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REVIEWS OF Saint Tattoo IN Kentucky

Corey Taylor

Great set of people to work with that seem to actually care what their work looms like

Matthew Lee

Best in Knoxville

Jessie Hellman

My husband and I were in town to celebrate our anniversary. Everyone was very friendly, the shop was very clean, great experience all around! Tommy did a wonderful job on my husband’s tattoo and Fenraya helped me find the perfect piercing after my initial choice was not going to work. Highly recommend!

Robin Bussell

Matt Burns did my tattoo and it was a wonderful experience! From consultation to after getting tattooed, I felt listened to and taken care of by the people at the shop. It was a friendly and comfortable environment while still being clean, …

Eric Hammond

Cassie Bush

Beth Boline

Ever had a favorite musician that you wanted to share with everyone, only to find out a year later that they’ve become super popular? On one hand, you’re stoked for them, but on the other hand, you kinda wanted to keep them all to yourself. That’s Saint Tattoo. I remember back in the day, when they were one of Knoxville‘s hidden gems. They soon became discovered by many a tattoo aficionado, and began getting recognized as Knoxville’s best. Don’t hold that against them !!!! There’s a reason for it, and you will only benefit from that. I’ve been there once in each of the past three decades, and each time have been tattooed by a different artist. Each time, I have left super excited about the work that was done, and each time surprised ( in a good way) about the price. I’ve been to other tattoo shops, but i’ve never left with the same feeling. Saint Tattoo is the real deal, and we’re lucky to have them.

Marcus Blakemore

They treat you right.

Michele Davis

3.11.19 I had the pleasure of being pierced (nostril) by Kimberly again today! Last time she pierced my conch. Kimberly is a fabulous person and a piercer, which I consider equally important. 1.9.19 Kimberly is awesome at piercing! Will be back.

Jason Johnson

Good people and even better artist

otter suarkins

Couldn't be more happy with Saint. Very professional and been around forever.

Melissa Marchetta

First tattoo by Bradley!! He is awesome!! Very clean and professional!! Will be back for more.

April Kitts

Love this place.. I come here for my tattoos and piece

Jack Gelzer

Cevin Thornbrugh

Super friendly and talented!

Anissa Shiflet

Fen is awesome!! Great piercer, very knowledgeable and helpful. The whole staff is very welcoming as soon as you walk through the door.

Adam Hedrick

Great tattoo by Cooper! 2nd amazing tattoo by Saint!!

Brittney Foust

Ashley Owen

Shelley Sloca

We usually go to hard Knox tattoo, but after today we will never go anywhere but saint tattoo. Nick Shipley was so helpful and patient. He made us feel so comfortable. They were slammed when we walked in and still tried fitting us in and worked with us! Thanks guys!

Kimberly Tunnell

Tras1216 Tony12345

Brad was fantastic. I came in with a old bad tattoo and he reworked it and made it look great.

Sheena Tamplen

Piercer Kimberly is awesome!!!!!!!

Riley Hester

Great piercers

Jessy Infamy

Amanda Bryant Lynch

Staff was friendly as can be, worked around my time schedule, and made sure that I was not around any latex, because I have allergies. The whole entire place has a friendly atmosphere... ➕ sanitizeation was done thoroughly as I watched. Fenreya, also let me choose the color I wanted for my eyebrow ring and I also used titanium instead of regular silver!!!. I recommend anyone who wants somebody experienced, Fen is going on 11 years of knowing and doing a great job. I'll be going back for my next tattoo of the circle of life tree, upside down and on my neck going down my back, and Davis will be taking care of that. An A +

Christina Smith

Couple years back I lost my son and I got to the point to were I couldn't leave the house well I went to saints and I wanted my angel baby's hand and foot print and they done a wonderful job and ever since I've been telling everyone to go there

Don Taylor

Slow, n very expensive.

C E Dishman

Great artists, very happy with my work by Matt Burns

Sabrina Makmansion


Abbi Sutton

Best artists in town!

Chris R

Got my fist tattoo at Saint. It was a great experience. Went with several friends and we all had a different artist. Everyone was very happy with the work. Josh did an unbelievable job on mine. It looks better that I thought it could. The facilities are not the best, but the artist do amazing work and that's really what it's all about. I'll definitely be back to Saint Tattoo

Kol Iedrus

I had an idea based on complex interactions over time that required permanence so that at some point, some one will ask, "what does that mean?" People that I trust to look after the livelihoods of my children recommended Saints. I stopped by with an equation and an idea for placement. I was told to reconsider placement due to difficulty in shorter healing times. A schedule was made for a return visit and I was done before I was even aware that we were just beginning. Tommy, thank you for giving me exactly what I wanted. I look forward to being a return customer.

Brittany Bonds

I go there for all my piercings best in the city

Cody Kinser

I've had nothing but great service here. Justin is the tattoo artist I've worked with in the past and will continue to work with! Reasonable prices for the quality work they do. I won't go anywhere else now.

Isaac Lee

Plenty of artists with variety. Very helpful

Alexander Leatham

brad did my first tattoo here and i'm planning to come back soon for my second. very good atmosphere and high quality art. the artists are all very friendly. 10/10 would recommend

Kelly Hyatt

Jordan is very creative and extremely talented with his unique touch to designs, but when you wish for a specific design he is interested in getting your design right for you.

Aoife Sowers

Love this place, Fen made me so comfortable and the entire experience fun

Jasmine Murphy

My daughter and I were driving back to her base where she is stationed and on a whim stopped in at st. tattoo to get a tattoo. The young man we got was amazing and did a fabulous job giving us our tattoos. If we're ever in that area again we would definitely stop back and get another tattoo. Highly recommend this place!

Jeff Ward

Friendly staff

Samantha Doucet

Definitely going back! Brad was ahhhmazing!

Valerie Bunch

I was extremely nervous about my septum piercing, but my piercer asked a lot of questions to make sure he knew what I wanted, and he was great with the placement and overall look. Prices were great, super friendly staff, and a clean place. Definitely will be back!

Kaitlin Horvath

Got my first tat here fairly decent price and good work

Low Earth Orbit

Always the best have over 150 hours in chairs at this location. Wont go anywhere else...

Kendra Strange

This used to be the place I advised everyone to go to. However, with changes in the piercers and atmosphereit is ssignificantly less professional and unnecessarily more expensive. They are also very limited in their tattooing styles it seems. I have gotten all of my piercings there since I was 15. Now that Im 25 im done with them.

Phil Ford

Stopped to buy a Saint Tattoo Shop t-shirt

Joe D

Great service very knowledgeable.

Hope Higginbotham

I got my first tattoo today and was worried to be scrutinized or not taken serious like other shops tend to do with young people wanting ink, but the atmosphere in this shop was incredible and it was such a homey feeling. The artists were nice and made sure comfortability was the top priority. I'm so proud of the work on my body and I'm so glad I went to their shop for it. I will definitely go again in the future for more work/piercings, and will DEFINITELY recommend to friends and family. Absolutely proud and super excited to show it off once it heals!

Dustin Simmons

Quality work by professional artists.

Silas Dobyns

Great shop, great people.

Taylor Baxmann

My mom and I received tattoos from this shop today, and we could not be happier! I love the calligraphy script Justin designed on my arm, and she loves the design he created for her. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Aftercare instructions were thorough, and the shop was clean and easy to find. I will be back for more!

Nina Thomas

Love love love! I hate going anywhere else for tattoos, and even though I have moved from Knoxville to coastal North Carolina, I will plan my tattoos with my trips home. Great artists and atmosphere ❤

Chelsea Faulkner

Love this place! They all do great work but Bradley Loveday did amazing on my last piece!!! Not quite finished yet but I knkw when it is, it is going tl look absolutely amazing!!

Brandon Relaz

A good small shoo with decent prices. Staff were friendly and very accommodating. My girlfriend how a handwritten set of words written by her mother on her back and it came into great. After session we went over all the safety and hygiene requirements and this set a tone of thoroughness. Would recommend.

Wesley Smith

Amazing artists

Anthony Kelly

This is your piercing go to place! Fen is amazing!

Leslie Herzog

Justin killed it with my anatomical heart tattoo! Everyone here is so professional and personable. Very clean place! Can't wait to come back

Jordan Marie

Corey was amazing! I love my tattoo so much. I will not go anywhere else!

Bill Rose

Quick, great, and friendly.

Rebekah Henderson

My sister and I went to get out first tattoo together, and Rob took such great care of us! He adjusted our tattoo design to what he thought would look best, and made it look amazing. It was definitely a place I would recommend to anyone; I can see why they were voted best!

Dorian Stanley

Great service and friendly staff!!

Emilie Vaughn

Corey did a great job on my tattoo for a very reasonable price

Stacey Senn

Kimberly was awesome

Craig Ahern

Although I've not personally gotten a tattoo, my wife has an continues to go back there for each of her tattoos. Haven't had a bad experience there and the staff is really friendly. The parking situation isn't the greatest, but the service and staff make up entirely for it and more. Definitely give it a try!!

Devin Branham

logan ricker

They forgot about my appointment, despite making it a week in advanced, putting $20 down, and watching them enter it into the computer. My 4 hour tattoo was suppose to start at 5 yet another customer for the same artist came in at 6 and he …

Kelly Montgomery

Won't Pierce you if you're below 15, even if accompanied by an adult. Made the drive all the way out to west Knox just to be turned around.

Victoria Sewell

They are very polite and curious. The shop is very clean and tidy. Kimberly did an excellent job doing my piercing on my ear. I would recommend them to anyone.

Ayrial Roberts

I love going to Saints Tattoo! It is my favorite ever! ill be going there soon again!

Aaron hale

Great place

Debra Zastrow

Excellent customer service

Christina Lynn Schneider

So, my brother and sister and I wanted to get kind of matching tattoos of the deathly hallows from Harry Potter, but we wanted to each have the particular hallow that best represented us be the primary focus of our individual tattoos. The initial inspiration had the entire symbol done in white ink, with each sibling's hallow done in black. We wanted something similar, but decided against white ink because it has a lot of problems, so we thought we'd go with a light grey instead. I had never been to Saint, but my brother and sister go there, so that’s where we went. I was really surprised by the shop itself; it’s in like an old house, and it is DARK in there. I want to be tattooed in an operating suite: ridiculously clean and BRIGHT enough that I know the artist can see what he’s doing. We had called to make an appointment, but the girl at the front desk didn’t know who we were or what we wanted. And maybe the artist didn’t, either, because after explaining to the front desk and filling out all our paperwork, we still had to wait ages for him to come out to talk to us. No one else came in or our while we were waiting, so it doesn’t seem likely he was with another client while we were waiting, and he wasn’t working on our design, because when he came out, he wasn’t really clear on what we had requested, and the only idea he had about how to approach what we wanted is he didn't want to do it like we'd ask. I suggested several other alternatives, and he had a problem with each one that he had to explain to me was stupid in the rudest, most condescending way. I should have left, because I have never paid anyone to do something for me to be treated that badly, and I was beginning to feel REALLY nervous that the artist had no understanding at all of what we wanted, but my family was still really excited to get the tattoos, so I agreed when the artist said he would just do the whole symbol in black, but he’d do the part we wanted emphasized thicker and darker, which I'm sure was his decision to begin with, and he wasn't going to move from it. I mean, I am aware that I am not an expert, and I want an expert's opinion, but I also want the expert to work with me on making sure the piece of art that is going to be sewn into my skin for eternity is going to be what I want. We get tattooed, and things do not improve. We were not treated well; the artist acted like even the slightest thing was a HUGE inconvenience. My brother had to have his stencil redone because it was put on in a way that seriously warped the image; the outer frame wasn't even an equilateral triangle anymore, it was isosceles, and when he asked to have it redone before it was indelibly etched in his skin, the artist was angry. Anyway, when we were all done, the tattoos in no way looked like what we’d asked for or what we’d been promised, but he said things would look better after the swelling went down. It doesn't. On mine especially, you cannot tell at all that there's supposed to be a difference between one part of the symbol and the rest. And mine came out the best! My sister’s circle is not round. Not that it’s an oval, but there’s a part that is not round. It looks like a circle someone sat on. Every other time I've gotten a tattoo, I've been thrilled with the result and so happy to have it on my body, etc. And this time I just feel really disappointed, and I don't think it can be fixed to make me happy, because it was supposed to be super minimalist and anything else added would just make things worse. Additionally, I’m afraid to call the shop to talk to them about it, because after the way we were treated personally by the artist, I honestly believe he would intentionally ruin it even more to punish me for complaining. I have six tattoos, and I’ve been tattooed all over the country, and this was just such a horrible experience in every single way that I am absolutely shocked that this shop is consistently rated best tattoo shop in town. Go anywhere else.

Nikki Dolsen

Amazing place. Amazing people. Amazing work. 11/10


I trust saint with any tattoo or piercing. I just went in to have a piercing looked at, turns out it was absolutely ruined by the first shop that pierced it. Kimberly SAVED my piercing. So incredibly talented and nice and showed me the sterilization of everything. She fixed my piercing and explained everything to me perfectly. I also got a tattoo touched up by Justin who was also incredible and explained everything to me! I highly highly recommend these two, but honestly the shop in general. 10/10.

Jessica Biggard

Serious kick ass place. I had 3 ear piercings done here (2 helix, 1 tragus) a little over a year ago. Had a great guy do the piercings (who has since left :( ). Easy, n and out, went over all the basics, very friendly. But I was really …

shane horner

Amazing artwork and great guys to work with.

Kimberly Saffles

Fenreya did my Daith piercings and did a great job! She was very professional and explained every step to me as she was doing it. The next day they were barely even sore! I would absolutely recommend her for piercings!!

Janet Phillips

No fears , no tears first timer very happy

Alaina England

Always a good environment with very talented artists. Doc Cooper is my go to for anything!

Karley Makin

Super great experience for my first time getting tattooed. Everyone was very friendly, quick yet professional, and Justin did a wonderful job. I felt very comfortable there.

Heather & Aaron Higgins 4lyfe

Friendly quick everything sterile. Highly recommend saints for people to get piercing and tattoos.

Jarrod Webster

Will not let anyone else tattoo me! See Corey!

Lynn Reber

Stopped by to ask some questions. Nice shop, friendly guy that greeted us

Karoline Ludwig

Been here twice now, once with a friend and once with my husband, and we all had great experiences. Justin has done both of mine and he does a stunning job. The atmosphere is very laid-back and welcoming. It’s clean and prices are good. I will continue going here for all my tattoos! (The picture is of my tattoo the day after I got it done.)

Cleo Sanchez

Great atmosphere! Great customer service!

William Green

Best in town

George Webber

I have gotten 2 tatts here, and would never go anywhere else!

Ben Seymour

They do no wrong

Amanda Ainsley

Fenreya was PHENOMENAL and I'd highly recommend her. Everyone was super friendly and the environment is great. Bree was also super helpful and informative. I've already recommended this place to my friends!

Melinda Coleman

Great place! Awesome artist!

John Ford

Went in to get a Prince Albert piercing which is hard to find. When we arrived every one was crazy awesome especially Bre! Fenreya did an amazing job and knew what she was doing and made it as least painless as possible! I recommend them to anyone! Also the shop had a unique vibe to it and looked awesome. Very clean and price was way better than anyone else! When it was time to go we didn't wanna because they made it an awesome experience!

HarleyQuinn Goku

Faye Roche

Fantastic! Been pierced there twice by Phenraya, so sorry if that is spelled wrong... But either way...she's the best. Her needles go through like butter. She's super thorough and has a great eye for astethics and the little details. Will totally reccomend.

Donieka Nicholson

The tattoo artist are amazing, they work quickly and efficiently. They also make you feel comfortable and are really nice!

Gabrielle Smith

I loved this place. Justin is such a sweetheart. They worked really well with me. I loved it here.

Kim Webb

Cannot say enough good things about my experience at Saint. My daughter and i both got our ear helix pierced...Kimberly was amazing! She throughly explained how the piercing would go, how to care for it and what to expect. I was super clear on all details before getting in the chair. Highest rating for professionalism, knowledge, and she is a wonderful friendly person. Would highly recommend!

Robert Turner

Sean Dixon

Doc hooked me up can't wait to go back

Samantha Kinzalow

Awesome shop!! Very professional. Answered all questions and took the time to explain every step. Super clean and neat!! I've gotten more piercings here then I can count and healed perfectly every time.

Kendell Lawson

I went into Saints to get dermals removed. I was absolutely terrified, and Brian made me feel totally comfortable. He was very clean, made sure multiple times that I was not in any pain and comfortable with what he was doing. Very kind and talked to me throughout the whole process. I was so skeptical about getting them removed from just any shop considering I just moved here and didn't know the most clean or best place to go. It was such a great experience I wanted to leave a good review, which I have never done before. Great example of what good/professional customer service looks like. Needless to say, I was very pleased.

Elle Ridley

Thank you Justin for giving my bestfriend and I such a wonderful experience of getting our first tattoo together! He was so patient with us being nervous, and he really cared about us being in love with our tattoos. I now have a wonderful memory, and a beautiful little piece of artwork that has a lot of meaning to me.

Crystal McCampbell

I have been going to Matt Burns for year's. He has done all of my tattoos. But 2 of them. But Saint Tattoo was the first place I went to when I got my first tattoo many year's ago. I absolutely love this place and will forever be a fan of Matt's. The place is ALWAYS clean and everyone is always so friendly. I will keep coming back there. I wish I could give it 10 stars. P.s. Hey Matt it is Adam McCampbell ex-wife.

Mitch Raith


The only place to get tattooed in Knoxville rad atmosphere

Tamora Davis

I had a marliyn monroe piercing i couldnt get out and the girl did it for me for free

Amanda Howe

Awesome experience with great staff!! Highly recommend! Helpful, fast service, reasonable prices, great work!

Megan Maier

Got a tattoo here with Corey a few years back. I love that we were able to work together to find the perfect design for me! The atmosphere was cool and cozy. This was my first tattoo, and Corey made me feel super at ease. Loved it here and highly recommend it!

Jessica Jones

I've had work done here multiple times through the years - they're always laid back but professional and always do excellent work.

Joseph Ostrander

Sterile and super clean throughout. Friendly staff, great prices and awesome work!! Owner/artist Doc Cooper is absolutely amazing! I'm new to Knoxville, but have most definitely found my new parlor/artist....

Joshua Dozier

The best hands down

Azaraiah Infernal

Absolutely best experience by far with any piercer! Fenreya Brosa Bjornsdottir is the most beautiful and powerful woman I've ever met, and I truly honor the fact that she is like family to me! If anyone is looking for any piercings, or dermals this woman is hands down the most talented in the business...not just in Knoxville but in general anywhere! She did my first dermal on my left cheek and it was a quick, painless, very genital procedure and seems effortless on her part for such a unique implant. I'm having her do my vertical surface bar over my 3rd eye and my right cheek before Christmas and I will be having her do every piercing I ever get....although piercings are less permanent than a tattoo, I still will only allow one divine being to break my skin with implants or piercings and her name is Fen! Much love and gratitude and this spot is also the best tattoo spot in town as well!

Bunny King

Finally found my go-to tattoo shop! This is the BEST place in the Knoxville area to go! Even if you're in Blount County or a few miles out of Knox, GO TO SAINT. They know what they're doing!

Amber Barrowman

Got my daith done tonight by Kim. She was amazing. I was scared too death and she calmed me done and showed me everything and talk to me the whole way through. I will definitely be back and will be getting more piercings. Thank you for being so kind and gentle.

David Cogossi

I had an appointment to see Justin at 1:00 to discuss two tattoos, one for myself and my husband that he'll need to do adjust my design and to get a price on. While I was there, I was curious about a simple tattoo that been on my mind for a …

Princess Circle

Great people who works here!!

Jordan Dunn

Mark Mclean

Extremely skilled, friendly staff, and fairly priced. He worked quick and clean, and I got exactly what I was after.

Nick Valadez

They were very helpful and nice my girlfriend got her bellybutton pierced and she was very satisfied

poisonivgame 9

My experience is always so great when I visit saints! Fen did my piercing and made sure I was well informed and comfortable before, during and after! Highly recommend! Thank you

Angie Cosmos

Each time I've come I've always been greeted with friendliness and the artists have all been professional!

Sheryl Kenoyer

I went in with a good idea of what I wanted. Tommy helped me refine it and was so good to work with. What a great tattoo! And here's the thing - I am a 65 year old woman and they did not make me feel out of place there at all! Highly recommend!!

Gregory Henley

Saint Tattoo sucks!! I have the same surgical steel captive bead rings that I had in my ear a couple years ago. The piercing lady refused me service because I couldn't tell her what company made my rings. Then she went on to say that it's beneath her to put my rings back in because of me not knowing the company that made the rings. She was very rude. She was talking down at me instead of to me. I guess I didn't look or act hip enough for her. I don't recommend this prejudice tattoo shop!!

Jerry Pickens

Good place done my tat after coming back 30min.later.....really busy.Brad was a good artist but seen better needs to work on personality traits.Very dissapointed in not taking veteran dicounts! If not for veterans they would not be able to do what they do. Better shops all over Ktown.

Shannon Raley

Seeing that it,was the premier place to go decades ago for the best work in east tennessee I was highly disappointed in my visit today it was pretty slow when we got their it took a minute for anyone to greet us and,then we were told we could see their portfolios in the waiting area I remember they used to have some diversity in their artist but it seems today all their artist do mostly traditional American as we were leavi g every one was out front while the shop was empty it's just sad to see it in this shape

Megan Taylor

Fenreya is an amazing piercer. She has tons of experience and lots of clients. Super clean and friendly!

Glass Stump

Brad is a very fine fellow, and I trusted him instantly to care about the work I wanted done and to do a quality job. As expected, I was not disappointed one bit. He makes you feel right at home, no matter if it’s your first or fiftieth tattoo. Everything is clean and professional, which for me is a must. Mary is also incredibly sweet and helpful! Glad this place is still going strong! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good tattoo or piercing.

Kimberly Combs

Great place to go very clean and nice place and people Brad done my cover-up and did a fantastic job

Angel Dudley

There are really good

Julia Anna Trant

I had my tattoo and my piercing done at Saint Tattoo and I will come back for more! Fenreya is a fantastic piercer, she's very professional and she knows what she's doing! Love this place!

Nicky Lothrop

Ok. Saints has some good artist however some with poor attitudes. Doc Cooper is definately one of the most disrespectful artist I have ever met unfortunately. Hes a great artist for old school stuff and Japanese/Chinese etc kind of work but poor people skills. I gave him over a 100 dollar tip trying to ignore the way he treated me and he still did not appreciate that. Which is pathetic. If you go here I highly recommend Corey or someone else.

Katie Smith

Gene Sanderlin

Jessy James

I love this place and won't go anywhere else! I come from an hour away to get all my piercings and tattoos. Professional ,clean, super friendly and amazing artists! Update: 6 months, several tattoos, and 4 piercings later I would add 5 more stars if I could <3

tristan smith

Awful customer service. Lady at the front desk is rude. Over charged me for a small tatt, and then when it needed a touch up because it was done poorly, I was told "we don't do touch ups on the weekend" Go somewhere else and get a better tattoo and better quality. This was my 10th tattoo but 1st and last one here!!!

greg brock

will never go anywhere else! these guys are so professional. cooper came in on his day off and hooked me up with a dope tattoo! definitely recommend him! this is the best shop I've been too, and I've been to many. thanks to cooper and nick and the whole saints crew!

Sam Blair

Rhonda Offenbacher

Brad is awesome!!!!

Steven Mays

Saint is the best place for body art and professional artwork and the staff are rockin plus the selection of artwork is out of this world and the atmosphere is amazing

B Fin

Brackett Brackett

Very nice

Paula Hamner

Carlos Juarez-Gosselin

This is the only place in Knoxville that I recommend to get a tattoo. They have great artists.

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