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REVIEWS OF Empire Tattoo IN Kentucky

The Doctor

Empire is a nice and it is clean. The artist I had could try a better personality.

Joey Phillips

Isaiah was great, friendly and knowledgeable. Good information during consult, great art

Jordan Brown

Best shop in the state. Ryan Fink is the man to see for the highest quality work you can find. Entire staff is professional and easy to work with.

Jerrel Robinson

Stephanie Kazee

I go to Empire for all my piercing needs. Started going there when I lived in Spartanburg, South Carolina now that I live in Statesboro, Georgia I will still drive 5 hours to go there. Just got my nose pierced with a beautiful opal stud that the guys help me pick. Gregg, the piercer, made me feel so comfortable and made it painless as possible. Every time I stop in they make me feel like family. I will never go anywhere else. I've gotten my cartilage done(both ears) my ears done and stretched, my belly button done and lastly my nose. Best place in the Carolinas and GA.

Matt W.

This is, in my opinion, the best place to go if you want great, quality work done! I am no professional tattoo critic and dont have that many, but I have and will continue to drive around 2 hours just to get any work done by Ryan! They have a great staff that can customize anything you want right on the spot. Very clean and professional by any ones standards.

Mallory Dobbs

First off this shop has prime location in downtown. Well deserving for this shop. Went in around 2pm on a friday afternoon. Not much of a wait.the guy at the front counter was very patient with me. I had not decided what i wanted. Each artiest has their own office, which made it much more personal &relaxing. My artist, Isaiah, was extremely professional and very easy to talk to. He is truly an artist. I just got a smaller design on my forearm, but all line work and he NAILED IT!! This guy has a very easy hand and is a like master. I WILL be coming back.

Ashley Boehler

My sister and I are visiting from out of town. we wanted two simple tattoos. No shading only lines. It took them 30 minutes to draw up two inch tattoos. The lines were not even on my sisters drawing. She asked if that would be even on the real tattoo. It is a lifetime commitment. They found us too picky and said they couldn't work with us because we wanted straight lines. Although they claim to have the best artists in the world. cute you guys. continue turning down easy clients because you can't draw a straight line.

Savannah Wheeler

My friend and I got our first major piercing here (septum) and it was a really great experience. Greg took time to make sure we were calm. Nobody at the shop had a dick attitude. They made us both feel super comfortable and reassured us. Greg went at a good pace and it didn't hurt! He was a really sweet guy and I am super happy with my piercing. It's not crooked and it's at a perfect spot in my nose. Just where I wanted. My friend and I will definitely be coming here for all of our future piercings! Plus I got two lollipops. :-)

Corrie W

We were in town for vacation and decides to get some work done. Isaiah was probably the best tattoo artist I've ever had experience with! The entire staff was excellent. Highly recommend!

Hannah Cistola

The staff is incredibly nice. However I had to return four times to try and be there at the same time as the piercer. Two times they were closed well before the hours posted, and twice the piercer was out. Maybe it was just bad timing, but it was frustrating nonetheless.

Ryan Riggs


Get my work done here

Bailey Blackwell

Love this place! Everyone here is so kind and welcoming, and all of the artists here do amazing work! I got a tattoo from Josh, extremely nice dude and an awesome tattooer. Will definitely be back soon.

Josh McDevitt

Savannah Ramirez

Hello, This is Kaidan

Joe Nunez

Went with my wife to get a piercing and the service was excellent. Gary was friendly and conversational which helped my wife relax and the entire process from start to finish took 15 minutes. He was thorough with follow up instructions and advice. I would absolutely recommend this shop.

Jarrell Young

Brent Allen

Walked in today to get a quote on a very simple script fill on my wife's wrist. Dude we talked to was very dismissive. We would've spent up to 200 bucks for a 30 minute job and left knowing we will never walk back in. Very disappointed and could not recommend based on our experience. We were the ones asking to redo the outline of four cursive letters on my wife's wrist. This was for our 10 year anniversary. Not. Good. We will happily spend our money with someone else. Have a good Memorial Day weekend.

Trevor Cline

Love it. Got an amazing piece done by Ryan. 100% think you should check them out. Great atmosphere. 10/10

Jamen Allen

Best tattoo shop in NC or East Tennessee

Cheyenne Noel

hayley swaringen

Such an awesome shop!

Tracy Wright

This is a great business. I got my nose pierced here a few years ago and took my daughter to get her's done today. Wonderful folks!

Cahlinny Price

Great service, exceptionally helpful in designing with your input, and thoroughly professional. I've had my tattoo for almost ten years, and it has minimal fade or bleed.

sunny Castro

Wow where do I even start! The moment I walked in I was greeted with kindness and respect that you don't find at any shop. I got a small piece done from Matt, he was patient and willing to make all of changes I needed to make my piece perfect. I've been to quite a few shops for piercings and tattoos and I've never felt so at home and accepted by the environment and the people. 10/10 would recommend. I think I'll make this my new home for my future body art and mods while in Asheville. SHOPS LIKE THIS ARE HARD TO FIND, PLEASE COME HERE AND SUPPORT THIS SHOP BECAUSE THEY ARE A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH!

Levi C

Best Tattoo Studio in this area! I would highly recommend this place to anyone! The best tat shop & artist I have ever been in! Super professional & friendly!

Rich Decker

Sk8te Politix

These guys treat you like family I got all my piercings done here.

Summer C

David Beaver

Dustin orr

Awesome staff and awesome tattoo work

Amy Cable

Short: I am a nurse. It was my first tattoo. I was nervous. Turned out great! Not so short: My best friend (of 35+ years) and I wanted matching friendship tats so we drove about an hour to get there and we were walk-ins. We had a picture of what we wanted and Ryan took a few minutes to draw it up, shrink it down, and make sure we liked it. He was patient, answering all our questions and took time to explain everything he was doing. His work area was clean and I felt safe. If I were to get another tattoo (unlikely - just because I prefer to live pain-free, lol) I would go back to Empire and Ryan.

Michelle Boyd

Kaitlin Bennett

Amazing first tattoo experience! The entire staff were nice and made the atmosphere very comfortable! On top of being comfortable the ENTIRE shop was sanitary and very professional! Jon did my first piece it was a small quote and priced perfectly! Amazing shop!!

Mamma of 3

Best place in Asheville #1

Jon Goodman

Great visit. Walked in with an idea and Devin drew it up and applied it. Very clean and knowledgable staff. Awesome work.

John Strader

Very cool and friendly guys. Fun just to just hang out in shop.

Kendra Burnette

This was the best place I have ever been! The staff was so helpful and friendly and I love my piercing! This will be the only place I ever go from now on!

Brittany Summey

This Is The Best Place To Go To Get An Piercein And A Tattoo.! I Will Be Goin Up Here For My My Very First Tattoo Soon.!

Valerie S

I got my conch pierced by Greg, great experience! Super affordable. The staff was friendly and answered all of my questions.

Tyler White

They are amazing. Came in as a walk-in, told them a general idea of what I wanted, Devin took the image and my idea and freehanded exactly what I wanted. After that they had me in and out! On top of all that they had a very fair price!

Crystal Rose

Awesome place! Will does great work!!!

Victoria Corn Cabral Miller

Kassidy Coleman

Chase Walters

I went here to get my first tattoo and I had an amazing experience. Isaiah is a great artist and guy in general and makes sure to take great care of your tattoo and make sure he does it perfect. I will be going only here for my future tattoos.

Scott Williams

Best~Artist~8n~Asheville #fsb @frogsportsboards

Lux R

Fantastic shop. I have been going to Ryan Fink for years and his work is phenomenal.

Sean Driscoll

I got my first tattoo this week at Empire and couldn't be happier! Great shop with rad dudes working there that are super friendly and personable. Brian up front was funny and helpful and Devin rocked it on my tattoo! Highly recommend this spot!!

M Keiser

Jazmin Mejia

I've gone to previous tattoo shops, but this was by far the best one. All of the staff is very friendly and outgoing! They make sure you feel welcomed and comfortable throughout the whole time. I got my nose pierced and loved Greg's job. I will definitely be coming here next time I want a tattoo done. It was for sure a 10 out 10. Highly recommend!

Richard Ingram

Great experience

Joyce Sousa

Greg did my nose piercing and was totally awesome. This was my second one; first one not done by Greg didn't work out. He has adjusted the jewelry so that I don't know it is there, and the long end does not ever hang out the end of my nose which is so gross. He is a terrific piercer and a really nice guy. Yes. See Greg. Also, he has you use a gentle saline solution afterwards which works really well and is better than all the other stuff my first piercer had me use.

Derek Simmons

Over the past 30 years I've been tattooed at numerous shops throughout the country as well as overseas. Empire definitely ranks up there as one of the best experiences I've ever had. Everyone was professional, very friendly, the shop is clean and its nice that the artist have private rooms. I was tattooed by Randy Hall who did an unbelievable job. Asheville is lucky to have a shop of this caliber in town.

Shane Crawford

I have been going to Ryan since he started there. Got my very first tattoo from Jay when it was Daredevil. The whole shop is a class act. Everyone is talented and very professional and thorough. People complain about high prices but as with everything in life, you get what you pay for. Go get tattooed by Bubba at his house if you don't want quality work.

Oh Juliana

I received my first nose piercing and second tattoo here and really enjoyed the environment. It's a really clean place with great people. I plan on scheduling my next tattoo this week at Empire Tattoo and I have been recommending this place to people as well. The artist I had that did my second tattoo was very patient with me and did a full outline and coloring in 4.5 hours and it turned out perfect. It was a great price too! I'm very happy with how it turned out and I am going back very soon!

Jeniffer Spagnolo

Allison Fawcett

Empire was the best! Really nice, friendly guys running the shop which was very clean and had great art on the walls. I got my first nose piercing today by Greg??(I think that was his name!) but he was really knowledgeable and it was painless, super quick, and easy. I love how it turned out and I would definitely go back! Thanks ya'll!

LaRaine Lentz

If you get a chance to go here, you won't be disappointed. A friend of mine was there for a tattoo and Brian and the tattoo artists made us feel right at home. We actually were sad when we had to leave. Definitely recommend these guys!

lilah Taylor

I got my nose pierced there today & they were very quick and very nice! Greg lightens the mood and completely makes you forget you were even nervous! Definitely recommend!!

Lindsay Simpson

Went in 3 weeks ago to have my Smiley done by Greg. As it was healing, I was really not happy with the way it was sitting, due to body rejection and migration. When I went back in to talk I was really nervous since I've had my own piercing nightmares from other shops and came off as a bit offensively defensive due to being high strung from watching it get more crooked through out the weeks. Greg calmed me back down and took care of me and gave me a credit for more than I paid for the piercing originally. Despite not being happy with this specific piercing, I would still go back and and get re-pierced by him and recommend him, and this shop, to anyone thinking about getting a piercing done due to the professionalism with their customer service. Sorry Greg, I really appreciate the way you handled this situation! Thank you!

Jenny Mason

Highly recommend this place!! Super friendly and welcoming staff, and atmosphere.

Sebastian Irizarry

Got piercings. Came our great. Great service and they take walk-ins. Saw a couple of tats while waiting and they were extremely well done.

Deanna Robyn

The people were very welcoming as soon as we walked in. I got the daith piercing and Greg done my piercing, he was great. Very informative and professional. The place was very clean. Thank you all.

Lowtier Computer

Great customer service, very honest and they do good work! I was planning on getting cartilage piercings in both ears but Greg pushed back, pointing out that it would be uncomfortable to sleep with both ears pierced. I'm very happy he did so!

Giovana Soares

I came in for a septum nose ring and I must say that was one of the best piercing experiences I have had. Greg was awesome, he explained to me what the process was and said the clamping would be more uncomfortable than the piercing itself. Well, neither were bad at all and it was super quick! They gave me instructions on how to take care of it and overall the whole staff was extremely friendly. I would definitely recommend for anyone who wants to get pierced.

Doug Rogers

Ole school

Rachel Weishaupt

This is the worst tattoo/piercing experience I have ever had. Greg was the surly and snarky individual tasked to pierce my nose, and when I showed him where I would like to have it pierced, he insisted that it was the incorrect spot and marked a different location. I agreed to his placement, trusting his wisdom, but several hours later decided that it wasn't flattering as far forward as he had pierced it and that I would like to have it done in the spot I'd originally requested. When I called to inquire if he would perform said service, he was disrespectful, unprofessional and childish, falsely claiming to have verified with me "100 times" where it would be pierced (he showed it to me once as he rushed me through the job), and generally acted like an ignorant twit. I would not recommend this location to ANYONE coming to or living in Asheville, unless they want to pay to be treated horribly and have their wants and needs disregarded.

Tanya Goodwin

Fantastic art! Love the people here, they are super friendly and knowledgeable.

Tabitha Brown

Friendly, awesome vibe, they now there stuff. Will return there for another tat. Alex Blackwell is a great artist highly recommend him.


Super helpful, good prices for quality piercing. It was not very painful, I had my helix pierced and my two friends got a nostril and septum done respectively, and all three of us have had great healing experiences so far. It was very sanitary, a very calming environment, and a very respectable business, we signed lease forms and showed ID beforehand, and the piercer was very nice and friendly. We were allowed a friend in the room for emotional support, but my piercing was very simple and easy. There was no piercing gun used, only sanitary needles, so it's safe and less painful. I highly recommend!

Carmela Luisa M. Sacco

Professional People

Susie Drust

Andrea Garber

I love Empire Tattoo, and I'm glad that I'm finally writing the review like I've been meaning to. I have 4 piercings (my septum and three cartilage piercings) and I am about to get my 2nd tattoo from empire and the service rocks. It is a very personal experience that I would suggest to anyone. Everybody is really nice and willing to listen to what you have to say. They're really patient and do a very good job about educating you on care information. Don't be afraid to ask questions, they will answer them for you!

Johnathan Farrow

From Greenville, SC. Best tattoo shop I've been to. Staff is personable and the overall experience is great. Isaiah did a complete re-drawing of an original image in order to keep the image the same size but change the detail around. The result was better than the original and I am more than pleased with the result. Definitely the best shop and artist. Will only go here for any future tattoos.

Michelle Haywood

Grant Wood

Very professional place, fair pricing, and cool staff!

Caitlyn Pankhurst

went in on a saturday during an event downtown as a walk in for a second navel piercing and was in and out in 15 minutes at most. greg is fantastic at what he does and super chill & helpful. he explained everything he was going to do and even gave me more tips on cleaning and maintaining the piercing. would definitely be back.

Robertson DC

Lindsey Chapman

Morgan Tuten

AWESOME first experience. Wandered in just looking for a new industrial bar for an existing piercing and decided on a whim to get my first tattoo. Staff was amazing, friendly and knowledgable. They fit me in on a tight schedule and I couldn't be more pleased. Will most certainly be back.

Rebekah Bosarge

Davis The GOAT

Jordan Hunt

Greg did a great job with my nose piercing. He was quick and personable. Great job Empire!

Samantha Fines

I have been tattooed by Josh before in the past at his old shop and traveled to get two more by him this year. Of course, his style is always clean and amazing. The shop was super clean, incredibly friendly and welcoming. This is by far the BEST experience I have ever had at a shop. All members we polite and we all had a blast. I would recommend this shopp a million time over! They quickly helped get rid of those tattoo jitters and you end up having a rad time. Never will I have a friendlier experience. Thank you, guys. I will definitely be traveling again soon to see you all!

Charles Hunter

Definitely the best shop in town

Danny Peck

Really great customer service here. Very knowledgeable people as well. I hope to return soon!

Carmen Rose

Greg is a great piercer! He was patient & friendly with my daughter and did an excellent job!! I would reccomend him to anyone!!!

Cameron Keener

Joshua Criss

First let me start by saying I've been tattooed by more than half these guys and love everything I have gotten done here. Coming from someone with a lot of tattoos. Reading some of the bad responses make no sense based off my experiences. Would reccomend.

Keli Taylor

Chuck D

Morgan McCorkle

I got my first piece done here while I was visiting Asheville with my boyfriend and I could not have been happier with the outcome! The staff were friendly, helpful and cool, helping to put my mind at ease. Definitely picked the right place! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Danielle J. Alexander

Akela Fordham

April O'Brien

Went up for the day with a friend to get tattoos. We are from Columbia, S.C., and although I am sure its annoying to have two female walk-ins bright in early, these guys were amazing. We came in with ideas and both our artists worked with us and came up with amazing artwork. I got a pair of shears on my wrist and my friend got an indian elephant on her side. Both Ryan and Will were clean and patient. They produced AMAZING final results. I feel confident in saying that both of our tattoos are some of the best I have ever seen and I am beyond grateful for what these guys did. Would go back a thousand times over. Thank you Ryan and Will for doing fantastic work.

Kylie Williams

Great experience. Went for my 30th birthday with my sister to get matching peach tattoos. Josh was professional, fun and did a great job!

sharde Sherrill

Was very rude, got very offensive because we were discussing how a nose piercing was overpriced. Didn’t give them our money and wouldn’t even go back. Now we see why there wasn’t anybody there getting a tattoo or piercing.

Trey Rainey

jordan akers

Best shop in town. Went above and beyond to help with a piercing I had by them to make sure it was clean and they changed it for free..So professional. I've got over a dozen tattoos as well and these guys do it right. HIGHLY RECOMMEND over all in Asheville.

Brittany Wyatt


AJ Palmateer

Steven Prewett

Kimberly Copenhaver

I was very nervous and they were extremely patient with me. It was clean and very professional.

Doctor Spaceman

This is definitely the most welcoming tattoo and piercing parlor that I've ever been in!!! Everyone is kind, skilled, and knowledgeable. I first came here when I was 14 years old to get my nose pierced and I have never had a better experience anywhere else. Greg has even helped me fix someone else's botched work on multiple occasions. Their selection of jewelry is very unique, full of high-quality, handcrafted items. If I ever want a piercing or jewelry or even just want a trustworthy answer to a piercing or tattoo related question, Empire is my go-to. You can really feel the love and sense of family in the place.

Hannah Parsley

Love it so much every one there was so nice didn't feel rushed at all

Hailey Chambers

Today was the first time I have ever visited Empire and it was such a good experience! the guys (didn’t catch their names) at the counter were hilarious and really made my piercing quick and painless. It’s safe to say I will be visiting them again!

Corinne Miner

Michelle Collette-Stanton

Fast, comfortable atmosphere, professional, and could really tell they knew what they were doing.

nilechim 1985

Alyssa Dunn

I just went in today, and I had an amazing experience. I didn’t get the name of the guy at the front but he was awesome! Very nice and friendly! Devin did my tattoo, and he was excellent! Very quick and professional

Pamela Rice

Sarah Dove

Greg did a phenomenal job on my piercings. I will definitely return!

Ashley R

This is the result of my tattoo... a month after “healing”. I’ve had numerous tattoos and take superior care of each one. I sent a picture of this to the manager and he said this is normal?? I was surprised with his response because this tattoo looks like it was done in prison.

Jeremiah Bish

Nathaniel Wirtz

Got my ear pierced (First time with a needle as opposed to the gun at the mall). Greg was excellent in explaining the process and spent extra time to make sure the location was going match my existing earring in my other ear. There was minimal pain as opposed to the gun method. It was pierced as a 12 gauge and stretched to a 10 gauge. All in all a great experience with Empire Tattoo. Greg and everyone I talked to were very friendly and the place was clean. I would recommend Greg highly for piercings. Once again I am very happy with them and the price was affordable!

Jacob Sharp

Really nice and helpful staff! I love my first piercing, and I will be back when I decide to get more lol

Ryan Gomez

cora jones

Adam Searight

Rachel Franza

My husband & I wanted to get tattoos on our honeymoon & we decided to try Empire because of the positive reviews we saw online. We had a great experience there! Isaac did my husband's & Devin did mine. The shop was clean, employees were personable & friendly & our tattoos turned out perfect. We highly recommend anybody looking to get a tattoo to go to Empire. We look forward to coming back!! Thanks, Brian & Rachel Franza

Brielle Porcello

Love this place! They're awesome, clean, and quick! I've been multiple times and each time has been great! I'll definitely be back.

Bernie Bullock

Cody was awesome! Got 2 tattoos and he did perfect work. Could not have been a better experience!

kela kexel

Horrible experience with a woman over the phone who treated me like I was a complete idiot for not being aware of their cancellation policy which was never explained to me. Lost my 80 dollar deposit. I can live with that. But to be treated like I'm stupid and even lying about my conversation the day before with another employee was awful.

Tammy Haynes

You guy's rock! Thank you. My daughter got her nose piercing done for her birthday and is overjoyed with the outcome.

Sunni Jones

Destiny Rice

Fantastic works of art

sheena adams

Rad staff and great work. Greg did a piercing on me and was super professional and knowledgeable.

Madelaine Novak

Best experience my husband and I have ever had in a tattoo shop. Every single person here is so friendly and professional and the artistry is amazing. We will definitely continue making the drive from Cincinnati for service and art work like this. Highly recommend.

Phaedra L

The guys are WICKED PISSAH!!!! Thanks guys for being very accommodating, being sweet to my 16 yr old getting her "bah" done, and a new tat for me!! Wicked awesome guys!!!

John Miller

Great staff more experience then most

Ginger Hebeisen

Brian Thomas

Got a sleeve from Ryan Fink. I started it about 7 months ago and finished it last week. I let Ryan design it and choose the color scheme. The only input I gave him was where I wanted it and the style. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. He was a complete professional the entire time. Every artist I interacted with there was friendly and totally cool to be around. I enjoyed the entire experience. I am already thinking about my next tats for Ryan to work on for me.

Eric Clary

My wife and i have been looking for a good shop to start going since we moved out here and finally found one. We got tattooed on sunday the 12th for our anniversary and loved the work we got. My wife got tattooed by devin and i got tattooed by Will. Excelent artists and i highly recomend both of them thanks guys you will see us again soon. Staff was also friendly and seemed solid.

Giovanni Garcia

Super cool spot! Wife got her nose pierced there, clean and professional. Even gave my baby daughter a lollipop to calm her down. Really cool guys. Will definitely return.

John D

Great vibe, good artists. Will be back and get some serious work done. Isaiah is ON POINT! Very good atmosphere all around.

Annie Carter

April McCarron

Awesome people. Came in as a walk in and they made time for my boyfriend his sister and myself. they were super clean and took their time on making sure we liked and were comfortable with everything they were doing.

Madison Lassiter

Greg was super rad. Did great on my philtrum piercing. Overall shop staff was kind. And the shop itself was clean and lovely. Definitely recommend.

Jessica Patton

tamara n

Great place, Greg was very professional, got my nose pierced like I wanted! it’s so cute!! He did snakebites on my daughter in law, they look awesome on her.

Jessica Mejia

I will never go to another location other than here. I had my piercing done here. Everyone is extremely friendly and outgoing. One of the best customer service I have ever experience. Greg was absolutely amazing. He knows what he is doing. I felt very comfortable through the entire process. He was super patient took his time making sure we were happy with the placement. He also was super gentle. I recommend this place to everyone.

Leann Short

No appointment needed for a piercing when I went. The guy was super nice throughout the entire experience. I was in and out in under 20 minutes. They were clean and he pierced fast! If I’m ever in Asheville again, I will go back to this place.

Michelle Grubbs

David Dicus

If you want a quality low price tattoo, i highly recommend that you go to Empire Tattoo! Really cool people that are part of the experience too!!

Zane Smith

These guys are really cool and they do good work. Can't speak for the tattoos but the piercings are great. Dont order the clam chowder.

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