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REVIEWS OF Prophecy Ink Tattoo Studio & Fine Art Gallery IN Kentucky

Tanya Pilkenton

The artists are super nice and do beautiful work. I contacted them on FB with my questions and they we super quick to get back to me with the answers I needed. You will not find a better tattoo shop in Louisville.

Ricky George

Travis is super talented and he runs an awesome shop.

Diana Frensley

Christopher Mangione

Kelly is a talented artist

Braxton Gaither

Fine wine.

Josh Cole

Extatiic with my art piece. Travis is the man!

Meredith Scott

Got a tattoo there and they messed it all up. Had to pay someone else $200 for a cover-up. No way I was going back there.

Asia Lee

I paid GOOD money for a HORRIBLE tattoo! Not satisfied at all! Went back for touch up and tattoo still looks HORRIBLE. Never again! I will take the loss and go somewhere else for someone to fix this horrible mess! Extremely disappointed!

Rachel Butterfield

Made an appointment w Kelly for a sister tattoo before my sister moves out of state. Never received a confirmation email of our design when we came in she had chosen not to draw the flower we chose because she didn’t like it!’s not going on her body. I asked her if I could help her understand what we wanted and we could come back another day and she said she was booked from “now until forever” so we couldn’t so that. She was very immature. She said she needed a minute and just left my sister standing there. We told the receptionist she can keep the deposit and left. EDIT: This is a reply to the manager. This is the last time I’m speaking on this matter. My original review my sister wrote word for word, I posted it on my account because she doesn’t like to leave reviews. You claim that you guys sent multiple messages going over tattoo ideas but you didn’t. The email my sister sent 2 hours before our appointment was going over the sizing not changing the tattoo completely. Also no one informed us that we only had 4 hours booked. When we made the appointment we were only informed to come in at noon and Kelly would get us in. You also claim that the gardenia reference wouldn’t make for a good tattoo but the person we ended up getting our work done happily did just that and it looks amazing! Also my sister was not informed that Kelly was in the back drawing up different images. What she told my sister was “give me a minute” and then ran off, when it was actually more that 10 minutes so that’s why my sister left. If she was informed that she was drawing up other images then this probably wouldn’t even be an issue and she would have stayed. So obviously communication skills are lacking. I’m sorry but when an artist says that they are booked up until “now until forever” to any normal person it sounds like she doesn’t want to do the tattoo. Also I’m disappointed on your customer service, especially the phone call we just had. I do thank you though for giving me my deposit back and will be keeping an eye on my account to make sure it comes. I’m saddened that it has escalated to this point. We were looking forward to get work done by Kelly because she is a great artist and this whole thing has ruined our very special experience. Thank god the person we saw was able to get us in and turned it all around.

Josh Rust

I am 41. I got my first tattoo at 26 from Travis King, when he worked at another local shop, and I am still a client. I have never had an unpleasant experience. I have only recieved top quality service and tattoos. They know how to run a shop.


Might be the friendliest establishment I've ever visited.

Kenny Hinton

Equality for all y'all

Warren Rutledge Sr

Great tattoo,

Ginny Robbins

Friendly people and excellent skills


I received my first tattoo yesterday. I chose Prophecy Ink after long consideration, many personal inquiries, and much research. I made a consultation appointment with Travis King, the owner, and described the design I had in mind. Travis then introduced me to Don Alvey, an artist in his shop. No, I did not receive a sleeve or full back tattoo. Rather, I received a memorial tattoo on my rib. I knew my requested tattoo would not be "ground breaking" work for a tattoo artist. Yet, each staff member at Prophecy Ink treated me as If my tattoo was as important to them as it was to me. I was treated as if I were their only client as they listened intently to my inquiries. Don emailed me with artwork twice and personally met with me to review his artwork before my tattoo appointment. Realizing this was my first tattoo, he showed me his studio, equipment, and briefly described the tattoo process prior to my appointment. All my questions and concerns were addressed with courtesy and respect. Don's calm demeanor and professionalism set the tone for my tattoo experience. I walked away with an elegant memorial tattoo designed just for me.

Jasmine Bischof

Great owners. Great service. Great atmosphere.

Russ Wells

Great people. Chris is terrific

Alexander Williams

I've never written a review of anything in my 43 years but...I'm a bit of a tattoo collector, getting them from all over the country. Prophecy Ink - BY FAR - was the best tattoo experience I've ever had. The front desk, owner, atmosphere, and artists were too notch and thouroghly professional. Josh was my artist during this trip; his work was impeccable, detailed, clean, affordable, and very very fast. Josh is a true artist who sincerely wants a happy customer. You can do no better than Prophecy Ink.

James North

Travis King, the owner did my first tattoo at Body Art. He is hands down one of the best artists we have in the state and one of best black and grey artists in the country. The crew they have is outstanding and very friendly to all customers coming and going. Couldn't recommend any place higher.

kid cam

Joseph D

Prophecy Ink has an awesome staff and they made my experience a pleasure before during and after my tattoo. Josh worked with my tattoo idea and made if flow to better fit my chest, while adding small accent to make it stand out. I will be going back to Prophecy Ink to see Josh again for my next tattoo. Thanks again Josh for an awesome job.

Joshua Judge

I was told to check out this place as a recommendation by a friend with some experience in the tattoo industry. In particular, I was planning a commemorative tattoo with some fine detail. I went with Travis King, his portfolio had some incredible realistic work. I am completely satisfied with his work. He is extremely talented and seems like an all around good guy. Overall I had a great experience with them and I'll definitely go back in the future if I decide to have any more.

Lorinda Fox

Excellent ambience.

Hallie Russell

Tattoos are not only art. . .but parts of our added identity. Prophecy Ink gave me a trusted and welcoming energy ✨ I was able to find Tevin(Tattoo Artist) who has done a P.H.E.N.O.M.I.N.A.L job on two important pieces for myself. He heard my vision and executed it nicely! It’s the simple things that mean the most, Thank You for the experience highly recommend!!!

Charles Cecil

Very nice place. The artist here are nice and know what they are doing. The place inside is just art. Really nice.

Erin Holler

Fantastic staff and atmosphere. Tevin, the apprentice, has been working on my half sleeve for 3 four hour sessions. He’s wonderful. I gave him my idea and told him to run with it and he’s come up with some great ideas and has made it look incredible. Being an apprentice, it was nice that Travis always checks the outline work before he gets started. It took 3 tries on our first session before Travis was satisfied with the layout of the outline but that just tells me that the management strongly value the type of work their employees are doing. My tattoo should be finished after one more 4 hour session. I can’t wait for the final results

Charles Ewry

Sterling Silver

Love this place and won't go anywhere else for ink

Srushti Parsana

First Tattoo successfully inked. Amazing work by Travis King. Nice place, friendly staff and good quality of work.

Morghan McCool

Edited: You wouldn't do my tat that was the size of a golf ball on the same day of my appt. that was 2 hours before you closed! Plus you took me out back where you were smoking, which screamed unprofessional.

Mariah Smith

I've gotten 2 tattoos from Kris here. I will always come here for my ink and always point my friends in this direction.

Kevin Bray

Want some Ink done this is the place to Go

Tulsa P

I worked with Jessica and the process was very straightforward and streamlined. I couldn't be happier with the quality of my tattoo. I went from being told that my old tattoo was uncoverable to everyone saying it wasn't a big deal here. I will be back again soon!

Tyler McChane

Love this place. Jessica is an awesome artist and everyone around is friendly. Will definitely go back for future work.

Jorge Torneria

I happened upon this shop after checking out two other places. From the moment I entered and the welcoming nature of Juanita, I knew this was the place to get inked. Great service, awesome digs, no wait at all, great price...the perfect place to happen upon by chance. I was inked by a visiting artist from Venezuela and was really happy to be a a place with someone that spoke Spanish. I love love love this place!

Lacee Evans

Lex Achter

The people here are awesome. The art is rad. And all the artists are knowledgable and involed in their work. I love the work I've gotten from Jason and I know I'll be back for more.

Liz ONeill

Wendy Binkley

Excellent work!

Melissa Hudson

I have observed the practices and work of this studio and gallery since they opened their doors. i have seen only good, quality, custom work by talented artists. Thank you for raising the bar!

kevin richardson

Nice peeps

Stephen Thompson

Great place. Chris recently done a cover up for me and I couldn't be happier. Very professional and great atmosphere. I would recommend to anyone.

Benton Thrasher

Are you looking for tattoo artists who are not only incredibly talented, but also entirely friendly and sociable? Are you looking for a staff that is helpful, understanding and almost always available when you need them? How about an owner with two decades of experience who is not only very knowledgeable, but helps improve the other artists in his shop? Well, this is your place and then some. Every time I come in here it's a boost to my spirit. Juanita is so friendly and hospitable, welcoming you to the shop and generally doing anything she can to make your time with them the best that it can be. Travis is one of the best artists around without a doubt, and once you start talking to him he's such a grounded guy with a great outlook. I have only talked to the other artists and staff in passing here, but they are always friendly and helpful. The ONLY down-side, if I was completely forced to name one, would be the scheduling wait. HOWEVER, I have limited availability myself and can only come into the shop on Saturdays, so that's six days a week that might be open but I can't commit to those due to a grueling work schedule of my own. So it's completely understandable that with Travis being my artist and having a hectic schedule mixed with my own inability to be flexible that we end up with a little wait for appointments. Thank you so much to all of you, I've been looking for a place like this for a while now and I've finally found it. Stop on by guys, especially on a Saturday, even if it's just to talk with the staff and get a feel for the place before making a consultation appointment. You won't regret it, I promise.

Scarlett Hayze

Can't say enough good things about this place. The staff is wonderful and lgbt friendly. The decor is hip, upscale and clean. As a woman, I had no insecurities and zero creep factor about getting a tattoo here. I plan to return several more times very soon.

Kirk Cook

Not real impressed. The art/ink work I saw was good stuff. Unfortunately, I never got that far. Went in and described the tat I wanted, and the artist said he would have a piece sketched out in a couple of weeks. After a month and a half and two or three voicemails, I gave up. I wouldn't have minded so much if the guy had called me and said he was just really far behind, but he wouldn't even return my calls. Very nice shop, and pleasant people, but big lack of follow through.

Jeanette Preece

If your wanting a tattoo for the first time or want to add more to your life. Absolutely you need to go here. You want the best....this is the place. Everybody at Prophecy will love you if you love them. They know how to make you love your ink because they are the best. I love you guys. See you soon.

Nancy Allgeier

Keith does fantastic work

James Lentner

Highly recommend this shop! I finally went in to get a sleeve started and every minute that I was there, I felt comfortable. Kriss Rage talked to me about what I wanted and before I knew it, he had my exact idea on paper the next day. Even better, the tattoo is grabbing everyone's attention and I am not even done with the sleeve. Very skilled and customer friendly!

Tommy Bronson Jr

The best tattoo shop in town!

Avalon Sutherland

The owners are incredible people and so kind. They provide an extremely clean and beautiful gallery with amazing artists. Jason did my first and only tattoo, and it is perfect! He catered to making sure I was calm and comfortable since it was my first tattoo and in a typically painful area. They host quality art shows as well as invite multiple guest tattoo artists to visit the shop. I suggest this business to anyone I know who wants a tattoo. Much love to Prophecy!

giovannie vargas santiago

Guy named Travis, excellent artist

Michelle Gehlhausen

Wonderful experience, received a beautiful professional tattoo. The shop was gorgeous, decorated with fantastic artwork. I could not recommend a better place than this one! Can't wait to go back!

Vicky Wheeler

I absolutely love tattoo's but I am very picky with who I let tattoo me. It is all about finding the right artist to get your tattoo right, and the artists at Prophecy Ink are exactly the kind of artists you would trust. After years of waiting and looking for a tattoo artist I was truly impressed with, I found one at Prophecy Ink and added to my little collection. The customer service was fantastic, listening to exactly what I wanted and creating something from that that I could only dream of having. Now I have a beautifully sentimental tattoo that was executed with great detail and superb linework. If you want a tattoo, this shop is an absolute must.

Brenton Parsons

Since January, I have spent over $1,000 at this location getting a 3/4 sleeve tattoo. During that time, two tattoo artists have left, both of whom were engaged in working on the sleeve (the second taking over for the first - a very messy transition when one was fired). The work on the sleeve had been, up to this point, inconsistent. There is lots of work left to do. Tired of the rotating lineup, I asked the owner to finish the work and make sure it was done properly. I was told it would be considered "new work" and that I would charged the full rate. First of all - go to a shop where the staff doesn't change every five minutes. Second - go to a place where you can trust that the owner will stand by the work completed in the shop. Third - go to a place where there is less of a focus on the aesthetics of the venue and a place that actually cares about the quality of the tattoo. This place may look like New York Ink, but what you're going to get is Tattoo Nightmares.

Heather Pruss

Kriss did some fantastic work for me. He took time to help me design exactly what I wanted and did some incredible shading on my black and grey piece (roses). The owner and employees were all professional and friendly. I will definitely go back for future work.

Eva Flowers

Gave my friend the wonkiest tattoo, The lines are super uneven and he wrapped it up before she could even get a look at it. We took the bandage off and it's really bad. A stick and poke would've had cleaner lines. I got tattoos here years ago by Jason that are fine and even, seems like they've gone downhill.

Spencer Wood

Great place with some very talented artists and a wonderful owner!

Karisa Scott

I have had great experiences with Kelly and Travis

james kidwell

I have gotten tattoos from most of the top shops here in town and I totally like this shop the most. I've gotten my last 2 tattoos here and I'm going in next week for a cover up from another shop. I have had tattoos for over a decade now and it wasn't until I got a tattoo here that random people approached me asking where they could get ink like that from.

terry lindsey

Travis is an amazing artist

Karla Jean

Award winning artist for a reason. Thank you Travis King for a beautiful memorial tattoo.

Kim Laun

Great people and work

Ricky George Jr.

Awesome place that treats clients well. Prices are fair and tattoos are phenomenal.

Lia Forrest

Good to see the place in person, made a consultation appointment with Kelly on Saturday for my first tattoo!

Mary Damon

Great artists. Love them.

Christina Powell

Awesome. Chris is the best! This the third tattoo he has given me and they are all amazing. The staff makes you feel so relaxed and at home. Always a great experience!

Doug Johnson

Great environment great people and best of all great work

mabley allison

i won’t ever get another tattoo from anyone but don. that’s how impressed i was.

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