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REVIEWS OF Wolf's Fine Line Tattoos IN Illinois

Jessica Fedele

Jackie is amazing for piercings. Super friendly people. Jackie did my rook and Dusty did my Daith piercing and a different girl did my tragus. I recommend them both. They thoroughly explain and make sure you understand how to clean your piercing and take care of it.

Liz Hennessy

I have gotten 2 so far and 3 piercings. Doc & Cisco are great artists, and the staff is amazing. I highly recommend heading to Wolf's

Cindy Moreno


Went in for an anti eyebrow piercing yesterday. Their piercer is the sweetest and coolest woman ive met in the body mad/ tattoo buisness. She's down to earth and puts you to ease. Her work is excellent and ive only ever had wonderfull experiences with her piercing me. The anti eyebrow is a piercing on the upper cheek bone and can become swollen or bruised but she is such an amazing piercer there is no swelling or bruising at the piercing site AT ALL. She works quickly and it was done before I even knew it! Would recommend to everyone!

Daniel Monroy

Amazing tattoos done by Marc

yomary gonzalez

Good place to get a piercing and good price for it too. Would consider others coming here.

Megan King

LOVE this place. Great people and great piercings. Jordan was great and made the experience 10x better!! Highly recommend.

Jesse Hammond

Chuy is the man!!! I have been thinking about getting a tattoo for years. I knew I wanted a Masonic tattoo. I went several places most of them were dirty and if I showed them pictures they would tell me why they couldn't do it. Then I went to wolfs. From the minute I walked into the place everyone was friendly. The place was clean. I told the receptionist that I wanted a Freemason tattoo and that I had a few pictures of what I wanted. She told me that she would go and get one of the artists. Chuy the tattoo artist came out shook my hand, he didn't make me feel like an idiot since this was my first tattoo. He asked me what I was looking for. Over the next week I sent him about 15 pictures. When I got there for my appointment he had not one, but two awesome drawings. I picked one. He did an amazing job. His detail is one of the best I have ever seen. I would defiantly go to him again. Jesse Hammond Broker Owner Realty Executives Success

Alejandro Villagomez

Ashley P

Terence Hammersmith

Amber Jean

This place is a wonderful tattoo shop. They are very professional and the work they do is wonderful. My friend went to Adam for her tattoo a couple of days ago and I'm going to him for my tattoo next week. This will be my second tattoo from this shop and I think they are wonderful.

Yara Garza

Got my face piercing here. And after havimg to need a fix on my tattoo chris left it looking amazing

Chichi marie

I've this place they have done my piercings and they are nice and professional. I'm going to get a tattoo next I think they would do a good job.

Makeup With Zully

Vera Lindsey

Audrey Murphey

Awesome job i cant wait come back to me another tattoo from them

Gee Santini

Good people, good prices on walk ins

Tonya Myers

Loved it!!! Nice, friendly environment. Dusty is da bomb!!

Fabian Briseno

I got the tattoo the I want nice

Rene Gutierrez

Cecilia Lona

David Cannon

Great service

Maritza Ortiz

Have gotten 2 tattoos and one piercing done here. I got my first tattoo 2 years ago done by Adam; he was patient and kept me calm to make my first tattoo experience pleasant, its been 2 years and my tattoo still looks good and healed great. My second tattoo was done recently by Dusty; he was professional and my tattoo is healing good and looks amazing! I really recommend this place.

Bill P.

Hannah Nevin

I was there 3 days ago and Jackie was my piercer. She was awesome! Totally down to earth, funny, and very sweet. She was clean and professional, and my piercings went super fast. I would for sure recommend this place for piercings!!

Keanan Stocki

Gloria Hurley

Natalie Rae

One of the best shops I've ever been to. The entire staff was very sweet. Dusty does absolutely beautiful work and is very nice. I would recommend this shop, and Dusty, to anyone that wants amazing work, and wonderful staff ❣️

Jordyn Judge

Dj Palmer

Best artists around. very clean and professional place. Who ever had a bad experience there must of been having a bad day or a very hard to please person.The staff is very courteous and professional and they all enjoy their job... custom drawings and ideas are welcome to give you the piece you have been dreaming of.. I wouldnt be caught dead anywhere else and if you must bash my friends, some validity cannot be in your words,. Wolfs is the oldest shop in Joliet. Must say something about their great work and craftsmanship if they have been in business for almost 30 years. Great place and awesome people.


Great place... clean and friendly ask for Dusty

Natalie Adams

Jordan was great and very patient - everyone else not so much.

Lisa Holmes


Jordan was super nice and helped me and my friend with our lobe piercings. We were both pretty nervous and she made the experience a lot more welcoming. Will definitely be coming back if i decide to get more piercings!

Darth Revan

This place is a joke. Have gone here three separate times to get a tattoo and each time they tell me that the tattoo is too small. They will only do work on you if you are getting a large tattoo that will cost hundreds of dollars. Don’t waste your time going here

G Elam Sr

Very nice staff

knitter ofstuff

Jackie was my piercer today and she was absolutely amazing. My friend and I were nervous to get our noses pierced but she talked a lot and joked around with us and that really helped calm us down. Very nice atmosphere there.

David Bartholomew

Dominique Williamson

My piercing grew out the 7 week of healing and wasn't done right and now i have a mark on my body

Amy Chavez

Jackie was great! She replaced my daughter's earrings quickly and efficiently. She was very informative and gave my daughter a great demo on keeping them clean and taken care of.

Jason Hartley

I love it

Sara Haesler

Wolf did an amazing job on my tattoo. He did it just as it was designed. He was very kind and informative about my aftercare . I felt so comfortable in the shop and the employees made me feel welcome. I highly recommend it.

Tyler Ferro

Jasmyn Zavala

Wowie, where do I even start? Today I just got a tattoo from Eddie and he was overall so sweet to me! What was a mere idea I had for years, he turned into a beautiful reality! He was patient and kind and eased my worries quickly! Thank you so much Eddie for my beautiful tattoo! And as for the rest of the staff here, they were just as kind to me like Eddie was today! A beautiful bunch of smiling faces! When it comes down for my third(ish) tattoo, I will definitely be coming back here!

Monique Mcghee

The lady greeter was nice and the guy who did my tattoo was so funny and i love my tattoo

Dania Manzo

Very great experience! Staff was very nice & social. Very humorous too which is always a good thing. They're service is tremendous! Will definitely be returning with Adam he did a wonderful job

Frankie Samayoa

People there were very friendly. I've had two tattoos done there and had excellent work done and guaranteed it. Definitely will say it's the tattoo shop that will get the reat of my tattoos done. Thank Wolf's Fine Line Tattoo!!!

Zmija Natay

Louis B

Haven't been there in a very long time. Took the wife to get her bellybutton pierced. It felt like I never left. Even tho it's all new people working there.

Carrie Hesik

Quinn Ethan

I've gone to Wolf's for jewelry and piercings, and I love it there. The people are great, especially Jordan (she's a piercer and tattoo apprentice atm). They have great jewelry, especially their bellybutton section. I'm lucky to live so close to this place!

RayDel Sol

Never will I go there again. I don’t mind paying the money for good work. Definitely not what I got. They didn’t even read the paperwork I had to fill out. I’m allergic to latex. Colors that were not agreed on. My first tattoo, nervous. Had it put on my side. I didn’t realize that the shape would be very different because my arm was stretched over my head. He should have known this. It’s been five months and I have to get it redone. Staying in the lines doesn’t seem to be important there either.

Kayleigh Ann

Great people and awesome artists

Christopher Congelose

Great place to get some ink. Got my first tattoo here over 20 years ago n their still doing awesome work.

nik wojtowicz

Very friendly staff, very knowledgeable

doug loyd

audge o

keri gambon

Alissa Norris

I love this place I could say it's my home away from home everyone is so friendly ❤ and the work is absolutely AMAZING!!! And the prices are so great too!!!! FANTASTIC QUALITY!!!!! CLEAN!!!

Nicole Marshall

I got my belly button piercing here in august with my friend and both of ours got infected. It was okay at first I went back to go get it changed because I bought a ring from them and they said they’d put it in for me and I’ve had trouble with it since I cleaned it everyday and so did my friend. Also it was very off centered but I know everyone’s body is different so that might not have been their fault. Front desk lady was not nice the piercing girl was very nice and personable but idk.. can’t help but think it must be their piercings. Also when they pierce it they give you his really ugly hoop thing like a nose piercing in ur belly button.

Regina Foster


Thunder Skunk

went with a friend to get a tatt and when we walked in it smelled as if someone had been smoking in there for years.. definitely didnt smell clean at all... chick at the front desk seemed annoyed that our appointment was cancelled.... sorry that it was an inconvenience for HER to have to have our appointment canceled.... wont be returning.

Ashley Benac

It is a great place. Very welcoming, and kind. Always trying to give you the best service and tattoo. Planning on getting all of my tattoos there. 10 out of 10 would recommend.

Luster Bledsoe

Dusty did my first tattoo and I felt no pain and I just loved it. Dusty will now I be my guy when I need ink. I recommend this place and dust for any work done. He is amazing. He is outspoken and talk you like it is and I like it. How it should be.and I just noticed that I am under my support person oh well but I highly recommend this place.

gerald bernard

Jordan,the piercer is a fantastic young lady, She is very gentle when replacing my jewelry and fun to talk to,she is always conserned about her clients needs.


I got a piercing here early this year (the piercer was great that time too) and the other day I was having issues getting the jewelry in so I came in asking for some help. She couldn't get them in because I asked her to stop (couldn't …

Ron Fiandaca

The artists and staff are all Awesome! Great place to get a tattoo.

Colleen Corey

Chuy did a great job on my daughter's tattoo. He is skilled in many styles from black & gray, to color, to watercolor. I highly recommend this fine establishment!

Angel Dite

Clifton Berg

Got a tattoo. Great place. Professionals.

Christopher’s Guitar Playing

Adam was very professional and detailed in taking care of the tattoo. There was Jordan who was very helpful. Thanks Jordan and Adam for making my experience worthwhile. I would go here again if I ever get another tattoo.

Bob Holcombe

Great staff

Michael Porto

Ive never been more satisfied with craftsmanship as I am there. Everyone is a true professional.

John Denos

Great artists friendly environment.

Stephanie caldwell

Best Tattoos and piercings to go to I got my lip done there

Jasmine Cook

the team at Wolfs Fine Line is such a great group of people! they are hilarious!! Jordan (I believe that is her name) did an excellent job on both my nose piercings. Adam did such a great job on my "mommy" tattoo on my upper chest and my …

Taylor Rose

Great place and very clean, Jackie does great piercings and makes it easy and smooth. I will say that most of the tattoo artists are very rude :( but they do great work.

Caleb Small

This Place Just Basically Robbed Me Of $60... Waited A Full 1 1/2 Hours For A Tattoo Artist To Show Up Just To Tell Me He Couldnt Do Anything. I Understand That One Pic Needed To Be Drawn Up But I Had 4 Other Pictures That Were Ready. He Told Me The Pic He Had To Draw Should Be Ready Friday(It Was Thursday). The Guy Was Rude When I Told Him How I Wanted a The Tattoo Done And Was Told "I'm The Artist, You Let Me Worry About The Drawing". Nevertheless, Since I Was Referred By A Friend, I Put Down The $60 Deposit(They Told Me It's For The Drawing) And They Told Me To Come Back With The Deposit Slip When I Make An Appt. I Called To Make An Appt And Was Told That The Tattoo Artist Was "No Longer There". I Was Told That The Deposit Was None Refundable And There Was Nothing They Could Do. I Asked For The Drawing And Was Told I Couldnt Have "The Artist" Drawings. I Gave HIM The Pics For The Concept I Wanted So I Basically Paid Him For A New Idea. STAY FAR AWAYYY

Kathleen Bernard

Jackie does a great job

Gustavo Padilla Jr

I recommend this place. Professional, nice staff, and cool atmosphere.

Tippy Necole

I got my first Tattoo at Wolf's when I was 18, my brother in law signed for me. So when I wanted five more I knew where to go. At Wolf's you can expect a sterile, clean, safe environment. The employees are friendly and professional. The cherry on top is the music.

Junior Mertl

Place of business is very clean. Staff is professional. You are immediately greeted by staff and notice its a professional business. Artists are very knowledgeable and share their ideas to perfect your idea. 5/5 isnt enough. I def recommend to everyone who wants ink or holes. This is the place to spend your money.

Stephen Thacker

Mo Lawal

Waited almost an hour after my scheduled appointment. Then they decided to not specify that the cost was per tattoo not all inclusive in the price. Workmanship was on par with what you expect. I personally will not do business with them again. But to each his own.

Amber Burdette

Kevin is an amazing artist this tattoo is more then i could have hoped for i loveeee it

Georgiyana Grant

Best place to get a piercing I highly reccomend going to Jordan she makes it more fun and shes very professional and good at it.

Courty Rock

The only place I will ever go for my piercings!! Ask for Dusty, he answers any questions you might have, just has an overall great personality and is great at what he does!!

Roseanna Rakdham

Just got my tattoo done by Kevin. He did an awesome job and the place is clean too.

Rich Santoro

5 stars for Christian Bernal and the team! Our daughters first tattoo (s) and he was AMAZING!

Francie Jones

Excellent work done by Marc on my husband's dragon tattoo.

Linda lecesne

I went there about a year ago people of very nice place is very clean and I plan on going back

Lindsay Euclide

Heather McCarthy

sabrina brown

Love everyone, and everything about this place. Dusty is an amazing artist!

Dave Rura

Got piercings done here and love em. Great place and real great people working there. Helpful staff, will be back again

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