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REVIEWS OF Taylor Street Tattoo IN Illinois

Becca Hale

Went to the shop today to get a tattoo for myself and my friend was also going to get one. From the very start she stated that she had a budget. She had also asked a price before anything to keep within her budget. The front desk guy, John, gave her the runaround and had the artist draw them up. She wanted the price before the artist had to go through the trouble of drawing up anything. After hearing the price for the tattoo she wanted and touching up another one she changed her mind. She wanted to tip the artist for her trouble of having to draw it up. John butted in and immediately barked at her “we don’t need a tip.” First of all sir, it was not for you and your blatant disrespect towards someone who changed their mind. It was for the artist that took time out of her day to draw up a possible design. Due to the fact she changed her mind, John began yelling at her for wanting to go somewhere else. Keep in mind the entire store was packed for one of their deals they had going on. A tattoo is forever and my girl was completely entitled to changing her mind. I was also going to get a tattoo but hearing John completely disrespect my friend in front of everyone was completely uncalled for and honestly shocking. I will definitely be taking my business elsewhere.

Carla Lockharr

Very disappointed with the way my tattoo turned out. The artist went to deep in my skin and I will have a scar for life. Very very disappointed. Not to mention they are high priced and over rated. They know they do poor work because they don't accept credit cards. Actually they get no stars.

Lisa Heath

This parlor has the nicest group of employees and they were super professional! My friends and I went in for our traditional BBF tattoos and they were so much fun. They were honest but still considerate of what our goals were. Yanni helped check us in and even went as far as holding my friends hand. (She gets a bit anxious! Lol) Anyways, we would totally recommend this place if your are looking for a walk-in parlor!! Thanks Taylor Street Tattoo!!

Ruben Lopez

Quetzalli Castro

I found out about Taylor Street's reputation through word of mouth and the fact that I pass by it at least once every week since I go to school around there. I got my first tattoo here and I am very happy with it! The girls that were in the front were very friendly and did a good job at explaining what needed to be done to make sure the design would turn out well. (The original design was a bit too small so they would have to make it bigger so that the fine lines wouldn't be lost). I ended up getting it on the same day, it was done clean,quick, and efficient. They took the time to explain the after care and let me know that they were happy to help if anything came up.

Nakeila Taylor

Nicolas Arambula

Lupe Ortiz

Brittany Sheridan

Donna was beyond excellent in coming up with a custom piece for me and then executing it so professionally.

Tim Rollins

Alex Kah

Favorite tattoo shop in Chicago. Brad is one of my favorite tattoo artists anywhere.

jackie tack

Ryan Vinson

Fun and funny staff. Extremely professional. Got an amazing tattoo too.


Kristi Lanzo

Got my tattoo done by Donna Klein. It was a great experience and I'm in love with my new ink. I highly recommend checking out the great artist profiles from here. They also have some fun random options for those who want a tattoo but don't know what to get. Very happy with my overall experience.

Alberto Torres

Best tattoo shop in Chicago! The get what you get tats are amazing.

Richard Tarka

Great music

Marc Tarchala


Keith Underwood tattooed a piece of his flash on me and I have to say what a great tattoo as well as time I had! I have been tattooed a lot and have to say this was one of the best tattoo experiences I have ever had. The shop help was great as well as the rest of the tattoo artists working that day. I had a great experience all around! Thanks Taylor Street!

Chris Kowalewski

mark uychoco

Arundhati Bose

Ian Troast

got tattoooed here a couple weeks ago and my tattoo is busted, theres a permanent bruise around it that extends almost half inch from the tattoo that hasnt gone away since a few days after i got it. wrecked

Alexis Fernandez

Santana Adame

This is the Local tattoo shop that I recommend to all my friends. It is clean and friendly and all the artists are polite and professional. 10/10 see Donna and she has got those STRAIGHT lines bruh. All of my tattoos pictured below are from Donna. CCCHHHHYYEEEAAAA

Bryn Davis

antonio ignacio

This place is awesome , i got my tattoo from jhon and he's really good .

francisco morales

Mike Stack

Came in for a quick 60$ random tattoo, walked out with some awesome ink. I feel bad for them because I would've paid way more for this!

Michael Binkley

Great people, great spot. Reasonable prices. Next I'm in the Chi I'm coming back. Ask for Marty Mac

Igor Tannús Corrêa

Awesome! Rick is the best!

Shanikah Crooke

I went into Taylor Street Tattoo shop looking for a cover up. I’m original not from the area so I went to the closest shop to my hotel. Well, once I got there the receptionist lady informed me that I couldn’t get a Statue of Liberty cover up because “it couldn’t be done”. She stated that roses would be a better fit but it would be dark. So, I sat and waited for the artist for an hour for him to tell me that he could do it but it would be obvious that it was a cover up due to my font being very defined. I knew that wasn’t true, since my sister back home received a cover up and we used the same artist and had the same font. I was also told it would be $350-$400 but it would be “obvious” that it was a cover up. A simple “I don’t know how to do it” would have been fine but nope. So I proceeded to leave then the receptionist said that I would need to get my tattoo lasered down some before I could get a cover up. I told her I’d just have someone back home do it, then she said it couldn’t be no matter who did it without it being lasered. Well that same day I went to Hammerhead Tattoo in Chicago and made an appointment. I got my tattoo I wanted and my cover up yesterday and it is not at all noticeable. It looks great!! Also it was only $300. ☺️

Isabella Dahlheimer

10/10 best tattoo shop ever. The artists are kickass, their work is amazing, and I cannot recommend them enough.

Richard Bohnsak

This spot is the place to be!!! Tattooing at its finest. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. The business actually looks like a tattoo shop, not a boutique. Tons of little tattoo designs everywhere you look and did I mention if you ask nicely a free sucker for first timers!!!! Ha! These guys rule, check them out

Audriannah Hart

Adam Knudsen

Not impressed, spent an hour in a half waiting to get tattooed just to get overpriced with “okay” tattoo result. Just had to pay to get it touched up elsewhere cause I just couldn’t imagine going back in there.

Sean Doherty

Awesome shop. Have gotten ALL my tattoos here. (60+)

Zach Friant

Went here for a Friday the 13th special, long ass line but really good work

Bryan Huber

Marie Ramirez

Amazing! Great service, reasonable pricing, very cleaning, awesome staff! 10/10 would come back

Truth Teller

Got 3 tats done by donna , shes amazing! Straight to the point , didnt judge my designs and best of all did not make me feel uncomfortable at all . I love donna def will be back aslong as shes there !!!!! Staff was friendly too . Comfortable atmosphere.

Dream Killer


Tattoos were sloppy and overpriced.

Simba Woods

J.J. Sinnz

Stavros is sooooo nice!!! Love that guy! Miranda did my tattoo and she was VERY nice. Will go back! My friend loved the place too! We got matching bat tattoos for fun. Great, AMAZING, FRIENDLY environment. We plan on going back!

Emily Thornton

Very nice, fun people. Amazing skill. Donna is da bomb

Cassandra Mukahirn

Amazing tattoo shop. Great people, great work. Fairly priced.

Luana Canal

Very nice

Samantha Gill

Got my first tattoo on Friday the 13th! Loved it. It was a little cramped in there, but that was because of the $20 flash Friday the 13th tattoo deals! Nonetheless I will be going back there in may ;)

Steve Washington

Sarah Kindred

John did an amazing job on my tattoo! Love it! They were very clean and professional. I was very impressed.

Jason Betts

Professional Artist. Great Tattoos at a Great Price.


Rose Gronkowski

Sam Fike

Got my first and only professional tattoo here. Basic text with old school serif tattoo font. Was a bit pricy ( $100 for 17 letters) but very professional and quick. They did good work.


Kat Hanen

Amazing work and wonderful service- the girl at the counter was very kind and helpful and my tattoo artist Nick did a phenomenal job. He gave me exactly what I was looking for and gave me the most beautiful panther!! Super nice guy and an awesome artist. The whole process was quick and easy and at a fair price too. My favorite spot for tattoos in Chicago easily. Thanks TST :)

Michael Boyadjian

Heather H

Kimberly Yvette Casara

Great artists

Random Convos with Kimberly

Joseph Bonomo

They're get what you get for 50 bucks is awesome. Get a token and get whatever tattoo comes out of the machine. Good service and clean shop

Maria L. Garcia

Love it, Brad is the best!!!

Kristopher Kubicki

Fantastic tattoo shop. Loyal customer since it opened.

Bailee Carver

Andrea V

I got a tattoo here about a week ago. Donna was my artist, and she was pretty nice. The other artists are very talented and definitely worth checking their work out. Will come back soon :)

Desiree Mamparo

Anais Z

Shantara Elmore

Tattoos are over-priced and don't be late for your appointment because they will take your deposit and charge you full price for your tattoo.

Daniel Sullivan

I Got my 1st tattoo here and loved the experience. I'm very happy with the work, Jason did my tattoo I had a traditional sailor jerry piece and it came out great. I will go back for my second.

Florence Adams

Pauline K

Charnice Jordan

Have 3 tatts from them very good work

Kasssndra Lopez

Julie Kaczmarek

This is one of my new favorite tattoo places. The halloween flash sheet made my decision hard, so I ended up getting 6. Nothing was rushed even though it was walk ins only. The place was super clean, and everyone was so friendly and genuinely happy to see us! Exceptionally affordable for the price and I'll be going back for more! Thanks for making my birthday special guys!

Taylor Claybrook

This place was awesome and everyone was super nice. I came here while we were visiting Chicago and decided to get my first tattoo here. I went to Ricky Bird, very cool guy.


Best tattoo shop in the city. Always blown away by the artists work.

Chris Lachance

Joel Velasquez

felt a lil rushed but good people

Ninah Randolph

lance sterling

Jeremy Payne

I loved it there,amazing work from amazing artist!!I saw someone get a realistic eye that was portrait style,and it was incredible!

Jason Foutch

If you are looking for a Great place friendly staff and awesome tattooes .This is definitely worth the money and time . Although they are just one of the Best Tattoo Shops in Chicago, unlike some they work with you on your budget to help you find what you might want . If you have an idea Brad is the man you wanna see . He did an awesome cover up wich was a thorn in my ass for along time. I was so glad to see it gone with something i absolutely love 2 Great whites attackin 1 prey at the same time with a blood patch in between . BRAD YOU THA MAN SIR. This place is what you want if you are lookin for Great work and friendly staff !!!Thanks Taylor Street Tattoo

Evonna Brooks

Alden Dewey

Ali Kennedy

Staff was really chill and helpful!

Desiree Klartz

I got tattooed a few weeks back by Donna, and I'm obsessed. Price was fair, I had it priced a few other places before I arrived here and this was the best. Had a good time too, everyone was in good spirits and I felt very welcome. I will be back soon!

Juan Jose Mendez

Joe Casanova

Shariff Hunter

Got a sweet tattoo for my brother's bachelor party weekend!! My artist was on point with his vision. Thank you so much for your fantastic expression for me!! Shout out to Marty Mac!!!

Kaitlin Williams

Joe Hoffner

Debbie Porter

Had a tattoo by Ricky Bird a couple years ago and I love it! I went back there with a friend last week (she was getting her first!). My friend was tattooed by John Wayne and it is magnificent. I asked for an old small palm tree to be "prettied up". Donna Klein "freestyled" a design on me with no transfer. It is gorgeous! An original work of art! I love it. The shop is clean...the staff is professional and incredibly patient. Definitely worth it!!!

Laura Keppler

Donna was amazing!! I wanted a dainty blackline tattoo, and she was kind and VERY talented

Jeffery Richardson

This was my first tattoo, it was an excellent experience. Brad did it and he was awesome! I'm definitely returning for my next tattoos

Sara Pennada

Very friendly staff/artists and great work.

Veronica Magdaleno

Laura Rivas

Bit overpriced. I have tons of quality tattoos and I know with tattoos you get what you pay for, but these guys are overpriced.

John Niederkorn

Best shop in the world!!! No monkey business, just great tattoos at a fair price!

Mercer Murphy

My friend and I went here to get tattoos of an icosahedron, a shape found in sacred geometry. The guys were super nice and polite, and the price was reasonable to what we were getting / the placement. They already happened to have an icosahedron printed out and just blew that one up to the size we wanted (this increases the width of the lines). I asked them if they could redraw it on photoshop or something and print a new one since mine was much, much larger than the one they had already printed out, and they assured me that the blown-up one would work fine (despite the fact I wanted thinner lines). When the artist filled in the shading, it wasn't correct and I asked him to re do it and he said it was fine... Okay yes at this point maybe we should've gone somewhere else but we were in a crunch since all of us had to go to our residential states shortly after this. Once it was finished, I was relatively happy with it, but the shading still looked off to me. Months later, after it healed up, the lines are exposed to being pretty sloppy. They're blotchy in places, go from thick to thin (another reason I wanted thinner lines), and the black has faded significantly more quickly than my other black-lined tattoos (even in the areas that are more exposed to sun light). I plan on having someone look into this tattoo and doing something with it because it's sad to look at times. I don't necessarily regret it because of the sentimental value, but I definitely will try for other shops next time I'm in Chicago.

Hannah Swenson

I've gotten 3 amazing tattoos here and had great experiences every time!!

Joe Boland

Turbo has done many of my tattoos and is amazing. His touch is oh so gentle and his colors stay. Brad did a couple on me and they are great. Ricky Bird has worked on a number of my friends and they have nothing but amazing things to say about him. Kyle does great work, as does Jason Hoodrich. Oh, and if you get a chance to be tattooed by Jef Whitehead take advantage cause dude rules. Everyone here knows their stuff and are great artists.

Raul Duke

John Wayne tattooed me he did a great job, he was a funny and we had a great conversation.

Erick Barnett

Really enjoyed this place. Everyone was very friendly and professionally and the staff and artist made me feel very comfortable about getting my first tattoo when at first I was quite nervous. Highly recommend them to anyone in the area. I got a very simple tattoo but it was exactly what I wanted.

Edna Carreon

Good prices.

Cody Sero

jillian hade

Al Alamin

Jose Marchan

Maurice Herron


awesome folks, great flashes

Haley Brewer

I just left with my friends after being horribly treated just for deciding against getting a tattoo from there. I had told the man at the front, John, that I had a budget and wanted to know the prices for 3 small black ink dragons. He had the artist do a stencil before getting a round about price for me. He presented me a the stencil and got me a price over my budget. When I decided against getting it because it was over my budget, and was considering switching to a word tattoo for the daily special, he started yelling at me in front of a packed store. I asked him if I could tip the artist for drawing up the tattoo, and he shouted "We don't need a tip!" I have never been treated like this. I was embarrassed at how he disrespected me in front of everyone in the parlor. I will be taking my business elsewhere.

Gentleman Poppy

Chill environment and great service

Destinee Pavia

Chris Munoz

Melody Percic

They have specials

Em Rabelais

Fantastic semi-custom work still in progress by Lance. His art is fantastic and his approach completely fits what I was going for.

Victor Manuel

I actually got a tattoo months ago! They're very good! I recommend Ricky Bird!

Beckett Costello

Pretty solid line work

araceli rangel

Steph Carey

Great experience with John "Wayne" they don't take hours and hours to complete basic tattoos like other shops. This place is very clean and friendly, I'll definitely be back.

Allison Tambeaux

Seriously amazing shop. I HIGHLY recommend checking it out for your next tattoo.


Came back after 9yrs.

Jason Brinson

20 dollar tuesdays. I got 5

Kyle Sweet

Amazing work done by Rick! First time here and will defiantly recommend it and will be back for sure! Great price! Clean, one of the cleanest tattoo shops I've ever been to! It deserves more than 5 stars. The Artists were friendly and great conversation! Pheononamal place!

Tim Hyrup

Morgan Herreras

I got my first tattoo here back in fall of 2013, and my artist was super friendly and made conversation with nervous, but excited, lil ol me which was nice in soothing my nerves a bit. This isn't the best picture, but I absolutely love my tattoo, it came out exactly as I'd hoped and the ink has held well over the years. Am likely going back later this month to get my second tattoo here, would definitely recommend. :)

Thomas Dunn III

Really chill ❗

April Goshorn

Vashon & Karen Edmondson

The best in Chicago

Michaela S

Amazing artists, clean, cozy, great work, especially if you're looking for more classic styled tattoos. They do AMAZING art.

Cheyenne Jones

T Black

Ollie Briggs

I got a tattoo from Brian, who was very nice about talking through the design to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. I'm really happy with how my first tattoo came out! Definitely recommend.

Zach Jernigan

Front desk has a bad attitude. Tattoos are way over priced and are crap. Got charged $120 for a 5 min tattoo. Pass this place up, they are way overrated.

saul friedman

Dope as always

Carmen Marquez

Brian Nagal

This shop is a dud. Yeah they have some cool “deals” but that’s what they are. Deals. There are no really talented artists there in a long time and they just want their money. Shop front dude is rude as it gets and yeah spend your money elsewhere. I’d pay double what I did for better service and nice people. Disappointing.

Jalisa Davis

Best place to get a tattoo

Jaye Santi

I went here based off the reviews about great service and reasonable prices.... I got a name tattoo four SMALL LETTERS for $120. The artist was impatient and not understanding to what exactly I wanted. Not a good experience for me. This is my review and I won’t be returning. I’ll go somewhere else to have his mediocre art corrected to match the passion behind the name I put on my body. What a goofy to not take my small tattoo seriously. Sorry I wasn’t spending 1,000 on a larger tattoo

kylie mcSheery

RUDE service, I walked into the tattoo shop to get a small addition to my first tattoo that i LOVE. The addition I want is literally the size of my pinky nail and the guy at the front told me that it would be 100 dollars when the shop minimum was 60 just because it’s on my foot and they don’t support foot tattoos. Then he proceeded to ask if he could show my tattoo to another customer who also wanted a foot tattoo and told that customer that my tattoo was an example of a bad tattoo because of its placement. Again, I love my first tattoo and I get many compliments on it!! Seriously, this is 2018, foot tattoos are trendy and no tattoo shop should overprice just because of their opinions. You don’t stay in business by offending customers.

Emmanuel Bates

Patrice Boyd

Ryan Graham

Mike did a great job

clayton hermann

Rad shop with great history

Jazmin Cruz

I got my first tattoo there and I was nervous at first but the tattoo turned out really well after.

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