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REVIEWS OF ZeroTolerance Ink Tattoo Studio IN Louisiana

Bryant Gros

Great place with awesome service! Very passionate about his work and detail! Had a great first experience and will go again!

Thomas Tully

Hands down, one of the best and honest artist in Louisiana. Especially when it comes to portraits and photo realism.

Belinda Bel

Excellent work. I will always be returning. Charlie is the only one i let tattoo me now.

Warfield Johnson

I well never go to this place agian very unsatisfied

Dalton Hebert

Perfect artist

Ree Duncan

One of the best artist around. He takes the time to thoroughly go over your piece with you and explain what will work and what will not, from every aspect. The size, colors, details and location on your body. He does not do work just for the sake of getting paid, he wants his customers to be completely satisfied. Go see him, bring him an actual print out of what you are thinking about and just watch the dedication and time that starts this process and you will get to show off the end result for a lifetime.

Courtney Bono

Best tattoo artist around! Charlie did my first and only tattoo and has done my families' tattoos as well. We all love him and his work!

Jennifer Ory

A true artist! I found Charlie in 1996 & have never allowed anyone, but him, to tattoo me ever since. I am proud of the art on my body & people ask me all the time who did the work. Charlie is honest, professional & his prices are reasonable. The shop is always immaculate!! I highly recommend him for your next piece of art!

stacie lassalle

I got my first tattoo from Charlie, he did an awesome job and I would refer him to everyone I know. I will go back to him when I'm ready for my next one.


Charlie is a constant professional, and always willing to work with his clients. He is a very down to earth person and has a great sense of humor. Will always give you an honest opinion on a tattoo and it's location, rather than just take your money and give you a tattoo that will not last through the years.

Front Desk

charlie is one of if not the best tattoo artist in the new orleans area.. very clean and safe and very good prices for very quality work!!

Brent Stafford

Best ink work in town good pricing very clean art studio. This is the only shop I will recommend

Lisa Naquin

Not only is Charlie an amazing artist, but he’s completely honest about what will or won’t work (not only out to make money), totally down to earth, and extremely professional. I spent 4 hours with him (and his beautiful wife stopped in), and I felt totally at ease and really enjoyed my time at his shop. I was even lucky enough to get serenaded by him while he was working on me...LOL. I’ve had work done before...bc I didn’t know Charlie yet...and I can say, without a doubt, I’ll never go anywhere else. If you want top quality art, and honesty...go to Charlie !!!

Stephanie Gauthier

Awesome place i highly recommend anyone who is looking for a professional tattoo artist to go see Mr. Charlie !!!!

Chuck Grosh

Very happy with a redo of old homemade tat. Thanks charley

Glenn Robichaux

As a 51 year old 1st timer, I could not have found anyone nicer, and more professional. Charlie is everything you read about in his reviews, which is why I was drawn to him. His studio is classy, and clean. He is extremely polite, careful to the details of what I wanted, and after asking to put his creative spin on what I wanted, I was so impressed with his work, that while interested in the one tattoo, his mannerisms, and personality will have me returning after I can decide on which art I’ll ask for next. I left his studio thinking of what will be next. I already feel anxious for my next visit. Whether you’re experienced , or new with receiving tattoos, Charlie / Zero Tolerance Ink Tattoo Studio, should be your only choice.

Ashley Clark

Got both of my tats done by Charles and I absolutely love the outcome! Him and his wife are absolutely amazing people! If you want a tattoo done right and not rushed zero tolerance is the place!

Leslie Wright

Friendly and funny. Very efficient and professional. Would visit again.

Tina Lanassa

Charlie is a true artist in every sense. He takes pride in his work and it shows through his beautiful artwork that he tattoos on his clients. He is always straightforward and will suggest what will work best for you, instead of just giving you something that you will regret later. The shop is clean, friendly and laid back, plus the quality you get is beyond his reasonable prices. So if you want something awesome that lasts a lifetime that you will constantly get compliments on, you definitely need to come check him out. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Gladue Joey Istre

My Thanks to Charlie for yet. Another great piece. We have been friends since 1981 and he has been inking up me, my family, and friends since 1999. Good luck with the shop and God Bless you bro. See you soon for the sleeves

Paula Pertuit

I will only let Charlie do my tattoos. He does excellent work! He does excellent cover ups, since some people still go other places, (lol) Very clean and professional. Great atmosphere and people!! He won’t let you down!!

Kenny Ford

After spending the first half of my Inked life getting tattoos from here and there and everywhere, I found Charlie. The Ink I have from him is truly art, it is the most commented on and praised piece I have. I don't hesitate to tell people about Charlie and his shop. He actually works closely with you to make sure what you want is perfect in every way. Any and all future ink will be done by Charlie at Zero Tolerance Ink.

The Cajun Gamer

Clean shop very professional and an all around nice guy

John Duncan

Great work, extremely clean environment, overall great experience. Will be back.

Jim Stanton

Wonderful talent here, they are very concerned with you and what you are trying to accomplish. They make every effort to satisfy ND make you comfortable.

Elizabeth Mitchell

Cleanest shop around! Charlie takes pride in his art!! He will not give you a bad tattoo!! I would never go anywhere else!!

Nyla Barnhouse

Amazing quality work great prices. Great people too

Darnell Plaisance

Charlie is the best. If you want it done right he's your man.

Denise Domangue

Very nice and clean inside.

Jeffrey Byrd

Best around!

Mike Walter

This is by far the most professional tattoo studio I have ever seen. And Charlie is a extremely talented artist, don't take my word for it just stop in his shop and check out his work and all the awards he has received for the extremely talented work he has done. He I s a very honest and sometimes brutally honest but don't let that scare you it is just his demeanor. He is not like many other artists out there that will put anything on your body for a dollar, he truly has a conscience and cares for his customers. He is a great guy not a doper like a lot of others in the industry. Tattoos are not disappearing ink, get it done by the best the first time, not one you regret the next morning. So if you want an awesome tattoo, this is the place to go!!

Paige Ardoyne

Charlie is a great tattoo artist to go to especially when it's your first time getting a tattoo. I can't wait to get my next tattoo with him.

Jordan Leon

Very chill there. People there are great. They do amazing work. Got my first tattoo there and will definitely get my second and third until i don't want anymore!

Karin Liddle

That place made me wonder...never got my tattoo there...

Skylar Matherne

david badeaux

I waited 64 years to get my first tattoo, now I have 3 and will get at least 3 more! Charles Rome is a first rate tattoo artist. I appreciate his honesty, integrity, and dedication to his craft. If you are thinking about another tattoo or your very first, I highly recommend you call Zero Tolerance Ink Tattoo Studio for a consultation.

Charles Kelley

One of the best people I know. I have known Charlie for 20 years. Very knowledgeable and honest. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Natalie Henderson

Charlie is not only the only artist i go too but he's also been a great friend for years! His work is amazing. The shop is clean and relaxed. I recommend him highly.

Victoria Peyres

Best tattoo artist they have out there. That's where my parents went for all there tats and that's where I go for all mine. Yea he keeps it real but he just tells you what's best. Thanks for the beautiful art and memories.

Bernadette May

Erin Comeaux

Love Charlie!! He’s the best! If you looking for a great tattoo go see him

Elisha Merrell

Charlie made my very first tattoo experience very enjoyable, and stress free. 10 out of 10 will be back for my next peice

Joyce Stewart

I started going to Charlie in 2014. His work comes out beautiful. I have 7 by him now and my husband has 5. He is straight forward honest and reasonably priced. I drive from Ponchatoula to Gretna just to see him and his work is worth the drive. I get more compliments on his work than any of my others.

Ricky Adams

I got my first tattoo from here and it came out excellent best work I seen!!!! Cant wait to get my next one soon as i get back in town. Thanks Charlie looking forward to the next one.

Tabitha Suarez

Charlie completed a watercolor tattoo for me a few years ago, and it's still as bright and beautiful as it was the day I got it. I will definitely be going back to him for any and all of my tattoo needs!

Lauren Blanchard

Very clean, artwork ALWAYS comes out better than expected, Charlie takes his time! I got every tattoo on my body done by Charlie and I’m ALWAYS pleased once he’s done & when he adds his own twist to them!


Only place I go for ink. Clean, professional and puts his heart into his work. You can't go wrong with Zero Tolerance Ink.

Karen Gommel

Charlie and group are the best, charlie truly care about his customers. Not just putting ink on you, he looks at you and tell you y or n. And figure out what will work best for you. Remember peeps that ink is on you for ever, so personal i would be happy to wait a few extra days if I had to for charlie to figure out something else if need be. Charlie has done great work on some friends and to myself, so thank you so much Charlie you are the best.

Aulton Tank Quave

Charlie is a wonderful artist who cares about his clients. Wouldn't trust anyone else.

Faye Rose

He did a great job with my tattoo it is beautiful. He tells you what is the best place for a certain tattoo or how big it should big so it looks great

Carmella Majoria

Charlie is an incredible artist! His work is flawless.

Alisha Gumpert

Charlie is simply amazing! He has taken care of me for many many years. He has a light touch and is very talented. I have ink he did 20 years ago that still looks great! Highly recommend!

Kristi Groue

This shop has a clean environment, and professional staff. Awesome work comes out of this shop and you will be advised as to how your tattoo will hold up over time. The prices are also very reasonable. I have all of my work done here.

gwen drexler

Walked on & was able to get two tattoos in a timely fashion for a great price && they look AMAZING.

Kymberli Morris

Charlie is absolutely fantastic. His work is truly superlative, he takes his time with his clients, ensues he understands what they want, explains what will and will not look good and only produces quality work. The is a reason I still travel from New York to see him for any work I want done.

Diane Nicole Boots

For my first tattoo ever I was of course scared but my entire experience was amazing! A clean environment, great atmosphere, and amazing talent!

Justin Alexie

Clean, straight forward , and best artist around. Highly recommend.

Amanda Collins

Charlie is the ONLY person I will ever allow to tattoo me. He is the greatest tattoo artist I have ever known.

Chantelle berke

Dwayne Badeaux

Charlie at Zero Tolerance is a true artist. The man does awesome work in both tattoos and photography. He is the only artist I would ever recommend for tattoos.

Cara LeBlanc

Looking for awesome ink? Honesty? Great prices and customer service? Charlie is your guy! He's the only person who has and will ever tattoo me. He's just that good at what he does.

Peggy Peyres

Best place to get a tattoo

Jenny Daigle

Mr Charlie is one of the nicest guys. He did a camera tattoo for me, & it came out perfect! He was very direct about what would look good & what he would tweak. The whole time I was in his chair he made sure I was comfortable. I highly recommend him to anyone who talks about getting a tattoo.

Victoria May

Charlie is very knowledgeable and helpful. He explains what he’s doing, why he’s doing it and why he can’t do certain things. He’ll advise against tattoos in places where he knows that will not hold quality long term. He uses High quality inks and needles.

Paula Combel

My daughter received her first tattoo wouldn't of had no one else experience was amazing

Jefferson RISE Families

Best place around for a tattoo!!!!! I refer everyone I know to him.

Liz Longo

Very clean with good down to earth people.... I'd trust Charlie every time to do my ink

Scarlett Barracco

True artists, not "scratchers". VERY CLEAN and PROFESSIONAL! GREAT prices and well worth EVERY CENT!

Tina R

One of the best artist I know. Not only is Charlie's work absolutely amazing, he has the cleanest tattoo shop I have ever been in. If you are considering a first tattoo or adding some more, I would definitely go check him out. :-)

Pamela Campbell

Best tattoo studio I've seen very clean customer service is over the top. My tattoo is art and i wouldent have anyone else do work for me .my color is the same as the day i got it and will be for years to come .if you need a great tat this is the place .

Ashley Stevens

I came to the studio per a friend's recommendation. After my first tattoo done, I got two more done in the same year. Charlie is a great artist and fun to talk to during the sessions. His prices are also reasonable and his work is outstanding.

Amy Mouton

I had a wonderful experience at Zero Tolerance. I got my first tatto in Jan and it was so awesome I got another one. Charlie was awesome. I have had many compliments on my tattoos. My daughter has three tattoos from Charlie. Thanks Charlie for being so awesome at what you do.

Robert Scott

Always professional

Aaron Cheramie

Great experience both tattoos, beautiful shop, real professional atmosphere for sure, definitely returning when I can splurge on more ink

Sylvia Hickman

Never had my own tattoos but this shop comes highly recommend. The owner ,Charles,Rome ,is knowledgeable, talented and reasonable prices. He is very careful with his work and thorough. Highly recommend anyone thinking about a tattoo to visit Zero Tolerance.

Rintha Simpson

I had a whole paragraph written, but it disappeared!! Anyway, the short version: I wouldn’t go anywhere else, nor would I recommend anyone else. His shop is 2 hours from me, but it’s worth the drive. Very clean shop, Charlie talks to the person and lets them know what may or may not work. Awesome guy, fantastic artist and upfront with no BS.

Brittany Pugh

This is the best artist I have found that produces great quality work for the best prices. Charlie is very informative about what would happen if you decide on a design that will look like crap in years to come.

Samantha Wixom

Tattoo Charlie is an amazing artist. Pays close attention to detail and truly takes care of his clients. Very helpful, kind and professional. Would recommend him to everyone!

amman catalan

Amazing artist. Great work. Super clean. The best in Louisiana.

tiffany s

This was my first time here, Charlie is very professional, knows what he is doing! He did an amazing job! Highly recommend him!

Brad Bonvillian

Great work and great people!!!!! Clean environment.

Alexandria Wright

Charlie made it a wonderful experience definitely would come back.

Mickey Reed

I highly recommend this shop. They have a great atmosphere and he does amazing tattoos. After a bad expierience with a tattoo from someone else I won't let anyone else do a tattoo on me unless it's Charlie.

Michelle Conrad

Zero tolerance ink is the best tattoo place around. I would recommend anyone considering getting a tattoo to go here. You won't regret it. Charlie, the tattoo artist takes a pic and makes it into a work of art. I have been amazed at his work for several years now. The shop is top notch and very comfortable. The staff is friendly and very professional. Go see Charlie, he won't steer you wrong.

Victor Schmit

Awesome Work very clean shop!!!

Chris Jones

Very clean, very professional, and his work is amazing. Without a doubt the best place to get a tattoo in the New Orleans metro area.

sandy cardenal

If you want the best work from a great shop this is the place to go!! The shop owner is extremely professional and will give you great advice so you have not only the best tattoo today but a piece of art that will still be beautiful in the future.

The Truth

Amazing talent and flawless skills.

Pamela Rivero

Charlie is the best all his tattoos are quality work I have gotten 3 tattoos from him and my daughters have gotten one each from him. We drive from Hattiesburg Mississippi to get him to do our tattoos. His shop is very clean and all equipment are clean and sterilized. I recommend him all the time. If you want you tattoo done right and last go see Charlie at Zero Tolerance you will not be disappointed at all.

Lacy Todd

Charlie is absolutely the best there is! His work speaks for its self. The shop is very clean! He is very knowledgeable and honest when it comes to his work. He’s definitely a master of his craft.

Elizabeth Burk

Charlie is great. I am always happy with his work. He is the only person I let tattoo me anymore. I highly recommend going to him for work.

Beaux Green

Best tattoo shop around with even better people working inside!!!! We Love the shop!!! We Love the tattoo artwork!!!! We Love the people!!! Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Kristin Price

Charles Rome is an INCREDIBLE tattoo artist and his wife Sheryl is incredibly kind - they run a clean & professional shop - you won’t be disappointed

Christine Cantrelle

He is the best tattoo artist around I will never get a tat if he can't do it cuz I only trust him he is very clean and sterile he makes u feel like family not a stranger nor a customer it is very welcoming when u touch the door and he does not allow rif raf in his place of business so there is no trouble I can't wait to go back to Louisiana so I can get the rest of my tats and see Mr Charlie and Mrs shyral love and miss u guys I give u 100 stars if I could cuz u r the best ever

Ms Angel SD

Never recieved anything but quality work from Charlie will go back any time. Only place to get your work done.

Miranda Partridge

Mr. Charlie did an amazing job on my sons memorial tattoo. It took months for me to bring myself to have it done, but I'm glad I waited. Unfortunately, they are in a very overlooked location, I would have never known about his shop if it wasn't for my friend telling me about him. The detail in his work is truly artful, not rushed. And the normal saying "you get what you pay for" does not apply to Mr. Charlie and his work, the prices are astonishingly cheaper than what you'd expect.

Megan Conrad

A true artist! Very knowledgeable and honest! Will recommend to anyone!

Kerry Breaud

Amazing work everytime !!!!! Only shop I'll ever get work done from, it's clean, professional and Charlie is the BEST!!!!!!

Todd Aucoin

Charlie is the best Tattoo artist in the area! He is very professional and straight up! I reccomend him to everyone!

Darrick Dixon

Purely Professional, Very Clean & A True Artist!

Lindsay Cascio

Charlie is amazing at his work! I would never go to anyone else :)

Derrick Williams

The internet owner was there and I wanted to add to my tattoo piece. My original idea was just birds, thank God he shot that idea down we went back to the drawing board and 3 hours later I left with a tattoo I love.

Mike Toups

Charlie is always great to work with. He is extremely talented and gives honest prices for honest work. Worth the drive from anywhere to have this guy do your next tattoo.

Mindy Fusilier

Charlie is a great person and Tattoo artist. He's very straight forward and the place is always clean. It's what I look for in a tattoo artist and shop. I dont go anywhere else.

Gina Sarah

Very clean and great experience! Beautiful work ALWAYS!

Jennifer Andras

Charlie does great work!!!

Kaleah Robin

Husband and I loveeee Charlie! Refuse to get a tattoo anywhere else! His Work is always great and 100%.

CJ Gauthier

Great place to have work done, Charlie's attitude is outstanding and straight forward. He has a wall of awards and the prices are very affordable.

Angel Ziegler

Charlie does incredible work!!!


Great work, honest and very professional

Robin Morganstern

Charlies Tattoos are quality work, never rushed and reasonably priced..

Charles Gerrets

Very professional and an all around good guy....Charlie Rome top notch

Ashley Dubois

Charlie is amazing! A true artist! I never will never let anyone but him tattoo me. Shop is very clean and professional. I love each and every piece I have from him.

renoid berthelot

Awesome work, great prices, great artist.

Joseph Goodwin

Finding a tattoo artist that is honest and cares about their work is very difficult. Most just want to be paid and will put whatever you like. Charlie is different, he is honest and will not put something that will look completely different in a year. He is a true artist that genuinely cares about his customers and most importantly his work.

Brad Clime

I'm new to the area and needed to find an artist capable of completing some existing work. The owner/artist is a no nonsense guy who clearly wanted to ensure that everything was thought through and planned out before starting. I have been in some shops that are focus more on getting people in and out rather than taking their time and ensuring quality work. You will get quality work here. I could not be happier with the tattoo and will definitely be going back for all of my future work! A quality establishment!

Shelby Aymond

Absolutely love my tats. Great service and a fair price.

Silke Rech

Charlie’s work is amazing! His custom work is incredible and he even fixed some of my old tattoos and made them look fantastic! For me the only place to get work done.i also appreciate his honesty

Michael Mouton

Great experience. Talented Artist, who is honest about how you tattoo will look and age over time. Extremely clean environment, laid back, and a fair price.

Carmen Otero-agosto

Charlie dos some awesome work! Got my first tattoo by him two years ago. Before meeting him I went to other artists with my own drawing to see about getting it done and they all wanted to change everything, didn't even look like how I wanted it done after, just aggravated me, but not Charlie. He made me feel comfortable in the fact that he knew what he was doing. His shop is very clean, clean/amazing work, reasonable prices, and laid back atmosphere. Will definitely be going back and also recommending him to others. Thanks for the awesome service!

Faye Faye

Professional, quality work without exception.

todd sb

The cleanest tattoo shop I've ever been to!!! The art work is awesome!!! I'll never go anywhere else

Foret Dale

Charlie does awesome work and has one of the cleanest shops you would walk into. His line work and shading is absolutely awesome.

Ernest Thibodeaux

He is an amazing artist and truly cares about what's best for you. I came in with a idea for a tattoo and showed Charlie. After talking with him a few minutes he came up with a design that was better than anthing I could ever have created. He could have easily said yes let's do it and made some easy money. Instead he took the time and thought of something that would like amazing for the years to come. I would recommend Charlie to anyone looking for a tattoo especially your first tattoo.

Frank Schultz

Great artist!

Damien Lydick

Charlie is a true professional. He is a true master of his craft and his art work is outstanding and of the highest quality. The shop and equipment is always clean and sanitary. I will always recommend Charlie to anyone looking to get a tattoo.

Julie Newby

Charlie is my only tattoo artist. His work is amazing! I love all of my pieces. Charlie always gives his honest & professional advice before he does any work. For this reason I give him all my respect & he gets all my business.

Russell Patton

Awesome work no bullshit great price

Dawn Matherne

The best tattoo artist. I will only get ink from him!!!!!

Eric Folse

Charlie is the best. He wants what's best for his customer and will not put a bad tattoo on anyone. His work is top notch and can't be beat. I've been going to Charlie for about 10 yrs and will continue to use him

Monchhichi 23

Creative, precise, honest and talented are all words I would use to describe my experience with Charlie. He's done 4 of my tattoos and I love them all and an very proud to have his art on my skin. I bring an idea to him and he comes up with something spectacular every time.

Roberto Benitez

Very professional, straight forward, very talented. Great Artist!

Dodi Nesbit

I searched a long time before getting my first tattoo. Charlie is an artist. I wanted someone who didn't just "color by number". I wanted someone who knew how to shade and show definition. Someone who took the time to give his honest opinion about my design, placement etc. I really like this place because it is very clean, no drugs, no smoking or drunk people hanging out. Very respectful place. I have six tats from Charlie and wouldn't trust anyone else. The majority are custom pieces (and he keeps them as one of a kind, no one else can get my pieces from him). Highly recommend. A good tat isn't cheap and a cheap tat is never for the quality of work because it is permanent. You won't be disappointed. Oh yea and LEAVE YOUR ATTITUDE AT THE DOOR!!!! Like I said this is a respectful place!!!

Daniel Aymond

Best shop in the city. Charlie is a great guy and a great artist. Super clean shop and great prices. He's done all of my tats and my families as well.

Craig Bartholomew

Charlie has done 80% of the tattoos I have and his are the only ones where the colors are still bright and vibrant. He's the only person I will go to and have do my tattoos

Aimee' Lynn

If you want a great tattoo go see Charlie. His shop is super clean. He pays great attention to detail. And does amazing work. He is highly recommended

Cathy Vo

The toughest face I know, with the biggest heart. Love my tattoo artist and his wifey. The atmosphere and staff are awesome. Charlie made me feel comfortable throughout all of my sessions. Definitely coming back for my next piece!

Karen Loup

Charlie is very meticulous and will make sure your tattoo is exactly what you want.

Timothy Petticrew

Very clean shop , great tattoo work and your going to get the best price for your money, I recommend that you let them do all your tattoos

Christine Vicari

I have 6 tattoos from Charlie. He is a great artist and a great person. I'll only use him for future tattoos.

Shelby Cunningham

Favorite thing about this place is how absolutely clean and sanitary everything is. Not to mention, very awesome people! Won't go anywhere else for my tattoos!

Jennifer Boudreaux

In my opinion.. Charlie is the best on the Westbank! I have several tattoos that he has done over the last 17 years for me, and they all still look great! The sketch of my Grandmother that he brought to life on my arm is by far my absolute favorite!!

Debra Allo

Awesome shop nice clean and friendly best own west bank ❤

Joey Daniel

The greatest work ever done. No one can top this man.

Lori Seaton

Excellent service!!! Wouldn't go anywhere else!!

Rebecca Rodrigue Price

If you want the best quality work at a good price this is definitely the shop for you. I'm a repeat customer and I'll keep going back.

Angela Sammartino

Best quality and service you will ever get, the only place I will go

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