmosphere! I have had multiple pieces done at Dark Star and I am never disappointed! Fair pricing, high quality work and a comfortable environment. I highly recommend this shop!

CJ Mortensen

Love my tattoo that Ryan did for me. Clean tattoo parlor. Friendly artists. Good work

Efrain Guzman

Ty Clark

Tabatha Patchin

Most personal experience I've had yet!! Ty Ryan

Kelley J

Katharine VanBuskirk

Eric is awesome he takes his time am makes sure everything is just righ! He even said he'd touch up my tattoo he did almost three teats ago along with finishing my new one! Best place ever! !!

Crystal green

I personally haven't got work done here myself yet. But have been coming with my boyfriend who is getting a cover-up job. Eric is doing a phenomenal job. Inside the shop is very spacious and professional and comfortable. Everyone I met has been very nice and sociable. Can't wait to come up with my next tattoo to get it done here also.

Dawn Treat

Ken Tierney

What do I say...Nice clean shop...fantastic diverse artists...Ryan is a top notch human and amazing artist...I am sad it took me so long to get inked and due to unfortunate events I have moved north so I cannot just run down...anyone near Dark star I highly recommend you give them a look...

Michael Miller

Jacob Riopelle

Tim is the man. Hes always trying to Big League me though.

David Rowe

Randy's work is awesome and I've taken many first timers to him!

Don Hogan

We drove from Medford just to get tattoos at Dark Star. The art is fantastic and the artists there are amazing. I highly recommend making an appointment to see these guys.

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